Mothman Stalked Us

Lets call me Kiman in this story just for privacy’s sake. Some background on me and this story. This story took place in south, south east Ohio near the Ohio river in the year 2003. i was 16 at the time. and i like to think im a big guy about 5’11 with broad shoulders and so i look much older than i actually am. My house at the time was a ranch house in the middle of 10 acres of land and our nearest neighbor was a mile and a half away so we were very secluded and surrounded by lot of woods, and i absolutely love taking walks (sometimes even at night) in them and i know them better than the back of my hand.

so one day i felt like taking a walk but i got an ominous feeling from the woods so instead of going alone i brought my younger brother along. my brother (we will call him Keenai for various reasons) was my identical twin and so we got along very well, the only difference between us would be our hair, i like mine long and he liked his short plus i dyed my hair red at the time.

Bringing our pellet guns along for hunting squirrels and just to mess around with we sauntered to the edge of the woods. The closer i got to the edge of the treeline the worse the ominous feeling got, it being near dusk i looked toward the trees but saw nothing. Still feeling the persistent chilling feeling  i stole a look to Keenai and he showed no signs of feeling what i felt. to make sure i asked “do you feel that dude?” and he responded listlessly “feel what man?” feeling stupid i just tell him its nothing and we hurry to the woods. for the first hour i was actually enjoying my self completely forgetting the feeling from earlier.

After i bagged my 4th squirrel and Keenai his 7th (he was much better than i at hunting) we decided to go back for it was getting dark. just as we got to walking home, the horrid, awful, hair raising feeling returned. for the second time i ask my brother if he felt it and to my surprise he said yes. as im about to open my mouth we both hear a very and heavy flapping sound followed by a shadow from over head.

We both look at each other and at the same time yell “what the hell was that?”. at the time we both chalked it up to being a bird but deep down i knew no bird is that big, i know animals and by looking at the shadow it had to be about 8 feet long and about 20 feet wide. but i think i was the only one to notice this. both of us feeling a bit disturbed we rushed to our house without further incident.

that night i felt awful, that feeling never went away the chilling feeling of being watched. my room i feel i should mention my room is the only bedroom facing the woods by were we went hunting , and a few times i thought i saw something above the trees but i just thought this was my imagination or a trick of the darkness. i then decided to go to sleep on the floor in keenai’s room in the attic. as soon as i felt my room the feeling vanished but i still want to my brothers room and slept.

i was sleeping for around 5 hours till i was suddenly awoken along with my brother by a sudden, heavy, loud slam on the roof. looking over my brother at his alarm clock it read 2:30 in the morning. staying quiet we listened for what felt like forever, but was only 2 minuets as i later read the clock, till we heard another loud flapping noise exactly like what me and Keenai heard in the woods.

i turned on the light and looked over at my brother and he too was pale as a ghost. he spoke what i was thinking “that was no damn bird”. feeling terrified we bolted down to my fathers room and not caring if we interrupted his beauty sleep we woke him up nearly hysterical and terrified at what was on the roof.

Of course he didn’t believe us so we dragged him to the roof all the while complaining and telling us it was just some animal. we enter the room and we waited for about 2 minuets till we heard the flapping again. i never really realized how loud it actually was it was like a broken clothes dryer, extremely loud, or at the time it was so quiet it just felt like it. he sighs exasperatedly yet looked a little shaken and tells us its just a big bird and go the hell back to bed and shut up. its safe to say we did not sleep again that night.

we were very cautious for the next few day but nothing happened and we assumed whatever it was it left and so we relaxed. we went back to our usual antics. but i was still scared unlike my brother so instead of taking my pellet rifle i take my real rifle with a .308 ammunition in it.

this next part is the scary part. it was a week or so after our first encounter with whatever this thing was and by brother seemingly forgot all about this whole thing but i definitely had not forgotten and still carried my rifle with me whenever i went outside. my brother felt like going hunting again and against my better judgement i tagged along with him. my brother brought his pellet gun and me my rifle. this time around i did not shoot anything yet but my brother had shot a fair few squirrels around 8 about now. about this time we had been in there for a few hours and had walked in about a mile or so and had turned to got back because it had gotten dark. being clever my brother brought along his heavy duty flashlight just in case this exact thing happened.

