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Apartment Horror Story

I was living in my first apartment away from my parents for the first time ever.  I was living with a friend from high school and her husband in a pretty nice apartment complex.  One night, while I was getting ready to go to the movies with my boyfriend, I noticed that my window was open, and there was some shouting coming from outside.  I didn’t think anything of it and continued getting ready, completely ignoring the shouting.  When I came out of my room, I noticed the apartment was fairly dark, so I went to find my roommates.  When I got to the living-room, I found that our patio door was open, and both my roommates were standing on the balcony.  One was on her phone while the other stared down at the courtyard and parking lot below.  He turned to me when I came out and asked what’s going on.

“There’s a few people out in the parking lot, fighting.”  I looked out and saw a small group of people standing out in the parking lot, yelling at each other.  I then looked over at my friend.

Creep on the Street

It was a cold Fall night in early November. I lived in a very rural area in Pennsylvania. I worked a steady job with very good pay, but the only problem was my job was over an hour away from where I lived. I was planning on moving closer to my job, but for almost a year, I was making this commute five days a week. My job is located in a medium sized city, but most of the drive is just the highway with trees on either side.

Usually I would leave work at 7:00 and would arrive home at around a little after 8:00. On this particular night, I had to stay late at work to finish up some papers. It was 8:00 by the time I got out of there and decided to grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant. When I finally made it to the highway, it was already 9:00. I turned on the radio and observed that the roads were extremely empty. A car passed once in a while, but the first 15 minutes of my ride went smoothly.

The Man Inside the Trees

Hello! The story am about to tell you happened to me less that 30min ago. I must remind that I don’t drink nor do drugs, so I was completely aware of everything. I would like to add an image, but it’s late night and I want to write it with every detail before I forget anything.

I live near a forest, in the past, it was used to plant coffee. There are many old storage buildings some kilometers away from where I live, and even if they are still in use, they are almost abandoned. Many homeless people go around there, so they must pass nearby, or walk through the forest. There are many people who say that many drug addicts go inside the woods at night, but again, I’ve never seen anything so I just never paid much attention.

Midnight service

This story took place when about a year ago, I’m 15 now and I’m not religious at all, nor was I back then.

About a year ago on Christmas Eve my father wanted to go to the midnight Christmas service at a church near our house. My father isn’t religious either but his new wife was and he thought it would be nice to do something with the family for Christmas. The church was a few blocks from our house and it was one of those buildings that look old and kind of creepy. It had that steeple at the top which looked like a death trap for potential falling objects.

Empty Bus

So, for context: this happened to me when I was 10 (A fairly young age) I lived in canada at the time (so it was a VERY cold morning) So, The bus is supposed to get to the stop @ 7:12 (According to the schedule) but this particular day it was nearly a blizzard atleast -40 with wind chill and It was 7:30-ish at the time, and I called my mom the convo goes like this

Me: “Mom, The bus isnt here yet how much longer?” Mom: “I’ll call the bus company” Me: “Alright”

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