Mothman in West Virginia

I am an Asian male, black hair, 13 years old,  weigh about 160 pounds and I stand about 5 foot and I’m also colorblind. Now that is cleared up, I can continue with my moth man  experience.

My family moved to  Point Pleasant West Virginia about 3 years ago, where allegedly the mothman was first found. My mom picked a quite  neighborhood, and I was kinda happy because that mean i would have more peace and quiet. But sadly we had to move again, due to this   problem.

It was a Friday night and I just got out of school, my friend Tony asked me if I wanted to go see a movie?

I happily said yes because I didn’t wanted to walk alone back home, and I  always felt watched.

Me and Tony walked to the local movie theaters, and there was about 40 people there. And it took us  awhile to get some popcorn. After we got it, we took our’s seat and watch the movie. After that, Tony walked me back to my house because I was too scared.

Along the way we felt some air hits us even though there was no wind that night, and we could feel something watching us. Not even 5 minutes later, we saw something moved in the bush cliché and  all of a sudden a man jumped out of the bushes but it didnt looked like a man, it had wings on it.

Tony freaked out and pulled out his  pocket knife, all the while I stand there scared shitless.

I didn’t know what to do, so I told Tony to run for it. He ran and I followed,  even though we ran as fast as we can, I can still hear wings flapping above us.  I started to think about how the moth man could scoop down and take one of us.

I started crying while running and I think that what made me stop for some air.

The mothman landed and  pinned me to the ground so I could barely move,  luckily I could reach my pocket and grab a metal pointed mechanical pencil.  I stabbed the mothman and he let me go,  I didn’t know I could stab someone that hard. I was surprised because I’m the fat kid that can’t even lift a 30 pounded weight, and stabbing a hardcore monster that looks pretty built, is kind of achievement that most people won’t get to have. Anyway, I started running again and my left  side started hurting because I was running too much.

I saw Tony calling someone on his iPhone 5s, I looked back and saw that the mothman flapping his wings towards us,  I know it’s a bad time to say it but that wind felt amazing  against me. But it had this foul odor, so I stop  enjoying it and told the mothman to fuck off and leave us alone.

Tony ran again but this time I ran first back to my house. I didn’t see the mothman again for about a couple month later, this time he was foolish to attack me in broad daylight with Tony again. Because this time Tony had this sharp knife that could cut a leaf if it falls on it.

We were still afraid of it but we didn’t show it, Tony ran up to him and made a deep cut on him. Oddly the blood was green, and just a tiny drop fell on the concrete sidewalk, the mothman looked at us  confuse and whisper these chilling words. ” i’m all around you at night, you can’t hide from me. I see you when you sleep, I see you when you go outside”.

I told him to fuck the hell off and started to run with Tony following behind me. We called the cops after we got home, and I felt so  stupid that I didn’t call the cops earlier. And before we told the cops where we saw the mothman, it started to rain. Completely erasing the mothman DNA from existence.

Me and Tony aren’t good friends anymore because I moved away from that town. And I  haven’t seen the moth man for about 2 1/2 years now so great,  and I told my mom and my sister about the story but they don’t believe me.  And sometime I can still feel wind above me even  though there’s no wind.

Hopefully this story find Tony so we can talk again about this  encounter and how it made us shit bricks.

The Winged Man

This happened back when I was still in High School, I was maybe 14 to 16. I live in a small town in Eastern PA, My town is not a well known one, most people who hear it’s name ask where it is.

But It is fairly popular with those who hunt for ghosts, spirits, monsters and the like, and this is only one of my experiences in my strange town.

I was alone when this happened, having gotten permission from my parents to go for a walk in the evening, given it was a small town, I was normally allowed to walk around late at night, as long as I was home by 1am, One of those nights though, My thoughts on strange creatures changed.

I normally am not skeptical about things that happen here given I have heard many different stories, and experienced ghosts in various places of the town, this however was not a ghost. My town has three bridges, two for cars, and one for foot traffic.

I had decided around 11:30pm to go across this walking bridge, and over onto the dark trails across it, it was known this trail had ghost sightings and even a few sightings of UFO’s In the middle of the trails however, is an old abandoned house’s foundation, rumors abound on it, that it was a house used by satanists, and I believed it, after all going over there and checking it out myself there were pentagrams, and various other things on it.