we had been walking back for about 15 minuets and again we hear the flapping the horrid flapping. i start to panic and by brother starts to pull me along the trail back home and i immediately stop and resist him. while he was focused on me i was looking to where we were going so in front of us and something was right there. this THING, no man, no animal i have ever seen. some monster was in the middle of our path. nearly 8 feet tall or so with wings at its side nearly above its head. completely black and perfectly smooth no feather nothing. the only feature i could make out was its bright, red, large was only 30 feet away. i felt like it was so close.

i go bug eyed and scream and stumble back from it yelling “monster!”. my brother still not have turned around stares at me in shock because he knows i do not scare easily. he turns around an immediately freezes when he sees it. he puts the light from his flash light on it and like me stumbles back but it seemed he was shocked into silence. this thing sudden movement shocks us back into movement. we both stand up, with each others help, and i somehow remember i have my gun.

i felt like ages before i actually had it up and ready to shoot. i couldn’t make myself aim and look closer at so i stupidly close my eyes and shoot. i know i missed because it did not make a sound but it flew off in a hurry.

my brother at this point has gotten up as well and yelled “Jesus Christ what the hell was that thing!” not knowing what to say i just reply for him to run and fast. we make the rest of the 45 minuet walk in nearly 20 minuets. all the while we can hear this thing or mothman following us above. my father was outside as he must have heard the gun shot and rushed outside with his shotgun.

as he saw us running full sprint toward the house he yelled at us what was wrong but us having ran for 20 minuets straight were out of breath so all we could do was point at the woods. my father must have seen something at the very edge of the treeline because he shot at whatever he saw. hearing nothing he assumed he missed but he defiantly scared it off. it took nearly 5 minuets for us to calm down and tell the story. he believed us because he has never seen either of us like this.

after hearing noises for the next few weeks of hearing noises on the roof my father found a new house listing and we moved without hesitation. a few weeks after we moved my mother suffered a massive heart attack and promptly died. for the longest time i have not know what this was untill i looked it up and saw that it resembles a “mothman” exactly. luckily we have had no other encounters with another unknown creature or whatever.

after i moved out and a few years later i was feeling nostalgic i revisited our old house. it was in a state of disrepair after no one stayed in it for more than a few years, it was just never sold again. i got chills just looking at it i did not stay long.

this story has stayed with me forever since and it still haunts me. my family does not talk about it.


Mothman story

This story is a weird one, not like others but, During summer 2016, My mom and big brother decided to go on a walk down a long, 30 minute walk down a road way and back. About 5 days later we went to a fast food place, once we were done it was night time. They decided to still go on the walk. I decided to go with them.

When we went out of our house and we were heading there on the sidewalk and my mom said, “I thought I just saw like a giant bat in the sky.” My brother started to get freaked out. “Can we please go back inside?” He said. My mom didn’t want to go back inside so she just told him, “I was joking, don’t get worried about it.” she said. after about a minute later I questioned,

“Was it really a joke?”

“No,” she said. “I just didn’t want him scared.”

I got a bit worried, but I’m pretty young, and I’ve watched SO many horror movies, so I was cool about it. When we were coming back up the road way, I saw the Mothman as well. I didn’t tell my brother, but I told my mom. “Can we please hurry?” I asked. “Why?” My brother asked. “Im just cold.” I answered.

When we got home, my mom told my brother she wasn’t joking. We kept thinking, Are we one of the first Canadians to spot Mothman? Still to this day, I can’t believe I saw that in my life.

My Mothman Encounter

I never really thought I would share this harrowing story with anyone, but I think its time to speak up so everyone knows the truth about this thing. Some background;I am a 23 year old male, and I went hunting with my dad when I was 13. I’m not comfortable saying the location of the place, but my dad and I hunted in a large and dense forest that was also near some big rock formations.

When my dad and I got there, we would always start by building the camp by a nearby stream, and starting the fire.

The forest was a very beautiful yet mysterious place in the morning, but at night, it turned into a very eerie and spooky area that always sent chills down my spine.

