The Creature by the Window

Creature by the window

This story is 100% true. My name is Alex, my story takes place in my house where I still live today.

I was 6 years old when this happened. We recently bought a dog she’s a Pomeranian. She’s really sweet and she’s bigger than a regular sized Pomeranian.

I was home alone with my brother and the dog. It was night time and I was down stairs in my living room.

I was watching TV with my dog sitting right next to me when all of a sudden I felt like I was being watched. I looked around when I saw it a tall dark shadow of a thing. I couldn’t see any facial features on the thing.

I wanted to get a better look but when I stood up and started walking towards the creature  my dog blocked me. My dog started to growl and some how the creature sensed or heard my dog because it turned around. The first thing I noticed was its greenish glowing eyes. It was hunched over and and at least 6 foot tall.

The creature started to scratch the window. It had long thin fingers with giant sharp claws. It looked like it had no fur.

I wasn’t scared, I was curious. I got my flashlight and shined it on the creature. It’s face was the face of a dog but so wrong and messed up. I was frozen in fear when I saw its face. The creature screamed after I shined the flashlight. The scream sounded like a dog whimpering and a human scream mixed together. It was horrifying.

My dog started to bark when the creature screamed.

The creature stood up I couldn’t see the face anymore just its chest. I think it was about 8 feet tall. Then it ran away into the darkness at a unbelievable speed even though it was huge. It was gone in 10 seconds.

I ran upstairs and told my brother what happened. My brother said he heard nothing the whole time.

I didn’t get any sleep that night. The next morning I went outside to the window the creature had been at and I saw huge foot prints but I didn’t dare to follow them. Also I saw scratch marks on the window. I still live in the house today. I’m 13 now and I still have a clear picture of the creature in my mind.

That night I think I saw a skinwalker. I don’t care if you don’t believe this story but I now what I saw that night.

Werewolves in Wisconsin

This happened about four years ago when I was a Sophomore in high school.

We had just gotten a lot of snow on New Year’s Eve and my friend said he didn’t want it to go to waste so he invited me to go skiing and snowboarding with him the next day. We live in Northern Illinois so we went to this place in Wisconsin for the day. We also ended up bringing his little sister who was learning how to snowboard at the time so she could get more practice in.
We got there and everything started off great.

The snow was fresh and it wasn’t too cold or anything, it was a perfect day. At one point my friend’s sister took a fall when we were going down one of the slopes. He told me to keep going and head back up to the stop of the slope and wait for him there. I got to the top of the slope and was just relaxing when a kid next to me said, “What are those things?”. He was pointing off to a clearing that sat just out of the ski resort’s property and what I saw changed how I viewed the world forever.
I tried to make sense of what I was seeing. I ran through every animal that was native to that area: coyotes, bears, deer, I even tried to tell myself that it was a group of people snowshoeing. But I knew I couldn’t convince myself that any of those explanations were true. Even though I was a good distance from the clearing it wasn’t that far from the bottom of the slope I was one so I got a pretty good look at these things.

There was four of them walking in a straight line, all of them were on two legs. They were covered in dark fur but even so I could tell that they were extremely built and muscular. They had the heads of a wolf. Their arms were long and they had large hands with long claws. Their legs were backwards jointed like a dogs and they had large paw like feet. They moved easily through the deep snow and they soon disappeared into the woods.
When the boy had pointed these things out in the first place he got more than just my attention. There were several other people staring at these things and we were all silent. We knew that what we were seeing was something that shouldn’t exist. It brought a whole new meaning to the saying seeing is believing.

The little boy asked once again what they were but I didn’t know how to answer him. I just told him that they were coyotes. He looked at me like I was an idiot but what was I suppose to say? A sane person would never say the word werewolf in public.

Soon after the creatures went into the woods my friend and his sister had made it to the top of the slope and were ready to go.
I never told my friend about what I saw that day. We finished up the day and I had almost forgotten about what I had seen that day until I heard of other stories by people who had seen creatures much like the ones I had seen.

