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I Saw Him Too

Perhaps I should start by revealing my location, sex, and age. I am a female, nineteen years of age, though at the time I was seventeen, and I live in Texas. When this incident occurred, I was living in a small town by the name of Cleveland Texas. Trails End was the name of the estate– It was a trailer park, buried within woods. It was a place easily overlooked. I’m not quite sure how my mother’s, I have two, found it.

Cleveland is an approximate hour and a half from Houston. Well, with my mother’s erratic driving. They are both EMT’s, so they often took forty-eight hour shifts. This left myself, my sister, and my brother at home alone with two dogs. A Pitbull and a Doberman Pinscher. I know this may be a little too much information, but this all pertains to the incident. My siblings and I had a chore of taking the dogs out every night before we slipped into bed.

Kentucky Goatman

By J guy

Just some back ground of the time and place . It was 2005 or 2006 and it was late fall . At the time of the sighting I was 13 . I live in a desolate part of Kentucky . Next to my house I have a great big field and a massive Forrest . I am an out doors type of person and I enjoy going out in the woods with friends . Along with my years out in the wildlife I’ve heard stories of scary creatures such as goatman , dog man and Bigfoot etc . I like to go out in the woods with friends and do what normal 13 year olds do .

Today I was bored so I decided to go into the woods my self . BIG MISTAKE !. So on to the story . I set off into the woods and I felt ok . I heard the birds and seen the occasional dog walker. As I went deeper I didn’t see any dog walkers , or birds . 10 mins later I got this HUGE uneasy feeling that came over me but I tried to let it go . Now I was in total fear of that feeling of being stalked or something . I decided to turn back when all of a sudden I hear this grunt and I turned round . About 30 or so yards down the trail opposite from where I was going to head back .

Goatman is NOT a Morning Person

This wasn’t a sighting per se, as I never actually got a good look at whatever decided to antagonize me. I can’t decide if at makes me happy or if it made the experience all the more terrifying.

I live in a rural part of Maryland that is chock-full of weird creatures and spooky folktales. Big Liz, Werewolves in Delaware, Swampman of Delmarva, the list goes on. But the Goatman just seemed too farfetched to me. That is until the spring of 2003.

Goatman at my Bonfire

Let me start off by saying i am a 16 year old boy I grew up hearing stories from boggy creek to the llorona sometimes even about the goat man, me and my girlfriend were planning a date for weeks so I decide to pick her up and take her out to dinner we had a nice time.

But we still wanted to hangout with each other so I invited her to come to my brothers place with me they lived right by her so I could walk her home whenever I wanted , so she called her dad and told him she was going with me and I would walk her home afterwards,he said ok so we went to my brothers and we made a fire and sat under the canapee my brother told us stories but one we really enjoyed was the story of the Goatman, my brother said “I saw him just up the hill over there”, he swore that it was true but we didn’t believe him.

The Lake’s Secret

By Riley W.

It is important to know that this isn’t the first strange encounter but the worst however that is a story for another time. My name is Riley and live In Australia. I am 16 when writing this my family and I have always enjoyed water skiing as long as I can remember and Burrinjuck Dam (practically a lake) was always a family favourite. During the summer holidays we packed our bags, equipment and was on our way. The drive was boring as hell but what was going to come was far from boring. When we arrived it was dark and we had to go through the gates to get in and ask the receptionist for keys to the cabin. While the rest of my family went to get the keys I stayed in the car because there was only 1 minute left on the YouTube video on my phone. When it finished I looked out the window to see what there was.

Though I couldn’t see much I could see a few ferns, trees and what else you would suspect but something didn’t seem right. A strong feeling of fear washed over me. No matter how hard I looked I couldn’t find what was causing me so much fear and then I saw red dots reflecting in the glass. I decided to turn around and look out the other window but wasn’t ready for what I saw, the image is still burning in my mind. Its face was pale as the moon yet its eyes red neon. It had two different lower jaw bones on each side like its jaw had been split in half. It fur was falling out in patches and what fur it did have was matted. Its body was extremely disproportionate and was twitching crazily however as it disappeared when I blinked.

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