Wendigo in the Woods

So, I am 17 years old and I live in a very wooded area. My friends and I usually go into the woods near my house because we could smoke and get away from everything. I’ve always had an eerie feeling about these woods though. I’ve felt like something didn’t want us to be there. This one particular night we where all messing around and walking down the usual path.

We noticed these deer following us, but we didnt put much thought to it.

Then we heard a branch snap behind us. We looked being us and saw the same deer but on looked odd. It just didn’t look right. When it noticed that we knew it was there the odd one stood up. That was odd. I didn’t think deer could stand on there hind legs that easily. We didn’t pay much attention though So we kept walking.

After maybe about 20 minutes of walking we came across a circle of some sort.

It was red and had some animal skulls around it. Now we were seriously freaked out.

Then we heard a loud snap of a branch nearby. I looked to the right and saw that same deer i had seen earlier. It made a horrifying noise. Like a laugh. It tried to sound normal but it sounded so wrong. Then it bent it’s legs and sort of stretched it’s torso out.

It had large pointy black claws. It snapped it’s head towards us. It bent down on all fours and crawled towards us. We ran so fast. One of my friends, John slipped on a rock near a small stream. “Oh god my leg!” he cried.

I looked back and his leg was snapped backwards. I feel bad for this but I kept running. Me and my friend came to two different roads. I told him to follow me but he didn’t. I kept running. Then I heard the worst things I will ever hear in my life.

I heard Trent and John screaming at the top of there lungs.

“What the hell is that?!”

Then I heard Trent scream and then I heard John still screaming to help him. I couldn’t I felt so bad. To this day I still don’t know what happened to them but I don’t want to know.

But I still feel so bad that I left them. I will never forget it.

The Deerman

This is such a bizarre event that took place in 2012 in Northern Illinois. It’s 2018 now and it’s been 6 years since I ran into the deer man. I think about it at least once a week if not more. It still bothers me greatly.

In the summer of 2012 my best friend Stephen had been camping out on my family’s property which consisted of 20 acres of forest. I live on the same property only about 50 yards from the forest line in a small house.

It is quiet area but I do live by a very populated town. It’s by no means the country which makes this event even stranger. One morning as he was walking down my main trail he said he encountered a man briefly who ran into the brush. He only got a brief glimpse of him so he called me on my house phone from his cell phone and said I had a trespasser.

I was out there literally within one minute and we were searching the trail but saw noone. Then I spotted a naked man about 30 feet in the woods crouched down completely flat with his face between his knees and his arms outstretched ahead of him. I could see his ribs and his arm muscles. He had jet black, shoulder-length, very filthy-looking hair. He appeared to be a Caucasian. He had no clothes on at all.

We began to shout at him that he was trespassing and that we were going to call the police. He did not move a muscle. Did not flinch at all. We continued to yell again warning him he had better leave. Still no response. Then Stephen and I decided to charge him. We looked at each other and nodded.

As we placed our first step into the brush something very strange happened.

The man seemed to coalesce together and turn into a strange tannish brown color. Like his torso and his legs melted together. His transformation was like a fluid motion if that makes sense. He became a sandy brown color and then all of a sudden a deer stood up, it’s head protruding into the air. It appeared to be a doe.

It looked in our direction and then calmly walked off. Did not run, it walked keeping its gaze upon us.

Then we thought to ourselves well that was just a deer.

We brushed it off and walked off and several seconds later I snapped out of this sort of trance of forgetfulness that it tried to put us in and we both realized what we saw was not of this normal world. If I had not seen it I would have never of believed it.

We saw a man transform into a deer.

A shapeshifter?

A spirit?

A wendigo?

I do not know.

But I do know that I saw that with my own eyes. I still live on the same property now and at night I catch myself looking into the woods and thinking could it have came back or what else is out there. If anyone else has had an encounter like this please let me know.

Wendigo encounter

This is a really wierd. But this is the only time I’ve actually beleived in the supernatural.

I’ve alwayse known about crap like this but ive never seen anything crazy. This all happened just a few weeks ago back in December of 2017. I live in town in northern Minnesota,  on the city edge, but its still pretty heavily populated. But there is still alot of animals walking around, but this was never like any animal I’ve ever seen in my life.

It was around 7 or 8:00pm.  I was sitting home alone with my cat watching a movie, then all of a sudden out of nowhere my cat, which was calmly sitting on my lap sleeping jumped  out of my bet and hid under my bed.

I asked her what was wrong but she just sat under my bed looking around my room like a monster was in my room or something.

But I wasn’t far off. About 1/2 an hour later after my cat hid, I decided to take out my trash, like any other day. I walked out past my backyard gate opened it, and put the trash bag in my dumpster. Then I heard it, something in my neighbors ally.

I paused for a while, then it crawled out, a large, skinny, and boney, body looking like a human corpse, rotting and creaking when it moved. It looked at me, then snarled at me.

