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The Creature by the Window

Creature by the window

This story is 100% true. My name is Alex, my story takes place in my house where I still live today.

I was 6 years old when this happened. We recently bought a dog she’s a Pomeranian. She’s really sweet and she’s bigger than a regular sized Pomeranian.

Werewolves in Wisconsin

This happened about four years ago when I was a Sophomore in high school.

We had just gotten a lot of snow on New Year’s Eve and my friend said he didn’t want it to go to waste so he invited me to go skiing and snowboarding with him the next day. We live in Northern Illinois so we went to this place in Wisconsin for the day. We also ended up bringing his little sister who was learning how to snowboard at the time so she could get more practice in.
We got there and everything started off great.

The snow was fresh and it wasn’t too cold or anything, it was a perfect day. At one point my friend’s sister took a fall when we were going down one of the slopes. He told me to keep going and head back up to the stop of the slope and wait for him there. I got to the top of the slope and was just relaxing when a kid next to me said, “What are those things?”. He was pointing off to a clearing that sat just out of the ski resort’s property and what I saw changed how I viewed the world forever.
I tried to make sense of what I was seeing. I ran through every animal that was native to that area: coyotes, bears, deer, I even tried to tell myself that it was a group of people snowshoeing. But I knew I couldn’t convince myself that any of those explanations were true. Even though I was a good distance from the clearing it wasn’t that far from the bottom of the slope I was one so I got a pretty good look at these things.

The Insect

Hello night watchers, I hope you’re have a nice day or night depending on when you watch this but just to make it clear, I live out in California and I am 10,

The only thing I hate here is bugs. I have a long walk whenever I want to go somewhere because I live in a sort of isolated area and I’m not old enough to drive my dad’s car.

Monster in the Woods

My husband and I were fishing from our boat one night at the lake not far from our home.We were not far off shore but the lake was deep there.We fished at night quite often as you could catch the bigger fish .

It was very quiet and calm when we heard the most horrible screaming,gurgling,weirdest noise we had ever heard!! We are very outdoor people and have heard many wild animal noises but this screaming was definitely different!!

Creature in the Woods

Hi my name is John West I am from Ireland but lived in America some years ago . My story begins in the south of America when I was a young man . I set out on a long walk early in the morning by myself well at least I thought I was . No one else was at the car park so I took a big breath of air and set off.

Now note that I’m 6 foot 7 and built, so I’m a big guy, and this is important later on in the story . So about half way through It was starting to rain and clouds were now covering the sky. I keep on walking tho as I’m enjoying the peace and quiet. Big mistake. I walked for about 10 minutes more when I saw it

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