I always went to sleep at the same time as my dad because I didn’t want to be the only one awake at night. Our hunts are annual, and they’re a family tradition in a way. My dad hunted with my grandfather like this when he was my age, and so did my grandfather. We always stayed for a week in that forest. Now that that is out of the way i will tell you my experience with that devil spawn. The first night, my dad and I went out and hunted for a while, but we found no deer to shoot, which was weird, because the forests were usually packed with deer. Finding no deer, we returned to our tent when the sun was setting.

I’ll skip all the boring stuff and just get to the important part. My dad and I went to sleep somewhere around 10 pm. I woke up at 3 am in the morning after I heard some rattling outside. I looked out through my partially opened tent flap, and I saw that the fire had gone out.

After a few minutes of waiting and gathering my courage, I went outside to investigate. Looking back at it now, I wish i never had the courage to go outside, as what I saw outside gave me nightmares, and always will until my deathday.

Remember the rock formations I talked about? They were about 30-40 feet tall, and about 10 feet in diameter. After looking around our campsite for a few seconds, I looked up at the tallest rock formation, and there, stood the single most terrifying thing I have ever seen. I wasn’t sure about what I really saw, mostly because of my fear, but I will try my best to explain. I saw a man (though i’m absolutely sure it wasn’t a man, or even a human) that looked to be about 6 feet long with blackish brown skin.

It had very thin legs and arms, and i’m pretty sure its appendages were a few inches longer than those of humans.

What made my heart stop dead was the set of wings connecting the 2 arms of the creature. After examining the creature in awe and fear for a few seconds, it turned to me in quick flash, and that image will always haunt my dreams. I saw a human head with no visible features, except for a pair of huge, bright red eyes. At that point, I had enough. I screamed as hard as I could, and the creature flapped its wings and disappeared into the night. My dad came out of his tent, visibly tired and groggy, and angry with me for interrupting his sleep.

“What the hell happened?” My dad half yelled.

I told him what happened, and he looked at me like I was a crack addict. He told me to go back to sleep, and he went back into his tent, and so did I. Except i didn’t sleep, because after the things I saw, sleeping was impossible. This hunt always lasted for a week, so I expected to see that creature throughout that week, but surprisingly, I didn’t, although 1 rather strange thing happened.

We saw almost no deer. My dad called it bad luck, but I thought it was worse than bad luck.The worst part of the trip came after the week ended, and my dad and I walked back to the truck with our stuff to pack it up and go back home. It was a 2 way trips because of the number of things we took.

My dad asked me to go back and get the remaining items by myself, because he needed to check something in the truck. When I got to our camping spot and packed up the final thing, something caught my eye. It was an imprint in the mud by the stream. I went to investigate it, and what I saw definitely proved the existence of that…thing. I saw a set of footprints, leading to the bank, and cutting off there. The prints looked like they belonged to a creature with 5 toes and they were slightly larger than my dad’s, who towered over everyone at 6 feet 8 inches, so those footprints belonged to a large creature.

That might not have been suspicious or sketchy in any way, but the back of the prints were what really sent chills up my spine. The ends were pointed, and the triangular shapes stretched back at least 3 inches. At that point, I just wanted to get the hell out of there.

I don’t know if my mind was messing with me, but when my dad and I were driving away, I saw a black flash out of the corner of my eye.

The Mothman

My name is Gabriel, but my friends call me Gabe.

This happened in 2013, so I was 8 years old. It was around 7 or 8 o’clock in the evening, the sun was just barely above the horizon. I was hunting in my woods about a half mile behind my house. The woods were thick, and over a hill, so I can’t see my house. I was on the edge of my property line, and a friends field. I had a crossbow, looking for some deer. As I walked to my property line, I saw something, that took the shape of a deer. It was far off, so I used my scope to look at it.

I expected it to just be a doe laying down for a rest, but as I looked down my scope, I realized it was actually a carcass of a deer.

At first, I thought it was a fresh coyote kill since we have some coyotes. But when I got a good look at it, I realized something was wrong. It’s neck had a small bite mark, about human size, but shaped more circular. It’s legs were bent in a grim position, sort of backwards. The carcass was about 200 yards out. I was confused why the killer wasn’t there, since there was no trace of eating or tearing on the body, just 1 bite. I tried to ignore it, so I headed to my tree stand just a few meters away.

