Creepy Pedophile On Snapchat

I’m 13 years old and this story was about a year ago. Let’s get to the story.

I started using this app called Snapchat. If you don’t know what it is, it’s an app that lets you send pictures/videos and also lets you send texts to your friends!

At first sight it doesn’t seem creepy or weird.

But when you get the experience of what i am about to tell you, you will see how much creepy people there are in this world…

Anyway! I was just talking to my friends group on Snapchat. When suddenly i got a friend request from someone with a name that wasn’t even a real name of some sort. It was like someone had just spammed all the buttons on his or her keyboard. It’s name was: ghsognsug

I seemed off but i didn’t think too much of it since my childish mind didn’t think of any weird things or things that didn’t seem right since at the age of 12 you don’t think much about the decisions you are going to make.

So i added the unknown person and he immediately sent me a message saying: Hello cutie <3

I thought some girl my age was trying to get a boyfriend so i thought that i pulled.

I responded with a picture of my with subtitles saying: You think i’m cute?

She immediately opened my picture and sent me a picture of teddy bear with a heart in its arms with subtitles saying: Yes you are cute! Do you want to meet me somewhere?

I sent another picture of me with subtitles saying: Sure! Where do you live?

She responded in a message with: How about you tell me where you live so i can meet you 😉

I didn’t send my address to what i suppose it was a girl.

I checked the time on my phone and it said 00:00 so 12 am in the morning.

I told the girl i had to go to bed and she said: Goodnight dear <3 <3 <3.

I suddenly woke up at 3 am with a notification on my phone saying: ghsognsug has sent you a message.

I opened it and i saw a picture of a road. I didn’t recognize what road it was until she sent me another picture of the same road but cleared. And that’s when i saw it…

It was a picture of … My road and it had subtitles saying: Is this where you live my baby?

She sent me another picture halfway through my block saying: I’m almost there sweet cheeks!

She sent me another picture 5 minutes later.

It was a picture

Of my house…

The picture had a text with it again and it said: Look outside! I won’t hurt you!

I looked outside and saw a man. A tall old man. His face… It looked so demented it looked unreal to me.

I shut the blinds and ran to my parent’s room when i remembered something…

My parents were gone eating somewhere…

I called the cops on my phone looking at the blinds but the guy wasn’t there at all!

When soon my heart dropped to the sound of a knock on my front door.

I told the cops my address and they said they would come as soon as possible.

At that part i didn’t hear anything anymore so i shut the blinds and waited for the cops.

My room is also on the first floor so anyone could knock on it.

And then… A knock came at my bedroom window… I didn’t open the blinds, but the knocking never stopped.

I opened the blinds with anger, but there was nothing there…

I shut the blinds again and waited for the cops to come.

And then i heard like it was someone fiddling with the backdoor.

The backdoor opened somehow and i heard footsteps coming up from the basement…

When the creepy man came up from the basement he said my name with a small chuckle “ooh Gilliaaaan” he said and then when i imagined i would get either kidnapped or raped i finally heard the police sirens!

The guy ran out of the basement door and out the backdoor running into the woods that was close to our house.

The cops arrived and i told them everything, but the guy was never found and he still remains free. Free to get another victim. Free to do whatever he wants.

I later noticed that i had my snapchat map open which with that friends can see where you are so that’s how he found me…

But never never! Accept a friend request from someone you don’t know.

And keep snapchat locations off!



Grinning Men

First of all I’m a 26 year old girl and I live in Germany. By the time the story happend I was around 11 or 12 but it still send chills through my back. I live in a city that is quiet… Well let’s say not safe. But I was used to it and our apartment is at a safe and nice place. Right in front of my apartment is a forest where I loved to play with my friends. For Sure my mother only let us play at her eyesight.

So me and  two of my friends let’s call them Dome and Alex start to play hide and seek.

Dome start to count down and Alex ran into the direction of the Streit,  I ran around a corner to the forest and there he was… A tall pale men he was pretty skinny with long silver hair. His clothes looked like coming straight from an old noir movie, a dirty coat and hat. He had bright green eyes with this crazy look in it. He started to grin…

Such an evil grin which showed his disgusting yellow theeth. I hold my view at him not moving it felt like a eternity. Then he said with a deep spine-chilling voice “Come with me Sabrina” he hold his hand in my direction as if I would take it. He never stopped grinning and I felt like I would cry every minute now. How to the seven hells did he know my name? What did he wanted from me?

Suddenly I heared my friends behind me. Alex called me “Fast over here Sabrina!” I turned around and was so happy to see my friends we ran back into my apartment and I told my mother about this strange men. She walked out to look after him but she told us later there were no one. So we let it drop and tried to forget it with playing inside some games and it worked mostly.

My friends slept over at my place and as we woke up at the next morning I still had this grin burned into my mind so I asked my friends what they thought the men was interested in, they just looked at me and asked me which men I talked about there was no way they could already have forgot the men it was only  one day after the incident.

I decided to play along and we started to talk about other topics. Days, weeks and years goes by and till today I ask myself who he was and what did he wanted from me or how the fuck did he know my name and how the hell didn’t my friends remember him after this day? I guess I will never know the answer and to be true I never will see him again.

But his grin will always stay with me in my nightmares. So stranger let’s never meet again!

