haunted jungle

I’ll never forget the time when me and my girl friend were going on a ticking trip in the nearby forest just about an hour away. We stopped at a nearby pizza place before we headed out.

As we started making our way into the jungle and with the night slowly falling I couldn’t help but notice the feeling of being watched from behind us. I tried to ignore it but then my girlfriend got the same feeling.

She asked me if we are safe out here and I told her everything is going to be alright, but something told me in the back of my head that I was wrong.

We eventually got our tent set up and got a little fire going and I noticed that my girlfriend had been staring into one section of the jungle for quite sometime, I asked her is everything ok and I nearly got chills down my spine when she lifted up her arm to point blankly in the woods,

But I noticed at that point what she was looking at and my heart nearly dropped into my stomach when I saw what she was looking at, a tall black figure, I did something dumb something I regret, I called out hey what the he’ll are you doing.

The thing turned to face me by this point my girlfriend was in the tent by now she was so freaked out, now I realize I couldn’t move, as it slowly creeped its way towards me, my girlfriend was yelling nearly in tears we need to get Inside now, I snapped out of it and went into the tent and closed the thing,

I got under my covers to try to show no emotion to this thing at all, as it slowly walked up to our tent I got this feeling of utter terror I felt like I was going to die right then and there, what ever this thing was let out a inhuman scream, it must have been standing there all night long keying out screams like that cuz when I woke up barely remembering what happened me and my girlfriend both had dark black bags under our eyes.

I believe what I experienced that night was some sort of demonic entity and I will never enter that jungle again as long as I live.

Skin walker hunting.

Hello my name is James. I was 14 when I saw this.  I was allways an outdoorsy type of kid I used to grab one of my guns and go out into the woods 200yards behind my house and shoot at anything that moved or I would go hunting.  One day on a October morning I thought it was a good idea to go squirrel hunting, I grabbed my 12Gauge shotgun and a box of shells then I got all my heavy camo on and my gloves and facemask. I went out after telling my mom I was going to a friend’s house I set put on my hunt.

I went out a I walked for a good 2hours I saw nothing for my entire walk to my old shelter I made when I was younger which is weird because around my house squirrels are allways out this time of year.  I walked for 30 minutes more before I got weird feeling I was being watched.

I thought it was a wolf or something so I readyed my shotgun and pumped a she’ll into the chamber.  I wanted to think I was the meanest thing in those woods at the time, untill I heard the most ear splitting shreak I’ve ever heard in my life it was a distance away from me but it still put me on edge.  I calmed myself down and gave a quick prayer. I became calm and continued to walk down the trail.  It was getting dark and I had shot a few squirrels, thats what I think a tracked it to me.

I was walking to the shelter I had made and thot to myself I’ll just spend the night in my old hut. It was the dumbest decision I’ve ever made. I woke up to the sound of running around me, I opened the door to the hut and saw a Herd of deer running around me.  I thought it was strange because there was nothing around to spook them, that’s when I heard it.  Another ear splitting shreak but it was close.  I then saw a tall lanky humanoid figure jump from out of a tree onto a deer and break it’s neck.  I choked down a scream as I watched it tear the skin off the deer.  I slamed the door to my hut and put the pad lock on the door, I loaded my shotgun and waited.

I sat and hurd heavy foot steps come close the the hut, I heard scratching at the hut.  Then it all went quiet.   Then a crash through the roof of the hut. It had broke in to kill me.  I screamed and fired, I hit it, sending it of its feet.

I loaded my gun and ran as fast as I could being the dumb country boy I am I didn’t think to stay in my shelter. I got back to my house in 45minutes of sprinting. I broke through the door and slamed it shut. My mom came into the living room and with the most worried voice I’ve ever heard her in she asked me what was wrong.  I told her everything, I collapsed onto the floor crying.  She told me to go to bed and that it wouldn’t have followed me to the house.

I’ve never seen it or heard it again thanks to god.  I tell this so others don’t make the same mistake I made, and to stay in your shelter. But even today I sometimes think I can see it in the darkness of the woods.

Glad I wasn’t alone

This happened about 3 months ago, which was September from today. Me and my friend Justin were gathering our gear to go for a deer hunt. It was a little past noon, so we didn’t expect animals to start moving yet, so we had some time to get prepared.

