Navajo Skinwalker in Colorado

My story begins in Colorado. I was 14 years old at the time. My family was taking a trip to visit my grandmother, who lives deep in the country. We were planning to stay over a few nights and enjoy the peace and quiet of the country. I’ve always been more of an in-doorsy person, but I did love taking a nice hike through the woods from time to time.

The highway drive was long and uneventful, but once we finally got there, I was super excited. After all, I had my own room in the beautiful cabin my grandmother lived in, with an amazing view of the lake and forest surrounding the property. I exchanged greetings with her, and, after a few minutes of idle conversation, headed to my room. I pulled out my laptop and began to get setup for a quality gaming session when I first heard the howling.

It sounded like a wolf’s cry, but slower, almost distorted. Like, if you recorded the howl, played it back at half the speed, and lowered the pitch. It was creepy, but, having little to no experience living in the country, I brushed it off, mentally categorizing it as a different animal.

Soon, the sun began to set, and I was indeed tired, partly to the long car ride. I began to get settled into bed, and, despite the thick comfortor, something didn’t feel right. It’s a feeling hard to describe – like something was misplaced, or missing. I didn’t know what it was, but I brushed it off, telling myself it was just weird to sleep in an unfamiliar place, and eventually I drifted off.

I woke up around 10 in the morning, feeling well rested. Looking through my window, I could see it had gotten foggy, as there were billowing clouds of mist drifting through the trees. It was raining too, and heavily, as it was hard to see through the windows due to the excessive amount of water droplets. I threw on some pajamas and went to grab some breakfast. When I walked in. there was a note on the kitchen table. According to it, my family left the house to grab some medication for my grandma, and they’d be back in a couple hours.

Eating my frosted flakes, I was sitting on the comfortable couch directly under the living room window, watching the rain and fog. Then, I heard that eerie howl. Again!. It was slow, and thick, almost sounding deliberate. As that happened, I just noticed a figure creep forward in the fog. Of course, foggy weather in the country can be extremely thick, and I couldn’t see anything over 5 feet from the window. I could barely make it out, but it looked like a wolf. Almost. The feeling that something was wrong, very, very wrong with the animal hit me. Then, the realization. The creature was standing on its back legs. It’s back legs. I was shocked, confused. When I finally could think clearly, I looked at the creature in more detail. Its legs were twisted, bent in weird ways. Almost like it was hit by a car. Of course, up here by the cabin, the closest road that’s often used is a good mile away.

As I looked on, in horror, the creature spun around, and, on its two hind legs, sprinted. Straight up sprinted, dissappearing instantly into the thick fog clouds. As it turned around, though, I could see it had no tail. Literally, no tail. Like it was ripped off. I instantly ran back to my room, shut and locked the door, and hopped on my laptop, trying to forget the horrific sight I just saw.

When my family finally got back, around 3, I waited till my parents were out of the room to tell my grandma. My parents wouldn’t believe me, anyways. I knew she was native american, but not that she was Navajo. She told me that what she believed I saw was a Skinwalker. Supposedly, it’s a shapeshifting spirit, or witch, that takes the form of animals in order to harm people, however, it can never perfectly replicate the animal it takes the form of.

When we left, 3 days later, I was happy to get out of those woods. After researching the legend of the Skinwalker further, I honestly believe that that is what I saw. So, to all those listening, be careful when you go deep into the countryside of Colorado. If I met that creature when I was outside the cabin, I may not have  been here to tell this story.


Real Slenderman Sighting

The story you are about to read is 100% true.

I was in 5th grade when this happened, and I live near a ravine in Indiana. Now a little info about me, I’m 15 years old now, and I’m the only boy in my family. I’m the middle kid, my older sister is 17, and my younger sister is 11.

Anyways, I remember this like it was yesterday. I was in my ravine with my b-b gun, the gun I had was a red rider b-b gun, if you’ve ever seen “A Christmas Story” then you know what I’m talking about. Don’t worry, I was responsible.

Anyways I was walking through my ravine, and then I thought I saw something, and what I saw made me freeze.

It was a little taller than me, and it was just standing there. It was wearing a dark suit and it had NO FACE, It’s skin was milk white. I loaded my b-b gun and I took aim, I squeezed the trigger, and I missed! I freaking missed!

By then my heart was practically pounding, and I had goosebumps. I ran as fast as I could, and I put my b-b gun in my garage, and i just ran inside.

