Banshee in the creek

Hey, its me again, the woodsman, i saw that darkness is looking for campfire stories so guess i could share the story that keeps me from camping out in my woods anymore. This is one of many, many odd things that has happened on this property of mine. I really didn’t realize what i was getting into when i bought this new house in the middle of the woods.

But hey, I’m surviving i guess.

By the time that the events in this story took place, i had already experienced quite a few things on this property. And this was easily the third freakiest thing to happen up to that point, right behind the naked stab victim that cried like a newborn baby and cartwheeled our into the woods, but that’s another tale.

This time i had decided that i wanted to go camping. Despite all the stuff that had happened, i had never been seriously injured in those woods, SO WHY NOT GO SLEEP IN THEM.

Bad choice i know. Anyways, the first few hours when i get into the woods go fine, i set up camp, build a fire, burn myself trying to cook a hot dog, pee on fire that burnt me. Then i started to realize… camping is pretty boring when you’re all alone. So i decided to go to sleep.

Next thing i know i wake up to the sound of a young girls voice down in the creek, sounds like she’s college type age.

She’s saying, “help i need some help down here, I’m lost, dad? Help!” And i can hear her down in the creek, from my tent.

Now this isn’t the first time I’ve been lured into the woods by a voice pleading for help. But this voice was a lot more convincing that the others. Non the less i still brought my newly purchased .45 caliber hand gun that i had bought for dealing with, the things, on the land.

I made my way into the creek, flashlight in hand and headed down to the voice. Soon i find the source. Now i didn’t put the flashlight beam on her right away because i didn’t want to blind her.

But i could clearly see the outline of a small girl sitting on the bank of the creek, i got about fifteen feet away and she stopped me, stating that “you really don’t need that flashlight with the moon out like this”. It wasn’t even a full moon so that confused me a little, i replied with, “i don’t know bout you but i can’t see a thing out here, lemme me help you though, are you hurt?”

Then i started to shine the flashlight on her but she screamed “STOP” before i got to her face. This time her voice wasn’t as convincing, i could tell she wasn’t human.

Now, what you guys need to realize is that I’m not a badass, and I’m not trying to sound cool or tough. But ever since something happened three years ago.

The same event that caused me to move out here. I don’t respond to situations the same anymore. Maybe I’m not scared of death anymore. Maybe I’m mentally unstable.

Maybe I’m weird.

But when i establishes that this thing wasn’t human, i started to smile, it fooled me, got me out here in the woods, in it’s domain, and was probably going to make an attempt on my life. But i might as well piss it off a little. So i flicked my flashlight up and revealed its face.

It actually was a girl, sort of, she was super pale and had abnormally large eyes, that were completely black. When the light hit her face her head snapped forward and made eye contact with me and here jaw dropped open 3 times larger than any human could, and then she screamed.

It was LOUD.

Like in human loud. It sounded like a girls scream but as if it were being played through massive speakers to make it ear splitting. Then i felt something closing around my neck. She hadn’t moved but was somehow choking me. Still screaming.

I have realized while living here that the entities that can hurt you, can also get hurt themselves, now most of them are tough as nails, but they can be hurt.

This memory went through my head just as i felt something warm dripping onto my neck and my left ear went quiet. Busted ear drum.

I aggressively threw my flashlight at the bitch and it connected with what i assume was her eye, i couldn’t tell for sure because i didn’t have a flashlight. And yes i forgot to use the gun. It was new and in the current life or death situation i forgot i had it. Luckily this girl wasn’t one of the tough ones and i felt the grip on my neck loosen and her scream stopped.

No sooner had i taken my first breath when she bent over backwards possession style and sprinted into the woods in reverse. When i finally caught my breath i slowly walked by to my campsite and went to sleep in the tent.

I You may be asking why i didn’t go back home after that but it was a 20 minute hike and my flashlight was broken so i had to wait till morning. Slept pretty good though. No noises woke me up.

I woke up then next morning expecting me ear to be killing me but miraculously it was completely back to normal.

I later figured out that it was the lady in the tree who fixed my ear but once again that’s a story for another time. That morning i just packed up everything and headed back home.

Only thing that got messed up was my flashlight so i wasn’t even that disappointed in the trip. I still don’t camp out there anymore because no matter how weirdly wired i am, that girl really did freak me out a good bit, and I’m sure she’s still out there. That’s pretty much it for this story though, see y’all next time.

Woodsman signing off.

The Figure from the Woods

I grew up on a farm in rural Oklahoma, with plenty of land and wildlife around. Our house and farm were the only ones for miles around, with a thick patch of woods surrounding us on both sides. I thoroughly enjoyed the wide open space and lack of intrusion from the outside world.

While I loved the peace that the barrier of trees allowed us from other people, I think something else lived in those woods. Something not so peaceful.

One of my favorite hobbies was stargazing, made wonderful by the lack of light pollution in the country. The ideal place to throw down a blanket was out past the barns in the alfalfa field, where it was pitch black and quiet. It was where I found myself most summer evenings, laying back and watching the dark sky.

