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Office Scare

This might not be scary to some, but I thought I was going to die. I used to work for a well known payday loan company and part of my job was collecting on past due accounts including title loans. For those who don’t know what this is, it’s a title pawn basically but with different legalities. This information will be important later.

It was a rather slow day and a very good customer had recently dropped off their vehicle because they knew they wouldn’t be able to pay back the loan. I felt awful for them but business is business and I took the key. We had the vehicle for over a month and hadn’t heard a thing from our repo contractor on when he was coming to get it. On another unusually slow day, I was sitting at my boss’s desk making calls when a quad cab Chevy pickup whipped into the handicap spot directly in front of the glass door of my job. I watched as two tall, built men wearing black everything from hat to boots and sunglasses got out of the truck as if on a mission. My stomach dropped into my feet when I saw they both had on a utility belt with holstered guns.

Fake friends

I’m alex I used to be a pretty laid back person but after this happened I normally stay inside

I was about 15 when this happened I was on the way back from my girlfriends party it was probably about 1 am I wasn’t drunk so I was in my car driving home and I started this car behind and I didn’t think anything of it until it started taking every single turn I took.

Its the next day now and i’m fixing the front door for my dad and as I am this woman comes up to me claiming she was my girlfriends friend and she was at the party last night and asked me if I could help her with something at her house I said yes so I followed her back to this weird looking abandoned house but I still go inside I turn around to see if she’s still following me but she was gone so I started thinking to myself to get out of there bit when I tried the door it was jammed

The Pedo Stranger Guy

This story took place back when I was still a little girl in the 2nd grade. This story isn’t really scary is kinda funny but a little freaky. Forgive me if I can’t recall all of the minor details since its been about 10 years since this incident.

To set the scene, i’ve grown up in a fairly upper middle class neighborhood in southern california, so the threats of weirdos and crimes going on was nearly non- existent.

Small Town Chaos

Myself (Jason)> (Millie) my girlfriend >< (Lt. Alexander) {Jason’s father} <> (Dylan) Millie’s Brother.

*I changed the names to protect the identity of those involved*

Psycho at School

I always believed in being kind and friendly to others until something happened to change that. In this particular case it was a boy named Larry from my geometry class sophomore year. I don’t mean to brag but I was one of the most intelligent kids in the class and always finished my assignments early. Larry, however, had lots of difficulty understanding what was going on.

The teacher asked me to help explain it to him since I was already finished with my own work. I tried to explain it to him slowly and step by step until I was sure he understood. In 3 days there was going to be a big test. On the day if the test I wished him good luck and told him to just do his best. He was pretty quiet and was never around a big group of people but he seemed like a pretty nice person.

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