Truck Stop Horror

In 2003 I had met a guy that said he would take me on adventures and make my life exciting. Little did I know that the safe world I had grown up with was about to get shattered.

I lived in a small town and had never really traveled outside of my state. Never experienced life in a way that others would. We were kind of sheltered from the big crime and other things that have been happening over the countryside.

So my ( now ex) decided to take me on a journey of being an over the road truck driver.
In a lot of cases this was a great experience there where a lot of fun times and I got to see most of the US. But trucking life is hard, and being on the road 24/7 isn’t easy. Being cooped up in a small truck with someone for that long will cause anyone to become mad, as in crazy- batshit crazy.

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McDonald’s Horror

I was about 7 when this happened and I don’t remember much now that I’m 17 but I’ll describe what I do remember.

It was about 6 pm and my grandmother had taken my little sister and I to McDonald’s for dinner and, due to it being fall, it was dark outside. Now, we lived in a super sketchy town with gang fights nearly every night, so this wasn’t too shocking although it was terrifying.

My little sister and I finished our dinner so we could go play and, right about the time we were getting ready to leave, I ran to use the bathroom which was in the playroom. I washed my hands and exited once I finished and saw the playroom was pitch black, lit only by the lights in the main part of the restaurant and the lights outside. Someone pulled me down to the ground and shushed me and I peeked up through the main glass window where people were yelling on the other side. Someone was standing in front of the register with a gun. I watched, scared, but not really knowing what was going on. At this point, my memory unfortunately blacks out, but I remember being escorted out of the restaurant with my grandmother and sister by police. I wish I could rmemebr what happened during my memory blackout.

The man

I work in 3 departments in martins so its hard to remember certain faces and im mixed for the record that will come into play later on but i will never be able to forget this mans face it was me a chicken fryer and a female coworker on a Friday night the fryer came in the back to where i was organizing our cooler and said a customer asked for me by name so i went out to see who it was thinking maybe it was a friend or family member when i rounded the corner i didnt recognize the man so i asked if i could help him and he just looked at me with this blank stare it looked as if i was looking into the eyes of a lifeless body he then walked away fast forward to the end of my shift i finished up and went outside to leave as i got close to my car i saw the same lifeless face he watched me get into my car and followed me from my job to a nearby walmart when i noticed it i got irritated and got out and asked if i could help him and he got this wide smile and i noticed his teeth was completely black and he started running towards me so my reaction was to swing i knocked him out and called the police well turns out this guy was wanted for attempted murder and was a well known neo Nazi who was recently going around and attacking random mixed men and women

I think I met the devil

Hello darkness,i would like to start by saying I listen to your stories almost every night,it helps me to sleep,and I have a few of my own,no skinwalker stories yet thankfully.

So to put into perspective how scary this was,this happened to me when I was 11,im 21 now and still remember this experience vividly.

I was walking home from a friend’s house one night,down a dimly lit road around the corner from my house,the road was about a mile long and it was roughly 10 o’clock.

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Stalked by a Creepy Man

This may not be the scariest story, but it sure as hell is creepy.

So my name is MK, I’m 14 and this is a story of why I’ll never wander the woods while I’m drunk again.

So it was 3 days after Halloween, I was at a party I always go to every year. I was with my friend Lluvia and we were on the huge golf course right outside their house. This was more out in the country side of Texas so there were a lot more woods. I was a little tipsy, Lluvia as well. We were running away from her sisters friends when we entered the dark woods about 2 miles away from the party. We walked around for a bit, drink cheap beer and laughing about stuff I can’t remember. I was just about to ask Lluvia something when I heard a small snap. I turned around quickly, thinking it was one of the many deer in the forest. Nothing was there. I shrugged it off, too drunk to realize that it was probably not a deer because they would’ve run off super quickly if they saw me. It was about 20 minutes later when we found a small clearing, the grass was super soft and wasn’t scratchy against our skin. We laid down to just rest for awhile, not really wanting to return to the party just yet. I was texting one of my friends, Nikoli, when I saw a small shadow run through the tree in front of us. Startled, I immediately stood up, trying to see who it was when the thing just suddenly disappeared. Like it was a ghost or something. Lluvia pulled me back to the ground, complaining about how I was always moving around as I shook off what I just saw. It was probably just the beer, I thought to myself.

