Windego in at the window

Back in January 2015, my friends and I decided to go on a skiing trip. It was one of the coldest weekends of the winter, but we thought it would be a good idea to brave the storm and enjoy the trails. We arrived at the small lodge where we would be staying for the weekend, it was a cozy room with a fireplace and wood stove. The first night I slept well because of the long drive, however, my friend who was staying in the same room described a very different story. He had woken up in a pitch black room, he said even in the absolute darkness there was something, even darker, standing at the end of the bed. We assumed it was one of us getting up to use the bathroom, however, he did not believe us.
After a tiresome day of skiing we returned to the lodge for dinner, after dinner, we retired to the couch and watched tv. I then set off to bed. Next I remember waking up suddenly. I turned over to check the time on my watch, it was 2:30 AM. I noticed my feet were absolutely freezing even while wearing wool socks in my sleeping bag. I slowly got up to see what was causing the cold air to fill the room, when I stopped in my tracks. The door to the back of the cabin was wide open. The moon was illuminating the snow and made the woods behind the cabin somewhat visible. I looked into the forest, expecting to see one of my friends pranking me, when I noticed it. There was a hand, a long-boney fingered hang, was outstretched on a tree. It looked as whatever was behind wanted to remain unseen. I froze in fear, then the hand began to move.
A twisted- gray body slumped out from behind the tree. Yellow eyes glared at me as the creature came into full view. It looked like a person, but all wrong, the creatures bones were crooked and unnatural. The creature began moving slowly towards the open door. I was in shock and did not move, it suddenly jolted towards the door as I slammed the door shut. I then listened outside of the cabin. All I heard was the whipping wind, until I noticed another noise, a light scratching on the door. My heart almost stopped as the creature stood directly outside the door. I heard the tall creature scratch along the side of the cabin until it reached the front window. I tried not to look, when I glanced towards the window I saw the creature peering into the front window. It had to have been at least 8 feet tall, the creature started slowly tapping on the window as I crawled out of view of the window. The scratching and tapping continued for 30 minutes, and I had not mustered the courage to wake anyone up. The creature made its way back to the door, when I heard the doorknob jiggle. I slowly crawled towards my bag as the door whipped open. The creature stepped into the room and slowly walked to the edge of the bed. I had crawled under the bed and I watched its twisted feet shuffle across the floor. I reached into my bag and grabbed the only headlamp I had. I knew I had to do something before the creature decided to hurt me or my friends. I scuttled out from under the bed and turned the headlamp on strobe mode, the creature turned around and began to flee into the forest, It moved extremely fast and moved out of view in seconds. I slammed and locked the door after the creature fled. The next morning I told everyone of the encounter and we decided to keep a dresser in front of the back door. If that thing ever comes back, I hope it will run away again.

