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It Hated All of Us

First off I’d like to start off by saying I am one who believes in the paranormal and I also believe in witches, witchcraft, and all that good stuff. I just turned 19,  but this story takes place when I was maybe around the age of 14. This is when I lived in an apartment with my older half sister and older half brother along with my little brother who isn’t half and my mother.

I’d also like to note that in this apartment, my mom had this family picture of all four of us kids and her. She also had seperate pictures of each of us near the kitchen along a window sill. This is important to the story later on.

A Leather Jacket Saved me from the Rake

This story took place about two years ago, when I was just 14. Not that it matters, but for the record I’m a girl. I’m pretty short and thin, standing at only 5’3 and weighing 90 pounds back then. But I’m very athletic and fast. Don’t worry, these things will come later in the story.

For privacy let’s just say that my name is Quinn. Back then my best friend’s name was Jana. Jana was a “cool” kid, so most of her friends were people I had never spoken to. Jana was having a Christmas party that night, and I remember just being bored out of my mind for most of the time. I’m an only child, my parents were having their own fun and Jana was too busy to pay any attention to her weird friend, so I sat in a chair by a large window.

The Time I Nearly Came Face To Face With a Rake

So right off the bat I want to say that I live in Northern Minnesota. I am used to the animals of the woods and their distinct sound, but I’ll never forget the horrifying hiss I heard one Night.

So this happened in late June. I was having a sleep over my close friend Nick. So it being a normal boy’s sleep over we stayed up all night playing video games and drinking root beer. About 12’O clock was when decided to have a fire in Nick’s dense woods. The trees where so tall that the embers wouldn’t reach the branches, therefore it was safe. It was Nick his brother and his dad and I where there so we where not paranoid that much, and if I haven’t said already I am quite young, Being the age of 13. So anyways we put some gasoline on the fire to make the wood burn brighter. Then we ate some chocolate because they didn’t have marshmallows at the time so we had to deal with it. After that we decided to sit around the fire to warm up.

Cut a Creature’s Face

What I saw this night had to be, of all things, real. Before we start, you need some knowledge about my house. I have a couch in front of my window that is right next to my door. Then there is another couch beside that one against the wall. There is a coffee table in the middle of the room, and behind that is a recliner.

Now, this happened about two months ago, and it still terrifies me to think about this. I am 11 years old, and am very small and skinny. I’m not very strong or large but I can still pull my weight. My friend had rode his bike down to a very small creek in the middle of my neighborhood when, unfortunately, he got sick. And his mom came to pick him up. He left his bike and called me and asked if I could go get it. I agreed, but it was too late to go out. So, like the idiot  I am, I decided to sneak out of the house when my parents fell asleep.

It Remembered Me

This may not be an especially scary or frightening story but it was creepy nonetheless. I was about five or six years old when I went to my grandparents house and since we all loved to go to the woods we decided to drive around and see if we could find any animals as we drove around. Now this happened in southeastern Oklahoma and the forests are large but not too vast as we could drive for about an hour and a half and make it to the other side of the forest.

While we were driving along the main road in the woods we were coming upon a hill and as we did I got a creepy feeling up my back, like when you know something is wrong but you just don’t know what, so I told them to stop on the to of the hill. Sometimes I wish we would have gone off onto a side road that we had just passed because as we went over that hill there in the shade of some trees in the middle of the road was a deer. This deer however was not a typical deer at all because despite it being about 5 in the afternoon in summer this deer was pitch black with antlers and glowing red eyes.

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