I told Nikoli about what I saw and he texted me saying that I was drunk and I should go home or go back to the party. Of course, I ignored him, I don’t really listen to orders well from people. Minutes later, I was driving off to sleep when I saw it. It was a shadow slowly moving closer to us.

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Blizzard Cabin creeper

Let me start off by saying that this happened last year, I am a male and I was 16 at the time. My parents own a pretty big cabin up in the mountains and once it hit winter break we would go to the cabin and stay there until January. I always loved going up to the cabin because there was just so much to do. It was pretty big and advanced too. Well we headed up there like usual and on the first weekend we were there my parents decided to go out for dinner. This meant I would have the whole cabin to myself and I was excited to say the least. After they left I quickly got a bunch of junk food and turned on the PS4. It was pretty ironic because I was playing a game that takes place at a winter lodge, the game was called Until Dawn and it is a horror game. I had played for about an hour when something hit a window in the main room loudly. I jumped and my heart immediately started to race. I calmed myself and headed over to the window to see what it was. There was a harsh blizzard outside so I gave up on looking out there, all I could tell is that someone threw a snowball at the window. But who would be crazy enough to be out there during a blizzard?

I tried to distract my mind by turning off all the lights and continuing to play the game. After another 30 minutes someone knocked on the front door loud enough for me to hear. My parents wouldn’t let me open the door for strangers at age 16 but I figured I could still check through the window by the door to see who it was. I approached the window and used my fingers to pry open the blinds and peek outside only to be met with another set of dark eyes. I couldn’t help but let out a scream that cracked as I jumped. I immediately felt my heart skip a few beats as I tried to comprehend what was happening. Suddenly a rock smashed through the window by the door and I ran into the kitchen to grab a kitchen knife before ducking behind the counter. I heard the heavy footsteps of boots and the man grunted as he walked. He headed towards the room with my PS4 and tv on to look for me. Once his outline was out of view I headed into the basement. My dad had a rifle in there but I didn’t know where exactly it was down there. I tip toed to the basement door and shut it behind me as I descended down the steps.

At this point I was more scared than I ever imagined I could be but I tried to focus. I eventually found an old flip phone and quickly called the police. I explained the situation but it probably came out as rushed half words. They told me to get a weapon and remain calm since they couldn’t send anyone until the storm cleared. I hung up and set the phone down on the counter as my chest ached from my heart pounding against it. As if the man heard me he had smashed open the basement door and quickly ran down the stairs. I hid behind an open door and since my basement was large I tried to form a plan with whatever thoughts I could muster. It was a terrible idea but I planned on waiting until he walked through the door way to lock him in the room and run to the main floor and outside. It was hard for me to hold my breath and I couldn’t help but breathe heavily, the only way he didn’t hear my breath was probably because he was grunting loudly. He didn’t seem mentally stable and he had our double bladed axe from our shed. God knows what other things he could have taken from the shed. To my surprise he didn’t see me through the crack in the door and walked by. I took two big steps and slammed the door shut before going to lock it. Only problem was I hadn’t had the time to think clearly and there was no lock.

