What was that

This story took place around 2003.

My best friend bought a 70 acre track of land in Blount Co Alabama off highway 9 out in. The auction was for over 2000 acres all together, but cut up in different size tracks. It was mostly all woods with some fields a person previously rented to grow corn on prior to the auction.

An Old historic Church with a cemetery was in the middle.

The cemetery had head stones dating back to the Rev War and was neat to see. It also had some headstones that were just carved rocks that said child or baby. It was really a beautiful place. On down the dirt road were a few houses.

Basically you were surrounded by woods and corn fields with a Mt on the back side. It was loaded in deer and wild life! So immediately we, with other friends, built a shooting house, a front green field, and a much smaller green field in the back at the base of the Mt. one evening my younger brother and I went to hunt.

My brother Nick hunted the big field up front with his back to the main road that divided my friends land from a neighbors 400 acre track. With my brother hunting the front field I went to the back at the edge of the Mt. I was hoping to catch a buck coming from off top headed to the field. After hunting for around 3 hours, darkness set in. We usually stayed in the stand until dark so not to spook any deer, as they seem to be brave at night.

Using handheld radios I contacted my brother and told him I was heading back.

My small flashlight could have used batteries as I quickly lost the trail coming out. Now I wasn’t in danger in getting lost as there’s no way to get turned around.

No my worry was about stepping out onto the neighbors property to my left and someone hunting their land shooting at movement. All this time I could hear dogs back on the land back behind my brother. They’d been going on a little but sounded like they were headed in our direction. I called out on the radio to my brother and asked him to head my way with his light so I could angle out toward him and avoid the neighbors land.

He said ok, but said he wanted to wait as he could hear the dogs behind him getting closer, and didn’t want to step out on a pack of dogs he didn’t know.

So I waited about 3 mins when Nick came back over the radio and said I’m not sure what I just saw but it’s coming right toward you.

Hearing the fear in his voice I got behind a big tree and took my safety off my 270. Suddenly the woods exploded!!! Now I’ve heard my share of deer cut loose in the woods when startled, but this sounded like someone driving a vehicle through it wide open. Whatever it was passed to my left and up the Mt. It sounded like 4 or 5 coon dogs were chasing it.

At first that was what scared me the most, I didn’t want to meet a pack of dogs I didn’t know in the dark. Finally I made it to the wood line and to the edge of the field. My brother met me there with “what was that?” I told him no it was to far to my left, but that I sure heard it. He said be glad it didn’t come straight at you, it was huge.

I told him I honestly thought they were running a big deer at first, but a deer couldn’t make the noise this thing made.

Nick said, don’t worry about a deer, it wasn’t! It was as big as a cow, but it wasn’t one. So I asked was it a big hog? He said no, I don’t know what it was, it wasn’t normal. It wasn’t a deer, it wasn’t a hog, it wasn’t a cow he said.

Given what light I had, I could tell it just didn’t run or look normal.

Then I got nervous! I asked, was it on four legs or two? He said four legs, but it just wasn’t moving normal. But it was so fast. I told him I could tell he was moving by the way he tore down those woods. I was curious, but he was freaked out. To this day we still are not sure what those dogs were running.

The only other animal I could think of over the years would be a black bear, but he says no that as well.

I know my brother and I know what I myself experienced, and it was enough to stop me from hunting on the back side of those woods. Still to this day we don’t know what it was, but we know it was big. My friend sold the land a few years later, but I’m forever thankful for the memory it made. What was that?

skinwalker or rake sighting in illinois

I am a 20 year old guy from Illinois, i have been in the woods my entire life. In fact my dad brought me hunting for the first time when i was 4yr’s old, and no he didn’t give me a gun then he just let me sit in the stand with him.

since then i have been in love with all things outdoors, along with firearms and the like, i mainly bow hunt for everything from deer to squirrels, but will often take my .22 or .17hmr out for coon, or squirrel.

This event took place about a year ago when i was 19, and my friend who ill call R was 17.
R and i were at his house which sat on a 10 acre plot of land but was surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of acres that we had free reign over, so long as we didn’t tear apart his neighbors corn or beans on our dirt bikes.

we spent almost every weekend out in those woods, either riding dirtbike’s, hunting, or fishing in the farm ponds, so we knew the area and the animals in the area very well, we very often even went out very late at night to coon hunt or coyote hunt, and that is how this story starts.

