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Goatman Forest

By Logan Frost

I’m Logan, and I live in Illinois, right by the border of Indiana. Now living in the mid-west, there are a lot of paranormal stories regarding the legendary Goatman and how he stalks the woods of Illinois and Indiana. I thought it was a load of crap, boy was I wrong.

It was the fall of 2015 and i just got my drivers licence so I was obviously looking forward to driving with my friends. I picked up my friends Sharon and Ryleigh and went driving on country roads.

It was Whiter than the Moon

By FoogerX

Well in the fear of sounding crazy or hallucinogenic I’ve refrained from telling this story, however I’ve decided sharing it online wouldn’t matter. Anyways during this occurrence I was 15 and was currently staying with my grandparents over a weekend.

They lived on an isolated farm in the middle of nowhere. So naturally I had fun being able to venture this large area they owned. But of course I never could have foresaw what I had coming. Anyways I often enjoyed going around their acres of wood in the day as I saw many interesting areas and I also enjoyed screwing around with their machete being a young boy I was.

Creature Under the Bed

By Ashley B.

It was just an average night during the summer, playing until 3 or 4 in the morning on the PC with my friends. We had lost the last game we played and I had gotten “tilted” as players in the game we played called it. I decided I wasn’t going to win any more and logged off and walked to 4 staircases from the basement to the top floor where my bedroom was.

All the lights were off as It was well early in the morning and everyone in my house was fast asleep. On the top floor of the house is like a “T” shape, a long hallway that split into two smaller ones with my brother’s bedroom on one end and mine on the other.


By alrick147

Me and my family had to move due to my dad’s work. Most of my family are light sleepers, this is important later. I also used to listen to native American legends and myths. Stories about wendigo, skin walkers, etc.

I listened to these stories because it seem to be a good source for the stories to be true which I liked for some reason. The only problem is the stories make me jumpy and now I can’t enter a room without looking around it first. This is also important. The house we moved into was nice but it was in the woods and had trees all around the house.

The Thing from Last Night

By IamProvidence176

I have never been one to really believe in the paranormal or supernatural. Sure I believe there are certain things out there that have yet to be discovered or explained. To be honest I have never put too much stalk into the idea of ghosts, ghouls, or bizarre creatures of unknown origin or classification.

To me these have always been things that I thought were interesting to think about but were probably people misinterpreting something they saw, false memories, or hallucinations. That is until I had my own recent encounter with something I could not explain. Now I don’t know what to think.

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