Behind the mask

(I remember the first one I sent you And it wasn’t too good so I am doing it again for a more clear story) this was 3 years ago I am 16 now and this happened when I was 13. The story begins in the sun when I was home alone.

It was 9 at night so I got ready to go to bed so I got everything done and went to bed. An hour passed then I woke up to a breeze and I saw the window open so I thought I opened it in my sleep I am known for sleep walking so I shut the window and locked it and went back to bed and I shut my eyes.

After a couple of minutes I woke up to the sound of sliverware being moved around in the cabinet and wondering if I should go check it out or ignore it but curiosity took over and so I grabbed a flashlight and went to the kitchen and check all the cabinets but nothing was moved everything was in it’s place so I brushed it off and went to bed and about an hour later I felt something heavy lay down next to me on the bed and I turned over and saw nothing so I ignored it then it happened again but this time I felt a arm around me and I freaked so I grabbed the arm and jumped out of bed as fast I could and I will never forget what it or she looked like thanks for the bright moonlight through my window it had the physical looks of a girl who was wearing.

She was wearing a brown jacket, blue jeans, black boots and a white mask with big black eyes and black lips.

With her hood on her hair was flowing from the sides of the mask. She stood up and she was a lot taller than me. She looked like she was at least 17.

I ran from the room. Note I or my house didn’t have phones and I lived a little ways from any other houses. I ran to my dad’s room closet and hid on a shelf behind hanging clothes on the rack. I heard foot steps running around my house. Then they stopped in front of the closet door, I covered my mouth to slience my breathing. The door opened slowly to reveal the infiltraitor. She walked in and started to thrash clothes around. I was stupid to do this but I jumped out of my hiding place and turned to look at her and our eyes met. I slammed the door and put on my sandals and opened the front door and I ran down the street then hearing the front door open with force then hearing the pitty patter of feet behind me and closing in.

Then I felt something heavy land on top of me causing me to gasp for air then I feel a hand on my shoulder to turn me over onto my back I tried to swing my fist at her but she grabbed both of them and pinned them above my head, I struggled to break free but I grew tired and stopped fighting back then she put her free hand in her jacket pocket and pulled out a rag and covered my mouth and I started to feel drowsy then everything went black. I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock.

I looked around finding my window wide open andy front door wide open as well I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and saw a black lipstick kiss on my cheek. It’s been 3 years but every time I had to go to bed and i locked everything thing.

And every once in awhile I hear a knock on my window.


I was about 7 years old at this time, I moved into a new house, a farm. There were a few houses around the area but one of my neighbors just gave me the chill. I was playing soccer with my cousin until they had to go home so I just kicked the ball around, alone. I looked to my neighbors house and he was sitting on a lawn chair and smoking.

I said hello and went inside, I was home alone.

I heard a small knock on the door but I wasn’t allowed to answer the door to anyone, so I just played with my toys. The knocking grew louder and louder each minute, I got really annoyed so I went upstairs to my bedroom but as I was walking upstairs I heard scratches on the door, like a knife or someone’s fingernails scraping on the door.

I started freaking out and so, like an idiot I stayed near the door waiting for the knocking.

It was at the time I remembered I left one of the windows open so I decided I should go and shut it. At that very moment I heard a loud bang against the floor, I got really scared. I tiptoed my way to my room, shut and locked the door and waited.

About a half hour later my mum came home, at least I thought it was her.

I unlocked my door and ran down the stairs to not find my mum, but to see a very old man standing in the hallway. I was really creeped  out and I just stood there, but the man came running at me. I then noticed it was my neighbor! I can’t remember much else of that but

I’m still too freaked out to be at farms, luckily I don’t live there anymore.

Alone at Night

Alone at Night from LetsNotMeet

This is the original reddit thread where I wrote the story; this is a slightly edited-for-grammar version.

I was around 16 when this happened, so 12 or so years ago. I’d just gotten my license and had come back to my mother’s house to work on a paper because her computer was faster than my father’s. It was getting a bit late, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary, so I wasn’t nervous one way or the other. I took a break from the paper and headed to the main bathroom, which was at the back of the house. The wall parallel to the door faced the back yard.

