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the gypsy woman of edinburgh

This event took place some 20 years ago in Edinburgh Scotland UK.

I won’t say on which day or year as the exact date eludes me to this day.

i don’t fully recall this story, as most of it has been told to me by my mother, as I was only 3 or 4 years of age at the time.

Thanksgiving With Your Normal Crazy Stepmother

My father got divorced with my mother when I was about 3. I didn’t remember much, like most people. When I was 10, my father got married again. Let’s call my new stepmother Jodi. Every time that I was around Jodi, I got a bad feeling… like negative energy filling the room. I often avoided her, because she scared me at times.

At our first Thanksgiving with Jodi, all was going normal. I still felt that weird negative energy feeling, but worse. My whole family on my fathers side was there. Jodi was sitting on the couch on the other side of the room. When we all sat down for dinner, Jodi was silent. Everyone tried to talk to her, and she was still just… QUIET.

Thanksgiving Terror

It was the week of Thanksgiving and my family left my brother and I alone for the holiday. My parents wanted me to stay home because I had to take care of my guinea pig, and my brother was with me because they didn’t want me to be completely alone.

Well the first couple days of being alone we’re fine. We would order pizza and watch movies, ya know the normal. Then the next day was Thanksgiving. I was not to thrilled since we didn’t have a huge meal because my parents were gone. But we did end up getting one of those cheap frozen warm up lasagna things from Walmart the day before.

My School Weirdo

For starters, I am a 14 year old freshman female. There is this guy at school named Daniel.Now Daniel is a big guy that always wears the same gray hoodie with shorts.He is weird. Not your average weird, he’s really weird. I’ve noticed Daniel a couple times throughout the year because he’s just so weird. I mean, who hasn’t noticed him?

Anyway, I am weird myself, but I usually just do it for comedic reasons. I always thought Daniel was funny to look at, its just the things he does that I find funny but others might not. I guess its because i have a really dark sense of humor. Daniel does this thing where he sneaks up on people, he’s even followed one of my friends home before. It’s not until a couple weeks ago when i just started having actual conversations with him.

Creepy school Stalker

I am a young 16 year old girl and im very shy and unsocial. I was in 10th grade at the time and didn’t talk much.

One day in the first week or so in school I was in Tech class on my computer, we had free time so I was just on a paint app drawing cats or something when our tells us we are doing a project. We had to make a poster, with a partner… I never liked working with others.

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