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Watcher in the Woods

This encounter took place in 2010. My boyfriend and I were in our mid-twenties. It was summertime. We were lucky enough to get time off work at the same time, so we decided to spend a couple nights at my family cabin. The cabin is located in Northwestern Ontario, Canada, in a remote area about 40 minutes away from the nearest town. It’s on a medium sized lake surrounded by dense forest. There are only 20 cabins on the lake, spread out quite far from each other. We were there in the middle of the week, so there weren’t many people on the lake. I should mention that the cabin is on an island.

Our plan was to get there Tuesday night and leave Thursday morning. We arrived and spent the first night without incident. On Wednesday, we took the canoe out for a short ride. We parked it on the mainland and went on a hike down an old logging road. The road hasn’t been driven down in years. It’s overgrown and as far as I know people only use it for blueberry picking now, but it goes into the bush for quite a few kilometers. The two of us hiked down the road for 2 hours, sat down for a small lunch, then decided to turn back. On our way back, I couldn’t shake the heavy feeling that we were being watched and followed. It only occurred to me then that if anything bad were to happen to us, no one was coming to help. In hindsight, we should have told someone about our hiking plans, just in case, but it was too late for that. I tried my best to dismiss how I felt and didn’t even mention it to my boyfriend.

Wendigo on the Roof

So, first of all sorry for any grammar mistakes I make. I am from Lithuania so that’s why.

Let me just say I am a sucker for the paranormal. I have tons of encounters with ghosts, poltergeists, monsters ect…

But this is one of the scariest. I have grandparents. I love them. My mum usually leaves me with them if she is gone for a few days. And one day this happened: I was at my grandparents place and I was home alone. It was at least 8 pm. I was siting on my computer and doing homework. Ya know, all kind of stuff teenagers do. I was going down stairs to get something to drink when I heard… foot steps… not in my house, but outside. And I was scared beacause I watched way to much scary stories tonight. But I didn’t want to a wuss and thought: It’s most likely my neigbours dog or something. So I went back to doing homework.

My Monster in the Woods

First off I’d like to say that I’m only sharing this so that I may get some insight on what I’ve been encountering. Whatever it is, it’s easily the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen. If I could get any help in identifying what it is I would really appreciate it.

To begin with I live in Northern Idaho, outside of a small town. I have two neighbors out here but we don’t really talk. On days I’m not working I spend most of my days Hiking and Fishing, so I’m a fairly active person. Anyways on some of my hikes, about 6 months ago, I would find strange looking footprints, I don’t have any pictures because I would usually wave them off as two or more footprints overlapping.

Field Stalker

What happened on that day will haunt me till the day that I die.

First,some background info , I am a skilled marksman ,I’ve won a lot of shooting competitions,I am 27 years old ,I am not an ordinary type of night owl,I can stay awake for 3 days if I have to,I live in Fairbanks ,Alaska,hunting is my way of life ,wolves,bears,deers ,you name it.

2 months ago ,a rich guy  who owns a private land  hired me to guard his land,he hired me because of my skills ,the salary is more than what I deserve so I took the job and because of that,I bought a nice overwatch gear,bought an m21 rifle with bipod and military grade scope,a 1911 .45 handgun,night vision goggles,a couple boxes of 7.62 and .45 ammos and a flashlight.

Deer Watching Me

I have posted a few stories before, and this one is one of the most unnerving that has ever happened to me lately. Let me start by saying that i work security on a facility in southern Tennessee. I can not go into much more detail than that because of what is produced. It is nothing radioactive, but it is dangerous. So the place is heavily monitored. Every night for an hour i go patrol the area, and then i report back to the office and normally go home.

Well tonight there were trespassers caught on camera and i was sent out to investigate. By the time i had gotten there they had already left, and i was ordered via radio to check out a nearby area that was normally abandoned. As i drove i saw a fat baby deer alone in the middle of the field next to the road. I did not think much of it because it is common to see deer out there. I made a U-turn and reported back to the office. They told me i had to go back to the area and close an area gate because another person patrolling had forgotten to.

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