Our usual hunting spot is only a mile and a half walk from our property. The spot we like to sit from gives us a view of the whole area. It is on top of a hill, in a field. The woodline is directly behind us, so we are quite close to some deer bedding. I was armed with a compound bow, while Justin had a crossbow, with a scope.

Our plan was to sit till about 6, since it usually gets dark at 5:45. One thing about our hunt kind of had me on edge, and that was that the area was a bit quiet, besides the occasional leaf falling, or wind gusts.

Since we saw nothing, we decided to move down the hill, to get a different vantage point. I was putting my water bottle back in my daypack preparing to move, but a sudden crunch made us both freeze in place. I slowly drew my bow expecting a deer or coyote, but what we saw still haunts me to this day.

I saw deer like horns sticking out of the brush, so naturally I aim in that direction, thinking it’s a deer, but one thing was off. It was about 70 yards out so I waited before it came into the open to shoot, but when it moved into the open, I was stuck in place, and I’m sure Justin was the same.

First we smelled a rotten stench, similar to that of sulfur, or a rotting corpse. When it walked out, it had a head of a deer, with one feature that is sort of burnt into my head, and that is it’s eyes. Dark, empty, black pits in the creatures head.

It was about 4 and a half feet up on all fours, but that creature stood up like a human on its hind legs, scaling in at over 8 feet tall, so easily taller than me and Justin on top of each other, since we are quite short. It just stood there, gazing at the empty highway about a mile out. We tried to be silent to not get attention, so we didn’t shoot. I have never been so terrified in my life. Luckily when a semi engine braked, it scared the creature into the woods where it showed up.

We waited about 5 minutes so if we ran it wouldn’t hear us, or at least catch up with us, since I had a bow and a backpack to carry, and Justin had a crossbow. All I can say, is if you are going into the wilderness for any reason, don’t go alone. Take it from me, because no one wants an encounter like this to happen to them.





failed attempt or was it?

This will sound crazy at first. But as the story goes it will begin to make horrible sense.

I am a hunter. And by that I really mean explorer. I go traditional bow hunting in extremely rural places and on this night that has forever changed.

Like an idiot I was alone and had pushed muched farther than I had meant. The blue ridge mountains in north Georgia will do that to you. I have always considered myself a good bushcrafter and had confidence in my skills to keep safe in most situations.

It was almost dark and I had been climbing down very Ricky hills and knew I should just camp and go back in the morning. I cooked my rabbit and took some cool “bushcraft selfies” and was dozing off when a loud boom jumped my damn near out of my skin.

I am legolas level with my bow but carry a bowie/machete and a 410 revolver just in case. The sound was metallic. Like tin roofing being slammed. I was actually more afraid thinking it was moonshiners or druggies who are usually very violent. I was so wrong.

I quickly shoved my pack onto the small fire to put it out and sat still waiting to hear anything. Then I heard it again only it was more like stressed metal about to give.

Going for stealth I readied my bow and crept down the ridge way hoping to see a pickup simply loading up gear and LEAVING. But I saw darkness. No fire no flashlights nothing.

I stood there  contemplating what to do next. as I went to take my next step I heard they loud crashing sound again. I froze solid the sound was coming from right in front of me just down the hill.

As my eyes adjusted I could make out a large homemade cage. Like ones you would see at the mouth of a mine. I could then see what looked like a camp sight that had been abandoned quickly. Small fire pits with smoking ash and unsettling animal bones.

That’s when the smell hit me. Like a rot of meat only worse. I was so zoned in on the camp that I had not really given the cage attention thinking at that point it was probably the skeleton to a makeshift tent.

That’s when it happened. I was still behind the rocks on the hill mostly hidden but this feeling of dread came over me so hard I almost got sick. Like the most primal sense of knowing you are prey and about to die. I dropped my bow not given two shits about hunting or stealth and grabbed my gun.

Before i could look over the rocks again the most fucked up and disturbing scream/bellow rang out. It was so loud and deep I felt it in my chest. It was all wrong. Like I knew there was nothing on gods green earth that makes that sound. Like is a siren and a man’s death scream were played in reverse at the same time.