I ended up telling my mom and my sister what I had seen because I couldn’t keep it hidden anymore. My mom laughed in my face but my sister believed me. She knew that I wouldn’t have made something like that up just for fun. This experience changed my life forever because I now know that what we perceive to be myth or fiction can be real and it’s out there whether we want to admit it or not.

The Insect

Hello night watchers, I hope you’re have a nice day or night depending on when you watch this but just to make it clear, I live out in California and I am 10,

The only thing I hate here is bugs. I have a long walk whenever I want to go somewhere because I live in a sort of isolated area and I’m not old enough to drive my dad’s car.

Almost every day I go to my friend Jake’s house but I try to go when it’s still daylight out so I get there by noon or late morning. But on this particular day my friend invited me over to his house for a sleep-over. I was surprised because usually he’s busy with family stuff on Friday’s or weekends; I told him I’d be there around 8 to 9 P.M. because my mom didn’t have a truck or car and my dad was at work.

So my mom packs me and overnight bag with a sleeping bag, a book, a pillow, and a flashlight, I decide I should get there early so as to not disappoint my friend.

It’s around five when I head out and everything feels so happy and alive: Birds singing, the sun shining, and everything just has a friendly feel. I start to get excited at seven because I’m almost there (hard to believe I have to walk almost 6 miles almost every day)

It starts to get dark and oddly dusky for it being late afternoon and there’s no more happy feeling to every thing. I just got that instinct that something was wrong. Being myself I forgot how much I need bug spray, I pick up the pace a little and start getting strangely paranoid.

All of a sudden there’s a snap of a branch and a “THUMP” when a branch falls from a tree. Quickly I turn on my flashlight and whirl around to see a giant humanoid insect that looked somewhat like a moth.

I scream and run as fast as I can and finally see the light from Jake’s window, something inside of me gave me a surge of hope and I ran as fast as I could. But all that was lost when I got to the porch and I heard a deafening screech and the sound of wind blowing from huge wings.

I slam the door shut and start pounding on the front door. “LET ME IN! HELP!” I said, suddenly Jake’s father yanks open the door and the creature flies off “What’s the matter boy?! You’re giving’ my family the spooks.”. Now this startled me because Jake’s father was a genuinely nice man, and I just stood there appalled and I couldn’t speak. Eventually I got settled in and told my friend what I had saw and heard but of course he didn’t believe me. My mom picked me up in the morning and put me into therapy. I don’t care what anybody says but I know that what I saw was true.

Monster in the Woods

My husband and I were fishing from our boat one night at the lake not far from our home.We were not far off shore but the lake was deep there.We fished at night quite often as you could catch the bigger fish .

It was very quiet and calm when we heard the most horrible screaming,gurgling,weirdest noise we had ever heard!! We are very outdoor people and have heard many wild animal noises but this screaming was definitely different!!

After the scream we could hear something coming towards the lake,it was moving pretty fast and it must have been quite large,we could hear it snapping large branch’s and just crashing through the woods.We decided it was time to go home!! By this time,maybe 5 minutes had passed,it was to the shore already. It sounded like it was about a half mile away when we first heard it! We didn’t have a boat motor, just we pulled our anchor and just threw our poles down!!

We were trying to be quiet but in a metal boat that’s hard to do. We could feel it there,watching us… husband started rowing toward where our car was parked.We were about forty foot from shore and had to row approximately a quarter of a soon as we started moving it started following us!! You could definitely hear it,very loud crashing noises and steps. It sounded like it was just walking over small trees and whatever was in its way!! Now my husband can row that boat pretty fast when he has a mind to and that night he definitely had a mind too!!

We were discussing our plan to load up our boat when we got to the car.the creature was definitely still following along shore. It wasn’t a man,it was crunching and crashing way too loud for that, It wasn’t a bear, bears don’t scream like that and it was walking on two legs, bears can do that but it’s hard for them and they grunt. Whatever this was it was silent except the noises from the trees and branches breaking. It was agreed that my husband would run to the car with me, I would jump in and back the car and trailer to the lake and he would load the boat as quickly as he could. We got to the landing and sat there a minute off shore still.hoping it would come into the clearing so we could see it. It didn’t..We heard where it stopped,about twenty feet from our car. It was very dark but we could see well enough.

