Gagged by wood spirits

I’m nineteen years old girl from Finland, and I had this experience about four years ago when I lived in Lapland. Our house was near to this forested hill where i used to go take long walks.

This time it was winter and there was a lot of snow everywhere.

I went to that forest once again, in order to get some fresh air. I wasn’t planning to stay for long because it was so cold outside. After all I ended up wading in the snow in the middle of the woods, but I still wasn’t too far from our house.

Everytime I spend time in nature I totally lose all sense of time, and that’s what happened this time as well. Also, that forest always gives me weird vibes, as if someone is watching me all the time as i go, and I’m kind of scared to deviate from the path or make much noise. I try to be respectful, you know.

I’ve read that there’s an ancient creature that lives on that very hill.

As the hill has been named Ounas hill the creature’s known as Ounas Ukko. I believe that I was feeling his presence there. So, I was searching for one trail that i knew to be near, and wanted to get there so i wouldn’t have to walk in the snow because that stopped me from moving fast.

Still, for some weird reason, I couldn’t spot the trail no matter how i was searching. Until finally, I saw the trail. But it wasn’t the one i was looking for. I realized that I was maybe three miles away from home and there’s no way i could’ve made it that far. I was freezing and very confused and I had to find the right trail and walk all the way back home. I’ve heard that some spirits that live in the woods can trick or mislead people.

They’re not evil, but they may be really impish. Spirits of juniper are usually those who lead people astray, and to prevent their little tricks you’re supposed to turn over your jacket.

That’s an old belief. I strongly believe that those spirits had something to do with my experience.

The picture by John Bauer

Dogman driven off

This was not a report I myself witnessed but instead one my grandmother told me about that my aunt later corroborated seperately. For a little background my grandparents’, currently aunt’s, home is in backwoods of Virginia. Extremely thick forest with hilly terrain in all directions. You have to get on a dirt path and follow it for about half a mile to get to a gravel covered side road, and then follow it for about 30 minutes to reach a very small town just across the North Carolina border. If you go a short ways North you find yourself at the Blue Ridge mountains and parkway that lead up into Appalachia proper. The forest is mostly low-lying shrubs up to around 4 feet high with pine and a lot of black oak trees making up the canopy. There is a very clear stream about 30 yards from the house which has fish quite frequently. This along with wild blackberries, tender leaf shrubs, and some apple trees make it very lucrative for wildlife. The house itself is an old two-story house built onto an incline of the hill that overlooks it. This was back in the 1970s, my aunt believes it was 1978 as she was finishing high school at the time.

My father had graduated from college and was going on to the Air Force, so he had already moved out. My grandfather, although he was old enough to retire, liked to remain busy so he worked his old job as an electrician and power pole technician; just now in an advisory role because he was getting up there in years. He had just gotten the contract down in North Carolina so he was away from the house for about a week and a half. This left only my 17-year-old aunt and grandmother at the house.

As I said there usually was a lot of wildlife in the area. A typical morning for my grandmother was making breakfast and sitting out on her porch watching deer and rabbits eat at the shrubs. Sometimes she would also see or hear a bobcat, fox, or coyote about. On one occasion a mountain lion and her cups strolled right past the house. One animal she was familiar with in particular was a very large black bear who could be recognized by folks around those parts from a white patch on his chest and a hole in his left ear. My grandmother nicknamed him “Captain” because he had a habit of sitting on his haunches and reaching up with his paws to pick apples, a motion that looked like he was saluting. Captain was a very big black bear but wasn’t very aggressive unless tested. He seemed to have an agreement with my grandmother and grandfather that if they left him alone he would leave them alone. He’d just strolled by the house every now and then to have some blackberries on the bushes or apples that had fallen down, which meant he came by the house’s yards often as he was too big to climb trees much more and the fruit trees around the house were low enough he could reach up and pick food. My grandfather guesstimated he was somewhere in the 500 to 600-pound range and roughly 6 feet tall as my grandfather once measured some scratch marks he left on a tree.

