The MothMan

I guess the best place to begin is to explain what I was doing. I was heading to Mexico to visit my grandparents with my mother so that we could drive back to where we live and they could visit us as well in 2014. On the way there I was listening to music and playing a game on my phone as my mom drove the car.

It was around Two A.M. and we had passed the border around twelve. So we were about two hours out from the border. There were no other cars on the narrow road that we were driving down; in addition, it was pitch black besides our headlights.
Now as I was playing JetPack Joyride I began to get a little bored of the song I had on repeat and decided to change the song. I remember that as I find a song I want to show my mom I reach to the dashboard to get the aux cord.

As I grab the aux cord, there is a white dot that I notice out in the sky. Confused by not being able to understand what it is I stare at it quietly. It seems as if even the engine of the car gets toned out because it was like I couldn’t even hear my own breathing.
Staring, I realize that the dot begins to expand horizontally. It looks like a drunk bird trying to fly, struggling to keep itself in the air. It was so white and pale. About eight seconds pass from when I had first noticed it; although, to me it felt like a minute.

The closer the animal got to the vehicle, I could tell that this was no bird. This thing looked like it was made of skin and bone with no feathers at all. The pale white color was probably because of the car’s headlights now that I think about it.

I remember the moment that I finally moved, because it was the moment that it was about to smack right into the car. It unfolded its wings, and in a split second, took one huge flap before narrowly missing the top of our car. The wingspan of this creature was at least twice the width of our car.

I looked at my mom and asked her how she felt. She replied, “I don’t know. I think I just saw something really ugly.” As shivers covered my body and I got goosebumps, I replied me too.

About ten seconds after the creature had passed us, the air began to stench of sulfur. Right as I was going to ask my mom what the smell was, she said “You know demons are supposed to leave the smell of sulfur after having passed people right?” I was terrified.

Once I got to my aunts house where there was internet after visiting my grandma, I looked for pictures of huge pale bats. I soon found images of the MothMan. He was just as pale in the pictures and had no feathers. The same features of having a head that connected to the body with no neck and the pale skin. It was definitely him.

I then saw a picture of a statue that somewhat resembles him. The statue is in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The statue has the arms separated from the wings, and the wings are a little bit longer with holes in them as if they were of an actual moth. All I know is that the statue is monument to all of the witnesses of the MothMan.

The Black Creature

By Kyle RJ

School was just going on that day, with me (Kyle), and my two friends Jeff, and Dick, we were just doing are boring school life. Us grade 9’s, until the teacher told us that there will be a Halloween evening party, “but you must bring your money for the tickets, and your parents if you want to”, are teacher said as it will come in 2 weeks. That day, me and my two friends went, and we had fun, of course that are parents were there my dad any way.

And so as the party has began, I needed to go to the bathroom, from drinking those awesome drinks, so I asked my dad if I can go by myself he said yes, and so I went up stairs were the closest bathroom is, and when I went up there, there was nobody up there, I was alone upstairs, but I was just going to use the bathroom I told my self, but upstairs was nothing but complete silence, and it was a bit dark, I was a little bit scared because I was afraid of the dark, but you know what Dick said, “be a man” so I just went to the creepy bathroom, down the creepy dark hallway,

Until I heard a growling sound, it was coming from one of the empty classrooms upstairs, but it was down the hall way, I just froze in terror, because that sound was scary, it was 5 times creepier then a dog growl, soon I was at the bathroom door, I was about to go in, until I saw something down the hallway, it was to dark I could hardly see, but it was coming towards me the first second I saw it, so I ran in the bathroom to the far end stall, and just sat on the toilet doing nothing, I wanted to come in the bathroom because I would think that thing I never seen before come after me,

I didn’t want that to happen, so I was just peeing in the toilet like a women, but I didn’t care, no one was in the bathroom, I was hoping to god that thing will be gone when I came out, but then the door open, and I heard that growl again, I was so terrified that I put my legs up, but then it was just going around the bathroom grunting, so I put my head down to see whats going on, but the only thing I can see was 4 hairy black feet with fur, walking everywhere, I haven’t been more scared in my life, I haven’t said or did anything, except shaking and sweating,

