That Little Mouse

In my neighbors house it was always creepy. There was always furniture that was damaged or broken, dishes smashed or in peices, and the neighbors were creepy too. Our two dogs loved to go in there yard, it was like they were naturally drawn to it. They had a problem with insects and animals in their yard. One day, one of my dogs, Jackey caught a field mouse.

It was small with a long tail, big eyes, and the ugliest face you’d ever seen. Jackey never wanted to go outside after that.

On a Wednesday night the neighbors invited me over. I wasn’t suprised as Wednesday nights they are never busy. I walked in there house I immediately turned to a sour face. That same exact mouse is on the wall, blood and everything. They hung it up. Trying not to be rude I sat down. The kitchen light turned on even though there were zero people near it. The dinner was casual, a pork with steamed corn.

The dishes were all plastic. The husband of the so called “family” said this while we were joking around. “You know we stopped using glass after the first spirit”.

I lost my hunger after that. I said goodnight and walked home. I look back at that old house and see a women standing in the window, lights off, who is extremely tall. My face went pale as I dart home. That whole night I heard noises from the neighbors. Both my dogs stopped going over there. In the back they got a man made garden with amazing looking roses. I never understood why they even looked good in the winter. I noticed that the owners kept the roses even when they died.

They kept everything dead. It was hoarding but…horrifying. I stopped seeing the ghost in the windows.

One Saturday I was walking home from Pizza Hut when I heard a dozen dishes crack as if they’ve been thrown off of a roof top. I dropped the pizza and ran home. I went back to see if everything was okay. The door was unlocked and I was sweating. I bursted the door open. All I saw before I left was a black figure standing over that dead mouse, kneeling. I never went back there. Its been 2 years.

Not my dog.

To give a bit of context, I live in Dorset – England, a hotspot for the paranormal in the U.K. I was 14 when this occurred and I had always been very cynical of anything vaguely related to ghosts, monsters and the like, this was partially down to my highly non-religious father who would avoid such topics when my curious mind went asking for answers. This sceptical outlook changed however, that one bleak night in the dead of winter.

School had ended yesterday, so I had the opportunity to stay up as late as I wanted, of course to a reasonable extent. Taking advantage of this long awaited ‘ late-night privilege’, I stayed up until around 2 in the morning, my freedom was assisted my  father working nights, so he came back early morning. After aimlessly scrolling through the depths of the internet I finally got my fill for the day and shut down my computer and went up to bed.

Now I was used to being in the house alone, the normal routine was to let the dog out for a while, let him back in and proceed to lock all the doors. I never felt afraid as my dog (Tai) would always sleep near me; Tai was a huge German Shepard who didn’t take any shit.

After letting Tai out, I locked the doors and proceeded to go upstairs to my room ,where I crashed out straight away and was met with the comforting, yet utter silence of night (as we lived in a rural area). Then the comforting breathing of my dog broke the silence as he walked into the room and sat beside me. I laid on my side peering into the darkness of my room as the dark silhouette of Tai lay there.

As I begin to drift off to sleep I am awoken abruptly with the loud and unmistakable sound of Tai barking and wining, “I didn’t let him back in” I thought as I scrambled to my feet in the darkness. Then an overwhelming feeling of dread came over me as I remembered the breathing and the silhouette of that thing in the corner. I dart my eyes to the corner of my room and am met with 2 red tinted eyes starting back at me, I scream in pure fright as I run for the light, only for the brightness to reveal an empty room.

Now hyperventilating, I begin to try and rationalise this in my head. But to no avail. I go down cautiously and let Tai in the house, making sure all doors and windows are still locked, they were. I called my father and he came home and checked every corner to find nothing.

I don’t know what that thing crouched in my room was that night, but it was nothing form this world I am sure.

My Dog saw something.

I don’t really know how to start with these stories so I’m just going to explain what happened, we own a beautiful dog, he is a half husky half German shepherd breed. It was a normal day with my family over at my house, I don’t remember exactly why we were in my mothers room but we were when suddenly mom dog starts to growl at my moms closet, my moms closet is a drag closet with a whole mirror on it.