During the week my grandmother noticed a fairly sharp decline in the animals nearby. It was the latter part of summer in a wet season so most of the plants were full-bloom and the leaves were at their tenderest, yet she couldn’t see hide nor hair of any rabbits or dear coming to graze. A coyote she had her yapping every night for the past month seemed to vanish. A few neighbors (by neighbors I mean people who lived within 5 miles) who stopped by told her something had taken their dog and their chicken coop had been smashed into. They assumed the mountain lion that lurked about had done it since it was the only other thing that could feasibly take down a large farm dog as they had seen Captain the day after in a completely different area gorging himself on a dead deer.

They checked around the couldn’t find anything. The next night my grandmother was woken up by my aunt who told her that she heard something bang against the outside of her wall. They checked around in the morning after and found one of the deer butchered with a bloody smear on the wall. Judging from the way the gravel was disturbed, the deer had been walking by the house when something ambushed it and in the struggle, it got smacked against the wall. My grandmother, having grown up in the woods, was familiar with predator kills and methods. Mountain lions tend to jump on the back and rake their claws across the flanks to hold on as they bite the neck, black bears will usually break the neck or the back with their paws while biting the head, and the rare occasions coyotes attack deer they usually do it by biting down on the inside of the leg and twisting to rip the muscle and arteries. This kill clearly had the throat ripped out, but there weren’t any claw marks to be found and the bite looked narrower than what a cougar would do. Plus she could gander there was only one predator from the way the ground had been disturbed, which didn’t make sense for coyotes as they typically hunted in pairs since just one alone isn’t usually enough to bring down a full grown deer.

After disposing of the carcass the next few nights were relatively uneventful except for the fact several times my aunt or grandmother would be woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of something panting outside. Now in these woods you can hear a pin drop if it’s close enough and at some points, they could swear the animal making the painting was directly outside the wall. One day my grandmother was picking some berries when she noticed what looked like dog tracks of a very large hound going through a mud flat bordering the nearby stream. Thinking it might be the missing farm dog who had maybe just run away, she followed the tracks until she heard something loudly growling at her from across the stream.

She looked up to see the partially obscured face of what look like on large, bulky, brown colored coyote or wolf standing in a thicket on the other side of the stream. She quickly began to back away, glancing back only to check her footing on the slope that led down to the stream. When she looked back she saw the very distinctly canine face in much greater detail because the animal had moved out from under cover. But instead of stepping out of the leaves like she thought it did at first, she soon noticed that it was instead standing up on its hind legs and peering over the shrubs. Now she had seen canines stand upright before. Dogs do it, foxes can do it, coyotes sometimes do it. It was the size that took her off guard. She had been to that exact same thicket of shrubs just the other day and her head only just barely reached the top, and my grandmother was around 5’3. This thing had its head pitched clear over the shrubs with a little bit of extra visible. And usually, when a predator is making no attempt to hide, it’s usually because its trying to intimidate someone. My grandmother managed to back away to the hill without turning around, and when she started to get out of sight the creature stepped out of the thicket on its hind legs. It strolled forward in a very uncanny way she had trouble describing but she insisted it never went back down on all fours. Needless to say, she ran to the house in a backpedal sprint. That night they heard the panting again along with a distant howl and scraping sounds. They found the garage door, back door frame, and kitchen window frame all had claw marks on them from something investigating them.

The canine creature was seen a few more times across the week by my grandmother and the neighbors; usually on or near the area of my family’s property. My aunt finally saw it when she saw a pair of fuzzy ears outside her window. Now she wasn’t startled right off the bat from this as Captain had come by her window a few times before and she gradually lost some fear of the big bear over the years. But in his case his ears just barely reached the edge of the window seal whereas in this case, you could clearly see them and the top of their owner’s head. She quickly realized it wasn’t the bear because of the pointed shape, brown coloring, and the fact it had two fully intact ears. They also started to detect a very pungent smell on a side door porch, one time finding what look like some urinal or some other liquid stains on it; suggesting an animal had scent marked it to claim the spot.

