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My Crazy Ex Girlfriend

I was only 16 years old when his happened. It all started at this party that my friend threw. He was a pretty close friend so I was pretty much obligated to go, although I didn’t want to. I was helping my friend who was throwing the party set up. Since we were kids and thought we were so cool, we had his older brother buy us some alcohol for the party. I’m outside setting up the alcohol, cautious because cops usually do checks throughout the night, and I see this car rolling up to the house. Being the stupid kid I was, I went up to the car. I yelled, “The party doesn’t start for another hour.” Ignoring me, she walks out of the car and trots towards the house. We lock eyes and all I’ll say is that I woke up with her in my friends bed.

She stuck around for a while until we got into fights. Not just little fights, I mean full on arguments. Throwing furniture and not seeing each other until the end of the night. I ended up breaking up with her.

My ex thinks she is the devil

This story all begins when I begin to see that I have feelings for another girl while I had a girlfriend. My girlfriend’s name was Ashley, and the girl that I have secretly admired was named Joarden. Now Ashley and I had been dating for a couple of years. And I could tell she was waiting for me to propose to her. Ashley was unique and stunning, the only thing I didn’t know was that she was batshit crazy. I soon began to get to know Joarden. As I was my school’s fool and adrenaline junkie as well as the most popular kid, she knew me. We very soon became close friends, enough so that I sadly had to break up with Ashley. I never told her why I had broken up with her, I just said ” I’m sorry, but its not working out.”

Me and Joarden began to take it to the next level, we soon became boyfriend and girlfriend. It was going smooth, until one day I get a text from Ashley saying exactly this. ” I know what you did, you will pay, with your soul.” ” My ass!”, I said aloud to no one. I was a little spooked but not enough to take her seriously. Around 11:46 I began getting messages one after another all saying what looked like harry potter spells. Now there were several and I kid you not here is what they had said. ” Zlahsgrata eronn neverna.” ” Equantotem deverela.” ” Menslahdraga zeefrah notonya.”

Never Leave

I am just a teenage girl dating a guy it all sounds normal but if you experienced what I have experienced it is not normal at all, I started seeing this boy, let’s call him Mike, I just hope this doesn’t reach him and he doesn’t come after me, I started seeing Mike on Valentine’s day and it was perfect at first it was coincidence and we met at my local Buffet,

we talked and talked until it was late and time to go home, we had already exchanged contacts on messaging and started messaging each other once  we got home, the conversation started like normal a simple ‘hello’ or ‘how are you’ and things like that, and also sending love messages but he replied with ‘I will never ;eave and I know you will never leave me’

Creepy Valentine’s Day story

Hi my name is Eric,

I would like to tell you a time were my Valentine’s Day went horribly wrong,

Valentine’s Day had arrived, me an my girlfriend had been together for almost 1 year, an I was planning on doing something special for my girlfriend Samantha for the evening, well I had called her for the first time that day but she didn’t answer, this was odd because Samantha had always answered the phone when I called

i blew it off thinking maybe she was busy, so later that day I called her again , An to my surprise, no answer, I was getting worried, so I called her mom, she said she wasn’t home, I asked her if she knew were she might be, she said I honestly thought she was with u already, I said ok An hung up

Forest Bunker

Okay so, this story isn’t very long but I still get chills whenever I think about it.

When I was young (maybe about five or six) I lived in a nice, middle class suburb. I had woods behind my house that weren’t huge, but we’re still big enough to get lost in.    I used to take walks with my mom out there.

One day, on one of those walks, my mom and I passed by a particularly large tree that we usually did when we walked in our forest. This time, something was different.

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