They Followed Us

So this will be the first time I come out about this story to anyone besides 2 friends, My cousin, Let’s call him Eric, outright refuses to speak of it at all. I don’t blame him.  This incident happened about 2 years ago, during our stay at my Uncle’s house. And no, My cousin wasn’t his Son, he had a daughter who moved out long ago. His house was near Copper Harbor, about a 4 mile drive.

It was a pretty isolated house, two stories with about a 10 yard walk to the Treeline of the near Woods. Like any other concerned parental figure he prompted me, and my cousin not to go out at night, and if we were out to be in the house before dark.  We could understand his worry, but we weren’t some fragile children. Or so we thought. To give some background, at the time I was nearly 20, Eric turned 21 the month before I remember.

Now I was only to stay there for winter break, so I had about two weeks to spend with my Family I hardly see, considering I live in the freaking blazing hot deserts of Nevada.  The first week there was honestly boring, we sat around doing nothing but watching TV, playing games or getting drunk.  My cousin proposes we go hunting for the first time in forever, asking if I still had it in me to kill, which I agreed arrogantly to.  I have a bit of an Ego when it comes to things like hunting, I’d say i’m a pretty good tracker as well, however we’d only be hunting something smaller at my Uncle’s behest, like Pheasants, or a Hare.  Reluctantly I still agreed to go with Eric, though I never truly cared for the taste of Rabbit haunches.

It was a Saturday when we arrived at about 1pm, finding a good parking spot at the entrance of a dirt road gateway. We parked the truck, unloaded our gear, and set off, though we would have came earlier if it hadn’t been for intensive drinking the night before.

The forest was booming with life it seemed, we could hear almost every animal active, and moving throughout the rich greenery as we trekked in search of a meal to snag. About 2 hours into our journey, and about a mile out we hadn’t come across any smaller game, it was disappointing that we couldn’t bag a buck, because we had many opportunities to.  One thing I’ve always remembered about hunting game is to walk against the wind, so that whatever you prey upon, or could potentially prey upon you doesn’t pick up your scent before you even come into view.

Doing just that, we stalked throughout the mildly thick brush, scanning any signs of movement we could.  About 200 more yards in we come across a beat down shack near the edge of a large stream, it seriously gave me an eerie vibe the way it looked.

Approaching closer that sense only grew as we could visibly make out claw marks on the side of it, that were about 5-6ft off the ground. Given the fact that it was set up at an ideal fishing spot, we chalked it up to be nothing more than a little shack someone used to house their fishing gear once, perhaps even cleaning his catches here as well, and maybe a bear happened upon the scent.  We had to solidify that theory the only way we could, by taking a look inside the shack. It was relatively small, about 15ft across, 20ft high, and upon entering we were filled by this nauseating  stench of  something rotting.

Inside, it had looked like a hurricane passed through, and there was a work bench that had been shattered, scattered pieces of broken equipment, and torn sheets.  But the thing that got our attention most was the blood stains on the floor and walls of the tiny enclosure.  They were dried up by now, but flies still wrought the area as if something were freshly killed in there.

This really made us nervous but we weren’t going to be swayed so easily, we would just have to proceed much more cautiously.

Now more on edge we continued back into the woods for about another 100  or so yards, and began to notice the wildlife sightings we were seeing so much of on the way here progressively began to decrease, at this rate all we could hear were slight bird chirps.  Suddenly, we saw it, something about 20 yards away walking towards the hills of the woods.

We thought it was a bear, but there was something off about it, it’s ears were much longer, but had the stature of a bear walking on all fours.  It must of heard us creeping up because it took off at full speed towards the Hills, and the way it ran was so peculiar, almost like it was wounded.  We were baffled, we seriously wanted to know what was up with this thing while remaining a safe distance, but at the speed it was ‘galloping’ we needed to pick up the pace just to keep up with it.

