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Lake Tahoe monster

first of all I’m not the best writer my grammar is really bad and this is a short story but I need to tell more people about what lives in Lake Tahoe. Now I’m not saying not to go there it’s a beautiful place but you need to understand that there is unexplainable things everywhere.

This happened a few years ago I went with my family to a trip to Lake Tahoe we were going swimming and hiking. It was me my dad my cousin and uncle. We swam for a while the water was really cold soon we got out. My uncle had the idea to rent a boat so we could go fishing I didn’t want to because deep water scares me but I couldn’t argue. we brought three fishing poles and some nets the boat was pretty small but went fast.

Winged Creature in the park

This sighting happened about 2 months ago when I saw what scared me for so much.I was in the park and I was taking a quick walk a, it was getting dark and me being the careless 14 year old teenager I was I stayed a little longer.

That’s when I heard it.It sounded like a high pitched bird call but here in Macedonia there aren’t big birds here.

Bright Lights in the woods

Back in the 90’s I had recently purchased a house in small town in Pennsylvania I grew up in. My Fiance at that time was new to the area and I wanted to take her out to eat one night at a bar/restaurant which was one of my favorites and had been wanting her to try out.

The restaurant was about a 45 minute drive through a national forest area which in the past had been used a military air base. As kids my friends and I had wondered throughout the area and had found old creepy bomb shelters in which as teenagers we used to drive out a night and dare each other to go in.

Devil Beast

Where we live isn’t a town really but just a holler in a valley. Maybe 25 or 30 people live here. The closes town to us is nearly an hour away and there are mountains all around us. It’s a truly beautiful place, but this holler does have a violent past history.

This was once a coal company camp and it was a booming one. Back in those days they used a massive furnace as power to pull the carts from the mines here and if someone died and nobody claimed the body they just put the body in the massive furnace and went back to work.

The Black figure

This story is 100% true. When I was young I used to go to my grandmas house to stay the night. Living in the country there wasn’t to much to do besides hangout with family. I lived on 80 acres of land in Oklahoma this land has been in my family for years and strange things happen a lot but this one night in particular it was very strange.

I was staying at my grandmas house for the night. We had just chilled out and watched tv all day and night. At about 3am I woke up out of a dead sleep to use the bathroom even tho there was a bathroom 3 feet away from the bedroom door I felt like I absolutely needed to go outside like something was almost calling me. I opened the front door not seeing anything strange so I went on about my business and pissed off the porch living in the country it was just kind of a normal thing when all of a sudden I noticed there was no noise no crickets no animals nothing this was very bad considering I lived on a farm with several animals usually this meant something was wrong. So being the kid I was I started looking around trying to see if I could figure out why it was so quite when I noticed a black figure standing near the garage.

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