short scary police story

So, I not that great at story’s so I apologize. Well I wasn’t that old when this happened to me , well not really me but more of my mom. I was about 11, My mom wasn’t a reckless driver what so ever, she has had one ticket anyways, We were in North Carolina and heading home from my cousins house. We were on a highway when she got pulled over. She was clueless on why she got pulled over. She wasn’t speeding , She then asked me “Audrey can you please look behind you and tell me if their has a siren on top of their car like you’re used to.” I replied with ” No, it looks like one of those toy sirens.”

She told me that maybe the police man was telling her that one of her lights burned out or something. You can hear thuds they aren’t loud but the highway was pretty quiet due to the lack of cars. This large man looking about 5 foot 8 inches and well looked a little chubby and knocked on my mom’s window. she rolled it down about half way being very cautious. He asked her to step out of the car. She replied with , ” No, you have to give me a reason and then I’ll come out sir. The police man said “well you were speeding, my mom replies with ” well sir if I’m doing anything is going under the limit cause I was going 50 when the limit is 60.”

My mom closed the window and drove away calling the police as she was speeding down the highway to get away from this man. Its not that what scares me, its the fact that if she got out of the car I wonder what was he going to do to her. 4 years later she tells me that when she was on the phone that she told them that this man didn’t have a badge or a name tag . My mom later told me that she saw a news story about this man going around and attempting to go and kidnap women. That’s what really freaked me out…. creepy police man lets not meet again.

The Man on The Road

It was 11;00 at nite and I was at my fend Trace’s house. I decided that I should head home before my dad got home. My dad liked salsas dancing and wold go dancing late into the nite he usually got home around 12:00. Trace lived in a different neighborhood than me. His neighborhood was connected to mine buy a frontage rode that gave people existing the highway access to our neighborhoods and people from our neighborhoods asses to the highway. 

I began my walk. It was a nice nite and I enjoyed the walk. I was soon on the frontage rode it had a thick woods maybe 10 to 20 feet off the road and had a large hill 1/2 a mile down the rode. That made it to where you could only see cars from 1/2 a mile away. I was looking around win I saw a man on the other side of the highway. He appeared to be looking at me so I continued to stare at him. Win we were parallel to one another he made a mad dash across the highway. There where no cars driving down the frontage rodes but the highway had a few. One of which slammed on its horn nearly hitting him. he was unfazed and continued his sprint towards me.

Seeing this I began to run my self. after a couple of seconds of runing I looked back to see that he was indeed chasing me. My heart sank at this and my run turned into a made dash down the center of the road. Off in the distance I saw lights from a car and as it got closer I slowed standing in the rode and turned around to see my pursuer but no one was there. i sighed and stepped to the side of the road. I began to walk feeling stupid and telling my self I had made it up.

As I was walking I heard the shuffle of feet from behind . I turned around and saw the man. Only now he was less than 20 feet away and runing at me. I was instantly covered in a cold sweat and every time my heart beat it felt as though it was sending razors down my body. My feet where moving so quickly I could barely manage not to trip over them. win I turned into my neighborhood I yelled HELP HELP HELP ME as loud as I could and turned towards the entrance to my neighborhood. To my relief the man did not continue his pursuit into my neighborhood. I looked around and noticed that only one person came out to help me. I looked at him and waved then went home. At lest I got home before my dad did.

Creepy Neighbor

Okay first let’s start of with a little background. I am a tall 15 year old girl and I’m strong as well as extremely paranoid. I just moved into this new house when I first noticed the neighbors watching us move in. I waved “Hi” to them, after all I am really friendly. Then I saw a guy probably in his thirties staring at me.

I of course waved “Hi” to him as well then I noticed this very wide grin on his face which made me uncomfortable.

So I went inside and looked around the house it was a large house after all we did need seven rooms. Here let me explain my family I’m a fifteen year old girl who has three brothers who are older then me and one sister I did have two sisters but one of them got cancer and died at the age five and then my over protective mom and my dad who looks after me the most.

I went to my room which had a perfect view for me to see the front yard which made my mom uncomfortable but of course I stayed in that room. It was summer vacation and my mom was begging me to come outside and play baseball. Which was my favorite sport and plus I was starting to look like a zombie.

So I grabbed my baseball bat and played baseball with my brothers, dad and sister.

Then I look at the apartments a cross the street from our house and saw the guy that was watching me move in and I felt bad because he was all alone so I went and asked my dad if he could come play baseball with us and with my dad being chill he said sure.

