Ranch hand, Humanoid

So I work as a ranch hand for a neighbor down the road from my house in a town about 100 miles northeast of Dallas Texas. I would rid my fourweller to the small ranch every day after school to help out and get paid a set salary of 200 dollars a week.

Well I was riding down the county road bundled up because it was a cold November day, and looked to my right to one of the fields and seen about 5 or 6 turkey vultures coming down into the field so I stopped my fourweller and turned around to my house with was about a mile back I went inside at the same time I called my boss (let’s call him Mr. X for privacy,

Mr. X was a tall black man and was 47 at the time) and told him what I saw as I was grabbing my .308 short barrel hunting rifle a few spare 10 round magazines and my over night bag and a few flash lights I loaded them all up on the fourweller and went in and told my stepdad and mom that I may stay over night to watch over the cattle.

I rode to Mr.X’s house and going about 30 miles an hour down the road when I seen some flashing lights behind me.

I pulled over and killed the engine and took my helmet off and pulled out my listens that I got a few weeks before on my 16th birthday.

The county sheriff got out of his truck and walked over to me and asked why I was going 5 miles over the speed limit and had a rifle with me. I told him that some of my boss calves may be dead and I needed to track down what did it and kill it before it kills more of our cattle. So he took my listens and and ran it came back and gave me a warning so I drove off going about 25 this time and mad it to Mr.X’s house and met up with two more ranch hands and my best friends TJ and hecter.

We road to the fields on some of Mr.X’s hourses to where the vultures were when we seen about 4 dead calves it was hard to tell because it there were all spread out and mutilated “What the fuck?” TJ said.

I looked over at Hecter and he was loading his AR10 with a 15 round mag and cursing in Spanish under his breath TJ started loading his shotgun with a mix of buck shout and slugs I went and put one of the 5 10 round magazines that I brought into the bolt action. We brought our hourses next to the little stream and set up camp and started cooking stew from cans over the fire “I think we should take watches over the cattle” TJ said “well no du retard” heacter said with a Spanish acsent.”shut the fuck up” I said. “TJ you get first watch I get second Hecter you get third”. TJ woke me up and said it was quite out.

I got up and put my boots on and dug in my bag for a rip it, as I touk the first few drinks I hurd a animal walking then the hourses started to wine so I picked up my gun and turnd a light on that’s when I seen them, there were 2ltwo of them there stoud on two legs there were white and were about 7 feet tall one was male the other looked female.

Theye had black eyes and they start at me with hatred.

I reside my rifle and kiked Hecter in the side “what the fuck” he said and looked over he jumped up and picked up his rifle we both pointed “I’ll take the one on the left you get the one on the right” Hecter said I shout at the male first getting him right in the chest it screamed and fell clenching it’s chest Hecter shout the female at the same time it’s head exploded drove the hollow point and it collapsed TJ got up with his 12 gage his eyes huge on his black face staring at the creature.

We call Mr.X and he came down and seen the creatures the male still alive he looked at them and went back to the side bysid with for shovels and gas can and gave us each a shovel he pulled his .357 drove his holster and ended it. Then we started to dig in silence we had hole about seven feet long and four wide and 5 feet deep we pushed the bodies in and Mr. X pord the gas on and lite it we sat there for about an hour in silence then Mr. X said nice work for a black boy a Mexican and a white boy.

We filde in the hole and put rocks on top. We went home it was about five in the morning I put the gun on the rack above my bed and laid down

Goatman Hurts

This happen a few months ago I’m 14 at the time. I live in a condominium that’s not big or small but avarage a little backstory on my house the front door is located in front of another house when you go through the door there will be the living room and the kitchen just besides each other then to your right there’s a hallway that leads to my mother’s room my brothers room and my room and of course the bathroom ok now a backstory of me I’m 14 as I already said and I don’t get scared very easily and I run long distance and track so you can say I’m good at running so anyways I have a dog named Roko that’s a Siberian husky .so I went in a hunt for bunnies because in the back of my house there is a fence separating the condominium from the sewers and the woods so I after I crossed the fence I let go at my dog he will run into the forest to chase after anything that’s in motion I had a radar that will track my dog by it’s collar so as I as I let go at my dog he chased after a Zillow wet in the tree line I went a do my things like set up rabbit traps and dug holes for the rabbits to fall down and get trapped so as I finished setting up my third trap I checked my dog’s radar and he was motionless he was a good mile away from me so I decided to just leave him there and keep doing my things I started a fire and night time was arriving I set up my tent and popped out some marshmallows and crackers with some chocolate then I checked my dog’s radar and what I saw in my radar made my heart sank in the radar my dog was running in a unormal speed it reached speeds up to 80mph it was just running around like he was flying all over the radar I stood up grabbed my Gearbear Hunting survival knife and went in a search for my dog once I broked the tree line I was welcomed with a eerie smell it smelled like the smell of dead fish mixed with a little of frog if that makes any sense then outta nowhere I saw a Zillow wet running through the forest I immediately thought it was my dog running so I whistled to it that was enough to make that thing stop and run to my direction what I saw next still disturbs me to this day so I thought it was my dog being obedient and running to me but as It got closer that was not a dog it stand over eight feet tall it had horns like a goat and legs like a goat it was built like a bodybuilder but it’s face it’s face was that like a humans mixed with a goat like face it was hairy but flesh peices hanging out of it’s body his eyes were dark red I quickly prone hiding in the tall grass I was in it freaking stand right in front of me sensing something in the air then the next event that happen will still hunt me to this day the thing open it’s mouth and said Kevin come out and so I can devoure you my heart was pounding I was sweating bad and tears came out of my helpless body but I not dare to run or speak after what it seemed for ever it let out a grunt and vanished then after a few long minutes I decided to go look for my dog I can not leave my best friend out there with that thing I said after a few minutes I saw my dog his tail between his legs when he saw me he let out a wimp then I quickly grabbed him and then took off frogeting my stuff in the tent I made a dash for it as I was about to reach the condominiums then I saw the the thing pursuing I screamed I terror terrified I felt my adrenaline run through my veins I thought in my mind I was gonna die here never to be heard of again and my dog but I was not going to die with out a fight I took out my Gearbear Hunting survival knife let down my dog as it stand right next to me then as the thing got closed enough I closed my eyes and launched at the thing and my dog launched at it to then I didn’t felt anything but my knief going through thin air the thing had vanished I quickly picked up my dog and ran out there I never ran so fast in my life when I crossed the fence and reached my home my parent we’re waiting for me worried sick I told them about the incident and they believed me and half of them didn’t that was the last time I heard from that thing again or saw I still live in the same area of the woods but not going out there with my loyal dog never leaving my side sometimes I asked my self what would of happen if I didn’t hide?