The stand is about 10 feet off the ground.

I could still see the deer, and that’s when it happened. It was about 8:30, and I saw a huge flock of birds fly out of a wooded area like something had disturbed them. At that moment, my heard sank, and I went pale. Flying about 5 feet off the ground, was a Grey, human-like Figure. Flying towards the carcass I noticed it’s golf ball sized eyes, that had no pupil. They were just red. The figure was about 6 or 7 feet tall, taller than my parents. I was too scared to fire at it, and it was out of range for my crossbow. It’s most distinctive feature was it’s wings. It had a large wingspan.

It let out a ear piercing screech that made me vomit, and at that moment, it took off into the thick woods, too dense for me to see. At that, I jumped down and darted for my house. I locked all the doors and windows. My parents were not home at the moment which made it worse. All of the things from that day I will never forget.

Point Pleasant, West Virginia

I’ve been a fan of Darkness Prevails for a few weeks now, and have thoroughly enjoyed all of his work, though, a few stories have always bothered me. The Mothman stories tend to be rather personal, and even sometimes frustrating for me as I’ve had my own encounter with this creature, which is very much different from a great majority of the rest.

For context, I grew up in the suburbs of Northern Ohio, right outside some big cities. The thing with Ohio is that you are never more than twenty minutes away from some rural parts, therefore, I was well versed in both city and country living. My parents were amateur “ghost hunters” and frequently went out of town to ghost hunt. One spot they came across was a small city in West Virginia named Point Pleasant. Any fan of cryptozoology or the paranormal would know of this place, so it was no surprise when my parents fell in love with the area.

So much so, that when I was about thirteen, my family bought a hundred acres of land, a mere twenty or so miles from the town, right along the Ohio River. It was our little retreat where we would go every other weekend to escape the drag of everyday life.

Now our property has much history on it allegedly. According to legend, a dead Shawnee Chief cursed ours and the surrounding lands, a werewolf sighting happened in town last October, and my mother swears she seen a little boy roaming our campsite. But none of these come even relatively close to my encounter with the ominous and legendary Mothman of Point Pleasant.

As most of you probably already know, Point Pleasant is the first, and only, location the Mothman has been seen (for the most part). So it was a must for my mother, father, friends and I to go out and explore the areas he is said to roam. As practically everyone in town has had an encounter, we asked around town for some leads, and any bit of online research backs up their claims that the Mothman lives in these old WW2 bunkers just a few miles north of town.

Allegedly the bunkers were old bomb warehouses in the 40s and 50s but after the war, the government closed up the bunkers and turned the surrounding land into a state park, patrolled by park rangers. Naturally, we sped through the backroads until we found the park and after an hour of driving around the forest in broad daylight, decided to get out and walk around. Immediately we came to these paths with chains going across, eliminating vehicular travel, so we walked through.

About a hundred yards down the trail we came upon a small clearing. Immediately walking into these clearing, the hairs on my neck stood up and my heart skipped a beat. There, on the other side of this small clearing, stood a large concrete bunker, overgrown with the forest. I honestly did not expect to find anything, so upon seeing this, the stories suddenly became that much more real. Gathering our courage, my friend and I walked up to the bunker, which was clearly pad locked with one of those really heavy solid steel pad locks.

The first thing, and probably most intimidating thing we noticed was the bright caution sign on the door, warning us of ‘highly explosive contents’. Being the idiotic sixteen year old I was, I laughed to my friends and put my ear against the solid metal door, listening in. I then grabbed the long metal door handle and shook the door with all of my might, but it barely budged, despite being probably 60 or 70 years old. We took plenty of pictures, which I plan on sharing, and then moved on to find more bunkers all on separate paths down the road a bit more. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, but my mother refused to return to that first bunker we came across, saying it gave her an uneasy sense of dread and the desire to puke.

This was entirely surprising as my mother has dealt many times with the supernatural and has been barely phased.

