Devil cat

I recently turned thirty three, and the thing I am about to tell you about is something I hope I never have the misfortune to encounter. This is something that seems to be tracking my family! The first time I was told about this creature was by my father who is now sixty nine years old and he still swears this was the most horrifying experience of his life!
When my father was about eight years old , growing up in the mountains of Southwest Virginia, one source of income was to hunt animals for their furs. Of course the animals they killed didn’t go to waste seeing as how various wild animals were always on the menu. One summer night around the middle of June my father and my grandfather along with a couple of my other family members got together and set out on the hunt. This would prove to be a night none of them would ever forget!
My grandfather had just gotten a pair of hunting dogs a few months before and they were some of the best he had ever owned, according to my father, they weren’t even scared to face a bear!
The logging road they were hunting on went for miles back through the woods and had a uphill grade on one side and the other side just continued on down the mountain. Their only source of light was the full moon and an old carbide lantern. Their only weapon was an old single shot .22 calibur rifle that the ejector was messed up on so after every shot they would have to pick the bullet casing out of the barrel with a pocket knife.
After a few hours of hunting, and having killed a couple of opossums, they decided to leash the dogs and start walking back home. About half way back home they were coming up on some bushes on the uphill side of the logging road when the dogs began to sniff the air and start lunging toward the bushes.
” unleash the dogs” my grandfather told my father ” we’ll get whatever is in the bushes before we get home.” My father did as he was told, and the dogs ran straight for the bushes and out of sight.
A few quick seconds passed and there was the most terrible sound any of them had ever heard coming from the direction the dogs had went. A sound of growling and roaring mixed with the dogs yelping in pain. Suddenly the dogs both ran out from the bushes and cowered around my grandfathers feet.
Just then they all saw what the did A were running from. The creature leapt over the bushes out into the logging road and crouched down as if ready to pounce, glared at them with eyes that shined like yellow fire in the glow of the lantern. By the light of the full moon and the light of the lantern they were able to see this thing very well.
The creature was about eight feet long, with a long tail that was swaying back and forth along the ground behind it, the same way an angry cat would do. It was covered in pitch black fur that was much darker than the night around it. It had pointed ears that stuck up from its head that looked more like horns than ears. It had an elongated head, much like the head of a horse but it had a mouth full of razor sharp teeth complete with very long fangs. Then they heard a sound that would make their blood run cold, and haunt them for the rest of their lives. The creature screamed! It screamed like a woman in a horror movie, only magnified a hundred fold. It hurt their ears and they could literally feel the ground tremble beneath their feet.
My father started to run away, but my grandfather caught him by the shoulder and pulled him back. In sure if he hadn’t, I wouldn’t be telling you this story now.
My grandfather was scared to shoot the creature. As I said, they only had a single shot .22 with a broke ejector, so if that first shot with a low caliber rifle didn’t do the trick, there wouldn’t be a chance for a second shot.
The thing seemed to be scared of the fire coming from the lantern and kept just to the edge of its glow. This was there only saving grace. They all stood close together and began to make their way as fast as they possibly could toward home. Which I would imagine wasn’t very fast since they had to stay so close together.
The creature circled them as they made their way down the logging road. First it would be in front of them, then behind them, then on either side of them. From time to time it would let out that horrifying, ear piercing scream.
When they reached the edge of the woods they all started running toward the house as fast as they could and ran through the front door slamming it behind them. My father looked out the living room window, and there in the front yard was the creature, pacing back and forth, glaring at the house with thoes yellow eyes, screaming that terrible scream from time to time.
None of them got any sleep that night, and none of them left my grandfathers house that night either. It was the first, and to my knowledge the last time my grandfather even let the dogs stay in the house. Shortly before dawn the creature finally gave up and made its way back into the woods and they were all able to finally get some sleep. The dogs never would hunt at night again, and no one in my family would hunt in that part of the woods again.
Over the years I several members of my family have seen, heard, or been chased by this creature. Cousins, uncles, even my own brother, and ever encounter has been the most terrifying, life altering experience they have ever had. I am in no hurry to come across this thing, but if I ever do you can be certain I will have something alot more powerful than a single shot .22 with a broken ejector.

Security guard creepy story

“The night I saw an unknown creature(Bigfoot?)”, I’m an unarmed security guard in the state of Utah, this experience took place about 1 month ago. I work graveyard shifts at a 14 building, 90 acre office park near forest and a very large mountain range(which will be relevant to the experience. To start off I would like to provide some details, on the very far west side of the property there is a line of trees and forest separating a neighborhood and the office parks property, and to the north of it is a bike trail with forest on both the east and west sides, at night the parking lots are very dark with street lights set up about 60 feet apart. that being said, it makes this forest area extremely dark during the night. Well one night I was out on my patrol and I was shining my flashlight into this thick wooded area, as I was scanning the tree line for any trespassers or teenagers having sex/smoking weed (i catch teens nearly every night) my light happened upon a set of blueish white eyes, I should note that this is a very popular place for deer to roam, at first I thought it was a deer(due to them being common) so I drove a little closer and discovered this thing was not a deer, it was crouched down almost in a kneeling position, then it stood up on two legs, This creature had to have been 8 feet tall with thick dark brown hair, it was not fur, it was hair and it had a deformed almost human like face, I could see a nose and massive jawline, it had massive shoulders and a very muscular build, I sat in my security car just staring in awe at what I was looking at, slightly curious and frozen with fear. After about 2 minutes of glaring at each other this thing let out the most bone chilling scream, then turned and ran off into the forest. I don’t know what I saw that night but ever since I’m very aware of my surroundings, I’m a true believer of the unknown and unexplained things in this world. This world is indeed a strange one.

