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The Day I Was Almost Killed by a Cougar

This happened about a year ago.  I was 15 at the time camping with my family, and also a  good friend who we will call  Zach who is the same age as me.  We were out camping in a campground called Miquelon Lake which is a campground in central Alberta Canada. The lake is basically a drying up shit pile now, but the scenery is nice, and we know most of the staff at the park.   The campground is of modest size and is often filled to capacity. There are a series of trails over by the park center that takes you through the forest. We decided to walk down one in the evening.

After some walking, we found an old trail we had not taken before. It was overgrown, but you could clearly tell it was a pathway and so we took it to see where it would go. After walking for 15-20 minutes we heard some rustling in the bushes. Zach figured it was a beaver as they are common around here, but I looked and to my horror,  I saw a cougar’s face peering at us from the bushes. I could barely make out its yellowish eyes, but it did not seem like the cougar was moving, and yet we still heard the rustling in the bushes. I pointed at it and told Zach who begun to panic.

City vampire

I enjoy walking around at night, at least I did before this happened.

I live in Romania and during the summer the weather is very arid. To escape the arid sun I decided to go outside at night for long walks through the city. I live in one of the biggest city in my country so we have our fare share of creeps and drunks.

This happened last summer, I was 18. That particular night started as usual, I left my home around midnight and I was welcomed by the calming, chilly, breeze. I started to stroll down the streets through the park that is a few streets away from my flat. I took no flashlight with me, only my lighter as I am a avid smoker, because moon’s light was enough for me to see where I am stepping.

Werewolf at my Game

This happened to me at one of my baseball games. We were winning by 2 runs and the game was almost over. There were about 20- 30 people In the stands.

I heard a loud noise in the distance, apparently I wasn’t the only one who had heard it. The outfielders came in and told the coach that there was a cougar or something by the fence but it had left. The coaches had no choice but to cancel the game because the umpire told them to.

The Red Eyes

Since I was young I spent my weekend’s at my grandparents house and I have always been very tall. At the time I was 9 or 10 and about 5.5 .I was just geting in to hunting with my grandpa.

So 3 days befor chrismas me and my grandpa where in our spots.I was using a 12 gauge and my grandpa was using a 30-6. We were there for a good 2 hours and nothing. So it was about 9:00 At night and we were packing up. My grandpa went behind a tree to do his business.

Deomon in the Walmart Parking Lot

A short preface; at the time of these events, I was around 8, female and my mother had died a year before. I had been picked to shop at a WalMart with a police officer for christmas presents for myself or my family.

Around 8 or so I was driven to some building where a bunch of police officers and children gathered for the event. I was alone, my parents having dropped me off. I stayed near a window, a cripplingly antisocial young girl st the time. I stared through the glass, eyes tracing the line of trees across a large field. I saw something moving in the trees, making them shake and the birds fly out of them and land above me on the building’s roof. A big, black thing had been there. But when I was sbout to get up and go tell someone, my given officer found me and ee had to go.

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