Customer is always right.

Okay so little bit of background, I am 23, female and from New Zealand I’m a dirty hippy and very spiritual. I was managing a handbag store in my town and had the odd weirdo come in which is fine because I feel that normal people are boring anyway. So one day I had this older lady who had very long grey hair come right up to my counter and she told me “you are very spiritual aren’t you, somethings telling me that you and your mum aren’t getting along but you should leave wherever you are living at the moment it’s very toxic for you.” I literally lost it I had never seen this lady in my life and she was bloody spot on, me and my mum are always bickering because I’m exactly like my dad and apparently “one Gary is enough” and I was living with a flat mate that was stealing my stuff spending my money and being a all round creep (she would cut my toenails for me and had a stash of them but that’s a story for another day) ANYWAY the grey lady and I had a decently long conversation about HER mum who she wasn’t close with who was dying and she got very emotional and I felt so sorry for her I gave her a hug and politely told her I really should get back to work. I would see her walking around the mall every day that I worked and I just thought maybe she had nothing else to do. She came in another day and pointed at my left hip. I had my exs initials tattooed there, and was three days away from getting it covered up. She pointed it and said whatever you are gonna put there , it can’t be what you are thinking it needs to be a rose. This was a bit weird cus I was kinda ashamed of the initial tattoo so none of my staff knew not even my parents or flatmate. She winked at me and left. The day came that I was going to get my tattoo I hadn’t really put much thought into what she said I just wanted a black heart to cover it and the tattoo artist brought a paper over to me that had a black heart and a black silhouette of a rose. I jumped back. And I said did someone ring you to change this? He was so confused he said nah I just had a funny feeling that this would be better than the heart. I got the rose tattoo. It was definitely weird but I’m very spur of the moment kind of gal and it was either meant to be or a crazy coincidence. The next time I saw grey lady I showed her my tattoo and she said “we thought you’d do it, we did think that you weren’t gonna listen” YES SHE SAID WE BUT SHE WAS ALWAYS ALONE I AM SPOOKED. There was quite a few instances when she’d come in and tell me little things that always ended up true , one day I had very very bad period cramps and I asked my staff if she could stay on so I could go home and die quietly in bed and she was happy too. I walked home cus it wasn’t far and sat on the couch with a blanket and dozed off. I woke up to my phone ringing and it was work of course I answered it straight away because I was the manager and I had to but it wasn’t my staff it was grey lady. She said she “ran here from her house because she knew I was in pain” I assured her that I’m okay and that I just have tummy cramps and she didn’t believe that was all that was wrong but again I assured her and said I’ll be back at work the next day and then we hung up. About half an hour later I rung work and said has she left and my staff said no she’s talking about how special and beautiful you are , I said do you think she can hear you and she said nah she’s at the other end of the store and I said “this is feking weird what even is happening” I ended up leaving the job and started studying thinking that was all over with grey lady and that she was either a stalker or just could read straight thru me. One of the days when I had finished class I walked out the door and nearly bumped into a lady … you guess it it was her. She “had a feeling I was gonna be here” she told me that her mum died and that her own health was on its way out too I haven’t seen her in a long while so I’m not sure if she’s alive but I’m sure if she is she will hunt me down no matter what.

Something Strange in Retail

This is happened to me and some people I work with. It’s not a long story, but here we go!

I worked overnights at a big grocery store chain in New Hampshire, at this time I was about seven months at the time this was even more disturbing.

This was about 8 years ago, so back in 2009. I can’t tell you the exact time as it was so long ago—but there was still a cashier working so that means it hadn’t yet reached 1am (weekdays we closed at 1am)—but it was late and it was dark. Being on overnight, there is a skeleton crew; maybe 5-7 of us at that hour.

I was up front bringing a couple items to the cashier that belonged up with her when there was a sudden and startling thumping and some other noises.

