Creepy Neighbor

Okay first let’s start of with a little background. I am a tall 15 year old girl and I’m strong as well as extremely paranoid. I just moved into this new house when I first noticed the neighbors watching us move in. I waved “Hi” to them, after all I am really friendly. Then I saw a guy probably in his thirties staring at me.

I of course waved “Hi” to him as well then I noticed this very wide grin on his face which made me uncomfortable.

So I went inside and looked around the house it was a large house after all we did need seven rooms. Here let me explain my family I’m a fifteen year old girl who has three brothers who are older then me and one sister I did have two sisters but one of them got cancer and died at the age five and then my over protective mom and my dad who looks after me the most.

I went to my room which had a perfect view for me to see the front yard which made my mom uncomfortable but of course I stayed in that room. It was summer vacation and my mom was begging me to come outside and play baseball. Which was my favorite sport and plus I was starting to look like a zombie.

So I grabbed my baseball bat and played baseball with my brothers, dad and sister.

Then I look at the apartments a cross the street from our house and saw the guy that was watching me move in and I felt bad because he was all alone so I went and asked my dad if he could come play baseball with us and with my dad being chill he said sure.

So I crossed the street and ask the guy what his name was and told him mine. He told me his name was well let’s just make one up I can’t even say his real name.

He said his name was “Austin” and I asked him if he wanted to play baseball with me and he said this “As long as your playing.” We had a very violent German shepherd mix and so I wasn’t that scared. We crossed the street and played baseball for about an hour when the man told us he had to leave so he left and I went back inside.

I was looking at my family playing baseball when I felt my stomach drop I felt like throwing up. I looked around and then saw Austin waving at me so I waved back keep in mind I was a boxer.

The next day my family went to get the rest of our stuff from the house and I stayed home so I went to my moms room and watched tv. It was the only room with a working tv. Then I remembered that I forgot to lock the door and I heard the door open so I peeked outside of my moms room and saw Austin inside he knew where my room was and that scared me because I had all of my stuff already packed in my room.

And I saw go into my room so I silently shut my moms door and locked it.

I heard him walk to the room I was in then he left and went into the bathroom.

After thirty minutes he left the house so I unlocked the door and then went into my room and got really uncomfortable I saw that all of my bras and panties were on the floor then I went into the bathroom and found that he took my brush for my hair. And I had no idea what he would have done to me if I wasn’t in my moms room with the door locked.

I jumped when I started hear my dog honey the German shepherd mix barking nonstop like something or someone pissed her off. I ran down stairs and just about threw up when I saw my neighbor still in the house with me. He looked at me with a grin growing bigger every second.

I wasn’t even thinking, I was so stupid because it was clear that Austin could have grabbed me and could have done what ever he wanted to do to me.

But I did it anyways I ran passed him heading for the back door where our dog was but he grabbed me. I was crying uncontrollably I closed my eyes he wiped my tears and I got grossed out and kicked him not even as hard as I could and ran.

Then I heard my parents car drive up Austin got scared and ran out the back door kicking honey away from him and jumping the fence. My mom and dad were so shocked to see me curled up in a ball crying uncontrollably.

I told my parents about Austin and my parents called the police and they couldn’t find him.

I am getting goosebumps writing this story and I couldn’t sleep for two days straight after all that happened honey slept in my room for the rest of the week.

My Creepy Neighbor

So to start, let me tell a little bit about myself. I’m currently a junior in high school, 6’0″ and about 200 pounds with a slight build. I live in a small neighborhood twenty miles outside of the nearest possible town, which is basically a german-like town in Central Washington State.

I had only recently moved here, probably about two years ago just after I had finished middle school from where I had previously lived in Seattle. Some neighbors aren’t the nicest or most friendly in our area, and some of them are without a doubt a little creepy.

And there is one of them that just makes me want to cringe and close my eyes whenever I encounter him.

My family are always the ones that love to joke around and make people laugh, so all of this started about mid-July I believe in 2015 and I remember me and my dad were working on a little trampoline outside for my little brother.

I remember this guy walking up our long driveway just staring at my father blankly before walking right up to him and asking if he needed any help, my father replied saying he never needed any help, but before my dad could say another word the man said “You wanna see my scars?”.

My dad had nervously said “Sure, I guess?”.

Without hesitation, the man had pulled up his shirt showing off the amount of scars he had on his chest. My dad had told the man to put his shirt back on and leave immediately, the man did as my dad said and let out a disturbing moan.

The man then said, “I’ll see you both later” with a creepy grin on his face. I was a guy, which makes this just as weird.

Nothing much happened after that for another year or so. It wasn’t until November of 2016 that I had once again encountered this creep. Let me give you the best description of this guy, He had brown hair with a small brown mustache and a scar on his upper lip. He was about 6’5″ or 6’6″, and about 260 pounds in his mid to late forties so he was pretty intimidating, well not fat just really tall and slightly fat.

As I was saying, on this particular day on November 2016, I was driving around in my golf cart, as I was making the turn towards my house, and then I saw, him, about 100 feet away from me. As I got closer, he just stared at me blankly with his cold and stern eyes.

I just looked away and never looked back him as I knew he was still staring at me.

I rarely saw him and whenever I did, I would get and eerie feeling and a chill up my spine because I knew that there was something off about this guys personality.

My family likes to call him ‘Vaseline Man’ because of the way he seemed to be shiny whenever he took his shirt off during, I know, the guy was just very weird.

And only just recently, he went from just plain weird and creepy, to downright terrifying in one night. So this happened at around midnight and I was staying up late like I usually do watching movies and all that stuff.

I hear a loud thud at my window.

Startled I jump back away from the window on my bed and after a few seconds, I seemed to just realize it might have been a bird or some animal from outside and then go back to my movie.