The next thing i knew i was in my house, with my kitchen knife. I ran so goddamn fast back to my house and ran into my kitchen, grabbing a knife and closing the shutters, wondering what I just saw. I waited a few minuits waiting to see if i came to my house,

But nothing happened. Then the next day texting my friend who lives two blocks away from me.

I asked him if he ever saw anything strange last night. He said that he did see some stray cats running really fast away from the ally but nothing else really. Then I realized what I saw the night before might actually be real. Then i realize what I saw that night was a wendigo. I realized by playing the video game untill dawn a few days ago.

And I realized how much deep trouble i could have been in that night. Now when i take out my garabage I always have my pocket knife in my pocket, just incase…

That skin walker

this story is very short but when I was told about this experience I was pretty freaked.

So I was on the way back home from a week long camp out, and on the night before we left we were told some stories about wendigos and skin walkers and other freaky things.

So my friend was fine until we got into the skin walkers, he was freaked out by skin walkers I didn’t know why he was terrified about skin walkers until he told me later.

Something you should know about him is that he is probably one the most funny and happy people I know, so he said that his dad had an old friend that was on a hunting trip in the mountains, so his friend wanted to go exploring on his own.

Later that day he came back to camp wide eyed and scared almost to death.

He told every one that he saw a skin walker and nobody believed him, he also told them that he was going to die that night, he said the skin walker told him that it would kill him.

Of course nobody believed him so they were very surprised that he was actually dead, frozen in his sleeping bag. nobody could find what killed him so they assumed he was telling the truth and that there was actually a skin walker in those woods.

They all went home after that. I already believed in ghosts before I heard that and I new we weren’t being told about everything going on in the world but I didn’t believe in skin walkers but I definitely do now.

wendigo stalking me

These three events i am about to tell, happened two weeks ago. I am still having nightmares. This all started in late December and early January. I was walking home from school when suddenly i heard the weirdest sounding noise ever. It sounded like a little girl wailing, but at the same time a grown man. I was unsettled a bit, but i brushed it off.

When i got home, I asked my dad if he had heard the noise but he said he hadn’t. Nothing else really happened until later that night. At about 8:00 in the night, I heard the weird noise again, except it was much closer.

This kind of spooked me, so I looked out the window where the noise had been, but there was nothing there.

The next day when i was walking to school i heard hooves walking in the forest that was on both sides of me. I was getting a little chilled but I just walked a bit faster. Fast forward that night.

Both my parents where gone because they were at business meetings.

So i had to watch my siblings for the rest of the night. At about the same time as the night before i heard the weird noise, but dismissed it because I didn’t want my brother and sister to be scared. Little did I know they heard it to when my brother came up to me and asked me “What is that weird howling noise outside?”, in which i said “Uh I don’t know. Probably a coyote.”

For two days nothing happened, but the day my parents got home is where it got really scary.

It was a Saturday, and I was an outdoor kid, so I went outside. It had snowed the night before, so my brother and I went into the woods so we could see if our fort had been knocked down.

When we got there it was completely destroyed. I’m  talking branches of our tree were stripped down and broken. About the snow, it had snowed only 10 minutes before we walked out, so anything that was imprinted was new.

We found out baseball bats we had brought incase of emergency. We checked all around our fort and to our horror we found foot prints the size of both of my hands stacked together. They were new footprints which means the thing that made them was close.

The foot prints were like hooves, but with three parts instead of two.

Then we heard it. It was the weird noise I had been hearing all of those nights. I picked the base ball bat up and got in front of my little brother. We saw what was emitting the noise. It looked terrifying. It stood about 8 feet tall. It’s head was that of a deer, except it was bone and skin. The fur it had was on its ear, arms, and legs. It was extremely skinny.

I could see it’s ribs.

It’s eyes were as black as night. it’s legs were bent weirdly and it’s arms had human fingers with 4 inch claws. It hissed at us and stepped forward.

I don’t know why I was so freaking stupid, but i ran at it. This thing was 8 feet tall and I ran at it. I struck it as hard as I could with the bat. The bat hit its shoulder, and the thing screeched. Me and my brother ran out of the woods crying.

He shouted, “What the fuck was that thing?!” however I didn’t answer.

We ran home. I told my brother not to tell my parents. I looked up what I saw on the internet, and drew it. The thing that looked most like it is known as a wendigo. As for the wendigo, I didn’t see it for a couple of days. But then It got into my house. It did this because of my stupidity.

So basically I had sorta forgotten about the incident, and was playing video games, I think it was CoD WWll.

I was playing when suddenly I heard this from downstairs: Crash! Thump thump thump. I immediately turned off the TV and went into my room locked the door and prayed.

I heard my brother’s voice say “What the fuck was that thing?!” but I knew it wasn’t him because he was at his friend’s house. It was like it was a recording of him saying it. The same thing happened for 30 or so minutes.

When i hear the sound of relief: Click click. It was the door being unlocked. I opened my bedroom door just to see the same creature jumping out of the window.

Nothing has happened since, and I hope nothing will ever happen again.