So I crossed the street and ask the guy what his name was and told him mine. He told me his name was well let’s just make one up I can’t even say his real name.

He said his name was “Austin” and I asked him if he wanted to play baseball with me and he said this “As long as your playing.” We had a very violent German shepherd mix and so I wasn’t that scared. We crossed the street and played baseball for about an hour when the man told us he had to leave so he left and I went back inside.

I was looking at my family playing baseball when I felt my stomach drop I felt like throwing up. I looked around and then saw Austin waving at me so I waved back keep in mind I was a boxer.

The next day my family went to get the rest of our stuff from the house and I stayed home so I went to my moms room and watched tv. It was the only room with a working tv. Then I remembered that I forgot to lock the door and I heard the door open so I peeked outside of my moms room and saw Austin inside he knew where my room was and that scared me because I had all of my stuff already packed in my room.

And I saw go into my room so I silently shut my moms door and locked it.

I heard him walk to the room I was in then he left and went into the bathroom.

After thirty minutes he left the house so I unlocked the door and then went into my room and got really uncomfortable I saw that all of my bras and panties were on the floor then I went into the bathroom and found that he took my brush for my hair. And I had no idea what he would have done to me if I wasn’t in my moms room with the door locked.

I jumped when I started hear my dog honey the German shepherd mix barking nonstop like something or someone pissed her off. I ran down stairs and just about threw up when I saw my neighbor still in the house with me. He looked at me with a grin growing bigger every second.

I wasn’t even thinking, I was so stupid because it was clear that Austin could have grabbed me and could have done what ever he wanted to do to me.

But I did it anyways I ran passed him heading for the back door where our dog was but he grabbed me. I was crying uncontrollably I closed my eyes he wiped my tears and I got grossed out and kicked him not even as hard as I could and ran.

Then I heard my parents car drive up Austin got scared and ran out the back door kicking honey away from him and jumping the fence. My mom and dad were so shocked to see me curled up in a ball crying uncontrollably.

I told my parents about Austin and my parents called the police and they couldn’t find him.

I am getting goosebumps writing this story and I couldn’t sleep for two days straight after all that happened honey slept in my room for the rest of the week.

My Creepy Neighbor

So to start, let me tell a little bit about myself. I’m currently a junior in high school, 6’0″ and about 200 pounds with a slight build. I live in a small neighborhood twenty miles outside of the nearest possible town, which is basically a german-like town in Central Washington State.

I had only recently moved here, probably about two years ago just after I had finished middle school from where I had previously lived in Seattle. Some neighbors aren’t the nicest or most friendly in our area, and some of them are without a doubt a little creepy.

And there is one of them that just makes me want to cringe and close my eyes whenever I encounter him.

My family are always the ones that love to joke around and make people laugh, so all of this started about mid-July I believe in 2015 and I remember me and my dad were working on a little trampoline outside for my little brother.

I remember this guy walking up our long driveway just staring at my father blankly before walking right up to him and asking if he needed any help, my father replied saying he never needed any help, but before my dad could say another word the man said “You wanna see my scars?”.

My dad had nervously said “Sure, I guess?”.

Without hesitation, the man had pulled up his shirt showing off the amount of scars he had on his chest. My dad had told the man to put his shirt back on and leave immediately, the man did as my dad said and let out a disturbing moan.

The man then said, “I’ll see you both later” with a creepy grin on his face. I was a guy, which makes this just as weird.

Nothing much happened after that for another year or so. It wasn’t until November of 2016 that I had once again encountered this creep. Let me give you the best description of this guy, He had brown hair with a small brown mustache and a scar on his upper lip. He was about 6’5″ or 6’6″, and about 260 pounds in his mid to late forties so he was pretty intimidating, well not fat just really tall and slightly fat.

As I was saying, on this particular day on November 2016, I was driving around in my golf cart, as I was making the turn towards my house, and then I saw, him, about 100 feet away from me. As I got closer, he just stared at me blankly with his cold and stern eyes.

I just looked away and never looked back him as I knew he was still staring at me.

I rarely saw him and whenever I did, I would get and eerie feeling and a chill up my spine because I knew that there was something off about this guys personality.

My family likes to call him ‘Vaseline Man’ because of the way he seemed to be shiny whenever he took his shirt off during, I know, the guy was just very weird.

And only just recently, he went from just plain weird and creepy, to downright terrifying in one night. So this happened at around midnight and I was staying up late like I usually do watching movies and all that stuff.

