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Beneath the Lake and Behind the Truth

My mom and whole family has always bought and sold items on Craigslist for as long as I can remember. Since I was little, I always found that the whole dealing with a stranger on the middle of nowhere deal was the unsafest thing you could do but, free stuff right?

This story proved me wrong. A few years back, My family was in search of a bed frame for cheap. With little to no luck, my mom began to search craigslist and found one. It seemed to be in decent condition so she messaged the seller. He seemed off even by his messages. He wanted to meet at his home in the middle of nowhere. My mother felt unsafe. In her gut feeling she knew she could not meet up with this man.  She declined his offer even though we went down on the price to coax her into coming.

Fishing with a serial killer

This story didn’t happen to me, it happened to my father when he was in high school in the late 70’s. He was, and still is, an avid fisher, hunter, hiker, etc. At the time this took place, he was ice fishing with a few close friends at a lake in southern Wisconsin. Every time he recounts this story to me, he get this look of disgust on his face, less like he remembers the fear, and more like he’s ready throw up at the thought it. The rest will be from his perspective.

We were out on the lake, it was cold. A few of the guys just walked back to the car to get some things, and it was just me Bruno. We were minding our own business when this older man walked out of the woods. He was sort of chubby, and big, and he had a creepy smile. We didn’t think anything of it, we were raised to be polite, so we struck up a conversation.

We Were Followed

I’m glad I wasn’t alone when this happened, though I wouldn’t have left my mothers house if I were.

In 2014, in early December, my friend and I were at my mothers. It was just before my 18th, and my friend was 16. We had managed to get some booze to drink that night to let off some steam. My mate, who’ll I name J for the story, are rather adventurous girls. And for the audience sake, we live in Australia, so it was our summer break (Summer break for australians usually starts in december, if you didn’t know that). My friend was wearing a tank top and shorts, and I was wearing a dress, though we were far from dressing provocatively.

My mother lives in a family friendly area, not far from the kindy and school of the town. Now, it wasn’t too late when J and I decided to go for a walk before we had anything to drink, around 7pm. The sun was on its way down but it wasn’t exactly sunset yet.

Summer Isn’t Fun

So I’m currently out of this situation but I figured since I have so many bad memories during summer break (and not, but I don’t remember when they happened because trauma is like that), so let me add background.

I was born in a small town to loving parents that were in there teens, my mom around 17 and my biological father 19 or so and they eventually had 2 more children with eachother over the course of 6 years, another girl named Riley 2 years after me and a boy named Camden 4 years after me. My bio dad, named Doug, enlisted in the army shortly after Cam was born and trained then we were shipped off to Wichita when I was around 5. At that base he met some other guy and they would get into drugs with each other until both got caught and Doug got a dishonorary doscharge like an idiot and we had to move out of the houses on the base, which made me upset as a kid since I had friends there.

In the Eye of the Storm

This didnt happen to me, but to my mom and dad back in 2006

My grandparents own a house in Florida, though never permanently reside there, since they don’t have a greencard. We all come from europe, but love to visit the hot, tropic state once every few years. I was 10 and my parents visited my grandparents. They were planning to fly to Yucatan, which is in mexico, and they agreed to let me stay in Florida in the meantime. I was young and they were overprotective, and how could i say no to 3 weeks of sitting at the pool or frolicking at the beach with my grandparents I rarely see?

So, my parents travel to Mexico and had a wonderful time there. Though, they miss me dearly, and 3 weeks pass quickly. They take a plane to miami, and another plane from Miami to Fort Myers. The plane from Miami to Fort Myers however was not exactly a plane as you and me probably know them – but rather some old, rusty, rotten and tiny propeller-driven machine. Barely 50 people fit inside, everything was cramped and the seats were leather cushions on narrowed metal frames. A flying tincan, my dad calls it. But it was fitting, seeing as the Fort Myers airport is tiny, and not fit for huge planes.

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