About five minutes later, another thud came from my window this time even louder. Again, I ignore it once more and go back to my movie.

Then another and another and another thud each time growing louder and louder.

Annoyed, I rushed over to the window and pulled open the shades. There was that Vaseline Man again, this time staring at me with a much more angrier expression.

As furious as I was, I gave him the finger and stormed outside to confront him. He hadn’t even moved an inch from the window and was still staring into my soul. I yelled at him to get the hell off my property or I would call the police.

He gave me a look that will always haunt me even to this very day.

It was the look a little kid makes when their parents can’t give them a toy or video game, coming from a middle-aged man, it’s much more disturbing.

He then said “You will be mine one day, and you will know it”. Soon after that he turned around and walked into the woods never to be seen again that night.

I walked back into my room and tried to go to sleep but I couldn’t because of the amount of fear and anxiety that was going through my body. I didn’t call the cops for the simple reason that the guy didn’t do anything to harm me.

Looking back on it, I kinda regret it, but I didn’t want to make a huge scene for almost no reason. I have absolutely no idea what he will do and what his intentions are for me.

Only time will tell.

The Creepy Neighbor Boy

When I was in Fith grade, my family and I visited New Mexico a lot because we were born there.

I loved to hang out with my two cousins Tony and Paul. They were exactly like my brother and I, which is why we loved to hang out with them. When we were at their small home in Pecos, we would play soccer in their backyard or watch TV.

When we weren’t doing either of those, we would be messing around with are legos, trying to see which one of us could create the weirdest structure. One day, we were all playing a game we made called Pinecone wars, but I don’t really remember the rules because it’s been so long.

Then, the neighbor and some of his family comes out of their house. It was right next to Tony and Paul’s house and I think the neighbor’s sister was talking with my mom. Suddenly, the boy from the house walks up to us and says hi to Tony and Paul. He seemed normal at first, but that was only because I had just met him.

Paul introduced my brother and I to him. I’ll just refer to the boy as Owen.

We shook hands and immediently, my hand begin to itch. “Huh, strange.” I thought to myself shortly after my hand started itching.

I believe Owen was two years older than I was. We played Pinecone wars until my grandma called my brother and I to go eat dinner. I forgot to mention that the rest of my family was staying at my grandma’s house, except for my father because he drove us to New Mexico and then dropped us off at our grandma’s house.

After I ate, I went to the couch and played Legend of Zelda on my Gameboy color. Since my grandma’s neighborhood was relatively safe, she didn’t have an alarm system which probably explains what happened next. My brother and I had to go to bed, so I slept in the guest room. I left my Gameboy on the couch and then I heard the door open quietly.

My heart froze.

I layed there, stuck for a minute until I finally pulled the blanket above my head. I heard my door open and it felt like my heart was gonna burst out of my chest. I heard heavy breathing on the other side of my bed, and I put my hands around my nose and mouth to control my breathing. I then heard footsteps leave my room, and I didn’t get any sleep that night.

The next day, I found a note on the floor that was written in permanent marker. It said “Hi Lily, good luck sleeping tonight.” Next to the note was a rabbit paw which was stained in blood. I screamed so loud that the neighbors probably heard.

My mom came running into my room and saw the note and rabbit’s paw. Her face turned white and it looked like she wanted to throw up.

My little brother also bolted into the room and he screamed.

FInally, my grandma came in and gagged.

She grabbed a pair of gloves from the garage and used them to throw out the rabbit paw. I lost my appetite which caused me to not eat for the whole day. Also I forgot to mention that I never found my Gameboy after that night.

I didn’t feel very safe that night, so I told my family to lock the doors this time. In the middle of the night, I hear a knock at the window.

Unfortunetly, the bed I was in was right next to the window so I was forced to look out of it. I saw Owen giving me this painfully wide smile. I didn’t know what to do at that moment, and I saw him try to open the window. After realizing it was locked, he stormed off and I still didn’t get any sleep that night. Four years later, I found out that Owen murdered someone who lived in the same state as me.

Everytime I remember what happened that night, I realize how close I was to getting murdered just like those unfortunate people. I haven’t told anyone outside of the internet about what happened that night, but I’m not planning on telling anyone

Creepy neighbor from across the street

This is from the perspective of my younger sister.

I was around ten at the time this all took place, And I still remember this story like it was only yesterday. To give a little context to this story across the street from where I lived was a middle aged woman with long black hair and pale skin, I always remembered that she was so reclusive and rarely (if ever) came out of her house I remember calling her “the vampire lady” since none of us knew her name.

This woman was very weird and creepy, she would always stare at anyone who walked near the curb to her house, it was always dark inside the house, like the the lights were never on, even if it was dark outside. But some nights my mom or older brothers would notice some strange activities that occur in that house.

We were never sure what was going on, we would just see some random light flickering, like something out of a Frankenstein movie.

One evening one of my friends (who I will call Jess for this story) came to my house for a sleepover, at some point I told Jess about the creepy woman across the street, and Jess suggested we check the house out when everyone else was asleep.

I was reluctant at first, but I eventually agreed.

At about two in the morning everyone was sleeping, And I knew that we had to be extra quiet, since my mom is a very light sleeper and would have not allowed me to go out after dark at my age. Somehow we managed to get outside without making a sound, now we had to cross the street to get to the house. Which had those flickering from behind her blinds, as we got closer the lights stopped completely. This should have been a red flag for us, but we moved forward.

Jess decided to try and peek into the house and as soon as she looked in she tugged at my arm

“Let’s go, now!” She told me in a quiet, yet firm tone

“Why? What’s wrong?” I asked her as we ran across the street, she never answered my question until we got inside my house. As soon as she locked the door, she told me that when she looked inside the window, she saw what looked like a video camera lens, and there was a small blinking light by it.