That was the first time I thought I was a dead man. I didn’t sleep for 2 hours that night. The scariest thing is that he never came after me. I never saw slender man after that, maybe he got bored of me, I don’t know. I hope to God that even if I see him again, I’ll be able to get away.

The Unexpected

My friends and family call me MJ. For spring break I went to Ocala, Florida. It took me, my sister, and my mom 5 hours to get their.

Ocala is in the country so there’s a lot of tree’s and and animal’s. As we where pulling up to my Nana’s house, I saw a black shadowy figure run into the woods, I didn’t pay much mind to it because I had woke up from a deep sleep.

Late that night everyone was asleep except me and my cousin, Antwon. We were in the living room watching TV until we heard a scratch at the door. We didn’t answer because we thought it was a stray cat. but then 5 minutes later we heard a loud beat at the door. So, Antwon turned off the TV and I turned off the lights. He and I were home alone because everyone else went to a gathering at Church.

The beat kept getting louder and louder. So I decided to yell who’s there and then the beat stopped. Me and Antwon decided to go to sleep in the living room because it was in the back of the house.

Morning came and we told everyone what happened but they laughed and said it was our minds playing tricks on us because we were tired.

Antwon and I knew it wasn’t true because the door still had scratches on it but my mom kept saying it was from a stray cat.

Antwon and I decided to go to the park around 5:00 because the weather was nice and cool. The park was about a mile away, so we walked. We got to the park around 5:30 and played basketball and football with some kids who where up there playing. It was 6:27 so he and I decided to leave.

The fastest way to get home was through the woods. We both knew that we should have stayed on the main road but we went through the woods. We where about half way home and the time now was 6:50 and it was dark. I pulled out my phone and used the flashlight app. Then we heard a loud yell, so we stopped and ducked down. I turned my phone flashlight off.

We saw a shadowy figure coming our way, but we stayed quiet. We where about 19 feet away from whatever was there, then all of a sudden the thing said MJ. I was shocked that it said my name.

Thoughts where rapidly going through my mind. I looked to my left and Antwon was gone. He must have made a run for it when I was thinking. I got up and ran but as soon as I did the creature was right in front of me. The creature was a deer standing on it’s hind legs and had human eyes. We both stood their staring into each other’s eyes. Then I realized, it was a Skin Walker. I closed my eyes thinking I was gonna die but then when I opened my eyes the Skin Walker was gone.

I ran home and on the way I met up with Antwon who was waiting for me up ahead. I stopped and told him what happened but then there were a pair of head lights coming from the top of the road. They where coming fast so we ducked down but the car stopped where we were.

The door opened and it was my mom. We rushed into the car and said drive. The ride home was quiet.

When we got home I told everyone what all happened. They told us to stay in the house for the rest of the week. When It was time for me to go, I packed the car up with our belongings. We pulled off after saying our good bye’s. We were about 10 minutes away from my Nana’s house when my mom stopped the car.

The same deer was in the middle of the road just starting at me. My mom honked the horn and then the deer ran off. I will never forget this day. I’m still haunted by the thought about it. I’m just happy that it’s all over and I’m back in the city safe and sound.

Creature From the Dunes

This story starts with me, my brother, who we’ll call James, and my cousin, who we’ll call Sam.

Sam was staying two weeks with us because his parents were going to visit some family. We were all exited cause it was a whole two weeks to hang out and have fun. So, about two days in our new dogs find this dead raccoon close to the road. We all think its road kill until we flip it over with a stick and find bits of it missing. Its not uncommon to find things like that because there were coyotes and wolves where we lived, but the thing that bothered us most was the raccoons are usually close to where the dunes are so we don’t ever really see them here.

We shake it off and keep on messing around. Its now Thursday and its been two days since we found the raccoon. We’re riding our 4 wheeler when James sees something in the ditch. Its one of our neighbor’s chickens and its throat was torn out. We throw it in the trash and tell our dad. He immediately thinks that our dogs did it. Sam said no and that they were with us all night. “Then we better clean it up so predators don’t come closer”,he said.

So we clean it up and come back the next day and we find our trash cans all over the place. “OK now I know its not the dogs because they were with us all night” said my dad. My cousin says that they have some old hunting cameras we can use and see what’s behind it. So we drive to their house, pick up the cameras, and go back and set them up. We put the first one on a tree in my grandparents yard the one on my moms car.

