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The Hairless Monster

This has not happened to me- but to my father. He was a Veteran who went to Iraq. When he was there, he was a scout.

He and a buddy, lets just call his buddy Jim, where scouting together. When they were walking, something felt odd to them. They checked around then, but something felt odd. They then heard a snap of a twig breaking.

The Biker

So I Always Left For School At The Same Time 8:20 Am And Always Came Back From School At 3:25 PM And Always And I Mean ALWAYS! A Very Pale Old Man Riding A Black And Yellow Bike Wearing The Typical Biker Gear Would Ride Right Past My House As Soon As I Came Home.I Thought Nothing Of This Though It Was Kind Sort Of Strange That Everytime I Happened To Come Home He Would Be There Riding His Bike With That Blank Look On His Face Which Was Creepy But Again I Thought Nothing Of It Until One Day…

He Seemed To Stop In Front Of My House With A Flat Tire. Now Im What You Would Call An Introvert I Don’t Talk To People Unless It Necessary But He Seemed Troubled And I Was Having A Good Day.So I Ask Him “Do You Want Me To Ask My Mum If She Can Help With Your Flat Tire?”. I Know my mum knew nothing about bikes so this was a stupid question but anyway He Replied “…” Nothing He Said Nothing He Gave Me This Deathly Stare And Walked Of With His Bike.

A Certified Nursing Assistant’s creepy experience

About 4 years ago, I started working my first job as a certified nursing assistant at a nursing home in my small town of Rocky Mount, Virginia. I was very excited to start, especially since I loved taking care of people and because I was finally going to be making my own money. I usually worked 3pm-11pm, but on this night in particular, one other aide and I had to stay until 12:30 am because coincidently the two aides coming in behind us were going to be late, so she and I weren’t in a hurry to get our things done for the night.

A lot of spooky things would happen at night (I know because I used to get mandated a lot to work 11pm-7am due to being short staffed) like seeing shadows, call lights going off in rooms that were unoccupied or in rooms where someone just passed away in, and sometimes I could swear I’d hear whispering. On this night though, something terrifying happened to me that wasn’t paranormal.

Almost Kidnapped

These happened a couple days ago. It was saturday morning on summer break me and my beother usually go to my uncles shop to help him out and get some cash. This saturday i had woken up late i got ready and told my brother if he wanted to go on city bus or on the bikes we decided on the bike.

He noticed that his bike had a flat so he took his penny board and i went on my bike i was ahead of him he was behind by like 100 feet im guessing. So i stopped and waited for him told him to hurry up. I stop before crossing a street to get into houses and i saw a van and a red civic turn.

The Middle School Creeper

Let me start out by saying, I live in a very small town so stuff like this doesn’t happen very often, but when it does it scares you for life. When I was in the ninth grade, I and a group of my friends had a late night summer get together for the last month left of summer before school started again. The way the house we were at was set up was weird. The right side and the front of the house are actually the back yard, and the left side of the house was the drive way and the back of the house was where the road was. There was another house basically in their yard to the right. Also right across her yard, there is another house. since it was designed this way, the only way you would be able to tell exactly what was happening was if you walked over the windows and kind of move to the right so you can see the storage buildings (sheds). The music was in the storage rooms, there was a bonfire in the middle of the yard closer to the neighbor’s house than the house where we were partying and a park straight across from their road. Which is close to the house since it’s the second one on the road.

Anyways, since it was super cold every where but 2 inches from the fire, we decided to head in until we gained some body heat back. This was one of the main things we did at this party if I am going, to be honest. So, the hostess, we can call her Trinity and her best friend, (changing her name as well) Sandy, who lived a road away, yelled into the rambunctious kitchen letting us know they would be at the park.  We roasted marshmallows, laughed, ate hot dogs and enjoyed our time not really noticing that they were gone.

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