My security guard shift

I’ve been working as a security guard for a couple of months now and it’s reallt easy and the pay is good don’t really have to do much anyways. I work as a security guard at a apartment complex it’s an easy just I just walk around see if anyone has expired license plate or parked on a spot they’re not suppose to park in I only work overnight tho from 11pm-4am. This happened recently to me I was doing my job walking around till I heard like some sort of screaming but it wasn’t any human screaming the way it sounding like the best way I can put it was a dying whale. The scream came over to the side where there was woods were and there was a fence there to keep anyone from going there. I went to go see what that was i don’t know why I did when I got close at least 15 feet from the fence I saw something move I put my flashlight on it but only caught a breif second of it, it was all gray and very tall then it sounding like it was trying to climb the fence I booked it out of there and called my boss explaining what happened. I never went back working there I don’t know what I saw and I hope never to see it again

Confession of a Security Officer.

First of all i want to start by saying i did not see what did this, but is had to be something. This took place in the summer of 2007. I had just started working at a security company, and was tasked with guarding an apartment building that was under construction. Workers were there until about 6 P.M., and i would make sure no one came in and stole any of the equipment, or supplies. There apartments were the kind that had stairs on each end that went up and down with open ended corridor. The doors were those aluminium ones, and this is important later. Part of my job at this site was to patrol the four stories every hour, and make sure all the doors were still closed and locked. At about 2 A.M. I left my car, which was seconding as my office, and started to walk around. As i got to the third floor of the second building i just felt fight, flight, or freeze kick in. So i just bolted. I made it down the hall and to the end of the stairs, and started jumping down the stairs. I made it back to my car, and stayed in it until sunrise. When i went to go investigate before the morning construction crews came in i found on one of the doors on the third floor bent and swung opened. I went to examine the door, and make sure no one had broken in. When i closed the door my stomach dropped. On the outside of the door was three deep claw marks. Each one about a hand’s width apart from the others. It had torn through the door, and done so much damage that they had to replace it. I never heard anything approaching, and if not for my instincts i would have probably not be here to type this up.

It Was Pissed!!!

This story takes place back in the summer of 2014 and is one the most frightening and invigorating experiences of my life. I’ve always been an avid outdoorman and have always loved the woods and camping and really anything that involved being in nature. During this particular summer I was thrilled to have met a co-worker whom loved the outdoors as much as I did. He was half native american and half white so I took to calling him “Whitebear”..he didn’t mind and even embraced the name.

It wasn’t too long after meeting him that he invited me to go camping on his family’s land
one weekend and I was exuberant. This parcel of land was over 5000 acres and had been owned by his Cherokee family for a few generations. It had a couple square miles of nothing but woods and swamp that teemed with game such as wild boar, black bear and whitetail deer.

I met up with him at his house and before departing for the woods we took an inventory
of what we had: His 12 gauge shotgun, my welsh longbow, a few hatchets and a bowie knife
along with a tent and some food and water. We had plans to track and maybe hunt some game early the following morning.

When we arrived at his families land we parked my car and hiked a mile or two into the woods.

It was beautiful and lush. The forest was loud with birds and smaller animals chirping and
what not. Eventually we found what seemed to be the perfect spot for setting up a campsite.
Whitebear set up with his shotgun to see if he could bag a squirrel or something for our
dinner while I dug a fire pit.

A few minutes after digging into the ground with my knife I stopped a minute to catch my
breath and wipe the sweat off my face when I noticed the forest had gone silent. Having
been an experienced woodsman I knew that when the birds stop singing it’s a usual sign that
there is a predator near by. Without hesitation I grabbed my long bow and put my bowie knife in it’s sheath on my hip. I waited as quietly as possible and surveyed my surroundings meticulously.

The sun was going down at this point and Whitebear had been gone awhile and I thought it best to go looking for him. I was certain he hadn’t gone far but I wanted to make sure
he was back at camp before dark. It wasn’t long before I found one of his tracks in the mud
and began following his trail. I came around this curve in the woods where I couldn’t see
around the bend due to the fact that it was too dense with brush. As I rounded the thicket I began calling my friend but received no verbal response. I had been calling him about 30 seconds or so when the bushes in front of me started russling like something big was attempting to pass through them. I called out to Whitebear thinking it was him but with no response I raised my bow with a three-bladed arrow already noched and drew it back ready to loose.

