Shrieking Creature in Knoydart

*The attached image is from google images and is of the west ridge of the mountain climbed in the story*

This story takes place back in 2014 in late March when I was 17 years. My Uncle had been planning to take one of my friends and I to an area in Scotland called Knoydart for a few days to climb some mountains and camp out . Knoydart is arguably the most remote place in the mainland United Kingdom and my Uncle was taking us there at my request as I am an avid hill walker and love the outdoors. My friend, whom i’ll call Fred instead of his actual name, had asked to come along with us when I told him about the remoteness of the area and how creepy it would likely be out there as there would be no lights of any kind. He liked the outdoors about as much as I did so he loved the sound of that. My Uncle has done about half of the Munros, which are the top 282 tallest mountains in Scotland, and is really proficient at mountaineering and hill walking.

It was quite a pleasant day when we set off on our trek. it would have been about 15 degrees Celsius and there was a cool breeze in the air. We left our car at a place called Glenfinnan which was about 15 miles away from our planned destination, Inverie, as the crow flies however we were taking a more arduous route across a Munro called Meall Bhuidhe; god only knows how to pronounce that. The day went well. We covered some good distance, got amazing views from the hills and even saw a golden eagle which are quite rare. It started to get dark but we still had a ways to go before we got to our planned camping spot so we pressed on as darkness began to fall. Now this…this is were it starts getting weird. We were just coming down a steep glen when my Uncle has to go for a number one. There was a small forest at the foot of the glen so he went on ahead while Fred and I stayed back. It was getting difficult to see now so we both took our head torches out of our rucksacks and put them on. Just as we were doing this we heard a loud shriek pierce the silence that had surrounded us.

“Okay…what in god’s name was that?” I murmured in a confused voice.

“I-it came from those crags…” My friend stammered. He was spooked. He had never been out in the wilderness before and, as a result, had never had to deal with having his mind play tricks on him. I didn’t want to scare him but I genuinely had no clue what the hell made that noise.

“It could have just been an eagle” I said, trying to reassure him but completely failing to convince him.

He gave me a look of disbelief. “Eagle!? No way was that an eagle bud…” I knew he was right so when my Uncle got back we told him about it and he suggested that maybe they were trying to re introduce wild boar into Scotland. I couldn’t decide if I was happy that we had a potential answer or scared that there were boar running wild out there. Either way we had to set up camp. We got camp set up in a small clump of trees and ate some boil in the bag food. We then got into our tents to get some sleep. The eerie shriek from the crags had all but left my mind as I drifted off into unconsciousness.

At roughly 1 am I awoke to the sound of branches snapping. This on its own was not enough to make me feel scared or anything because as I said I was an avid hill walker and had had deer come right up to my tent before in the night. I usually find the sounds of wildlife relaxing. Whatever it was outside began scratching what must have been a tree. There was something off about this. It couldn’t have been a deer. Deer don’t have claws. Fox or wildcat maybe I thought to myself. The scratching sound persisted and I decided to shine a light on whatever it was. Then I remembered the shriek from the crags and i froze.

What if it’s a boar? or worse. I ridiculed myself for being spooked by this noise so I grabbed my torch and began to unzip my tent. To this day I wish I hadn’t felt so bold that night. I was faced with complete darkness outside my tent. The scratching was coming from my left. I pointed my torch in that direction and flicked it on. I stopped dead. Stood before me was not a fox, wildcat…, or boar. Instead there was this creature. It’s skin was a decayed, grey colour and it was completely lacking of any hair. It was hunched in an unnatural position at the base of a tree, just scratching. It looked to be about 1 metre tall from what I could see of it’s cadaverous looking body. As soon as the light hit it it stopped scratching.

It turned to face me and I chocked a scream when I saw its face. It’s eyes were a glazed over, milky colour, It had no nose that I could see and it had a thin line where its mouth was. for a couple of seconds which felt like an eternity it stared at me. Then its mouth opened and it let out a horrific, piercing shriek almost identical to the one Fred and I had heard from the crags. It took one last look at me before running off into the darkness at an impossible speed. Shortly after my Uncle and Fred were out of there tents and demanding to know what i’d seen. I couldn’t speak i’d been that badly scared. I tried to tell them and my Uncle, the towering pillar of logic that he is, suggested that i had had a night terror or something of the sort. Fred, however, believed every word I said.