Now that I know this motherfucking thing is in the bathroom, 30 seconds later the thing went out of the bathroom with a loud growl, I slowly followed it and when I peeked out of the bathroom door the black thing was gone, so I slowly put my head out of the bathroom door, and than I saw the thing going out of a window that was towards outside, I don’t know if it someone trying to prank me, or it was really a black thing I never seen before, I ran downstairs with everyone, and my dad said what took you so long, “oh nothing” I said, I think I should keep it as secrete for now, but I don’t know what that thing was, but it was really terrifying, I never seen a creature that scary and black before, and it was much to big to be a dog, so next time I need to go use the washroom, I will bring someone with me.

I Saw Him Too

Perhaps I should start by revealing my location, sex, and age. I am a female, nineteen years of age, though at the time I was seventeen, and I live in Texas. When this incident occurred, I was living in a small town by the name of Cleveland Texas. Trails End was the name of the estate– It was a trailer park, buried within woods. It was a place easily overlooked. I’m not quite sure how my mother’s, I have two, found it.

Cleveland is an approximate hour and a half from Houston. Well, with my mother’s erratic driving. They are both EMT’s, so they often took forty-eight hour shifts. This left myself, my sister, and my brother at home alone with two dogs. A Pitbull and a Doberman Pinscher. I know this may be a little too much information, but this all pertains to the incident. My siblings and I had a chore of taking the dogs out every night before we slipped into bed.

I am deathly afraid of werewolves, so heading out at nighttime was something I never desired to do. Out of fear, I told my fifteen year old, petite, 4’11”, sister and my twelve year old, 4’6″, brother to take them out. Myself being 5’3″, athletic build, and simply more capable of holding onto a Doberman’s leash better than the both of them, and this was no typical Doberman Pinscher. She was a European Warlock, bred to take down boar and bear. Her back reached about 4’2″ and her weight was 160lbs. Her canines were an approximate two inches long. She was a massive dog. She was capable of taking down anything, as we had seen before. She took down a buck by merely charging him, using her bind legs to force her high enough to reach his neck, and pulled him down. It was silly trying to explain to the Game Warden that we did not unleash her to do so. In fact, this is why we had to walk her. We couldn’t risk her being put down. A $3,000 plus $2,500 on successfully curing her of Parvo would’ve upset my mother if the money had gone to waste.

I know. If you wanted to read numbers, you would’ve picked a math book.

Trust me, these numbers are seemingly vital to this horrific tale.

Not even five minutes after I sent them outside, both of the dogs had pried themselves from my siblings’ hands. The two of them came into the house, crying. They were apologizing profusely, and I annoyed, hushed them and asked them to accompany me in finding the dogs. Their response was, “of course,” for none of us wished to get into trouble with our parents.

We readied ourselves with extra leashes, flashlights, and our bikes. Well, their bicycles. I didn’t have one. My had been run over one evening, so I had my feet. It wasn’t an issue for me. And so we began our trek through the silent roads of our neighborhood. They explained that the dogs had run off into the woods. This was believable, considering that is the only place they’d flee to.
The two of them parted ways from me. They would check the streets while I walked through the woods. I warily agreed. I wasn’t fond of the idea, given the only thing popping up in my head was a werewolf, but I obliged. Confronting my fears was nothing to a month worth of grounding. So, armed with a mere flashlight and my feet, I walked. There were fresh dog tracks. They were large like my Doberman, but I was so afraid of spotting a werewolf, I disregarded logic. However, I pressed forward. As I traveled deeper into the woods, the more I relaxed. Despite the occasional shuffle of leaves in front of me, everything seemed calm. The disturbance of leaves could have only been one or both of our dogs, so I worried not.

