My Strange police chase

Police are people we’re supposed to trust, but sometimes they don’t mean well. I will tell you my creepy police encounter.

My friend, my girlfriend, and myself were driving home from college. We decided to go to McDonald’s and eat quickly, so we went ordered our food and ate. As we were eating my girlfriend noticed two police men walk in. But they both looked dirty and they looked like they haven’t showered in ages.  They didn’t order and sat at the table in front of us. She told me and I just said “oh, they’re probably just here to make sure there’s no trouble.” And we continue eating. I got up to ask for sauce and when I get back they seemed to stop looking. I suddenly felt a chill running down my spine as I look up and see them staring.

When we were  about to open the door to leave, I turn back and see them staring, I quickly turn away and go inside the car. I told my girlfriend and our friend about it and they looked worried, my girlfriend said that while I went to go get sauce they kept staring. My blood runs cold and we turn on the car and leave. As I turn on the car, I see the police men leave the McDonalds and get inside their police car. I quickly get out of the parking lot and leave.

Since we still needed two hours to get home, we went to the gas stations to fill up. As I exit the car I see a police car pull up and of course, it’s the same police men from the McDonalds. My girlfiend and our friend notice and both get out in case something happens and I feel a bit better since they are both out with me. As we drive away I see the same police men driving behind us. At this point I’m beyond terrified and want to get home and be safe. So my friends tells me to speed up and try to lose them. I do just that and it worked. We dropped our friend off st his house and me and my girlfriend go to her house for the night. That was the last time I ever saw those police men again.

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My Fathers friend

This is a story from my dad’s friend. I’ll call him Dominic for the sake of his identity. This will be in his perspective.

I’m 42 year-old police officer of 5 years. It was 2000 when this happened. I was on patrol near the outskirts of my town. There is history of crack heads and meth addicts there, but this was different. I drove around in my cruiser and surveyed the area. That’s when I saw it.

I saw a girl about 15 years of age crying and bleeding profusely from her head.

I immediately got out and ran to her. She sobbed out words that I couldn’t comprehend. I called for an ambulance and sat her in the back of my cruiser and used my jacket to try to stop the bleeding. After the ambulance and detectives arrived and the girl calmed down, she told us something.

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The Serial Pee-er

I work at a small independent movie chain in Northern Virginia. Our selection mostly consists of Indie movies with a few mainstream movies sprinkled in here and there. In the 6 years I’ve been working there I’ve had to deal with my share of bad customers but the following story really takes the cake.

A few months back a customer came up to me with a question. I don’t remember the specifics but after I answered he told me about something that had happened the day before. It seems that in the bathroom a man had gotten into the urinal next to his son and peed his shoe. Naturally he was very upset by this , who wouldn’t be, so I sent him up to the manager.

Of course the managers were all dumbfounded, some even going as far as to suggest the man might have been making the story up. Never the less we decided to give him some free passes rather than risk losing a customer.

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My Sister’s Apartment

This is a true story that concerns both me and my sister:

My sister was accepted into medical school in St. Louis, MO in 2014. She moved into a very cheap apartment as it was all she could afford given the university’s high tuition fees and expenses. The buildings in the apartment complex were very old and run down. The complex itself was in a very unsafe part of the city and the surrounding area was very eerie and desolate. She told my parents that she felt uncomfortable in her apartment and would often feel as though she was being watched. My parents brushed her concerns off as nothing more than minor adjustment difficulties. After all, it was her first time living alone and being far away from home.

As months passed, my sister’s fears worsened and she told my parents that she was having trouble sleeping as strange noises from outside her window would wake her up in the middle of the night. She was too terrified to investigate these noises and instead kept her curtains closed and hid under the covers, until she was able to go back to sleep.

My parents became increasingly concerned for her well-being and they asked me to fly out to St. Louis to keep her company for a few days. Spring break had just begun and I had enough time to kill so I didn’t mind.

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My Scary True Drunk Story

My name is Matt and my friend also involved in this incident is named Matt as well. I’ll call him Matthew to avoid any confusion. Anyway, I go to a community college and Matthew goes to a local university. Matthew comes back to his house near where I live about every other weekend or so.

Due to these circumstances, there isn’t as many opportunities to go out and party so we just decided to hang out on that Saturday night instead. After driving around a bit we got to my house at around 7 P.M. I told him that we could get hammered once my mom left the house as she’s the only person that lives with me.

She left the house around an hour later to do her thing and we were going to do ours.

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The One Who Reaps

Growing up, my brother and i attended a prestigious private school in our country. My family was pretty well off my father was a prominent criminal lawyer & our mother was a physician. When i was sixteen my brother was in his final year of secondary school he was on the fast track for the Dux & had just been named Head Boy. Sometime in March my brother attended a party in which a girl from my year was attending from what i heard at the latter trials they hit it off and went up stairs to the host’s parent’s room. Around two weeks after the party the very same girl filed a police report & alledged to school officials that my brother had sexual assaulted her after she refused his sexual advances.

At the time our father was an up and coming figure in criminal law & the school was his main financial bneficiary. The girl was suspended for casting aspersions & my brother was arrested the same day. My brother was charged with sexual assault. During the trial my father defended my brother and my parents never left his side and remained firmly confident in his acquittal. I remember the malignant smirk my father and mother made everytime the girl’s family burst into tears and their legal team fell apart.

