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Wendigo Goes Bump in the Night

I’d like to start this off by stating that I don’t have much time left. Ever since that day, my paranoia has been growing worse and worse. Local wildlife has began acting strange again, I feel sick more often, and I can never shake the feeling that I am being watched.

It all started about a year ago when I went to a friends house for a party. He had invited me and six other friends to play air soft in his large woods that he owned. We were planning on getting in one long match, eat some pizza and nachos, go out for a night match, and then pull and all-niter playing video games and just having fun in general. Now, sad to say, we don’t have such parties anymore. Or at least, I don’t attend them anymore. Now I lay awake, pointing a shotgun at the door

Navajo Skinwalker in Colorado

My story begins in Colorado. I was 14 years old at the time. My family was taking a trip to visit my grandmother, who lives deep in the country. We were planning to stay over a few nights and enjoy the peace and quiet of the country. I’ve always been more of an in-doorsy person, but I did love taking a nice hike through the woods from time to time.

The highway drive was long and uneventful, but once we finally got there, I was super excited. After all, I had my own room in the beautiful cabin my grandmother lived in, with an amazing view of the lake and forest surrounding the property. I exchanged greetings with her, and, after a few minutes of idle conversation, headed to my room. I pulled out my laptop and began to get setup for a quality gaming session when I first heard the howling.

Real Slenderman Sighting

The story you are about to read is 100% true.

I was in 5th grade when this happened, and I live near a ravine in Indiana. Now a little info about me, I’m 15 years old now, and I’m the only boy in my family. I’m the middle kid, my older sister is 17, and my younger sister is 11.

Anyways, I remember this like it was yesterday. I was in my ravine with my b-b gun, the gun I had was a red rider b-b gun, if you’ve ever seen “A Christmas Story” then you know what I’m talking about. Don’t worry, I was responsible.

The Unexpected

My friends and family call me MJ. For spring break I went to Ocala, Florida. It took me, my sister, and my mom 5 hours to get their.

Ocala is in the country so there’s a lot of tree’s and and animal’s. As we where pulling up to my Nana’s house, I saw a black shadowy figure run into the woods, I didn’t pay much mind to it because I had woke up from a deep sleep.

Creature From the Dunes

This story starts with me, my brother, who we’ll call James, and my cousin, who we’ll call Sam.

Sam was staying two weeks with us because his parents were going to visit some family. We were all exited cause it was a whole two weeks to hang out and have fun. So, about two days in our new dogs find this dead raccoon close to the road. We all think its road kill until we flip it over with a stick and find bits of it missing. Its not uncommon to find things like that because there were coyotes and wolves where we lived, but the thing that bothered us most was the raccoons are usually close to where the dunes are so we don’t ever really see them here.

We shake it off and keep on messing around. Its now Thursday and its been two days since we found the raccoon. We’re riding our 4 wheeler when James sees something in the ditch. Its one of our neighbor’s chickens and its throat was torn out. We throw it in the trash and tell our dad. He immediately thinks that our dogs did it. Sam said no and that they were with us all night. “Then we better clean it up so predators don’t come closer”,he said.

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