The pattern of feet sounded as though it was an animal on all fours. This eased my mind, considering a werewolf would’ve walked on two legs. Then– The pattern stopped. I called out for Storm, my Doberman, and heard a shuffle of leaves as the animal ran away from me.

“Godda– Storm!”

I began running now. I had no idea how far I was into the forest at this point. Frankly, I didn’t care either. That was until I stumbled upon a shack. It was disheveled, run down. The single window by the door had been shattered; the wood rotting, snapped, and scraped away.

Though it seems an ignorant idea, I switched off my flashlight. If there was anyone inside, I did not wish to draw their attention to me.

Hypocritical, I suppose, considering the next part. I don’t know what compelled me to do so, but I reached for the knob. I twisted it and heard a click confirming that it was unlocked.
I entered, cautiously, and found newspapers scattered about. They ranged between the years 1962 and 2013.

Cocking my head I reached for one of the papers. It listed comics, missing persons, and available occupations.


Then, it happened. There were footsteps drawing near the shack. They weren’t an animal’s. They came in two’s, heavy. It was as if they wanted to be heard.

I dropped the paper immediately. I could feel my knees begin to buckle in fear.


I sighed in relief. It was my little brother. They addressed me by my middle name.

“Are you there?”

My sister’s voice chimed in. I wanted to speak out, but something seemed off. I couldn’t tell if it was my paranoia or if something was actually wrong.

“Faith, did you find Stormy?”

I felt a wash of relief once more. It was my brother. He always addressed Storm by her, though short, elongated name.

“No,” I finally answered, “though I think she’s stalking around somewhere out here.”

“Come out here. Let’s look for her together.” Alexis started again. However, there was an eerie neutrality to her voice. She didn’t sound human. It could’ve been due to the cold, but I didn’t trust it.

“J-Just a moment–” I leaned up cautiously and peered out through the window. There was a singular silhouette, much too tall to be my sister, and way too tall to be my brother. Hell– It couldn’t have even been one of my mothers.


His voice was deeper now. It was definitely not my brother. Even if he chose to hit puberty in that instance, he would have never called me by my first name.

“You had better get out of there.”

I winced at his tone.

“Now.” He warned.

I couldn’t tell if he was a grown man. He seemed much too tall to even be considered human. I froze, and just as I was about to flip on my flashlight, I heard a faint rustle of movement to my left. Well, we heard it.

I could tell because he turned his head towards the noise. It was definitely no werewolf, given its ovaloid face, spiraled horns, and beard. I gasped silencing myself with my hands.
A guttural growl erupted from the left. It sounded like Storm. The beast outside of the shack stiffened. He turned towards the canine, digitrade hind legs shifting with his steps.
What erupted from his muzzle brought tears to my eyes. He shook his head, tilted his head back, and screamed. It sounded like a terrified woman and a fox. It was a shriek, shrill. The canine began barking.


I called out. He worked his head up, his ears raising in curiosity. It was a terrible idea at the time, but worked wonders with my luck. She had charged him. I could hear her heavy steps. I twisted the knob and bolted outside. I turned back for a split second to see her up on her hind legs. She was attempting his neck to no avail. He was much too massive.

You see, when she stands up, she’s about 6’2″. Judging by the fact that she didn’t reach his neck, he had to have been 7’5″ or 8’0″ tall.

I heard her whine, and my heart ached. She had gotten hurt, and I was next. I could hear his steps drawing near. The noise was too close for comfort, and no matter the amount of adrenaline pumping through my veins, I couldn’t outrun him. He screamed. It was so startling that, as cliche as it sounds, I stumbled. I laughed at myself in my head, for I never imagined that I’d be so close to being home free without ever reaching it.

It seemed to happen slowly. It was agonizingly slow… As I tried to stand, I felt a sharp blow at my side. His horns had struck my ribs knocking the wind out of me, and as I tried to catch my breath he began pacing towards me.

I could hear him sniffing the air.

“Come now, Maria,” he paused momentarily, “don’t be afraid.”

