Skinwalker Encounter?

Hi, first off, I want to say I am a female. I live in a small town in the Midwest, where nothing terrifying, usually happens. Except for the occasional drunk people breaking into houses. But what I am about to tell you, still terrifies me to this day.

When I was in the 5th grade, I had to get up early, in order to catch the bus. So, I’d have to walk to my bus stop at about 6:45 am. Anyways, when this story took place, it was dark, but light enough to the point I could still see around me. Anyways, I said my goodbyes to my family, and I walked out the door.

I forgot to mention, I have to walk about a half of a mile to reach my bus stop. Anyways, as I was walking, I heard a quick shuffle in the woods. Nothing to noticeable, just a few leaves crunching beneath, well what I thought was a Deers foot.

I kept hearing it, so I stopped. I really wanted to see what I thought was a deer. I stopped to get a closer look.

As I turned around, I was frozen in fear. I saw this huge dog. At the moment, I thought I crossed paths with a wolf. But, soon after this, I realized, this wasn’t a wolf. The creature was missing most of its fur. It’s face was strange.

But the eyes.

Those eyes still haunt me to this day. But suddenly, The creature stood up on its hind legs, and ran into the woods. Now, this was very unnatural. And the speed. the speed it ran was unlike anything I have ever saw. I was scared shitless. I had no idea what I had just saw. I still don’t know to this day. But I have a few thoughts. It could possibly be a very strange wolf.

Or it would be, a skinwalker. If you guys have any thoughts on what this could be, please comment down below. Thanks for taking the time to listen guys.

Something chased me one summer

My name is gus, I am currently 23.  So this story took place about 8 years ago when I was about 15.

i was living in Lehigh acres.  A small town in southwest Florida.  I love fishing and would find myself in all sorts of remote locations chasing fish.  On this particular day. I was fishing a large brackish canal at a local park/nature area.

There was a small playground at the front of the park and that lead into some deep woods. And this canal ran along the woods for several miles.

It was maybe 2 in the afternoon and very hot and sunny.

I hadn’t had much luck so I was just zoning out. Casting and day dreaming.  I was maybe three miles down the canal walking and fishing when I became aware of a strange sound coming from the woods behind me.

I thought it was my imagination, so I sort of ignored it.

After a few minutes of silence I tried to focus on the noise.  And what I heard made my heart sink.  It was some kind of gutteral growl/yell.  It didn’t sound like any animal I’d ever seen or heard of.  It was vibrating my bones it was so loud.  My line was still out when I turned around to see what it was.

I was shaking. And as I looked at the trees behind me I saw two huge furry cat like feet.

But not truely cat like.

More like a big cougar that had slime sort of deformation or disease.  I almost accepted that I was going to die as it all hit me. I was saying “no! No! No!”, to myself as I started running and reeling in my line.  I maybe made the two mile run in a few minutes. I can’t remember if I felt anything chasing me.

But when I reached the playground and looked over my shoulder I saw a dark silhouette of some kind of wolf like thing with a long cat like tail.

The sun was high in the sky so I couldn’t make out any colors or real distinguishing features.

I could just tell this thing wasn’t right.  The growl it made still makes me shake and sweat.  I just remember riding my bike home shaking and wanting to tell my dad.  He ended up driving out there to check it out later that day but said he didn’t see anything.  I’m not sure what I saw.

Or why that thing would be in such a public area.  But I don’t care.

I just know it scared me to death!

Murmansk Sea Monster

I’m originally from St. Petersburg, or Leningrad as it was known when I was born, and that’s what I still call it. Growing up surrounded by the Sea, my grandfather – a Latvian Fisherman who left the country during the Purges of the 1950s – told me many stories of Giant Monsters living in the depths of the Baltic Sea, stories that made me shiver especially during the long, dark cold winter months. As I grew older, studied hard and eventually joined the FSKN, the Drug Control Service of the Politsya, the Russian Federal Police, the stories lost their effect on me. I brushed aside the myths I was told as a kid as superstitious nonsense – to me, the world of crime was plenty scary enough, in desperate need of fighting, and definitely real. But last month, everything I thought I knew changed forever.