When it went up and over the incline we stopped, wondering if this was a good idea.  Dusk was about to fall soon, and our Uncle would have a shitfit if we returned late, but we had already made it this far.  Again that ominous feeling came, it almost felt like we were walking into a trap.  We stood there for a moment, finally pulling up the resolve to follow it when we noticed that not even the Birds were chirping anymore. It was completely silent. Following it’s tracks we then came up over the hill which lead down into a small valley about 30 ft down from our Vantage point, the foliage was a bit thicker on this side but visibility wasn’t completely lost even with the ever dimming sunlight. We couldn’t see anything, it’s almost as if it vanished, but then we heard a bunch of rustling and branches snapping below us.  It, or they came into view.  There were two of them now, they came into a small clearing between trees and hunkered over in awkward positions, as if they were crouching.  We just looked at each other, utterly astounded by what we were seeing, I don’t know of any bears that sit like that..  And when we turned back to look at them again,

They both were looking directly at us.

I felt my Heart drop into my stomach when I came to the realization that those things weren’t Bears.  I still remember the shear terror I felt when I turned back to those glowing eyes piercing through us seemingly. And then, one of them did the unthinkable.. It Fucking Stood up at us.   In that brief moment before I nearly wet myself, I Could make out it’s arms, and some more of its facial features because it’s demeanor went from inquisitive to Aggressive.  Even from our distance I could see it’s fangs, it’s muzzle was like that of a Dog’s, which would explain the ears.. and It’s arms, it had arms just like a Human with clawed fingers.  The one that stood up lacked the amount of hair the one that we had followed had, which made it all the more menacing looking.

That was it, we fucking bolted down that hill so quickly, almost tripping and tumbling over as we hit the bottom and took off through the brush. I’ve never ran so hard in my life, I remember I dropped my hat and glasses at that moment but I could careless about them.  We each had Remington 700 rifles, but I guess utter terror made us forget we even had them, as we began to hear crashing through the woods behind us.  I could heard my Cousin begin to cry a bit as  we broke the treeline and back out towards that shack, when we were in front of it, I pulled my rifle and motioned him to stop as I turned back towards the treeline, ready to shoot at those things the moment they came into sight.  It was now pretty dark, and we waited for what seemed like forever for them to come rushing at us..

The silence was only broken by the swaying of the trees in the wind, and my Cousin screaming, “Oh fuck!” pointing at one of the trees to our right.  One of them was in the tree branches, it quietly flanked us.. This threw me in an utter panic, that only worsened when my Cousin fired at it.  He must of hit it, because it let out this Ungodly, Bloodcurdling scream that echoed throughout the woods, it was like a man screaming with the undertones of a deep guttural growl.  I Literally pissed myself, feeling he only angered it,

I grabbed him by his coat and we booked it back to our truck. My lungs were on fire, but I did not want to stop in fear of that thing being right behind me. As we neared the trail we broke the treeline, and the truck was insight, Then from behind me I heard my Cousin cry out and a loud thud on the ground. I turned around so quickly, relieved to see that he had only tripped.. but that relief was short lived after I saw that thing just silently standing and watching us from the treeline.  It had to have been about 7-8ft tall, it’s arms were to it’s knees, and those claws bore a gruesome scene in my mind of our demise, So I quickly rushed over to pick up My Cousin, as we raced for the car.  Stumbling with the keys I finally unlocked it, And as soon as we got in I locked the car and started her up, but Eric let out a chilling scream before I could drive off.

I was frozen, when I noticed he was looking at on my side of the Car, and I regret ever turning my head to that thing, It’s face will forever be burned into my mind, I still can’t close my eyes without seeing it.

Right in front of my window, It’s snarling face fogged up the glass, I could clearly see it’s face, it’s eyes almost human like, widened fully in a maniacal looking,  hate-filled stare. It looked like it could make facial expressions, the way its face was built, and this one it was making at me was of utmost  intimidation, then the Car shook on My Cousin’s side as the Other one put its hands on the window and pressed it’s whole muzzle against it, glaring deeply at both of us.  I quickly snapped out of my trance like state, and fucking floored it out of there.  I sighed in relief, but again it was short lived when My Cousin yelled out, looking behind us to see that they were keeping pace with the truck..