When my brother was finally aquited he turned and faced the girl and blew her a kiss. My mother and father were estatic about my brother’s exoneration and life returned to normal almost instantly my brother went off to university to study medicine & i returned to school every time the girl saw me she would just start crying, i would tell my mother about this and she would just joke that’s the price you pay for trying to ruin her child.

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I was followed home

When this happened I was a 20 year old. I am a female and at the time I was about 5 foot 3. I went to an university in southern US, it is almost always nice outside so I liked to walk by to the dorms with my girlfriend. My girlfriend has short hair and is very obviously a lesbian, me, on the other hand, had long brown hair that was dyed red at the ends. Basically, if you just looked at me you wouldn’t be able to tell that I was gay.

My girlfriend and I lived in the same building, so we walked to the dorms after class every day (we had the same major.) One day my girlfriend’s brother was in town and she was going to lunch with him that day. She asked me if I wanted to come with them, but I said no because we had an essay due in less than a week and I wanted to work on it.

The path that we walked is a dark, narrow and surrounded by thick woods. It was about 2 and half miles long if you were wondering. It is not the safest way to go, but it is the fastest. Where the university is located is a fairly safe area so we felt safe walking together, however this path isn’t on the college map so not many people go through it.

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Alone at my Grandparents House

This happened to me four years ago while I was still in college. I went to a mid size public university in Ohio and lived in the dorms for the first three years I attended. My parents lived about three hours away in Cleveland, and due to the money/schedule issues, I only went to visit them about three times a year. After my freshmen year I got a job as a lab aid for the main university computer lab. It was an easy job with okay pay at the time ($8 an hour), but required me to be available to work during the summer too. Summer was slow in the lab and I would usually only work two or three days a week, so living in the dorm didn’t make much economic sense. Luckily my grandparents only lived 30 minutes from campus in a rural area with 10-20 acre lots, and offered to let me stay with them for free.

The neighborhood they lived in was good, but not fancy. Their house was one story with a finished basement where my room was. It was a few hundred feet off the road and was only partially visible due to the landscape. This was normal for the neighborhood, and we couldn’t see any neighboring houses through the woods. I should note that my grandparents also had an RV and would be gone for weeks at a time (they were both retired), and liked having someone to watch the house.

This story takes place on a night when they were gone. Despite the relative isolation, I never really felt creeped out in the house. It was well lit and maintained, and the neighbors generally looked out for each other. One night I was on the first floor in the kitchen when I saw headlights creeping slowly down the street. It was odd, but I didn’t immediately freak out as it was difficult to find houses here and I just assumed they were lost. Again, because there wasn’t a totally clear view of the street, the truck disappeared behind the trees, and I forgot about it pretty quickly. I turned off the light and went back down to my room in the basement, where I was playing GTA and messaging people on facebook. The basement room had those sort of half windows that were probably a a foot high, and I left them cracked in the evening for ventilation. I was taken off guard when I heard the crunching of leaves and gravel coming from the cracked window. Now because I felt generally safe here, my first thought was that this was one of the neighbors coming to ask for something. I started getting worried when they started walking around the house, and I could hear them going through bushes, etc. The house had perimeter flood lights that we usually kept off, and I creeped upstairs toward the switch in the laundry room. I flip on the switch and look out the window to see one of the most meth tweaker looking guys I have ever seen freak out and start speedwalking back toward the street, while glancing back at the house with a menacing, angry look on his face. I don’t think he saw my face.

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We escaped

It was 2 years ago when I was 14 in 8th grade and my best friend Alan decided to invite me to see a new movie with him. We didn’t have any transportation to get to the theater and it was too far away, so we both suggested we get an uber for the first time. When the uber arrived, his car smelled like alcohol and like as if raw meat had been stored in there for days. He was polite, asked how we were doing and gave us that little pep talk to always stay focused in school. But he always had that drunk laugh.

He handed me and Alan a bag of goldfish since he said, “It’s gonna be a long ride.” Alan didn’t want none, so I teased him saying “haha more for me then!” Although I only had one single goldfish cracker and listened to music for the rest of the drive. The uber driver started to drive down a wrong path, while Alan said “hey excuse me, this is the wrong way.” The man looked at him quickly and kept driving, ignoring what he said.

Alan started to become furious and said “look I don’t know how irresponsible you are or how much of a dickhead you seem to be, but take us to the goddamn theater!” The man stepped on his breaks super fast, looked at the both of us and said “you guys aren’t going anywhere.” And he pulled out handkerchiefs and a small pocket knife. I was so scared and didn’t know what to do, I thought I was gonna die and wanted to escape. I screamed “ALAN GO!”

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My first firefighter call

I’m a volunteer fire rescue member in the state of Wisconsin. My first fire call was for a 2 vehicle MVC. I got into my vehicle and rushed to the scene.

When I got there, i was assigned the task of trying to find other passengers who were ejected. Little to my knowledge I went into the woods and I called out to see if anyone was there. All of a sudden I heard a Male voice and I saw a humanoid shape. I proceeded to go towards the figure when all of a sudden it disappeared.

When it disappears I brushed it off as being very tired. when I got back to the accident scene I saw the same figure except this time he was on the other side of the woods…. I made sure that I dont go to that road unless it is for an emergency. I still get the creeps to this day.