Last year I was reassigned to Murmansk, a remote Northern port with a bustling shipping industry, but also a dark side – Murmansk was once a Soviet Submarine base, and today it still has the world’s largest collection of old Nuclear reactors as the areas near Murmansk have become a dumping ground for old Soviet junk. Clean up efforts are underway, but they won’t be done for almost another forty years. I wasn’t too pleased about being anywhere near a region with that much radiation, but reports of drug smuggling in and around Murmansk Port had to be dealt with by someone. I was just unlucky enough to be assigned.

Murmansk turned out to be even colder than I expected. Trudging through snow to examine suspect shipping containers in February is not a particularly nice task, especially when you haven’t turned up any suspected Cocaine shipments in three weeks and have both the Port Authority and your Superiors breathing down your neck for an arrest. To calm myself I took up smoking, watching the ice drift through Kola Bay under sheets of driving snow. This was a routine I kept up even during the beginnings of the mid-March warming, when being outside started to not require pulling up your face covering again.

One of these nights was especially clear. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and as I looked out over bay and at the hundreds of stars I hadn’t seen in months, I was smoking a cigar in celebration because I’d just received word I’d be getting a much warmer and cushier desk job in Moscow in just a few weeks, as evidence of drug trafficking had dwindled since my transfer. As I looked over the bay and savoured a return to my comfort zone, movement caught my attention. I frowned as I saw a mass, darker even against the pitch-black sea, moving through the harbour. I stubbed out my cigar as I radioed the port authority, asking them if there were any expected ships inbound – it was 10PM and the port should have closed an hour ago. “No, but we’re getting an unidentified trace passing the harbour,” the radar guy responded. “It’s now answering our calls – do you see something?” “Yes,” I replied, cursing under my breath. I figured it was just my luck that now, at the end of my tenure, smugglers would show up in the dead of night and ruin my transfer chances. I ran inside and got a powerful torch to light up the harbour. Running along the pier, I turned on the light – and froze.

The shape wasn’t a ship at all. It was long and thin, like a giant eel – but an eel that had to be easily 12 meters (40 feet) long. Its back was covered in scales so deep a blue they were almost black, and as I scanned my torch up its side the beam caught a reflective eye, like a shark’s eye, staring back at me. But the light must of startled it, because it turned almost a full 90 degrees and churned through the harbour, slithering its way back out to sea.

I couldn’t move, didn’t even respond to the yelling from my boss Yuriy over the radio asking what I’d seen. I didn’t move until he himself came running up the harbour wall, yelling at me to respond but stopping when he saw my mouth agape, eyes glazed in disbeleif. Yuriy took me inside and gave me strong tea, putting a blanket around me to treat my shock. He asked me to tell him what I saw, and I told him everything, how it reminded me of the sea serpents my grandfather told me of as a kid. To my shock, he didn’t seem surprised. “We call it Zmeya,” He said – the Russian word for snake. “No one knows what it is or where it comes from; all we know is it turns up every few months and leaves a wave of dead seafood in its wake: seals, sharks, whales, you name it – the thing is big enough to eat anything. Scares the Hell out of us – I’m glad you chased it off.”

Today I work in Moscow, but the image of that giant beast swimming through the Bay of Kola is still burned in my memory. If you ever go to sea, never remember how little you really know about it – the Zmeya may very well be only one of many creatures never seen by science in the dark waters of the world. Respect the sea, and don’t ever dismiss stories out of hand – you may one day be staring down a legend yourself.

Operation Barbarossa Creature

By Richard S.

This isn’t my story but a story told to me by my grandmother.

I was a officer of the Waffen-SS, charged with capturing Soviet POWs and people of the Jewish religion.

I led a company of the highly trained of the Hitler-SS division of the SS, during the time of this strange and terrifying encounter, winter had set in and my orders from high command to head south towards the city of Stalingrad, Russia to help enforce our troops currently in the besieged city.

As we were heading south I decided to take a route through the forest to cut the time of arrival in half, a decision that I’ll soon regret.

We stopped to camp around 3-5 times, the last time we made camp it was night, my watch said 8:56. It was very cold in the winter, a soldier under my command lost his hand to the cold, he was a liability to the operation, I had him put out of his misery. We had fires started in the camp, we all started to hear heavy footsteps in the dark woods that surrounded us.

My men picked up their STG-44’s and MP-40’s in case the footsteps was a massive Soviet counterattack on our position.

However, I dismissed this immediately when I spotted a tall creature in white fur, it looked like a 10 foot tall white fur aped. The Soviet POWs started shouting in fear in Russian.

