It Made Me Wreck

To start this story off, My name is Jaryl. I am 20 years old and I have lived in Pennsylvania my entire life. This takes place in September of 2018.

This year has been a rough patch for me, even more so around the time of September. I would like to take spontaneous drives in the middle of the night, but I normally stayed local. Well, one night, I decided to travel a little bit for the ride because i felt I needed an extra long ride that night. I normally sneak out after my family goes to bed, so nobody really knew where I was at.

Anyways, I got up near my destination, which turned out to be a 30 or so mile long road, that was very desolate. I thought it would be a nice, peaceful drive. My friends from school had always told me about this road being haunted and full of strange animals, but I never really used to believe in that stuff. As I was driving along, It started to drizzle a little bit. It was no big deal as I was only going 30 or so. The road, was pitch black. My only field of vision was coming from that of my headlights. I was going along and that’s when everything hit me all at once. I saw a very tall, strange looking animal in the middle of the road. Like an idiot, I slammed on my brakes really hard, which sent me into a skid because of the wet roads. I landed in a mud filled ditch about 10 ft off the road. Thankfully, I was uninjured. The car was a mess but it was still running, I just could not get out of that ditch.

I pulled out my phone to see no service and a nearly dead battery. I didn’t think it could get any worse at that point. I sent a text to my sister, hoping to god it would send. Nothing. Then my phone died. I was completely stranded, with a 15 mile venture on either side of me to the next town. Then I remembered, that animal, or thing. I honestly didn’t know what it could have been. It all happened too fast but one thing I didn’t forget were its eyes. Blood red, glowing back at me despite my headlights right in its face. I was wondering at the time if I hit it, No, I couldn’t have, I felt no impact before the ditch. I was terrified to even try to get out of the vehicle, scared that it might still be out there. I grabbed my flashlights out of the back seat, along with my bag, and my machete and decided I had to get help somehow, someway. I climbed out of the car through the sunroof because my doors were blocked and i took a look around. Nothing. Dead silent.

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Strange encounter in the Forest

This actually happened this year in January. We went this new year to my grandparent´s house to see some relatives and to visit them because we are barely able to normally. They live in a small village with around 300 other People. Most of them are around my Grandparent´s age. Beside a very old playground, there is a small shrine circa 1 kilometer away from the village. To reach it we always have to walk through a forest. I know it sounds kind of like a cliché but it´s quite dark in there even when it´s still daytime.

We arrived around 4 pm, so it was already quite late and we still had to wait for most of our relatives to arrive. My brother, let´s call him Ryun for now, suggest that we should visit the shrine with the children that are already here so that they don’t get too bored because honestly there isn´t really much to do in my grandparent´s house. We asked around if anyone wants to come with us and in the end, we were six people in total.

Ryun, my girlfriend and I were the oldest so we kept an eye on the children who were walking with us. Ryun walked a bit behind the group and my girlfriend and I were walking ahead. The reason why Ryun walked behind us was that in this area are a lot of stray dogs and we wanted to make sure that the kids were safe because the oldest one was our ten-year-old sister and she is only 4 foot 4. If a stray dog would approach them they wouldn´t be able to defend themselves and we would probably too far away. So to prevent any incidents we always walked like this.

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Christmas close encounter

This took place last year, I work over night for an IT company in Washington DC. I commute to DC from a small between Fairfax county and Loudoun County, Virginia called Stoneridge its a pretty easy 45 minute commute. This will be important later, i had recently found out the weekend before that I would be working Christmas eve with just my self and one other guy, needless to say my wife was less then happy about it. So the week goes by and finally it was my almost time for me go to work. At the time we were in the middle of a wind storm that had blown siding and shingles of our roof and a few other homes near by before leaving my wife asked me to take the Christmas reef off the door so it would get damaged so I opened the door and placed the reef on the floor a few feet away from the door closed and locked it and went to work. Our work that night was pretty easy with only a few calls asking us to reset passwords and account lock outs, around 2 am my wife calls me freaking out demanding that I come home. She then told be what had happened, had she been upstairs asleep with our one year old son when she heard a loud bang down stairs. Our cat ran down and starting mewling loudly. My wife got up to grab him thinking that he was thirsty as he had a habit of drinking from any water faucets around the house. When she got down stairs she found that our front door had been forced open and what she could only describe as a big dog standing on two legs in our front door with our cat keeping it at bay. She then grabbed our cat and ran back up the stairs not even stopping to look back and ran upstairs and locked her self in the bedroom with our son and locked the door. After my wife told me this I told her that I was on my way home and to call the police. Needless to say I was speeding my entire way home thinking if a cop started chasing me he could give me a ticket in my drive way. I managed to get home with out an incident and found four cop cars surrounding my house. I identified my self to the police and went to check on my wife son and cat who were fine but my wife was shaken. She told me that after she had hung up with me she heard what sounded like heavy feet walking through the house and the sound of things being moved. We then went to see if any thing had been stolen, which was thankfully nothing. However the reef that I had put beside the door had been moved to the living room and placed on my sons toy box. Several of his presents had also been moved from our living room to our kitchen. The police stated that our house was one of five homes to have been broken into that night and blamed the wind on opening the front door. Although they could not explain how the reef and the presents could have been moved. That day I went to home depot and reinforced all the doors and windows and got certified in both hand guns and rifles. Giant dog thing next time we meet it will down the barrel of my shotgun.