As I began noping the fuck out of there I heard the metal sound again and stopped. I thought “wait what if someone is stuck under a rock?” Happens all the time out here. I pony up and run down the hill and as I approach the “cage” out of the darkness of hell itself I see a massive shape throw itself at the side as if it just had to get to me.

I slide back and screamed thinking it wasn’t a trapped climber but that I had walked onto a bear mauling in progress.

Without a single thought I shot the mass through what I now knew to be a steel trap of some kind. The thing yelped and slammed into the corner and sat still. Its breathing sounded almost like a muscle car idle. Then I heard it morph into a demonic voice saying help over and over with each exhale. I went cold and panic set in. As it stood back up ON TWO LEGS I shot again only this time it flew into the side trying to get at me. Like mauling the steel bars and reaching a fucked up arm through reaching at me.

I ran. With everything I had in me I ran. The “thing” began screaming. The sound was horrible. I ran till I got sick and had to stop. Way off in the blackness behind me I still heard its faint scream. It took me all night to find a road and walk back to my truck. I called the police and rangers. Only to be brought in for suspected drug use. I could tell them where it was exactly because I was way off course and didn’t know.

But I can’t stop thinking about it. Was it locking itself away during its “change”? Or had a loved one locked it away and had been keeping it fed and alive?! To this day I still hear it in my sleep growling”help”

The Black Thing From the Forest

When I lived in the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge in the mid-to-late 90s, I would often take a short drive to the neighboring suburb, Des Plaines, to a forest preserve area called Belleau Lake Woods which is mostly known for its stocked trout fishing on the teardrop shaped man-made lake, which is located between the 294 Expressway and Busse Highway and surrounded on the Busse Hwy. side by a small but very thick woods. The lake is ringed by a gravel path that is popular with joggers and walkers, and of course lots of people fishing.

The one time I went was in the early summer or late spring, I remember it being a gorgeous day, sunny, clear blue sky, I think it was late morning because I remember I stopped for breakfast at a nearby McDonald’s on the way there. When I got to the tiny parking lot off Busse Hwy, I noticed that there were no other cars, so I thought to myself “Great, I have the whole path to myself for once” as I did some stretching before jogging.

I did see a couple of guys fishing on the opposite side of the lake from where the gravel path started, as I began my jog, listening to my Walkman. The lake is about a mile long, and so it’s a nice length jog, but when I was nearly to the far end of the lake, near the expressway side, I really had to pee, and the outhouse was back by the parking lot, so I found a dirt path into the woods along the path, and made sure I was far enough in so cars from the expressway couldn’t see me or any passers-by who might job or walk by. I think I may have gone too far into the woods, because the warm sunshine was replaced by green as far as I could see from the tightly packed trees and shrubs and weeds. Also, there was after a few seconds, as I looked for the “right” tree, a feeling of being watched from further down the dried mud trail in the woods, where the trail took a sharp turn to the right behind a couple of huge pine trees. I turned off my Walkman, and took the head phones off, and, yes, I lamely called out towards the distance “Hello?”

I finished up my thing at the tree and walked path to the path and looked up, and about 20 feet down was a black shape, my first reaction was it was someone in a really dark hoodie but as I looked again, it was all black, no features, about 6 or 7 feet tall, and looking like one of those old-fashioned white  sheet ghosts, but this thing was so black it stood out sharply against the greenery around it. It didn’t move and for a second I closed my eyes, hoping my eyes were playing tricks on me, and when I opened them, it was now a few feet closer, and swaying slowly left to right, all the time totally soundless.

I took off running through the shrubs and woods, off the mud path, back towards the gravel path around the lake, as fast as I could go, scratching my arms and hands, along the way, pushing branches out of my way, not daring to look behind me. I continued to run outside the woods, on the white gravel, until I got to the opposite side of the lake, and then stopped to catch my breath.

I looked up towards the opening in the woods across the lake where I’d come out of half-expecting the thing to be standing there, but it wasn’t. I looked for a little bit more, waiting for something to come out or any movement, but nothing. I jogged briskly back to the parking lot, and sat in my car for a few minutes, replaying what had just happened in my head. I know I didn’t imagine it, it was there, whatever it was.

I did return to Belleau Lake on a couple more occasions to jog around the lake, but never did go back into the woods again after that. All these years later, I can still see that thing swaying black as coal, silently, on that forest path, and it still makes my palms sweat thinking about it.