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Creepy Feeling at Grandma’s

My name’s is Bethany and this happened when I was babysitting my cousin after he had got home from Florida. He had went for Christmas with his dad. Our parents and my grandmother went out for dinner and my sister was sick so it was just me and my cousin. That night was very bazaar and I think about it often.

My grandpa died about a month or two ago and about a week after he passed I babysat my cousin. Now when I arrived everything was normal the cat was being crazy and my cousin was playing with him. Then everyone left.

Terrible Creature at my Window

This story takes place when I was just 7 years old. Please bear with me as english is not my first language. Now, I’m from a very quiet and very rural part of mexico. There, many of our neighbors, family and friends were farmers and livestock breeders. Most of us lived off the land the best we could.

Because of this, I was around a lot of animals all the time. I often played with the chickens or pet the cows, for example. Being so young and surround by so many cute animals, it was very fun for me. It was a great time in my life. Many of you might think it sounds dirty or unsophisticated, but it was a place I called home, and I was proud of that. We often took trips from the capital city of my state Michoacan to other nearby farmlands for the purpose of visiting, trading or giving away stuff we had grown or cultivated. It gave me plenty of opportunities to visit other children my age, to make friends, and of course hang out with plenty of other farm animals.

What I Saw on a Thursday Night

I should probably let you know that I live in a heavily populated area on the border of mexico.

I was born of two Nicaraguan Immigrants, who came to the United States both in the late 90s. Now, being born of migrants from a Central American country, I was bound to hear about folklore, and things of the such. One of these happened to be, the ‘Duende’. As a child, My parents warned me about this ‘thing’. If I was bad, or left from their sight, the ‘Duende’ would find me. I guess it was just some sort of scare tactic, things that parents do to make them obey you.

This happened several weeks ago, at 10 o’clock or so at night. I had recently taken a shower, and I ate my dinner. I came to my room, to finally get my rest for the next day, which was a school day. I’m a pretty tall, lanky guy, and my feet usually hang a bit off the end of me bed.

Demon Guardian

I’m a Mexican citizen. I was raised in Mesa Arizona before we moved down here, and since then my family has had many encounters with the paranormal and we have even had family members who practice black magic. But I’m not sure if I believe all of that.

As for my experience, I was 8 years old when I used to live in a two story house with my mom, my stepdad and my brother in a quiet neighborhood. From what I remember I would never really notice strange things happen in the house. One day I heard my brother talking to my mom about going to six flags with a friend and his parents, my mom was a little hesitant but gave him permission and that would mean I would have to sleep alone in the room we shared.

The Boy on the Mexican Playground

This event happened when I was visiting friends and family in Mexico. I was 7 at the time.I was staying at my aunts for all the time we were visiting. Sense I was 7 I got scared easily and my cousins were aware of that so they told me a old legend of the town.The legend was that a boy was once kidnapped at the narby park and the next morning he was found stabbed and his hands were cut off.

“Buenas noches” said my cousin which means good night. Obviously, this terrified me. That very same night, as I lay in bed struggling to even close my eyes let alone sleep at all, I suddenly heard the sound of a child giggling. It was coming from my cousin’s room. Trying not to move my body too much out of fear, I slowly peered over in that direction. I saw my cousins teasing their youngest sister, Rosa. I felt relieved that it wasn’t the little boy from the story, but as I continued to watch, things got weird. Eventually, Rosa was standing next to a nearby window, trying to ignore her typical older brothers. I watched as she glanced outside, and the expression on her face instantly changed. It transformed. One moment she seemed tired and frustrated, and the next her mouth was wide open, her eyes became glossy with tears, and she just looked terrified. All too late did I remember that this window had a distant view of the playground that my cousins had told me the story about. The playground where that boy was found mutilated.

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