The Love House

Last week I was driving home with my fiancé and friend, We had just had dinner and we’re going around the mountain we take every night on our way home. It was a little after 12 AM.

My friend had never been inside of the so called love house. It was built in the 1700s and was abandoned on Spencer’s mountain and falling it.

Several stories have been told over the years with the house, that a girl named Sarah was brutally murdered there back in the 1700s. And that the mansion was built on top of a Indian burial ground. Whatever the case may be my friend wanted the experience.

So we parked my Dodge Challenger off in the distance hidden upwards on a hill so that no cars or anyone could see it. At this time no one passing would be able to spot the car, we walk about 3 minutes and make our way to the driveway of the abandoned love  house. Having to step over a chain with a old no trespassing sign on it we make it to the back and crawl through a small hole that’s been cut out in the back, as we get in the house is filled with pentagrams and other demonic type images on the walls. We didn’t seem to hear or experience anything while in it right away, as we made it upstairs I got this feeling that we should leave.

We three quietly made it back outside and went around the house and I saw in the distance a old truck with a spotlight on it shining upwards our way. Keep in mind this mountain is abandoned and it’s after 12 AM so likely no one would be passing by.

The truck heads this way and we all scatter and hide, I watch the individual shine his light at the house we were in, i try and get further out so I could get signal so I could call my girlfriends mother since she lived close.

I called her and told her what was going on, and that she should come down here armed just Incase. She stayed on the phone with me and made it, I told her where my car was and she pulled up beside it, out of nowhere the white truck came in behind her and she asked him for help because she couldn’t find us.

He just stared at her, no emotion. Would not speak or say a word..

She told me she was scared at this point, at this time she backs out and the guy starts chasing her, she calls the law and my phone dies.

I’m trying to run further through the woods and get a upper view of what’s going on, I suddenly hear footsteps and chanting. I stop and try to stay still and hidden hoping whoever these people are will pass.  One of them runs up on me out of nowhere, I had my knife in my hand and stuck him in the thigh and punched him in the face and started running.

I ran so much I felt sick, and was still surrounded. I noticed cops had arrived but I couldn’t come out because I was hiding from these people. The cops left without trying to find me, luckily my mother in law was able to grab my girlfriend and friend.

I seen a blue figure walking in the woods in the form of a woman.

I followed it and it went away after a minute of me following. In a miracle I was able to get my phone to turn back on, I called them and they told me I needed to get to my car now.

They went up the road to turn around and met another truck with a spotlight that started violently chasing and tailgating them. She led him away from me, I barely made it to my car as I ran across the parking lot in between the woods and the hill where my car was I spotted the original truck. He was sitting watching at the house, I made it to my car and backed out when another truck bright lighted me and tried to hit me.

I peeled out and took off, they didn’t seem to try and chase me at this point considering the type of car I was driving. The truck chasing my mother in law and girlfriend and friend, disappeared aswell. I’ve talked to people about this, not long ago a woman was coming around Spencer’s mountain late at night and came across a branch in the road. She got out to move it and they came in the trucks and from the woods to grab her.

Luckily two other cars came and they retreated. Looking back at them chanting at me in the woods, it almost seems like they wanted a sacrifice. I feel like these people were truly evil. They had no facial expression, no emotion. I haven’t been back around the mountain since.

Urban Exploration story

To start things off, I’m a local filmmaker in my area. I like to make short found footage horror films. It sounds dumb, but this is important info to know going into the story. I normally film at abandoned buildings because I love the atmosphere and the look of them but and one time a couple years ago, I stumbled upon something that made me almost stop exploring abandoned places altogether.

For context, I live in Pennsylvania and there’s a really popular abandoned location called The Ruins near Allentown. I really have no idea what it could have possibly been, but nowadays it’s a bunch of concrete buildings, tunnels, and walls, all decayed and crumbling. It’s actually a really beautiful place.

This place has a few different locations. I was exploring it with two other friends while location scouting for one of my films. I separated from them in an effort to try and get the feel of a character from the movie and find the most unnerving spot. They went toward the main buildings, and I walked more into the forest. On our way in I noticed a structure off the path that I never saw before. After walking through the overgrowth and bushes and shit to find it, I finally stumble upon this building with a huge hole through it. To get a sense of what I’m looking at, Imagine a concrete square, but with no front or back walls, so it’s got a roof and two side walls. Crumbling buildings are usually a common sight at The Ruins, but what really freaked me out is the fact that there were a bunch of small, dug up holes in the dirt on what should have been the floor to the building, almost as if they were little graves.

There had to be at least 8 small holes there and they all had markings, like little crosses or wooden symbols sticking out of the ground next to them. I have no idea what they were being used for, but I never saw anything like it. I was worried that whoever dug them was going to come back to bury what they intended on burying, so I left as soon as I realized what was going on. I met up with my friends and I didn’t mention what I saw to them. I don’t know if I was too scared by it or if I just didn’t want to freak them out. Still thinking about what I saw just makes me feel uncomfortable.

