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The Twin Skinwalkers

I had the great honor of meeting not one but two skin walkers at the same time. Before I get story telling, let’s go over the landscape. From where I stopped, to the right of me was an open grass field and next to the grass field was the community college I would be later attending. To the left of me was part of the golf course that intertwines with a small forest and path going around. I have been on the path several times before always getting the feeling something wasn’t right about it. It was off, just not right.

I was out doing what I usually do during summer nights, walking around listening to music. Because it was summer the nights were nice an cool. All I needed was a T-shirt and a pair of cargo shorts plus my favorite hat and shoes. It was about 12:30 am when I was passing the golf course that is near my house. I got the feeling something was watching me. Stopping, I looked around several times seeing if there was anyone other than myself walking around. Spotting no one I took out my headphones to listen, hoping I could find out that way. It was then that I realize it was quiet way too quiet. I’ve learned that there should almost always be some type of natural sounds being made. I heard absolutely nothing.

Figure of My Imagination?

My name Is Stella, and I’m 13 years old. Even though I haven’t been alive that long, that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen some shit In my life. I live In a town that’s not really known for paranormal activity. I, and my dad, have definitely experienced It the most paranormal activity In my family. It was hard to choose one to tell, so I’ll tell the most recent.

So every year me and my family would go on a road trip somewhere (normally the same place) for camping at summer. It’s a AA camp trip with so alcohol anonymous members, and some of my friends would be there. On Halloween the owners of the camp site would set something up called the haunted forest, I never went (I don’t know why, I have a strong passion for scary and paranormal stuff), but I think it was because of my family, who never really liked that stuff (minus my dad). Anyway, it was one year that my friends were playing something I didn’t want to, so I walked out into the woods to explore the unfinished props for the haunted forest. There was a maze that I walked through (that wasn’t really a maze now that I think about It), a “police station”, castle, and the prop room. I found a giant teddy bear (that wasn’t creepy actually), Mickey Mouse hand/glove, a bat with (fake) nails In It. It was interesting to find this stuff, but In the woods, alone, almost dark, creepy items……. Totally not suspicious (sarcasm noted).

Skinwalkers Are Out There, Run!

Hello, my name is Aaron, I’ll get right to it. I live in Albuquerque NM. It’s a fairly large city and right down the middle runs the Rio Grande River and the river feeds a small forest that runs along the river. We call this forest the Basque. There are some really unusual and creepy things that occur in the Basque. Any way one of these creepy things is the Shroom house. It’s this old Adobe house thats been through the ages. We call it the shroom house because there are mushrooms spray painted all over the house. I’ve been there a couple times during the day but I’ve never met someone whose been there during the night. One night however I can say I’m that person, along with my friends who went with me. The night started off with me and Mikaila, I picked her up and immediately started smoking some pot to forget the day’s labor. I call up my friend Matt and both me and Mikaila agree to join Matt at his house. There We meet 2 of his neighbors, honestly I can’t remember there names, just know they were with us. We play pool, shoot the shit and it’s now 12 am. We are bored. I suggest we go on a road trip to the shroom house, see if we can smoke some weed there and creep each other out.

With no abjections we hop in my red Mazda 6 and head to the Basque. I turn off the main road, turn off to a side road, then a dirt one, then pull into a dirt parking lot. The dirt parking lot is pretty big, and on the north side is a chain link fence that separates the dense vegetation from the dirt road. The fence follows the parking lot half way and turns into a 2 foot high wooden beam that lines the parking lot. Where the chain link fence ends is a small animal trail that leads to the end of a small dug out ditch. If you carefully cross the ditch without getting caught by the vegetation in your face you follow another animal trail that leads to the Shroom house.

It Followed Us

This story took place in north east Kentucky in 2006 when I was 19. I think I should mention that I am a gay male and was with my boyfriend, now husband, in my old pick up truck. Late at night around 12:00 after a wonderful date we had just finished, we were on a road driving to the next town over because this is where my boyfriend (we will call him Aaron and me Ravin for privacy reasons) lived. This trip between towns normally took an hour along nearly abandoned back roads that cut right through the immensely thick woods almost like a temperate rain forest.

At this time I think I should mention both me and Aaron loved all things occult and all things creepy including urban legends,myths as well as creepypasta, and as expected we both were quite paranoid and cautious so basically we have street smarts. We were in the first 25 or so minutes of the drive and it started to rain and by rain I mean pouring cats and fucking dogs kind of rain and so I turned on my headlights, this made the drive all the more enjoyable and creepy to us. As we were enjoying the creepy vibe of the nearly abandoned back roads I’m fighting hard with the wet and intensely muddy roads.

Hide and Seek Monster

My name is Taylor, I am a male and I was 11 years old when this happened. I live in North Carolina, in the country I live right next to a forest where my neighbors and I have loved to play games together since they moved here a couple of years ago. My neighbors are triplets, also boys, and they were 9 at the time.

One day, when the triplets had friends over, we were all in the woods playing, hide and seek like we loved to do. We were playing hide and seek, one of our favorite games. It was pitch black which is the best way to play because it makes it harder to be found and it makes the game a little scary. It was my and one of the triplets friends turn to be it, so we had the flash lights.

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