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Dogs of War

My great uncle was a artillery officer in the German army during the Second World War. He recently passed, but he left some of his journals from the war to his sister, who is my grandmother. My grandmother told me that I could look at them if I wanted to, and so I did. Nothing out of the ordinary seemed to take place in his journals, then I found something that seemed to stand out to me…

Apparently, my uncle had been placed somewhere in a area with thick woods on the French-German border. He didn’t give a exact location, but the area seemed to creep him and his men out. Well anyway, one night, one of his men came running into his tent and told him “Wölfe”, meaning wolves. At first he didn’t believe him, so he asked him to repeat himself, and again he said “Wölfe”. At this point, my uncle thinks a pack of wolves are getting aggressive and trying to pick off his men. He also says that he was used to this when he lived in Russia for a time before the war. But the wolves where mostly attacking animals, but when they start to attack kids or anyone else they got a posse to go hunt them down. So he wakes some of his men up and tells them they are going hunting and to keep a eye out for anything out of the ordinary and that they shouldn’t be out long.

Creature in the back yards

Hi this happened at my friends let’s say Chris’s house. We were at his house alone because his parents were on a trip.

I was 15 and he was 16.It happened summer 2016 I was spending the night at his house and I woke up at around midnight to one a clock. I got up to go to the kitchen to get a drink of water. I walked in to the kitchen and grabbed a cup I walked to the sink his kitchen is pretty big and turned on the sink. Then I hear a growl I didn’t think much of it because he has a lot of dogs. But then I heard a yelp and heard some thing hit the side of the house right under the window. So I woke Chris up and we grabbed some flash lights and his  bbguns.   we walked out side and walked right under the kitchen window and saw a bloody dog with his neck torn out and blood every were we saw foot prints because it rained previously that day.

My Wendigo Enounter

Ive tried to forget this, I never wanted this but yet that thing will haunt me to death.

I remember one day in northern yukon, I went on a walk with my dog, Sapphire on a dirt path just a few meters from my motel were I was staying at for the night. I wanted to take Sapphire on a walk because she was stuck in my car for a whole day and we both needed to stretch our legs. It was around 6:30 that we went for a walk. I left my phone in my room with my bag and small gear in my car. I broke up with my girlfriend a few days ago and needed to travel to deal with it.

It was quite cold but I never minded even though I was raised in Australia for 20 years. I heard a crunch of twigs and saw a deer brushing through the forest. I was a doe and was very beautiful sight to see. Then with a blink of a eye it ran of and Sapphire ran off after it. I ran after her trying to grab her by her collar or scurf but the low, dead branches were not any help and soon I lost sight of her. I heard the noise of a motorbike engine and saw a guy on a quad pulling up near me. He called out asking what I was doing out here and I pleaded with him to help me find my dog. He turned it off and jump off his quad and began to search with me.

Humanoid in the Woods

This happened to me and a friend (I’ll call him Kyle for privacy purposes) our 6th grade year of middle school 6 years ago. We lived really close to each other on an old gravel road in the woods, and we would go to each others quite frequently after school. We would meet each other at a corner halfway between our houses, then we would walk to either one’s house (this is some what important to mention in the story. Any way we met up and I went to his house.

We made to his house and decided to go to one of the many fort outposts we, and other friends made for air soft and hanging out, we went to what we called the metal tent, because it was a tent like structure made of metal sheeting made from scrap parts near by, there was also a nice little creek next to it.

The Screeching Rake

Hello everyone; for a little bit of backstory. I am a 24 year old male and I do alot of work in the woodworking trade along with my friend, James. We have a shop that is located in a very rural area in the eastern United States. It is surrounded by dense forest and a large field on the right side of our building.

Now, to start the story, James and I were wrapping up a long night in the shop. It was probably around midnight by the time we were done. We were cleaning up and getting ready to shut down for the night when we both thought we heard a strange screeching sound in the distance outside. We concluded that it was probably a Coyote beings that alot of them hang around there frequently, so we thought nothing of it at the time. The real terror begins as we were getting done.

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