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The Thing in the Fields….Vampire or Fiend?

This happened around last July, me and my friends, including my boyfriend are all big paranormal junkies. We go out searching for anything, creatures, ghost, etc. We’ve went to cemeteries at night, heard little girls laughing in the woods at three in the morning, seen a completely black dog that stood a good  five feet off the ground ground, but we have never what we saw last summer. My boyfriend, in this his name will be Chris, had just finished working on our friend, Jakes, ruckus. So afterwards, we decided to hang out and head to Azalia, a known haunted place around Indiana. Am other dropped her baby off the bridge, then killed herself, creatures roam around, a slave will appear every once in awhile hanging from the oak tree by the road, weird stuff. But Chris, Jake, and Chris’s brother Drew along with myself decided lets go. It was warm, a clear night, gorgeous. So we got in Chris’s car and headed out, it was only a few minutes away so it didn’t take long before we turned the curve and headed toward the first bridge, awaiting the second bridge that the lady jumped from. Chris and I rolled our windows down and lit two cigarettes, we didn’t see anything coming over the first bridge but once we got on the stretch of road I looked toward the field, freshly cut, I could see pretty far out with the moon overhead. “Chris?”

“What baby?”

The Tall Figure

i was 15 at the time and lived in the rural suburbs of Pennsylvania. There is a large pine and oak forest near my house and i would regularly hunt and camp in there with my friends.

One night my friend nick and were camping on a winter hunting trip deep into the forest. I had left the tents to do my business in the woods. As i had walked in a good distance I heard a low toned humming sound. I ignored the sound and assumed my mind was playing tricks on me. As I finished my business and was making my way back, I heard the snow around me start to crunch as if something of substantial weight was moving on it. Living in this area my whole life, I knew that at this time of year nothing was big enough to crush snow like this. I slowly, and as silently as possible, got back to camp and picked up my rifle and waited. Two hours had passed and it was nearly pitch black outside. I heard that terrible crunching sound again. I quickly readied my rifle as a large, pale, lanky, and blood covered creature came into view just at the edge of the my gas lamp. Its eyes were a piercing orange. At least 5 minutes passed of me looking at this thing before it finally took notice of me. As if it knew I was nervous, it smiled at me. I know it sounds crazy but it smiled at me and began to slink back into the woods. To say the obvious I got no sleep that night. The next morning I told nick about what happened. He laughed at me like a good friend would and said we should pack up and go home. The worst part of it though, was that as we were pulling out of the clearing our car was parked in,  I looked back nearly asleep and i swear to god I saw those same eyes starring right at me.

It Wasn’t Human

My name is not really Kevin, but for the sake of anonymity you can call me that. I didn’t want to believe what I saw so many years ago was real until I came across this channel, with people sharing stories similar to what I saw. It was singlehandedly the most frightening experience of my life, and even as I type this now the hairs stand up on the back of my neck just thinking about it.

Though today I live in Toronto, I grew up in Timmins, Northern Ontario, Canada. Timmins is a tiny place, isolated in thousands of acres of dense forest. It’s a remote, poor place but filled with wildlife, and if you’re an avid hunter like me it’s a great place to grow up in. I spent my younger years stalking the woods with my Cree grandfather’s antiquated .12-gage, hunting rabbits and grouse, and fishing for Walleye in the wild lakes of the region. Before I could even drive a car, I was an expert on my four-by-four off-road quad bike. Until this incident happened, I loved the nature and wilderness, respecting it for its beauty. Now, though, I just fear it.

Arabian Werewolf

This story takes place in winter of 2015, outside of Riyadh, KSA.

A short backstory: I was prepping up for some offroad adventures with 4×4 to the wadis of Saudi Arabia, just outside of the capital of Riyadh, with three friends.

Now, many of you ‘New Worlders’ would immediately think: oil, hot sand, riches and Lambos, blazing sun, or even some other notoriety.

My Encounters with Werewolves

So, before I begin with my whole story about what I’ve seen I need to fill you in on a little bit. I’ve seen two werewolves in my life: one when I was around the age of fourteen, and the other just tonight (age of nineteen). I live in the southern part of Kansas, so there’s mostly countryside, where these sightings took place.

So, on with the first one. I lived out in the countryside of Kingman County, where my closest neighbor was around a mile away. My parents would let me take night-time walks during the summer; which was when this happened, the summer of 2012. I was on one of my routine walks, down to the paved road about a mile-and-a-half away, and back. On the way down south to the paved road there was a group of trees that always kinda scared the childish part of me: it was so dark and you could always hear animals in there. Well, I would always jog past that part at night, and go along my way to the end of the dirt road. I remember running past the patch of trees, almost freezing when I heard what sounded like coyotes; and, that’s when I saw what I honestly thought was one of the farmers doubled over in his field.

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