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It Wasn’t a Bear.

So I’ve never shared this story with anyone because I didn’t think they would believe me, and because me and my 2 life long friends were somewhere we weren’t supposed to be. I’ll give you some background information, I pretty much live in the middle of the Daniel Boone national forest in the south eastern part of the US.

So back some years ago, my friends’ mom had a weekend long business trip and it was summer break so, Chris and Matt, my friends, invited me to come stay that weekend with them. We were all around the age of 14, so we thought we’d have a nice long weekend of video games, movies and sleeping in till the evening hours. I arrived at Chris and Matt’s house just an hour or so before their mom left for her trip.

Encounter with a Skinwalker

This all happened one day when i went to spend the day with one of my friends. We’ll call him David. David is one of my closest friends and has been for the past 7 or 8 years. We grew up in church together and would always beg our parents to let us go to each others house after our Sunday services. That all changed about a couple of years ago. It was July 1st 2010, David was having a sleepover for his 9th birthday and i was invited. Now, before I start to get into the story, I would like to explain the layout of the property, which will be important further into the story. His house is set on a flat level field and is about a quarter a mile from the nearest house. The backyard is very wide and stretches all the way to a tree line behind the house. They had a swing set for his younger brother set just a few meters away from the tree line.

I arrived at his house about 4 O’clock. The party didn’t start until about 4,30, so i was a bit early. Me and him went outside for a while to shoot is BB Gun until the others arrived. He set up 4 cans on a barrel he got from his fathers tool shed and we just had at it. We were outside about 25 minutes and we saw that the others started arriving, so we thought we would head inside. That night, I woke up about 12:00 and didn’t know what woke me up. I just assumed it was my instinct to get up and use the bathroom, but i didn’t really have to go. I decided to go down stairs and get a drink of water since I was extremely thirsty. I got a glass of water and started to head back upstairs when i noticed the slightest movement outside of the kitchen window. I brushed it off, thinking it was a cat or something and continued to head back up stairs.

My Experience with Skinwalkers

My experience with a skinwalker might not be a terrifying as most of the stories you receive.

This happened around two years ago, during the summer. I had stayed with my uncle due to family reasons. He was very into our heritage, being native American and all. We had stayed near a reservation, I think it was about three miles away from his house. He lived in North Carolina so it was plain and there was a lot of land.

The natives had been hosting  to a sort of festival, it was to spread their beliefs and the conservation of the forest used as farmlands.


My story is alot like many, but different in my eyes. My first sighting as a child was when I was about 5 years old. My mother who had talked about her ancestor who were of souix blood, she used to tell me stories. I was a kid they were stories I didn’t know they were real. My mom and dad took me and my half brother out to a graveyard, this graveyard was different in the center was a statue of a Indian chief, it was very large and old. My mom sat and took pictures while me and my brother climbed on it, till my father turned pale white and grabbed my mother’s arm and pointed to the woods.

My brother and I followed the directions he pointed, now it’s not common to see wolf’s where I grew up especially a pack of them so close to human contact, I remember counting 9 wolves. Each one gave me a sense of what I was doing offended them, I remember my father picking me and my brother up and carrying us to the car and as we drove away I started at the wolves who starred back until we were out of sight. I was about 12 and I had always had a draw to the woods bout a half a mile from our house I grew up in a small town I used to read stories of old myths and legends of demons, shapeshifters and skinwalkers. I went on a hike threw the woods just doing what kids do and enjoy themselves I didn’t think nothing of it till I found a small clearing, in the swamp part there was a lot of rumors a hermit lived in the woods.

Real Skinwalker Sighting

Ok so first off I live in Utah one of the most overlooked states. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t had its fair share of monster sightings and paranormal experiences and my writings crap so sorry if its bad.

Ok so my family goes camping every summer for 5 days in Ashley national forest up in the high Uintah’s. So my family arrived at the camp site at around 10:30 p.m. so it was dark if it not for the huge bonfire my family made. Ok so as I was setting up my tent I saw 2 red eyes in the trees so I didn’t really think about it too much because it was late and I was tired but in the morning I went to the spot the eyes were at and I saw deep hoofprints of a deer in the ground but there are deer up here so I ignored it and went to breakfast.

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