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Scariest Walk Home

By Riley C.

Back in 2000, I walked home from work b/c it was only a 15 minute walk home tops & my husband at the time was with our three daughters (one car, different work schedules. So whoever was watching the girls, kept the car in case they needed to go somewhere). There was a creepy path I normally walked to work & back on. It took me across a high grass field, then bent on to a path that only Tim Burton could have created but it was short, just keep your head down & walk fast.

It led you to the cemetery back fence, but the town gave access to a foot path to get to store where I worked. About 6 months into this job, there was a creepy drunk guy that would like to sit & watch people walk on the ‘Tim Burton’ path. It bothered me so much that I decided I did not want to be the victim of a possible attack so a co-worker told me to walk the main road, that led to a restaurant & Inn parking lot. In back of there was a very steep bank of 60 feet or so that you would have to maneuver down carefully, walk across another 50 feet of someone’s land, thru some trees & I’d be home. Those where my only two options, as I was the closer of my department & it was too late to wake the girls for my husband to get them in the car to come get me.

Night Time Encounter

By J. H. Cain

This happened a couple of years ago, when I was 16. Me and two friends (for the sake of privacy there names will be changed) Alan and Phil, were walking home from a house party. It was around one in the morning and the party was located at the end of a long stretch of desolate dirt road. None of us had put any thought to how we were going to get home, Alan’s mum was staying at her brothers as he was ill and Phil’s parents were on holiday. My parents would have been fast asleep and (me being the reckless teenager I was) I had sneaked out of the house to go to this party. The walk home would take around an hour and a half but none of us had the foresight to leave the party early. The dirt road was unlit so all we could make out were silhouettes of trees and bushes.

The waning moon provided some light as we walked but kept disappearing behind the clouds in the sky. We talked and laughed at the situation we were in as we walked down the road being careful to stay away from patches of mud. Suddenly Alan stopped and just stood there staring into the fields “Guys did you see that?” He asked us.

Skinwalker Reservation

By manyvariedsnakes

This happened a few years ago in Southern Utah. My family and I have some friends that live on the small sliver of the Navajo Nation reservation near the bottom of Utah. Our family isn’t Navajo, but my parents had met some friends a while back who are.

Now, my parents had always told me about the legends that their friends had told them. I was never really scared of them because, in all honesty, I didn’t believe they were true.

Chupacabra in Georgia?

By Karma

This happened some odd years ago and I have my 2 blood to back me up even tho we all kinda just put this behind us.

In the mountains of Georgia is a small town of Jasper or better know and Pickens County, it’s a small town back then, it’s grown since then tho, I am 17 and i remember this clearly because it scared me and this is why I believe in the creatures of the night.

My Friend Saw Something He’d Never Forget

By Felix McGee

Hello! I was watching one of Darkness’s videos and it reminded me of this story my friend told me about a night of hunting.

For safety purposes I will be calling my friend John. John and his dad had built a small hut like building out in the forest behind their house, and they used it a lot when hunting because it looked out on a lake that animals seemed to use when drinking.

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