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They Followed Us

So this will be the first time I come out about this story to anyone besides 2 friends, My cousin, Let’s call him Eric, outright refuses to speak of it at all. I don’t blame him.  This incident happened about 2 years ago, during our stay at my Uncle’s house. And no, My cousin wasn’t his Son, he had a daughter who moved out long ago. His house was near Copper Harbor, about a 4 mile drive.

It was a pretty isolated house, two stories with about a 10 yard walk to the Treeline of the near Woods. Like any other concerned parental figure he prompted me, and my cousin not to go out at night, and if we were out to be in the house before dark.  We could understand his worry, but we weren’t some fragile children. Or so we thought. To give some background, at the time I was nearly 20, Eric turned 21 the month before I remember.

I Ran into the Mogollon Monster

Before I get started I am Kyle I don’t live in Arizona i just went there to hunt. This story happened at Mogollon Rim in Arizona in 1995. If you don’t know where it is it is 185 miles south of The Grand Canyon.

Now let me get started I was around 14 or 15 my Uncle Fred and my Uncle Mort took me hunting at Mogollon Rim i believe we were hunting deer. When we got there we found a good spot yo camp and we got setup. We were planning on staying there for 5 days and then we were going to move down near Flagstaff and hunt there for a few days.

Bigfoot story

To start out my name is Doug and my father and I are what you call avid hunters and we know what is in the woods were we hunt. Well we took a trip to west Virginia to go black bear hunting well one day I was back at the camper resting from a early morning bear hunt.

And my father went out to go hunting for the afternoon and I knew were he would be incase of emergence. Well he gets to his spot and stays till the sun sets and he starts to head back to the side by side he took out to get to his spot. And on his way back he heard foot steps and remember this is in the mountains were only hunters and rare locals know we’re there at he heard foot steps of nothing Human or bear and he stopped for a second and kept walking then the most blood curdling and powerful yell came behind him and he thought “so this is how it ends well it will be a hell of a race” if he gets to the side by side and a soon as he got in something came running up at him and threw a giant rock at him.

Bigfoot Encounter while Hunting

Let me start off with a few disclaimers. This isn’t my story, it’s a friend of my grandfather and it’s been a few years since I was told it so the memory might be a bit hazy, and it may not be scary to most people, but I thought I would share it. Also, if there are any mistakes in this story, I apologize.

At the time of writing this, I was getting over a concussion. This story happened in upstate New York. My grandfathers friend was hunting with one other person. For privacy reasons, I won’t use any names of the people in this story.

Dogs of War

My great uncle was a artillery officer in the German army during the Second World War. He recently passed, but he left some of his journals from the war to his sister, who is my grandmother. My grandmother told me that I could look at them if I wanted to, and so I did. Nothing out of the ordinary seemed to take place in his journals, then I found something that seemed to stand out to me…

Apparently, my uncle had been placed somewhere in a area with thick woods on the French-German border. He didn’t give a exact location, but the area seemed to creep him and his men out. Well anyway, one night, one of his men came running into his tent and told him “Wölfe”, meaning wolves. At first he didn’t believe him, so he asked him to repeat himself, and again he said “Wölfe”. At this point, my uncle thinks a pack of wolves are getting aggressive and trying to pick off his men. He also says that he was used to this when he lived in Russia for a time before the war. But the wolves where mostly attacking animals, but when they start to attack kids or anyone else they got a posse to go hunt them down. So he wakes some of his men up and tells them they are going hunting and to keep a eye out for anything out of the ordinary and that they shouldn’t be out long.

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