That Thing

First of all, I would just like to say that I still don’t know what I saw to this day but I have some idea of what it was.

Let’s begin.

I have always been afraid of the dark. But ever since I saw that thing I am even more terrified than before.

I was on my way home from my granny’s house and it was only about half past 8 or 9 at night. It was dark though because it was the winter and it still is (this only happened a few weeks ago).

As my mum was driving home along the country roads, I was looking out the window as I usually do. I quite like looking out the window when I’m in the car because there is just something so relaxing about it. I just don’t like it now at night.

As we were coming onto the motorway, there was this house. I’d never seen it before so I was intrigued and I keep looking for closer inspection.

I suddenly got this dull sunken feeling in my stomach. You know that feeling you get when something bad is about to happen. Yeah, I got that.

So, as my eyes moved away from the house as we drove past I saw this strange, white figure standing on a tree stump almost beside the derelict well some distance from their house. It was unlike anything I have ever seen.

This thing was tall. Very tall. It looked about 6 foot something and its eyes were glowing this yellowy orange color, kind of like when you see a fox on the road and your headlights illuminate their eyes.

It had abnormally long arms and was hunched over like you do when you have just come home from a long day at work or school and you are shear exhausted.

It was a slim creature and its paper white complexion made it looked ill and frail.

Its hands were extremely bony and it had very long fingers to complete the creepiness.

If you can’t picture it already it basically looked like slender man stripped of his clothes.

I have a pretty good photographic memory so I can see it and scan everywhere afterwards. But what was strange about this creature was it wasn’t male nor female. It was flat, down there. Excuse me for saying.

I couldn’t manage to see its feet as they were covered by the rail at the edge of the road to stop your car from going into a field if you crash. Presumably, it had feet. I dread to imagine what they were like.

It was staring straight at me. But there was no emotion. It was blankness. Once I had processed what I was seeing I immediately hid under my blanket. All I could see was that creature lurking. The full image. Everything I saw in a split second kept flashing before my eyes yet it was standing still. It seemed to last for eternity.

Now I think about it, my surroundings felt unnatural, different maybe. Passing that house, I couldn’t hear the cars going past. Every sound I heard seemed to be dull. Like the volume had been purposely turned down. But straight after we passed it, it was back to normal.

I would really appreciate it if somebody, anybody could tell me what I saw.

It was shortly after this incident that I came across darkness prevails. I listened to the stories about skin walkers and I’m thinking that it might be something like that. But if anybody has any idea please tell me. Thanks.

Late Night Run-In with a Skinwalker

Hi my name is Kate and this happened to me one year ago.

I was going for a walk, it was late and I had nothing else to do. I was about was a mile away from my house, I was walking on a path in a field far from the main road. It was about 2 am, but it wasn’t a problem, as my parents trusted that I would return home.

Anyways, I was walking past a tree line, when I started to hear static, like an old radio, that was the only thing I could compare it to. I was rather frightened by this, but I decided to keep walking, then I heard in a child’s voice, “help”. I stopped short, I looked at the tree line frozen, and debating what to do, I then stuck one foot out to where the voice came from. Again, I heard the voice repeating what it had just said.

This time I felt a bit uneasy, the voice sounded so much similar to the first time it had called out, as if someone just repeated a recording. Also, it had a bit of a static sound to it, I can’t explain it, and I called out “hello?” no answer. My voice was shaky from fear because I didn’t know what to think of the voice, then it spoke again… in my voice, “hello” It sounded just like me, but with the same static noise, it said it again, same exact tone from the first time. I backed up a bit, terrified of what I had just heard, I turned and started walking away in a fast pace, then I heard a branch snap and I stopped.
I looked back and saw a deer, looking at me from the tree line, I was confused by this, “was it the deer?” I thought to myself, and then threw away this idea because of how stupid it sounded. I ignored the deer and started walking again; I walked for not even a minute then I heard a something behind me. I quickly turned to see the same deer standing on the path. Now that it was out in the open and what moonlight there was shown onto the deer, I saw it more clearly now.

It had a deer head, but the body looked like a human slumped over on all fours, the ribs were slightly showing. It took me a second to realize just how big this thing was, if it were a person, they would have to be huge. I stood there frozen for what seemed like an hour, then this thing started to stand up. When it was fully standing, it had to be over 7 foot tall. It stood perfect like a human would, I tried to think of the situation logically, my assumption was that this was a tall person trying to scare people, but the head was too real, so I dismissed this quickly. After a bit of staring at this creature, I finally decided to take a step back, as I did this, the creature took a step forward, not making a sound.
I stood frozen again, scared to make a noise, then the thing said “hello” in my voice, the same exact way it had the previous times.

