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Fake Cops Tried To Break In

So, to start this off I’ll say that I am a 20 year old male from Alabama. At the time of this story I was about 12 or 13. My parents own a small bus and diesel shop that they run on the same property our house is on, it’s basically in our yard, but with some distance separating the business and the house.

They have anywhere between 12 to 20 people working for them at any time, mostly older retired people who just get bored sitting at home that drive school bus routes for them a couple hours out of the day.

Dark Police

This was a recent encounter.

I was at a museum in my hometown. It was nothing special at first. I was with a my boyfriend, we were there doing after school work for a project due at the end of the week. We were walking to some stairs when a police officer walked up to us and said in a nice manner “I am sorry. But we have to do random searches as people have been bringing un-permitted objects with them.”

My boyfriend, we’ll call him Jake, for safety reasons. He let go of my hand a stood as the police scanned him with a metal detector. I was next I stood there patiently. When he was done he smiled and said have a nice day kids and be safe.

The Hills Have Eyes

In college, I was a criminal justice major, but this incident  made me change my major and quit my job as a probation officer. I worked for the Juvenile Justice Department as a Probation Officer in one of the southern states of the United States. As a Probation Officer for juveniles, you have to make frequent field visits- to schools, to homes, to places of business. Most of the time, the visits were uneventful, but any time I went on a field visit, it was always a little unnerving, especially the home visits.

As a Juvenile Probation Officer, you are not allowed to carry a weapon, and quite often, you could get into some sticky situations, so we used a group text system to check in, and to let our fellow officers know if we were in danger or needing assistance. Once you checked in, there was another check in every 30 minutes-40 minutes. If you needed help you used the name Aunt Mae (as in May Day).

Gruesome Police Encounter

I was 17 years old when this happened and I live in the Philippines.

It was 2 a.m. when I received a call from my aunt. She said that my grandmother was rushed to the hospital and I need to come quick. I rushed to get my motorcycle. When I was speeding down the highway I saw blue and red lights flashing in the distance so I immediately made a turn. But when I am passing this dark portion of this highway, a flashing light and a laser was blurring my vision so I quickly pulled the brakes.

Then I saw a police officer in the dark flashing his light in my face while his rifle was pointing towards my head. I am literally shaking by this time when he said “get on the ground!”. He didn’t ask for my licence and registration. He grabbed my head and forcefully brought me to the ground. I pleaded that I have my licence and I have my motorcycle registration and I have a complete riding gear but he cuffed me instead. I asked what I did wrong and he didn’t respond. My mind and heart was running wild on what will he do to me. He dragged me into an unmarked vehicle that looks very old and shabby.


[Before you read this, I’m required by law to say that “here’s just a fair warning that this is only what I remember and how I feel.” These events are 100% unfabricated by anything besides perhaps my bias of these supposed events, and I do hope that you’ll take into consideration what I’m about to tell you.]

So, let me start out by saying that I’m not a very good driver. Yeah, sure, the whole “women can’t drive” stereotype isn’t smashed whenever I get on the freeway, but it’s relevant to the story so just put your sexist remarks aside for the moment please. I’ve been driving more-or-less for five years, ever since I was fourteen. I kinda went in the opposite direction of skill, where I started out pretty good for my age but, with experience, just kept getting worse and worse. So, I found an easy solution: I moved to the city and tried to keep driving to a minnimum.

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