The Window Stalker

When I was little I always loved the gorgeous scenery of my grandma’s house. Going to her house was the one chance I got to escape my neighborhood.

I loved the large pine trees and beautiful oaks, but looks can be deceiving. After dark is when things take a sinister turn. Just some background information,my grandma lives in a house that is surrounded by thick forest.

I found this weird considering my grandma grew up in florida.

The first event happened to my grandma and it still gives me chills to this day. It was around 1:00 am and my grandma’s parents were asleep. My grandma’s cousin was staying over for a few days.It was late so they just sat around and watched TV. My grandma’s cousin was starting to does of when they heard a noise, scream and yelp all together. It sounded like satan himself was crying out in pain.

“Did you hear that “she said.

Her cousin was now wide awake,they stared at the window forever but as quickly as the noise had come it went away. They didn’t get any sleep that night.

The next event happend the following night.My grandma was getting ready for bed with her she walked to her room her cousin was standing there with here mouth open.

My grandma walked in and screamed. Standing at the window was a skull face looking at them from the window it looked like a deseased deer but its eyes were to white to be a deer,not to mention it was shows sharp rows of jagged teeth. Her screamed as well.

It quickly moved away from the window. Her dad went outside to find it.five minutes later he was very clear something had frightened him.she later found out that when her dad went out e found hair and rotting flesh on the side of the wall.

I believe what she saw was a wendigo. Watch out,one could be stalking you right now.

I move, but this haunts me whenever I visit.

When I was younger, sometimes at night I would hear weird noises at my old childhood home, which was in a country town in Wisconsin, with a population of almost 10,000. I would hear or sometimes see things at times when I was living there. It would range from weird scratching, knocking, weird animal noises, all the way to seeing bright glowing eyes constantly peering out from the darkness of the thicket in between the houses from across the street. I honestly don’t know what it was, but almost at least once a week, at night I would see the eyes. Here where it gets weirder for me. See sometimes I would run back and forth in the kitchen since I wouldn’t be allowed to go out at night past 9:00 pm and I needed to get my energy out since I have ADHD and I don’t have a good outlet for it. But anyway, one night as I was dancing around a little, my dad asleep on the living room couch having passed out from coming back from work, and I had my earbuds in with the little lamp that sat on the corner of the kitchen counter on.

When I was doing this I saw something out of the corner of my eye as I was turning around, it was just almost out of my peripheral vision. I stopped and turned back to the window, which was in front of the sink and faced outwards the street. From what I saw the ‘thing’ I saw seemed like a doggish like figure. It was kind of an ashen grey color, with short hair that looked like it was almost non-existent, the ears sorta clipped at the tips and you could sorta see its ribs and it stopped near the street light. I had initially thought that it was a stray dog or a dog that had escaped the shelter, as that had tended to happen a lot because of the terrible funding the shelter had. The street lamp that was at the corner of the sidewalk washed over the dog as it edged closer to the honey-yellow light and I could see that it didn’t look right. Like not sickly looking, but sorta unnatural in a way that people need to take a double take to confirm what they had just seen. The dog was indeed an ashy grey color and did look to have clipped ears like I thought before, but its mouth looked weird like it was awkwardly stuck in a crooked position. You may think the dog may have been in an accident or from an abused home, but you see most dogs who have bodily problems like that usually were put down because many of them couldn’t eat or live properly without assistance and the shelter couldn’t afford that sorta thing at the time. And many people didn’t want to adopt a dog like that. So it was already weird to see a dog with that physical issue walking around and without a collar, and no owner. I had taken out my earbuds at this point and opened a crack in the window, I don’t know why really, maybe to call to it or maybe I thought it would let me see it better.

As I opened the window it seemed to have heard the noise and turned it’s head face me, which thinking about it now was practically impossible cause it barely made any noise besides a light scuffing sound as I pushed it open. As the thing faced me I saw something very disturbing. It’s teeth, it’s fucking teeth, they weren’t canine-like, they were like humans but arranged to fit the ‘dog’s’ mouth. And its eyes were huge and fucking red, not an amber red color or reddish brown color, but a fucking glowing reddish color, like when you use to flash a camera at someone and their eyes flash red. It fucking smiled at me, well I think it tried to smile, but the jaw was still at the awkward position and it’s weirdly long tong lolled out. In a calm panic, I quickly shut the window, hard, and locked it. That seemed to make it stop staring, it tilted it’s head toward me one last time before shutting its mouth, and dashed out of the street lamps light and up the darkness of the street ahead. I vaguely recall that it didn’t have a tail, or maybe it was a really stubby one. I can’t say for sure, but I don’t want to remember. Cause I know that many skinwalker stories have it were they have no tails, and I don’t want to believe it is one. I really really don’t.

After this encounter I locked all the windows and locked all the doors at night, and kept at least one light on everywhere I went. I was really scared for a whole straight week because I would hear scratches at the garage door, which had another door that was connected to the front of the garage that you have to get to get to the garage door inside, and/or the front door near the living room. The other noises started 3 days after the scratching started and refused to look out the window or open any of the doors or windows. My dad never heard anything, he’s a really sound sleeper and can’t wake up to save his life in a dead sleep. After the 7th or 6th day the noises stopped, but the stupid distorted animals noises, a mixture of a dog, a screeching bird, and something else remained until the last day. After the 7th day, nothing ever like that happened ever again though sometimes at night I would see the red eyes or hear a distant animal noise. But never close enough for me to feel like it was targeting me.

I stayed at that house for another year or so before I moved to moms for other reasons unrelated to this. But half a year ago I started to hear growling noises near my window. But they weren’t of any distinctive animal. Like it was inhuman but animalistic if that makes any sense.

