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Who’s Hiding in the Wilderness

By The Girl from Sweden

I live in Sweden and this happened to a friend of  mine. We can call him John. John has always been a great runner and good at sports. I remember him from middleschool as he was a few years older than me, that he would climb up on the roof of the school like nothing and always was the fastest on the sportsevents we had before the summerbreak.

It was when we had finished school and I hadn’t heard of him for a while that this occurred. He enjoyed fishing and to be alone. He had no problem to camp alone in the nature of Sweden. Always beside a lake were there were plenty of trout so he could catch some fish and eat it for supper. We have a big fishing-area including many swedish miles that is only woods, lakes and roads between the lakes. There are a few houses on the outer range of the area but otherwise it’s way off in the wilderness. In this area there’s a place that the old swedish folklore say that the youngsters from old days went to dance in the midsummers eve.

The Island

By Brad

My story starts several years ago when I was seventeen. My friend Seth, and I would go to a cabin near a river with his family each summer to fish. We would travel for the day, then go canoeing the next and leave by the following morning.

This became an annual thing, and this year was only slightly different because we had another friend of ours from out of town named Jason coming with us. To give an idea of who we are; Jason is as close to a loose cannon as it gets while Seth tends to nope out of most things. I tend to lie in the middle, usually down for most things, but I still try to keep a level head.

Creep in the T.J. Maxx Bathroom

My name is Selena, this story took place when I was around the age of 12 or 13. I am now 19, but this still creeps me out until this very day.

My family and I, were at a nearby T.J. Maxx shopping after Christmas. After a couple of hours of shopping I told my mother that I needed to use the restroom and that I would be back before she knew it. When I got there I noticed that there was only one person in the restroom other than myself, and they were in the stall besides me. Later on I was ready to leave my stall, when some of my money fell out of my pocket so I bent down to get it. When I was almost done collecting all of it I heard what sounded like a mans muffled voice, asking me for some toilet paper, I froze but gave the person toilet paper from under the stall.

Knocking Out a Burglar

My name is Chris, half Welsh half Hungarian, and I live in London. My cousin, Daniel, half Hungarian half Canadian , lives in a town 40 miles from Toronto, in Canada. Our mothers are two sisters from Hungary, and beacause of them, we are both fluent in Hungarian, and this is an important part of the story.

Every year, we would go to Canada to visit my cousin’s family for a week. This one time, about 10 years ago, when we were 11 and 12 years old, we were left alone playing on my cousin’s brand new Playstation 3 while our parents were out shopping in Toronto.

Creepy Man Encounter While Camping

First I want to say that I was not for sure to put this as a scary stranger encounter or scary camping story. Also I have a problem writing things so if it seems a little weird sorry about it.

Over this past summer I was camping with a couple long time family friends. For safety purposes I will call them Bill and Lauren. But thru out the whole previous summer Bill, Lauren, their kids, and I went camping at their camp site. Also with us were Lauren’s twin sister Ashley and her husband Tom and their kids. We usually went there for every weekend that it was nice outside but I’m just going to talk about the day I had the scary encounter. To start from the beginning of the day we all arrived at the camp site about noon we had some fun while swimming in the pond that the camp grounds had but I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I was being watched from the distance beyond the tree lines. I ended up not trying to think too much about it at all because I was having some fun while swimming in the hot Ohio weather. If you live in Ohio or ever spent a full summer day in it you will understand on how the weather patterns can be real stupid at times but it doesn’t get as hot as it does in other states that get it real bad thou.

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