The next day we cut our walk short and high tailed it to Inverie where we got a boat to a train station so we could get back to the car. We had asked a few of the locals if they had heard anything strange and a couple had heard similar noises at night but they too believed that they were being made by boar or elk being re introduced. I’m posting this experience because even I can’t be certain that what i saw was 100 percent real. It was dark and it was eerie outside and I could have been thinking about the crag shriek as I drifted off. After all, I do have a vivid imagination. I just wanted to share this and perhaps see what others think. Regardless, The wilderness can be a scary, sometimes terrifying place. The only real question: is it all in the imagination? Or are there truly other things to fear out there other than our own minds.

The Thing in the Caves

I’m not really sure where to begin with this story, but here goes nothing. I’m a 21 year old girl living in a part of England known as ‘The Black Country’, it’s called this as it has a large history in mining, although all these mines have now been closed for a very long time. I often walk my dog, a chihuahua, through the fields and woods near my house. The event I’m writing about happened last month, but I can still remember it as clearly asif it just happened.

It was around midday, and it became time for me to take my dog lady for a walk. As we’re walking through a small woods behind my house, scattered with rubbish and unwanted belongings, my dog often ventures through the bushes and trees, as she’s so small this is no problem for her, but I usually have to find another way around.

As we were walking along a stream, I realise I hadn’t seen her for a while, so I start looking in every small place she could be. After about 10 minutes I really start to panic as I can’t find her, so I end up running through the stream instead of shuffling around the edges of it. When I find her, she’s standing straight up, stiff with all her fur on end stairing intently at what looks like a dent in the thick foliage. Glancing at where she is looking, I see a quick glimpse of what looks like reflective dog eyes. Excited that she might have found a fox hole (abit strange I know but I’m a animal lover and iv always wanted to see a fox, especially a fox cub) so I get abit closer to get a better look. As I get closer to the parting in the thick weaved bushes to look into the hole, I flick the torch on my phone on, kneeling down, I notice quickly that it’s alot bigger than I first realised.

The entrance as I was it was just a hole into the roof of a cavernous area, this is when my dog started to whimper, and pull on my trousers. Something she has never done before, as I turned to look at her, I heard what sounded like long nails on laminate flooring, a very rapid tapping noise. When I turn back, I am face to face with terror itself. Hanging off the ceiling like a god damn bat, is what looks like a person, but it’s all wrong. It’s stick thin, but it’s body and limbs are too long, and it has a additional set of arms coming for its mid torso which it is using to hand on the ceiling.

But it’s worst feature was it’s eyes. It had no eyelids, and it’s eyes were like white swirling marbles that seemed to see right into my soul. As it started at me it seemed to cock its head, like a dog when it’s trying to figure something out. I was frozen, filled with fear and couldn’t move. Thankfully, a sharp bite to my leg from my dog snapped me back into reality. I barely remember the sprint back, all I remember is grabbing my dog and sprinting back down the stream, and hearing what sounded like a cross between wheels skidding, and nails going down a chalk board. I spent the rest of the night shivering cuddled up to my dog watching cartoons to try and calm down.

I have so many questions, what was that thing? Does it have anything to do with the mines that run beneath the black country? Does it stick to the caves, or was that small entrance proof that it’s ventured out. If anybody has any similar experiences, or knows someone who has, or has even heard a fairytale of something like this please let me know. Because after all the searching on the internet I’m struggling to find anything even similar to what IV seen.

Skinwalker in Vietnam

This story took place during the Vietnam War. This story is my uncle’s, who was posted in Southern Vietnam during the war.

My uncle was a sergeant in the army, and he was assigned to Vietnam as a Green Barret. He led a squad whose main objective was to discover and map new locations. There were 6 people in his squad excluding him, and they had a large jeep to travel in. Their usually consisted of going to strange and obscure parts of the country, and assessing the potential of threat each location posed. So as you could imagine, my uncle was almost always on the road .

On one such assignment, my uncle’s squad was assigned to the foothills of the Annamese Mountains. There was no straight road, just like every other place, so they were forced to use whatever dirt road they could find. They eventually reached the said location and began their work. They spent almost an entire week there, and wrapped up on a Saturday evening. But before they could leave, however, they heard strange sounds coming from the other side of the hill they were on. Fearing they had stumbled on an enemy base, they contacted the Head Officer for further instructions.
Needles to say, they were told to proceed to the said location, but with extreme caution. With that, the squad took off into the woods.
After driving for about six hours, they discovered a fresh set of footprints leading deeper into the woods. They followed the tracks deep into the forest. After a solid two hours of driving they reached a clearing . Judging by the topography of the region surrounding them, they concluded they were not in proximity to a militant base, and they decided to head out in the morning. They were all very tired, and they slept peacefully until daybreak.