I remember the mood of our peaceful farm changing one summer day when my brother and I discovered a fresh deer carcass in the back of the cow pasture, near the beginning of the trees.

We were horrified and ran to inform our father quickly.

He assured us that it was only a pack of coyotes in the area, and told us to stay out of the back parts of the pasture and away from the woods. Still a little weary of the incident, my brother and I listened, trusting our father’s knowledge. Here’s the thing though, the deer hadn’t been eaten, only killed. Even at a young age, I didn’t understand why the coyotes wouldn’t eat the deer, only kill it.

It wasn’t long before the next carcass showed up. Another uneaten animal from the woods appeared in the fields, this time closer to the house. The mood of the farm animals began to change, too.

The cows and horses would make panicked sounds late at night, coming from the fields, that we could hear all the way to the house. One day walking the fields, I found the detached spine of an animal.

A massive spine! With the rotting flesh still hanging onto the bones.

There are no elk this far south, so I couldn’t understand what this spine could be from. It was much too large to be that of a deers, or really anything else native to these forests. My father continued to blame the coyotes, but it was clear he was confused by these things, as well.

Like I mentioned before, my favorite way to relax after a day’s work was to take my blanket out to the field and stargaze.

My parents would have never approved given the recent happenings in the area, but my father had told us over and over again than it was merely the work of some coyotes, and that coyotes would be too afraid to attack a human. Thinking I wasn’t in any danger, I was convinced I was relatively safe to sneak out for an hour or two to watch the stars.

Once in my favorite spot, I unfurled my blanket and laid down, trying to relax. Everything was calm and peaceful as usual, as I lay in the warm air with the sounds of crickets and cicadas chirping, and the animals rustling in their barns.

All of a sudden, it was like the world around me was put on pause. The insects and the animals went silent, and I felt my core turn to ice. I was instantly aware that something was wrong. I instinctively knew that there was something else in the field with me.

I was paralyzed with fear, knowing that whatever it was, it wasn’t good. I slowly raised up from the blanket and began scanning the field. As I ran my eyes over the area, my heart stopped beating and turned to ice. At the edge of the tree line, about 100 yards from me, was a massive figure, darker than the night. It was pitch black and HUGE. Standing maybe eight feet tall, and standing straight up. It wasn’t moving, but I could tell that it was facing me, and staring right at me.

I panicked and dove back down, trying my hardest not to scream or cry. What was this thing? It wasn’t an animal, it was standing up on its back legs, but it was not human either.

It was too tall and skinny, with long, thin, humanoid arms and legs and pitch black.

I don’t know how long I stayed crouched in the tall grass trying to stay low. It felt like an eternity. Why was I hiding? It already knew where I was. So why wasn’t it already tearing me to pieces?

After what seemed like an hour sitting in the black silence listening for any sounds, I decided I had to make a run for it.

It was about a 300 yard run to the back door of the house. I didn’t think I could reach the door before it reached me, but it was better than sitting and waiting for it to come find my spot in the grass. I stood up and sprinted as fast as I could for the back door without looking in the direction of the woods.

I knew that if I looked at that thing again I would lose my nerve and crumble back down to the blanket. I had no idea where this thing was at this point but I could still feel its presence in the field. I cried hysterically as I ran to the house. I reached the back door, after what seemed like years, flung the door open, and flew inside.

I slammed the door shut and crumpled to the floor, sobbing.

That was the last time I stargazed from the fields. I knew that I would never feel safe again in those fields after sunset. I still have no words for what I saw that night, or any idea of what it was, and I never told anyone. However, I’m sure that that night was not the first time that thing visited our farm, and maybe it wasn’t its last, either.

The Strange Creature

I am 15 years old, I was a 10 year old female at the time when this accured to me. My summer break is underway and I am having the time of my life in my vacation house in North Carolina. I was always paranoid of pretty much anything, still am, but this true and horrifying story I am about to tell you, only made my dreams, or rather nightmares, become a reality.

I am camping outside my house doing my favorite and most relaxing activity, tending to a nice and warm fire. Looking up at the sky filled with stars, smelling the scent of soil, falling leaves, and chilly night air. I starred at the fire, in a trance, watching the flames lap up the sticks I recently threw into the pit. Me, being the paranoid person I am, thought I heard snapping twigs. I quickly discarded the thought telling myself it was just the fire crackling. I still couldnt shake the chills going down my back just imagining what the thick woods surrounding me could hold behind the mysterious shadows being cast by the full moon above my head.

I am deep in thought, thinking about whatever 10 year old would think about when i am pulled out of my mind by obvious twigs snapping to my right. I don’t know what to think as I look out of the corner of my eye. There is a dark figure crouching about 7 feet away from me to the right. I freeze, analyzing the situation I am in. I come to the one and only logical explinations, “You can’t scare me Jessie, I can see you.” I turn my head to fully face the crouching figure. My heart raced in my chest and my breath left me as realization strucked me, HARD. The THING that was starring at me, for god knows how long, was hunched over two rather skinny legs and course grey skin.