We wait a couple days and not a single thing. Then our neighbor says he’s going to let his ducks out since there hasn’t been any action. We are finally ready to give up so we wake up early and take the cameras off and see if we found anything. And boy did we. It was the most horrifying thing I have ever seen. I had to cover James’s eyes because it was so gruesome. There by the camera was this hairless beast ripping apart a duck. It was white and had long arms and legs. When we check the other camera we found it snooping around our house and knocking on windows. But being the courageous little boys we were we decided to camp and see this creature for ourselves. We set up a tent and asked our neighbor for a dead duck so we could trap and kill it.

We’re waiting and waiting until we fall asleep. I wake everyone up and check the time its close to 2:30 a.m. We go and unzip the window so we can hear if somethings out there. I get everyone a juice box and we’re just sitting around when we hear this sound coming from where we placed the duck. I grab the shotgun and key to the 4 wheeler and go to see what it is. James shines a flashlight around the corner to find that thing eating or should I say tearing apart the duck.

I load the shotgun and fire one shot toward the creature. It turned around and then it stands up. I swear it was about 8 feet tall. It lets out this ear splitting screech and with what was left of the duck bolts down the road towards the dunes. We all hop on the 4 wheeler and go after it. I hand the shotgun to Sam and say to fire when we get close.

We’re about to catch it when it makes a sudden turn and bolts up a dirt road. I follow as best as I can and I see the dunes in the distance. As the dunes get closer the creature gets further and further until finally we lose it. We look up and down the road that is in front of the dunes but find nothing. But when we are going back down the dirt road we all hear that familiar screech and look back.

On top of one of the dunes was that creature we make eye contact and then it runs further into the dunes. We make it back and immediately fall asleep. We tell them it was just a hairless coyote because they wouldn’t have believed us if we told them the truth. and that was the last time we ever saw it but at the same time every year a couple chickens and ducks go missing and we know who’s behind it. I’ve done some research and I think it might have been a skin-walker. But this summer we are going to find it again. So whatever you are keep moving because we will find you.

That Thing

First of all, I would just like to say that I still don’t know what I saw to this day but I have some idea of what it was.

Let’s begin.

I have always been afraid of the dark. But ever since I saw that thing I am even more terrified than before.

I was on my way home from my granny’s house and it was only about half past 8 or 9 at night. It was dark though because it was the winter and it still is (this only happened a few weeks ago).

As my mum was driving home along the country roads, I was looking out the window as I usually do. I quite like looking out the window when I’m in the car because there is just something so relaxing about it. I just don’t like it now at night.

As we were coming onto the motorway, there was this house. I’d never seen it before so I was intrigued and I keep looking for closer inspection.

I suddenly got this dull sunken feeling in my stomach. You know that feeling you get when something bad is about to happen. Yeah, I got that.

So, as my eyes moved away from the house as we drove past I saw this strange, white figure standing on a tree stump almost beside the derelict well some distance from their house. It was unlike anything I have ever seen.

This thing was tall. Very tall. It looked about 6 foot something and its eyes were glowing this yellowy orange color, kind of like when you see a fox on the road and your headlights illuminate their eyes.

It had abnormally long arms and was hunched over like you do when you have just come home from a long day at work or school and you are shear exhausted.

It was a slim creature and its paper white complexion made it looked ill and frail.

Its hands were extremely bony and it had very long fingers to complete the creepiness.

If you can’t picture it already it basically looked like slender man stripped of his clothes.

I have a pretty good photographic memory so I can see it and scan everywhere afterwards. But what was strange about this creature was it wasn’t male nor female. It was flat, down there. Excuse me for saying.

I couldn’t manage to see its feet as they were covered by the rail at the edge of the road to stop your car from going into a field if you crash. Presumably, it had feet. I dread to imagine what they were like.

It was staring straight at me. But there was no emotion. It was blankness. Once I had processed what I was seeing I immediately hid under my blanket. All I could see was that creature lurking. The full image. Everything I saw in a split second kept flashing before my eyes yet it was standing still. It seemed to last for eternity.

Now I think about it, my surroundings felt unnatural, different maybe. Passing that house, I couldn’t hear the cars going past. Every sound I heard seemed to be dull. Like the volume had been purposely turned down. But straight after we passed it, it was back to normal.

I would really appreciate it if somebody, anybody could tell me what I saw.

It was shortly after this incident that I came across darkness prevails. I listened to the stories about skin walkers and I’m thinking that it might be something like that. But if anybody has any idea please tell me. Thanks.