I suggested that we just go to bed and we will talk about it in the morning, and though I would like to say that’s where the story ended, it didn’t, it was about three in the morning, Jess and I were still trying to sleep when all of a sudden, I heard Jess scream, I had a bunk bed so I had to climb up to see what happened, only to see a camera lens looking into my bedroom window, my mom and brothers ran into my room with the lights on which much have scared whoever was by my window.

I told my mom that someone was looking inside the window. Instantly my mom grabbed a bat from one of my brother’s room and ran outside for a few minutes, abd after not being able to find the perpetrator my mom asked what this peeping Tom looked like.

Jess and I only saw the camera lens so we weren’t get a look at the person, but we know it was the woman across the street. We didn’t tell anyone until the next morning. My mom was a little irritated that we waited that long to tell her about the incident, but was happy that we made it out ok. Ever sonce, we never had a problem with that woman again.

But I still get the occasional nightmare about this event

Monument 83 Fire Lookout

I went for what was going to be my first solo backpacking trip. I had called ahead to the ranger station to confirm there was a water source near where I planned on camping and they said there was. I arrived at the trailhead around [6:00]AM on a sunny Tuesday. I wasn’t the only car at the trailhead but the Monument 83 trailhead is shared by the more popular Monument 78 trailhead (The Canada-end of the Pacific Crest Trail). I hoisted on my 35-pound pack and set out on the 9.6-mile hike.
Around 6.5 miles in I passed a creek but since there would be water at the top, I didn’t refill my bottles. The road-trail ended and the real trail started. The trail was now much steeper and I drank more water. I arrived at the Monument 83 fire lookout with just two cups of water left and no water source. I walked in several directions but found nor heard any water. I changed my plans to stay back at the creek after a break at the lookout.
I noticed the door to the lookout was open and I could hear voices from inside. The lookout is for emergencies only but since this was the year of the Farewell Creek Fire and the entire sky to the Southeast was black with smoke, I assumed someone was staffing it. I called out for permission to climb the tower. There was no response. I realized it wasn’t voices I was hearing but a radio repeater and thought maybe the last people to visit the lookout had failed to close the door.
I climbed the tower but the trap door to the catwalk was closed. It wasn’t locked but it wouldn’t budge. That meant it had to be blocked from above. I realized whoever was in the lookout likely didn’t have permission to be there and obviously wasn’t friendly. I became as quiet as possible as fear raced through me. It dawned on me I was a solo female hiker, unarmed, on a deserted trail and 9.6 miles from a road. I left very soon after that.
I stopped at the water source to fill my bottles. I’d been rationing water for a while and then ran out and guzzled about 4 cups. I drank too quickly and immediately felt sick. I sat on a log while my stomach accepted the water and tried to figure out where to pitch the tent. As the nausea faded the fear came back. I KNEW I had to get out of there! I was only three miles from the lookout and whoever was up there could be at my camp in less than an hour. I imagined being awoken to my tent unzipping and knew I wouldn’t be strong enough to fight off an attacker.
I hiked back to the truck. I ended up hiking 19.2 miles in one day with a full backpack. I stayed at a nearby campground and nursed my silver dollar-sized blisters.
I’m not sure anything would’ve happened to me but everything about that situation felt off and I’m glad I trusted my gut!

The begining of my greatest fear

I was around six or seven at the time, school was out for summer break and the sun was showing no mercy on our city of harsh summers and brutal winters. Being an only child with family that reminded you every single hour of the day about their hardships of being immigrants and whatnot I picked up on the art if “striking a deal” quite young.

My dad had always insisted that I learned how to protect myself, according to my mom, from the moment I learned to walk. Every Saturday night, after closing the family shop up, my dad would teach me how to pick up on signs of danger–though I was quite bad at it–and also how to get out of any kind of hold someone bigger, and stronger, than me would have. I was pretty good at defence and still am to this day.

One day a customer came in and told my mom about a circus coming into town. I immediately started begging and crying to go. I didn’t have many friends growing up, nor did I go anywhere outside of the store, school, and home. This circus was like my golden ticket in a chocolate bar to get out of the store–and for my mom to stop lecturing me on how the TV was rotting my brain.

It took a full day and night to convince my parents to let me go. So the next morning my mom brought me out to see the circus on its last day in town; dad stayed back to man the shop.

It was everything I ever dreamed of it to be: vibrant in colours, mystical with magic, and laugh inducing with comedy and clowns. I even got to pet one of the monkeys and got some free candy from an old vender.

After the show mom went off to look for the bathroom, she had told me to wait next to the cotton candy cart since I didn’t want to go with her. I agreed and waiting for her, barging with the cotton candy man every five seconds; he never cracked though.

Less then five minutes after my mom was gone a clown approached. He had your typical bushy bright wig, face caked with makeup, red rubber nose, and of course an obnoxiously bright jumpsuit. “Hey little girl, where’s your mommy? I hope you’re not alone.” He had this odd voice that was a mix of jokster and a thick accent that I never figured out where it was from.

“My mom is using the peepee room.” I never used the word ‘bathroom’ since I always got pick on for how I said it. The sound ‘th’ has never registered for me and the kids at school always made fun if me about it. Even now, my best friend’s boyfrind teases me about it.

Anyways, back to the story: the clown and I exchanged words back and forth for a minute or so before me offered to show me his puppy. He lead me away from the cotton candy cart and behind one of the circus tents. There was a blue car with tinted window parked there.

The clown opened the door to the back seats and motioned for me to sit when my eyes shined at the small dog inside barking and yiping. I sat down without any thought and started petting the small dog, though I kept my legs dangling out the car to make it easier to get out after I was done with the dog.