But that isn’t the point, While I was walking through the trails, heading to the one paved section of the trails where cars could come if you wanted to go fishing, I heard a sound, It sounded like footsteps, though they were much heavier than I normally would hear, I stopped and listened, hearing the foot steps stop and heard heavier breathing as well as the feeling I was being watched. I pulled out my cellphone and small pocket knife. Listening to the sounds I made a phone call to my one friend who was a cop, Yeah I know it sounds weird, a young man being friends with a cop, but he was a good guy and helped everyone he could.

I told him that I was being followed, and he stayed on the phone with me as I walked, hearing the breathing getting heavier, when out of the corner of my eye I seen it. Something large, at least 8 feet tall, leaping from the trees across the road and into the trees on the other side, I took off running at that point in time.

When I reached the end of the road I saw my cop friend pulling up in his cruiser, I told him that something was back there, and he told me to head to the main road and start heading to the bridge to head back home.

As I walked I seen it again, from the road, it was massive, and looked like it was furry, Large huge wings on its back and burning red eyes. I freaked out telling myself it was just my imagination, cause I also seen my friends spot line shining through the woods looking for things. As I continued to walk I soon heard this blood chilling screech, something that sounded almost like a demon. As I froze in place again, I heard the tires squeal on the cruiser and soon seen the cruiser driving towards me at high speed, Soon stopping right beside me, My friend was bone white in fear, Telling me to get in and quickly, he would drive me back to my house.

I didn’t argue and got into the vehicle, seeing the thing again following us as he sped away, I asked him. “What did you see? What’s wrong?”

He was panting softly before he grabbing his necklace which was a simple silver cross. He answered me in a quiet voice. “Something inhuman…It jumped into the road, And I seen it clearly. It was huge, red eyes, and large wings, with two horns on it’s head, it screeched at me and ran into the woods again. ”

My blood chilled at those words, as he kept looking back to see if it was following us before I asked him. “Why did you stop for me?” He simply answered. “It wanted you, You were going to be it’s mean, that thing….was a hunter, Something that I seen once before as a child. It hunts those who are alone, and you were going to die if I didn’t stop…” At that I swore from then on, if I was going into those trails, it was not going to be alone.

My Dad and the Creature in the Woods

This isn’t my story, but it’s from my father who doesn’t like talking about it, but won’t shut up about it when he’s drunk.

From about 2008 to 2013, my dad worked for the Multnomah County Search and Rescue Department in the Portland metro area. He absolutely loved the work, but the job itself was grueling and often had really terrible payoff whether it be dead bodies or drugged out lost hikers (there were plenty of them). However, my dad always told me that there were things in the woods that not even God himself could have placed upon this Earth.

In November of 2013, my dad was called out to go and hunt down a missing runaway girl in the Mt. Hood Wilderness. Normally, their department didn’t deal with kids up that far east, but they had recalled all of their Northern Oregon teams to help search for this girl. Since my dad had two kids about the same age at home, he quickly packed up his bag and headed out with his team. My dad was one of the best climbers on his team, easily repelling 200′ cliffs without batting an eye and his team was given a very gnarly part of the grid pattern that was customary on all searches. He and his team loaded up and headed down that way.

They worked all the way towards sunset, belaying down the cliffside, screaming this girl’s name. When the sun started to set over the canyon, most of the team were radioed back in and they packed up because they weren’t allowed to climb up and down cliffs in the dark. My dad was the last one that they were going to pull up, but as  he was getting ready to head up the cliff, an eerie shriek like that of a heron, but much louder echoed through the otherwise silent woods. The hair on the back of my dad’s neck stood up and he turned around to see someone…no, something, standing about 100 feet back in the underbrush, its eyes reflecting his headlamp.

Deer are a common sight in the woods, but my father, being the great outdoorsman he was, knew that this was no deer, especially when the thing actually stood up on two legs, like any bipedal would and my dad finally saw the creature wholly.

The thing was tall and skinny with an impossibly large mouth that was split open by glistening, jagged teeth. Its abnormally long, scrawny arms hung limply at its side, the hands of this monstrosity coming to fine talons where fingernails should have been. On its head was a pair of antlers, like a mockery of an elk or deer. My dad couldn’t move. He couldn’t have gone anywhere even if he had wanted to. He and the creature watched one another for a few more seconds until it gave one more agonizingly horrific shriek and turned from my dad, silently creeping back into the woods. When my dad retold the story, he forgot to mention one little detail; in the light of the setting sun, he could see the creature’s fingers were stained with dried blood.

The team began to haul my father up the cliff side just as the sun sunk below the horizon. His team tried to ask my father what was wrong, but he was convinced that he had been hallucinating in the cold mountain air. They walked back to their base camp and my father drove him in silence. I remember seeing my father that night because I have never seen a grown man look so haunted and terrified.

