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The Day at the Beach

Firstly, I want to state that I never actually saw this thing, but if you’ll just stick with the story, you’ll understand why that’s even more important. When I was about fourteen, my Uncle and Aunt lived near enough the Gulf of Mexico that, when my family went to visit, we would all get on my Uncle’s little boat and ride around to the beachfront area near Gulf Shores, AL. There was an area that was open enough for a small boat to pull right up to the beach, where we were hoping to swim and have a picnic for the day. Now before I get to the meat of the story, I want to state that we’d never seen anything out of the ordinary in our boat trips. The weirdest thing we’d ever seen was a huge bunch of jellyfish during spawning season.

So, my Aunt, Uncle, Mom and myself all get ready to pull around to this little sandbar for a day of sun and fun. My Uncle drops anchor out far enough so that he doesn’t run aground and we girls all bailed out to head for the beach. It had a few sunbathers but it was by no means crowded, which was why we picked it.

The Water’s Shadow

I haven’t posted this story anywhere so far. I haven’t really thought to. But it seems right to post here.

I live on Long Island. I’m surrounded by ocean, so I know my marine animals. I have seen ducks, geese, swans, plovers, and gulls. I know the local fish species, and I’ve seen seals and sea lions. But this was… something different.

Something beneath

My name is Peter Wesker; I’m a marine biologist and a retired deep-sea diver. I know this will sound unusual, but I have a story to tell you and you need to read it. Nobody else will. Nobody else wants to believe me, not even those that saw it first-hand. In 2007, while working for a small deep-sea salvaging corporation, my crew and I discovered something beneath an oil rig. What was it, you ask? We don’t know, nor do we want to know. But you might. In our field, we’re often hired by local authorities and even sometimes international ones to help with missing person cases and even potential murders on occasion.

A few weeks ago I forwarded a transcript request to one of my colleagues, hoping they still had enough pull in the business to net me the information I needed. Reluctantly, they agreed on the terms that I don’t contact them beyond that point. After waiting relentlessly for half a month, a beige envelope arrived on my doorstep this morning. It contained a yellow piece of paper with bold, black writing. Here’s what it said. I urge you to read it carefully.

Swamp Zombie

This is true.

I was staying at my uncle and step-aunts house to babysit my 6 year old twin cousins. The house was right beside a swamp in Canberra. I was about 14 – 15 years old at the time. I had just put my cousins to sleep when I heard a squelching noise in the swamp. I assumed it was a wild animal, a cow or sheep that had got lost.

I ignored it and the squelching continued for about 20 minutes before slowly stopping. After maybe, half an hour, a low, distant croaking started. Assuming it was swamp toads, I wasn’t scared, but for fear of my cousins waking up, I shone a light out there. To my horror, there were no toads.

The Swamp Dinosaur

Sometimes you see things that just can’t be explained, and maybe they shouldn’t be.

A few years ago, when I was sixteen, I used to live in Louisiana, on the Red River to be exact. As an avid fisherman, I would make daily trips to my usual fishing spots to see if I could hook into a big catfish. One day in late summer, I decided to pay a visit to my favorite spot as a way to keep my mind off of the ton of homework I would have to start doing in just a few days. It was just a couple miles’ walk from my house out in the country.

My favorite place to go fishing was sketchy to say the least. Most of my normal targets were ponds, but this one was different. It was a swamp, just exactly like the ones they depict in the movies. Alligators, muskrats, and possums were not abnormal sights out there, and I liked how secluded the swamp was, like it had gone untouched by civilization for thousands of years.

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