That was all of the information I could gather, before I was sprinting, litterally running on air, back to the garage. I heard the leaves crunching behind me, indicating that the creature was chasing after me. I threw myself at the door connecting to my house. I threw one last glance over my shoulder as I was opening the door. I saw the thing starring at me from the shadows just outside of the garage opening. I ran up the stairs to the safety of my family, balling my eyes out in horror and fear that overcame my usual calm demeanor. I attached myself to my dad as he tried to comfort me and asked me what was wrong. I told him what I saw and he shook his head telling me I was imagining it all.

He took me outside, just to reassure me that I was safe. Sure enough, when we reached the fire place, nothing was found. No footprints, no evidence, no creature. But I could have sworn I saw dark, beady eyes starring at me, lurking just beyond the safety of the light.



Haunted summer break

To start this story off with I’m a 11 year old female and I love to do fun stuff. Like hike and go camping.

But what happened to me will make me not want to go to the same place we went to. We live in a small town near Longview Washington and it was August so I only had a few weeks before I had to go back to school. We had a few family friends going camping with us they were Jay, Korbin and Austin. And we also had my mom,me, my cousin Kass, and Chuck with his two daughters.

We were going to Oregon to find our camping spot.

I also had a knife with me but that will come in later. Fast forward a little bit and were at the camping spot and of course we do the usual upscale get ready. Fast forward to the night before we leave we were all going to go on a night time walk at the dunes to see all the stars. So Korbin doesn’t want to go so he wants to hangout with the older boys Jay and Austin.

And this is where things start getting creepy.

Me, Mom, and Kass where walking down the little road where the trail starts and my Mom texts Chuck and says “Were here waiting where are you?” He replies with “ At the dunes why?”

Well they do a lot more texting then we start back to the camp.

We start walking and mind you I still have my knife on me. And were only like 20ft from the trail head when we see something it was black with reflecting eyes it was about 5’9” and swaying with arms hanging lower than its waist and it was walking towards us.

My Adrenaline was on fire I was shaking from fear my mom says “ Kayla give me the knife!” I fumble but I hand it to her.

Then I saw the most amazing thing a car.

Then the thing shot of into the woods next to us with out making a noise and if it were a human or something like that we would of heard the leaves and twigs breaking. Well we weren’t staying any longer so we booked it back to camp.

But if any one knows what this could of been please say.

The Beast

This took place about 2 years ago. My cousin and I had gone out on a camping trip in the wood in royal Pennsylvania.

The nearest house to his was about 3 miles up the road.

His house was surrounded by wood. Him and I decided we were going to go about a mile or two into the wood and camp out. Little did we know that this would be the most Creepy experiences of our life’s. My cousin was 18 and I was 16.

My house brought his shotgun Because he said it made him feel safe. I didn’t have a problem with it whatever makes him feel safe. We started our walk through the wood at about 6pm.

The sun wasn’t quite setting yet.

We found the perfect spot and I started a fire while he set up camp. The sun was starting to set and so we decided to start cooking our dinner which happen to be hotdogs. I was cooking them when I started to notice faint footsteps coming from behind me. I could tell by the way the leafs were crunching that the animal had to have been a pretty large one.

I looked at my cousin with wide eyes. “ what what is it “ he whispered to me.

I put my finger to my lips and pointed behind me. I could tell he heard it to. He gestured for me to move so I slowly moved to the left closer to him. He grabbed his shotgun and loaded it as quickl and quietly as he could.

If you know anything about guns is there anything but quit.

The thing must have heard him and stopped moving about 500 feet away from us.

I could see the outline of it. It was at least 7 feet tall. It looked like it was covered with thick matted hair. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was weird. I didn’t feel fear. I felt like it wasn’t trying to put us in harm but just wanted to pass through.

My cousin lifted up his gun to shot.

I put my hand on the gun telling him to lower it. By the look on his face I could tell he thought that was a bad idea. The thing stood there for about a min and took off to the right of us.

My cousin proceeds to scream at me about me pushing the gun down.

I told him I didn’t feel like it was going to hurt us.

He paused for a moment. I could see his eyes growing. I knew there was so thing behind me. He still had his shotgun in his hand. I quickly laid on the ground so he would have a clear shot at it. He quickly pulled the gun to his shoulder and turned the safety off and fired three shots at the thing hitting it all three time.

I could tell he hit it because I could hear the thing growling as he did. It mad a almost coyote type howl but ten times as loud and took off back into the woods.

My cousin and I decided that we had enough of camping for the time being and we packed up and put the fire out and made our way back to his house. We had flash lights guiding us the way.

I felt like something was following us the whole time.

I could have sworn that I would hear footsteps every couple min but my cousin told me I was just paranoid. I haven’t gone camping since that day.