The following morning, they started making preparations to leave, when a squad member spotted a dark silhouette moving across the tree-line . The figure moved out of sight shortly after. The squad members reported their sightings to the H.O and once again, they instructed to follow. This time, however, my uncle was not prepared to accept orders and devised a clever plan. He proposed the entire squad be split into two. The first half would go in search of the silhouette and the other would stay put. My uncle and 3 others went in search of that thing. After twenty minutes of walking they came across a small village, without a wasting a second, they made their way down the slope and across an old bridge to reach the village.

The village was not really a village, it was just a collection of very old houses, long abandoned. They searched the area for signs of life, but they couldn’t find any for the most part. Eventually, they reached a large wall with graffiti on it. “Get out. Go away. Don’t trouble us. ” it read. They made their way to the other side through an opening in the wall. They discovered a meadow, a very large one.

At the edge of the slope they were on stood a large dog like creature standing on its hind limbs. They were shocked and absolutely terrified. They tried to maintain absolute silence and didn’t utter a single word. The creature must have sensed their presence as it turned around and stared at them. It had large white eyes and a very muscular build. My uncle was paralysed with fear, he wanted to reach out for his gun, but he was frozen. The creature was holding something or someone. On closer observation, it was a heavily mutilated corpse of what seemed to be an American soldier. “RUN!!” my uncle yelled, and in a matter of seconds all four of them were running faster than ever. They could hear the thumping of footsteps behind them, my uncle immediately knew the creature was giving chase. In a matter of minutes, they got to the bridge and hastily crossed it without a second thought. My uncle turned back to see if they were still being followed, and what he saw next haunts him to this day.

The description of the creature in his own words are as follows: “That thing. It had to be at least seven feet tall. Its muscles were like a bodybuilder’s and its face was the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen. Its face was horribly twisted and contorted, but it strangely resembled a dog’s head. It was scanning the bridge with those evil eyes of its, prepared to jump any time. Without a word, I pulled out my gun and shot the darned thing. I swear, I must have emptied half my magazine on it. It let out an ear splitting screech. The noise was so human and inhuman, I simply couldn’t comprehend it. The bullets must have worked for the thing stopped and squealed in pain. I jumped at the opportunity and ran as fast as my legs could carry me. ” In a matter of seconds, my uncle was back at the clearing. His squad members were anxiously waiting for him in the jeep. He jumped in and they drove off as fast they possibly could.

For the next eight hours, there was silence, absolute silence. No one tried breaking it. Eventually, they were back on the main road, and they reached their base a short while after.

Skipping past a few days, my uncle was told to make his report. He included everything he saw and didn’t conceal a single detail. When his report was being verified, he was questioned about his encounter. Strangely enough, the Head Officer seemed to believe him, and told him that a battalion of soldiers had gone missing around the region, and that the true purpose of their assignment was to find out what happened. The dead soldiers would be labelled “Killed in Action.”

The war ended a few weeks later, and my uncle was promoted to Head Officer. He returned to America almost a month after the incident. Although he retired a few years ago, my uncle has been visiting Native American Shamans lately, and he told me this story a month ago. He believes what he saw that day was a Skinwalker.

Grandad’s Monster Encounter

This is a creepy story , or should I say encounter that happened to my grand father in the old 1960’s days , he is deceased now but his infamous monster encounter still intrigues me so I’ll share it with all of you.

This monster encounter took place in Mexico during the summer of 1965 , let me add that Mexico is home to an overwhelming amount of monster sightings , maybe because of all the wilderness , and that leaves a big possibility of unknown creatures to stalk and terrorize remote control areas and abandoned towns.

My grandfather had other encounters with strange creatures but I find this one being the most frightening.

My grandfather was a hunter , mainly deer but he also killed coyotes birds and wild goats, He lived in a small village away from the city , he owned his own farm and house , he lived with my grandma who at the time was about his age , in their twenties , and also lived with my dad and his brothers and sisters who were kids at the time.

My grandfather was brave but humbled and calm , he and his buddies would go out hunting almost all day and would come back with deer and awesome stories of their fun adventures through the woods and water canals.

I will add that his farm and village at the time we’re located on the side of a mountain that was surrounded by beautiful green forest and lots of creek and rivers , it was filled with so much life , the house was a two floor seven rooms and two bathrooms home but only four rooms were used and the other three were filled with junk , I’m not sure what the entire house looked like but it was big.

My grandfather had horses sheep and roosters that he’d use to make money by selling and buying.

Now in order for my grandfather to begin hunting he had to make a safe distance from the house to prevent any danger since he takes a drink before going out hunting , he’d cross a mile long field with tall grass and crossed a water canal into the deep woods , once there he and his buddies would take their places and start shooting .

