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The scars in his skin

So I want to say that this happened just recently.Since every one of my friends has an Instagram they convinced me to make one.I’m 18-year-old male and one of my best friends is a gay and he immediately followed me.And he trying to be a wise guy he told his gay buddies to follow me.At first, I was alright with that until he gave my number to the guy that was interested in me.He said that he knows I’m straight but he still wanted to talk to me.So my friend gave to him my number.The guy started to message me and he introduced himself as an interesting guy.We had a lot of things in common and he wanted to meet me at the nearby Starbucks.We met but after that “hang out” I didn’t want to talk to him.Trough all hang out he was looking at me like he was devastated by me to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore.I told him that I was straight and that I’m not interested in him.He seemed kinda annoyed by that and he said “I would like to see that face in snuff movie” after that I said that I got to go and that he better stops messaging me and all of the sudden he says “I need you are the perfect guy for me”.At this point, I didn’t give a shit cause I’m a very intimidating guy at least my friends say so in 7.2 feet tall very lean and didn’t have a problem with this guy cause he was shorter than me but very buff but still.After I got home I told my gay buddy this and he said that he was a sex offender.At this moment I was very pissed off at him but he said that he felt bad for the guy.And after all, this that isn’t the worst part at all.A day later he posted a picture on Instagram with my name cut in his skin.And the day later my friend told me that his stuff buddy was in the hospital cause he cut almost every vein cause he wanted to get scars with my name.Now this story may seem insane but it’s nothing but true cause he was high during his cutting on all sorts of drugs and I hope that guy gets help.Thank you for listening.Thank you for listening.

That one pedophile who tried to kidnap me

So I’m 12 and have had Instagram since I was 11.  This is something that happened to me that I will never forget.  This is why I will NEVER talk to someone unless I know them on social media.

It all started with a simple “Hey”.  I was on instagram one day when I got a message from someone with an account name along the lines of “Ihatealexis”(Alexis is my name).  I was on Skype with my friend who we will can Ally.  I didn’t respond at first because I didn’t know them.  But then they messaged me a bunch more times saying things like “I know who you are”,”I know what you have done”, and “I’m someone close to you”.  I thought that my grandma had made an Instagram because I  told her that if she wanted to talk more, Instagram was the best way to.  Since I was always on Instagram.  So I responded with “Grandma?”.  “No” they answered.  “Mom?” I asked.  “Nope” they responded.  I was getting kind of sick of guessing at this point so I said “Ok who the fuck are you?”.  They told me to watch it or else.  I said “Or else what?  You’ll murder me?😂”.  Then they said “yes.” My heart dropped.  “Ok what the fuck do you want asshole?”I said getting weirded out.  “You”.  They responded.  So I told Ally and she told me to play along with it. Then I asked “Alyssa?”.  She was my ex-best friend who I hated.  “Yep.” They responded.

He watches and tells

So before I start this story I would like to say I use Instagram alot I’ve always been a real social media person. To start I’m a female 15 years old but I’m turning 16 in April anyways this all started when I was on winter break I have a group chat with a bunch of internet friends all girls very nice we have gotten really close . To the point where I can call them by friends we makes jokes and so one of the girls in the group let’s call her macy well I own an account with these girls and we post stuff on equality and empowering posts on that . Keep in mind the only people to have the pass to the account was me , macy and three other girls and I knew all there names . Anyways one day I was doing a live on my Instagram account just doing a Q and A and I saw are account that I own with macy and the girls was watching my live again no one had the password to it but us .

So I thought nothing of it I thought it must of been one of the girls who must have been logged into the account . That until I asked who is speaking to me right now and they replied “a person” and I said “are you macy or so and so and so and still the same response. But i just shrugged it off and it wasn’t until later till I said in the live so “you guys like my hoodie ” and the person responed “yes” it was a bit off I knew it wasn’t one of the girls . So I ended the live me being creeped out and I wished it stopped there.  After that happned I asked the girls if any of them were logged into the account at the time of my live what they said next made me chilled they all responded “no” so I knew the account had been hacked and I was panicking . But luckily macy had a sister who was good with computers and she traced the ip of the person using the account at the time . And when he sister told me who it was my heart had sunk it was an ex boyfriend of Macy’s APPARENTLY he had the password to Macy’s personal account and the password to the account I owned with the girls he also was looking at are group stalking us seeing are texts it was chilling he knew all are names but luckily Macy’s sister blocked him so he can no longer stalk us . AND the girls were just as panicked as I was to think someone was watching are every text every move and knew are names was scary He also knew this inside joke we made in the group chats .

Creepy instagram hacker

So to start things off I’m a 16 year old guy that is a bit taller that most people I’m 6’4 and sometimes get mistaken for an 18 year old, I know it’s not really important but I just wanted to give you an idea of how I look. Anyways, I have an instagram with about 200 follows, not the biggest but no the smallest page. Anyways, around 4 months ago my instagram got deleted, at least I thought so, as soon as I saw this I made another instagram and posted on my other social medias so my friends and family could know that I have a new instagram and that my old one got deleted.

A few hours after I posted that my old instagram got deleted one of my friends from school had texted me that it didn’t get deleted and that it’s still up, so when I read that I searched up my old instagram on my new one and saw that it still existed. So I signed out and tried to log back on to my original instagram.

The Joker

When this happened and I still don’t feel completely comfortable telling people this story but I think I will rest easier if I tell people about my experience. Just a side note but at the time the joker from the bat man movies, terrified me. Enough to make me have nightmares for months at a time. But enough of that, let’s get on with my story.

At the time I was living in Thousand Oaks, California, a town known for having almost no crimes or break ins.

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