It all came to a head on a Wednesday night when they heard howling in the distance grow closer. My grandmother flipped on a porch light and glimpsed the canine animal quickly sprinting across the lawn on its hind legs again, her sighting confirming how big it was. For several hours of the night, they could hear it roaming around the property and pressing against doors like it was trying to find a way in. They glimpsed at several points eye shine of yellow eyes peering in through the windows as well as broad, long-fingered paws being pushed against the glass briefly. This was the day an age before cell phones and 24-hour police service in some rural areas, so no one had a means of immediately calling the police. Instead, my grandmother had to wait arduous minutes on a landline with connection difficulty trying to call the police station two towns over.

She was distracted by my aunt screaming, running into the bedroom to get one of the guns out. She had been sitting in the living room when she felt clicking against the glass and saw “that wolf thing” pressing its face and bared teeth against the surface with its claws fully outstretched. Both of them started to try to get the rifles or shotguns out, it was becoming increasingly clear the creature was trying to get into the house and knew they were in there.

They heard it panting through a wall before there was the sound of heavy footsteps and a very loud “Thump!”. Now it’s not like in the movies when creatures roar, snarl, and hiss constantly no matter what they’re doing. My aunt and grandmother hadn’t the faintest idea what was going on outside and didn’t investigate until the morning after, but they could tell something was antagonizing something as occasional grunts, barks, and rumbles were audible through the blackness.

They found no bodies but there’d clearly been an ferocious altercation. The ground was ripped up in multiple spots, the wall had a dent in it, and there was some oxidized blood traces on the grass and dirt. My grandmother also found a trail where something had charged through the shrubs and recovered several vague dog prints as wider tracks moving the same direction. The animals all seemed to come back by the end of the week and the howls stopped.
When my grandfather came back home he, my aunt, and some neighbors surveyed the area to make sure they couldn’t find the wolf creature. Evidently the neighbors had also heard howls around their property at night that stopped recently too. They couldn’t find it despite surveying the whole property, though they did find what looked like a track way leading out of the property and running off into the mountains.

Several days later my grandmother saw Captain again, marking his territory by rubbing up against a tree in their yard and scratching the bark. He had several cuts across his muzzle, was missing patches of fur, had some healed bite wounds on his arm, and the hole in his ear had been torn open to the point he was missing half the ear flap, but other than that and a slight limp that went away with time; he was fine.

When he was told about the urine like smell on the doorstep when the wolf creature was running amok, my grandfather speculated it was trying to claim the territory. Usually black bears are relatively docile but evidently Captain took issue with this newcomer imposing on his space and became aggressive, so what my grandmother and aunt heard that one night was the bear charging while it was distracted and engaging the intruder. While the wolf looking creature was taller, it seemed skinnier and apparently decided it wasn’t worth claiming this spot if it meant having to square off with a quarter ton of claws and teeth for it. As a thank you and so he could recover his strength quicker my grandmother trimmed the apple trees to down all the fruit and let the bear enjoy himself without feeding him directly. Winter would be in a few months and she wanted him fattened up so he could stick around for the next year, just in case.

Backwoods Ghost Story

My name is Quintin and look I don’t care what people say, this is a real ghost story. When I was young I used to live in the backwoods of Pulaski, Virginia. I lived in a relatively large house and we lived rather close to my grandparents which being a kid, I thought was nice.

Ever since I was a kid there are days that I stay with my mother and some days I stay with my father, on this one night it was a day when I was with my mother and my grandparents came over who I will address as Paw and Granny.

Paw and Granny had come to the house and we decided to go out for Pizza, when we came back to the house after eating we all decided to go downstairs and watch T.V. so me, my mother, Paw, and Granny went downstairs and sat down to watch T.V.

When we went downstairs we were down there for about 25 minutes and there was one point where my Granny had to use the bathroom. She went up to the bathroom and after she was done she came down stairs milk white an told us all what happened.

