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It Remembered Me

This may not be an especially scary or frightening story but it was creepy nonetheless. I was about five or six years old when I went to my grandparents house and since we all loved to go to the woods we decided to drive around and see if we could find any animals as we drove around. Now this happened in southeastern Oklahoma and the forests are large but not too vast as we could drive for about an hour and a half and make it to the other side of the forest.

While we were driving along the main road in the woods we were coming upon a hill and as we did I got a creepy feeling up my back, like when you know something is wrong but you just don’t know what, so I told them to stop on the to of the hill. Sometimes I wish we would have gone off onto a side road that we had just passed because as we went over that hill there in the shade of some trees in the middle of the road was a deer. This deer however was not a typical deer at all because despite it being about 5 in the afternoon in summer this deer was pitch black with antlers and glowing red eyes.

Beasts of the Rockies

By Dakota T.

First off, this story is completely true. I was not drunk and I was not high on any drugs. Neither was my friend, but I fear his state of mind might have been permanently altered due to our “experience” with these beings. Secondly, I like to consider myself a rational, thinking type of person, with years of experience hunting and hiking around my hometown in Wyoming. I’ve seen all kinds of fauna and flora, so I didn’t confuse what I saw for something entirely different.

It started when I went to a friend’s house to celebrate his birthday. He was turning 18, I was already 18 myself, and his uncle, a man more native to the land than myself, was 27. Let’s call this friend James. I finally got to his house at about 4 P.M. on January 25th. Since he effectively lived in the middle of nowhere and at the foothills of the Rockies, I was keen on bringing something with me in case I ran into some trouble with a bear or something of the like, so I brought my .357 magnum and some binoculars in case my friend wanted to try and hunt some coyotes with his .223 rifle.

Baker Lake Skinwalker Thing

By Alex

Hi there I,m going to tell you a true experience I had around a year ago. For privacy reasons I,m changing the names of the people involved. I have a lot stories to tell but this just horrifies me.

One time me my sister my mom and her boyfriend went camping around four hours from are house. We have gone camping well over forty times before so I have a lot of experience.

Something is Stalking Me and my Friends

By Luna_Ragnarok

Back in the summer of this year(2016), and before I stopped going for my nightly walks/jogs, I was on my regular route and nearing my block. Keep in mind, it was about 10 P.M. or somewhere around there, so the only light I had were porch lights and streetlamps.

I don’t take any hallucinogens, nor am I making this up, and I wasn’t the only one who saw this thing. Another key point for this is the fact that I live in Florida, and this is where this happened. Not only this but I have always been prone to paranormal or monster encounters. Anyway, on to the story.


By Alex

This is an account of something that occurred two years ago now, something that cannot be logically explained to this day. I live in Northern Illinois in a nice neighborhood, with good people, and a pretty boring atmosphere.

Normally nothing weird ever happens around here, but this is a definite exception to say the least. Me and my friend who will go by Anna were hiking in the woods around the lake near my house.

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