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RoomMate Story

This actually happened to me a few years back at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. 
My sophomore year, I roomed with a girl named Kara. She was a jazz vocalist, but her main interest was opera. We had a small room on the sixth floor of a dormitory called Juniper Hall. The walls were thin, and her last night singing and voice practices would keep me up late. After a month or so of lost sleep, I convinced her to move her last night practices to the music studios in the Merriam theater building a block away. 
Around [8:00] one evening, Kara announced that she would be practicing late for an upcoming recital and probably wouldn’t be home until around midnight. Great, I thought, that means I can go to bed early (I was beat … I had a horrible day in acting studio, and was ready to pass out as soon as I had dinner). She said goodnight and left, coffee and sheet music in hand. 
I made some grilled cheese and soup, gobbled it down, and immediately began to prepare for bed. By the time I got out of the shower, my eyelids were so heavy I could hardly brush my teeth. I pulled on my PJ’s and crawled into the top bunk of our bunk bed. I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow. 
I should take a second to describe the layout of our apartment. When entering the apartment, the bedroom was through a door immediately to the left. Our bathroom was inside the bedroom, just past the bunk beds. (UArts is nice in the sense that you don’t have to share bathrooms).
Anyway, I woke up to the sound of the apartment door closing. I opened my eyes and groggily check my phone: midnight on the dot. I rolled back over and closed my eyes. I heard Kara enter the room and stop in front of the bunk bed. Checking to see if I’m actually asleep, i thought. She flopped down on the bed below me, which was strange, as she was a stickler for brushing her teeth and washing up before bed. Then again, exams were just around the corner, and we were alle exhausted. The mattress below me creaked, and then was silent. I couldn’t even hear her breathing. 
I started to drift off again. I was just on the edge of deep sleep when I was startled awake again by a noise. 
A key in the lock. The door opening. 
And Kara entering our apartment, humming an opera tune the mattress below me creaked

El Vampiro

This is a story my father told me since I was little. It was an experience that shook him to the core. When my father was younger he was in the air force and was stationed to Camarma, Spain where I was born. He requested to be stationed there because my mother is a Spaniard and wanted to be close to her family. Being in the military he met a few friends and they loved to go metal detecting around some of the neighboring pueblos that day back to medieval times. These little pueblos are rich with history and often have coins and jewelry in their soil.

On one of these metal detecting excursions, my dad and his friend were greeted by a few local teens. The teens were excited about a discovery they had made outside of an old abandoned stone church. Outside of the old church was a large hole, big enough for a grown man to fit.

The teens explained that it was the church basement and that they saw something strange down there. My father being the adventurous sort decided to take a look. My dad and his friend crawled into the hole partially hoping to find some kind of abandoned treasure or relics.

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A few years back I was staying at my dad’s house he worked nights, so I was often home alone. Some notes that help the story. I am a naturally freaked out person and I must have the house locked up completely (so doors, screen doors, and windows are all locked and shut). I leave the tv on, so it looks like someone is home and awake at all hours. As well as I kept the lights on in the living room and dining room. So, it looked like someone was still up and around the house.

One night around [9:30]-[10:00] I was just getting ready to go to bed, so I was in the hallway walking to my room when I heard the first bang on the front door. So, I stopped in the hallway and looked around the corner to the front door. As the second bang came and then a voice. The voice was of a girl and she was screaming ” Let me in. Please let me in, he’s going to hurt me. ” she stopped banging and knocking for a moment and then she started banging again and said “please let me in he is going to kill me” I stood in the hallway not making a noise and just stood there until I heard her run off the steps. After a few moments, I heard a car door slam shut and a car race off. I called the cops right after that. Of course, when the cops came there was no one outside.

The cops knock on the door and when I answer they said, “excuse me mam is this your dead body out here?” I mentally freaked out only to later find it was a joke and they were trying to calm me down. But this is a night I will always remember.

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The ritual

It was summer of ‘05 when me, my mother and my sister went to Zaragoza, Spain to visit family. We stayed at my grandmother’s apartment that she kept just for us to visit after moving in with my aunt Juana due to her health. My aunt Juana lived a few streets away and each morning we would make the walk from my grandmother’s old apartment to my aunts’s place. We would spend the day there and retire back to my grandmother’s apartment to sleep.

One night things felt a little off. There was a static feeling in the air and the streets were more empty than usual at night. Zaragoza is a big city and there is always someone awake and running around the streets. I found it odd but brushed it off. I remember how the breeze shook the leaves of the trees under the lamps that dotted the street. When we arrived to the apartment we were exhausted from a long day. As we began to settle in with the usual nightly routine of watching tv, taking showers and unwinding ; things took a turn for the strange…

The apartment above us was being inhabited by a family of African immigrants.
In Spain there are many African immigrants due to being so close to the continent. Naturally these immigrants bring their customs with them. The people above our apartment brought something a little darker than just your average customs.

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