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It felt like a dream

Let me begin this story with a bit of background; when the events transpired my family was extremely poor and my grandmother had suffered a stroke two years prior, she’s still alive but recovering slowly. Everything that happened in this took place about five years ago and even as it was happening it didn’t feel real.

I grew up raised by my single mother and grandmother, both of which I was extremely close to. When my grandmother suffered her stroke we lost tons of money with medical funds, something 11-year-old me wasn’t supposed to know about. But, that’s what made my thirteenth birthday that much more special. It was a Thursday afternoon when my family picked me up early from school, making a big show that it was my birthday and I was leaving early. Once we were in the car my mother turned to me and explained that we were heading down to Florida to catch a cruise to Mexico. I was excited beyond belief, my family was broke at the time and rarely had the money to leave town, let alone the country.

Attacked on a cruise ship

When I was 18 so in about 2006 my girlfriend and I decided to take a cruise to celebrate becoming adults, the type of cruise we choose to take had tons of alcohol and food and a lot of cute guys!

One night I couldn’t sleep, my friend was passed out cold and I for the life of me just couldn’t drift off to sleep, I decided to go out to the deck and have a cigarette and take a walk to hopefully tire myself out.. I found my headphones, cigarettes and lighter then left the room quickly.

Creepy Market Owner

So, I was in a cruise with my mom and two sisters and that went through some countries in Europe and one country in Africa, which is where this story takes place.

It was your typical morning, nothing strange has occurred to me yet and the cruise was very enjoyable. This stop was the second to last stop before we went back to Italy, which is where the trip started. We docked in this country named Tunisia and we went to this little town that was very beautiful and there were so many little shops in which the vendors were very eager to sell us some stuff. My mom being a people pleaser ended up buying a couple of things that really weren’t necessary but were a nice little reminder of our trip.

My New Creepy Friend

Just for reference I am a sixteen year old girl. I’m 5’2, a little chubby. brown hair, blue eyes. I’m nothing special in any way, shape, or form.

Last November, my parents decided that we’d go on a cruise instead of staying at home with family. They wanted a break and I could understand that and what they meant by it so it wasn’t a big deal to me. The only concern I had about the entire ordeal was that I can’t swim and I was afraid of a repeat of the Titanic.

Childhood Pedophile

Before I start this story I need to say some background. I and a fourteen year old heterosexual male, I now live in a small town in Texa, and this story was when I lived in New York.

I don’t remember a lot about this incident, and I was only six when this happend so I can only tell what I know. Anyway this all started when I was on the bus home from school, and I never had any problems until this boy moved to the open space next to me. He looked about nine or ten, and he seemed very weird around me. I thought he was weird be cause he was new.

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