That was when things changed as suddenly as a commercial break, a wide hand gripped my shoulder and another slid up my thigh. I looked away from the dog and saw that it was the clown, he bad a creepy smile on his face; one that could make the Joker run for his money. “Just stay quiet, I promise it won’t hurt too much.” The way he whispered and the look in his eyes were alarming to even a little kid like me.

I did the one thing that my dad taught me always worked, guy (or girl depending on how much force you use), I kicked my leg up and got him dead on in his jewels. His hands immediately dropped from me to tend to his… problem, and I bolted out of that car and away from the guy as fast as my legs and small feet could go.

To this day my mom still doesn’t know the real reason I wasn’t by the cotton candy cart, I told her I chased after a runaway balloon, and I never plan on ever telling her.

Be careful of who you trust, never follow a stranger–especially if they havery a small animal–as cliche as that sounds it’s really true. Who knows what could’ve happened to me if I had done nothing to escape, I definitely don’t want to know or thing about it.

I’m a year or two away from turning 20 now and this ‘encounter’ still terrifies me like the plague.

That summer had morphed my views on the world to the point where every time my teachers spouted that “you should be friends with everyone” crap I’d challenge them. I also developed insomnia and a deadly fear of clowns. I’m not kidding, a classmate decided to clown prank me this year and I punched him in the nose so hard that it broke.

To all those parents/guardians out there, don’t risk leaving your kid alone–even if they know how to fight or are smarter than I was–you never know with this kind of world we call ours.

Surviving a concentration camp

I would like to remain anyonymous, I have changed names to protect people as well.

This is very hard for me to type out. I ask that you please keep this story as whole as possible, These were told to me by the 2 people who survived these nightmares.

and before I begin excuse my English, I am only ok at best at it, And recently switched to using a touch screen so I apologize for any typos.

my great Grand father we will call Mihael and his brother we will call Joshua, were just grandpa and uncle to me, most people in Roma communities have children young so it is not uncommon to know your great or great greats. Both if them were kind but old world and strict people, I knew they were in a war as a small child, But I did nit know much other than they did not like to talk about it.

when I was a teenager I found out why… the things Human beings do to each other is so much worse than what a creature does, creatures and animals are usually hungry, using brutal tactics yes, but tend to want a meal… people dont do this to eat or out of instinct, they have a choice and they chose to do these things, let that sink in as you hear these stories that my Grand father and uncle told me.

So I will share with you what I told my friend when he asked “what kind of horror stories do you know?” This was my response:

“the true kind.
About what human beings do to each other.
My grandfather and his brother my uncle.
They both left to help the UK and USA military. Having lived back and fourth for work they had gained citizenship in this time of emergency.

To put it in the least graphic versions these are among the things they saw in a Mixed civilian and POW concentration camp north of treblinka 2.
They put in Jews,Roma, their allies who refused to help them, and POWs in this camp.
But everyone was treated like lesser life forms.

Things they saw, and were made to watch or else should they look away… Nazis blew their brains out AFTER holding them at gun point to watch. Were things no one should ever have to see.
They would bring in a woman and a baby or small child,frail clearly from this camp or another… usually mothers with babies. And they would tie them together with rope strung through chunks of bloody raw meat, they smeared them in the left over blood or splashed, or dumped it on them after binding them together so tightly there was no chance to run… they would first taunt them with leashed dogs letting them get closer, and closer. The women would always try comforting the children, even knowing there was no hope.. this was after they let their dogs go 3 to up to ten days without eating or give water and just a few scraps on the longer waits.this was to keep them more vicious and starved but have a taste for food… they had several sets of dogs so this happened often..

Then they made everyone even the ones who turned away, which after or if enough guards they were dragged to the front,were held at gun point and executed after forced to watch…watch them be eaten alive, screaming, crying,begging as 5 or 6 sometimes more hungry dogs ate them alive. My uncle remembered in one case this frail but still very beautiful Roma woman, [he describes her later] with what appeared to be a new born baby possibly hers. He thought they may change their minds as they did something else but still horrible to attractive women. She was confused and only spoke a roma dialect, my uncle said nothing as the woman realized what was to happen. He said only he and a few others understood her, she was begging them to spare her baby, to please let him live because his father was a Nazi.

They couldn’t understand her, and it would not have mattered if they could. It turned out some younger nazi had been keeping her as a slave type concubine,so unwilling, but just trying to survive like everyone else… but He was killed in battle, so this was her fate, this woman looked to the people hoping somehow someone could help. When the hope faded seeing my grandfather who stepped forward out of the way as some nazis led dogs and some men who were trying to sneak away or hide or maybe turned their back. He said they learned early on that they had to endure to get back to their wives and children alive. The woman saw the look in the peoples eyes once the blood was poured over her and she was tied up her one hand that had been cradling her babys head,realizing what would happen, she quickly snapped her newborn babies neck to spare him the horrible fate she was about to endure.

The scream my grandfather and uncle heard was something that cannot ve replicated in even horror movies, it was as if she died the moment she was forced to spare her baby this fate, the type of despair and sadness in it brought everyone who wasnt a nazi at least to tears as she started to cry this desperate cry weeping the very despair she was feeling, the scream and sobs were indescribable other than you heard the pain, despair abd also her will to live leave… the dogs were set loose finally but that desperate cry it took so long to stop. the dogs ripped the babys corpse apart as others ripped her apart, her once beautiful face reduced to a sobbing skeletal horror, her muscles still opening and closing her lipless mouth, my uncle had described her in a way she probably looked a lot like Emmanuelle Vaugier or Noomi rapace, described as a extremely beautiful woman, with angular features.
even as frail as she had become, she was very pretty with an angular featured face and high and prominent cheek bones,long features though sunken and pale from starvation trauma etc ,and very long dark hair in large waves or curls , still a rare rose among people …before the attack leaving her as The skeletal mess she was reduced to …shivering as the dogs kept ripping her flesh off, her suffering was long, too long he said, one if the dogs as if even it couod sense this finally thrashed after biting her throat. She went still…

Those who tried to turn away were shot immediately after, then they chose some men to haul the bodies to a mass grave which could be smelled even in the camp, but getting closer it made the eyes water abd nose run, many pulled their shirts over their face to try to make it.
They were forbidden to pray for the dead even, so often in a almost silent whisper those seeing the grave usually to deposit a body in a rush, would say kne or two words inaudible like “Rest well” to keep from being next dumped in.

