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The little people my grandma saw

This was a story told to me by my grandmother, about when she was a little girl. My grandma was 10 at the time she was the youngest of her siblings still living at home with her parents. It was during the summer time and AC wasn’t around yet so her mother would leave the small windows open at night and during the day to let in a cool breeze and help them sleep and get through the day.

Late one night her parents and her went to bed in the living room to get a cool breeze from all the windows in the living room. Her parents quickly fell asleep so she stayed up playing with a doll talking to it joyously, when she started noises and murmurs.

Scary Tennesse Dogman Forest Encounter

This story takes place while I was in Spring break during my Sophmore year in Highschool during Spring break. My father wanted to buy land Near Nashville, Tennesse and he took advantage of my incoming Spring break and took me with him so I could give him my valid and fair opinion.

We arrived at night time, went to grab a quick bite in some random restaurant and went to check in to the hotel. As a quick layout, the hotel was L- shaped, two stories tall, next to a forest with a big field between the hotel and the forest on one side and the parking spaces on the other.

Moth Man Sighting

i don’t know if what i saw that night was the moth-man… but if there is any place to see if what i saw that night was real, its here.

i live in a small country town in Texas, where nothing happens because we are in the middle of nowhere.

Mothlike creature

Moth-like Creature

My name is Juan and this happened only 4 years ago.. I had a busy day at work and was just happy to get home, at this time I was 25.

As I was driving home I spotted a figure on the side of the road, I didn’t really think much of it as I just thought I was really tired from working to hard. As I kept on driving I notice the same creature spotted on my rear view mirror and I panicked.

The Wendigo of McCullom Lake/McHenry IL.

To be specific my name is Carl, you might see me in a few videos on our youtube channel the 12 guys in a basement. Let me give you a little backround heritage information about myself. I am 25 percent Native American, so most of the stuff about these historical cryptids and monsters are serious to me. Anyway, these ocasional sightings have been occuring since the past year, my friend Ryne has said to have seen it along the bike trail near his house, yes the same trail we used to film a cringy food review.

Let me give you a little layout of the area. . . from my house there is a 2 mile long bike path that runs through both our neighborhoods. If you ride your bike up the path to half a mile, you will find yourself in the midde of a vast open park and since the trail is facing north, to your left is a beutiful lake known as McCullum Lake IL. Well thats the spot where he had claimed to have encountered it. To this I never took him seriously, that is until, I had an encounter of my own. You see we were just in the midst of filming the third epissode of Carl’s ghost in the middle of a corn feid that was right next to an abandoned house lot in the middle of the woods, which is just located next to the lake.

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