Gnome/Troll encounter

This isn’t my story, its my mom’s friend’s. In Mexico and any Latino’s would be familiar with the term “Duendes” which means Gnomes or Trolls. I’ve personally never seen one myself and after hearing this story, I never want to.

My mom’s friend used to live in this little town in Michoacan, Mexico, there was this huge house at the corner of a street. They used to call it the Castle house. The Castle house was abandoned for many years. One of her friend’s mom had the key to the house because she was related to the guy who had owned the house. One day, out of curiosity, they decided to get the key and sneak into the Castle house.

They opened the door an while she was telling me this story, she had goosebumps all over her arms. As they were walking around, they hear a noise and instantly turn. They see a small little human about half a foot in height. They screamed and it startled the little creature, so the creature screamed as well. She said that it had a high pitched scream just like one of Santa’s elf’s would be, but just scarier. It started running really fast around the whole room. They’re eyes followed the Gnome as it made at least three laps around the room until they didn’t see it anymore. It just vanished.

After processing what had just happened, they ran out of the house and never ever returned. They were too scared to even walk by the house to get to school. They never told anyone. They thought that no one would believe them.

She says that she will never forget the terrified face on that small creature. She will never forget  the screams of pure horror that came from both her and that Gnome.


Humanoid in Colorado

A little backstory first, my name is Jared (no not the one from subway) and I live in Estes Park Colorado. Normally my family and I go camping out in the middle of nowhere because we are literally so close to the mountains. But I’m begging my parents to get out of here and move to the city after what happened to me that dreaded night.

It was around a 4 days ago when my dad said we where going camping I was looking forward to it this time because I’m into unidentified creatures and such, so I was wanting to find Bigfoot or some other creature. When we arrived to the middle of nowhere I suddenly felt uneasy and no it wasnt being watched it was just like nausea like I wanted to puke right there. But it went away when we where setting up our tents. Fast forward to the next morning I remeber waking up around 4 AM and I remeber getting the same feeling again but 10 times stronger I went outside for fresh air.

I regret what I did right there because as soon as I got out of my tent I swear I saw what looked like Freddy Krueger had a kid with E.T, I hoped it didn’t see me and went right back to my tent. The rest of the day went on normally until night time when my dad and I where outside around the campfire around 2 AM when all of a sudden we hear a screech so terrible and demonic that would make you deaf for a second it took me a minute to remeber about what I saw that morning and I told my dad to pack everything and leave.

We didn’t leave until the next day which was 2 days ago. We packed everything up and left. I was looking through the window when I saw it again. It’s eyes where enormous with a lifeless stare that would leave you in shock. That dirty raggedy skin made it look worse but we rushed right past it. We got home and my family where watching a movie or something while I was ironicly watching darkness prevails when we decided to go to sleep. I felt the same dman feeling again for what seemed like ages but it never went away. I went downstairs to get a glass of milk and some oreos to calm myself. But all of a sudden I hear that screech again and in pure shock and fear I grabbed a knife and ran to my bedroom and stayed away from my windows then I remembered that while we brought our things in I left the backdoor open but it was too late I heard the back door open and I heard what was like centipedes next to my door.

I didn’t want to die that night and I actually cared for my life and my families so I turned my speager on and put a very loud alarm to wake my family up while I opened my window to get out of the house. We all left safely but I still remember that stare I looked up to my bedroom window and saw the thing staring down at me with hatrid. Right now I’m typing this at my aunts house in Denver and I’m thinking of staying here permanantly.

Aliens or Trick Of The Mind

I guess I will start with a back story. I was always the one who loved being in the woods and being alone most of the time. When I was little I always went camping In the most naturfied places around LBL. (Land Between The Lakes.) I never thought much of Aliens or other Worldy Creatures, untell I saw things I couldn’t really explain. I was young when I saw my first incounter, about lets say 8ish, and my second incounter when I was about 18 or 19.

It was a great day, I was with family camping at our lot, riding four wheelers and enjoy the great out doors. All in all everything was normal. I had my camera on me and I was taking so many pictures and trying to capture memoirs. The camera I had was the old fashion wined up ones. And only limited to about 15 to 20 pictures. So I saved then for the most important pictures.

Night finally feel and nothing really happened, but me getting yelled at for the flashes from my cam. So I stopped taking pictures and atarted hanging out with my cousin Dakota. Lets just call him DK for short.

Ealier that day we found some clay and messed with it and we started making random items with it. Just cause I got yelled at, and plus I wanted to take a picture of them when they dried. At this point I relize, I only had one Picture left to take.

