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What I Think, Could be the Death of my Girlfriend .

First off, i would like to say nobody should really lose a loved one, never..but what has happened to me, is still under investigation by the police, Anyway, I’ll explain what has happened so far .

On the 21st of March, which was four days ago from today, something horrific yet almost impossible to explain properly happened

Oscar the Buck

This story takes place a little under eight years ago in the back woods of Wisconsin. I was eight at the time, I was a scrawny girl, no more than 80 pounds at best. Despite my small stature, I was adventurous, forever trying to find something new and interesting. Of course this led me to go with my best friend, who I will call Mae, to go in the 40 or so acres of woods they owned. I was no stranger to forests as my family hunted, leading me to be a huntress. But at the small age of eight, I had yet to pick up a gun, let alone being allowed to carry one around.

The woods that we played in consisted mostly of pine trees, as it was a red pine forest made for logging later on. This led to small sapling trees to sprout up all along the forest floor, creating the perfect cover for pretending to be Warrior Cats, which was our current obsession at the time. Among the small pines, hardy buck-thorn grew, an invasive species that is quite annoying, as it has thorns all within it’s branches. However, what I didn’t know was that these bristly branches very well saved my life.

One Weird Day

I live in Alberta Canada.

Small back ground of the place my parents lived. There are a few houses on some farm land. There is a road and farm land on the other side. My parents have two dogs.

I was out for the weekend. It was a cool spring day, with a light breeze. My mom said we should go for a walk  and I agreed. We didn’t take the dogs because we decided to go exploring in the woods across the road and didnt want the dogs to get tied up around everything .

A Weird Visitor

When I was young I lived with both my grandparents, my mom and my aunt in this one apartment. I hated sleeping in my room so bad. It just had a weird and very bad energy around it. I guess I was around 6 or 7 at the time this started happening, but my family was telling me I was too big to sleep with my mom, so they’d make me sleep in my room.

The door was always left open just a few inches, and the lights on the corridor would be turned on. When I say that I couldn’t sleep, I meant it. The only way I managed to sleep was by passing out of exhaustion, and so that happened often. It was odd, though because it seemed to happen right after a recurring nightmare I’d have, even if I don’t remember sleeping at all.

The Skin-walker in the Woods

Let me just preface this by saying that I am not a person who automatically jumps to paranormal conclusions. I grew up in a household that functions based on logic and reasonable decisions, probably more for my dad’s sake than my own, as he had no idea how to deal with a short, perpetually-angry teenage girl. So admitting to myself that what I saw was real – and not a figment of my imagination – is something that took me months of internal searching and anxiety attacks to finally achieve.

This encounter happened in November of my junior year, during the first weekend of white-tail season. In my family, deer season is only surpassed by Christmas and birthdays in terms of excitement. My dad, younger brother, and I begin preparing ourselves for the hunt months in advance, tracking buck movements with game cameras, making maps to plot where our stands should go, and making sure that my uncle moves his cattle to the correct pasture during the season so that deer movement is not altered. It’s been broken down to a science, and I had been learning since the age of six. To be honest, I thought that there was nothing those woods could throw at me that I hadn’t seen before. Mountain lions? No problem. Coyotes? I’ve probably killed close to a hundred.

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