Eventually Whitebear’s head poped out and he looked at me with a startled look on his face. “Shit man! Don’t shoot!” he said loudly. I was relieved it was him and asked him why he didn’t respond to me.

He said there were deer signs in the area and he didn’t want to scare them away.

We made our way back to camp just as the sun set and started to cook some beans and
talked about past camping and hunting experiences we had. He and I both had a lot of stories to share since we both had already seen a life time of adventure it seemed. As the night went on Whitebear started telling me some of his family’s stories of demonic creatures in the woods that took on the form of wolves and deer and I was facinated by such. I had never heard of the Wendigo or any cryptid really besides bigfoot. After a while my eyes grew heavy and I decided it was time for bed. Whitebear however insisted on staying up and keeping watch.

I remember thinking he was a bit paranoid but still didn’t mind the notion of it and even said I would take a turn on watch in a few hours. I fell asleep with the peaceful sound of cicadas and various birds and other incects playing a symphony all around the woods.

It was around 3am that I awoke to Whitebear shaking me. Dazed and feeling like I just
awoke from a coma I was having a hard time realizing what he was trying to tell me. In a
whisper tone he said something I’ll never forget verbatim: “Dude, something is PISSED off.”
I attempted to comprehend what he was saying but was still out of it. I finally woke fully up when I heard a sniffing noise just outside of our tent. Whatever it was, it was sniffing the air and the ground one after the other repeatedly. From its snorts I could tell it was something big. At the very least it was the size of a black bear. Just 10 seconds after I was awoken it started going ballastic! It stomped loudly like an agitated horse as it trumped around the camp now snorting loudly. Its snorts were wet like an animal that had a cold.

We sat there listening to it as it circled our tent until it stopped just 4 feet beside the back of our tent. The animal seemed to stand still. Whitebear and I looked at each other with the same look to get ready because we thought it was about to charge us. Whitebear pumped a round into his shotgun and I grabbed my bowie knife and we sat there waiting for what felt like a cursed hour.

I was pumping with adreneline and excitement but also a deep sense of dread, like this would be the last fight of my life.

After about a minute of silence I made the choice to yell out and I mustered every bit of
bravado I had in me and it was barbarian-like. Whitebear joined in and we carried on the
yells and shouts for a few seconds and then stopped. We heard the animal turn away and start running
through the thicket screeching at the top of its lungs. What made this earie is it sounded like
nothing we had ever heard. I still remember it very distinctly to this day. It sounded
birdlike but also very gutteral like what you’d hear from a bear. During that moment my brain
was thinking I was listening to a raptor from Jurassic Park. That’s honestly the best way I
can describe it.

We were both frozen in terror as we listened to it crash through the woods as it screeched
into the night. It took us a few minutes to compose ourselves but once we did we grabbed
our weapons and a flashlight and looked around the camp. Nothing was out of place and we really couldn’t see much of our surroundings due to the forest being so thick that the moon light wasn’t any help.

We crawled back into our tent and sat up talking about what just happened. Again, we were both experienced woodsmen and Whitebear was a seasoned hunter and he said he had never heard anything like what we just did. We pondered the possiblity of it being a large wild boar, and that was certainly possible but that wouldn’t explain the screeches it made. Not to mention wild boar in this area are very timid and avoid humans like a forest fire. There was also the fact of how it sniffed the ground and then the air; that behavior is very bearlike but black bears don’t stomp like that.

Its movement was more akin to a horse. I also mentioned how the animal crashed through the woods as it fled with as little grace as possible. It sounded far too large to be a deer and
the deer are very shy of humans here because this land gets hunted on year-round. We did manage to fall back asleep after a while and awoke just as the sun was rising.

With the morning sun highlighting our campsite we looked around the area for tracks. We found everything from deer tracks to racoon prints and our campsite looked like it had been
ransacked. Our food bag had been tied up 12 feet in a small pine tree the night before but
was now on the ground and scattered. The mud and dirt around us had all been disturbed but we could find no other tracks. After breakfast that morning Whitebear and I went on a morning hunt before leaving that was uneventful.

Fast-forward to a month later and I was over at Whitebear’s house preparing for an afternoon of shooting on his land. He was really eager to show me a picture on his computer that his uncle’s game camera had taken a few days ago. He opened the image and I could
see it had been taken during the day. At first glance it looked like a brown smudge of mud
on the camera lense that was taking up about 60% of the picture. Whitebear pointed out to
me that what I was looking at was brown fur. He explained a few details of the camera’s location and a slight chill went up my spine. The game camera was alteast 5 feet up on this tree which meant that the animal that the fur belonged to was very big. To think we were in the woods with something of that size was earie.

Thinking back on it now I remember the stark silence of the woods as if there was a large
predator around when Whitebear woke me up.

To this day I’m not certain of what we encountered. It could very likely have been a bear a
deer or a wild boar..or it could have been something else. I still will never forget the
shreaks and screeches it let out nor the sound of it sniffing the air. This was perhaps
my most memorable camping trip and since then if I go that deep in the woods I’ve got my
trusted 30/30 level action rifle.