It has a small window in it, and just as I was about to turn on the lights, I heard a noise. Not especially close, or loud, but it was coming from somewhere in the back yard, closer to the house than the small patch of dense trees that acted as kind of a buffer between the street my house was on and the one that runs parallel to it

. I went to the window and looked out, at first seeing nothing, but then a shape ran across the yard, which I didn’t think too much of at first because I lived in a pretty typical suburban area and my house borders two streets. It wouldn’t be uncommon for kids to cut through my unfenced backyard to get to the other street. But even though I rationalized what it could be in my head, I was still a bit uneasy. I was home alone, and neither parent would be home soon (both parents worked 2nd shift in aerospace companies), which left me a little bit paranoid.

I went back to the living room, which had a huge bay window facing the front yard and a glass door to the back yard. For a few minutes, I heard nothing else, so I started to relax. But then, I heard soft noises coming from near the back door. Like someone stepping really quietly, trying not to make a sound.

Cue the adrenaline. I called my dad and told him as softly as I could what was going on. Part of me felt like I was overreacting, but the other part just knew something was off. He had someone else call the police and stayed on the line with me as I got my keys and made my way to the opposite side of the house, where the driveway and my car was. He didn’t want me leaving the house, really, but there was no way I was staying, so the plan was to get to him, then drive back together to meet the police. I can’t describe how badly I wanted to get out of that house. The worst thing that I could do, it seemed to me, was wait inside until the police got there or whomever was outside decided to come in.

When I went to get into my car, my whole body was focused on just unlocking and starting it, then tearing the hell out of my driveway. Thankfully, no horror movie cliches kept the engine from turning.

My dad’s company was a short drive away, and when I got to him and we went back to the house, we were met by the police…who had found the house lit up. Every light in every room on. Every door, even to the attic and the basement, open. But nothing was taken or touched, which to me is the scary part; the fact that whoever it was wanted to fuck with my head, or my mother’s, since it was her house. It just scared me, and I never slept well in my mother’s house after that. I was more than a bit relieved when she moved.

My backyard

I live in a decently large town just outside of Niagara Falls. Crime isn’t very common on my side of town, but the east side has seen murder and rape. I used to live on the east side of town. It wasn’t pretty, so my family and I moved out to a nice suburban area on the west side.

I was home alone on a warm summer day, maybe 75 degrees. Anyways, I was outside doing some housework as I was instructed the previous night. Just as I was finishing up cutting the grass, a man walked on to my driveway. I looked at him, and asked him if he needed anything. He paused, and just.. jogged away. I brushed it off as nothing and went inside.

Later that night I walked down the street to my local corner store. I walked inside and saw the man again. I felt chills down my spine as he approached me. He said in a raspy voice “You really know how to use a lawn mower!” I thought nothing of it and just replied with a smile. He looked at me and smiled back. Things got awkward. Quick. I said I needed to leave and he blocked my path. “Are your parents home?” He said grinning. I responded yeah they are. I was lying. He didn’t say a word, but I said “is there something you want?” He just stared. To my luck, the cashier came out and told him not to block the exit. He then proceeded down the junk food aisle. I got out of there faster than hell with my eyes as big as marbles. I ran home like a bag caught on a gust of strong wind

Later that evening I decided to take a nap. I fell asleep quickly, not remembering the incident that happened earlier. I woke up to a banging on my door at around 1:30 in the morning. I almost shit the bed. It was on the back door. I looked out the window. Nothing. I thought it might’ve been a friend or a neighbor needing help. I was naive and I clearly wasn’t thinking. Why would my friend or anyone for that matter be here so late? And why were they in my LOCKED backyard?