R and i were planning on taking his coon hound (banjo) out to get some coons because we were pretty bored, but we ended up hanging out in the back of their barn that was built into a man cave, just watching TV and hanging out with his dad.

That day i had brought my AR-15 out to his house to sight it in with the new sight i had put on, so i had it next to me in the man cave. We always had at least on gun easily accessible just in case we heard banjo out in his dog house barking, because they had a chicken coop and sometimes we would get coons or coyotes try to get a midnight snack.

this night, at about 1AM, R was passed out on the couch and i was just watching family guy, half asleep, when i heard banjo start to bark. I sat there thinking about how i didnt want to get out of the recliner to find out what he was barking at but figured it was better than R’s mom yelling at us about a missing rooster or chicken.

So i got up, grabbed my AR, which still had about 10 rounds in the magazine, clicked on the light i had attached to the rail and walked out the door, leaving R passed out on the couch.

when i walked out the back door i had to walk around another shed to be within 50 yards of the coop, so i walked around and started heading towards the coop, not really paying attention until i realized banjo had stopped barking, then the realization that i didn’t hear the bullfrogs or crickets, or any wildlife at all. Being a big fan of cryptid stories, and horror stories in general, this put me on edge. I started scanning the tree line with my light, not knowing what to expect. until my light got to banjo’s enclosure.. there was this pale white creature leaning over the 4ft high fencing they used for banjo’s area, looking right at his dog house, and when the light fell on it, it turned its head to look at me.

This thing stood straight up, and looked to be at least 8 inches taller than me (im 6’4″) with bright yellow eye’s that reflected my flashlight. This was the first time in my life that i had legitimately frozen from fear, i couldn’t move and this thing was just staring me down while making this really low growling noise, something i have never heard before.

After what had to have been 30 seconds or so I regained a little control. I raised my gun thinking there is no way that it would take down whatever this was, just wishing i had my 12 gauge slug gun.

I shot one round and missed because i was freaking out so bad. Then i emptied whatever was left in my magazine, I had to have hit it at least once because it screamed, this sort of howl, mixed with the most horrid sort of scream i have ever heard, i can’t even think of how to truly describe it, and it ran off, back into the trees.

After it ran off R came sprinting out of the barn with his dads 1911 pistol, looking around frantically and asking me what in the hell that was. I just stood there, staring towards the trees where that thing ran off to, and without looking at R just said, almost under my breath, “we have to get inside, right now”.

i spent the rest of that night clutching a 12 gauge slug gun, the one i wished i had had earlier. The next morning i told R what i had seen, him being a believer in cryptid’s he believed me and agreed we were lucky that night.

we continued to hunt at night, using banjo, who also survived the ordeal, to tree coons for another 10 months or so until i moved to Minnesota for work reasons. I never saw that thing again, but i worry for R and the rest of my friends down there, and hope they never see the thing either.

Hunting The Hunters

This happened just a few hours ago, on August 8th 2018. I had gotten a call earlier in the day from one of my friends. They own a ranch in central Texas, roughly 2200 acres, and yesterday they lost one of their horses. Ordinarily this isn’t a big deal as they roam a pasture and do horse stuff when they aren’t needed for various ranch activities.

My friend explained the situation and said they had found the horse, not alive, and I quote “torn nearly beyond recognition.” The strange thing is that it was a fairly young horse, healthy and strong. As far as anyone knows, there’s not much out there that would have the guts to take it on and walk away. Coyote are wimps on the chance they come around. Rare as they are, mountain lions aren’t beyond possibility, unlikely as it is.

After a brief talk, he explained that they needed to find whatever had done this. Naturally, I agreed. “Cool man I will be waiting at your place when you get off work,” he said. The terrain around the ranch is a little rough, and his truck is better than my car on it, plus it wasn’t my gas so that was nice. When I got off work, I went home, got changed, and loaded my gear.

Predator hunts are no foreign occasion for me. My survival pack was ready with first aid and water and all the necessary stuff. Gave my rifle a quick oiling and grabbed ammo. 4 rifle mags of 20 rounds each of sweet 7.62mm for whatever needs shooting. Out there, protective clothing is a must, between plants full of thorns and the occasional pissed off rattlesnake and God knows what else. Lastly was my personal favorite, a 10 inch bowie knife strapped on my hip.