At first we thought he was just barking at his reflection when he suddenly started to run back and forth now looking at the ceiling. He begins to growl very low yet loud. He then runs through the hall all the while still staring at the ceiling barking and still growling. My family has a strong belief of the paranormal and they are pretty religious. My dog stops in the kitchen growling at the top corner of the ceiling.

Our faces visibly shaken, my aunt then decides to yell “Get out! You’re not welcome in this house!” Then it stopped. My dog completely stopped, he then turned happily, and stared at us like nothing happened at all.

Then he pranced away.

There are many other experiences that my dog has seen something, I believe it was a ghost. This was by far one of the scariest things my dog has ever done, and why did he stop like nothing happened when my aunt yelled.


By anonymous

i’m telling you this story because i don’t knowwho else to tell this all started last month in september ,23,2018 i live in virginia and i’ve seen many things and heard many sounds but nothing will ever prepare for what i saw that day i was in my room playing call of duty before i left out to go hunting with my cousins and my one brother i’ll call them Jake,Brandon,Mike after the game of call of duty we all went to go hunting so i grabbed my ar15 daisy bb gun you know just for squirrels and any other small animals we went out side and drove the atv out to the hunting area but when we arrived it was like walking into a horror movie sight there was at least 4 dead deer completely torn apart and we saw whahad looked like another deer off in the tree line but when i aimed my rifle to it. It stood up on to feet and my cousin Jake asked us all if we saw the same thingso no one said anything and since we had drove 3 and a half miles out to go hunting so we all agreed to pretend that we didn’t see the creature and we all went out in groups me and Jake went one way while Mike and Brandon went another Jake was hoping we killed a deer first but something told me to leave but i didn’t want to cause if we did we would have to go look for Brandon and Mike and i really didn’t want to so we kept going deeper into the woods we walked about a mile then we saw 4 deer the other three was huge and the fourth one looked like it was hurt and looked like it was decaying so Mike aimed his rifle i told him to wait but he fired the gun anyway hoping he hit which he did the other deer had ran from the sound of the rifle so Mike so happy he hit a deer ran to go look at the creature and to finish it off but Mike ran back in fear yelling “it’s not a deer it’s not a deer” so looked to where the deer soppose to have been laying dead but it was getting up on all fours then it rose on its hind legs like it was normally free to then i noticed the to front hoves was hands with sharp long claws it looked at us as if we was going to die it started to walk to us in a slow manner but it was gaining ground fast it stopped a couple feet away from us and looked at me and said wait in my voice”wait” and when that happend me and mike ran for our lives not looking back the creature kept using my voice saying wait”wait wait” then it let out a scream that was blood shredding we got to the atv and we was met by Brandon and Jake we all got in the atv as fast as we could and left we thought just cause we near made it out it was all safe but it wasn’t the thing had been chasing us the whole time but as strange as it was it stopped and watched us leave and we never saw this thing again and i never went hunting again

My Experience at the Creepy Cult-y (Possibly Haunted) Church

Growing up, my family and I attended this ” church ”. I use the term ” church ” very lightly, because after a couple years, things changed and changed at that place until it was a full-blown cult that made us do weird stuff. I’m talking about making people crawl on the floor and growl like animals weird, along with a myriad of other things which I won’t get into.

The longer we stayed there, the weirder things became. It wasn’t just the people or ” pastors ”, there were paranormal things that occurred that still creep me out to this day. My mom worked for the church for a long time, and one day she and I had to stop by to do some things and it was for sure just the two of us in the building alone. We were walking towards the back of the building and when we passed by the sanctuary, I glanced through the window in one of the doors and saw a dark figure standing inside, silhouetted against the windows. It startled me, but I thought it looked like one of the guys we knew, however, when we opened the door, there was no one there.

Another time, it was my birthday and everyone threw me a party at the church. A bunch of people were sitting in the sanctuary watching a slideshow of pictures of me and at one point my dad saw a guy sitting in a back row kind of chuckling to himself and smiling as he watched the screen. He had never seen the man before and when he looked for him later, the man was gone. I think somebody else had seen him as well and had talked to him a little but, like I said, the guy just disappeared before anyone could actually chat with him. My dad also heard a woman’s voice ask him if he was leaving and when he turned around, there was no one there. This happened one evening when he stepped outside during service for some fresh air because they used to make us sit for hours on end in a stuffy sanctuary listening to music with the same repetitive beats over and over while people rolled on the floors. This was when my dad was ready to leave the place for good, he was only around to please my mom. That experience made his mind up completely and he never went back.

