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Let me start with a little backstory. I’m a fourteen, almost fifteen year old girl. I look quite a bit older than my age. Most people assume I’m 18 or 19. I’m in my last year of high school and I’m already taking classes in college for medical school.

I’m from an incredibly wealthy family. My parents own an incredibly successful company and both sets of my grandparents are old money. My parents are always gone on business trips. I’ll see them three times a month if I’m lucky. I do sports, website design, coding, and I help my aunt out with her bookstore and coffee shop in the afternoons, so I’m quite busy most of the time.

Creep with Camera Followed Us Home

To give some context; I am a female and when I was 15, I went to a school which would use the city bus as transportation for those in high school. I would walk home with one of my friends and this particular time she was coming home with me. It was quite a bit darker since it was wintertime when we were walking home, so we were extra cautious. Usually, on these specific buses, those who weren’t students or teachers would not be allowed on the bus. This time, though at one of the stops someone stepped on.

Usually, on these specific buses, those who weren’t students or teachers would not be allowed on the bus. This time, though at one of the stops someone stepped on. The man who stepped on was poorly dressed and at first, the bus driver attempted to get him off. When he did, the man got angry and threatened the bus driver, before calming down and pulling out a massive wad of money. I was surprised at how much money he had, as it his appearance didn’t look well kept. In addition to that, I was surprised at the fact that he had a camera hanging around his neck.


I’m not really you’re typical girl.

I have no in real life friends, I’m shy and very quiet all together. Your typical loner. So my only source of actually talking to someone is through social media. Lame right?

Anyways this incident of mine happened two years ago when I was 16. I was on this dating app called “meetme” which I was very spectacle of it since I’ve had bad experiences in the past. But I decided why not? I can make friends for once that live close or so I thought….

Scuba Diving Death

I am a 16 year old girl called lennox from Virginia who is a scuba diver. I am sorry in advance if something is poorly written i am dyslexic so i have problems with grammar and spelling. My story takes place at a small quarry that has been filled with water. I was there for my final scuba exam to become a open water diver. There were a lot of people at the quarry so my dive master got us in the water as quickly as he could. My class consisted of my friends little brother, a boy who was my age and his father.

We had one more test to complete but the boys father signaled his arm was hurting so he surfaced, and we continued. After sometime we heard a commotion from the surface so we surfaced to see what was going on to our surprise there was an ambulance and police car. We swam to land and took off our tanks and fins and approached the ambulance only to see the boys father blotted and blue and the EMT  administering CPR and then rushing him to the hospital. As this was happening i looked around and saw a person dressed in black on the other side of the quarry just in the tree line.

Babysitting Horror

So, this was when I was babysitting in 2007. I babysat some kids a few miles away from my neighborhood. The family had a huge house, in the woods, as I remember. It was a really nice place, but all things considered, it was also very creepy. It was old and isolated.

I had to ring the doorbell about 5 times, before I finally saw a kid come up to the door. ”Mommy is already gone!” she yelled at me. ”Wow, umm.. Sorry? Your mother told me I had to be around here at 19:30 so, I’m here now, right?” The kid let me in.

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