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Scoutmaster’s Voice

I am an eagle scout in Ohio, and I do a lot of camping most of the camp outs I go fishing on because it gets me away from the younger scouts. So when this all happened I was at peace until it all went to hell.

The trip was reasonably peaceful, we ate played capture the flag etc, etc. The everyone went to bed exept me I decided to go night fishing with a buddy. So about midnight we head out to a lake about a mile and a half away from the campsite. Thinking nothing of it this seemed routine to us. When we got there we were greeted by the usual crickets frogs and such and we were there for about 45 minutes until this started happening…

It wasn’t a Gar

This occurred in 2007, when I was 9 years old. My family has always been very outdoorsy, and that summer my dad, my two brothers, Luke and Owen, ages 15 and 12 respectively, and I had gone camping at a site in Virginia. For the life of me, I can’t remember its name.

We spent the first few days doing normal touristy stuff like canoeing, hiking and fishing. On the morning of the fourth day, my brothers and I woke early with the intent of going for an early morning swim. There was a large lake just out of eyesight of our tent, and after wolfing down a quick breakfast, we put on our swim trunks and set off. Luke had brought his fishing pole, since there was a large fishing pier at the lake.

Abigails Lake Monster

This story is an amazing incident that has happened to me recently on a fishing trip in Washington State.

But first, let me establish a little bit about myself.

What was that?

By Darth Exodus

Recently, me and some coworkers from Burger King went on a bit of a campingtrip. This was in Kentucky, very close to the Tennessee border. Due to privacy concerns, I will not use our real names.

It was me, by best friend Kevin, his girlfriend Lexi, our coworkers Shawn, Tia, Maddy, Eric, Bob, Hailey, Breana, Dakota, and Kenzie. The place we camped was by a creek. On the other side of the creek was a nearly 90 degree cliff, on that was a pay lake.

Hidden in the Brush

By Tyler

So, around April or May of this year, (2016), my girlfriend and I went on a camping trip. Being from Michigan places to camp are extremely plentiful, but who really want to go to a camp site and deal with other people? We decided the place for us to go is in the Manistee National Forest. It’s a massive area of woodland hills, one of the prettiest places I have ever been.

Anyways, were driving around the forest, and I pull into a small clearing off a dirt road. We scout around and decide to keep looking for other areas we can camp out, keeping that area locked in our minds so we can stay there if we don’t find a better spot. We drive maybe a mile away and turn down an overgrown trail. My car was barely high to not scrape along the ground, mind you I drive an 01 ford taurus.

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