Man in black at the mall

I never found myself attractive, I have a lot of insecurities but people would always tell me they thought I was cute. Maybe I was I just felt so bad about myself for some reason. I typically would go the mall with my friends on weekends to hang out, talk, and do some shopping. When I was in Macy’s trying on a bathing suit I had my friends give me their opinions on it. The way this worked was there was this room where you could wait for the person in the dressing room to come out and show you what the had on. The only people in the room were my friends and this man dressed in all black with his hoodie on. I found it kinda creepy as I am a paranoid person, but tried to brush it off. When I would come out and show my friend the bathing suites the man would look up every time to look. I found this especially creepy because I’m a 15 year old boy and this man was probably in his 50’s. Anyways I find one that I like so we all go up to pay because my friends have also found stuff they liked and I totally forgot about the man. Around lunchtime we went to a restaurant to eat lunch. We found a table and sat down, with my two friends across from me. I was checking my phone then something caught my eye so I looked up and saw the same man from the dressing room at a table maybe 50 feet away staring me down. I quickly looked away feeling awkward and decided not to tell my friends about it. After we finished I had to go pee really bad so I got up and went to use the bathroom. While in there the same man in all black entered and came right into the urinal next to the one I was in. I tried to get really close so he wouldn’t be able to look over and see anything because I saw his eyes drifting. I found this whole situation very creepy and unsettling. Then the man said to me “your a really attractive boy, do you have a girlfriend?” I was caught very off guard, so I finished and pulled my pants up and then replied politely said that I did not have a girlfriend which was true, but I should have told him I did… The man then said “oh that is excellent. are you into men? I could make you feel really good”. I was extremely creeped out and said “sorry I have to go my mom is expecting me” so I ran towards the door but he jumped in front of me and blocked the door. He then smiled at me so wide I didn’t think a person could smile so wide. His smile revealed yellow rotting teeth. I was so terrified I felt like I was going to pass out. The man started slowly walking towards me still smiling and kept telling me how he can make me feel so good. All I wanted to do was cry, he kept getting closer and closer so I started screaming, LOUD. The then ran at me and started pulling my pants down flipping me over so I was facing the wall. I seriously thought I was about to be raped, at 15 and a boy by a man. I was screaming and trying to escape when my friend ran in and realized the situation and called my other friend over as they both pushed the man off of me. I quickly pulled my pants back on and joined them getting the man to the ground. And we all were yelling at this point. Another man heard us and came into the bathroom to help us get this man to the ground. We eventually did and the man who helped happened to be a father of boys, and he called the police. I was so embarrassed after this had happened and stopped hanging out with those friends after this. All it takes is once occurrence to ruin everything. It pains me to think there are people out there who would do this, it makes me feel extremely sick. If my friend had not heard me scream for help I probably would have been raped and injured. It’s seriously awful what happened to me and I hope it happens to none of you, so please be safe. I’m sharing my experience as a learning one, no matter how old or young you are- always take someone in the bathroom with you especially if you keep seeing the same stranger person throughout your trip.

Simple McDonalds joke gone wrong

This happened to me around 6 months ago. I live in an average sized town with two McDonald’s locations in it and almost never go to them, but one night my friend and I were making “Mc” jokes which is were we add “Mc” to the begging of certain words to make each other laugh. It was later at night and we were feeling hungry so we decided to go one of the McDonald’s location. I am 16, a male, and 6 foot 2, and go to the gym regularly so I felt I could handle going to a McDonald’s further out in our town at maybe 2:00 AM. My friend, we’ll call her Ashley for the story- she is 5 feet and 3 inches, usually goes to the gym with me, so we’ve definitely had some creeps but nothing would have come close as to what happened tonight. So we get to the McDonald’s and there’s a sign saying the drive through is broken and we needed to park and order inside. The parking lot appeared to be empty, but maybe a minute after we arrived a rusty old Chevy van pulled into the parking lot and parked into the space right next to my car. I thought it to be odd when the whole parking lot was empty but I brushed it off and Ashely and I entered the McDonald’s. We were able to order quickly and sat down to eat and talk. While we were eating a man walked in who was very disheveled, dirty and older like maybe 50. He walked over to us and sat at the table right behind us, and my back was facing him so I couldn’t see what he was up to but Ashley was able to. The man just sat there apparently staring at Ashley and didn’t order any food at all. The cashier wasn’t even at the counter- he was in the back room I was assuming. Just as we were finishing up and throwing our trash away the man got up and walked over to the door and somewhat blocked it. The light switches to the store were rather close to the door for some reason and the man reached over and turned them all out which made the entire area completely pitch black. I got a huge adrenaline rush and quickly grabbed my phone to use the flashlight feature. When I turned on the flashlight the man was gone- me and Ashley both found this incredibly creepy so we rushed out to my car to head back home. When we exited the store the man was right up against the wall and grabbed Ashley before I could even think and surprisingly he was very strong and was able to over power Ashley. The back doors to the van were open and there was another man in there yelling at the man who had Ashley to hurry over and get her into their van. I ran at the man who had Ashley to break her free but the man in the van ran up to me and kicked my in the balls- I fell back in pain and both men grabbed Ashley as she was screaming at the top of her lungs, and they actually managed to get her in their van. I was trying to get up as a woman approached me out of nowhere asking me if I was okay and I told her I was and was in a hurry- I tired to get to my car but I was still in a lot of pain. She tried to give me a sort of hug but in the process grabbed onto my ass and told me I had a nice ass as I heard the click to a pocket knife open. Apparently this woman was with the men and wasn’t going to let me go after Ashley. Thankfully I was a lot bigger and quicker than the woman so in one swift motion I kicked her in the stomach and hit her arm causing her to fall and drop the knife. I ran to my car and drove in the direction the men went and called 911 on the way. I was incredibly scared and shaken up and felt I was in something straight from a horror movie. Things like this don’t happen in real life right? While I was talking to 911 they were able to identify the van because apparently these men were wanted by the police for rape, and sexual assault. The police were able to track them down based on the info I gave them and I was able to get Ashley back. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt too bad just scrapes, bruises, and really shaken up. After this incident Ashley was never really the same afterwards, she changed a lot, became more kept to herself and stopped going out and to the gym with me. What happened that night was truly horrific and I’m still shocked about everything that happened. I hope I never have to experience something so horrific ever again.