• This happened regularly, they swapped out dogs to keep this horrific event something they would never be able to unsee, they made everyone wake up and watch this, POWs, Jews and gypsys in there for no reason other than being born.. my grandfather and uncle were unlucky enough to be born Roma Gypsy, and Jewish raised in most of the spirituality and be taken prisoner when they tried helping the various militaries.

They made them watch brutal executions of Jews and Gypsys, some of these were being forced to watch them murder children infront of their relatives, usually parents or older siblings forced to watch for some sick amusement,then they would kill the parents or siblings..and again, anyone who looked away or tried to help was killed.
One incident happened where the father or uncle refused to watch them kill his 6 year old nephew. They pulked his lashes abd sliced off part or most of his eye lids, and didn’t kill him immediately, instead making him carry the childs body to a mass grave then shot him execution style after he obviously saw all the bodies inside, they let him sob a few moments as if savoring his suffering before of course. And silently the others followed orders putting bodies in, usually told to hurry forced to toss or shove them in. So many stayed alive only with hope they would see their families again.

They would beat old people to death just to make them watch because they could, just because they were old abd couldnt remotely put up a fight. Because in any culture doing such things to elderly is low, and the tactics nazis used were fear tactics, intimidation, beating people in the streets for all to see etc, this did not change in camps, it got worse. Some nazis were nazis out of fear, if you did not join hitler, they would put your family and you in the camps too, I understand this, however some were as sick as hitler who literally had syphilis which makes you insane and was on meth, also not good behavior.[Not even kidding look it up if you dont believe me]

They forced the camp to take dead jews ,Roma, and german and Austrian they killed in any number if horrifying ways to the mass graves, just open, bodies tossed in like they were nothing. Because lingering would get you shot and kicked in too.
At night they would sometimes think thry heard whispers or sobs and see silhouettes of figures moving just outside of the light, but they thought nothing of it, they said nothing in case they were people who got away, soldiers there to liberate them. They felt there was no reason to disturb anything else human or otherwise, as to the people in this camp,nothing deserved to be put through what they were being constantly put through.
It was frightening, it seemed to make even the nazis uneasy,but everyone was so used to living in fear and being in survival mode, they simply survived and as soldiers my grandfather and uncle would save bits of food to give to especially children and women, they never stopped being soldiers even when they themselves were starving they still put aside portions of food to give to others to increase their chances of survival. These things will be important later in the story.

They would offer them to shoot a person they were going to kill in one of many ways, from what you have heard so far, I am sure you can guess what fates this would spare them from, give them a gun with only 1 bullet.they knew they would not shoot a single Nazi when they had the choice to spare the person these terrible fates. if they refused they made them watch whatever way they chose to kill them painfully and slowly…. most people started pulling the trigger to save them from things like being eaten alive…gang raped to death.. and i mean to death, they did so much damage to these women they were dying or dead by the end usually it wasnot 1 individual in one area at a time, so the damage was extensive to the point of death or hemorrhage to death.
The rule about only having sexual relations with German or Austrian was not taken seriously, they intentionally chose attractive women to brutalize, the screams for help, shouts of pain and terror and sobs, echoed through the camp…only laughed at by these horrible men , these Nazi soldiers… as others were made to watch a person die in one of the worst ways possible and not be able to do anything.

So if you had 1 bullet and knew their fate I suppose youd save them from that too… no one should have to make that decision… But they also knew they could not keep watching this, this was slowly implemented due to the sick sadistic Nazis having to be entertained with cruelty.
This was a game to them, like cards or chess, they werent people…

They were really sick people they often forced them to make choices like this.

The worst thing happened before they were liberated by russians… by Stalins men who he was treating like shit… the russians said to them some things they saw were so much worse because it was cruelty for the sake of cruelty, unlike stalin who was almost the same type of piece of shit, but at least his motive was being in and staying in and gaining more power. Its not much better, but the fact the russian soldiers were so disgusted says the clear difference that tiny detail makes.

The worst thing was forcing them to tear down and bury treblinka 2.. if you do not know what that is and why its so disgusting, just Google treblinka 2, they nicknamed it Hitler’s killing machine.

The thing is they gathered the most able bodied people very early, and only told them they were needed to do a job and would be back, then the usual demands and threats they had become used to. They were told to tear it down, move the bodies etc. In the day time ut had a very unnerving ambiance, but as it turned to night, there seemed to be whispers or sobs just coming from all around… only few survived that place, no living were left… so the voices were from nothing they coukd not see anyone in the trees in the day time but they could hear soft sobs abd whispers…

both my grandfather and my uncle had said they kept working but noticed the later it got the soldiers acted as if in a rush to head away before sunset… in their words, the prisoners and captives had nothing to fear from the sounds or some saw shimmery eyes or claimed but no form was seen as it was too dark. The nervous soldiers finally loaded them like sardines back in these big trucks, only room to stand up. Peeking out a jewish man had stated something is after the nazi, everyone tried peeking as they drove off, but the moment they were abke to peek the men were getting in the truck after a shot, one man holding his nevk.. later it was revealed the soldier said an animal attacked but he shot it after it scratched him and it fled.
There were not many details, but any who saw said a large animal dark and fast. That it happened in almost too much time to see.