DK and I where settin there talking about what we might do the next day, when I saw what looked like the moon in the sky. It was  bigger then I ever seen in my life, but then that all changed when I noticed it was moving. No sounds, nothing juat glidinf across the sky. I woundlt have noticed but the trees where helping me see it move. I went to take a pictire but for some reason my cam wouldnt work. So i just sat there in awh and asked, Dk do you see that? And I pointed and he started freaking out trying to get the alduts attention but they where to drunk to care. While me and him lookes up at this orb the size of the moon slowly gliding, I felt like I was stuck in that moment. Now these orb big as the moon just disapeared be hind a tree and i never ever saw it again. I think what i saw was a ufo. But not sure. When i looked back at the sky, i tried to fine the moon. Which it was only a half moon that night. This is when I started thinking we where not alone…

Now me and him never talk about that day, but its so real and when i talk to people about it they dont believe me but its real. Ibhad a few say they saw something like that but the way they talked about it seemed like a lie.

My second I was 18. I was alone at this point as well. I had a rough day and my depression was getting to me, and the only way to calm my mind was to go for long walks in the woods. I been in the woods at night before and I didnt care about the dark or the lonelieness of the wood either. So i am walking on a trail I made and it was known has the confert trail. Just cause it clamed me down so much. I had my head phones in and two knifes on my belt. Juat incase. Now I know having the knifes where only for a peace of mind. If anything attacked me I would no chance, but it was nice to have them. Anyways, I know the woods pretty well, I could go off path and go strsight home if I wanted to.

So, Im walking down the path, with head phones in. Loud as can be, playing Skillet, idk why nut that band just makes me relax. But with that, i couldnt hear anything which i was fine with. But..i felt like i was being watched at one point on the path, and just talking about it gives me the goose bumbs.

I felt my hair stand up and my body tense up at well, and with one motion i take my head phones off turn around and drawing my knife, into a fighting pose, which I took alot of hop kido training..but when I turned I was about 5 feet away from this..this..creature. Alien like as well..not a grey though. We both just stood there looking at each other waiting on our next move it seemed like. Now..the was standing up, bent over on one hand as well, with the left hand up by its head. No sounds, just a straight eye to eye contact. I have to say it could have been 8 to 9 ft tall, and I’m 5’6. As we both just stood there both in our own pose, we both felt scared it seemed, but also not scared. I was calm as could be but in a split second it took of one way and I went the other straight through the woods to my house.

When I got to the egde of my yard I turned around and just watching the woods. I didnt hear anything. No birds or frogs. Not even a cricket. I thought in my head. If that thing wantsd me it would have done it with ease. I turned and started walking back to the house and I told myself, if anything ever happens like that again i will talk it. I was scared like I said, but I was so calm during that moment.

Now. I am waiting on my next incounter. My frist one was at 8 and ten years later at 18. I do believe when I am 28 I will see something like that again, and maybe this time I will be able to interact with them. You guys may not believe they are peaceful  but I do, and to be honest..I can not wait to see Them again.

East Kentucky Goatman

I’m a 14 year old boy living in eastern KY. Now I’m not gonna say the county I live in but it’s basically no mans land we have no towns, restruants or anything, just mountains so naturally we play in the mountains. Now this happened when I was 9 years old. Me and 3 other friends were gathering sticks, logs, and twine to build a fort with.

About 2 and a half hours later we had it done. Nothing speacil but not small. So we ran back to our house to get cap guns, since we were gonna play war, we gathered 7 cap pistols and 11 cap rifles. But when we got back to our fort it was torn down. We rebuilt it and played until sundown. But the next day is when it gets to the point of this story.

We were walking up the trail to the fort and when we finally got there we were terrified by what we found. Our fort was still in tact but we saw this thing, it had the body of a human up to the belly button then from there on up it was just goat. It was sitting on its knees, and there was something in front of it. We stood there for at least 2 minutes frozen in place by fear. Until one of us made a noise like a whimper and the thing turned around, its head was that of a goat just like I said and it preceded to stand up. Maybe it’s because we were short then, but it seemed at least 6 feet tall.

Pit began walking toward us, and being the kids we were started firing our cap guns (the caps we were using are extremely loud) in the air and apparently it didn’t like the loud piercing noice and it ran away into the mountains. And turns out the thing was eating a freshly killed buck. It’s guts were torn out, but what really freaked us out was it’s look. It’s face had this frozen look of terror, like its eyes were WIDE and its mouth was open like it was screaming. But we didn’t stay we ran back to the house and played there. I’ve never told anyone mainly because they’ll just laugh at me. I did some research a couple years after that and found out it was proubly the goat man since it’s been spotted around here a lot, all I want to say is I hope I never see it again. (We still play up there but when we do, we don’t just have cap guns we have a 30-06 Springfield and a 58 caliber Springfield muzzleloader)


The End

Scary Skinwalker

My story starts in southern Alabama. So i was playing in the woods with my cousin let’s call him Jake. I was playing with Jake and a few minutes later i got lost and I heard the most terrible voice “I found you.” I screamed and ran as fast as I could.

Fast forward a year I was at my house and i decided that I wanted to go for a walk in the woods. I was walking and a few minutes later I saw a creature with a deer skull head and it was like 9 feet tall it was super skinny and it freaking said “See you soon.” I went straight back to my house and looked it up it said skinwalker. If anyone has seen anything like this please tell me. This happened almost three weeks ago.