Almost Dying in the Forest

Before I start, some back ground knowledge. I’m very allergic to tree nuts, all kinds. Some I’m more allergic to than others. I didn’t know this at the time this story takes place. That being said, here’s the story.

My friends and I got together and decide we should go hiking. I wasn’t too much of a fan of hiking but I said sure just because I thought it would be fun. We gather up all of our stuff and head out. The first couple of hours on the trial go just fine. That is, until we have to cross this giant river.

Me being not too strong, I fell in the river and my friends had to come in and get me. After that event, we decided that this trial was a little too difficult especially for some of us so we decide to find the closes route back to our cars.

After finding the correct route, we start down that trial and go down there for at least an hour or two. I’m kinda week from the event of earlier but I’m keeping up just fine. I’m a little hungry and I ask my friend to hand me a snack. She hands me some trial mix to snack on. I pour some into my hand and pop it into my mouth. Little that I knew, that was probably the worst decision I have ever made in my life. About five minutes later, I start to feel nauseated and I fall to my hands and knees.

All five of my friends run over to me to check to make sure I’m okay. I tell them I need to go to the bath room so they hand me some toilet paper. I get back onto my feet and I walk towards a tree but then fall back down, this time completely. My life flashes before my eyes as I  throw up twice I lay on my side twitching feeling like there was a war going on inside of me.

My friends pull off my shirt to see that I’m read all over from my neck to my stomach. One of my friends goes to call 9/11, however this takes a little bit due to us being in the forest.

At this point, time completely left me. Apparently, two whole hours had past before paramedics arrive. When time comes back to me, I heard one of my friends say “it’s only been two hours for y’all to show up!” and I thought to myself “had two hours really pass? It’s only felt like five minutes”.

The paramedics get me out of there and to the hospital. hey had to life flight me out of there because the nearest hospital was three hours away. Eventually my father and cousins show up to keep me company before scans are preformed on me. Nothing was damaged on the inside and nothing was broken.

Once I’m checked out of the hospital, I have an allergy test done of me and it turns out I’m allergic to tree nuts.

What’s weird is that two hours had left me. Now keep in mind during these two hours according to my friends I was responsive. They were asking me questions and I answered all of them, yet I wasn’t aware of it at all. Two hours of my life left me.

What’s also weird is that I sworn I saw my life flash before my eyes before I fell to the ground, so I thought I was going to die at that moment. But here I am today telling this tale. I wonder to this day if anything happened during those two hours that left me, anything important that is.

Probably just my friends freaking out over seeing me on the ground helpless. It’s still weird how that happened however.


hi my name is Tom,

I hate Valentine’s Day,

my girlfriend loved it, she always tried to convince me it was the best holiday of the year, I firmly disagreed.

I was finishing up working at my new job, as i was clocking out,

my girlfriend text me, Now this was odd, we usually had a ritual it was basic but after work, I would go to her house where she would have the food and the movie ready.

Being one of those weird couples, you know the couples who do everything together.

so anyways going off topic she texted me,

(Come home I need you here).

I then texted her back asking if everything is ok,

No reply, I quickly jumped into my car.

Worried, I noticed I was Driving well over the speed limit.

Then I hear the texting alert from my phone, she had texted me again she said in caps lock letters, (please help me) I gripped my phone tighter and I drove as fast as I could.

A couple minutes later I get another text and they became consistent they all say (help me).

I called 911, They dispatched a Patrol unit to the location of my girlfriends house, I kept driving I knew I would’ve made it way sooner than the cops.

So, I arrive at my girlfriends house, I ran upstairs, what I saw confused me, laying there under the blankets on her bed she looked like she was sleeping, I steadlily and quietly made my way over to the side of her bed where she was laying down.

I see a note placed neatly on the night stand with what seemed to be a small box of chocolates which most were missing.

I opened the note, It read happy Valentine’s Day hun I hope you like the chocolates I hated chocolates, why would she buy me chocolate.

I shrugged it off as unusual but whatever, I carefully yet nervously removed the blanket from her body as I do so I see my girlfriend she is blue in the face, I realized at this point I knew she must have choked on a piece of chocolate.

Like whispers in the wind I can hear sirens, yes sirens there coming, I quickly picked up my girlfriend and tried to start cpr, she wasn’t breathing I was praying the medics can revive her.

later that day my girlfriend did survive, the only thing I have to say is,

i hate Valentine’s Day….,


My valentine’s horror story

So before I tell you my creepy encounter I have to tell you a bit about myself I am female with blonde hair and blue eyes.

My encounter happened on valentine’s Day 2016. I was getting ready for a day out with my boyfriend.

I had to meet him at the park. So at 2:30pm I left the house to go to the park, it takes 15 minute walk. Half way to the park there was a group of teenagers staring at me. I thought nothing of it at first until I realised that every turn I would take they would take they would follow. I was 5 minutes away from the park so I was thinking to run so I did.I heard a bunch of foot steps behind me. I ran so fast I saw the park a sense of relief spread over my face at that moment I tripped I thought this was it i was done for.

They grabbed me and started to drag me. 2 men came shouting.

They dropped me and ran away. I was crying at this point.I saw my boyfriend coming over to me it was over. When going out by yourself you always bring someone with you.