Monster In Maine

I am in the boy scouts and my troop which is from New Jersey went to Maine for Summer Camp. The first day we checked in and got into our cabins. The cabins aren’t new but it was better than new. The cabins had a screen door and a window that also had a screen.

They were bunk beds on opposite corners in the cabins. I got bottom bunk so I can see out the door while my other four buddies got the others. One night I had to go pee,being the coward I am I woke one of friends to come with me. While I was peeing my friend looked the other way so he didn’t see the figure I saw. It look like a tree because the branches or “it’s arms” had different lengths. I looked away then looked at the same place again and it moved. I didn’t see it move but I knew it moved and didn’t think much of it.

Thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. So I went back to my cabin. The next night after I was deep asleep but I got a strange feeling that someone was watching me and it woke me up.

The sight I saw made me want to scream so loud but if I did I thought I would die. The door opened both ways push or pull. The being was moving towards the door. So I summed up all my courage and moved my footlocker infront of the  door to prevent it from opening but he didn’t even try to open it. He just stared at me. An hour later he left and the next morning I looked outside and theses tracks that had four toes and a claw on the back were around my cabin and in the woods. I didn’t tell my scoutmaster because I knew he wouldn’t believe me.

The next night I begged my friend for the top bunk and in the morning my friend told me he saw a beast I said I didn’t believe him to keep him from shitting himself. I believed him and will never forget what I saw.

The Screaming Banshee

I am from Ireland.I am 20 years old and about 6ft 4 inch male and quite built . This story happened to me when I was first learning to drive about 17 . Now a few details before we begin . Ireland is a small country with a lot of open space and woods .  So I was completely alone in the middle of nowhere when this happened. Now let’s begin

I just got my driving license and I was so happy . I was on top of the world . So I did not yet have a car but my mam and dad both did. So one night at about 11 my parents went to bed . Before my dad went up stairs to join my mam I said I needed to to my friend Allen house . Note it is about a 5 minute drive.

i was a responsible child so my dad let me . I rang Allen and said “hey you up for a drive ” he said sure il be ready in 10 minutes. So I arrived picked Allen up and set of to the woods near us. Now the part of Ireland I live in is Laois about an 1 hour from Dublin . We arrived and I drive into the middle of the woods . We had a few beers and a few snacks and had a brilliant time until the mood changed . Everything was so quick and I began to fell we were not alone.

i tried to start the car but it cut out. This is a new car so this was very strange. Next thing I heard scared me to the bone a blood boiling scream  then out of nowhere I saw it a ghost figure with long hair that covers her face . Allen jumped into the car and shouted at me to get the fuck in . I did not feel scared though I felt sad and began to cry . Then it was gone I stayed crying and felt so sad it was so weird .

We left the woods then after a while of fixing the car . I dropped Allen of and went home . Crying all the way home . I went to bed but got woke up saying my granny had died . I was defeated I broke down completely

then I remembered what happened the night before. It made sense it was a banshee an Irish legend tat would come to certain family with certain 2nd names to tell them someone was going to die . I felt sick . Ireland is a lovely country but what happened that night was very weird and was definitely a banshee

tank you for listening

Ocracoke Mystery

This happened a few years ago. I was with my family on a vacation to Ocracoke,North Carolina,This is an island. This island was more remote,compared to the other islands at least.We went there right after a small hurricane hit the outer banks which included the island.It was dark and gloomy looking,and partialy raining on and off here and there,but we took a ferry to the island.The trip on the ferry was extraordinary because I have never done any thing like it before.But eventually after we arrived and looked at the small town, Then went out for lunch we decided to go to Ocracoke National Campground. After this experience i never want to go to the ocean at night.

Later,when we got our camp setup,we went for a swim but we were not allowed to go far because the waves were heavily affected by the hurricane that occurred a few days ago,And were huge and rough.Later after we got bored of the ocean and searched for seashells. But,we saw a crab and my 6 year old brother and I,went after it, like normal wild boys. When we caught that sucker the crab was bright white with bright yellow on it’s legs. We wondered what species it was so we went ahead and asked the ranger at the front of the campground. He told us it was a ghost crab and he said they mainly come out at night.

