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Wendigo in my Woods

By Xyrillx

This story takes place about one year ago when I was twelve. I was hiking on my mountain bike trails throughout my woods on a cloudy day. There was no rain and the humidity was low so it was perfect for hiking or even riding bikes. It was about 1:00 in the afternoon when everything started to go down hill. I had plenty of water in my sinch sac when I went out there at about 12:30. I see wildlife out there like you would in any woods or nature trail. When the woods start to get dark is when my dad stops working out there. At around 2:30 PM I’m heading back to the house in which my grandmother lives.

I get about a half mile away from my campsite and I hear a noise that sounded like a person walking on leaves, but I was the only person out there since my dad had sent me a text saying that he was packing up to go home. So I just ignored it an kept walking.

Flying Creature

By Vlad

Let me just say that some of the names have been changed for the american audience because those names dont exist in English.

It was 1998 i was just 7 years and my neighbour Sven was 6. We live in Serbia, Subotica, a town farthest north and closest to the Hungarian boarder. At that time Serbia was at war with Bosnia, Croatia and the NATO started bombing Serbia. We were just kids so war didnt really seem all that real to us and we had the advantage to not be bombed because of our town was so close to Hungary the couldnt risk a bomb falling in to Hungary. We just liked to play all day and to late at night.

Green Humanoid Winged Creature

By Sev3617

This happened many years ago when i was around 12 years old.I lived in the woods outside of New Holland on Welsh Mountain in a rather large house that had a relatively long driveway from the house to the main road. It was in the dead of night, and i was sleeping in my room which was on the first floor of the house.

The room i slept in was quite small, it was about 14 feet long and 8 feet wide. My bed at the time was a futon, and it was placed against the back wall which directly above my bed on the wall was 1 of 2 windows that my room had.

Samodiva of Bulgaria

By Alexander

Hello, my name is Alexander. I am from Bulgaria which is in the Balkans, Europe.
Bulgarians have a forest spirit we call a Samodiva. They are humanlike, usually wearing a white cloak or dress and armed with a bow and arrow used to catch their human prey. They appear in the mountains.

My story begins with a party in a small village in the mountains. We were pretty wasted and we were having a good time, it was about 11 o’clock at night. Then a old woman told us not to go out at night in here, apparently it wasn’t safe at night.

The Grey Demon

By Joey vs Horror

My name is Joey and this is my experience with something paranormal. I am very in to paranormal happenings and events and always like to read about them to get the spooked feeling, I was always curious about how it would be to have a experience of my own. But I now regret that, it started one night in March, it was a quiet evening and I was the last one up like usual.

I was reading a book and was getting ready to go to sleep, a quick side note my closet door was slightly cracked open and was right across from my bed at the other side of the room.

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