We glanced out the front windows (they were all glass) but couldn’t see anything even with the lights from the parking lot.
More noises continued to happen, and these had to be pretty big noises to make it through the windows and doors as none of them were open and we couldn’t see anything.

The cashier calls a couple of the bigger guys I work with to the front, they checked cameras but couldn’t see anything— so a few of us go outside to look around (I stayed closer to the door because of being heavily pregnant).

The guys come running back with looks on their faces and say to get inside NOW! So in we go and they are locking the doors, everyone that’s there goes around locking doors and someone calls the cops.

We’re all wondering what the guys saw. While we’re waiting for the cops there’s a noise at the front windows and there’s this guy WITH NO PANTS ON, no pants! Blood smeared on him, rumpled clothes and looks like he must be on some strong substance..then he disappears around the side of the building where we heard more noises again.

Cops show up and after a bit of a scuffle and et cetera, the guy is taken away and we can unlock the store. Things basically go back to normal.

Those noises the cashier and I first heard? The guy somehow managed to bust his way through a car’s windows, not just one but two windows. There was blood all over the inside and outside of the car from cutting himself.

I’d include a picture of the incident, but I can’t find it in the local newspaper online and don’t have it from back then anymore.
Nothing got taken from the car and everyone else was fine other than a little freaked out.

That was an interesting night for sure..

Car 8

About 7 years ago, in my early 20s, I spent six months working twelve hour overnight shifts at a gas station in my hometown. It wasn’t a hard job, but the hours were long and lonely, especially in the dead of winter in a northern Canadian town. I spent my time cleaning, listening to music, and chatting with the cab drivers – my most frequent customers.

Now, the cab drivers weren’t the most savory guys in the world. Some spent all their money on lottery tickets and scratch offs, some were known drug users and dealers, and one was even an ex-con with an ankle bracelet. But I was a young girl -friendly but not naive – and most of the drivers saw me as someone who needed protecting. They often remarked that my boss shouldn’t leave me on night shifts alone, due to my age and sex. Sexist maybe, but I took it as concern and let them know sometimes if I needed a hand with a drunk or belligerent customer and they’d do there best to handle things.

And then, there was Car 8. We will call the driver Ed.

Ed was in his 60s, overweight, a smoker, and proved himself to be a real creep. It started innocently enough. He would come in during the wee hours of the morning and fill his car, buy beer, snacks, and, without fail, flirt with me. As a woman working with the public, this is an expected, if unwelcome, part of the experience. My strategy was to be friendly, remind them I was engaged, and shoo them away. Most saw it as harmless banter. But Ed was more intense. He would hang out in the store for extended periods of time, chatting with me while I tried to get my work done. He began telling me that my fiance was a lucky man and that if he were younger, he would sweep me off my feet and steal me away from him. I began to become less friendly with him, as his constant attention was beginning to unsettle me. He began to come in every night, multiple times. Sometimes he wouldn’t even buy anything, just distract me from my work. Once when I had stepped out for a cigarette, he pulled into the parking lot and decided to join me. Whatever. It’s not a big deal.

It was just us in the empty parking lot. My hair was down at the time and falling in my face. Without warning, he reached out and tried to brush it out of my face. I recoiled and laughed awkwardly. He then said “you should wear your hair up more. I like it up.” I excused myself and went back into the gas station, shuddering at his advance.

I know it seems pretty harmless at this point – just a sad old man being a little inappropriate. But in mid February I was at work when the phone rang. It was Ed. He wanted to invite me to dinner at his house the next night. He would make us homemade dinner and we could “get to know each other.” I declined. He insisted. I said I had plans. He grumbled for a few minutes and finally said goodbye. After the call, feeling a little weirded out, I saw another cab pull in. The driver’s name was Tony, and he was a kind, funny man who sometimes gave me free lifts. Tony saw I was troubled and asked what was wrong. I explained that Ed had just tried to get me to come to his house for dinner, and that he’d been pretty creepy lately.