They forced them to destroy and bury Treblinka 2, i think they said mamy prisoners were brought in go tear it down in a rush they judt gave them tooks to destroy sloppily, while still killing any who stopped…this was a thing that was rushed when it was reported russians,Usa and UK troops were winning and closing in… like some last punch in the face, to hide it, to hide a million or more lost names and lives..
It was a camp that in a short span killed a million or so people in a short time and was only 1 camp. thats roughly if we count hitlers killing at 13m ..1/13th of Jews, Gypsys, sinti people and people who refused to be nazis.
The soldiers did not leave the fence alone at the last of the camps operation, they seemed ujneasy… the prisoners did not feel threatened by the sobbing, they knew the men who did evil were the only ones who needed to fear…

They are still discovering that camp, they only found its location confirmed not too long ago. Maybe in 2009?

Russian soldiers liberated them shortly before the war ended. My grandfather and uncle were both about 6’4″ tall

One weighed 96 lbs one weighed 94 lbs
At that height they more should weigh 170lbs to be thin but fit. So they were really lucky to live through this despite the trauma they lived with.

The Russians under Stalinism were so disgusted by what they saw, some cried at least silently,, others had stated Stalin is terrible, But Hitler is worse, because stalin was horrible as a political or economic move though just as brutal… the difference these soldiers said, that made them so disgusted was, that this was cruelty for the sake of cruelty. Not a power play or use of Abusive psychological warfare to gain something as stalin did. I agree with them, that while not much better, at least the gulag was if you did crime talked ill of Stalinism etc, still awful, but the monsterous things Nazis who werent there by fear or force, the ones who enjoyed and believed the bullshit taught to them….. what human beings are capable of doing to other human beings is so much worse than a monster or animal looking for a meal to hunt…

They had given the people they liberated water and blankets, many taking a layer off to warm the people.. they were offered guns as the russians had taken the Nazis prisoner, to get payback if they wanted to. I think my uncle was given this choice, i apologize to their souls if I mixed any of them up. He held the weapon and was stood by the nazi who was the sick person leading the game of tying women and children together with ropes with raw meat on it, He said the Russian soldiers wanted them to fairly have a chance to fight back for all they had done…He started at the Nazi who did so many monsterous things a long time, glared at him while tearing up abd stepped forward. Many men now had the chance for revenge. Not a single Roma, Jew, POW, Or “Jew sympathizers” as they called the allies who would not help Nazis…No one pulled the trigger, No one did anything, but msny saud a similar thing as my uncle did to the Nazis who did such monsterous behavior, put the people through any hell they could….He told them he was a soldier, but took no pleasure in any life he ever had to take,that they fed their captives, watered, and keot them clothed and warm.. that he wasnt like them, and never would be. He said he then looked at the man who starved up the dogs for the horrible “entertainment ” the sick man regularly forced all to watch.. and told him, there was enough pain and suffering seen in these camps to last the rest of humanities existence, That He did not deserve death. He handed the russian the weapon back and shook his head, death was too good for these men was his thought.
They had noted the sons and whispers seemed to be gone.
And having been liberated late abd by russians they knew to give that camp only a bit if rations due to how they had been starving, thankfully the russians had got there before they could clean out that camp, it was a mixed camp of POWs and prisoners around 125 or so miles north of treblinka 2 and had a POW camp I believe an hour north of it also. I dont want to give out much info thats too specific, but you shoukd find it on Google. It is a heavy thing to carry, to be forced to tear down “Hitlers Killing Machine.”… to my uncle this was the worst thing they could ask of them, to hide and bury this place where so many names,faces and lives vanished, they j u st wanted it broken down into nothing, like the mass graves,it didnt matter that people died there or that they threw them away like trash they were told to hide it, and to them those lives buried there were nothing, not a care to them if they erased them from the world like so many others.
And telling of it and no one checking until decades later i am sure was frustrating.

Other things he saw shifted around through a few camps…were cannibalism, one particular case they had to hide in an alley as a tall thin man took the clothes off a woman who had fallen dead in the streets late one night.he put them on for warmth, but knowing everyone was starving they did not say anything or move or judge the man as they swore he had a small blade and watched to see if he had left…that was when they realized, He was so hungry he was eating a body…this was something that happened at a few places they were stuffed into. But in the street in warsaw at around 3 or 4 am just eating a body like a roast. He was taller than they were possibly about 6’8” and very thin, his face was sunken he looked almost a corpse himself he was so sickly.
Though they heard him say thanks to the deceased and pray almost sobbing in sorrow before he left. As they finally came out a few minutes later they saw it was a chunk of meat from her thigh, it was cut neatly and as respectful as cannibalism can be, they took a cloth that had been wrapped on her head and covered her face respectively before they passed by her.

another bad thing they saw several times any women very attractive and under 40 taken to what one can assume was a brothel. As people always saud there was a joy division that was destroyed but no one would listen, if you get a chance read the book house of dolls and then read how the author was treated, they told him he had no proof he had a sister… most records, faces, names, everything but ash and teeth were erased from so many people… I was sad to find this out when my grandfather told me that there was a book though fictionalized some was based on a real thing that people ignored for survival… after all in a brothel the favorites may get to live that was everyones thinking.

Saving bits of rations to give to people, mainly pregnant women and children was something they did often as they werent given much, but if they got it they shared. There was good too, they protected the people who helped others all of the people did.

No one should ever forget something so evil and horrible.
They existed and this is all I have to give you, and to honor was all my grandfather had to give me and honor them., because people erased them all traces of them, their names faces abd even bones have been lost to history.
But they existed and they died, and this is their memorial in a way..

