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The Vampire Of Hughes County

It was 8:00 clock at night in Holdenville, Oklahoma In Hughes County so i noticed my dog was acting strange so i wondered if he wanted outside so i got up and was heading to the door then i what i saw next truly terrified me. It was this thing that was 5 to 6ft tall pale, ugly thing that had claws and a mouth and looked like a human and it had clothes.

I got scared like hell so i went and got my gun and i went to go look again and it was gone but what i saw that day was a thing i will never forget for the rest of my life.

Chupacabra vs. Me and My Dog

I was mad at my brothers, so to calm myself I walked an 8th a mile to the mailbox. It was almost past sunset, but being mad I didn’t care. I was about to open the mail box and suddenly it got a little bit darker. Still not caring I got the mail and turned around, then heard a faint rustling in the trees behind me, so I turned around and saw red glowing eyes. Then it came out of the trees.

It looked like coyote with mage, but it stood on 2 legs and had long sharp fangs. I was slowly backing up. It was slowly getting closer. I stomped  to try to scare it but then it got on its fours and growled, showing all its razor sharp teeth.

Witch in the Park

Now, it’s not much of a story, but it’s believable because of that.

The story doesn’t take place in US like most of the stories here but in southeastern Europe, Croatia to be more precise in city of Dubrovnik. If any of you watch Game of Thrones you can recall the scene of Joffrey’s wedding and the park where the scene of it was took, is the park in which my stories take place.

Now the park isn’t that large at all, in the most isolated place you are probably 2 minutes of walking away from the nearest house, and you can walk trough entire park in 10 minutes, but when it gets dark it can get really creepy.

Lac Wendigo

This story was inspired by our scary experience in Algonquin Park, Canada, where we got stuck on a road called Lac Wendigo.

My family and I were camping up North for some time. But sadly after 6 days we had to leave.
It was early in the morning when we left, about 8:00.

Perceptions of Fear

I’ve always lived in a safe and noisy environment. People are not exactly the definition of friendly, but the place has always been filled with normality. I know it seems that I’m just setting up for this recount but that is just my reality and when something this abnormal and disturbing happened in a regular night in my life, it changed me.

I genuinely believe that is what frightens people, just merely that fact that they cannot guess or comprehend what is occurring in mentally deprived person’s head and the fear of death or injury is just instinctual, something that is programmed into us after birth. It’s the fear of the unknown haunts most people. I make this point as whist this story may not be unforgettably frightening to any reader or listener, the overall personal experience was, well that is where words just fail me.

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