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Grandad’s Monster Encounter

This is a creepy story , or should I say encounter that happened to my grand father in the old 1960’s days , he is deceased now but his infamous monster encounter still intrigues me so I’ll share it with all of you.

This monster encounter took place in Mexico during the summer of 1965 , let me add that Mexico is home to an overwhelming amount of monster sightings , maybe because of all the wilderness , and that leaves a big possibility of unknown creatures to stalk and terrorize remote control areas and abandoned towns.

Piney Woods Chupacabra

Where do I start? This is probably one of my more favorite stories to tell to people about weird encounters that I have experienced. And thanks to the recent video of werewolf sightings it reminds me a bit of my own similar encounter. My family, friends, and I all share unique stories of strange personal encounters, spirits, creatures, UFOs and the sorts, which I’ll probably share for a later time.

A little background before I go onto my experience, I’m a female and during this time I stilled lived in the Piney Woods region of Texas. My friends and I were slowly growing an interest in the paranormal since our middle school years. Our particular interest was more focused on the Dogman and werewolf sightings. We had also previously suspected there to be bigfoot in the area based on accounts from others nearby, but our suspicion of something else lurking the woods grew from a few other stories. A majority of these encounters happened near my best friend’s, Kelley, house and the woods just down her road. Kelley’s house is located in the more rural part of our town, her driveway was bumpy and consisted of dirt and gravel. In her front yard, there was a large thicket with a bunch of blackberry bushes and pylons going through it. In her backyard there was a small wooded area with a creek bed that ran through it in the fashion of an L. To the right of that creek bed was her grandmother’s house, and of course just down the road was the woods.

The Mexican Man Bat

By Daniel B.

Before I start this, I’ll give a fair warning. There is a big amount of profanity, it is just how me and my family are.

This happened when I was fifteen years old. Currently I am 20 years old. This story happened when I used to live in Mexico, this story is still engraved in my memory since I still have nightmares about it.

It Was Playing With Us

This story took place in north east Kentucky in 2006 when I was 19. i think i should mention that i am a gay male and was with my boyfriend, now husband, in my old pick up truck. Late at night around 12:00 after a wonderful date we had just finished, we were on the road driving to the next town over because this is where my boyfriend (we will call him Aaron and me Ravin for privacy reasons) lived. this trip between towns normally took an hour along nearly abandoned back roads that cut right through the immensely thick woods almost like a temperate rain forest. At this time i think i should mention both me and Aaron loved all things occult and all things creepy including urban legends,myths as well as creepypasta, and as expected we both were quite paranoid and cautious so basically we have street smarts.

We were in the first 25 or so minuets of the drive and it started to rain and by rain i mean pouring cats and fucking dogs kind of rain and so i turned on my headlights, this made the drive all the more enjoyable and creepy to us. As we were enjoying the creepy vibe of the nearly abandoned back roads im fighting hard with the wet and intensely muddy roads. another 10 minuets into the drive i get this awful feeling, hairs on end like your being watched and this immensely strong nauseous feeling. successfully fighting off the vomit and swallowing it i gasp to Aaron “Hey do…do you feel that?” taking my eyes off the road ,which was starting to clear of the mud, i turn to my boyfriend who was extremely pale, nearly deathly pale and he answers “that feeling like your being watched?”

I Think I Saw The Mothman

This story takes place about 7 years ago.

I was in my families car driving home, at about 9:00pm. It was completely dark, except for the bright glow coming from the moon. I always sit behind the passenger’s seat, so I was on the right side of the car, for people who live in countries who have the drivers seat on the right. I was leaning against the window looking at the fields as we went by. We then got closer to the town I live in, when you enter my town from the way we were coming you see fields of cotton, then a road, and then homes.

When we pasted the road, for about two seconds, I saw a black mass in the road dividing the fields from the homes. It stood up quickly and took flight. This thing was taller then our car putting it at about 6 or 7 feet tall, it also had a wing span of about 12 feet. It all happened so quickly I didn’t think much of it until a few years later, when I heard of the Mothman.

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