Another time my family and I had stopped to drop some food off for someone in the church to pick up later, and while we were standing in the kitchen (the building was empty except for us), we smelled a foul odor like a dead mouse. We started searching frantically for whatever it was but at one point we noticed the smell was shifting around the room like something that reeked was walking around. The smell moved down the hallway and it was at this point we were like ” NOPE. ”

But the weirdest and creepiest thing by far that ever happened occurred on a Wednesday evening probably a week before my family agreed to leave the ” church ” for good. I was around thirteen years old and had made up my own mind that the place was bat crap crazy and just kind of went along with whatever I was told while secretly smirking and rolling my eyes. I’d spent years working and doing other things against my will and then they started adding all the other bizarre stuff and I was so done. So on this specific evening, they had the teenagers and a few adults in their early twenties praying in the fellowship hall of the church and somebody said they felt like we needed to pray all around the building, so like good little cult-monkeys, we followed right along. They led us into the foyer where we commenced praying. Here’s where the really weird stuff started to happen. I won’t go too deeply into details because even as an adult, it still makes me feel sick to recall what happened both out of sheer humiliation and disgust. My best friend at the time and I were standing beside each other and while the others were praying out loud and making noises and whatnot, I heard a loud scratching noise across the wall to my right as if something with huge claws was crawling across the wall. I thought it was in my imagination and looked at my friend to gauge her reaction and her eyes were massive as her jaw dropped so I know she heard it as well. Supposedly, later after mostly everyone left, a couple of twenty-somethings chased a demon into a corner of the attic and forced it to leave. Ummm. OK.

I don’t like dwelling on any of the stuff that occurred at that time of my life, but I also know that it messed me up for a good long while. I still have a hard time if something even remotely reminds me of the place and I instantly put a wall up. There are things that I won’t even tell my husband about and probably never will because I know he wouldn’t understand. I’m just so grateful my family got out of that place when they did, because there are still many people who I grew up with that won’t ever get away from it and it truly breaks my heart.

College-Student Cult Recruitment

Note: please feel free to edit this for coherency if needed!
Also, to confirm that this is a true story, here’s a link from a local source:

Before this incident occurred, I’d heard about similar occurrences happening in the city and town near where I live, but I honestly never thought it would happen to me. I live in Malaysia, and attend college in a development area where there are four high-profile, high-density tertiary education institutions. To put it simply, in this area there are hundreds of college kids roaming between classes and after school. I guess that’s what makes the cult and human traffickers target this area.

A few weeks before this happened, I saw on Facebook a post by a woman in the area warning others about possible human trafficking or cult activity. The woman who made the post detailed that two Korean – women approached her, asking if she believed in ‘God the Mother’ and if she wanted to come for a ‘bible study’ group to find out more. When the woman declined, the two women began to pressure her more until she had to quickly leave the place.

I had warily regarded the article, but I figured that you hear things like this all the time, and they almost never happen to you personally. My nonchalance convinced me that there was nothing to worry about; and then it happened.

Normally I’d go to the nearby mall with my best friend to grab a meal after class or to study, but on that day I had gone alone. I bought myself a drink and headed to the cafe I usually frequented to finish the last of my assignments. On the way there, I was occupied by my phone and only looked up to make sure I didn’t bump into anyone as I walked. Looking back, I’m sure my obliviousness to my surroundings made me a target.

I was in a lonely section of the mall when someone tapped my shoulder. I looked up, and found three women standing in front of me. They looked like they were in their late teens or early twenties, and they were definitely East Asian, Chinese or Korean, perhaps. This didn’t ring any alarm bells as Malaysia has people of all Asian ethnicities. I asked if I dropped something, and they didn’t answer. One of them waved and introduced herself, though the name she gave was clearly fake, as it was something like ‘Green Petal’ in Mandarin.