The next day, they went back to the grid and hunted further into the next square. As the morning turned to afternoon, a shrill cry was heard from one of the female volunteers. My dad and his crew practically sprinted to where the screaming was coming from. There, half concealed under a bush, was half of a torso that belonged to a young girl. When I say half, the girl had been violently ripped apart from her belly button up, her entrails spilling out of the vacuum where her lower half once was. The worst thing was that her throat had also been pretty much ripped out, claw marks marring her skin. My dad couldn’t help but think of the stranger creature he had seen the night before and the blood on its fingers. My father quit the Search and Rescue team shortly afterwards.

The thing from the woods

It was mid summer of 2017 I was 12 at the time and me and a couple of friends went to an old hunting cabin to spend the weekend .

This story will start from the beginning of the day after we got to our destination which was a cabin in our local town near lake Tahoe now in Tahoe it is cold up in the mountains where we were especially for summer so let me tell you the lay of the land it is mountainous terrain with tons of tree cover mainly pains. So let’s get to the story we had gotten there with some help of 18 year old friends that knew the people who owned so we where able to spend a week in it. On the day this took place I was with a group of my friends there where four of us (I will change there names for privacy)including me and my best friend Jay and his brother James along with his girl friend Kayla. Anyway we where just messing around in the woods when all the sudden we stared hearing heavy footsteps in the snow we all shrugged it off as a deer but where we wrong next thing you know we hear this bloods curdling howl then a big rock came crashing through the woods which later it took 2 people to pick that rock up then some weird looking creature came out of the brush I still can’t explain what we had seen but I will try to explain it was like a gorilla but it was standing on two legs we all looked at it then looked the other way then we realized that Kayla was on the other side of the beast so me and James went to go save her James went to go get while I distracted the thing I threw a rock and hit it in the head it looked at me and I booked it into the woods.

I heard it behind me then once I ran another 100 feet it was quiet I ran back to the clearing where we where James was holding Kayla and Jay was freaked the fuck out so when we thought it was clear we booked it back to the cabin and waited for our other friends so later we got armed with the hunting rifles and went looking for that fucking monster but found nothing so to the thing in the woods lets never meet again.

Camp auburn

It happened in 2013 when I was 10 years old in the 5th grade, Im 15 now. At my school, every 5th grader got to experiences what camp would be like. I was lucky enough to have my best friends sleep in the same cabin as me, which was nice because she was my only friends at the time that was a 5th grader. So I was a pretty lonely kid besides that I had my 8 dogs, so I was pretty much obsessed with animals at the time. I even decide to become a veterinarian at that age but going to that camp made me want to find a new career.

All the camp counselor were highschoolers that went to my high school they were my age that I’m in right now. I remember that I had a sucky camp counselor, she would get me in trouble for things I never did, I like the time I got separated from the group and she blamed me for walking out when I never did, but everything else wasn’t that bad.

The night before I left camp we had our the last bonfire and we would singing and dancing, and the way the camp was set up so that the forest was right behind us and the lake was in front. I was in the back sitting and singing along like the loner im, when I hear a noise right behind me, almost like a twig snapping in half. I immediately turned around to see the head of a dog. I thought it was a stray dog but this one looked different, I could only see the head and not the body.

For some reason, my 10-year-old brain thought it would be okay to go pet the dog, so I get up and started walking towards the dog. I guess since I was so quiet no one notice that I had got up and left. As I get farther for the camp and closer to the dog, I notice that there where no sound expects of the fire. No birds, no insects, and not even a cricket. At this point, I’m wanting to just turn back when I see the head if the dog starts moving up. I immediately stop in my tracks, I got a weird feeling that I shouldn’t have even left the camp. The eyes of the dogs started to glow a dark yellow and as it starts to rise up higher, I see that it was standing on its hind legs. I felt a warm liquid run down my legs and my eyes, I was frozen in place as I watch the 6 ft thing tower above me.

I hear my name being called for behind me to see the counselors running towards me with a worried look and I immediately start running to them, crying even harder. It was the scariest thing I ever experienced for a 10-year-old. I wouldn’t stop crying to the point where when I tried to explain what happened they couldn’t understand me and when I finally stopped no one believed me. The worst part was that I had to stay because it was still the last night of camp, so I stayed awake most of the night scared that it would come back for me. whatever I saw, it disappeared before the counselors got there. I went the rest of the school year with only my best friends because she believed me no matter what I said. I’m glad that I don’t ever to go back there.