The funny thing is that I’ve gone back there countless times and I’ve never been able to find that building, or the “graves” again. Nothing that even looks remotely similar to it. I don’t know what I stumbled upon that day, and I really don’t know if I want to find out.

Creepy Security Check In God Knows Where

So this story takes place during my first year as an armed guard. I had many things happen that were out of the ordinary a lot to take in at first. I could only imagine what real cops go through after the shit I’ve seen and heard. Drunk, homeless, violent, or just some straight up wackos. In my first year I figured going from unarmed to armed gave me a nice pay raise so I loved working overtime. I would take as much as I could handle which took me away from home all the time which pissed of my wife to no end.

All that overtime unfortunately is what let to the majority of my odd experiences. I used to hear and see shit all the time, even got threatened to be stabbed by a hobo but once I got out my baton he left the property. So my incident happened around the holiday and there was mad overtime all over the place. One week I even clocked in at 90 hours which made for one fucking sweet paycheck.

So one day I worked a twelve hour shift and I was being relieved I was so happy to be out . Well that was short lived cause on the drive home I got a call from my boss. Not like it was mandatory but I am literally the only guard in the company that lived for O.T. So the call went something like. “There’s a building that our contractor is ditching but they still got stuff there and somebody broke in and the alarm is going so I need you to go disarm the alarm and sweep the building to check for further damage or people.”

I almost refused cause it was quite a distance away but I was getting double time and they were paying me for the trip as well so I agreed. This place was so far away that it was at this rural easy to get lost wrong fucking turn shit hole. I made one wrong turn abandoned farm then another farm with people until. Tada!! right turn so I check out the place and there is loud alarm going on and the door wasn’t even broken into it was wide open and tied up with some rope.

I cut the rope locked the door behind me and made my first bit of the round leading to the alarm panel. Normally I am usually paranoid but now I was just annoyed so I tried to hurry. I cut the off the alarm and walk further in parts of the building were pitch black and I had to use my flashlight. So as I am making one turn I hear a door open and slam followed by the alarm blaring because someone opened the emergency door. I was about to nope the fuck out of there when I was like they probably left. I made the rest of the round hearing whispers and footsteps around every corner. I figured I was paranoid and everything was cool so I made the last turn to the alarm panel on the ground I noticed dirt but it was in the shape of footprints. It led outside the main entrance and the door was wide open. I locked it and left it scared me to think I could have been  ambushed at any second days later the rest of the stuff was gone the contractor vacated the property and I never had to go back thank goodness for that.



Someone in my Backyard

My name is Christian and 2 years ago I moved from my small suburban home into a rural subdivision on a lake.

There are only 4,000 people in my town s not many eventful things happen. Since I was going to a different school I lost contact with most of my friends except for Nick and Nolan.

I had them over almost every weekend and we always liked to go on massive ding dong ditching raids in our neighborhood.

One night we all got high and decided to go ding dong ditch this middle aged man who has a very unkept yard with very long grass.  It was around 1 am in the morning when we rang his doorbell.  Since Nolan is a jackass he rung his doorbell at least 10 times and each time this old man came out and started screaming until eventually he didn’t come out anymore.

We decided to head home and this is where shit started to get weird.  On are way back we lost track of Nolan as he still wanted to hit a few more houses.

That is when Nick told me he felt as though we where being watched and sure enough I looked behind us and I could see a car with its headlights off following us from a distance.

I told Nick to run like hell and we started cutting through all the neighbors yards until we finally reached my house.  When we got in we pulled all the drapes shut and I started to freak out because Nolan was still out there ding dong ditching.  I called him and he picked up saying that he was almost to our house.

I told him what had just happened and he got to my house 5 minutes after that.

We all started where in panic mode and we decide to call it a night and go to bed.  When we where drifting asleep I heard a loud bang from outside the type of noise of something striking metal.

I dismissed it at first and started to drift asleep.  I was woken up suddenly by Nick who said that he saw movement in my backyard.  I looked outside and in the distance I could see a outline of a person.

I grabbed the phone and dialed 911 as fast as I could.  When the cops came they found the person in my backyard and they found a miniature  handgun in his pocket.

After these events happened I have recently moved again and I have lost contact with Nick and Nolan But I still wonder what could have happened if I didn’t call the police.

Stranger in the Woods

Last summer, I had my first kiss. It was with Luke, my older brother’s friend. Luke was an okay guy, he was kind of a pushover, but he made me laugh and seemed to enjoy my company.

My brother, Alex, had an attitude problem, most teenagers did. I was a crybaby when I was little and he was insensitive, so we didn’t get along too well. Over the years, he’s mellowed out and my skin had thickened, but our relationship always felt like we were standing on thin ice. I’ve always wanted to have a more positive relationship with him.

I didn’t tell anyone about the kiss. It was meaningful to me and I didn’t want the local kids to know. I kept quiet, and so did Luke. He didn’t seem to care all that much about the kiss.

My twin sister, Grace, somehow found out about it, and was furious to know that Luke was acting as if he didn’t care at all. I told her I was fine with it, even though I was a little bummed out. And with some convincing, she calmed down. Her anger towards Luke lessened, but didn’t completely disappear.

