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Stay Out of the Woods at Night

By ShyDarkness

Ok so this is going to sound weird,but here goes. The first time i was the thing was when i was 6 or 7 I was at our old barn with my dad. We were cleaning the barn because when were about to take the walls off to make it a car port or something. So we were walking through the barn. It was your normal creepy barn old falling apart weird noises the works.

There was a black oil barrel cut in half for water for when we used to have pigs. At of the corner of my eye i see something I turn to look and I see it. It was drinking old rain water that had been in the barrel. It had a head the size of a horses and eyes on the top of it’s head looking at me. It was a quick look then i looked back at my dad. As i just realized what i had just seen I looked back to were it was and of course it was gone nothing there but tall moving grass.

Big Foot on the Wooded Trails


My friend and I love going on Paranormal hunts but she is blind in one eye so I have to be the leader of our investigations.

For identity safety I am going to call her “Luna”.

Shadow Creature

By Scott D

This happened to me, and my sister a while back. I would say about earlier this year during summer. I’m 28, and my sister is 12. We used to play a game together called mobbles as we waited for Pokemon Go to come out.

We live in the southern part of New Hampshire. We would go out to a place called “Clark’s Pond”. A small pond in the woods where one set of trails was on one side of the road, while another set where across the road. We took the longer ones across the road. We were out playing the game catching creatures when it started getting dark.

Shadow Dogs

By LadyNyx

This happened when I was sixteen. I lived in the middle of no where and the only real choices in entertainment were video games, or exploring the local woods. One day my friend Danielle and I decided to go explore the large patch of woods nearby after we had become bored of playing our favorite game on the game cube.

We decided to explore in a different direction than usual and we had been walking for about twenty minutes and had found some interesting things including a little stream that had crayfish in it. We were really excited about our new discoveries. I decided to climb up on a large rock that was sitting on a little hill and I noticed that there was a large tree standing in the distance.

Long Walks

By Lola E.

I live in Portland, and as some of you may know, there are loads of great hiking trails in our city. I enjoy walking them on lonley nights to get peace of mind, or as a stress reliever.I especially like trails by small rivers.

Listening to the rushing of water can intensify that serene feeling you get when your out there alone in those magical woods. About a year back, I decided I wanted to hike one of those trails. I had gotten into an aurgument with my boyfriend and needed to do something to put my mind at ease. Let me just verify my age, I was 22 at the time.

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