When we got to the ranch, the sun was still in the sky quite a ways, so we wouldn’t be going out there immediately. Instead we pulled a couple maps and set a grid plot while we waited for a couple more people to show up. They had brought the carcass of the horse back to the barn, and my curiosity got the better of me. I looked at the pile of meat, a storm of flies buzzing around. There was something peculiar about the cuts that hadn’t been noticed. They were in sets of 4 slashes, long and deep, jagged at the start but seemed to run smooth after an inch or 2. One other thing, the most disturbing given the situation. It seemed that everything was there, minus a heck of a lot of blood. What I mean is there were no bite marks, no signs of being consumed by whatever had killed it.

After a tense session in the barn, my stomach was sufficiently turned. A short time later, 30 minutes or so, the other 3 people showed up. For the sake of their privacy, we will call them Red, Blue, and Green. We all sat and talked and went over the plan. Each of us would take a grid to search, along with a flare gun and night vision equipment. My personal favorite is the head band type mount with the single flip down optic. Better for depth perception in my opinion. They have a lot of money, what can I say.

When the sun was mostly down, we set out to our respective areas. We had a quick comm check and then we started walking. It was loud with bugs and birds and various animals coming out for their night time stuff. Loud is good in those kinds of situations, it means there are no threats, or nothing serious at least. Each step I took was slow, deliberate. My eyes scanned all around, looking for even the smallest details of a predator, aside from myself, having been through.

Before I knew it, an hour had passed and we all checked in. Everyone was good, no signs of anything. About 20 minutes later, I found myself climbing this steep hill. I’m pretty fit, but with the weight of my gear and rifle, it was a little difficult. When I got to the top, I sat down and had a drink and took a minute to get my bearings. The view was beautiful, even with hardly any natural light left in the sky. There was a calming yet eerie emptiness and for a moment I kinda let my guard down. That was when I heard it, the silence. Silence so quiet it was almost deafening. I flipped down my night vision and lifted my rifle and looked around carefully.

After a couple minutes on this hilltop, I heard a noise. It sounded like footsteps, human footsteps. In the treeline to my right, I heard them stop. I looked and saw something that made my heart drop to the pit of my gut. Glowing a freaky greenish white through the night vision, were 2 large eyes. Too far apart to be a normal person, and much too tall. I’m 6 feet tall, and even from a distance of around 20 yards, this thing seemed to tower over me. I straightened up and called out in a very commanding voice saying “hey I can see you there, just come on out and I won’t shoot, you’re trespassing here.” There was no response, but I guess I blew its cover because it kinda crouched down, but still those eyes never moved, never blinked.

After about a minute of this sorta Mexican standoff, I got a response. In what was nearly my exact voice I heard “hey I can see you there.” In the heat of the night, an icy chill ran up my spine as my blood ran cold. I took a step back and shouldered my rifle. It stood back up and stepped out of the trees. It had what looked like long sharp claws on the ends of its fingers. It was thin, like too thin to possibly have the mass to support a creature as large as that. Closest I can say would be like some pictures I’ve seen from the concentration camps during World War 2. Malnourished, sickly, diseased. It took another step and instantly it looked like it was only 8 to 10 yards from me. “One more step and you’re dead,” I called out. I heard my voice again from this thing. “You’re dead,” it said back to me. When it started to take another step, I kept my word and pulled the trigger. It let out this insane howl that was beyond explanation. A second later it looked like it was going to charge. I shot again, and again, and again. I emptied the magazine on this thing. How many times I hit it is unknown to me.

This part is gonna sound unbelievable, but I swear on a stack of bibles that it happened. I was reloading my rifle and it ran at me. In a panic, I let the rifle fall to my chest and I grabbed my bowie knife. It stopped right in front of me, maybe a foot between us. My eyes followed it up from the waist to its eyes. It may as well have been a thousand feet tall. There was this horrid smell, like decaying flesh and rotten eggs. I was paralyzed. It raised its right hand and put it on my left shoulder. I was almost positive this would be how I died.

