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The Creeper at the Drive Thru

I was 16 when I worked at Taco Bell. It was right next to my high school, an easy job, and fun because my friends would always come in to hang out when it wasn’t busy.

I’m a pretty girl; tall with niceĀ curves, green eyes, and dark red hair. I was used to guys hitting on me and I just brushed it off, I had a boyfriend at the time and I was, still am, extraordinarily loyal. I’d had a few weird guys hit on me, like one time a guy asked what tasted the best and I said it’s all pretty good, only for him to ask what I tasted like in response. I’m tough, with eight years of mixed martial arts experience and a few months of juvie due to former drug use, several suspensions for fighting, and one expulsion for violent tendencies under my belt. Nothing scares me, so stuff like that always made me laugh.

The Break-In

NOTICE: English is not my primary language, so I apologize for my bad grammar, but I wanted to really share this story as I am still shaken by the encounter.

For this story you will need a little background information: I am 6 foot tall, 16 years old, I live in a very small country named Latvia, probably some of you know it.

Valentine Stalker

This started when I was in middle school I was 12 at this time so having a valentine was every thing to me.I was a social kid and I liked this boy let’s call him Kenneth.And I thought he liked me back.

Every day of February after lunch there were little notes that someone put in my locker I thought it was weird because his locker was far from mine but as a day dreamer Ā I just thought Ā that he liked me that much that he would do that. The day before Valentines a kid that was very skinny and was wearing a black hood with a lion logo and this will be important later.He stood in front of me trying to blocking me.

Last Date

My last date didn’t turn out so well. Valentine’s day 2016 I had made plans to go out. For privacy I will change his name let’s call him Jacob. Jacob was very tall green eyes and much like me a single parent. I just got back to dating after I left my ex so I wasn’t expecting much but some how we hit it off. He seemed so nice. He had a profession that I knew I was scared of but what did that matter I mean I didn’t really call him my boyfriend or anything.

I guess I just realised that I wasn’t really liking him. I didn’t tell him this and I would tell him not to come over anymore. This is where it gets weird Jacob came over one last time so I could tell him I didn’t want to go back out with him.

Valentine Stalker

This story took place during a difficult time for my family. My Mother and father had just divorced and my Mom was trying to get on her feet as a newly single Mother of 2. My dad got into a bad accident and almost didn’t make it, so he couldn’t do much to help my mom physically or financialy. So my mom moved us to from New York to Pennsylvania. A new state, but not terribly far away. This way my mom was closer to her work. My little sister and I were having a hard time with so many new changes. Parents divorced, almost losing our father, living in a new state, and starting a new school.

We started getting a hang of things, and soon it became easier. I started making new friends, and all seemed like it was going okay. I noticed this guy that would always follow me around the school, and if I’m being honest, I didn’t mind.We’ll call him Greg. He was very attractive, and we started talking a little. Not too much, just the normal what’s your name kind of stuff. Soon I found myself having a small crush on him. Totally based off of looks, because again, we didn’t talk much and hardly knew each other. This is going to sound so stereotypical, but it’s true. When I came home from school I began feeling very watched. I didn’t know by what or who, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling. Then Greg would mention small things there would be no way of him knowing.

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