All the colour drained from Tony’s face. He was silent for a moment, then mumbled something like “I’ll be back in a bit” and left the store. I watched him peel out of the lot, screeching his tires on the icy cement.

A few hours later, Tony and another driver came into the store. They said simply that Ed wouldn’t bother me any more. Another driver told me later that Tony had gone to Ed’s house ant threatened him on my behalf, though I don’t know the details of the threats. He had also told the whole cab company the situation and had them keep an eye on me. I was glad for the help but puzzled by the intense reaction from Tony.

The next night, Car 8 pulled into the parking lot. Instead of stopping, he drove by slowly and left the lot when he saw I was working. He never came into the store again while I was there.

This is the part that makes my skin crawl. I found out from other people around town years later that Ed had multiple accusations against him of sexually assaulting young women. It had been a suspicion in the community for years. Some he would kidnap in his cab during their fare, some he would follow home and stalk. But the ones he really liked, he would lure to his house for dinner.

So thanks, Tony, for looking out for me.

creepers and crowbars

I work 3rd shift at a gas station. I have been doing this for 3 years now so I have a lot of story especially since it in the middle of a not so safe city and were the only one that 24 hours. Their are two people at a time who work night and security. The night are aren’t really that busy so it basically cleaning and stocking. Now the manger comes in at 5am to do the safe and take the money to drop off at the bank.
This morning want on as any other manger comes in I start the morning paper work. Now the store quite right now cause got maybe 20 minute till the crowd of people going to work. Now I at the register do lotto papers and I hear the door open. Which you call hear throughout the store cause there a bell that close off every time the door open. Now when you open the front door the registers are right there go left you got the coffee bars. Go right you got the freezer and behind us is the cooler. So I hear the bell turn to face the door and say ” good morning is there anything I can help you with”. A tall skinny very dirty looking man comes up to me and go “ater
” in the cooler 4th door in”. So he goes back take a bottle of water out of the cooler an bring it to my register. Now the whole time this is happening he has this left rm
cradling like if it was in a sling. “1.39” I say again. ” I don’t have any money” he said in and nasty tone. ” well I’m gonna have to ask you to leave if your not gonna buy anything”. Now my manager who was sitting on the floor getting the deposit of the safe stand up. From where me and the guys were you would not have seen her down there unless you bent over the counter. So my manger standing up really startle this guy and the arm he been cradling by this side this whole time drops and I can see the crowbar. I gasp which sets him of swing. Now I’m about 5’5 this guy is about 6 feet even. I jump back just as it hit my register screen. On my other coworker who was doing coffee come running over. This guy is try to get over the counter while still swing the crowbar. Me and the manger are trapped course way out is now the other side and he now in between us and the way out. Lucky my coworker who is like and older brother to me has 7 of MMA training. On he about 5″7 130 pound’s of muscle. Run full speed at the guy taking him down. My manager in all the ruckus run to get security.
Security calls the cops and come in side to help D who rolling round on the floor with the creep. On are security is arm with a gun and a taser. The tall guys has D pin to the floor so are security hits him with the teaser and he goes down. Bet you think it’s over well your wrong he get back up shortly after. I don’t know if this guy on something or wath, but I saw a lot of people get tased and they never gotten up that fast. So he gets up like nothing happen hops the counter take the bottle of water and run out the store and down the street. 5 minute later the cops show up as I’m cleaning up the glass from my broken register screen. Luckily a broken screen a slightly bruised cowork and a stolen bottle of water was all that really happen. Until this day the 4 of us are will confuse on what heppen, but hopefully it won’t happen again.

Home intruder?

I have no images related to this story.

This happened a long time ago, when I was about 5 or 6 years old. Growing up, my mum always used to tell me that if I didn’t sleep a witch would come to scare me, but moving on to the story.

It was very late, if I could guess it was roughly 1am. I used to sleep with my parents when I was little so both of them were asleep at this time.