I was about 14 when I saw it, It was a warm summer day in canada alberta yet dark I was riding my bike and was a little sleepy because of my anit-dippreshion pills. I was with friend that trailed off a while back, it was just me and there was a thick forest on one side and a field on the other.

I was going quite fast and then i herd a strange noise and you could hear the bushes rustle, i looked over to the bushes and then a bone chilling howl.

I will be honest with you I am almost in tears just typing it out and wont sleep tonight. I looked over and then in an instant i hit a pot hole and flipped over the handle bars of my bike scrapping my hands and knees.

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Mothman is stalking me

I don’t know where to begin. This has been happening to me for so long that I’ve grown quite Accustomed to it. I don’t want people to think I’m crazy and i haven’t told anyone this before, but I figure now is the best time to get this off my chest…so here it goes.

I live in Arcadia Michigan, back in the woods, the nearest neighbor is about a mile a way. I love it out here its quiet and cozy and for anyone who has ever seen a Michigan fall the colors are amazing. We have back country roads the type of roads that are barely traveled by cars but are amazing for walks pretty much anytime you’re wanting to go.

This was maybe late fall that the first occurence happened.  I was 11..and just for reference I’m now 21. I had my best friend over and for the sake of this story lets call her Anna; we were bored and on Thanksgiving break Anna and I decided we wanted to take a late night walk so I agreed we grabbed out sweaters and headed out.

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The Jackal Man

This happened to me when I was about ten, and it has remained in the back of my mind and in my dreams for years. I honestly don’t even know what the creature was, just that he seemed particularly interest in me. Here’s the story.

When I was ten I often spent time in my bedroom, reading, setting toys up in different things, usually all in front of the window that looked out onto our front lawn. I liked keeping it open because let’s face it, I was a nosy kid. I liked watching the neighbors and even the animals like squirrels and birds go about their daily routines. It was a pretty big window, there was a screen between the glass and outside I guess to keep people from breaking in or in our case the cats from jumping outside. This particular day I was sitting in front of it, reading and every once in awhile being a little people watcher.

Then I felt something looking back.

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Bigfoot sighting in Maine

This story isn’t mine, its my dad’s.

Every other summer, him and a few of his friends go over to Maine to do some bass fishing. The encounter happened at around 2-3 in the morning.  My dad got out of his tent cause he had to take a piss. As he was draining himself, he heard a snap about 25 feet away. He looked up and saw nothing.

To make sure it wasn’t a predator, he shown his flashlight over in its direction. The woods were really thick so he really didn’t see much. Except for a pair of eyes.

He really couldn’t tell how high up off the ground they were.

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Highcliffs Wendigo

I used to go camping. Almost all the time, really. Whenever my parents would suggest it, I remembered I would always get so excited. Needless to say, after this experience, I am not so keen on taking a trip into the wilderness.

To clarify, I was almost thirteen by the time of this story. I am currently a couple of months away from 21. The only reason I am sharing this story, is due to the fact one of my closest friends suggested we take a trip there over the weekend. Needless to say, I adamantly said no. Now , before I get too off track, let’s get to this.

As I said before, I was thirteen when I went on this camping trip over the summer. It wasn’t your normal one, it was actually a large gathering of families that traveled up to Highcliff. It was a trip for the rehab my mother was attending. Specifically for the patients who were near the end of their recovery. Truthfully, despite what I experienced I was so proud of her, and I was happy that the trip on her part was magical.

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What the hell was that

My name is Jake this happened in July of 2016. It was on a family  trip to South Dakota  with my father my mother and my two younger brothers.

A few things you should know about my father are that he doesn’t scare easy and he used to give me crap that changed after this night.  This was a 13 hour drive from our town in Kansas to are hotel in South Dakota. About six hours into the trip at about 2:am my dad was driving and I was reading everyone else was asleep when I hear my dad say “what the hell was that” in a frightened voice.

Which I have never heard before I looked up.

And we both see what can only be described as an incredible skinny person. Like a person who haddent eaten in months but they also have incredible long arms an legs disproportionate for a human being of any size and it was fast it ran across the road on all fours and jumped this 6ft chain link fence around a radio antenna and ran off.

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So I was alone in the dark my family was asleep so I was sleeping in a hallway and I still do and under me was stairs so I thought of sneaking downstairs to get my iPad or tablet to play granny the horror game in my defense it’s not scary so when I was going to go get my iPad someone was hitting the stairs so I got a phone next to me I couldn’t play games on it because it is too old so I looked on a map and there was a dude outside so I thought eh then I looked at the time it was 1:00am I was like seriously so I said stop doing this it is not 3:00am welp that didn’t help so I went down stairs I made it half way until my baby brother was non stop staring at me and the tv was on so I singed my baby brothers favorite song and grabbed my iPad then ran upstairs until my iPad randomly turned on so I thought I had just kicked it so I played granny the horror game then I beat it I was like finnalt I beat it for the 12 tine then it said the end then a picture of me I thought I gonna die then I played roblox then it said all of my friend were playing the same game and I have 156 friends in the game in reality I have than that so I joined the they all started staring at me except one then she said why are they staring at us so I said make a VIP server then she said why can’t u I said u have robux I don’t it costs 25 robux fine she said we got there and before I knew it I was asleep the I got woke up for school so yeah that was my story .