My dads Pizza Hut story

First I would like to say that this story is not mine and it happened to my dad back in 2012 and I can’t really ask him about all the details again since he passed away 2 years later but it was due to something else and so I’m going to try and remember all the details as I can. So I’m going to tell it from his point of view.

I was the night manager at the Pizza Hut I worked at and I was usually the last one to leave. So I had to make sure the place was locked up, everything was cleaned and put away. I was making sure that everything was cleaned properly and so I started to mop out when a man about 5’7 white averaged built walked in.

I told him that we are closed and he had to leave. The man ended up saying that he wants the money in the safe. He also pulled out a pistol to make sure I did what he said. The safe for this Pizza Hut was located in the back of the store so the dude had to walk behind the counter and followed me back there.

Now usually when the safe gets opened it makes a loud alarm sound not for sure why though but the man didn’t really know that.

So when I went to open the safe for him the alarm sound went off and he thought I alerted the cops so he ended up pistol whipping me and then taking off.
I ended up going to the hospital to get it checked out and described what the guy looked like to the cops and to my knowledge they never caught the guy.

So person who tried to rob Pizza Hut and pistol whipped my dad whoever you are and wherever you are let’s not meet.

The weirdo

I switched P.E classes I dont know why.I had other friends in that class and that day we had to play tennis. I was playing tennis with a friend and a girl comes next to me and plays tennis with us. She asks for my instagram and I give it to her.

At first I thought she was a boy.

My instagram was private so she would have to request to follow me. Later on that day i accepted her request and a few minutes later she texts me and asks “do you wanna go out with me”.

I said no. She texted back saying “-what are you doing want me to send u nudes”. I was getting creeped out cause i didnt really know her like that.

2 mins later she sent a pic of her private parts and I was disgusted. I added 2 of my friend’s in the chat and she was acting way more weirder than before.

She asks my 2 friend’s if she can go out with them at the same time.

We were all shocked.We blocked her account and the next day in P.E we had to run around the school. I was walking by myself. She was jogging towards me sounded like she was exhausted.

By the way she is short and chubby and slow. Im tall and skinny but im fast as hell.she caught up to me and whispered my name i turned around and she was about to grab my shoulder.

I hauled ass l got away from her and i turned around again and she’s staring at me making a creepy smile.

After i got home that day i check my phone. She had another instagram acc and she texted me and says “why did you block me”. I blocked her again and i looked up her name on instagram. I couldnt believe this. She had 21 instagram accs.

I clicked on one and it was public. She had a picture of her private parts and a lot of people at school saw it. 1year later she doesnt talk to me anymore but she stares at me and a few of my friends a lot.

But one more creepy thing happened i was in my 8th period. My teacher was outside the classroom. It was me my friend and few other people in the class. She walks in and stops.

She looks at us we look back. The most disgusting thing happened.

She puts her hands in her pants and she started playing with herself.we turned the other way and sat in our seats. I told my friend what is wrong with her. He says I dont know but she needs help. She hasn’t done anything but stare now.

My Instagram nightmare

This happened to me a few years back. And looking back, I still can’t believe how dumb I could be at times. Whenever I think about this incident, it send chills down my spine and reminds me to beware of every move I make online.

I belong from a very small town in India. Here Instagram is a big deal. You’re judged by the difference of your followers and following. I have always been a popular girl at school, but I still craved for a big online fan base. To achieve this I even made my account public. I did not accept everyone’s and anyone’s message request until and unless they were hot.

It was a Saturday evening when I was in my bed ready to sleep when I received a new follower by the username of sexy_steve_97.

I opened his account right away. I apparently found his name to be too interesting. He did not had his own picture as his dp. And he had like only hundred and thirty followers. I found it to a bid odd. For a brief moment I even believed it was a fake account. But I did not think much of it. At the end of the day I wanted more and more followers.

After a few days I received a message for him. “Hi” it said. For a brief moment I decided not reply but my curiosity got the best of me. “Heya” I replied with a smily face. “So you on facebook?” He asked. “Yeah obliviously!” I replied in a second. To my wonder the question was a bit strange. I mean it’s the twenty-first century! He asked me if he could add me there and I simply agreed.

The very next day I received his friend request. Let’s call him Y for this story. I stalked his entire account. I knew his college, age, school and almost everything. From that day we started talking. He kept giving me the signals that he liked me, and i like a fool kept blushing. At that time I should have known this guy was a big red flag, but I was too immature to understand.

After a few days of talking I stopped replying to his messages because he started acting weird. He kept on saying things like,”I’m too alone and desperate for love” and “only you can fill this empty void in my life.”

At first these messages did not bother me that much, but as they started getting more and more constant I had my boiling point. I did not block him but just started ignoring him. And after a few days he too got the hint and stopped.

