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Satan’s Ridge

I have never been one to cower fearful odds, in the face of danger I often stood my ground. Unfortunately though that changed on one fall night in October. I will give you a little background information first, before starting.  I was raised in small town in Missouri. We had own farm until my parents got a divorce. My dad moved away, and my mother and I moved to an apartment in town. It sucked. I missed the woods, and better yet I missed our animals, so I would often go with my cousins out to their property. One of our most favorite pass times was “night hunting”, we would go out with our 22’s trying to kill some coyotes.

At the time I was 14 and carrying my Henry 22 lever action. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to kill coyotes. My cousins(who were both 3 years older than I) had their semiautomatic 22 rifles. Me being the cowboy that I am, I had the most skill in tracking( this will come in handy latter). So we set out from our camp in the field. All packing at least 15o rounds on our horses. The horses sensed things that we couldn’t, and before we set out they were already jumpy. It was roughly about 9:oo, when we left the sun had already set and it was pitch black.

Werewolf in Field

Me and my Friend Leo were staying at his house in New village,Macedonia.

We were staying up late at night.It was probably 11 o’clock.We were out side looking at the bright full moon.We were 13 years old and we were allowed to stay up late!Then from a field we saw a creature on all fours.We thought it was just a wild dog,but then the creature stood up on all fours.It had the torso and arms of a man,but it had the legs,tail and head of a wolf I can tell right away that what me and my friend Leo saw was a Werewolf!It was no ordinary wolf because it stood up on it’s two legs and it was at least 7 foot tall!

I pulled out my phone hoping to get a picture of it,but then it turned and saw us with it’s bright yellow eyes.It took 3 steeps closer to us,it wasn’t angry it seamed curios after words we slowly went in my friends house.But then the creature started growling like it was suddenly angry!I screamed ”Quick get inside!!!”after words the creature started to slowly walk to us growling,showing it long sharp teeth!After we closed the door the creature went down on all fours and turned and ran to the field!It was beyond human speed!After words we locked all the doors and windows.We didn’t sleep that night!

Werewolf at the Family Reunion

Every year me my mom my dad and my brothers go to a rural part of Virginia to have our family reunion. The area where the reunion takes place is a large pond surrounded by woods with a path that leads to a pavilion. I’m pretty close with my cousins and we would sometimes play hide and seek around the pond in the forest.

Me and my 5 cousins decided to play close to sundown with flashlights. Me and my oldest cousin who is a year older than me (she was 13 at the time) were the seekers. About 3 minutes into the game the sun went down but that didn’t stop me and my cousin-lets call her Ashley- from looking for our younger faster cousins. After finding 2 of the hiders we decided to split up Ashley going with her younger brother who was about 11 and I took our other cousin-lets call him James-to look for the last 2 we knew were hiding together.

The blood of the wolf

I Live in Huntsville AL, I was in my dorm with my roommate, My roommate  Lola she wanted to ride my motorcycle, I did not care soo I said yes and with me because it was relaxing and it was a clear sky tonight. we got some thick clothes because it was very cold that night and got our helmets on. she jumped on the back of the motorcycle, the loud roar of the motorcycle made her jump I laughed hard, I said to her don’t make us wreck and keep your head up and follow my body movements, she said okay.

I headed off into the country, I look in the rear mirror she was looking into the sky, I put my bright lights on it was deep into the country so nobody had wifi or mobile data, My friend Lola she tried to call a friend, Then she said uhh No data!!! I ignored her. Then she said stop! so I did. I asked what? she said she wanted to go home I said fine but I have to go the long way because were soo deep into the country. we road off I saw a weird creature it was on two legs and a man’s body but with wolfs head. I knew it wasn’t a bear because there’s no bears in Alabama.

A Real Werewolf

Alright so this happened literally just a few weeks ago. I still struggle to sleep at night and i still struggle going outside at night. Some background info ; I live in Milwaukee WI, i’m 19 years old and before this i really didn’t believe in paranormal things.

This happened when me and 2 friends were on our way to Wisconsin dells (a city full of water parks here in my state) which is like a 2-3 hour drive. We wanted to stay there for 2 nights and then just come home. So we left on Friday and we got there and everything was good, we went swimming, went on a bunch of water slides, stayed up watching movies and we went out to a club near our resort. It was super fun!

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