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My ex from gaming

So.. This may not be as creepy as direct encounters.. But it left me scarred and to this day I have trouble opening up to people and suffer from anxiety, which makes it difficult for me to be in a relationship because I’m scared that this will happen again.
When I were a kid, I didn’t have much luck socially.

I didn’t have that many friends and ended up playing games to entertain myself and improve my social skills, even if it was online. I started playing World of Warcraft, and I play to this day and I love the game and have had many great experiences and actually met a lot of my friends in the game. I would never blame the game for my experience. This can happen to anyone on the internet, game or no game.

Creep Gamer

First I’m going to change all names that partake in this story. I’ve tried to forget about these events but whatever I do I just can’t. The following events that happened to my brother, one of our friends and I back in 2014 and 2015. All of these events happened in December 2014 to February 2015

I would like to say most of the time all 3 of us got online on the PlayStation 3, we got on black ops and black ops 2 zombies.  At the time of the first events we were playing hardcore team death match or hardcore domination one of the two I cant remember. A player ended up joining by the name of Ben ( I don’t remember his psn name). My brother’s name is Jake and our friends name is Luke.

My Creepiest Gaming Experience

Hello I will be telling you my creepiest gaming story. Just like most people I have an X-box and play certain online games. I live in a really quiet suburban area so what I am about to tell you might be strange but trust me it’s 100% true.

This story starts with me playing some Call of Duty online. I was playing in the only room in my house that has a TV. As I started playing I invited my friends to the game and we played for about 30 minutes and everything was normal until somehow in the middle of our private game some stranger joined our game he had to  be like in his 30s and his gamer tag was something weird like paullll300 and he kept talking jibrish me and my friends started just texting because at that time we were talking hanging out and we didn’t want him to get our address.

I Knew a School Shooter

So let me start this off with a bit of context I am a student of Hug High School in Reno Nevada. I am a freshman and at this time have grown to know about what happens at this school.

The area I live in is very ghetto and race oriented, I am of German decent and am very light skinned. The people at my school are mostly colored and kids such as myself are seen… Differently. Now a lot of false things are being spread and I want you all to heed my every work of what happened whole heartily, this is from the perspective of a student, not of the media or the county. Now let me start from the beginning of the events.

Summer Camp Creeper

When I was twelve, I attended summer camp in Rehoboth. I would go there for about two weeks in July and most of the time, I was having a lot of fun with a good chunk of the activities, especially Archery. Despite this, there was one activity that I didn’t do very often. That activity was none other than cooking. It wasn’t because I was a bad cook or afraid of burning myself or anything. It was actually due to a more… unnerving reason. It all began during my first day of camp. I hadn’t been there in a long time so I was eager to try some of the activities that were open that day. One of these activities was cooking.

At this activity, there were two counselors. One was a younger female and the other an older male. I decided to go over to the female counselor since a couple of other kids told me to go there. We all sat around a counter as we learned to make s’mores. It was a rather easy thing to make so most of us, save for a couple of kids who accidentally dropped their marshmallows on the ground, didn’t have a lot of trouble making it. After that, I decided to come back a couple more times during the week since I enjoyed the activity. However, when I came back to the activity the second time in the week, the female counselor started giving me a lot more attention than usual and even started rubbing my shoulders. At this point, my blood ran cold and I stood there without moving an inch. She did this for about a few seconds until the older counselor called her out on it. She thankfully backed off and I breathed a sigh of relief.

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