I had my translator to translate what they’re saying, my translator walks over to them. For about three minutes my translator walks up to me he says to me “They’re saying snowman, Sir” he said “However another word came up that all 10 POWs agreed on ‘Yeti’, Sir.” he adds.

I nodded to aknowledged him and I shouted to my men if that thing gets any closer open fire on it. 5 long minutes passed the creature got closer and all of my men started to fire. The creature fled back into the woods, no one got sleep that night.

In the morning we packed up and within 12 hours of walking we reached the city of Stalingrad on fire from the battles.

I bet you know all that happens next on the European theatre, Berlin captured in ’45. I was exempted from the Trials and I moved to the US, got a job working as a professor at Cornell University in Upstate New York in Military Science at Barton Hall.

This was my grandfather’s story, he passed away last year from a heart attack.

The Fire

I am a junior firefighter in Eastern PA, I have been a junior firefighter for year a of now, White apartment cases of 14 people, half of them are juniors. This event took place this last summer.

I was at a Friday night bonfire with the rest of my department, around ten thirty the tones go out for a large brush fire. The rest of the department was not happy to go, but I was, this would be my first brush fire.

We all went to the station, put our gear on, and got in the trucks. I was on the brush truck, a small old Chevy pick up truck with brush gear on it. I was in the passenger seat with my chief driving.

I’m gonna say this now, my chief is not the kind to joke at all. In the drive to the location, he told me, with a serious face, you will see some things out there that will change you, the best thing you can do is just do what you need to, and get out fast, there are things in these woods that can make even the toughest men in the world run for their lives.

This scared me a little, but I was still excited to see what is in store for me. We arrive on scene, all the juniors get shovels and Indian tanks, and are told to make fire lines, which is just clearing brush. The seniors got the attack lines and got to work, while the oldest junior, at the age of 17 led us to where we were going to clear a line, we got to work, and over the crackling of the fire, we all could here a faint sobbing, it sounded like a young girl who got lost in the woods.

Half of the juniors kept working while the other half went to investigate the noise, the ones who stayed bake were the older one, the ones who knew what the chief meant.

When we were investigating, we saw a figure next to a tree, it was child sized, we called out but it continued to sob, at this point we were about ten feet from it, as we got closer, it screeched, it sounded like nails on a chalkboard.

As it screamed, we saw the figure rise to seven feet tall, and saw two beading red eyes at the top of the figure.

Then we started to back away, let me remind you that the only thing we had to defend our selves were shovels.

When the figure saw is starting to back away, it started to run towards us. We went from backing away, to running for our lives.

The screeching continued as it chased us. When the rest of the juniors saw the thing we were running from, they started to run with us.

At this point, the flames generated enough light to see, I turned to see if it was still chasing us, and it was, then I took a quick look at its body, I saw it’s ribs were sticking out of the skin and fur covering its body, then the had looked like a deer skull, and the legs were almost horse like.

Where we were working was about a half mile from the trucks. So we decided to run for the rest of the way, but as we ran we dropped our Indian tank and shovels on the trail so we could run faster, as we did this we could start to see the red flashing lights of the trucks.

The senior firefighters saw us coming with the thing chasing us. On of them grabbed a hose and sprayed the creature until it ran back into the woods, we all knew we didn’t have to much time before it came back, so we packed up all our stuff and started to drive back down the service road, when it was my trucks turn to go down, we heard something clawing through the metal compartments on the side of the truck, immediately the driver floored it until the main road, when we got there we got out of the truck and took a look at what got damaged, as we looked around, the side compartment door had three scratches running through the door, cutting it.

We called the DCR to take over, and the reason we gave was due to lack of gear. When the fire was out the DCR said the found some of our Indian tanks and shovels slices to bits. I don’t know what they saw but they said they will be doing all forest fires in that area only.

I don’t know if that thing is out there still, but I know I am never go anywhere near there again. The next day when I went by there to see the carnage, I saw a large sign saying danger, keep out, and the entire wooded section was fenced off with barbed wire, I told the rest of the department this, and they didn’t seem to mind, almost like this had happened before.

I don’t know what that was, but when I talked with other departments about it, they say they have seen it, or have experienced what I had. The worst of it was that I saw something the next day about how a seven year old girl got lost in the woods and still hasn’t been found.