Beyond that, nothing happened regarding the Mothman for a while. That was until this summer, nearly two years later. This happened about a month and a half ago, conveniently, a few days before finding this website. So myself and five of my closest friends all went camping on my parent’s property near Point Pleasant, in the hopes that we could enjoy one last outing together, as most of us are leaving for the military relatively soon. We were all eighteen, except for our friend ‘Dylan’, who was twenty-five. It was our first night there, we were sitting around the campfire telling jokes and stories, just being average teenagers.

Our night was going really well until about 3 AM, when Dylan excused himself to go pee. We continued to laugh and hangout when a few moments later, Dylan returned with a concerned expression on his face. When we asked him what was up, he told us it sounded like a deer was wounded, down the slope a bit. He was a strong lover of animals, despite being a stone faced, Army combat veteran, which made us chuckle a bit. I told him that, as we were on top of a mountain, the sound travels very well, but he insisted that it was nearby and we should go check it out.

So, admittedly a little curious myself, I agreed and our friends Bryan and Luke stayed by the camp while Dylan, Han, Mickey, and myself went to check it out. Immediately leaving the vicinity of the fire, we could hear the groans of a wounded deer carrying through the trees. It did indeed sound close by, so we followed the noise until we reached a large ravine, with no way across. Stopping to assess our situation, we noticed the cries of the deer had stopped, in fact, every night creature had stopped making noise, and only the gentle flow of the wind through the trees, made a sound.

This creeped us out a bit, wondering if their was a predator nearby, as bears, mountain lions, coyotes, and all sorts of poisonous snakes roamed our woods. Dylan and myself brought guns, him a 12 Gauge Remington Shotgun, and myself a Semi Automatic Colt AR-15, both very capable of handling a bear or mountain lion. After 15 minutes of searching for a way across the ravine, we gave up and began to head back the way we came, but as soon as we got five steps away, the groaning deer started up again, louder and more drawn out than before, and so we turned around and it stopped.

This pissed off my friend Han, who stomped down toward the edge of the ravine, shining his light down. Just then, his flashlight went out, and before anyone could react, we all felt a rush of air and an enormous presence loom before us, but we could see nothing but black.

Then, the ground beneath me gave out and Han and I found ourselves tumbling down the ravine slope. We both hit the bottom hard and got up quickly, we scrambled for the flashlight, or the gun, or anything to use to feel less defenseless. We could hear yelling and running above us as I scrambled for the rifle.

It all went by in a blur, like they always say, until we found ourselves back at the top of the ravine, gun in hand, running for the camp. We ran for what seemed like an hour, despite only hiking fifteen minutes down to the ravine. We both dropped instinctively when a shotgun blast rang through the air and as we got back up, another shot went off, and another, and then, silence. It was only then that I realized my leg was bleeding and Han was crying. We sat for a few moments, listening and scanning the trees when suddenly Han grabbed my shoulder and yelled for me to “Shoot it! Just shoot the damn thing!”

At that, I sprung around to see two red eyes staring at us from a tree, probably about two hundred feet away and thirty feet up. I froze, not able to shoot, calmly mesmerized by its blood red, but yet also bright red eyes. My sense of ease scared me even more, and clearly shook Han, as he just grabbed my shoulder and ran, and so we ran as fast as we humanely could until we broke onto the ridgeline into the camp where everyone else was already scrambling. We all immediately packed our things and got in the truck and peeled out of their as fast as possible.

No one spoke the whole way home, and it was only after three days of being home that we asked Dylan what happened with him and Mickey. He said that they began to run back, and upon realizing we weren’t following, turned back, where this, “thing”, as he said, stepped into their path. He said he didn’t have time to study its body, all he noticed was its immense height, wings, and those “dammed red eyes”. He said that he thought it was a man, us, perhaps, before he noticed the eyes. He said he didn’t think, just reacted, and shot at the thing multiple times, then turned and ran. Mickey never had a chance to see it.

None of us except Han told our parents, and Han’s didn’t believe him, apparently, and now he won’t even talk about it. Since then, I’ve been obsessively researching the Mothman, knowing undoubtedly, that this was what we saw in those woods.

Since then, my family has returned to our property multiple times and have had no weird encounters with the Mothman.

Was he hunting us for stalking to close to his home in the bunkers? I plan on returning to the bunkers to find out about the creature, so maybe their will be another tale to tell soon, though I admit, I get cold sweats now, just typing this out.