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Mothman is Stalking Me

I don’t know where to begin. This has been happening to me for so long that I’ve grown quite Accustomed to it. I don’t want people to think I’m crazy and i haven’t told anyone this before, but I figure now is the best time to get this off my chest…so here it goes.

I live in Arcadia Michigan, back in the woods, the nearest neighbor is about a mile a way. I love it out here its quiet and cozy and for anyone who has ever seen a Michigan fall the colors are amazing. We have back country roads the type of roads that are barely traveled by cars but are amazing for walks pretty much anytime you’re wanting to go.

My Encounter

My encounter happened March 31st, 2013 at my home in Georgia. Around 3:00 AM. I have always been a night owl, I love the peacefulness of night, especially a cold night like it was this night. The night was going on like any other night for me. I was talking with some friends on the phone, while leaning out my open window. I live next to a railroad so I’m no stranger to loud noises. The sound I heard was not a train.

What I heard was the loudest blood curdling screech I’ve ever heard. It was loud enough that it come over my phone perfectly, causing my friends to ask what in the hell that was. It continued for a few more times before I finally got curious enough to go investigate. My area is no stranger to coyotes and the occasional bear wondering down from the mountains. So, I’m no fool, I grabbed my machete before I went out just in case what it was, wasn’t friendly.

Piney Creek Beast

Here in the woods and deep hollars of southern West Virginia right in the middle of the Appalachian mountains  you can see some things you just can’t explain.

I am an avid hunter and fisher and I’ve seen just about every animal there is to see in our mountains and on the day of June 22nd 2016 I came into contact with a beast I hope to never cross paths with again.

The MothMan

I guess the best place to begin is to explain what I was doing. I was heading to Mexico to visit my grandparents with my mother so that we could drive back to where we live and they could visit us as well in 2014. On the way there I was listening to music and playing a game on my phone as my mom drove the car.

The Black Creature

By Kyle RJ

School was just going on that day, with me (Kyle), and my two friends Jeff, and Dick, we were just doing are boring school life. Us grade 9’s, until the teacher told us that there will be a Halloween evening party, “but you must bring your money for the tickets, and your parents if you want to”, are teacher said as it will come in 2 weeks. That day, me and my two friends went, and we had fun, of course that are parents were there my dad any way.

And so as the party has began, I needed to go to the bathroom, from drinking those awesome drinks, so I asked my dad if I can go by myself he said yes, and so I went up stairs were the closest bathroom is, and when I went up there, there was nobody up there, I was alone upstairs, but I was just going to use the bathroom I told my self, but upstairs was nothing but complete silence, and it was a bit dark, I was a little bit scared because I was afraid of the dark, but you know what Dick said, “be a man” so I just went to the creepy bathroom, down the creepy dark hallway,

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