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Creepy Creatures

By Jennifer W.

Okay I am a 32 year old female and all of this happened when I was a child and it was always in the middle of the night. In my parents house there was about a twenty feet long hallway and my room was at the very end of it. My bed was against the wall and I was facing the doorway. I had a night light in my room and I left my bedroom door open at night because I didn’t want these things to come into my room.

I have already told you about the demon I saw when I was five and the alien I saw when I was nine, but I think I should go into more detail of the other things I have seen. This story may be long. Also I want to emphasize that I have no disorder or mental illness that would cause me to hallucinate.

What Did I See?

By Metalwolf

My name is Sascha Simms. I’m from a small town in NH called chesterfield. I don’t currently reside there, but that’s where this story takes place. This happened when I was about 15. I was hanging out with some friends in a town a crossed the Connecticut river in VT called brattleboro.

Once it got late everyone went home and I was stuck in town without a way home. Chesterfield was maybe 7 0r 8 miles away, it was summer so I figured screw it I’ll walk.

Welsh Woods Monster

I live in south Wales, in a little village just outside Cardiff. I don’t want to name the place specifically but there is a very popular singer from this particular town. Also anybody who knows wales will know that outside the cities can be quite rural and a mixture of fields, forests and mountains that quickly will merge into old mining villages.

One day I was on my way home from a 11 hour shift, as this happened in winter it had been dark for hours – despite only being 8 o’clock in the evening.

Scoutmaster’s Voice

I am an eagle scout in Ohio, and I do a lot of camping most of the camp outs I go fishing on because it gets me away from the younger scouts. So when this all happened I was at peace until it all went to hell.

The trip was reasonably peaceful, we ate played capture the flag etc, etc. The everyone went to bed exept me I decided to go night fishing with a buddy. So about midnight we head out to a lake about a mile and a half away from the campsite. Thinking nothing of it this seemed routine to us. When we got there we were greeted by the usual crickets frogs and such and we were there for about 45 minutes until this started happening…

It wasn’t a Gar

This occurred in 2007, when I was 9 years old. My family has always been very outdoorsy, and that summer my dad, my two brothers, Luke and Owen, ages 15 and 12 respectively, and I had gone camping at a site in Virginia. For the life of me, I can’t remember its name.

We spent the first few days doing normal touristy stuff like canoeing, hiking and fishing. On the morning of the fourth day, my brothers and I woke early with the intent of going for an early morning swim. There was a large lake just out of eyesight of our tent, and after wolfing down a quick breakfast, we put on our swim trunks and set off. Luke had brought his fishing pole, since there was a large fishing pier at the lake.

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