Our numbers started with “Z” a black triangle with a z also marked a “gypsy.”

I had asked and asked about ww2, Knowing I had ancestors I will never meet, whose faces, names and whole lives were erased…

In fact they erased most people, and no one knows what happened to them.. my grandfather told me this and my uncles stories as he sadly passed away when i was about 10, but my constant asking finally got me the stories they didnt care to recall… he told me that the reason he told me these was so that I can know they all existed and what happened to them. So that I could then tell people so that people will know they existed, this happened to them…and while I cant give names just tell horrors that the people were ended by… please never forget they existed, the Nazis erased everything about them all but these stories people tell us…

I the type of autism I have was of part german or Austrian blood as well Hans Asperger, Without him people would just think I was creepy and weird by assuming my brains wiring is formed properly.
So if you ARE german, please NEVER let ignorant people who think germany means Nazis, never let the past make you feel guilt.
My friend feels bad but no one was born then,its no ones fault alive now.

I am not sure if there is anyway to edit this to be able to monetize it without destroying it, But I trust you with it, these may just be words but they have weight, and I am only sorry if they are heavier than they look.
It was really difficult to type this out i apologize for the delay, and for the likely tons of typos.

My Brother and The Truck

This had happened to my little brother when he was really into fitness and keeping his body in top shape. We had lived with our grandparents at the time and they kind of live in the middle of no where and where you can see nothing but a forest for miles. He had enjoyed jogging and I would sometimes go on a few jogs with him. But one week I was bed ridden. On the first day this happened I remembered him coming home and he literally looked like he had decided to run through the forest instead of beside the road like how he usually does. He was a total mess. There was pine needles sticking out of his hair and his back side looked as if he slipped in mud. When asked what happened he shook his head. I could tell there was something wrong cause he’s usually one of these chatty people that could talk forever and about anything while smiling like some kid. Bit instead of being his usual happy self he had tears which he was trying to hide and refused to tell me what was up. My big sis instincts kicked in and I had my other brother Lee see what was wrong. Lee thought it wasn’t a big deal until I did nothing but bug him. Apparently our brother had went jogging and on his jog a truck kept following him. He thought maybe he was in the way until he moved off the road and closer to the trees. The truck driver though didn’t pass him like he was hoping and instead drove up beside of him. The driver had rolled down his window and started asking my brother a lot of questions like if he knew where some place was and how long he was jogging. My brother didn’t think much about it and told him he didn’t know where the place that the driver was asking was located and that he usually jogged for an hour. The driver though kept asking my brother where he lived and if he wanted a lift
My brother had declined the ride and was going to continue his jog until the man went to grab at him. Now this had startled my brother and he asked the man what he was doing. Here is where it gets creepy. Lee said that the man was now grinning at our brother. The grin unsettled him and he slowly backed up seeing the man slowly getting out of his truck and reached for our brother again. This is where our brother decided to take off into the woods and run as fast as he could back home. After hearing this story me and Lee decided to tell our grandparents which for some unknown reason didn’t believe us. Now we was both upset. Sure our brother was use to making up lies and stories but this didn’t seem like something he would lie about. My grandfather decided to ask our brother if this story me and Lee just told our grandparents was true and our brother denied it. After that our grandparents decided that they didn’t want to hear anymore of it. The story wasn’t brought up though until the next day. My brothers usually waited down in front of my grandparents drive way for the school bus but Lee had to go to a doctor’s appointment with my grandfather so it was just Lester. I was going to have a smoke outside until I seen a truck slowly coming to a stop near where my brother was waiting for the bus. I got an uneasy feeling and decided to duck behind a truck while holding onto a tree limb. My brother had slowly back up and was going to run inside of the house until a big guy that slightly looked like a grizzly got out of the truck and went to pick up my brother. I screamed at the man as I ran at him with the tree limb in my hands clutched tightly. Quickly the man dropped my brother and hopped back into his truck as he speed off burning rubber. My grandmother came out of the house just then and asked who that man was and what was going on. My brother whole crying told both me and our grandmother the story he told Lee and that the person that was driving the truck was the same guy from the other day. My grandmother called my grandfather and told him what had happened and we decided to tell the cops. The cops told us that since the guy didn’t get my brother there wasn’t much they could do but put out a warning about the guy. Both my grandparents decided that they should keep both brother at home with me for the rest of the week while explaining to the school him and Lee went to what happened. The school agreed that my brothers should stay home the rest of the week. My brother claims he doesn’t remember this ever happening while me and my grandmother still does.

A Glint in His Hand / He Was Crawling

I’m an avid runner. Since my early teen years I’ve run through freezing rain and searing heat, foggy nights, and sunny days. But every once in a while something happens that makes me reconsider my dedication to my passion. On a cool August night a couple years ago, something changed my running habits indefinitely.

I had recently moved back into my parents house in that awkward interim period between college and career. It’s funny, because I had done my night runs in sketchy cities and bad neighborhoods for years and nothing special had ever happened. But in this suburban middle-upper class neighborhood on the outskirts of town I had one of my most frightening running experiences ever.

My normal two mile jog took me through one lamp-lit intersection three times before getting home. Don’t ask how exactly, because it’s a complex route. But suffice to say, I must go through this intersection once to leave my house, once half-way through my route, and once to get home. I had run this route hundreds of times both night and day and it was always safe and scarce of traffic.

The night in question, I took off on my run around 10:45pm. My parents were already off to bed and the neighborhood was usually dead-quiet by nine. I took off down the street at a standard pace, the silence of the night rejected by the epic music blaring through my cheap wal-mart headphones. The first pass through the lamp-lit intersection came up and I immediately noticed something was off. Under the lamp, legs resting in the road, was the silhouette of a man sitting on the curb, hunched over. In this neighborhood, seeing anyone out at night was quite unusual.