At first, she said that they were part of a group of students doing a project, which I admit got me hooked. As a struggling student myself, I’m always happy to help with others’ surveys and projects. As the woman kept talking, I began to feel uncomfortable. There had definitely been only three women earlier, but now there were at least five surrounding me on all sides. I have bad anxiety, and the feeling of being closed in with unfamiliar people made my heart pound nervously, and I wasn’t even paying attention to what the girl was talking about.

“Sorry, I- I can’t help,” I stuttered nervously, trying desperately to find a way out of the situation. At this point I still didn’t know what it was all about, but I was sure that whatever was happening was not good.

The women tried to sway my attention, talking about how important it was that they tell me what this was, and that they needed me to come to their group meeting with them to experience it. I was trying to calm myself down, telling them repeatedly that I wasn’t interested in joining their club or group, and I couldn’t help their project.

It was then that the woman who’d initially approached me – the leader, I’m assuming – said something that sent chills down my spine and made me realise the severity of what was happening.

“We just want to know if you believe in God the Father. There is a Bible group happening tonight and tomorrow night if you want to come and have some food, and find out more. Other students will be there, too.”

Sure, it wasn’t the exact same wording, but the similarities in the way I was approached (a lone female college student) and the women who approached (East Asian, and in a group of more than two) started to click in my mind. This was worse than I thought, and I knew I had to leave.

I realised I still had my phone in my hand, and though I kept my eyes on the women as to not tip them off that I was aware of their scheme, I managed to manoeuvre my way into faking a call coming in.

“Sorry,” I pretended to be surprised, “My mom is calling. I have to go.”

They protested, saying that I could call her back later, but I refused. I told them that my mother always wanted to know where I was, and if they wanted, I could put her on speakerphone and they could speak to her about this project they wanted me to be involved in. This confirmed my suspicions about their motives, as they immediately shied away and began making up excuses.

As soon as they backed away enough, I turned and sprinted towards the closest escalator, practically running down and going to the closest store with other people around. I felt like I was going to have a panic attack, but the adrenaline rush was keeping me going. I sat down in front of the store, dialling my mom’s number and keeping tabs on a friendly looking woman dressed in the store’s uniform who was at most ten feet away while my gaze darted frantically around, trying to make sure the group of women didn’t come to find me.

When my mom picked up the call, I just about burst into tears and told her everything over small sobs. She calmed me down and told me to get something to eat and that she’d come and get me so I wouldn’t have to catch the bus and train home that day.

I hadn’t realised just how harrowing an experience being approached and cornered like that would be, and I definitely know that I take my usual normal routines for granted. When I got home, I shared the original post and added a summary of my experience to warn others in the area of what was going on.

I still frequent the mall where this happened, and thankfully, I’ve never seen or heard of those women again.

The Child & The Man in Greece

I’m an 18year old female from the middle of Ireland and just finished high school when me and my friends had a brain wave to go bag packing across Europe.

So in May we set off to our new adventure in Greece,I won’t say the name of the place for privacy reasons but we stayed in a motel down the south east of Greece,it was fantastic the sceanary was outstanding and the people were such sweet and beautiful people,but you would get your few odd stares especially when you’re with the people who I hung around with,us Irish folks aren’t known to be quiet to say the least so when we saw a bar after checking in to our motel which was what you would expect a motel to look like when it’s going for €35 a night!

we were in our element!!we spent the night there talking and singing with the locals,then the lady behind the bar asked us where we were staying and naturally enough my friend answered and told her and I mean it when I say this,everyone in the small bar stopped and you could hear the clock tick up on the wall it was that quiet.

After that everyone was very off and didn’t want to know us or act like we weren’t singing with them just moments ago,we left shortly after that and my friend let’s call him Lee was not impressed with the sudden change of heart the people in the pub had with us,as he was muttering to himself me and my other friend,Aoife were too focused on getting our other friend back to the motel as she had too much to drink.

We got back and settled into our rooms which two people had to share per room so it was me and Aoife and Lee and Sarah.

The rooms were an okay size and the beds weren’t too bad so we were happy enough. As I was doing my night routine I noticed my blanket had gone missing that I brought from my home I’ve had this blanket since I was 3 and it meant a lot to me as my mother gave it to me so when I couldn’t find it I freaked out and I know I had it when I got there because I remember taking it out just before I went into the bathroom so I woke up the now sleeping Aoife and told her,she knew what that blanket meant to me,she was equally confused as to where it just vanished to.