We lived in Florida, and people associate that with hot, sticky, and humid. In some parts, they’d be correct, but the part I lived in would get casual breezes during the summer. It was just cool enough where you could actually go outside and not immediately die of heatstroke.

There weren’t a lot of trees where I lived, there would be a cluster of palm trees at the most. Sitting in the shade was almost nearly impossible. However, there was this giant lake that was located down the road from my neighborhood. There wasn’t enough trees to call it a wooded area, but it was relaxing to walk through.

A high school girl’s parents owned the area. So, while her parents were away on a business trip, the girl, Caroline, threw a party. I was surprised her parents left alone for the week, most parents didn’t do that around here. Maybe they didn’t care, or maybe they told their neighbor to check up on her from time to time. I didn’t know. All I knew was that I really wanted to go because Luke would be there. I knew it’d probably be seen as a little desperate, but my sister wanted to go as well so if the plan backfired I could always spend the night with her.

Alex was automatically invited, and let us come after we pestered him for hours. Caroline’s parents had a lake house, and was it was huge compared to our home. The lake itself was murky and dark. Of course, this was a high school party, so there were drunken kids already taking off their clothes to go swim in the dirty water.

Grace was excited to be there, she seemed to think that tonight was going to change her life forever. I just rolled her eyes at her overly-dramatic attitude and went searching for Luke. She seemed to already know who I was looking for when we first walked through the door. She had just clicked her tongue, then said gently but sternly, “Be careful.”

I quickly smiled at her before darting my way through the surprisingly small crowd of teenagers. Everybody was likely outside, getting drunk off their asses. I looked around the room, not letting anything distract me. When I saw him I tried to get his attention by waving, but then I noticed that Caroline and him were chatting. The conservation looked… heated.

I watched the pair for a whole two minutes, Caroline getting more and more handsy with him. His wide eyes landed on me, and our gazes locked very briefly before I turned around and quickly made my way towards the entrance.

“Hailey!” I heard him yell over the loud music, but I just shook my head in denial and walked faster.

When I saw an opening in the crowd, I ran down the front porch steps. I had been so happy to have Luke see me in my new dress, what a waste of $25!

“Hailey, wait up!” Luke called from behind me. “Please let me explain!” I didn’t listen though, I just kept running.

I was determined not to cry, at any means. I went out behind the lake house and let the empty trees keep me company. My flats were dirty from the damp dirt, so I took them off and threw them at the ground in frustration. I was also irritated by the sweat that had build up in the Floridian heat.

It was strangely quiet, I didn’t hear anything in the trees or bushes, just kids hollering near the lake. It was relaxing. I inhaled deeply, wanting to calm myself down. I went over to collect my shoes, which I had thrown further out into the trees. I wanted to hide behind one until the party was over and my brother came looking for me.

I heard footsteps behind me and I already knew who it was. “Just go away Luke. I don’t want to talk to you right now.” I felt Luke’s hairy arms wrap around me. That was a thing I usually joked about with him, about how he never saved his arms and legs, but everywhere else. I almost smiled, but the wet trails on my cheeks weren’t from happiness. “Just go back to Caroline.” The way I said it sounded kind of bratty but I didn’t really care at the moment.

A familiar, yet distant voice yelled, “Hailey? I’m sorry, okay! I fucked up! Where are you?”

I froze. My stomach dropped and my blood when cold. The guy behind me wasn’t Luke. I tried to break free from his arms, but his hold tightened. I smacked him upside the head with my shoes, but I was at a weird angle and it just annoyed him. A callused, sweaty hand covered my mouth before I could say anything. I felt a certain appendage press hard into my back. My heart was pounding as hot liquid leaked from my eyes.

I kicked at his hairy legs and clawed at the arms that held me. Red, angry trails were left behind, but he held on tight. I threw my head back at his face, hoping my skull would hurt him. The hand that covered my mouth loosened a fraction, but it was enough. I bit down as hard as I could, until I tasted blood on my tongue. The man let go of me for a split second, but by the time he realized I was free, I was already screaming bloody murder.

What happened next wasn’t that eventful. I found Alex and yelled at him to take me home or else I would tell mom and dad about the party. He glared at me, but I didn’t fucking care. I was crying and hyperventilating and I just wanted to go home. Grace was no where in sight, so my brother reluctantly went to go find her.

Luke found me, asking me what the hell happened when he saw that I was crying. I shook my head at him and sobbed. He offered to take me home and I agreed, not wanting to be at this damn lake house for any longer. He sent Alex a quick text, then led me to his car.

The car ride was silent, he didn’t ask about anything and I didn’t offer. Luke didn’t even finish parking before I got out of the car and ran towards my front door. I had a spare key attached to my necklace, and relocked the door once I was safe inside.

I don’t go out to parties anymore, not even the ones that are within my neighborhood and are indoors. I never told my parents or Alex about the man. I told Grace after five months of me getting terrified by everything. No one else noticed my jumpy behavior, that’s due to the fact that I spend all of my time locked inside my room now. I don’t like to talk about it. Grace said talking would help, but all it does is make me more scared to go back outside.