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A Nice Little Walk

By Ode to the Bouncer

This, was a normal day like all the others. I was planning on taking my daily walk a little later then usual though, but still making sure to take my mase (Also known as pepper spray) with me.) I slipped it into my pocket, along with my phone in the other. Happily stepping outside, I immediately slipped out my phone again, getting ready to call my boyfriend. Little did I know my little cousin Roxan was going to be accompining me.

She came running outside and I heard her slam the front door behind her. “Aw man…” I mumbled as she skipped along beside me, happily grinning. She was waring the same thing I was, shorts, t shirt, and a simple cap. I shrugged and went along with my plan.

A Monster is Watching me Sleep

By robert

My name is Robert but my parents and friends call me junior. Anyway this happened around 2 years ago, I was 11 and I was sleeping in my brothers room. I was asleep when I heard a sort of low ground I shook it off as me being tired.

By this time I was thirsty so I went down stairs to get a cup of water. I had entered the kitchen I had gotten a cup and filled it up with water. When I got my glass of water I heard another low growl and assumed it was nothing.

Please be a Bear

By Yer boi

It was a cold November night at my house, I was pretty surprising for only September. Well to give background about me myself, I live in the very back woodsy part of Maine so bears are an everyday sight wether out the window or in front of you on a hike.

My name is Jack and I’m a rather beefy kid not fat but like hulk-like compared to other 13 year olds. Yeah I may dabble in the paranormal and yeah the furnace turning on turned my face into an ice pack but that was when I was afraid of cats but when you think about it cats can be nightmarish.

Lake Not So Pleasant

By Lauren

At the time of this story I was 11 or 12 years old, this took place during summer break.

My Aunt Christy and Uncle Chip, took me and my cousins to Lake Pleasant in Peoria, Arizona. We had planned to spend all day swimming in the lake, which was nice because of Arizona’s great heat. I have never swam in a lake before, so I thought it would be a fun time to cool off, and bond with my cousins.

The Witch of Pine Bluff

By TermanShank

A decade back I lived in a quiet, forest surrounded town called pine bluff. I loved it there. Especially since we lived out in the boondocks where it’d take you a good 20 minute drive to reach the center of town. Our little rural homestead was a dirt road off a dirt road surrounded by evergreens. It was absolutely beautiful. The first thing I noticed about the place was it’s refreshing smell. Sadly, any smell disappears as you get used to it.

During the summer, my family wanted to go out onto our land and do some camping. We had several acres or so as dad thought he’d be doing quite a bit of hunting after we moved down there. He was wrong.

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