I was pissed off,after about an hour of turning the room upside down I gave up and got into bed and slept.

Around [5:30] I woke up to a giggling and thought it was Lee but I listened closely this time and it was a little boys laugh,mind you I never saw children here so I ignored it until there was light foot steps coming towards our room door and a small knock on it,i froze I knew it was a child but it just took me by surprise so when the knocks became more aggressive and harder I got up and swung the door open just to find nothing there I was just pissed off at this point,”where is this kids fucking parents “I groaned getting back into bed.

The next morning I woke up around [7:30] and got ready for another day of exploring everyone was up and ready for the day so when we went out to get breakfast I told the receptionist what had happened to me last night and about my blanket,she looked at me confused and told me that there was no children with any of the people at the time that was staying there,”weird” I thought as the others blamed it on my dreaming or something.i couldn’t shake the thought all day and couldn’t come up with any reasons as too why there was a child running around at [5:30] in the morning knocking on my door.

Our day was spent at the local seaside today and it was pretty chill,we went back and had dinner and I wasn’t feeling too well so we went back to the motel and crashed there,but sure enough I was awoken again but this time it was 5:00am by little foot steps in our room,I froze in the spot and felt something sitting on my bed,I held my eyes closed and prayed to whoever would listen for this thing to go away,Aoife in the next bed woke up too and screamed when she looked over my way I opened my eyes quickly and there was a full grown man sitting on my bed staring at me,when he saw and heard Aoife scream he just dissapered into tin air,we were so scared and upset that we ended up in Lee and Sarah’s room,we left early the next morning and literally trew our stuff into our bags and brought them out into the car,as I went back into the motel to pay and give the keys back I told the woman who was there what happened and she was very understanding and apologized about my blanket being missing,as we were pulling away from the place I looked back with Aoife and sure enough there was a man and a little boy standing at our room window,holding my now bloody blanket.

Turns out that the place we were staying in a man had a cult there and sacrificed a boy according to the local people in the pub that we visited before we left Greece.its been haunted for years and the man and boy always take something that belongs to someone else,”better than taking my life “ I thought as I walked out fo the bar,for the last time.

Satanic cult encounter

Let me start by saying, I apologize for how long this story is, but I wanted to put in every detail I could remember.

This is the story of mine and my brother’s potential encounter with a satanic cult. Let me start this off by saying I’ve lived in the country my entire life. I spend a lot of time in the woods, mainly hunting deer and coyote. I live in southern Ohio with my father and younger brother, about 40 miles to the east of Cincinnati, and about 4 miles north of the Ohio River. The closest town to us is about 10 minutes away, but this is still an extremely rural area. We live in a small house on a backroad that dosent get very much traffic, which is strange considering the road is right off of a State Route (State Route 505). There’s also a few large farms with lots of big fields in my area. Down the road from my house is a dead end gravel road called Marriott road. Nothing on it besides a couple houses, it’s pretty much just a big driveway.

Further down from that is a popular swimming hole that my brother and my friends have always just called “Bullskin creek.” The place is absolutely beautiful in the summertime, and my buddy, who had a lifted Jeep Cherokee, and I, who had a lifted Ford Ranger at the time, would always go down there and drive through the shallow part of the creek. The only downsides to this place was that people would always dump old garbage there. Couches, mattresses, televisions, you name it. The other was something more unsettling, which I’ll get into later.

At the time this happened, my younger brother was still in high school, and I had just graduated. My father worked 3rd shift at GE in a suburb of Cincinnati, so he was always gone at night. I worked a part time 2nd shift job at a local Kroger, from 3-11 at night, depending on what got done before I got there. One night, in the middle of June of 2015 I had gotten off work at 1 in the morning. I had a 30 minute drive from work back to home ahead of me, and I had the next day off so I wasn’t in a rush.

I went into the employee restroom to change out of my uniform shirt back into my flannel shirt, and went to go buy a Monster and a can of dipping tobacco and a pack of cigarettes. As I was walking out to my truck, my phone started ringing. I pulled it out and saw that my brother was calling me. I answered and I could barely understand what he was saying. He was breathing heavily and was speaking in almost complete jibberish. I told him “Bro, calm down. I can’t understand a damn word you’re saying.” He told me that him and our friends ( we’ll call them John and Deymin), had just gotten back from Bullskin. They had decided to have a fire and drink a couple beers and smoke some cigarettes. He told me they had taken John’s Ram truck back there and parked by the creekbed and got a fire going.