Going 45mph.. I fucking pushed it to 70 until I couldn’t see them trailing us anymore, but even then I kept that speed until we got back.  As soon as I parked we raced inside, began locking all the doors, and windows when my Uncle comes screaming at us about how late we came back, when we all were stopped dead in our tracks by a Loud screaming, that ended off like a freaking Howl outside the house.. My Uncle went and grabbed his rifle and we stuck the night out together in the living room.. We could hear scratches at the walls, and movement on the roof as well.. Needless to say, none of us got any sleep that night.

When Dawn finally broke, the noises stopped, and tiredly my Uncle just looks at us and says, ” See why I told you Not to be out at Night?”

I Ran into the Mogollon Monster

Before I get started I am Kyle I don’t live in Arizona i just went there to hunt. This story happened at Mogollon Rim in Arizona in 1995. If you don’t know where it is it is 185 miles south of The Grand Canyon.

Now let me get started I was around 14 or 15 my Uncle Fred and my Uncle Mort took me hunting at Mogollon Rim i believe we were hunting deer. When we got there we found a good spot yo camp and we got setup. We were planning on staying there for 5 days and then we were going to move down near Flagstaff and hunt there for a few days.

On the 2nd night we were sleeping in our tents when we heard a little rustling outside. We all headed outside to see what it was but what ever it was was gone it got into our cooler and took some food. Then Uncle Fred said “Damn raccoons.” then Uncle Mort said “Fred that was no raccoon.” then they got into an argument.

On the 3rd day we went out to find deer and as we were walking Uncle Mort point at some thing in the distance Uncle Fred looked out his scoop and saw a dead deer we ran up to it and saw something that gave me chills. We saw this thing it was eating the deer it looked like a Bigfoot but it was smaller it had what looked like a big white beard down to it’s knees it’s hands were bare naked and it’s nails were like claws they were two inches long.

This thing looked at us got up and this thing didn’t act like a Bigfoot it acted more human then anything. The thing picked up a club of some sort and started swing it at us we backed up and the thing ran into the woods. Uncle Fred took aim at the thing and shot then there was a bloodcurdling scream. It was so long we all had to plug our ears. Uncle Fred definitely shot it. we didn’t stay there another we packed up and left right when we got back to the camp. A couple of days ago I looked up Arizona Bigfoot and The Mogollon Monster popped up and as I read the description I knew that was the thing the saw that day.

Bigfoot story

To start out my name is Doug and my father and I are what you call avid hunters and we know what is in the woods were we hunt. Well we took a trip to west Virginia to go black bear hunting well one day I was back at the camper resting from a early morning bear hunt.

And my father went out to go hunting for the afternoon and I knew were he would be incase of emergence. Well he gets to his spot and stays till the sun sets and he starts to head back to the side by side he took out to get to his spot. And on his way back he heard foot steps and remember this is in the mountains were only hunters and rare locals know we’re there at he heard foot steps of nothing Human or bear and he stopped for a second and kept walking then the most blood curdling and powerful yell came behind him and he thought “so this is how it ends well it will be a hell of a race” if he gets to the side by side and a soon as he got in something came running up at him and threw a giant rock at him.

And my father came back to camp were I was waiting for him. And that was the first time I ever saw him scared he didn’t come out of the camper till it was time to leave and we left with no further incident when ever we return.


Bigfoot Encounter while Hunting

Let me start off with a few disclaimers. This isn’t my story, it’s a friend of my grandfather and it’s been a few years since I was told it so the memory might be a bit hazy, and it may not be scary to most people, but I thought I would share it. Also, if there are any mistakes in this story, I apologize.

