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Nessie of the Kupa River

By NeonBlackHeartAttack

This is a rather short story but describes a sighting I will never forget. This event stayed with me through all my life and greatly influenced the interest in cryptozoology I have today.

So this happened when I was about 9 years old(I am 24 now). I was on my way home from the dentist and driving in the back of my fathers car. (It was just a check up so I wasn’t given any anesthetics or anything that would make me see things that aren’t there)

The Loch Ness Monster

By Jake

This was around the year 2010 August 12. Now this was probably the scariest moment of my life. I was out with my brother when this happend. But anyway let me tell you the story. Now I was about fifteen and me and my brother went on a trip to Alberta and we were staying this motel right near a lake so me and my brother grabbed our fishing stuff and boat and went in the lake.

Five minutes later when we were in the water my brother fought something something heavy. He pulled until eventually it got away. We didn’t think much of it because its happened before. About and hour later he noticed something.

Cyanide Hill

By IzzyBainse

This is the story of me and my cousin in Caldwell Texas, the town is extremely small and is about 50 or 60 miles north east of Austin. A lot of people on my dad’s mother’s family lives there and I’ve been going there since I was 5 and visit at least twice a year to this day. This town is close to central Texas and if you’re from here you know that means the place is gonna be with rolling hills, very country and very old school.

One time I was baby sitting my second cousin’s youngest, the neighbor was literally a stone’s throw away, they also helped train and nurture abused animals. They had a 2 year old pitbull that was trained to be a fighting dog, unfortunately they believed it was able to be retrained. The pit broke it’s chain and jumped the short 3 foot fence and tried to attack my cousin, I shoved my arm down it’s throat and hit it a few times with a rock. It was knocked out, I threw it over my shoulder and knocked on the neighbors door.

A Cough Saved my Life

By Jason Lee

Ok my name is Jason this is what happened when i was about 16 years old. Im 27 now and what happened that day would change everything.
I live in west Virginia where there’s mountains all around so i grew up in the woods, huntimg, camping, riding atvs. So one day me and 2 of my friends brian and jesse went out on our atvs to find a place to camp that weekend. This was Thursday and we wanted to find a place to camp on Saturday.

We went pretty far into the woods to try and find the best spot we could because we was bringing our girlfriends camping with us. So we get probably 5 or 6 miles back in the woods and find this little lake and we all knew we found it. So we get off and check everything out make sure it wasnt private property or anything but there was no signs and wasnt a house around for miles.

Demon Panther of the Forest

By Ronald Coyote

Now I know this may sound strange but I swear I saw something out there.I live outside of Yellowstone national park so my backyard is basically a wilderness.I was out with my older cousin one day after my high school graduation party and she was walking me home.It was getting dark out but I didn’t really care I always loved the forest at night despite the animals that lived in it,it always Calmed me to here Crickets chirping,frogs croaking and Wolves howling.however that day would change my life for ever.

As we we’re walking home we kept hearing small things begin to crack like tweaks, we thought it would be either a deer or mountain lion maybe even a wolf so we’re walking home we kept hearing small things begin to crack like tweaks, we thought it would be either a deer or mountain lion maybe even a wold so kept on walking but still kept an eye out just to me safe.

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