A few months passed and I did not hear from him. But he kept on following me on Instagram and for some reason I too gave him a follow back.

We never really talked but sometimes commented on each other’s pictures. It was a lazy afternoon when I noticed Y had posted a story. I decided to check it out. It was his picture. I gave him a reply saying,”hotty” as I quit liked the picture. “Thank you” he replied after a few minutes. “Ah nevermind” I simply typed. After that day we regularly started talking on Instagram and after a few days we exchanged numbers.

He always called me late at nights and we usually talked till the sun was up.

He told me how much he liked me and for how long he wanted to confess this. From him I got to know he knew one of my close friends so I decided to ask for Y’s background.

What I got to hear wasn’t pretty but still for some reason I continued talking to him.

And before I could even realise he had already proposed me and I for some unknown reason had said “yes”. After that day things started to change.

He started to act as if I was his property. He hated when I hung out with my friends and even when I talked to them. He expected me to give him my entire day and night.

He got mad whenever my phone was busy. He made me unfollow everyone on Instagram except him. Soon I had enough of it. I very politely told him I can’t do this anymore and it was better for us to part ways. I then blocked him from everywhere.

I started ignoring his call and messages.

After a few weeks everything grew quit and I thought Y had made his piece with my decision. But how was I to know it was the peace before the storm.

It was a Wednesday afternoon and I was home alone when I heard a ring on the door. I answered it and was shock to see Y standing outside. How the heck did he find my address?! Because I was sure I never mentioned it to him. “Can we talk?” He very calmly asked. I live in an apartment building so I knew if I talk to him while he was standing out it would invite only troubles for me so I let him in.

“Just get over with it” I said as I took a step back. Y entered my house and locked the door behind him. My soul froze. I had no idea what this guy had in mind. I looked at him, terrified. And all I could see was a grin on his face. “Are you scared?” He asked, as he took a step towards me.

I kept walking back, trying to maintain a distance from him. As his hand slowly moved into his pocket I looked at him and ran towards my room. He ran behind me screaming my name.

As soon as I reached my room i locked myself in.

I was crying by this time. I could hear him bang my door. Harder and harder.

“You too know Princess you can’t hide” he said as he banged the door harder. I looked around for my phone but realised I had left it outside. All my blood drained out of my body.

I was stuck in with this psycho who could do anything with me.

I mustered up all my courage and started shouting. My apartment was on the first floor so I was determined someone would hear me. After a few moments the banging stopped and I could hear people coming in my house. As I felt a bit safe I opened the door. He had left before people arrived.

My mom and the police were informed.

They took his number and asked me to deactivate all my social media. They also advised me to change my number. After this incident my mom sent me out to study and for a brief time she too lived with Grandma.

It has been more than three years at this point, I haven’t heard from Y and I hope this silence remains the way it is.

When I look back I feel myself so lucky. Because God knows what he could have done that day.

Stranger from the deep web

<> I am an 18 year old girl – at the time of this story I was 17, this only happened last year. I was browsing my instagram – I have a furry account so it is not uncommon for me to get follow requests from people I don’t know , usually I accept them – I see a new message from someone I hadn’t met before, like a dumbass, I replied as nothing had rung any alarms, he was just saying hi. I was very lonely at the time so when I got random messages I got quite happy, it didn’t happen often. So of course I replied within seconds of his message coming through. We chatted almost all night and when I did finally decide to log off – or rather fall asleep – I didn’t tell him as I didn’t think I needed to. I woke up to 50 texts from him all asking what had happened to me and how.. worried he was. For some reason this didn’t strike me as odd.. as this is probably how I would react.. even now. So I continued to speak to him.

After only a few weeks he and I had gotten rather.. close. If you catch my drift. To me it seemed like mild flirtation at most but to him it was more. So when I started expressing interests in other people he got mad and started telling me that I was cheating on him. He’d Call me things like baby and tell me he loved me. No matter what I did or said he would still make heavy advances. But I ignored him and continued talking, because as I said.. I was very lonely and without him I’m not sure what I’d do.

Another few months went by and he was still pushing hard on me being his girlfriend. I was getting seriously pissed and decided to get my best friend Dawn involved. She told him to screw off and leave me and anyone else alone because now he was getting creepy.. not to mention all of his Instagram posts. He was claiming things like stabbing people.. and being proud of it. He told us he was in a gang and they would often do this sort of thing.
Dawn continued to tell him to leave us alone until eventually he took things into a whole new level..
this man sent Dawn a link to a website from the deep web, it said things about hitmen and even had photos of what they had done.

That’s when I decided to stop messaging him completely. But he pressed on. Somehow he had gotten my phone number and started messaging me on there. He told me my address , I hadn’t given it to him, and even sent me picture of my house.
Then he started sending me photos of his.. member…
I changed my phone number and he hasnt contacted me since then.
I don’t know who he is but I hope he never finds me again. I’m still unable to walk in the dark alone.