I woke up to a cold gust of wind coming from the window. I opened my eyes and I could just about see thanks to the light coming from the moon that in front of me was a tall dark figure moving very slowly, now I don’t fully remember what it looked like but I remember it had very bad posture, walking with a hunched back, head larger than a normal person’s and it was very light on it’s feet since it didn’t make any noise at all.

5 year old me was thinking it was a witch so I pretended to sleep while at the same time trying to wake up my parents which I unfortunately failed to do so.

The creepy thing is nothing was stolen and no one was harmed. I told my mum this story not long ago and she honestly looked terrified, knowing that happened while she was asleep.

Disturbing Childhood Story

I’m pretty sure that everybody has or had an old man or person living I their neighborhood.

My childhood neighborhood had a lot of them, probably because it was an old neighborhood. They were always nice to us, giving us treats all the time, except for this one guy. He didn’t look like he had any family, kids, friends, etc.

Every kid always stayed clear of his house, not even going over there to get a ball that flew over into his yard, and that happened a lot.

This one time, I was about 10 and I was trying to impress this girl.

My ball flew over his fence so, I climbed his fence to get it. Nobody ever goes back there, so nobody knew what it looked like. It was swarmed with balls. Baseballs, soccer balls, footballs, etc. I spotted my ball and I ran over to get it.

I was trying to act tough, so I didn’t act scared, even though I wanted to scream my heart out nd cry like a little girl.

While I was running, I saw the old man through the window, staring at me. I didn’t know what to do, so I stood still. He walked over to his door and kinda waved me over to him. I knew I shouldn’t go but god only knows what he’ll do to me if I didn’t. So, I walked towards him. He had a smile on and actually looked kinda friendly. He took me inside and was acting creepy and saying things like, “I wanna get to know you” and ” I bet we’ll be great friends” in a very creepy pedophilic way.

I wanted to scream but he’ll probably kill me if I did so.

He tried kinda moving towards me, while I moved more away, just smiling to act like I wasn’t scared. Then, I got the courage to run out of his house, towards my friends, crying. He then moved out and never saw him again.

Later on in my life I found out on his obituary when he passed away that he was a registered sex offender/rapist. I’m very thankful that I ran out of his house because god only knows what he would’ve done to me if I didn’t.

Almost kidnapped!

This is the true story of my attempt ed kidnapping, this is going to be a rather short story, I am male, this happened to me when I was around 7 years old.

One day me and my family, including my mother, father and sister decided to go on a walk around our neighborhood, since I was 7 when this happened, I can’t remember some things that occurred,

We were walking and all of sudden I was very mad at my father, I couldn’t remember what it was, like I said I was 7 when this happened.

As I got very mad at my dad I ran off towards my house, and there’s this little ditch you have to jump over to get to my house, and so I jumped over, and I heard something coming up behind me, it was a black car with blacked out windows pulling up slowly behind me, as I turned around, the car stopped and the window was rolling down, I saw inside, it was 2 black males, they were staring at me, I think they had a gun or something pointing at me but I can’t really remember, but all of a sudden I heard my name calling out, it was my father!

He saw the car and was running towards me, now my dad is 6″7 and pretty intimating, and they noticed this, my father was running crazy fast a jumped that ditch like it was nothing, and before they knew it, he was right behind them and they rolled up they’re windows and took off speeding very fast, if it wasn’t for my father, I don’t know what would have happened to me, if they’d rape me or worst killed me, or sold me to sex slavary, im just so glad for my father saving me,

I haven’t ever seen them again, but creepy black men, let’s not fucking meet again.


So every year we host a party where we play games and get prizes bought by my parents, and we sleep out in tents in our backyard. I was 10 at the time.

I woke up an hour past midnight according to my velcro watch, and i had to pee. We were told that the girls could come inside to use the bathroom, and the sliding glass door was left unlocked, but the boys, if they could, would go outside. I have a very large backyard, and i walked over to one corner, where we were told to go if using the bathroom. As i walked bakc to the boys tent, I noticed the other corner.