That night we had hot dogs and sat by the fire.Then got ready for bed. I alone,went for one last look at the ocean after everyone went to bed.It was about 12:50 ish. I walked the ocean,the stars were bright and the moon was so bright i could see about 15ft in front of me and the shining water.Ghost crabs everywhere,i have to admit there were so many that i acedently stepped on a few and heard crunch and felt guilty for stepping on them but moved on with my walk. Then i saw it. This Crocodile human looking thing.I was frozen,I do not think it heard me because of the crashing waves. Oh i can still see it in my head. It was crouching picking up crabs and eating them, Stuffing its face.It was about 5 to 6 feet tall running back into the ocean after i let out a squeal. I can almost explain it like a baby Godzilla mixed with a human.When it looked at me before it ran into the ocean all paranormal stories I have read or stories i have true came into my head as all true as i was running and crying to the campsite. I went to sleep in my tent and woke up early but layed frozen until i heard other members of my family get up. For some reason I thought it was safe to get up now. We left to home and i told my dad on the way but he acted like he believed me but i could tell he really didn’t.

Shrieking Creature in Knoydart

*The attached image is from google images and is of the west ridge of the mountain climbed in the story*

This story takes place back in 2014 in late March when I was 17 years. My Uncle had been planning to take one of my friends and I to an area in Scotland called Knoydart for a few days to climb some mountains and camp out . Knoydart is arguably the most remote place in the mainland United Kingdom and my Uncle was taking us there at my request as I am an avid hill walker and love the outdoors. My friend, whom i’ll call Fred instead of his actual name, had asked to come along with us when I told him about the remoteness of the area and how creepy it would likely be out there as there would be no lights of any kind. He liked the outdoors about as much as I did so he loved the sound of that. My Uncle has done about half of the Munros, which are the top 282 tallest mountains in Scotland, and is really proficient at mountaineering and hill walking.

It was quite a pleasant day when we set off on our trek. it would have been about 15 degrees Celsius and there was a cool breeze in the air. We left our car at a place called Glenfinnan which was about 15 miles away from our planned destination, Inverie, as the crow flies however we were taking a more arduous route across a Munro called Meall Bhuidhe; god only knows how to pronounce that. The day went well. We covered some good distance, got amazing views from the hills and even saw a golden eagle which are quite rare. It started to get dark but we still had a ways to go before we got to our planned camping spot so we pressed on as darkness began to fall. Now this…this is were it starts getting weird. We were just coming down a steep glen when my Uncle has to go for a number one. There was a small forest at the foot of the glen so he went on ahead while Fred and I stayed back. It was getting difficult to see now so we both took our head torches out of our rucksacks and put them on. Just as we were doing this we heard a loud shriek pierce the silence that had surrounded us.

“Okay…what in god’s name was that?” I murmured in a confused voice.

“I-it came from those crags…” My friend stammered. He was spooked. He had never been out in the wilderness before and, as a result, had never had to deal with having his mind play tricks on him. I didn’t want to scare him but I genuinely had no clue what the hell made that noise.

“It could have just been an eagle” I said, trying to reassure him but completely failing to convince him.

He gave me a look of disbelief. “Eagle!? No way was that an eagle bud…” I knew he was right so when my Uncle got back we told him about it and he suggested that maybe they were trying to re introduce wild boar into Scotland. I couldn’t decide if I was happy that we had a potential answer or scared that there were boar running wild out there. Either way we had to set up camp. We got camp set up in a small clump of trees and ate some boil in the bag food. We then got into our tents to get some sleep. The eerie shriek from the crags had all but left my mind as I drifted off into unconsciousness.

At roughly 1 am I awoke to the sound of branches snapping. This on its own was not enough to make me feel scared or anything because as I said I was an avid hill walker and had had deer come right up to my tent before in the night. I usually find the sounds of wildlife relaxing. Whatever it was outside began scratching what must have been a tree. There was something off about this. It couldn’t have been a deer. Deer don’t have claws. Fox or wildcat maybe I thought to myself. The scratching sound persisted and I decided to shine a light on whatever it was. Then I remembered the shriek from the crags and i froze.

What if it’s a boar? or worse. I ridiculed myself for being spooked by this noise so I grabbed my torch and began to unzip my tent. To this day I wish I hadn’t felt so bold that night. I was faced with complete darkness outside my tent. The scratching was coming from my left. I pointed my torch in that direction and flicked it on. I stopped dead. Stood before me was not a fox, wildcat…, or boar. Instead there was this creature. It’s skin was a decayed, grey colour and it was completely lacking of any hair. It was hunched in an unnatural position at the base of a tree, just scratching. It looked to be about 1 metre tall from what I could see of it’s cadaverous looking body. As soon as the light hit it it stopped scratching.

