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The Grey Demon

By Joey vs Horror

My name is Joey and this is my experience with something paranormal. I am very in to paranormal happenings and events and always like to read about them to get the spooked feeling, I was always curious about how it would be to have a experience of my own. But I now regret that, it started one night in March, it was a quiet evening and I was the last one up like usual.

I was reading a book and was getting ready to go to sleep, a quick side note my closet door was slightly cracked open and was right across from my bed at the other side of the room.

The Trail Skinwalker

By death546

My name is Paul, I was 15 when this encounter occurred. I was with 2 of my best friends who don’t want there names stated so I’ll call them Matt and Joe, we live in the more rural area of New York. We haven’t told this story to ANYONE, and the three of us decided to tell it here. We don’t care if no one believes us, but we know what we saw and it will haunt us forever. I still have nightmares of this encounter and sleep with knife not far from my bed.

It was a bright night, full moon, a very peaceful night. I was at my friend Joe’s house who is just up the block. Being young teenage boys you tend to do some dumb things. The trail is right down the road from our street, so we decided that once Joe’s mother went to sleep we would sneak out and head to the rail trail. It was approaching midnightwhen Joe’s mother fell asleep. We live in a pretty wooded area, and we have seen coyotes before, so to make us feel “safer” we brought our airsoft guns, some m-88 firecrackers and a flash light that could light up something 100 feet away. Airsoft guns hurt and probably could protect us from coyotes, but it would not protect us from what we saw.

Strange Wild Animal

By Jake

I live in the middle of nowhere, montana, on several acres that lead up to the Yellowstone river, behind the river, is a forest. Our house isn’t all that big, but we have a huge dethatched garage/shop that’s about 50 feet away from the house. The cat lives in there and we always have some food out for him, but as a result, all sorts of critters like to wander in.

We have a serious raccoon problem, and they are smarter than we are sometimes. We set lots of traps, but they figured them out pretty fast. I decided that trying to catch and release elsewhere, wasn’t going to work, so I decided to throw out some cat food and hide in some of the trees with one of my guns. the gun I chose was a merlin 60s .22 long rifle.

Panther in the Forest

By Alex

I would like to start this story by saying I’m not a religious person, but after this encounter I started praying. So it started like a normal day, I woke up brushed my teeth and do the whole morning routine. When I finished I went for my daily jog through the forest, as I left I felt like something was watching me, but I didn’t pay much attention to that.

When I was about half way through my run I saw movement in the nearby brush. I didn’t really want to go to investigate but I started getting really curious about the strange sounds coming from the bush. I assumed it was a fox or something smaller.

My Goatman Story

By Skyler

This happened about a month ago, before i get started though my name is skyler. (Im a boy my name is really unisex) Im 13 years old and this is the creepiest thing to ever happen to me. I live in florence Kentucky but i was visiting my brother in campbellsville kentucky up to 4-5 hours away. He recently survived cancer and our father died. My bro lives with my grandma for divorce reasons that iwont get Into. Anyways I was over one night to stay for a week. On my first day i just settled in and fell asleep relatively quick, the next night i wasnt so fortunate.

The next day we hung out in the woods  and threw sticks while sitting down and listening to be busta, darkness prevails, mr.nightmare and dark 5. We came to a video about audio recordings on Mr Nightmares channel then we heard rustling. I, being my pretty low key chill self thought it was part of the audio recording. Minutes later while talking we heard it again. I looked behind us and thats when I Screamed. My brother turns around having a nervous breakdown because of my scream and asks whats wrong.

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