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Skinwalker Attack at a Sleepover

By Kiel A

This is a run in with skinwalker when my cousin visited. About 2 months ago my cousin came over to spend the week. I have always beloved in the paranormal, so I showed my cousin a skinwalker story video on the 5th day he visited. Skinwalkers are attracted when you say your name I told him that stupidly.

That night he was going to sleep in the backyard in a tent, I told him I wouldn’t go because I am afraid of the dark. My grandmother my cousin and went to burger king that night, my cousin and I were talking about skinwalkers and he said I was being a baby and said Skinwalker really loud in a crowded burger king. I was so mad I pushed him and we got into a pushing fight. We made up that, so everything was fine after.

Fullmoon Sleepover

By Tyr

Okay. Hello, my name is Tyr. Yes my name is a little strange. I live in Sweden. Like in the most northern part of Sweden that does not have a lot of contact with the outside world. We did of course have technology, but it was just very limited. This was in the early nineties during my childhood. I lived in a small community out in the middle of the forest. And i just wanna point out the fact that you could literally walk here for miles without seeing a single house. Our community was one of the only modern places you could find out there.

I had a happy life. I lived with my mother, father and two sisters and a dog called Rufus in a small red house. We were happy. My parents loved each other, my sisters didn’t try to kill me and we had enough money to survive. It was all and all a very happy time of our lives. But one incident would change that. One fucking thing would destroy our worry-less world. I will tell you about that later but now i wanna talk more about our village. There where maybe twenty small houses in our community. The population mostly was of old retired hunters or woodcutters. But there were some families with children to. There was Andreas, Mia, Erik, Anders and Ingmar.

Sleepover Nightmare

By Anonymous2

It was Saturday night when it all happened. Let’s call my friend David. I was 10 years old at that time, I always wanted to sleep at my friend’s house, but my parents usually said no, because I wasn’t old enough for sleepovers. I had enough of theirs “No!” so I decided to call David and I told him that I will be at his place at 8 o’clock.

He asked me did I asked my parents, I didn’t say anything for a moment. I actually thought about it, my parents usually came home from work at 10 o’clock, the time when I was asleep, and they never bother me while I was sleeping because it was too late anyway. I told him that I did ask my parents and they said that I can come. We talked for a bit while after that, but nothing important. It was 7 o’clock, at that time, my mom would always call me to check am I ok, have I eaten etc. So I waited for the phone to ring so I can say that I’m home and that I’ll be ok.

They Live Among Us

By LeanAndMeme

I’m a long time lurker of the Subreddit, and have been reading story’s and liked what I have read. I have many creepy things happen to me and have posted before. before this story I never believed in the paranormal but this experience still baffles me and makes me relies that where not the only things in this world that can cause others to feel pain or fear.

This takes place on a nice November night in 2015 we where home alone, my house is your average 2 story house, with me and Jeff’s bed rooms on the 2nd floor my house is also not haunted, so that creeps me out even more I’m Mia and was 12 when this occurred. I have Long Peroxide Blond hair that goes down past my shoulders to my chest, blue eyes and on this night I was wearing a tank-top and short-shorts. I was home alone with my big brother Jeff, who looks like a rugby player but he takes medicine because of HDHD and can get aggressive if he forgets to take it, he was 13 at the time. I had 2 of my friends sleeping over i will call them Jocey who’s 12 and Gwen who’s also 12.

Werewolf on the Country Road

By Yvez16

Let me just start off by saying that everything in this story is one hundred percent true.

During my freshmen year of college I would often go see my girlfriend, who attended college about fifty minutes away from mine. The road I would travel down was a country road with little lights and barely any other cars would pass by me. During one visit I left very late from my girlfriend’s school due to my own lazy behavior.

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