She said that after she had used the bathroom she had stopped and look in the mirror to fix her hair and at one point she looked away from the mirror for one moment and she told us that when she looked back up, she said that there was a woman ghost in the mirror that looked my Granny dead in the eyes. My Granny said she wasn’t scared but very nervous and as she looked the ghost in the eyes, the ghost got what my Granny called a “warm smile” on her face and when my Granny turned around to look at her, the ghost was gone.

My Granny had come down stairs and she wasn’t shaking but she looked very uneasy and she was white as the daylight and she told us what she saw and my mother didn’t pull any of the stuff you see in the movies saying stuff like it was her imagination. My mother said she saw the truth in her eyes and that she clearly wasn’t lying.

We watch T.V. for about 20 more minutes and then they went on home. After hearing what my Granny said, being young I slept in my moms room that night andy grandmother hasn’t seen the ghost since we moved out of the house when I was 8.

I may not be living in that house anymore but my dad’s house is haunted so I am still in a haunted house to this day.

One thing weird about that house though is that even though being little I had never wtnessed the ghost but whenever I stayed in that house, I had a lot of nightmares night after night it was nightmares. It had finally stopped when we moved out. Read more “Backwoods Ghost Story”

Creepy Neighbor

Okay first let’s start of with a little background. I am a tall 15 year old girl and I’m strong as well as extremely paranoid. I just moved into this new house when I first noticed the neighbors watching us move in. I waved “Hi” to them, after all I am really friendly. Then I saw a guy probably in his thirties staring at me.

I of course waved “Hi” to him as well then I noticed this very wide grin on his face which made me uncomfortable.

So I went inside and looked around the house it was a large house after all we did need seven rooms. Here let me explain my family I’m a fifteen year old girl who has three brothers who are older then me and one sister I did have two sisters but one of them got cancer and died at the age five and then my over protective mom and my dad who looks after me the most.

I went to my room which had a perfect view for me to see the front yard which made my mom uncomfortable but of course I stayed in that room. It was summer vacation and my mom was begging me to come outside and play baseball. Which was my favorite sport and plus I was starting to look like a zombie.

So I grabbed my baseball bat and played baseball with my brothers, dad and sister.

Then I look at the apartments a cross the street from our house and saw the guy that was watching me move in and I felt bad because he was all alone so I went and asked my dad if he could come play baseball with us and with my dad being chill he said sure.

So I crossed the street and ask the guy what his name was and told him mine. He told me his name was well let’s just make one up I can’t even say his real name.

He said his name was “Austin” and I asked him if he wanted to play baseball with me and he said this “As long as your playing.” We had a very violent German shepherd mix and so I wasn’t that scared. We crossed the street and played baseball for about an hour when the man told us he had to leave so he left and I went back inside.

I was looking at my family playing baseball when I felt my stomach drop I felt like throwing up. I looked around and then saw Austin waving at me so I waved back keep in mind I was a boxer.

The next day my family went to get the rest of our stuff from the house and I stayed home so I went to my moms room and watched tv. It was the only room with a working tv. Then I remembered that I forgot to lock the door and I heard the door open so I peeked outside of my moms room and saw Austin inside he knew where my room was and that scared me because I had all of my stuff already packed in my room.

And I saw go into my room so I silently shut my moms door and locked it.

I heard him walk to the room I was in then he left and went into the bathroom.

After thirty minutes he left the house so I unlocked the door and then went into my room and got really uncomfortable I saw that all of my bras and panties were on the floor then I went into the bathroom and found that he took my brush for my hair. And I had no idea what he would have done to me if I wasn’t in my moms room with the door locked.

I jumped when I started hear my dog honey the German shepherd mix barking nonstop like something or someone pissed her off. I ran down stairs and just about threw up when I saw my neighbor still in the house with me. He looked at me with a grin growing bigger every second.

I wasn’t even thinking, I was so stupid because it was clear that Austin could have grabbed me and could have done what ever he wanted to do to me.

But I did it anyways I ran passed him heading for the back door where our dog was but he grabbed me. I was crying uncontrollably I closed my eyes he wiped my tears and I got grossed out and kicked him not even as hard as I could and ran.

