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My Walmart Horror Story

When I was a junior in high school my friends and I were hanging out and smoking, nothing too productive, just chilling and watching those bad 80’s horror movies that were scary in the wrong way. We ran out of snackage, my boyfriend Jesse and I were volunteered by the whole group to go buy some more cookies and crackers.

We drove to the nearby Walmart, once we parked Jesse had to use the bathroom and then find something for us to drink. I went to find the cookie aisle. I walked past the frozen section, the whole store was very quiet except the pop music that eerily echoed through the otherwise quiet store. I got to the snack food aisle and there was a woman at the other end looking at the Nilla Wafers. She was a bleach blonde, though her hair looked unwashed it was greasy and knotted, she had lots of blue eye shadow and eyeliner her skin was leathery and tan, she wore a fur coat that seemed to swallow her whole,

He Followed Us

This is from a perspective of a female. Now please work with me for I was five years old when this event occurred, so my memory might not be fully accurate. Before moving, I used to live in the state of Alabama, up in Huntsville, and my mom and dad were pretty young while raising me, so my dad had to work a lot in order to provide for the family while my mom stayed at home to take care of me.

She remembers that we needed a few things from the grocery store, so she got me dressed and we headed to Walmart and began to do our little list hunting, prowling down few aisles, but suddenly, there was a gut tightening feeling in my mom, causing her to keep me very close to her.

Santa Tried to Pick Me Up in the Barbie Isle

When I was a kid (I think this happened in Walmart) I had just gotten my allowance and had begged my mom to take me shopping fully intending on getting some new doll I had seen on TV that I just HAD to have. I had gotten all dressed up to go out and away we went.

Right after we got inside I had set off to bee line for the toy isle, my mom let me know she’s be in the electronics area and to wait by the register if I couldn’t find her.

Post Office Stalker

I wished to submit my own true scary story for your Scary Strangers and Creepy Stalkers request.  I unfortunately have a terminal case of “nice” thanks to the way I was raised so I do sometimes give people more patience than they need.  I’m not one to make waves unless provoked.  This has sometimes been beneficial to me and a hindrance at other times.

Where I live is a very small town so everyone knows the latest news on everyone else.  I frequently see the same people when running my errands so avoiding someone can be very difficult.

Creeper In The Penthouse

Long time creeper, first time submitter.

I was at my first job fresh out of college after receiving my Administration Assistant diploma. I had been at my job for about a year or two when my bosses informed me that they had decided the admin staff needed to grow. My position was growing and more responsibilities were being added to my pile.

After a hefty set of people came in for interviews, I was introduced to the guy they decided to hire – let’s call him “James”. For the purpose of providing a visual description, he was a fairly short fellow who dressed like a stereotypical mob minion in any classic gangster movie.

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