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Man with a chainsaw – summer break horror story

I had a sleepover with a few of my friends the night before and i was super tired. My last friend had just left and i was getting ready to walk my dog. It was about 7pm so my mum told me to be careful because there had been a stupid story about a man with a chainsaw trying to scare teenagers into his house and it didn’t help as my neighborhood is known to be a rough area. I knew it wasn’t true so i nodded sarcastically to my mum and left.  I was about half way down my road and it was starting to get dark so i turned on my phone flashlight and continued walking.

i was very tired and didnt pay to much attention to my surroundings. as i get further and further down my road i hear a roaring noise but i thought it was just a lawn mower or something so i continued to walk forgetting about the story. As i walked the noise got more intense. i turned the corner to check what it was, and what i saw i will never forget.

Sketchy Under Cover Police Men

one night, my friend invited me to a sleepover with another one of our friends. there are 3 boys in this story, me, Jacob, the host of the sleepover Nico, and our friend Mateo. we were 13 years old at the time and Nico wanted to go see a movie. we ended up going to see Jon Wick 1 at 12:00AM at night. the movie ended roughly at 2:30AM and we got back at 3AM. we were bored and had a lot of adrenaline from the movie so we decided to take off our shirts, (mind you it was the middle of Febuary and we live in Canada).

and we longboarded up and down the street that Nico lived on. once we did that 2 or 3 times we finally decided to go in and probably watch a movie, just to stay up all night. as we were about 15 second walk from the driveway of Nico’s house, Mateo stopped us and said “hey, look a car.. I think we should pick up the pase nobody usually drives at this time” so we started running this car was black, tinted wondows and blue headlights, the headlights were off until we started running, the head lights turned on but no sirens went off and he was atleast going 60km/h on a 10km/h block,

The Man at the Door

Hi My name is Tory and this is about one of my scariest sleep overs. I was 10 when this happened. Ok lets start!

It was 5:00 pm and I was getting ready to have sleepover with a few friends. The sleepover starts at 5:30 and I had to get snacks,games,and movies ready. It was time to start the sleepover. The first two girls that got there were Lizeth and Haley. They both had their bags and some games. I said “hey guys come in yall can go and put the games on the table” then lizeth said “ok this is going to be so much fun!!” The girls went in and headed in the kitchen to put the games on the table. T

Pedophile Mall Stalker

This story took place when i was 13. I was shopping with my little sister in a nearby mall. It was my first mall trip without my parents so i was excited to go to all of the shops they wouldn’t let me in.

Like Spencers or Victoria’s secret. completely disregarding my sisters discomfort with this. I let her go to the shops she wanted first like Clares. Being completely bored with this i started to look around. I’ve always been an observant kid if someone sketchy was around I was aware. But I hadn’t noticed anyone at first probably due to the excitement of the independent trip. But after a few minutes of people watching I noticed a man watching us. He looked around 70 years old and wore a blue button down shirt and cargo shorts.

Dead Girl Diary

I’m into exploring abandoned houses, it’s a lot of fun and I find it exciting. I got together with my Aunt a few months ago to check out some abandoned places, it was a lot of fun and I found a lot of cool things. But the one thing that stood out to me the most was an old Diary.

The minute I saw the house I knew there was something off about it but my curiosity over came my fear and I went in. The house was creepy to say the least, the cuboards where stocked and the table was set, the food still left rotting on the plates. It was the first red flag that something was off, I explored the home some more until I cam to a dull pink room obviously the room of a little girl, it was amazing the things left behind, drawings old homework even some really special toys, and her Diary. From what I collected the girls name was Elizabeth and she was 9 years old. I read the first two entries and they where a bit odd but not to bad.

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