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Figure at the Window

By CT14

My husband, our son (who was three at the time) and I had just moved into a new 2 bed 2 bathroom apartment in a quiet neighborhood hidden behind a housing track. Both rooms have only one large window and one sliding glass door in the living room. We share a common wall around the entire apartment excellent for one bedroom. The housing track we live behind ranges from 800k-million dollar price range per home, I am not sure how to add that into the story but I feel it’s significant since the area is a low crime rate area.

This was November 2015 and we hadn’t even lived in the new place for a month when the incident happened. Since it was a new place our son slept in our bedroom in his toddler bed which was directly next to mine and my husbands bed. It was raining that night but I still left the window slightly open to get fresh air in and I also like it to be cold in the room when I sleep.

Please, Just Leave Me ALONE!

By A Broken Someone

Some people really don’t understand the gravity of my story and how it has affected me! I will be changing all the names of the people involved just for identity protection and also because we are all still under aged

My story begins in 4th grade! I live in Indiana, basically a state where nothing huge happens so it took me by surprise when this happened to me! It was about 5 years ago! I was a little 4th grader and on the first day of school we only had 1 new student who hadn’t attended the school the last year in my class we will called him Jake, Jake was basically the average kid when I saw him and when my teacher did the introductions he kinda had the same personality as me!

Creepy Clowns

By Themorrisonator

This only happened a couple weeks ago. A little back round about me I’m 16 years old girl and I look older than I am and I walk to school every morning. On this day it was dark outside it was around 6:00 am and I started my walk. The week before the story of the killer clowns came to my town but I brushed it off thinking if a clown messed with me I could take them on.

I was walking to school and I was getting ready to walk user the underpass when a train went by so I waited because I was this fear that the underpass will collapse when I’m under it.

The Grateful Stalker

By Eesha

I had closed my facebook account because of all of the creeps there and moved on to Google plus which I thought had less people and was mainly the place for us Anime, kpop, kdrama and jdrama, etc, loving people. Just like any other person I wanted to gain followers but I was always very picky about who I added. Like if the person followed more people then the amount the followed them I wouldn’t add back. I thought I was being pretty safe and I took every measure to make sure I didn’t have any information that could be used against me online. Also as a hobby I would talk people out of depression and suicide, and that was pretty safe too.

One day this guy added me who had a quite weird profile picture. His account name was “PinkyPie” which was very weird and his profile was full of bloody and gory pictures of ponies and most of his posts were about suicide. And as I thought then the right thing to do was to message the poor guy and try and talk him out of it, you know, there was no harm in that.

Hit and Run

By Hailey S.

This happened to me around 2014. I had gotten home late from a night of trick or treating with one of my neighborhood friends. I was sitting on the couch watching TV as my mom and brother were saying goodbye to my uncle, who came over to pop out of the leaves in our yard to scare people who visited our house. As my uncle was leaving, I heard a loud crash. I paused the TV and ran outside to see what happened.

From what I could see, there were people across the street running and screaming. I also saw someone lying down near a street light, but I couldn’t really identify who it was. As I looked around, a cold burn flowed through my body and I felt my heart beating quickly. All of a sudden, my mom yelled and shoved me back into the house.

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