OK, Time to do this!! Hubby rowed the boat fast and hit the shore, we both jumped out and ran to the car. We didn’t look around, we just focused on doing this!! I got the trailer backed and felt a large thump.a second later my hubby was in the car saying GO!!!! I went!! We both looked towards where we knew the thing had stopped but couldn’t see anything!! When we got to the main road which was about a half mile from the lake we husband said he had to fix the boat.he had just picked up the boat and threw it on the trailer!! It was a fifteen foot boat!!

Then we talked about what it could have been on the way to my parents house.whatever it was,it was huge and powerful and definitely scared the crap out of us, but it obviously wasn’t a killer. The way it moved, it could have had us anytime it wanted!! Especially when we were getting the car, it was only twenty feet away! After the scream/gurgle it made no other noise!!

We told my parents what had happened.they practically lived at this lake.I waited for them to laugh at us or ask what we were drinking but I didn’t expect to hear what they did say! My mom said it sounds like the same thing we heard. My dad,who was danish and very serious all the time,agreed!! I asked them when and they said about twenty years ago. And they had friends with them who heard it also!!

If you have never heard of the Michigan Dog Man, you should look up the song!! We found out later there was a song about a creature that was super strong,very hairy,and walked on two feet!! One of the sightings in the song was about five miles from this lake!! Seven years later we were camping there with our kids..we woke up at three a.m.and heard the screaming again!! We woke our kids and they heard it also, although this time it went to the lake again and didn’t come close to our camper! Since then,we don’t fish at night anymore!

Creature in the Woods

Hi my name is John West I am from Ireland but lived in America some years ago . My story begins in the south of America when I was a young man . I set out on a long walk early in the morning by myself well at least I thought I was . No one else was at the car park so I took a big breath of air and set off.

Now note that I’m 6 foot 7 and built, so I’m a big guy, and this is important later on in the story . So about half way through It was starting to rain and clouds were now covering the sky. I keep on walking tho as I’m enjoying the peace and quiet. Big mistake. I walked for about 10 minutes more when I saw it

A big dark creature about 7 foot high. It looked like it didnt have any flesh on its face because the bones appeared to be showing on the surface but there were patches of loose skin hanging off in other areas. I froze!. After 5 minutes I was freezing and just wanted to get past this thing so I started to walk. Mistake 2 . I got close to this thing and nearly past it when I saw its face up close and it looked right thru me.I knew then that it was definitely evil whatever it was. I shouted Jesus so loud that if anyone else’s was in the forest they definitely would have herd me

The thing turns around and hits me as it turns and runs, knocking me down. I stood up, nose  badly bleeding, and ring my girlfriend. I tell her everything is OK but I tell her exactly where I am just in case anything happens. I tell her I will see her soon and then I hang up . Mistake 3

I start running back to my car when I hear a terrifying scream . I nearly died when I heard it . I saw it then sprint past me. It was so fast. I’m quite slow due to my size but this thing was just outrageous. It was out of this world fast.

Then it stands up on 2 Legs, the creases of its body were  disgusting, baring more bones and muscle fibre and black ooze.. It ran at me and ran right into me knocking me down. I hit it and a bone in its face falls off it screams but doesn’t seem to care . I get up and run again . I slipped and twisted my knee . I thought I was a dead man . I said a prayer and listened. It came out of the tree line. It looked into my eyes …. my eyes into his and the scariest most terrifying thing happened next it said  will see you soon in my voice like I said to my girlfriend on the phone before changing its shape and running off.

I got back to my car and cried . Years later I wonder why I did not kill me  or harm me . I made a few mistakes that day . Sometimes it only takes 1 mistake for shit to hit the fan. Be safe