Goatmans revenge

The sun was seting to the west of us as we passed Elephant rock while looking for a good spot to set up camp. As we reached the eastern side of the monstrous size rock I began to smell a intense odor of wet dog mixed with dead carcasses. Then in a blink of an eye I heard the crackling of branches and saw a the swift movement of trees and to what i thought had to be a deer or elk run deep into the dark forest away from us and befor i knew it the smell was gone as if it followed whatever animal I thought it was that ran from us. I thought nothing of it as we started to head toward an opening that looked like a great place to camp for the night.

The night was still young and the fire was blazing as my girlfriend and I sat by it with cold beers in our hands and hot dogs on a stick to fill our empty stomachs. As we reminised over passed hicking experiences the awful smell began to creep into our camp. It was so awful that we both lost our apitite and ended up just filling our empty stomachs with budwisers.

As the night went on that awful smeel ingulfed our camp. We decided to head to sleep after a couple more beers seeing we had a long hike ahead of us in the morning. But as we krept into our tent I could hear something moving along the edge of our camp.

I jumped to my feet and grabed the flashlight. All of a sudden their was a high pitched screem like something being attacked close bye. I told my girl to hand me my 38 special side arm that i kept under my pillow.

Creeping through the forest i figured i follow the smell sense it kept getting more intense the deeper i went. Trying not to gag i skimmed through the trees with my flashlight. Then i saw it!

It was standing above a halph dead baby calph deer that was soaked in blood. It had hoves as feet and was covered in nated black fur, but the body, the body was of a man and the head of a goat. Its hands were huge and had long claw like fingers. But the eyes were unforgetable. Those eyes were like big black perls that shinned from the moon iluminating off of them.

It picked up the baby deer by its head while staring me down as if it were sizing me up. I was frozen. I didn’t know what to make of it. I raised my firearm. But it was to late. He took off faster than i could get a shot off.

I walked back to our camp in shock of what i had witnessed. When i entered the tent my girlfriend saw the look of freight on my face but i wouldent tell her what went through. I just told her it must of been an elk or some typ of animal that ran off.

The smell never came back after that incident. Fair to say i got no sleep that night. Also fair to say i will never, ever, in a million years hike through the Mylstandish forest in Plymouth, Massachusetts again.


The Goatman

Hi! my names Calina and i’m a 12 year old girl. My story is about the Goatman. This happened in 2016 in May 16 at 2:00pm

I was walking in Kentucky on a bridge to a trail with me dad. I was asking him about the monsters that he might have known about. He said he knew about Krampus and the dogman, but nothing else. I asked him if he knew about the Rake. He said no, but I told him about it, and of course he didn’t know anything about it. I stopped talking and just walked to the trail.

As we arrived. I heart a type of, well I don’t really know, but it sounded like a dying goat and a dying dog. Probably doesn’t make sense? Well, the noise was weird and creepy.

I got scared. I told my dad that I wanted to leave. He didn’t want to. The trail was called Red Rock Canyon because there was rocks a 50 ft canyon that led into 30 ft deep river. My dad told me that I need some fresh air a little.

Well, while I was walking on the trail. I saw something behind a tree that had brown hooves and it was very hairy. I don’t know what it was, but I just kept walking. A few minutes later. I ran to the nice hot red rocks and looked over the edge slowly, so I wouldn’t fall. I was happy to look in the beautiful blue clear water at the bottom. I looked up after a few seconds and that’s when I saw it. A brown furry goat creature standing up on it’s two legs. I was freaked out!

I stared at it for about a minute. I looked at my dad and looked back. The goat creature was gone.

Me and my dad headed back to the entrance to the trail and headed back to his truck. I was thankful because of leaving that trail. I thank god that I never go to the trail again with my dad.

Thank you for reading this – Calina.C

The Goatman creek

Before I get things started this is in the point view of a girl .I am 16 years old and at the time I was 13. My family and I were taking a trip to Genesee and were going to my grandfather’s funeral .Well we were staying at a cabin near…” the Goatman creek” . This place was famous for rumours..i never believed any of them because I had spent time there every summer. After we had gone through the funeral we came back to the cabin and got packed and ready to leave in the morning .I had my own room on the second floor of the cabin and I was the only one on the second floor. As I lay sleeping in bed i hear movement outside of the cabin and I look through the cabin window.i couldn’t see anything until I heard a bloodcurdeling scream that sounded like a girl who was crying. I quickly ran downstairs and turned on the light.what I saw next was completly and udderly terrifying. I saw a 6 ft. Maybe more goat like man staring from the creek right back at me. I have never ran as fast as I have done on that night I ran to my parents and woke them up. My father went and checked it out. He found human foot prints …but found two pairs of them like it was on all fours…the front were goat hoofs.to this day I still cannot find the courage to go to that old cabin by the Goatman creek.