Ordeal with my Ex

I am a female. In 2015, I was in my first year in college. That summer after graduating from high school, I broke up with my first serious boyfriend. It was long distance and lasted about a year and a half. I was the typical, newly-single college girl who had used dating apps like OkCupid to meet new people and go on dates. After having met a few unmemorable people, or people that just didn’t click with me, I met my next boyfriend. For this story, we will call him Bruce.

I had met Bruce on OkCupid, and at first he seemed nice. Cliché, I know, but I notice many people start out like that when you meet them as they just want to make a good first impression. He certainly did, and it pulled me in like a fly approaching a spider’s web. Our first date consisted of walking in the downtown area of our city, and because of the time of year, it was tourist season for this particular city, so we grabbed a bite to eat at a pizza joint away from all the hustle and bustle of the autumn festivities. It was also pretty cold. When we got to a major city landmark by the water, we shared our first kiss. Looking back, I pretended to like it – I felt like his nose was dripping on me. I looked past that, and that same night, we made it official.

I know it sounds ridiculous, why would I become official with someone I only knew for one night? I was dumb and naïve. Little did I know this would start a crazy shitstorm until February 2016. So, at first, he seemed kind and nice to me, but by the time I had to leave for holiday break, a new side of him began to show itself. My home was a half hour or so from my university, so this made it impossible to visit Bruce, let alone any of my college friends, for the time being. I didn’t have a car or my license, so I couldn’t drive. Taking a taxi or an Uber would have been very expensive round-trip. I actually had a stomach bug just before leaving my dorm for break, so I was stuck in there until the last day we were allowed to be in our rooms. Bruce had brought me saltines and ginger ale, which was nice of him, but he was very hot and cold about wanting to see me. In one breath, he told me he wanted to see me and take care of me. The next minute, he told me “I don’t want to catch something.” This (what I called) “Jekyll-and-Hyde” business became more and more prominent as time went on. From about late December on, Bruce would change his tone with me every other hour. He would at first be all happy and tell me how beautiful I was and just be flirty over messaging. The next hour, he would be angry and explosive for no reason, even went as far as blowing up my phone if I didn’t answer right away. He would text me even if he was at work.

Things got worse after we became intimate for the first time that January, just after New Year’s. My parents agreed to take me all the way to his house to spend the night. We ended up “doing it” that night, and I happened to be a virgin. As expected, it was a really bad experience. Not just because I was nervous, but because he was having trouble getting it up. It was around this time Bruce’s troubling behavior peaked, and he became obsessive, and even delusional, about me and our relationship. He would want to see me every night, come hell or high water. I remember one occasion, I was out in the snow at night waiting for him to come and walk to his house from my dorm, which was relatively close. If I wanted a night to myself or with some friends, he would make me feel guilty somehow and I still would end up being with Bruce for the evening. I remember sending him selfies in the morning after my makeup for a day of classes was done. Instead of appreciating it, he would tell me things like, “who are you wearing makeup for? You’re all dressed up just for class.” He said this suspiciously, and I reminded him that I always wore makeup to class. He would remark to me, “you won’t wear it for me, yet you’ll wear it for complete strangers.” Which was not at all true. Makeup has always made me feel presentable and confident, as it does many females. Yes, by that point, I wasn’t really wearing makeup to his house anymore to see him, but that’s because I just didn’t feel like it. It was nighttime when we saw each other, and I was in comfortable clothes by that point and too tired to do it.

I had Instagram and it was actually around this time that I made Facebook for the first time. I had many friends from campus on it just for the sake of having friends, as well as thousands of Instagram followers – I no longer have Instagram for personal use, for the record, but not because of Bruce. Some of these people in Instagram were guys, and also friends of mine. They would comment on my pictures or like them, and I was fine with it. I didn’t see anything wrong with it. They all knew I had a boyfriend at that point, which is why I didn’t worry. Bruce, on the other hand, asked me on several occasions: “who is so and so?”, “who is this liking your picture?” “I don’t want so and so commenting on your pictures”, “why do you answer these people, you don’t know them and I’m your boyfriend.” On Facebook, Bruce decided to pick on one person on my friends list who happened to be a guy, who at the time I did not know or speak to, and accuse me of having a quote on quote “secret thing” with said person. One thing is for sure, I am not a cheater; never have been, and never will be. I know that Bruce was aware of this fact, but was extremely insecure about it. I told him to stop, when he had been accusatory a few times toward me. He’d have a Jekyll-and-Hyde episode, being explosive and verbally abusive, and then an hour later, acting like nothing happened. When I told him that he should owe me an apology for his behavior, he did not see anything wrong with it, or felt he was justified just because he was the first person I was intimate with.

