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The Staring Creature

One little summer day I was in my house it was dark about 12:00 AM on Saturday, I have just gotten back from Wisconsin, there was just complete scilence I could still hear a few cars going by but that was it.

I started getting ready to go to sleep but out of no where I hear something walking outside, I figured it was my neighbor cause I live in a town home
in Itasca,IL if you heared of the area, anyways it seemed it got closer to my garage since I am on top of the garage in my room..

Woodcutting and Wendigos

As most of these stories start out here’s a little background information on myself, those involved, and the location where this took place. This event occurred during April, 2016, on a plot of hunting land outside Richland Center, Wisconsin. Richland Center is a small town in the hilly terrain of southwest Wisconsin, with a population of around 5,000 people. The plot of land sat around 15 miles outside the city (exactly where is being kept secret since we don’t want people to go snooping through the woods or breaking into the cabin since it is easy to find). The land was owned by my father’s friend James (obviously not his real name) and was fairly large. Exactly how many acres I don’t know, but a large plot.

The cabin is about twenty yards into a small patch of woods just off the road. Beyond the cabin there is a corn field that sits in the curve of the U shaped woods we use for hunting. There is a ridge that runs across the center of the field sloping down on each side at a steep angle. At the midpoint between the woods and the cabin is a little island of trees that is only about twenty feet in diameter with a deer stand in it. This location will be important later. Now that the background is out of the way I can begin to tell the story of my encounter with what I believe was a Wendigo.

Somethings There..

This had happened recently,nothing less than 13 to 14 i was going near to graduation to be in highschool. It was an early monday, 12pm. I had no school but i had a very busy time… barely cleaning my backyard from my sisters graduation party, i had to move cans and throw away trash. I had been recently obsessed about werewolves that might be at my neighborhood.

The night before, it was like anyother weekend day. Really calm and warm. But there was something going on… i felt it as i went to bed that night, i couldnt sleep too quickly but, a peculiar sound was there outside my house, like an animal s wild one howling and raging. There were movements after i fell asleep,or so my mom had told me te next morning, my dogs barked crazily that night,so my dad went to check, nothing..

Gnome/Troll encounter

This isn’t my story, its my mom’s friend’s. In Mexico and any Latino’s would be familiar with the term “Duendes” which means Gnomes or Trolls. I’ve personally never seen one myself and after hearing this story, I never want to.

My mom’s friend used to live in this little town in Michoacan, Mexico, there was this huge house at the corner of a street. They used to call it the Castle house. The Castle house was abandoned for many years. One of her friend’s mom had the key to the house because she was related to the guy who had owned the house. One day, out of curiosity, they decided to get the key and sneak into the Castle house.

Humanoid in Colorado

A little backstory first, my name is Jared (no not the one from subway) and I live in Estes Park Colorado. Normally my family and I go camping out in the middle of nowhere because we are literally so close to the mountains. But I’m begging my parents to get out of here and move to the city after what happened to me that dreaded night.

It was around a 4 days ago when my dad said we where going camping I was looking forward to it this time because I’m into unidentified creatures and such, so I was wanting to find Bigfoot or some other creature. When we arrived to the middle of nowhere I suddenly felt uneasy and no it wasnt being watched it was just like nausea like I wanted to puke right there. But it went away when we where setting up our tents. Fast forward to the next morning I remeber waking up around 4 AM and I remeber getting the same feeling again but 10 times stronger I went outside for fresh air.

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