Then I heard my parents car drive up Austin got scared and ran out the back door kicking honey away from him and jumping the fence. My mom and dad were so shocked to see me curled up in a ball crying uncontrollably.

I told my parents about Austin and my parents called the police and they couldn’t find him.

I am getting goosebumps writing this story and I couldn’t sleep for two days straight after all that happened honey slept in my room for the rest of the week.

My Creepy Neighbor

So to start, let me tell a little bit about myself. I’m currently a junior in high school, 6’0″ and about 200 pounds with a slight build. I live in a small neighborhood twenty miles outside of the nearest possible town, which is basically a german-like town in Central Washington State.

I had only recently moved here, probably about two years ago just after I had finished middle school from where I had previously lived in Seattle. Some neighbors aren’t the nicest or most friendly in our area, and some of them are without a doubt a little creepy.

And there is one of them that just makes me want to cringe and close my eyes whenever I encounter him.

My family are always the ones that love to joke around and make people laugh, so all of this started about mid-July I believe in 2015 and I remember me and my dad were working on a little trampoline outside for my little brother.

I remember this guy walking up our long driveway just staring at my father blankly before walking right up to him and asking if he needed any help, my father replied saying he never needed any help, but before my dad could say another word the man said “You wanna see my scars?”.

My dad had nervously said “Sure, I guess?”.

Without hesitation, the man had pulled up his shirt showing off the amount of scars he had on his chest. My dad had told the man to put his shirt back on and leave immediately, the man did as my dad said and let out a disturbing moan.

The man then said, “I’ll see you both later” with a creepy grin on his face. I was a guy, which makes this just as weird.

Nothing much happened after that for another year or so. It wasn’t until November of 2016 that I had once again encountered this creep. Let me give you the best description of this guy, He had brown hair with a small brown mustache and a scar on his upper lip. He was about 6’5″ or 6’6″, and about 260 pounds in his mid to late forties so he was pretty intimidating, well not fat just really tall and slightly fat.

As I was saying, on this particular day on November 2016, I was driving around in my golf cart, as I was making the turn towards my house, and then I saw, him, about 100 feet away from me. As I got closer, he just stared at me blankly with his cold and stern eyes.

I just looked away and never looked back him as I knew he was still staring at me.

I rarely saw him and whenever I did, I would get and eerie feeling and a chill up my spine because I knew that there was something off about this guys personality.

My family likes to call him ‘Vaseline Man’ because of the way he seemed to be shiny whenever he took his shirt off during, I know, the guy was just very weird.

And only just recently, he went from just plain weird and creepy, to downright terrifying in one night. So this happened at around midnight and I was staying up late like I usually do watching movies and all that stuff.

I hear a loud thud at my window.

Startled I jump back away from the window on my bed and after a few seconds, I seemed to just realize it might have been a bird or some animal from outside and then go back to my movie.

About five minutes later, another thud came from my window this time even louder. Again, I ignore it once more and go back to my movie.

Then another and another and another thud each time growing louder and louder.

Annoyed, I rushed over to the window and pulled open the shades. There was that Vaseline Man again, this time staring at me with a much more angrier expression.

As furious as I was, I gave him the finger and stormed outside to confront him. He hadn’t even moved an inch from the window and was still staring into my soul. I yelled at him to get the hell off my property or I would call the police.

He gave me a look that will always haunt me even to this very day.

It was the look a little kid makes when their parents can’t give them a toy or video game, coming from a middle-aged man, it’s much more disturbing.

He then said “You will be mine one day, and you will know it”. Soon after that he turned around and walked into the woods never to be seen again that night.

I walked back into my room and tried to go to sleep but I couldn’t because of the amount of fear and anxiety that was going through my body. I didn’t call the cops for the simple reason that the guy didn’t do anything to harm me.

Looking back on it, I kinda regret it, but I didn’t want to make a huge scene for almost no reason. I have absolutely no idea what he will do and what his intentions are for me.

Only time will tell.