This one evening my grandfather and his buddies saw a big healthy deer , they all wanted that deer and they agreed that who ever kills it keeps it , the deer ran off and they went after it.

Well an hour passed by , the sun was going down and the temperature was dropping , there wasn’t wind but it was cold and one of my grandfather’s friends asked why is it getting cold ? It’s summer , they were on a narrow path with was covered in tall bushes and grass when they hear a cry in the distance , it just sounded like an old lady crying loud but with so much emotional lament and pain , they all were filled with fear , my grandfather says , we are in the middle of nowhere and there’s is someone crying near by and it’s cold doesn’t add up , one of his friends convinces them to follow after the crying , after all they had guns they said , and so they followed the cries .

As they got close to the sound it just moved away instantly like when you follow a rainbow, Like they could never get to its source, then it occurred to them that maybe it’s La llorona in English the weeping woman and they immediately started to regret the idea of chasing after something that was more terrifying than they imagined, so they quickly started heading back towards the narrow path and where the narrow path should have been it was just gone , their muddy foot prints were still there but they ended where the path should have been.

The men were confused and we’re arguing amongst themselves which way they should go , the crying turned to the sound of someone screaming and drowning in their own blood , the men were panicking and one took of running and it became a race , some were tripping and falling others couldn’t stop shaking out of fear , they ran about two miles back to my grandfather’s house , it was night by then.

When they got to my grandfather’s house they woke up everybody by accident , stomping on the wooden floor and whispering loud , my grandmother asked my grandfather why they came in the way the did , he just told her to lock the doors and made her go to bed.

That entire night they were looking out the windows with the lights of , nothing happened so they fell asleep , in the middle of the night my grandfather woke up to a distorted voice calling his name ( George ) he walked passed his friends who were snoring and grabbed his 45 peaked out the window and he saw something that is hard to explain, a dear was laying down in the dirt looking his way about 40 feet away from the window near the tall grass , suddenly a huge three headed python wrapped around the deer and begin to squeeze the deer and snapped it’s bones , each head was trying to devour different sides of the deer , the deer’s neck had snapped backwards facing my grandfather and the deer smiled and in a distorted voice said ( don’t be afraid ) then the three headed python slowly dragged the dear into the bushes and away.

And then out the tall grass some shadows making their way to the window where my grandfather was standing , my grandfather was paralyzed with fear , the shadows faded before getting to close to him .

My grandfather was praying and turned around to wake up his buddies , but there was no one there , they were Gone , my grandmother woke up and found my grandfather shaking uncontrollably and praying and she cried because she was scared , he didn’t sleep and when morning came he drove to his friends house and asked why did you guys leave? My grandfather’s friend said to him ( what , you don’t remember?) We woke up to you staring out the window gripping your 45 like you were going to shoot somebody, we tried talking you out of it but you were mumbling prayers and it freaked us out so we left , my grandfather explained what he saw and encountered , what ever it was , it was frightening.

The men only went hunting during noon from then on and have since shared that story to their younger generations.

My grandfather said it’s never happened again and I wonder if it was a skin Walker

Piney Woods Chupacabra

Where do I start? This is probably one of my more favorite stories to tell to people about weird encounters that I have experienced. And thanks to the recent video of werewolf sightings it reminds me a bit of my own similar encounter. My family, friends, and I all share unique stories of strange personal encounters, spirits, creatures, UFOs and the sorts, which I’ll probably share for a later time.

A little background before I go onto my experience, I’m a female and during this time I stilled lived in the Piney Woods region of Texas. My friends and I were slowly growing an interest in the paranormal since our middle school years. Our particular interest was more focused on the Dogman and werewolf sightings. We had also previously suspected there to be bigfoot in the area based on accounts from others nearby, but our suspicion of something else lurking the woods grew from a few other stories. A majority of these encounters happened near my best friend’s, Kelley, house and the woods just down her road. Kelley’s house is located in the more rural part of our town, her driveway was bumpy and consisted of dirt and gravel. In her front yard, there was a large thicket with a bunch of blackberry bushes and pylons going through it. In her backyard there was a small wooded area with a creek bed that ran through it in the fashion of an L. To the right of that creek bed was her grandmother’s house, and of course just down the road was the woods.

The first story came from a childhood friend of a friend, who believed and apparently even saw a werewolf in the woods by luring it and watching it from a shed. I took the story with a grain of salt, believing it to be make-believe, however, it still is funny considering what happened years later. A mutual friend and her brother saw the giant silhouette of a dog cast onto her bedroom curtains. The next day all that was left behind were some scratch marks near her window, seven feet off the ground, and a musty odor. There was also an account from two girls from our high school that had sighted a “chupacabra”. They described it as a huge white dog with an odd gait that ran out in front of their car. My best friend, who we’ll call Kelley, also spotted a gray brownish slouched over dog run across the road into the woods.