Something Is Outside My Window

My story is a short but strange one. When I was maybe 8 or 9I had never experienced anything strange or unexplainable, I never believed in ghost or ghouls or anything like that. But one night all that had been thrown out the window.

One night after me and my mom had gone on a long shopping spree. When we got home I helped unpack the groceries, and then joined my mom for a movie. At around 8:30 my mom told me it was about time to hit the hay and so I did. I sprawled out on my bed, my mom came and tucked me in. Before I knew it I was asleep.

Now is where things begin to get a tad strange. I had woken up at around 12:30 something. I opened my eyes and examined my room until came in contact with the trees outside my window. For a while I just stared at them until I noticed movement. I just stared at what looked liked a hairless demon squirrel of some sort slowly and unnaturally crawling down from the top of the tree.

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Grade 7 birthday party

Me and my friends were 12 years old the first time we got into a life threatening situation. We were at my friend Sebastian’s birthday party, he invited 5 other people and I knew all of them well, their names were Cooper, Jackson, Adam, Aidan and Brady. He lived really close to a school that we all went to and it was getting dark. We decided that it would be cool to play manhunt in the dark, we grabbed some flashlights and headed towards the school.

For those of you who don’t know manhunt is a game where one person is it and tries to tag the other players, the other players have to hide. It’s kind of a mixture between hide and seek and tag. The school courtyard was huge and as so there were plenty of hiding spots. All I could smell was cigarette smoke and this was odd knowing that it never smelt like this in the morning when we went to school. Maybe some teenagers decided to smoke on school here because it was a nicer area with trees all around the courtyard.

Anyways, I was it first, I had to count for two minutes, I thought that it was annoying that I had to count for two minutes which was forever as a kid but I did it anyway. Right after I had counted I heard rocks being kicked from the left of me near the kids playground. Automatically assuming it was one of my friends I turned around and ran towards where I thought I heard the rocks being kicked and checked all around the area but saw nobody. I found it weird but I quickly forgot about it after 20 minutes of looking finding nobody. That’s when I saw all of them, except for Cooper hiding outside the agreed boundaries that we made, I was annoyed and sprinted as fast as I could at them and tagged them. They we’re all laughing their heads off while I complained about how long it took to find them and how stupid I felt. They wanted to start another round after this but I told them that Cooper still wasn’t found

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The Not Supposed To Be Living Lady

My dad has been working in the medical field for about 30years now, in fact, it’s where he met my mom, teaching her in a medical class.

However, he is younger than her because he was a medical protegee, so he graduated ahead of most his age. Not only that but he was also a paramedic for a majority of this time also. Now that you know the basics, we can get to the story. My dad was working one of his shifts with his coworker. We’ll call him Bill. My dad and bill had suddenly gotten an emergency call about an elderly lady who was having what seemed like a heart attack.

They got in their ambulance and rushed over, mind you, it’s around 4:00 in the morning.

They get there and see the squad car they, were the first responder. The officer was doing chest palpitations and looked terrified, my dad found out later that the guy was new and unsure what to do.

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Scary police experience

My dad was working for the Minot police for 24 years until he retired after this event.

My dad and his co-worker were called to a red house on the corner of a 4th avenue, earlier a young woman in her late 20s called reporting a woman screaming bloody hell.