In this moment came a rush of clarity and adrenaline. My heart felt like it was gonna jump from my chest at any second. I remembered that knife in my hand and there was only one choice. I plunged it deep in the torso of this thing, all the way to the hilt. It screamed again and I pulled the knife out. Taking its hand off me, I made a run for it. Sliding and rolling down the hill, I made the choice to pick a direction and keep running. After gravity was done screwing me over, I jumped up and ran as hard as I could. Crashing through the branches and tall grass and hopping over logs, I could hear the creature running behind me. Shot and stabbed and it was still coming. I would soon be dead but I wasn’t gonna make it easy.

After what felt like an eternity, I came barreling out of the brush and right into the rest of the guys. Seems they heard the gunfire and came running. I couldn’t breathe or speak. What I could do was point. After a second, all I could say was “shoot that motherf***er!” They started shooting into the dark, but there were no screams, so I don’t know if they hit it.

When everything was quite, I fell to the ground and vomited. “Jesus dude what the hell happened? What the f*ck happened to your leg?” Blue flipped on his flashlight and pointed it at me. There was a thick piece of branch sticking out of my leg. For a couple minutes, there was a lot of yelling and trying to figure out what to do. “Get me the hell outta here man,” I yelled above the noise. Red and Blue each took one of my arms and hoisted me up. With my buddy ahead of us and Green behind us, we got out of the woods as fast as we could.

Back at the house, we managed to get the branch out of my leg and stitched it up. Hurts like all hell but what do you expect. What I can’t get over was the lack of a face that the thing had. From a distance, it had the eyes and whatnot, but when it was right there, so close I should have been able to see everything, it was just featureless. That pale skin, those long black claws, will forever haunt me.

As of right now, that’s everything I can remember. It was just a few hours ago and here I am writing about it. I don’t quite know what to call it. Skinwalker, rake, chupacabra, I have no idea. But to the creature lurking out there, come on back the next time you feel lucky, and we can decide who the top predator is.

Sublet Idaho hunting trip

A few years ago I was invited by my friend Matt to go deer hunting in a range of mountains neither one of us had ever been to before. He had gone up a few days ahead of me to claim a nice camping spot and to hunt with his son for a few days on their own.

The day I headed up I had found their camping spot only no one was there and concluded they went hunting early as it was after sun up now. I decided to go explore and hunt on my own and come back around mid day thinking they would be back by then. I had brought two rifles to hunt with. An old world war 2 Mosin Nagant with open sights and a .25-06 with a scope. I chose to go with my Mosin Nagant for this adventure and proceeded to unload my ATV, donned my hand sewn ghillie suit I just made the week before, slung my rifle and head out.

After a while of driving around and taking short hikes into areas that seemed to me like a sure thing that there would have been a deer in there and getting “skunked” as we call it locally when you don’t see anything when hunting.

I stumbled on an area that had been burned up in a forest fire earlier in the year.

I had never been in a burned up area like this before and was absorbing in all the visual shock of the devastation. I was walking along the ridge line of the burned area looking as far as I could see across all the other ridges where the fire had burned it up.

I found the burned up skeleton of some poor little creature too unfortunate to escape the blaze.

Shaking my head to clear my mood and focus on why I came here. I was trying to gauge distances with no points of references. I spotted a clear patch of dirt down at the bottom of the ravine I was standing over. I guessed it to be 250 yards give or take. I set the riser sight on my rifle to the 250 mark and took a shot at a rock roughly the size of a small dog in the middle of the patch of bare dirt.

Nailed it. Satisfied with the shot and seeing that it was mid day I headed back to camp.

As I was nearing the camp I saw a skinned and cleaned out deer hanging from a tree. I met up with my friend. We chatted for a bit about his son bagging his deer, the burned up area, and all the moose that he saw. Moose are unusual to us as the mountains we grew up around have a very small population of moose and you never saw them. We cooked up some lunch and sat down by a campfire.

My friend said he was going to run down the mountain to get a cell signal and call his wife to pick up his son. We put the fire out and they took off.

I decided to go out hunting again, but headed in the opposite direction this time away from the burned up area. I found a nice trail for ATV s and drove up it. It was a beautiful drive through an aspen grove. It was mid fall and the leaves were all golden in color. The mid afternoon sun almost seemed to make them sparkle. The cool crisp autumn air was filled with a perfumed aroma of the aspens.