My sister, niece, and I have also heard strange growling and odd howl-screams from our backyard and the cow field. I have also seen a strange footprint in the woods were our encounter took place. The footprint looked almost exactly like a humans print except for the toes, where it looked as if it widened just a bit and I could only make out three prints with clawed tips at the end. We also heard something one night clawing against a pylon in a horse field close to Kelley’s house. A year before my initial encounter took place, Kelley had called my sister and another mutual friend late at night. She was on her computer when suddenly the disturbed sounds of her neighbor’s geese brought her attention to the window in her living room. The window gives a full view of her backyard. As she peered out the window she saw a tall figure leap from across the creek nearest her grandmother’s house and into the bit of woods beyond the creek bed. Luckily, her grandmother keeps her porch light on so she was able to adjust her eyes fairly quickly. As she gazed out from the window she noticed the figure leaning up against a tree staring right back at her; it had two pointy ears, yellow eyes, and a tail that swung lightly in the air. The encounter only happened for a few minutes before it ran off in the direction it was heading. The next day she went to investigate the creek bed and felt as if she was being watched. It was then that she heard a disembodied growl that was accompanied by the sudden stench of decay.

As for my experience during the time it happened, I was around 16 years old and I was spending the night at Kelley’s house. There was this forest that we always enjoyed hiking in. This forest, in particular, looked as if it was planned on being a park. On one of our longer treks, we once discovered a sign and a few rotting benches at the third lake located in the deepest part of the woods. There were also plenty of generally well-kept trails, sheds, and piers.

During this sleepover, Kelley and I planned to go out hiking around midnight in the woods. We had done so other times before with no problem; just the sounds of crickets chirping, frogs croaking, and the occasional rustle of a small animal in the bushes, accompanied by the sense of serenity. The woods we normally hiked were located just down Kelley’s road. The road was a dead end that looped around, beyond this dead end was a gate that marked the border into the woods. There was a sign on the gate that warned others NO TRESPASSING, but of course, we paid no heed every time we jumped the gate.

Unlike the previous nights we went hiking, we came prepared with flashlights and two dogs; one a very young rambunctious mutt, and the other an elderly lab. It started out normally until we neared the forest. We both started to get that uneasy feeling, something just wasn’t right this time. The woods, after all, seemed oddly quiet that night, but we pushed on nonetheless. We jumped the gate and headed down the trail. The trail takes a right within a few feet and a few feet after that right the trail splits off in a ‘Y‘. If you were to take a left you’d head deeper into the forest and by the lake, and taking a right would lead you to other dead end roads within Kelley’s community.

As we approached the ‘Y‘ we started to hear rustling around us but assumed it to be just some other skittish animals. I stopped suddenly, bringing my friend to a halt. For some reason I couldn’t bring myself to take that left, I let Kelley know and she reassured me that she had felt the same way since the start. We were both scanning the trees with our lights until my eyes caught a fallen tree that seemed to block half the path to our left. For some reason my I felt the hairs on my neck rise just looking at it. I questioned Kelley about that tree as the dogs slowly made their way to it at the same time to investigate. As we were discussing the tree Kelley quickly choked up. She was quick to tell me that as the younger dog prodded at the tree two yellow eyes jumped up from behind it. We took a couple of steps back and quickly paced ourselves out of there, we didn’t run because we felt if the dogs weren’t freaking out neither should we, but we sure as hell weren’t going to stay.

As we were walking down the road, and about a fourth of the way from the woods, we heard crashing and then two very loud thuds against the concrete. We high-tailed it back towards Kelley’s house as we heard it running towards us, it took at least four more thuds before it turned off into the woods on our right. From then we could hear it crashing through the brush behind us. We didn’t stop until we were catching our breath on the the lighted patio of Kelley’s house. Kelley had then spotted those same eyes bobbing up in down from the thickets in front of her house before we went inside. We wanted to tell Kelley’s mother what happened when all of a sudden the dogs began to growl and bark. Sure enough as we went out to investigate both the dogs had their tails up and barking towards the thicket but neither dared to the enter. I paced along the border of the thicket while Kelley stayed on the patio. I started making noises to it to see if I could get a response. Apparently just after I howled Kelley heard a low growl that sent her running back into her house. A couple of days after this encounter she began to hear noises. She heard screams and howls in the woods and even some nights she would hear growling and bumping underneath or by to her house. These sounds lasted for a few more nights until the woods finally became silent again.