Before I continue, my dad told me this house hasn’t had a resident living there for 25 years so they marked this house abandon, my dad and his co-worker we will call him j walked up to the house and proceeded to open the door when the loudest blood curdling my dad has ever heard came from upstairs, my dad and j almost shitted themselves after hearing this, so they pulled there guns and proceeded to open the door, my dad discribed the house to have one staircase leading to upstairs and one basement, so my dad told j to go upstairs and he would search on the main level, j said he isn’t going upstairs without him, note both of these men were 6 foot and weighed close to 200 pounds, my dad agreed to go with j, as they started to walk up the narrow staircase they started to here scratching noises coming from upstairs, when they got to the last step again the scream came except this time it sounded like a goat getting its head nailed to a post, there was two rooms upstairs one was open and one was shut, my dad grew a pair so he proceeded to open the door, when he flung the door open there was no one in there, but he noticed that there was this red stuff pouring out of the closet, j and my dad where about to open the door when they heard laughter coming from the other room, they turned there backs to the closest when the scream came inches away from them, they ran out of the door and were down the stairs faster than lightning but the scariest part was my dad looked at the open room and there was a man in his late 50s chewing on a human arm, my dad said that it wasn’t fake because of the dead lady right next to him.

my dad and j called for the swat team to come and get this man, when they arrived they went in and got this man, when the man walked out he has one eye and he had human flesh hanging from his mouth.

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Should Have Went Out of Service

I am a Paramedic in Wilmington, North Carolina. I have been working with my service since May 2017 but have been in EMS for almost three years now.

Wilmington is not all around the best for first responders, they will call for you, then treat you like shit once you arrive. Not all people but most.

This one night is the only time I have truthfully been scared and honestly feared for my life. It was 2255, I remember it because the truck I was on that night was going out of service at 2300, and another unit got a pre-alert (letting you know you’re about to get a call) at an intersection on a busy street.

The area I was in was the downtown area where there’s constantly traffic accidents or people sleeping on the sidewalks that tell you to fuck off when you ask whats going on, so I didn’t think anything of it.

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Long Armed Creature

I work as a paramedic in Louisiana. Needless to say, after being in this profession for a while, you’ll see your fair share of creepy things, however, nothing I have experienced could top this.

The unit that I work on is quite rural compared to most others in our fleet. It was a busy night, so we were posted at a half way point between our station and another in town to cover both parts of the area. We liked to post off the road about a quarter of a mile into the woods so we would not be bothered while we were there. It was late, so my partner and I got into the back of our unit because there is much more room to stretch out to relax in the back.

My partner was asleep and I was messing around on my phone. I felt something bump into the side of our unit, shaking the whole truck. Now, our trucks are HEAVY, and it would take a substantial amount of force to shake it like I had felt. I woke my partner up and told him, but he brushed me off, thinking that I may have been dreaming or something. Then, it happened again. He immediately shot up and looked out the window, and I did the same. We couldn’t see a thing outside, as it was too dark.

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My Strange police chase

Police are people we’re supposed to trust, but sometimes they don’t mean well. I will tell you my creepy police encounter.

My friend, my girlfriend, and myself were driving home from college. We decided to go to McDonald’s and eat quickly, so we went ordered our food and ate. As we were eating my girlfriend noticed two police men walk in. But they both looked dirty and they looked like they haven’t showered in ages.  They didn’t order and sat at the table in front of us. She told me and I just said “oh, they’re probably just here to make sure there’s no trouble.” And we continue eating. I got up to ask for sauce and when I get back they seemed to stop looking. I suddenly felt a chill running down my spine as I look up and see them staring.

When we were  about to open the door to leave, I turn back and see them staring, I quickly turn away and go inside the car. I told my girlfriend and our friend about it and they looked worried, my girlfriend said that while I went to go get sauce they kept staring. My blood runs cold and we turn on the car and leave. As I turn on the car, I see the police men leave the McDonalds and get inside their police car. I quickly get out of the parking lot and leave.

Since we still needed two hours to get home, we went to the gas stations to fill up. As I exit the car I see a police car pull up and of course, it’s the same police men from the McDonalds. My girlfiend and our friend notice and both get out in case something happens and I feel a bit better since they are both out with me. As we drive away I see the same police men driving behind us. At this point I’m beyond terrified and want to get home and be safe. So my friends tells me to speed up and try to lose them. I do just that and it worked. We dropped our friend off st his house and me and my girlfriend go to her house for the night. That was the last time I ever saw those police men again.

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