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Aliens or Trick Of The Mind

I guess I will start with a back story. I was always the one who loved being in the woods and being alone most of the time. When I was little I always went camping In the most naturfied places around LBL. (Land Between The Lakes.) I never thought much of Aliens or other Worldy Creatures, untell I saw things I couldn’t really explain. I was young when I saw my first incounter, about lets say 8ish, and my second incounter when I was about 18 or 19.

It was a great day, I was with family camping at our lot, riding four wheelers and enjoy the great out doors. All in all everything was normal. I had my camera on me and I was taking so many pictures and trying to capture memoirs. The camera I had was the old fashion wined up ones. And only limited to about 15 to 20 pictures. So I saved then for the most important pictures.

East Kentucky Goatman

I’m a 14 year old boy living in eastern KY. Now I’m not gonna say the county I live in but it’s basically no mans land we have no towns, restruants or anything, just mountains so naturally we play in the mountains. Now this happened when I was 9 years old. Me and 3 other friends were gathering sticks, logs, and twine to build a fort with.

About 2 and a half hours later we had it done. Nothing speacil but not small. So we ran back to our house to get cap guns, since we were gonna play war, we gathered 7 cap pistols and 11 cap rifles. But when we got back to our fort it was torn down. We rebuilt it and played until sundown. But the next day is when it gets to the point of this story.

Scary Skinwalker

My story starts in southern Alabama. So i was playing in the woods with my cousin let’s call him Jake. I was playing with Jake and a few minutes later i got lost and I heard the most terrible voice “I found you.” I screamed and ran as fast as I could.

Fast forward a year I was at my house and i decided that I wanted to go for a walk in the woods. I was walking and a few minutes later I saw a creature with a deer skull head and it was like 9 feet tall it was super skinny and it freaking said “See you soon.” I went straight back to my house and looked it up it said skinwalker. If anyone has seen anything like this please tell me. This happened almost three weeks ago.

Something in the Trees

Let me start by saying I am a staunch skeptic. Even growing up in a heavily superstitious and religious family, I always looked for the most logical reasoning behind everything. Despite all that, there is one night I have never found any rational explanation for.

About six years ago, my then boyfriend (We will call him Chad for anonymity) and I lived in a small house on the outskirts of town. It was a little run down, but it was still decent, with a detached garage, and a nice back yard for our dogs. We even had a small creek at the edge of the property where the yard gave way to woods.

The Thing in the Treeline

This happened to me when i was about 13. I was on a camping trip with some family friends and my brother who was about 8 at the time. I’m not going to say their real names for privacy reasons lets just call them.. bob, john,my brother and mike.

Bob and john are  identical twins this will be important later. Anyways we were playing man hunt in the forest if you don’t know what that is then it is a game similar to hide and seek but a little different. i was hiding in a pile of leaves i made along with my closest friend there bob. John was hiding  out a little deeper in the forest and my brother was hiding out by the treeline (bad hiding place i know) the lights from the bathhouse shown onto the treeline so it could give away your hiding place very easily.

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