I was more confused than scared at this point, rather than thinking to run or escape or anything, I was thinking to myself, how this thing could speak. I asked, “What are you?” It was silent for a bit, and then the thing spoke, in my voice again with the same static sound accompanying it, repeating what I had just said, still staring at me. I was just frozen staring at the thing while it did the same thing, I wanted to run or something, but my body would not allow me, so I stayed in that same position for what seemed like hours. Then finally, for no reason, it walked away back into the tree line, this was a little too terrifying to witness, it walked on two feet like any normal person would, out of sight.

As soon as it got silent, I sped quickly down the path back towards my house, I was sure I would get home no problem, wrong. I heard another branch break and I started sprinting, not knowing what was going to happen, I started to see the main road and my house in sight but still a distance away. I heard the thing scream, it sounded like a child screaming at the top of their lungs, still branches breaking, I am sure it was running above the trees. When I got onto the road, and got a few hundred feet from my house, all the noises had stopped. I looked back over my shoulder and saw it standing there in the middle of the road just staring at me, right before I turned to continue running, I heard it loudly say “hello”. It never followed me after that, and that is the last time I ever encountered it, or even heard it.

Dragon on Vacation

Hello, my name is Noah and I’m 17. Her is a little bit about myself before I tell the story. I have two younger siblings, a brother Josh and a sister Christa, they are both 14. My mother is a very kind woman always helping other members of my family when they needed it. My father passed away when I was 10, he always had a way of making any situation a good one. Finally theirs my moms brother, my uncle Jesse, he was living with us because he had lost his arm a year before. this story may sound crazy but I swear on my life this happened. I have a scar to prove it but I will explain later in the story. This happened to me and my family when we were on vacation to the UK.

We had been driving to a small town in the UK countryside it was about a five hour drive. There were five of us in the car. Myself, my two younger siblings, my mom and uncle. Both Josh and Christa were asleep, my mom was driving while my uncle Jesse and myself were talking about what our plans were.

We had rented a cottage by a lake for two weeks. After about ten more minutes of driving we arrived at the cottage. My mother got out and went to wake up Josh and Christa while uncle Jesse went to unlock the door. ” Mom I’m going to take a walk ” I said climbing out of the car. My mom responded with an “OK just don’t wonder off.”

The cottage was laid out like this: Out front was a deep forest that stretched around till it reached the back of the cottage then it opened up to reveal a beautiful lake. If you stood on the shore you could see other cottages around the lake.

I started walking about twenty meters into the forest when I saw claw marks on some trees they looked like they could have been from a bear except they were about as long as my entire arm and they wrapped around the whole trunk of the tree like something had used the tree to pull its self up.

Then I felt it, a feeling I will never forget, the feeling that I should run and fast. I kept walking and as I did the feeling kept getting worse and worse until I was about thirty meters in when I couldn’t take it anymore and ran back out. When I had gotten back to the cottage my family had already brought our bags in.

The rest of the day went without any problems. We all went to bed and I soon discovered that night this would be one night that I wish had never happened.

The cottage had two bedrooms me and my siblings were all sleeping in one and my mom in the other, uncle Jesse was sleeping on the couch. It was about 3 am and I was laying in bed unable to sleep when I got up because I saw uncle Jesse leave the cottage. I got up and ran after him, I caught up to him about half way to the beach, he told me he was going to sit by the water for a bit so I joined him.

We were sitting by the water for about half an hour before we started to head back. The distance from the shore to the backdoor was about 150 meters. We had walked about 50 meters when the feeling from before returned stronger then before. I was guessing uncle Jesse felt it as well because he told me to speed it up. This is the hardest part for me to tell when we were about 25 meters from the door uncle Jesse broke out into a full blown sprint. Before I could as well, I felt a sharp pain on my back and something push me to the ground and I, again, heard a rumbling growl. I then felt a pressure on my back as if something was standing ontop of me. I heard screaming from the cabin, I raised my head to see my mother, siblings and uncle standing there with their faces locked in look of fear and they were white as snow. I could feel it. Whatever was causing the pressure had a scaly texture. Suddenly it lifted off of me.

I couldn’t move until my mom ran over and helped me up and I turned my head to see a massive creature hidden among the tall trees, all we could see were to large yellow lizard like eyes. My mom and I ran inside and locked the door and the five of us never left the cottage for the rest of out vacation. The creature had left a scar on my back from what I guess were its claws scraping against my skin.