I came to the end of the trail, only because a huge tree had fallen down across the path some years ago that had never been cleared out. I got off my ATV and walked up the abandoned and overgrown trail. After a bit of a hike I was in pine trees with low hanging branches just at my head level and had to do a lot of ducking to get through. After a while I noticed that all the low pine branches were all broken and roughed up like deer or elks antlers had been tearing them up.

Feeling like I was in the lucky zone I kept going up the trail. I finally ran into an area that had no grass on the ground and could tell what kind of animal was on this trail. Sure enough I seemed to have found the deer and elk highway. I was stoked now. Further up the trail I found some leg bones of a deer. I have a habit of trying to find the whole skeleton in hopes of finding a “dead head”. The skull of a buck or antlered elk as a kind of trophy.

searching around for a few minutes I found the whole skeleton but it was a female deer. I also noticed an elk leg bone nearby and went to look for that skeleton as well. I found it a few moments later only to see it was a small young female.

I started to get a funny feeling like I should get out of the area and started to back out. Looking around I noticed carnivore scat and bones of smaller animals as well. The whole way back I was looking over my shoulder until I got to my ATV.

I made it back to camp and started the fire again and sat there drinking until my friend Matt made it back. We stayed in camp until his wife showed up to pick their son up and take him home. Matt and I discussed our hunting plans for the next morning. As we were sitting there we saw a large black animal walking on the hill across from our camp. At first, we assumed it was a ranchers cow but took a second look through binoculars after we realized it was alone and cows tend to stay in herds. Another moose Matt said looking through his binoculars.

The hunting plans we came up with was that Matt was going to hunt where his son shot his deer and I was going to hunt at a creek near our camp where Matt said he saw plenty of deer there in the mornings as well as moose. I opted not to go with Matt as I didn’t want to take a long drive to where they were hunting on the backside of the mountain near some farm fields.

The next morning we got up around 4:30 AM and boiled a kettle of water to make some instant oatmeal, a true hunters breakfast. Matt asked me one more time if I was sure I didn’t want to go with him to his spot. I said no, I have a good feeling about hunting here at the creek. He gave me one last warning about watching out for moose and took off.

I put on my ghillie suit and my headlamp and walked over to the creek. It was wasn’t far from our camp, a few hundred yards at best. I couldn’t see anything through the darkness. My headlamp only seemed to light up the area four feet ahead clearly and anything beyond that was dim and hard to make out. My batteries weren’t as fresh as I thought they were. I managed to find a spot I thought was going to be good and sat and waited for a daylight.

The sky was lightening up and I could make out more of the landscape. Dim, but clearer than my headlamp could make it. A little while later I could see well enough to make out a better spot to wait out an animal in a clump of aspens with a clear line down the whole creek. I walked over as quietly as I could and set up there.

As the morning light was getting bright enough to see totally clear I could hear all sorts of things moving around in the thick brush beyond the tree line of the creek. I sat and planned out scenarios through my head of what I would do if I saw deer in certain areas. Out of the bushes on my right side within two feet of me trotted out three coyotes in single file. I could have reached out and grabbed one by the tail they were that close. I was amazed at the effectiveness of my home made ghillie suit.

It was made out of an old zip up hoodie and a pair of old snow bibs that I had sewn strips of burlap to: sage green, tan, dark brown, and black in colors.

A few moments later I heard something getting closer to the creek through the dense brush. I could tell the direction it was heading and moved quietly out of my hiding spot and heard it was just on the other side of a large pine tree. I was using my scoped rifle this time and set my scopes zoom to the lowest power and knelt down and had one eye looking through the scope and the other eye looking at the tree waiting for the animal to pop out.

My heart was pounding in anticipation. The animal sounded large. I had a second thought about the situation. I realized just then too little to late that never have I heard a deer walk that loudly through the brush like it didn’t care what knew it was around. That moment I was thinking that the head of this huge animal came out from behind the tree. at first it was looking down at the ground. It noticed me and looked over my way.

This was the biggest moose I have ever seen. I could have used one of this moose’s paddles as a hammock. Magazine photos, trophy mounts, This animal was larger than any of those, and standing ten yards away from me. That moment you realize you’re in trouble and time seems to stand still and let you think of an option. I dove prone to the side as close to a willow shrub as I could. I had gone too far away from the tree line to have been able to run into the thick aspens where I had been.