At the time of writing this, I was getting over a concussion. This story happened in upstate New York. My grandfathers friend was hunting with one other person. For privacy reasons, I won’t use any names of the people in this story.

Anyway they came across a road and decided to split up going in opposite directions on the road. He perched himself on a rock and waited till 4:00 in the afternoon, but nothing showed. At this time he decided to meet up with his friend.

Right when he got off the rock he was sitting on, he saw something walking in the woods across a clearing not far from him. The thing walked out of the trees and it had its right side facing him.  He didn’t know if it was a bear or a person, and he didn’t know whether to talk to it. He then decided to whistle at it. The thing walked away from him on two legs back into to the forest. It disappeared from his sight. It then walked back out of the forest, this time facing him. They stare at each other before the thing walks back into the woods and out of sight.

My grandfathers friend walked back down the road away from the thing he saw, where he saw his friend walking up to him. He asked him if he had been down where he saw the creature. He said he never went down that way. To this day he insists that it wasn’t a bear cause it would have stumbled on two legs and he swears it wasn’t a person cause they would have alerted him of there presence. He insists it was a Bigfoot.

This is coming from a secondhand source, so you can judge on whether or not it’s true, but I hope to find what he saw.

Dogs of War

My great uncle was a artillery officer in the German army during the Second World War. He recently passed, but he left some of his journals from the war to his sister, who is my grandmother. My grandmother told me that I could look at them if I wanted to, and so I did. Nothing out of the ordinary seemed to take place in his journals, then I found something that seemed to stand out to me…

Apparently, my uncle had been placed somewhere in a area with thick woods on the French-German border. He didn’t give a exact location, but the area seemed to creep him and his men out. Well anyway, one night, one of his men came running into his tent and told him “Wölfe”, meaning wolves. At first he didn’t believe him, so he asked him to repeat himself, and again he said “Wölfe”. At this point, my uncle thinks a pack of wolves are getting aggressive and trying to pick off his men. He also says that he was used to this when he lived in Russia for a time before the war. But the wolves where mostly attacking animals, but when they start to attack kids or anyone else they got a posse to go hunt them down. So he wakes some of his men up and tells them they are going hunting and to keep a eye out for anything out of the ordinary and that they shouldn’t be out long.

As morning comes around my uncle is getting tired and is ready to go back to camp to get some sleep, but before he could they hear really loud howling coming from in front of them. All the men including my uncle raised their guns. At this point my uncle says he wasn’t afraid yet, but after couple of seconds they hear something run behind them and take one of his men who was in the back of the group. All in one motion they point their guns that way then behind them they hear something slowly coming out of the woods. As they all turn around and my uncle mouth drops as he and his men see what to be a big black giant wolf standing on two legs growling at them then one comes out to his right. He says this one was smaller, but still bigger than he was and still on two feet as he was looking at that one he hears a third on his left, but he doesn’t look at it tho out of fear. Next thing he knows is one of his men shoots one of these things and as that happens he yells “run” and they run away all the way back to camp thinking they where being followed but they weren’t.

Nothing happened the rest of the day or that night, but in the morning of the next day he finds outside his tent the man that got dragged away. He seemed to be eaten with claw marks all over him. He barres his fallen soldier because he believed he deserved better than that. After he gets done barring him he gets the orders to move his position back so he does from his commanding officer and so they move back farther away from the woods.

He says later in his journal that he would never tell anyone what he saw for the fear of that if he does those things might come looking for him. I asked my grandmother if her brother ever talked to her about his experiences in the war she said “no”and that he never talked to anyone about it to her knowledge, but he had major PTSD after the war. I then ask if she’s ever read his journals and says no because she’s embarrassed for what her country did back then. She also goes on to say I am the only person to read them other than himself.

Reading my uncles journals make me understand what war is really like, especially since I’ve been in a combat zone before myself. I would also like to say thank you to anyone who has served in the military any branch any country all over the world
Thank you, form a current United States Marine.