I hear a loud thud at my window.

Startled I jump back away from the window on my bed and after a few seconds, I seemed to just realize it might have been a bird or some animal from outside and then go back to my movie.

About five minutes later, another thud came from my window this time even louder. Again, I ignore it once more and go back to my movie.

Then another and another and another thud each time growing louder and louder.

Annoyed, I rushed over to the window and pulled open the shades. There was that Vaseline Man again, this time staring at me with a much more angrier expression.

As furious as I was, I gave him the finger and stormed outside to confront him. He hadn’t even moved an inch from the window and was still staring into my soul. I yelled at him to get the hell off my property or I would call the police.

He gave me a look that will always haunt me even to this very day.

It was the look a little kid makes when their parents can’t give them a toy or video game, coming from a middle-aged man, it’s much more disturbing.

He then said “You will be mine one day, and you will know it”. Soon after that he turned around and walked into the woods never to be seen again that night.

I walked back into my room and tried to go to sleep but I couldn’t because of the amount of fear and anxiety that was going through my body. I didn’t call the cops for the simple reason that the guy didn’t do anything to harm me.

Looking back on it, I kinda regret it, but I didn’t want to make a huge scene for almost no reason. I have absolutely no idea what he will do and what his intentions are for me.

Only time will tell.

The Creepy Neighbor Boy

When I was in Fith grade, my family and I visited New Mexico a lot because we were born there.

I loved to hang out with my two cousins Tony and Paul. They were exactly like my brother and I, which is why we loved to hang out with them. When we were at their small home in Pecos, we would play soccer in their backyard or watch TV.

When we weren’t doing either of those, we would be messing around with are legos, trying to see which one of us could create the weirdest structure. One day, we were all playing a game we made called Pinecone wars, but I don’t really remember the rules because it’s been so long.

Then, the neighbor and some of his family comes out of their house. It was right next to Tony and Paul’s house and I think the neighbor’s sister was talking with my mom. Suddenly, the boy from the house walks up to us and says hi to Tony and Paul. He seemed normal at first, but that was only because I had just met him.

Paul introduced my brother and I to him. I’ll just refer to the boy as Owen.

We shook hands and immediently, my hand begin to itch. “Huh, strange.” I thought to myself shortly after my hand started itching.

I believe Owen was two years older than I was. We played Pinecone wars until my grandma called my brother and I to go eat dinner. I forgot to mention that the rest of my family was staying at my grandma’s house, except for my father because he drove us to New Mexico and then dropped us off at our grandma’s house.

After I ate, I went to the couch and played Legend of Zelda on my Gameboy color. Since my grandma’s neighborhood was relatively safe, she didn’t have an alarm system which probably explains what happened next. My brother and I had to go to bed, so I slept in the guest room. I left my Gameboy on the couch and then I heard the door open quietly.

My heart froze.

I layed there, stuck for a minute until I finally pulled the blanket above my head. I heard my door open and it felt like my heart was gonna burst out of my chest. I heard heavy breathing on the other side of my bed, and I put my hands around my nose and mouth to control my breathing. I then heard footsteps leave my room, and I didn’t get any sleep that night.

The next day, I found a note on the floor that was written in permanent marker. It said “Hi Lily, good luck sleeping tonight.” Next to the note was a rabbit paw which was stained in blood. I screamed so loud that the neighbors probably heard.

My mom came running into my room and saw the note and rabbit’s paw. Her face turned white and it looked like she wanted to throw up.

My little brother also bolted into the room and he screamed.

FInally, my grandma came in and gagged.

She grabbed a pair of gloves from the garage and used them to throw out the rabbit paw. I lost my appetite which caused me to not eat for the whole day. Also I forgot to mention that I never found my Gameboy after that night.

I didn’t feel very safe that night, so I told my family to lock the doors this time. In the middle of the night, I hear a knock at the window.

Unfortunetly, the bed I was in was right next to the window so I was forced to look out of it. I saw Owen giving me this painfully wide smile. I didn’t know what to do at that moment, and I saw him try to open the window. After realizing it was locked, he stormed off and I still didn’t get any sleep that night. Four years later, I found out that Owen murdered someone who lived in the same state as me.

Everytime I remember what happened that night, I realize how close I was to getting murdered just like those unfortunate people. I haven’t told anyone outside of the internet about what happened that night, but I’m not planning on telling anyone