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Scary stalker

It all started with a a party at my friend’s house we were having such a great time it was my friends birthday and he didn’t care who he invited to his party he’s known for being the best party organizer

Now although I love to party i never drink alcohol or do drugs so my friends always count on me to drive them home after having too much to drink

It was Just a Night Out

I’m going to give a few details about this story, for starters, it’s not my own. This story came from my eldest sister (I’ll call her Chloe for this) she told me she was 16 at the time and she lived in a bungalow with my father. Me, my brother and my mother had moved away to another part of the county at this point which put much stress on her.

Chloe had always been a party child and without my Mothers influence and guidance, she went off the rails. She went out partying (mostly drinking) in woods and illegal properties like abandoned houses and other buildings… Well, that was until these events took place, and since then, she only goes out to local pubs and social clubs with her boyfriend and her close friends.

The Virgin Island Stalker

My name is “Steven” This is my story: It all started 3 years ago. I was on Miiverse on my Wii U. I was, and still am, a huge fan of Mario Kart 8. One day, I posted something on Miiverse about Mario Kart 8, and someone named MercadeDelight23 commented on my post. He asked “Why do you love that shit game?” I gave my opinion on why I liked it, and he blocked me on Miiverse.

He ended up finding me on YouTube, and on Twitter. He has been stalking me ever since. It all started out with him disliking my videos, and then it got worse. He would comment on my videos with horrendous comments.

My Elementary Creeper

(This is told from a male perspective)Hi, my name is Lucas. I live in a town in Pennsylvania, and I am 10 at this time. I used to go to an elementary school, no name for privacy reasons. I had a plethora of friends at that age, not many lived near me though. My friend Jason was the only one who walked home with me, because he lives down the street from me. At this time, my friend Jason had gotten sick with a cold, so he was not at school, so I was walking home alone. Thinking about going home alone during “Reading Time” got me really nervous already, but what I didn’t know is that this will turn into a living nightmare.

I was walking home that day, it is about a 13 and a half minute walk, so a little bit of a tire, but no problem for me, since I have been doing this for some time now. I was walking home on a street that I have not taken before, because I thought it was easier to take this route than the usual, so I did. When I was walking back to the original route, I was interrupted by a voice, a voice of a very old man. “Hey, kid, want a ride home?” I was weirded out, so I turned around and found a man in an old blue car (sorry not good with cars) waving at me. He pulled up next to me, with a creepy smile on his face. I said no and kept walking. I just turned onto one of the streets on my route and started running, not sprinting, just speed-walking. He said, “Kid, don’t run from strangers, its not polite,” I started crying, knowing stranger danger and everything this man wanted with me. “Oh, don’t cry, I’m just trying to make friends, good friends.” He said, in a very slow, pedophilic way. I started sprinting. When I was running, I remembered something key to help me.

My Airport Stalker

Now this story has scared me for life and not a day goes by without me thinking about it so you guys are in for a treat.

Now at the time i was 10 and started getting into scary true stories like this one and was very cautious of my surondings but not this day. It was summer and i was going to go visit my aunt in Florida with a couple of my friends. The plane took off at 11:30pm and thats when everything went down… so what happened is that it was 11:00pm just half an hour to go, my friends were just goofing around but there was this one guy who just stared at us the entire time we waited for our plane(descriptions: about 6ft 5in, dirty clothes and long beard).

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