I ran downstairs and turned on the backyard light. Big mistake. It was the man from earlier. I jumped back and shrieked at the top of my lungs. Wrong move again. He rammed his elbow into the door and popped it off the hinges. I tried calling 911. No service. I yelled and told him I was calling the police anyways. He outsmarted me and realized my phone wasn’t glowing when I pretended to call them. He then proceeded to push the door forward, further breaking it. I was crying by this point, and I ran upstairs. I heard the man break inside. I check my phone again. ONE BAR! I WAS SO RELIEVED! I dialed 911 immediately and they told me to stay on the line. The man then proceeded to yell “YOU LIED YOU FUCKER! YOU LIED ABOUT YOUR PARENTS!” I climbed in the compartment in the back of my closet and shut it. You could smell the fear on my sweaty body, shaking as he walked in. He started banging on everything. This man was not stable, in my eyes at least. He ran downstairs looking for me, as I hear sirens pulling up to my house. The man runs, and doesn’t make it too far as they see him casually leaving the property.

The police questioned me and later charged this man. As it turns out, he wasn’t stable. He had some weird illness that to this day I still can’t pronounce. I am now 21 and living happily, but always remembering that this man. This sick, crazed man.. never plead guilty.. so he’s still out there. Probably looking for me. I live in the same house.. (Read request made for Blue_Spooky)

The Worst Way to Go

This story takes place 14 years ago, in the summer of 2004. My father worked at the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Spokane (Spoh-can), WA which was built along the Spokane River. A few hundred feet above the Plant some high end real estate was built to take advantage of the view of Riverside State Park.

The owners of these homes would occasionally call an complain that the Treatment Plant looked dirty and such leading Plant Management to ask the maintenance staff to clean off the tops of the anaerobic digesters (concrete silos that are used in breaking down human wastes in a low air environment).

The weekend before what happened my parents were out of town camping and my dad, nicknamed Geno, decided to call in sick that Monday to take an extra day off and enjoy being away from it all. That Monday the Plant had received a few calls about the look of the top of the digesters and a crew of three guys was told to clean them off.

Now before I go on I need to explain a few things about the digesters to understand what happened. These tanks were built in the 1960s/1970s and as the sludge was broken down it would be pumped out of the bottom of the tank and further processed. This system was designed to handle the waste of a city with fewer people connected to the sewer system than had been added by the 2000s.

As time passed the increasing load of processing waste wasn’t always monitored well and more waste was dumped in the tank than it could handle.

When this would happen the air pocket that was needed for the anaerobic bacteria to do its job would foam up filling the tank to the very top. Another thing about these tanks is the domed tops were not designed to be walked on.

So on this beautiful summer day three men are on top of one of the digester tanks cleaning it off so the people up the hill wouldn’t complain about the place looking bad. Things were going well for a while when the worst thing that could happen, happened.

The dome collapsed dropping the three men into a thick grey mess of partially processed human body waste. Worse yet the suction from the pumps was pulling them down into the sludge. Two of the men were able to be rescued and rushed to the hospital to be treated and remained unconscious for several days.

The third man, my father’s best friend and fishing buddy was nowhere to be found.

The tank had cracked spilling toxic human waste into the Spokane River and the City government went in to full gear to prepare for the shit storm it was going to face.

The third man, Mike Cmos’ (See moh-sez), body wasn’t recovered for several days. He had been pulled down to the bottom of the tank and drowned in the most awful of liquids.

His death was described in a civil suit against Spokane City government and the senior Plant management as being what would have been painful and terrifying as his lungs filled with processed sewage, burning his lung tissue and killing him slowly. After one of the other two men recovered enough to talk again he told my father that one of the last things Mike said was, “You know if Geno was here we wouldn’t be doing this shit.”

The two survivors still suffer chronic health issues like emphysema to this day.

The City tried to get out of as much blame for the accident and protect the plant senior management. The civil suit proved otherwise to a level of extreme incompetence by Plant Management, a number of my dad’s coworkers and his manager retired shortly after and my dad took an early retirement from his job.

My father still struggles at times with the guilt of not being there to keep everyone safe. A statue of Mike Cmos and his daughter fishing was erected in his memory and sits in front of the Plant.