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Assault at Mcdonalds

This is my story. For privacy reasons could you please not say my name.

My mom sent me to my grandparent’s house for the summer. On the drive there I saw a Mcdonalds close by. When I arrived at their house I hugged them and mentioned the Mcdonalds I saw nearby. A few hours later we got in the car and drove to the Mcdonalds. I ran out of the car into the restaurant.

The place was empty.Except for the Janitor and the one cashier. The janitor looked normal. But something about him was just off. I sat down at the table near the register and waited for my grandparents to come in.


I’m a 31 year old female, I’m small in stature at 4’11 and I know full well that I’m prime victim material. Because of this I try to be hyper aware of everything going on around me. Sometimes it’s just catching someone’s gaze and feeling that knot in my stomach, but I believe listening to my instinct has saved me on more than one occasion. I don’t take risks, I’m very careful and tend to think of all the impossible situations I could land in and what I would do. Maybe this is unhealthy but can you really blame me? It’s a dangerous world out there, and it’s only gotten scarier since I became a mother. I simply couldn’t live if anything happened to my Daughter (who I will call GG), and that’s why this is the scariest instance I’ve been in with her.

Its important to note that I’m an Empath meaning that I can sense peoples energies and emotions. I’ve learned the hard way not to ignore when my gut tells me something. It’s also worthy of note that my child is gorgeous, blonde hair, bright blue eyes, she’s angelic and lots of people make comments about her, or look and smile. That’s normal and it never bothers me. which is why this situation still haunts me.

The Creepy Camping Trip

So my sister and I always go on a camping trip with a really nice family but this years camping trip was the worst.

We had a camping spot with a big field and then a bathroom across from it. The weird thing was that nobody in my campsite was awake when this happened. Me and my friend, we’ll call Jessie in this story, were up late at night. It was just the typical talk about what were gonna do. Jessie wanted to tell scary stories and we did so.

A Creep Story at McDonald’s

This story takes place a few months ago at a McDonald’s me and some friends were eating at.

It was a usual Friday night, me, my brother, and some friends would be out and about the town. Mostly hanging out at the mall, and sometimes going to a Good Will to goof off. But every time we went out, the oldest one (Andrew) would buy us all Burger King or McDonald’s, he was the one who usually had money, plus he could drive.

Usually there are five of us, but this time just me, my brother and Andrew were here eating at McDonald’s. I knew there were more of us, but I can’t remember where they were. Anyways, as we entered the restaurant it was completely void of any other customers.

Middle School Catfish

Just a foreword, this whole story takes place within the span of about a year. I’ve used fake names to protect those involved. This is by far the creepiest thing to have ever happened to me, and I’ve had a lot of creepy stuff happen to me.

My friends and I were entering our 7th grade year in middle school (we’re all currently Sophomores in high school). We were what you would call ‘Emo’. At least, we thought we were. We were known as the Emo group of the school, anyways. There was Sasha, my best friend, she and I had been best friends since 2nd grade, and still are. Neither of us had many friends, until one of my friends, Annie, introduced us to a girl that she had went to elementary with who was attending our middle school, and was also ‘Emo’. Her name was Michie, and we all quickly became friends right away. She was in Band class with us, and her and I had world history together, so it was great.

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