My hope was that my ghillie suit would confuse the moose and I hoped that getting close to the willow shrub could save me from getting stepped on. I couldn’t see anything going on around me. The hood of my suit was large and was covering my head. I could hear the moose snorting and grunting angrily.

Now, I could hear the sounds of at least five more individual, large animals moving out of the thick brush and heading to the creek. I’m in deep, is all I could think to myself. I am shaking and it’s hard to manage to stay still. I had the thought of shooting my rifle and trying to scare the moose away and take the risk of being stepped on by a 2000 pound animal. As I went to slowly move my hand up to my trigger my wrist had been wrapped by my sling as I dove and I couldn’t move my arm up to the trigger.

As the old saying in the military goes, “There is no such thing as an atheist in a fox hole during a firefight” I found myself praying for a way out. After what I think was five minutes I hear the herd head back into the brush. I waited for a few moments for silence again. I peeked as best I could under my hood to my sides and didn’t see anything. I slowly pushed myself up pulled my hood back to look around a bit and I hear a snort. I look behind me to see the alpha male five feet behind me and now I have ticked it off. I went back down and put my hood back up real quick.

The moose starts snorting and grunting. I hear it start thrashing the willow bush with its paddles. I am shaking uncontrollably at this moment. I start praying for someone to drive by and scare the moose away. I didn’t know if anyone would drive by as the whole day before I only saw two people drive up the road we were camped on.

The moose had finally stopped thrashing on the willow bush and was just snorting. I forced myself to calm down. I still had a little shaking from the adrenaline, but I was calmed down. What seemed like hours passing waiting for this moose to move on A truck finally drove by. I heard them stop and comment on the massive size of the moose. A few moments later the moose trots off into the brush after its herd.

The truck drove off and I got up and got out of there as fast as I could. I jumped the creek and jogged up to the road. I went and sat next to some small bushes and went over what the heck just happened. As I was sitting there some deer happened to pop out and get a drink. I raised my rifle to shoot. I thought to myself just then, How can I take this animals life moments after having mine be spared.

I lowered my rifle and said ” Not today buddy” and walked back to camp to wait for my friend to get back. When my Friend Matt showed up to camp I told him the story of what just happened. I’m sure he thought it was a BS story and said to me “I told ya’ there was moose” laughing.

To this day I still wonder if those people in the truck took a picture of that moose and perhaps have a man in a ghillie suit on the ground next to it. In the sublet mountain range in southern Idaho by the creek near the abandoned ranger station.

A horror story from the Secret War

This story is coming from my mom’s great uncle who served in the Secret War. So he was Hmong. My dad is Russian and my mom is Hmong, just to clarify.

I eavesdropped this story from him when he was telling it to a few of his friends. (I stay with him since my parents are always on business trips. But anyways.)

1965. My mom’s Great uncle was sent out into the woods of Laos with his crew, hired by America’s C.I.A to fight communists. While they were trying to lie low and blend into the wildlife around them. They could see a furred creature which was peculiar since they had seen anything like that been.

My mom’s uncle’s first thought was that it was a sin bear, which would describe it’s ‘flat’ body, and awkwardly angled arm stance.

His crew stayed to admire the sight. But the creature gave off a vibe that was eerie. So they stopped looking at it and went on with their trip, hiking through the dense jungles to hopefully find some communists and their bases.

When they decided to rest on a few collapsed trees, they could see that Sun Bear again. Except, it was closed and some features could be distinguished. The features didn’t look like anything a Sun Bear would have.

The Bear had absolutely no snout, the arms weren’t short. They were bent back onto the biceps where the darkness of the mysterious fur hid the vicious and daring claws of the creature.
It’s dead soulless white eyes edged their way to my mom’s great uncle.

The crew was nothing but frightened and so they bolted, faster than they had tried to run while hiking.

The most terrifying part, I get goosebumps, chills run up my spine and I began to chill.

When my mom’s great grandfather took one peek behind him and saw…

a humanoid figure, extremely long arms slender arms, nude, extremely slim, only covered by a balding coat of blac, grey skin, and running like a cheetah would on all four to catch up with them. But the creature never appeared again. They haven’t told anyone since they didn’t want to seem crazy.

But when I try to imagine it, I’m just glad that I don’t have to be at that position.

The photo that I clipped on here is my mom’s great uncle and his crew. This photo is in his house. (Sorry for the lighting, he only uses lamps in his house)