I’m scared every once and awhile, and constantly paranoid at night, making sure everything is locked or there’s a light on in that room before I do anything. But I haven’t heard anything or seen anything since…..What do you guys think?

skinwalker on the mexico border

my name is colton and my ex boss recently shared with me a disturbing story of when he

was smuggling people in the US from Mexico on the california border lets just call him Jose

anyways he was a very seasoned smuggler who had made dozens of trips across the border

one particular trip he was only smuggling two men over crossing a shallow part of the


one man became extremly exhuasted  and had to be carried by my boss to the other

side the other followed closley behind mind you it was dark at around -3-4 am and when

they reached the banks of he river the man was nowhere to be seen after an hour and a

half or so of frantic looking the night was in its final stage before first daylight

he looked over his shoulder and ontop of a slope he saw a dark sillouette yet it had a

visibly pale face and red glowing eyes he said it shook him so bad he started to cry in

panic the other companion did not see it but said he could somehow even feel an evil

presence before Jose spoke a word today jose is in his mid 50’s and  a law biding citizen

very stern serious man what you’d call an OG and i have no doubt of his scencerity


THe Skinwalker down the road

This story takes place in Atascadero CA, My name is Cristian And my Nefu is Luke, Luke and i always like fooling around and  like watching  scary videos, such as mr nightmare and my favorite Darkness Prevails, a couple days before this expierence happened, Luke and i were on this kick about SkinWalkers, now we know this offends the Native Americans beacuse when focusing on them it brings negtive energy, but were white boys so we don’t give a shit of course, Luke and i started talking about them saying we don’t believe in them and laughing about them saying if your scared of a Skin walker your pussy,but that all changed the next night.It was 3:10 in the morning on a Monday, and i was in a deep sleep until Luke woke me tapping on my shoulder, what what!!! i asked, Luke told me to get out of bed and look out the window! he said theres a Skin Walker out there!! of course i didn’t believe him so i just told him to go back to sleep it was nothing, Luke told me peak from the blinds and look! so as a brave Uncle i was i got out of bed and Opened the blinds, and at first it was to dark to see, then i looked closer, and what i saw was fucking horrifying!!! The best way i can explain it, it had no eyes and no ears just a big fucking mouth!!!!!! it appeared to us to be a Skin walker, it looked native American! it stood straight up! and then it got down on four legs! it made a soft screeching sound and it looked directly at Luke and i! but it didnt attack! it just stood there! so i told Luke lets go back in bed! Somehow we fell asleep, the next morning we checked outside and of course it was gone, we haven’t seen that thing again and hopefully we won’t! for people who make fun of skin walkers don’t because they are real!

The Tree Diver

A small bit of backstory before I start, I live in a somewhat rural area, but still in a decently compact neighborhood, but the woods are insanely large and dense made up of a swamp and multiple square miles of just old land with fields or paths. Maybe there is a reason why they are old and unused. When I was in 7th grade, I had 2 friends who lived right behind my house and one day we decided, insanely stupidly, to go ride our bikes down the path. The only issue was that W. didn’t have a bike suitable for the rough path and lots of roots, seeing that he was 2 years younger than I was. So we rode bikes while he walked with us.
Now onto the story, Once we got to the forest, note it was a summer morning, it was dead silent. We began to ride down the path until we reached a large puddle. J. (W.’s older brother) had on large rain boots so he said he’d move the bikes across while we went around. Now the only issue was that it was dense forest all around, like just green and brown were the only colors we could see, so we began to walk. When I said it was a large puddle I wasn’t lying, it was a good 30 feet from the center to where it dried up.
But we never went around that puddle, because as we began to reach the edge, we heard a huge splash, like one of the bikes had fallen over, and J, Screaming at the top of his lungs, “GET THE F*** AWAY”. He had a hunting knife on him since his family owned a farm farther away from here and they went hunting out there, but as we looked back all we could see was water everywhere, I told W. to start running back the way we came and he was already gone before I finished the sentence. I ran back to J. and saw him hiding under a log with the bikes covering his quivering body. He didn’t move for 5 minutes, it was then that I realized that W. was alone, so I hastily grabbed my bike and petaled harder than I ever had before. Luckily I found W. on the road (in front of many houses and in the sunlight) anxiously waiting for us. J. was, thankfully, only a minute behind me, I guess seeing me run off like that made him too scared to be alone.
He didn’t say anything about that day, until later that year when they were moving away. I was helping them load their car, when he pulled me aside and told me to never go into those woods again unless I was armed, and I didn’t own any guns neither does my family, he told me that he was getting the bikes under the log, when he saw a gray dot spring out of a tree into the water, he screamed and hid under the log with the bikes. The thing ran off when it heard my footsteps. But one thing he told me was that every night, he dreams of those black, empty eyes looking at him as it jumps down onto him in his sleep.
A month after he left, it was summer again and I decided to go back to the forest, this time it wasn’t dead silent as I could hear birds chirping above and that somewhat kept my sanity in tact. The bike path we had ridden on was covered in claw-like holes as if something had tried to dig up the ground by stabbing the ground with a shovel then throwing the dirt behind it, then moving on. And there was a tree that seemed to be ripped from the ground and then fell onto the path with several deep cuts into it. lets just say I noped it out of there real quick. I am a fan of dark and creepy stories and many I just listen to while doing homework, and I know what Skinwalkers and Wendigos are but this was not either, it wasn’t slim or walking on four legs, J. told me that it was like a man with large bird-like flaps between its torso and arms.
Before I end this story I have 1 last thing to say to hopefully help you all sleep better. A new set of higher-end houses are being built near that forest and construction has been set out, meaning that the forest has been cleared for demolition. I hope this thing gets chased far far away from my home, and everyone, believe me or not, can’t say this world is exactly as we see it.