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The Dog Older than Man

By Matthew S.

My dad is a paranormaly active man and says he has paranormal happenings to him almost every week while everyone else in the family rarly see’s anything vaguely paranormal, the only things we see is when a ghost or slirit physicly moves an object.

The story I am about to tell happened to my dad about 3 years ago in his old house in Council Bluffs Iowa. It all started back when my father was very angry about things such as bills, being sued by the bank for not paying said bills and other kinds of money troubles as he does not have a well paying job.

Monster in the Ghetto

By Tycru

Im a 14 year old guy who lives in the ghetto who never respected any authority until july 4 of 2016. I was chilling with my friends carlitos and latravious that night and they never respected authority either we were always in trouble. We smoked weed and drank lean and had weapons on us alot sometimes even guns that we bought from the guys in the trap house.

We were hanging out at carlitos’es house when we decided to have some fun and we all decided to go car hopping. We were walking towards a parked car and i heard latravious yell aye tyler you saw that shit over there.

Hooded Monster at Burger King

By Manuel D.

Just felt like I needed to say this, I did not know whether to put this story under a creature sighting or just a true scary experience. What I saw looked like a regular person, but the way it moved was not human.

Just some back story, I was 16 when this happened, I am now 19. It happened while I was on a night jog and stopped by a Burger King to grab something to eat.

Burger King Creature

By Chris R.

This all happened when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I was with my cousin and his parents and we were coming back from visiting his grandparents.

I was starting to doze off in the car when I heard my uncle say that we were gonna eat at Burger King. When we entered, I noticed that there were only like 2 other people there (given the fact that it was very late). I liked it cause I was never a fan of crowded places.

The Weird Experience

By 3191

One day I was home just watching TV it was beryl 9pm at night.I was home alone my parents had just left to buy some food.My phone was charging in my room I went to go check if it was done.

When I got there I saw some horns sticking out of the closet I got my phone and turned the light on.I slowly walked there I got in front of it and heard a loud “bang” from the closet door.I ran from the room and went to set in my coutch. Later on I was getting sleepy so I went to my room I had forgot about what had hopped.So I went to sleep I had been woken by my dad around 12pm.

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