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Security Job

I work in cleaning services and i do security up in the hills of Los Angeles in an old christian church , i work graveyard hours , with that said i will start off by adding that this school is specifically in a remote area in the hills of turnbull canyon which is already infamous for its paranormal happenings .

This happened to me around Christmas of 2015 , i was 25 years old and had just started working for this company , any one who works security graveyard shifts knows its fun maybe boring but it’s spooky when you watch stories like in darkness prevails and can possibly be the victim of some lunatic or some paranormal stuff.

Crazy Aunt Agatha’s Closet

Let me begin the story with a little history, and mind you everything I’m detailing today is one hundred percent true.

My Great Grandmother came to America from Cornwall, a city on the very southern tip of England in the early 1910s, and settled in Rural Arkansas. This where she finished out her teen years and married her husband, a semi wealthy proprietor of a local brewery. It’s not in existence now, but back then everyone knew of Clack’s Brew from Camden Arkansas.

Terror from TF2

Over the summer I played alot of video games but my experience happened on a game called “Team Fortress 2”

So one afternoon I was on Team Fortress 2 when I got a message saying that a user sent me a friend request. Curiously, I accepted it. I asked if he needed help or wanted something. The user quickly responded back saying “you know what I’m here for”. I told him that I didn’t even know him. A few minutes later he sent me a trade request. I wasn’t surprised because I am an experienced player with a few valuable items. He told me in the trade chat to “cough up”. I thought to myself, “This is getting weird”. So I turned off my PC to take a break.

My Game Stalker

It’s always easy to trust people easily on the internet, as was the case with me.  As such, sometimes you give out too much, even accidentally.  Even people who know the dangers of the internet, such as myself are pulled in, and events like this happens. I mainly write this as a warning to others. Please, don’t be like me.

Anyway, a little backstory before I tell the story. I live in the Portland-Metro area of Oregon, and am a transgender sixteen year old, having gone under HRT and some surgeries. I’m expensive, I know. Back on track, however, I play a game called osu!. All you really do is just click circles to music (mainly Japanese), but it’s quite addicting. In this game, there is a chat feature to let you talk to other people.

My ex from gaming

So.. This may not be as creepy as direct encounters.. But it left me scarred and to this day I have trouble opening up to people and suffer from anxiety, which makes it difficult for me to be in a relationship because I’m scared that this will happen again.
When I were a kid, I didn’t have much luck socially.

I didn’t have that many friends and ended up playing games to entertain myself and improve my social skills, even if it was online. I started playing World of Warcraft, and I play to this day and I love the game and have had many great experiences and actually met a lot of my friends in the game. I would never blame the game for my experience. This can happen to anyone on the internet, game or no game.

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