I refused to look towards him. His silhouette was terrifying enough. If I had seen his features, I would be doomed to trauma.

He just wouldn’t have it. He reached his hand out towards me, two hoofed fingers and a thumb, gripped my chin, and turned me to him.

There was a flash of light, and I saw his features. Jagged yellow teeth, sideways slit pupils, matted white fur, human male torso, red eyes, and a grin like no other was all exposed to me before he disappeared.


My sister called to me.

“Faith, are you okay?”

My brother followed her.

I could feel their hands trying to pull me up, but I swatted them away. I didn’t know if it was really them or more of the beast.

“Y-You saw…”

They hushed me.

“It’s okay. We found Zeus. Is Storm with you?”

Alexis questioned. I shook my head, and just as I was about to explain my concern for her wellbeing, Storm trotted towards us. She had damage to her nose and chest.

I didn’t realize the pain in my side until we had made it home. I was on edge, worried, cautious the whole quest back. I locked all of the doors, told my brother to head to bed, and nailed a blanket over my sister and I’s window.

I turned on the Television and raised the volume as much as possible as not to disturb the neighbors or anger our parents when they got home.


My sister sighed.

“I know your scared, but this isn’t necessary.”

I shook my head. “You don’t know what I went through. Alexis…” I began to tear up. “You didn’t see what I saw.”

She explained that I should lower my voice as to not scare my brother, Christian.

Then, she whispered out something I’d never forget.

“I saw him too.”

Kentucky Goatman

By J guy

Just some back ground of the time and place . It was 2005 or 2006 and it was late fall . At the time of the sighting I was 13 . I live in a desolate part of Kentucky . Next to my house I have a great big field and a massive Forrest . I am an out doors type of person and I enjoy going out in the woods with friends . Along with my years out in the wildlife I’ve heard stories of scary creatures such as goatman , dog man and Bigfoot etc . I like to go out in the woods with friends and do what normal 13 year olds do .

Today I was bored so I decided to go into the woods my self . BIG MISTAKE !. So on to the story . I set off into the woods and I felt ok . I heard the birds and seen the occasional dog walker. As I went deeper I didn’t see any dog walkers , or birds . 10 mins later I got this HUGE uneasy feeling that came over me but I tried to let it go . Now I was in total fear of that feeling of being stalked or something . I decided to turn back when all of a sudden I hear this grunt and I turned round . About 30 or so yards down the trail opposite from where I was going to head back .

This tall creature about 7 ft or so tall with muddy grey shaggy hair was standing behind me on the trail . Seconds felt like hours as it’s glowing yellow eyes were staring right at me .it had a goat ahead with big horns coming out of the side of this thing . It was the scariest moments of my life. I ran and I ran . I heard it growling and running at the max of 6 ft behind me I ran for what felt like 5 mins and I forgot to mention there was a big creek nearby . I heard it take off and jump into it with a great big splash .

I looked back and it was gone so I got to my house and never spoke about it again . I don’t know what to believe but I think I saw the Kentucky goat man . The woods may look like a nice place to go hiking or fishing but always watch your surroundings because you never know what’s following you .

Goatman is NOT a Morning Person

This wasn’t a sighting per se, as I never actually got a good look at whatever decided to antagonize me. I can’t decide if at makes me happy or if it made the experience all the more terrifying.

I live in a rural part of Maryland that is chock-full of weird creatures and spooky folktales. Big Liz, Werewolves in Delaware, Swampman of Delmarva, the list goes on. But the Goatman just seemed too farfetched to me. That is until the spring of 2003.

My parents had moved us to a new house the previous year. A dilapidated, run down old thing but I loved it for one reason: it sat on nearly four acres of woods. It was plenty of space to roam and explore as a young kid. Christmas the year prior had been nice, giving me a few girly things but also some new outdoorsy things like a bb gun and a swiss knife. But the thing that I loved the most was this silly little Charmander clock that would make Charmander noises and play a snippet of the Pokemon theme as an alarm. I set the thing religiously every night and woke up ready to conquer everything school could throw at me the next day.