Now, this corner has a small tree and a bush, and you can walk behind and out the other side. I saw a child standing there, wearing my little cousin’s sweater. The hood casted a shadow on his eyes so I could only see his smile.He waved to em, I waved back. Finding this funny that he waved to me after finishing peeing, I unzipped the tent. I instantly lost the smile when I saw my cousin sleeping in the tent with his sweater nowhere in the tent.

I held down the zipper for 5 hours that night, and my cousin still doesn’t know how the sweater that he was wearing when he fell asleep went missing.

short scary police story

So, I not that great at story’s so I apologize. Well I wasn’t that old when this happened to me , well not really me but more of my mom. I was about 11, My mom wasn’t a reckless driver what so ever, she has had one ticket anyways, We were in North Carolina and heading home from my cousins house. We were on a highway when she got pulled over. She was clueless on why she got pulled over. She wasn’t speeding , She then asked me “Audrey can you please look behind you and tell me if their has a siren on top of their car like you’re used to.” I replied with ” No, it looks like one of those toy sirens.”

She told me that maybe the police man was telling her that one of her lights burned out or something. You can hear thuds they aren’t loud but the highway was pretty quiet due to the lack of cars. This large man looking about 5 foot 8 inches and well looked a little chubby and knocked on my mom’s window. she rolled it down about half way being very cautious. He asked her to step out of the car. She replied with , ” No, you have to give me a reason and then I’ll come out sir. The police man said “well you were speeding, my mom replies with ” well sir if I’m doing anything is going under the limit cause I was going 50 when the limit is 60.”

My mom closed the window and drove away calling the police as she was speeding down the highway to get away from this man. Its not that what scares me, its the fact that if she got out of the car I wonder what was he going to do to her. 4 years later she tells me that when she was on the phone that she told them that this man didn’t have a badge or a name tag . My mom later told me that she saw a news story about this man going around and attempting to go and kidnap women. That’s what really freaked me out…. creepy police man lets not meet again.

The Man on The Road

It was 11;00 at nite and I was at my fend Trace’s house. I decided that I should head home before my dad got home. My dad liked salsas dancing and wold go dancing late into the nite he usually got home around [12:00]. Trace lived in a different neighborhood than me. His neighborhood was connected to mine buy a frontage rode that gave people existing the highway access to our neighborhoods and people from our neighborhoods asses to the highway. 

I began my walk. It was a nice nite and I enjoyed the walk. I was soon on the frontage rode it had a thick woods maybe 10 to 20 feet off the road and had a large hill 1/2 a mile down the rode. That made it to where you could only see cars from 1/2 a mile away. I was looking around win I saw a man on the other side of the highway. He appeared to be looking at me so I continued to stare at him. Win we were parallel to one another he made a mad dash across the highway. There where no cars driving down the frontage rodes but the highway had a few. One of which slammed on its horn nearly hitting him. he was unfazed and continued his sprint towards me.

Seeing this I began to run my self. after a couple of seconds of runing I looked back to see that he was indeed chasing me. My heart sank at this and my run turned into a made dash down the center of the road. Off in the distance I saw lights from a car and as it got closer I slowed standing in the rode and turned around to see my pursuer but no one was there. i sighed and stepped to the side of the road. I began to walk feeling stupid and telling my self I had made it up.

As I was walking I heard the shuffle of feet from behind . I turned around and saw the man. Only now he was less than 20 feet away and runing at me. I was instantly covered in a cold sweat and every time my heart beat it felt as though it was sending razors down my body. My feet where moving so quickly I could barely manage not to trip over them. win I turned into my neighborhood I yelled HELP HELP HELP ME as loud as I could and turned towards the entrance to my neighborhood. To my relief the man did not continue his pursuit into my neighborhood. I looked around and noticed that only one person came out to help me. I looked at him and waved then went home. At lest I got home before my dad did.