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Don’t Move

I am a 13 year old girl and I live in Austin, Texas. The neighborhood I live in a safe environment, or so I thought.

This happened over spring break and I will never forget it. I was staying with my best friend for the week, seeing as her parents were out of town, she didn’t want to be alone. Lets call her Zoe. The first night was a normal night. Although, we didn’t like what happened the next night. We were sitting in her room that night, starving to death. We decided to look for food in the house, but we couldn’t find anything. So, we decided to go and get food.

My Friendly Encounter In The Woods ⚝

I’ve been wanting to tell about this encounter for the longest time on this here but I didnt’t think anyone would believe me but here it is…I’m a 21 year old female from a small town in Mississippi, My story begins in the smaller town of Columbia where my fiance’ is from. This all started the first time I stayed the night at his house, he would always tells me how creepy the woods around his parents house are and how they would always creep him out as a kid. So one night around 8:30 or so we decided to go walk the old trails that were starting to grow back up cause he hasn’t been in those woods since he was a kid, so we started walking and we kept hearing these weird noises thinking it’s just us being big babies we kept walking the deeper and it got the quieter the deeper we got and at one point we saw these old cars and toys….just.. sitting there tangled up in the trees and vines…I tugged his arm and he says “don’t worry baby girl that’s normal around here”. Let’s just say..I stayed pretty close to him after that, He had to use the bathroom so he walked across the branch to cross the creek and I stayed back in the woods watching him go across the water, he climbed the other side and said he would be back in a few minutes. I just looked around staying pretty close to the edge of the woods so I could see when he would come back, I heard leaves crunching behind me thinking it was just my fiance’s Alaskan Husky ingeniously named Husky.. I breathed a sigh of relief and turned to call to him to come give me some comfort of being alone in woods I’ve never been in before..but as when I turned around it didn’t take me long to realize it wasn’t Husky..It was this..this creature hunched over looking at me. Now as a background on myself I love listening to monster sightings and paranormal stuff. But I’ve never heard a story about a creature looking like this thing, It was huge compared to my height of 5’6 and it would have towered my 6’2 fiance’ as well.. this thing was skinny and had black and brown hair all over with huge eyes that were almost human looking but its legs were long and bowed out to the sides slightly like it was horseback riding to walked closer to me slowly I stepped back and slipped of the edge of the embankment and before I knew what was happening I opened my eyes to see this thing holding my arm pulling me back up into the woods and standing me on my feet again.. it just turned it’s headed to the side and stared at me, it turned and ran away when Husky came running towards it barking. I leaned down to pet Husky and heard my fiance’ calling for me I turned and walked over to him trying to explain what I saw and he just joked and said it was probably just Bigfoot. Of course I don’t believe him I know what I saw and even to this day when I stay the weekends I’ll see it standing in the woods on the way to his house, and standing in the woods behind his house and when it sees me it just leans it’s head to the side for a second or two puts it’s head back upright again and then walks back into the woods. Please if anyone else knows what this thing is or has any idea or had a similar encounter please let me know. Thank You!

What the hell was that?

I still have yet to figure out what I heard that night. At some point I thought it was Bigfoot after thinking about it for about a week. Sometime later I was listening to Darkness Prevails tell about some ones encounter with Bigfoot and how they usually smell really bad. I didn’t smell anything what so ever.

This happened in the middle of August, if I recall correctly it was the night of the 16th, 2016. I had gone up to Washington with two of my best friends. I’ll be calling them Jeff and Gary. It was Jeff’s grandparents lake house that we would be staying at for the week. An they would be there the second day. The first day we had gone hiking during the day nothing crazy happened other than Jeff losing his phone to a waterfall. Which was kind of funny. When we got back to the house we ate, watched some T.V. and then went for a swim in the lake. Again nothing major happened. The night was closing in on us. We wanted to go to bed so we go hike some more. I wanted to sleep outside under the stars. Jeff and Gary didn’t but, said they would leave the back door unlocked incase I wanted to come back in. I thanked them and gathered up my things. Which included my phone, a water bottle, two small pocket knives and my combat knife plus a flashlight and sleeping bag. I knew there was a hammock and a tent outside. I wanted to try sleeping on the hammock. So, I got my sleeping bag on it and opened it part way, took off my shoes and crawled in. It was an awesome night! Seeing all the stars in the sky, the crickets chirping, fish jumping in and out of the water. I fell asleep quick.

Signs of Sasquatch in Maine

This isn’t a long story and it’s one that happened to my dad when he was in his twenties. He told this story to my sister and I when we were kids and ever since we’ve enjoyed listening to creepy encounter stories and the like, especially concerning Bigfoot.

To give a setting, this story took place in central Maine on a back dirt road on the outskirts of my small hometown. It was in the middle of winter during a light snow storm. If any of you are from Maine you’ll understand that the snow does not stop people from going out and living their lives. We’re all very experience and prepared driving through bad snowy weather. My dad and a few friends of his were at another friend’s house very late. Now at the time this old dirt road didn’t have many houses on it and it certainly doesn’t have street lights or anything like that. Today there are more houses but even today you can drive miles before seeing another house so it’s quite secluded. There are lots of thick forests all throughout Maine and here was no exception. My dad and two of his friends finally left their friend’s house around 2am. Snow was freshly fallen on the road and being so late in a secluded place the snow wasn’t very disturbed by other cars. As they drove my dad noticed odd tracks in the road. They looked like human tracks. He and his friends got out of the car to examine them. They did look like human tracks but they were very large, larger than a normal man’s foot print and they were barefoot. The tracks came from one side of the road, followed the road for a little ways, then continued up and over a snowbank and into the woods on the opposite side of which they had emerged. Now no one in their right mind would be out here in a snow storm bare footed at 2 in the morning. All three of the men saw the tracks and my dad swears this to be true. Nothing else happened, it was just a bizarre occurrence that makes him believe not only does Bigfoot likely exists, they’re also close to home.

Terrible Creature at my Window

This story takes place when I was just 7 years old. Please bear with me as english is not my first language. Now, I’m from a very quiet and very rural part of mexico. There, many of our neighbors, family and friends were farmers and livestock breeders. Most of us lived off the land the best we could.

Because of this, I was around a lot of animals all the time. I often played with the chickens or pet the cows, for example. Being so young and surround by so many cute animals, it was very fun for me. It was a great time in my life. Many of you might think it sounds dirty or unsophisticated, but it was a place I called home, and I was proud of that. We often took trips from the capital city of my state Michoacan to other nearby farmlands for the purpose of visiting, trading or giving away stuff we had grown or cultivated. It gave me plenty of opportunities to visit other children my age, to make friends, and of course hang out with plenty of other farm animals.

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