One day, I set my alarm as usual but when it went off at 6:30 all hell broke loose. A huge force hit the wall of my bedroom from outside, shaking the entire house and causing things to fall from my shelf. I yelped and fell out of bed. Sitting there in the floor I wondered what had happened until my Mom came back, red-faced in anger. “What the HELL are you doing?” She screeched at me. I stammaered out some kind of reply but I really had no good answer beyond ‘it wasn’t me’. As you can imagine that went over really well.

Shrugging it off, I got ready and left for school. When I got home I ran back to my room. I looked all over the wall, the floor, there was nothing that could’ve generated that much force even if it fell. I then went outside and looked at the outside wall of my bedroom. I found nothing but a weird set of prints. It was hard to tell exactly what they were because of the grass but it left enough of a print for me to tell that it was cloven. The tracks seemed to have torn up the ground slightly, as if it had been next to the wall when my alarm went off and had gotten spooked. The yellow siding on the house was dented and warped but I just chalked that up to it’s age. The implications otherwise were terrifying. Feeling uneasy, I went back inside and for the most part forgot about the thump. I would still hear strange noises if I stayed up late or if I snuck out to the livingroom after midnight to watch anime. As if something were grunting and sniffing at he windows. I never got up the courage to look. Occasionally I would see flashes of brown moving through the trees during the day. I stopped going off the trails in the woods, eventually avoiding it altogether.

A few months later, near the end of summer, my best friend came over to spend the weekend with me. For the sake of the story, we’ll change her name to Susy. Now Susy didn’t exactly jump at the chance to go running through the woods like I did, but she would walk trails with me sometimes if she was feeling generous. She must have been feeling really generous this day as she actually suggested we go for a walk. I hadn’t told anyone that I had stopped going out there so, of course, I was caught in my own foolish pride and away we went. The walk started out pleasant enough: good company, beautiful trees, singing birds. So I eventually relaxed and enjoyed the hike even as we looped around and were headed back. That is until the birds stopped singing and every hair on the back of my neck stood up.

“Hey” a voice called. I must have jumped twelve feet in air. Of all  things I’d expected, a voice didn’t even make the list. Susy called out “Who’s there?” The voice chuckled. I felt shivers run up my spine. That sound was earily similar to the sniffing noises I’d been hearing at night.

“You both look so cute. Why don’t you come over here?” the voice said. It sounded odd, like having a sore throat and they were trying to overcompensate by anunceating every word. The kicker was that the voice sounded kind of like my brother and kinda like the neighbor, switching between the tones like it couldn’t decide who to be. Survival mode kicked in and I looked deeper into the woods, trying to pinpoint the stranger. Last thing I wanted was for us to run smack dab into some psycho’s open arms.

“Especially you, Sarah. You look so cute.” Nope. Done. Realizing the voice was off to the left, deeper into the woods, I grabbed Susy’s hand and dashed back to the house. Susy, still shaken looked at me with frightened eyes. We didn’t speak of it again. We just pretended it hadn’t happened at all. Hindsight 20/20 we probably should have. It could have been a pervert for all we knew then.

A few years later and I’m crusing the web when I come across a site for strange things in Maryland. While reading, I learn more about the goatman, going per than just his ridiculous origin tale. I laughed at first and started reading. The farther I got, the more relieved I am that we moved to a new house not to long after our encounter. The Goatman supposedly can mimic voices, luring people to their deaths. He’s been known to throw his body against cars. And he more often than not has cloven hooves. I can say that I am glad I never actually saw the Goatman. What little I experienced was quite enough thank you very much.

I drove by that house not too long ago since I was feeling a bit nostalgic and was in the area. It’s falling down now due to neglect and a sinking foundation. But the dent in the siding is still there and the woods seem to be the same. I just know that I’m not going back there to check.