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Pedophile in BigW

Ok, so I live in Australia, so as such, most of you will not have a clue of what BigW is, basically BigW is like a more expensive Target, you can buy clothes, makeup, appliances, that sort of thing. My mother trusted me to wander off by myself to look at what I wanted to at this point I had just recently turned 14, so I had a phone in the event of any emergency,

I had been looking at binders, from my peripheral I noticed slight movement from the end of the aisle, I glared at the tall, lanky, irritated eyed male standing there, staring dead at me, as soon as my eyes met his, he began walking towards me, I moved a step away, innocently thinking that he wanted to look at binders too, he stopped about a foot away from me, he just stared down at me, I was reasonably tall, standing at about 5.7, however, he towered over me, about 6.1, “Can I help you?” I inquired, he shook his head, the sides of his mouth started turning up into a large unsettling teethy grin, showing his disgusting, yellow teeth,

The Masked Figure

My life has been full of paranormal experiences. Seeing ghosts and demonic figures were nothing new to me. I also had a demon following me around for the longest time. It became a part of me. A connection to the world of unknown. I never knew that becoming so close with a demon would put me in a position that would save one of my friends. Yet this was the first time that I had met another person that saw the things that I did. It was also the first time I had been possessed by an entity, besides my demon, that needed to delivery a message. A message that would rattle the worlds of all those involved.

I was 18 years old. Living in San Diego California. There’s a lot of Indian burial sites where I grew up. You got use to seeing the ghosts of the Indians with the beautiful head dresses. It is really a sight to see. I also saw a lot of dark figures and red glowing eyes. I married young I was still in high school and when I graduated we moved closer to his base in San Diego. His ex girlfriend, Lacie, was living in Laguna Beach at the time this all happened with her new fiance. We honestly got along so well and were able to hang out with each other all the time. She became a really good friend of mine. Lacie had told us that she had become pregnant and we couldn’t be happier for them.

There’s More Than Ghosts In Waverly

Anyone who lives in Louisville, Kentucky will be knowledgable are the old tuberculosis hospital where hundreds of unlucky people succumbed to the disease in the early 1900s. I’m talking about none other than Waverly Hills…

Everything about Waverly will send chills down your spine.. from the room where a nurse hung herself… to the body chute. Yes you heard me right… a body chute.

Worst Day at Work

This story took place in an old hospital I used to work in as a housekeeper. And though the job in itself wasn’t great, nor was my boss pleasant, the stories I have from that time are worth mentioning. Like all old hospitals, this one had its share of ghosts and maybe even a demon or two. Myself being a magnet for the paranormal, I’d come to be comfortable with about 4 ghosts that I would pass, and avoided the ER where the worst one was. But those are stories for another time. This one is when I decided that housekeeping wasn’t for me.

I was going about my rounds, pushing my cart and chatting with the patients on the rehab floor. As I’m sure everyone knows, there are certain codes that goes over the intercoms for different emergencies, Code Blue being a patient having a heart attack for example. Well, it was right before lunch when a code I rarely hear goes off, calling a Doctor to a certain floor. I remember looking at the card I had that showed me what the different codes were and I felt myself go numb. The Call for a doctor meant there was a shooter in the building. I don’t remember what floor the shooter was on, but I knew the drill and to just stay calm while the nurses closed the emergency doors.

Mall Stalker

Hello As you probably guessed I have to keep my name here anonymous as I really don’t want the people close to me knowing the second half of the “story” for lack of a better term. as of today August 1st 2017 I haven’t slept for 2 weeks for more then 10min. now before I get started reliving my horror I feel this is crucial for you to understand and live it as I did.

I am a 20 year old male weighing about 300lbs give or take. now I’m not pure fat and am pretty toned  but I’m no body builder by any means. all through school life I’ve been bullied about my weight, I used to be the little guy so I ate and ate until well you get the picture. after the  years I gained the reputation of the guy you didn’t want to fuk with. after being taught how to box by my dad and grandfather.

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