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I’m not really you’re typical girl.

I have no in real life friends, I’m shy and very quiet all together. Your typical loner. So my only source of actually talking to someone is through social media. Lame right?

Anyways this incident of mine happened two years ago when I was 16. I was on this dating app called “meetme” which I was very spectacle of it since I’ve had bad experiences in the past. But I decided why not? I can make friends for once that live close or so I thought….

Scuba Diving Death

I am a 16 year old girl called lennox from Virginia who is a scuba diver. I am sorry in advance if something is poorly written i am dyslexic so i have problems with grammar and spelling. My story takes place at a small quarry that has been filled with water. I was there for my final scuba exam to become a open water diver. There were a lot of people at the quarry so my dive master got us in the water as quickly as he could. My class consisted of my friends little brother, a boy who was my age and his father.

We had one more test to complete but the boys father signaled his arm was hurting so he surfaced, and we continued. After sometime we heard a commotion from the surface so we surfaced to see what was going on to our surprise there was an ambulance and police car. We swam to land and took off our tanks and fins and approached the ambulance only to see the boys father blotted and blue and the EMT  administering CPR and then rushing him to the hospital. As this was happening i looked around and saw a person dressed in black on the other side of the quarry just in the tree line.

Babysitting Horror

So, this was when I was babysitting in 2007. I babysat some kids a few miles away from my neighborhood. The family had a huge house, in the woods, as I remember. It was a really nice place, but all things considered, it was also very creepy. It was old and isolated.

I had to ring the doorbell about 5 times, before I finally saw a kid come up to the door. ”Mommy is already gone!” she yelled at me. ”Wow, umm.. Sorry? Your mother told me I had to be around here at 19:30 so, I’m here now, right?” The kid let me in.

The Cult In The Woods

To give this story some context, I need to state a few details about myself. My name is Jay and I am 17 years old from the UK, I had a close friend (we will call him John for privacy reasons). From the age of 13-16 he was my closest friend and we did everything together. We were both massively into wilderness survival, so we planned a trip to Scotland to spend a week alone in the forest to get a real survival experience. We were both really excited and invested in all the equipment needed to bring with us, as our parents wouldn’t let us go without the correct safety measures. To give a brief idea of what we took here is a list of the main items we took: A tent, a small combat knife each, a camping stove, rations and miscellaneous items such as rope, blankets etc.

After a long dull 10 hour car journey we eventually made it to the edge of the forest we were set to venture in. My heart raced with excitement as I stared into the forest ahead, it was a lush green with flowers scattered around the floor, it was everything I imagined and more. We lugged our rucksacks onto our backs and started the long walk to where we planned to camp. It was a good 8 mile hike to get to the Loch we planned to camp near, I believe it was called Lock an Righ or something along those lines, so we were ready for a 3 to 4 hour walk, this didn’t faze me at all as I was so excited that I’d finally get to camp in the wild as where I live there are no real places that you can camp away from other people. John was equally as happy as I was with a wide smile across his face.

A Trip to Mexico

I remember being extremely excited to go to Mexico. My older cousin was coming along,she was 15 at the time and I was 13. We used to visit every summer to see relatives but over the years it’s just gotten more and more difficult to spare time for a vacation.

It took a lot of will power to make it through a 2 day car trip and when we arrived at my grandparents house it had already been mid-night. My older cousin and I shared a room on the second floor which had a balcony with the orangish  street lamp peering into the room every night. Me being the anxious preteen , walked out on the balcony to breathe in the nostalgia and memories of my childhood vacations. I immediately noticed a man looking at a neighboring house down the road. I found this odd, ‘who in their right mind would be out at midnight looking at their house’.

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