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The Howl

By JustinG

Let me start by saying I never saw anything, no glowing eyes, no suspicious silhouette. . . .just a Howling.

I live in Iowa, and while I was not born here I have now lived the majority of my life here. I live in a small but active town of around 10,000 or so people. We have shopping centers, tons of fast food chains and many other conveniences within walking distance.

Swamp Monster Killed my Dogs!

By Paul

This took place when I was around 12 or 13, Me, My brother and my dad was hunting in a state park in Tennessee. We had permission to hunt there because there was a overpopulation of coons in the Area.

We had been hunting for around 3 or 4 hours before what i’m about to tell you took place. It had just rained and so any fresh scent of any able would be easily trackable for dogs. It was a cloudy night but the moon would poke out here and there.

Life Lesson

By Goku4life

Hi, my name is Stefan, I’m almost six foot and I’m almost fourteen. Me and my best friend Brett live in a real ratchet community and me and him are tuff kids. Where we live they most uncommon things are common, but this run-in scares us both and maybe Brett more.

Me and Brett have a real rowdy type of humor that may ruffle others. Now Brett is much more tuff than me but shorter like I mean a lot. One day Brett and I were playing basketball at a very dark 5:00 PM when our friends said they wanted to play Brett asked if we could go get another ball from his house close by the court, I agreed as we went on our way.

Hooded Figure or Creature Beside my Bed

By TheGirlyIdealist

This happened me a year or 2 ago. Which means I was around 13 to 15. Before this happened I was in my room on my laptop watching Youtube videos like I always do.

I have no real routine and do whatever I want most of the time. My sleep pattern is all over the place, so I have no idea what time this was. After some Youtube watching I go to sleep. When I woke up I felt normal and nothing was out of place, until I looked beside me. I saw a hooded figure staring right at me.

Rake at my Window

By The Countess

This summer I was dealing with the paranormal on a daily basis. I’m in my late teens and I live in a heavily wooded area in Colorado.

Every night, objects would move on their own, I would see dark figures out the corner of my eye… But things escalated. I started waking up with cuts and scratches on my body, and every time I was alone I would have an unshakable feeling of dread that would grow worse and worse until someone showed up.

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