It turned to face me and I chocked a scream when I saw its face. It’s eyes were a glazed over, milky colour, It had no nose that I could see and it had a thin line where its mouth was. for a couple of seconds which felt like an eternity it stared at me. Then its mouth opened and it let out a horrific, piercing shriek almost identical to the one Fred and I had heard from the crags. It took one last look at me before running off into the darkness at an impossible speed. Shortly after my Uncle and Fred were out of there tents and demanding to know what i’d seen. I couldn’t speak i’d been that badly scared. I tried to tell them and my Uncle, the towering pillar of logic that he is, suggested that i had had a night terror or something of the sort. Fred, however, believed every word I said.

The next day we cut our walk short and high tailed it to Inverie where we got a boat to a train station so we could get back to the car. We had asked a few of the locals if they had heard anything strange and a couple had heard similar noises at night but they too believed that they were being made by boar or elk being re introduced. I’m posting this experience because even I can’t be certain that what i saw was 100 percent real. It was dark and it was eerie outside and I could have been thinking about the crag shriek as I drifted off. After all, I do have a vivid imagination. I just wanted to share this and perhaps see what others think. Regardless, The wilderness can be a scary, sometimes terrifying place. The only real question: is it all in the imagination? Or are there truly other things to fear out there other than our own minds.

The Thing in the Caves

I’m not really sure where to begin with this story, but here goes nothing. I’m a 21 year old girl living in a part of England known as ‘The Black Country’, it’s called this as it has a large history in mining, although all these mines have now been closed for a very long time. I often walk my dog, a chihuahua, through the fields and woods near my house. The event I’m writing about happened last month, but I can still remember it as clearly asif it just happened.

It was around midday, and it became time for me to take my dog lady for a walk. As we’re walking through a small woods behind my house, scattered with rubbish and unwanted belongings, my dog often ventures through the bushes and trees, as she’s so small this is no problem for her, but I usually have to find another way around.

As we were walking along a stream, I realise I hadn’t seen her for a while, so I start looking in every small place she could be. After about 10 minutes I really start to panic as I can’t find her, so I end up running through the stream instead of shuffling around the edges of it. When I find her, she’s standing straight up, stiff with all her fur on end stairing intently at what looks like a dent in the thick foliage. Glancing at where she is looking, I see a quick glimpse of what looks like reflective dog eyes. Excited that she might have found a fox hole (abit strange I know but I’m a animal lover and iv always wanted to see a fox, especially a fox cub) so I get abit closer to get a better look. As I get closer to the parting in the thick weaved bushes to look into the hole, I flick the torch on my phone on, kneeling down, I notice quickly that it’s alot bigger than I first realised.

The entrance as I was it was just a hole into the roof of a cavernous area, this is when my dog started to whimper, and pull on my trousers. Something she has never done before, as I turned to look at her, I heard what sounded like long nails on laminate flooring, a very rapid tapping noise. When I turn back, I am face to face with terror itself. Hanging off the ceiling like a god damn bat, is what looks like a person, but it’s all wrong. It’s stick thin, but it’s body and limbs are too long, and it has a additional set of arms coming for its mid torso which it is using to hand on the ceiling.

But it’s worst feature was it’s eyes. It had no eyelids, and it’s eyes were like white swirling marbles that seemed to see right into my soul. As it started at me it seemed to cock its head, like a dog when it’s trying to figure something out. I was frozen, filled with fear and couldn’t move. Thankfully, a sharp bite to my leg from my dog snapped me back into reality. I barely remember the sprint back, all I remember is grabbing my dog and sprinting back down the stream, and hearing what sounded like a cross between wheels skidding, and nails going down a chalk board. I spent the rest of the night shivering cuddled up to my dog watching cartoons to try and calm down.

I have so many questions, what was that thing? Does it have anything to do with the mines that run beneath the black country? Does it stick to the caves, or was that small entrance proof that it’s ventured out. If anybody has any similar experiences, or knows someone who has, or has even heard a fairytale of something like this please let me know. Because after all the searching on the internet I’m struggling to find anything even similar to what IV seen.