He was across the street, so I didn’t feel imminently threatened by him. Running creates this stupid illusion that you’re somehow safe as long as you’re moving, even though you’re more exposed than ever. The first half of my run took me through a section of houses under construction. It was always creepy in this area and a few shadows seen out of the corner of my eye had finally inspired me to start running with a small folding knife. It was stupid security theater on my part, like a knife that size could do anything. The legal knife limit in my state is five inches and my running knife was jealous of that size.

As I ran through the abandoned construction sites, the sight of the man earlier began nagging at me. I half expected him to pop out of one of the shadows created by the large half-built structures. It was really strange him sitting hunched over like that. His existence there just didn’t fit with the vibe of the rest of the neighborhood. My next turn took me back towards the lamp-lit intersection. A little bit of dread built up in me as I approached the intersection. For a moment, I didn’t see the man. I relaxed, hoping he had wandered on. But my pounding heart sank as I saw the figure sitting a bit outside of the light on the side of the road I was currently running on. It was as if he had changed position, knowing full well where I would come from.

But I maintained my course and speed, refusing to let some random guy sitting on the curb bother me. I had seen stranger things that a sitting guy. I didn’t let it bother me in the slums, I wasn’t going to let it bother me here. But my confidence melted quickly as I grew closer to hunched figure. I was twenty feet from him when I noticed the man was fiddling with something in his right hand. Fifteen feet, the man turned and looked up at me, his hand dropping. Ten feet, he hunched lower, the thing in his hand still concealed by the darkness. Five feet from the man, I suddenly saw a glint in hand. He had a knife, and not a dinky little folding knife, it was a twelve in Bowie knife gripped tightly in his fist. I sort of went into auto pilot at this point. I was already practically stepping over this weird guy and now I realized he had a massive knife. But I myself am a collector of knives. It wasn’t the knife itself that scared me, it was what he did next.

As I ran within inches of him, the man leaned forward and began tapping the knife on the ground just next to my feet. I sort of awkwardly side-stepped away from the man, crossing the street and continuing on my run. It took a minute to set in what just happened and that’s when I realized I had to pass this guy one more time to get home. I stopped my run, pocketed my headphones, and pulled out my dinky folding knife. I had run around a corner of wooden fences and out of sight from the man, so I decided I would peak back around and spy for an opportunity to  run through the intersection and back home.

But as I peaked around the fence and into the light, I was sure more than ever that I should not go back through that intersection. The man with the massive knife was crawling around on all fours. Now fully revealed by the light and no longer hunched, I could see this guy was big. I would say he appeared around six and half feet tall, but I suppose he was six and a half feet long, as he was crawling. He clambered around for a minute or so, stopping and rolling around in the grass. At this point I noped out of the situation and called the cops. Lucky me I used my phone as a timer for my runs so I had it with me that night. I called the operator and let them know the situation. Not to brag, but I sounded super chill when describing the scene to the operator. But my chill began to fade as I peeked around the fence to give a description of the guy to the operator. Black pants, boots, grey shirt, standard useless descriptors. But, it now appeared he was laying down in the road. Not laying down, sliding. He was pushing himself into a storm drain. As I watched, this guy stuffed half his body into the drain. It looked like he was having trouble, since he was a big guy, but he was somehow getting in. Like an idiot, I took my eyes off him to step back to safety as the operator told me to.

The police arrived a minute or so later. No less than five cop cars flooded into the neighborhood. It must have been a slow night. With one of the officers backing me up, I walked back through the intersection to get home. The lamp-lit intersection was empty. No one was there. There wasn’t even any evidence someone was there. I waited out front of my parent’s house for a while until one of the police cars drove by me. The officer let me know that they found no one. Whoever it was had slipped away. The police believed it was probably a resident of one of the houses nearby who just ran back home once he saw the emergency lights. And I think that’s the most likely possibility.

But I still remember the last time I saw the guy, half-wedged in a storm drain. Sometimes I wonder if he made it in. Maybe we’re both right, the police and I. The man did just run off home when he saw the lights, but maybe his home was not one of the houses placed so quaintly above ground. It’s probably stupid, but I give most storm drains a wide birth now. Better safe than sorry when there may be a knife-wielding lunatic slashing at your ankles.

An odd experience in the woods.

So, let me preface this by saying that I don’t scare easily, or at least am not scared by a lot.
Anyways, It was about mid November at the time of this happening, and it was oddly nice, 55 degrees, a bit chilly but nice. It being nicer than usual decided to take my daily jog in the local forest seeing as I practically live in the woods.

I walked up to the front of the gate, well fence at the front of the forest pathway. i’m not going to be cliche and say “It felt spooky” ” something felt…off.”, it just felt completely and utterly normal, maybe even nice.

I started my jog, I looked at the trees above my head savoring every pine scented inhale. I continued for about 20 minutes, then I decided to head back. As I made my way to the gate-fence, I noticed something, it was a man, he looked about 5′ 11 to 5′ 12, he had a long gray beard, a black leather jacket and jeans on…..the odd thing about this man is that he was standing in a filed of dead, long grass starring into the forest with a baseball bat in hand.

He looked a bit agitated seeing as his had was very tightly gripped around the neck of the bat, and for the small amount of time I saw his face, it looked like an angry frown, a tough guy look.

I got spooked, I started jogging away picking up speed so he wouldn’t see me, eventually making it home. Though he could have been a totally cool guy I was just not risking it, he could have easily taken me down if he was malicious, but again, I don’t know his intent. Maybe it’s my paranoia, or anxiety but I was sure spooked.