To mask the verbal and emotional abuse he put on me, he would get us dinners or buy me jewelry if we went downtown. If he noticed I wasn’t wearing a piece of jewelry he had gotten me when I sent him a selfie or was around him, he would act offended by it. At the time, him doing these things made me forget about his behavior, but again, that was me being stupid and naïve. Around the point where it was 3 months into the relationship, he told me he loved me, and mentioned stuff about marrying me and having children. I can see why two people would talk about that stuff, in order to understand what each other expects from a relationship, but 3 months is a bit too early to be talking about it as seriously as he did.

It was early February when things got really bad. His outbursts over text messages became more inflammatory, accusing me of making him mad over the smallest things. We fought almost every day, more than a married couple would in their life together. My own mother even noticed his behavior. I had also quit smoking cigarettes by this point, which I had only smoked for four months before it became a habit, and he was even angry at me for quitting. Things like me smoking either cigarettes or weed in front of him, or me clearing my throat, aroused him sexually. This was incredibly weird, but thought past it because, again, I was naïve. When I told him I may have needed throat surgery (which I ended up having), he got all defensive and even mad about it, saying “you don’t need to, I don’t see why you should”… even when I told him about the issue causing me to need it in the first place. I knew it was because it aroused him. I also quit smoking for my health. It was just before my 19th birthday that he called me, having drank, and he was in a bad mood. I was upset on the phone, and he heard me in tears. I forget exactly why he was upset, but it was another ridiculous thing that he exploded over. Soon after that, I got on the phone with my mother, who told me that it would be best if I left Bruce. So… I did it. I texted him saying we are over.

From there, it went downhill. He begged me nonstop for another chance, and that he would see a therapist. Because I take promises seriously, and he did promise to get help for his behavior, I foolishly gave him another chance the next day, after having unfriended him on everything only to get him back on social media all over again. Bruce, once he had me back, got very angry with me for breaking up with him and getting him off all my social media: “I can’t believe you did that,” and “you make me feel like a psychopath.” I told him why, and from there, we were together another week before I finally ended it for good. The last straw was this: we had been intimate on the night of my birthday, and during the act, he asked me “why can’t I cum in you?” I told him that I could not risk getting pregnant because I was in school. He pushed at a very hard, fast pace, and I needed to tell him I was in paid to get him off me. It wasn’t a lie; being intimate with him was often horrible, and he was very selfish. I was afraid he actually was going to do it [finish inside me] even though I explicitly said no. He got off, put on his clothes, and played on his phone passive-aggressively. This night resulted in me going back home that same weekend so I could see my doctor. Over the few days between that night and my doctor’s visit, I began to feel symptoms, particularly a dull pain in the middle of my abdomen. I suspected that I had an infection in my bladder, and sure enough, the doctor diagnosed it. I told Bruce this, and that it was from that night and him being too hard on me, and he said this: “you act like I injured you”. That was the last straw. I broke up with him that same day, and he begged and begged for me to take him back but I just was not having it. I blocked his phone number and on all social media I could manage, but on Snapchat, when I had it, I had forgotten to do so and found a message that said something along the lines of: “I can’t believe you, you hurt me so badly, I gave you all my love and this is how you treat me. Thanks so much for teaching me this life lesson.” I still wasn’t fazed – I blocked him.

I wish I could say this was all over, but it wasn’t. I remember looking at my call logs for the month following, which was March, and by the end of it, 6 blocked calls were made by Bruce. I even had voice messages saying: “can we talk? I miss you.” It was bothersome, but I was glad he could not text me. In May, I wanted to ensure he was blocked on my Messenger app for Facebook, so due to some technical issue, I had to unblock him only to block him again for it to be effective. During the 48 hour grace period, as you can’t block someone on Facebook only to block them again right away, guess who messages me? Bruce.

I read it, and it says something along the lines of: “hey, I hope you’re doing well, you’re such a good person” and it just sounded redundant. He used the same phrasing for the same meaning over and over. I told him, “how did you find me?” He said back, “on People You May Know.” I didn’t answer. I knew he was deliberately looking for me on Facebook. I’m glad to say by the end of the wait for 48 hours, I was done and was able to fully block him.

I hadn’t heard from him at all for about a year. Fast forward to May of 2017. Around this time, I have repurposed my Instagram, with the thousands of followers, into one for my business which I will not name for privacy. By this point, I have had a serious boyfriend for quite some time. I get a direct message on my Instagram, and thinking it is relating to business, I look to see who it is from. You guessed it – Bruce. I don’t know how he could have found me on there when I had blocked him, but it turns out, he made a new account. I didn’t even tap it to read it, as it gave me the option to Accept or Decline the message. I declined and blocked it. I have not heard from Bruce since, and I really don’t wish to.

So… Bruce… let’s never meet again. Also, never try to contact me again. It’s all in vain.