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The Alpha Is Stalking Me…

Before I start this experience I just want you to know that before this i’ve been a huge fan of the fictional, and in particular.. werewolves.. they have always intrigued me in some way I can’t explain.. As a kid I wanted to be a werewolf so bad.. But now. I think I regret even thinking about encountering one.

Anyways, this happened approximately 3 months ago.. I’m still pretty shaken from the experience, since i’ve only told my closest friends only, and im not sure even some of them believe me.. I wanted to share this with all of you, too… So I live in a half urban half suburban area, there is alot of buildings but still some nice fields, and miniature forests around. I actually live nearby one of the smaller forests.

It just got real

I live on the east coast of Australia, in a regular suburban area and have never experienced anything remotely paranormal…Until now.

I want to note that this incident has terrified me so badly that I have come to absolutely dread night time. As a married 27 year old man, this has become something I am trying to deal with because I mean, a grown man, scared of the dark? Come on. I’m a big fan of your youtube channel and listen to your videos daily. I don’t doubt many of the encounters people have had and always hated the idea of something happening to me.

Goatman at My Summer Camp

To begin my name is Nathan and I am you typical 16 year old guy. I like the occasional scary movie and getting creeped out with friends but I have never put much thought into the paranormal or “monsters” before. Not that I’m a skeptic or anything. I just hadn’t really put any thought into it as being real. It all seemed like child’s play to me until my week at summer camp last year.

It was my third summer to go to this camp and for security reasons I don’t want to say the name of the camp. My parents had been sending me and two of my friends, John and Seth, to this camp for the past two years and nothing seemed different about this year until our fourth night at camp.

Possible vampire jinn.

To start this off this story occoured in Pakistan more specifically in the middle of the desert somewhere south in Pakistan

Ever since I was little I absolutely loved chickens and chicks so my dad decided to buy me 6 chicks. Every day we would let them roam in our yard at 5 am and we would put them back in the cage at 7 am. One day when my mom went to put them back in the cage , she found them all dead .


Hey there. My name is Samridh. You can call me Sam as my friends do. I’m from Fazilka a really small town in Panjab,India. I’m 19 yrs old, tall and muscular.

First let me give you a little bit of my background. I study in a city far away from my city as I passed my 10th grade. I often used to come to my home on weekends. I’m 6″3 feet tall that’s why I loved Basketball so much. I am a big fan of horror movies. I’ve almost watched all Warewolf  movies. I’m so obsessed with them. But in movies only. I always go for a run in the morning from my house to the ground that has a Basketball court to play basketball. The ground was about 3 kms from my house. One weekend I came home for a weekend and as usual I went for a run. I called my friend before leaving the house to join me on the road. It was March 1st 2015. Yes how the hell can I forget that day. It was foggy outside because in North West India the summer takes time to come. So it was eventually dark as hell outside. It was full moon. I remember it all.

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