Thank you for listening to my story I know how crazy this sounds but I swear this happened.



The Creature by the Window

Creature by the window

This story is 100% true. My name is Alex, my story takes place in my house where I still live today.

I was 6 years old when this happened. We recently bought a dog she’s a Pomeranian. She’s really sweet and she’s bigger than a regular sized Pomeranian.

I was home alone with my brother and the dog. It was night time and I was down stairs in my living room.

I was watching TV with my dog sitting right next to me when all of a sudden I felt like I was being watched. I looked around when I saw it a tall dark shadow of a thing. I couldn’t see any facial features on the thing.

I wanted to get a better look but when I stood up and started walking towards the creature  my dog blocked me. My dog started to growl and some how the creature sensed or heard my dog because it turned around. The first thing I noticed was its greenish glowing eyes. It was hunched over and and at least 6 foot tall.

The creature started to scratch the window. It had long thin fingers with giant sharp claws. It looked like it had no fur.

I wasn’t scared, I was curious. I got my flashlight and shined it on the creature. It’s face was the face of a dog but so wrong and messed up. I was frozen in fear when I saw its face. The creature screamed after I shined the flashlight. The scream sounded like a dog whimpering and a human scream mixed together. It was horrifying.

My dog started to bark when the creature screamed.

The creature stood up I couldn’t see the face anymore just its chest. I think it was about 8 feet tall. Then it ran away into the darkness at a unbelievable speed even though it was huge. It was gone in 10 seconds.

I ran upstairs and told my brother what happened. My brother said he heard nothing the whole time.

I didn’t get any sleep that night. The next morning I went outside to the window the creature had been at and I saw huge foot prints but I didn’t dare to follow them. Also I saw scratch marks on the window. I still live in the house today. I’m 13 now and I still have a clear picture of the creature in my mind.

That night I think I saw a skinwalker. I don’t care if you don’t believe this story but I now what I saw that night.

Werewolves in Wisconsin

This happened about four years ago when I was a Sophomore in high school.

We had just gotten a lot of snow on New Year’s Eve and my friend said he didn’t want it to go to waste so he invited me to go skiing and snowboarding with him the next day. We live in Northern Illinois so we went to this place in Wisconsin for the day. We also ended up bringing his little sister who was learning how to snowboard at the time so she could get more practice in.
We got there and everything started off great.

The snow was fresh and it wasn’t too cold or anything, it was a perfect day. At one point my friend’s sister took a fall when we were going down one of the slopes. He told me to keep going and head back up to the stop of the slope and wait for him there. I got to the top of the slope and was just relaxing when a kid next to me said, “What are those things?”. He was pointing off to a clearing that sat just out of the ski resort’s property and what I saw changed how I viewed the world forever.
I tried to make sense of what I was seeing. I ran through every animal that was native to that area: coyotes, bears, deer, I even tried to tell myself that it was a group of people snowshoeing. But I knew I couldn’t convince myself that any of those explanations were true. Even though I was a good distance from the clearing it wasn’t that far from the bottom of the slope I was one so I got a pretty good look at these things.

There was four of them walking in a straight line, all of them were on two legs. They were covered in dark fur but even so I could tell that they were extremely built and muscular. They had the heads of a wolf. Their arms were long and they had large hands with long claws. Their legs were backwards jointed like a dogs and they had large paw like feet. They moved easily through the deep snow and they soon disappeared into the woods.
When the boy had pointed these things out in the first place he got more than just my attention. There were several other people staring at these things and we were all silent. We knew that what we were seeing was something that shouldn’t exist. It brought a whole new meaning to the saying seeing is believing.

The little boy asked once again what they were but I didn’t know how to answer him. I just told him that they were coyotes. He looked at me like I was an idiot but what was I suppose to say? A sane person would never say the word werewolf in public.

Soon after the creatures went into the woods my friend and his sister had made it to the top of the slope and were ready to go.
I never told my friend about what I saw that day. We finished up the day and I had almost forgotten about what I had seen that day until I heard of other stories by people who had seen creatures much like the ones I had seen.

I ended up telling my mom and my sister what I had seen because I couldn’t keep it hidden anymore. My mom laughed in my face but my sister believed me. She knew that I wouldn’t have made something like that up just for fun. This experience changed my life forever because I now know that what we perceive to be myth or fiction can be real and it’s out there whether we want to admit it or not.