He told me to get home as quickly as I could and that it was an emergency. I could hear John and Deymin talking in the background. I made the drive home in no time at all, even though it felt like an eternity. Wondering the whole way home just exactly what the fuck was going on. Ok, remember how earlier I mentioned that there was a couple bad things about Bullskin? Well, the other one was that when I was a kid, there was a young orphan who was murdered by his foster parents. They tied him up and locked him in a closet for days while they went out of town. Marriott road is where the police found the kid’s burned corpse.

I got home and walked in, it was about [1:20] in the morning. I saw my brother, John, and Deymin sitting in the living room, all pale as death. John was clutching his crossbow that he kept in the back of his truck, and Deymin was gripping a large pipe wrench, also from inside John’s truck. I asked what happened, and my brother stood up and told me that while they were having their fire, they heard screaming off in the woods, in the direction of Marriott Road, where Marcus Fiesels body was found. I told him that it was probably just a pack of coyote and that they were probably just blowing it out of proportion, but before I could finish that sentence he cut me off and said they went to go check it out.

My brother was the only one who wasn’t buzzed at the time, so they all jumped into John’s truck and drove onto my road to get to Marriott. He told me they got halfway down the road and they heard the screaming again. He told John to aim his flood light in the direction of the screaming, and when he did, they said they saw 4 people dressed in black cloaks standing about 30 feet from the road off in the woods. They then told me that my brother threw the truck into reverse, backed into a small clearing and gunned it out of there.

They were obviously scared shitless, and wouldn’t leave the house. So I told them I’d go check it out and that I would be back in 2 shakes of a rabbit’s tail. I went into my room and grabbed my AR15, just to be safe, got into my Ranger and headed that way. Once I pulled onto Marriott, I almost instantly had a pretty uneasy feeling. I got to the spot where they said they saw the people standing in the woods. Looking off into the woods, I could clearly see a large fire, about 100 yards out. I sat and watched for a couple minutes, just assuming it was a couple of campers who let their fire get too big.

And that’s when I heard the screaming. It was an ear piercing scream, almost loud enough to make your ears bleed. It went on for a good 5 seconds before it turned into more of a murderous howl than a scream, and at the same time, it sounded like there was more than one howl. After it stopped I heard what I knew for a fact was a deer, screaming loudly. I didn’t know what the fuck was going on, but I wasn’t gonna stick around and find out.

When I got back to the house I told them what I had seen and heard. None of us slept that night. The next day, my brother and I drove back there at around noon, to see if we could find anything that would tell us what was going on. We knew it was private property, but we didn’t care at the time. We walked to where I saw the fire, and there was a large fidelity dug out in the ground, with embers still glowing red. Off to the side was a dead buck. It had been cut open, and it’s guts spilled. We got out and left as quick as we could after that. I haven’t been back there since, and I probably never will.

Night Shift

I work for a company in Western New York that’s basically a assisted living home. I take care of 10 folks, with one other staff at night. We normally don’t have anyone else come in until 5 in the morning. So from midnight till then, we are alone.

Recently we had a gentleman in our home pass away. He was DNR and septic, so the doctors couldn’t so anything about it really due to it being so severe when they caught it. In this field, you get attached to these guys so it takes a toll on you emotionally when you do lose someone, but it’s not uncommon. In the last 2 years, four have died in my house that I work at. That being said, it’s the most medically challenging house in the agency and considered a “step down” home, on verge of hospice.

So after this gentleman passed away, weird things started happening.

My coworker and I were relaxing on a bit of our down time, when we heard a noise, followed by screaming. We got up to investigate. Nothing. Everyone was asleep just like normal. 15 minutes later, we heard one of our almost nonverbal guys speaking and laughing. Dumbfounded, we once again got up to see what was going on. It was the roommate of the man who had passed away. It stopped as quickly as it started. Creeped out, we shrugged it off.

An hour later after we expierenced that, I was in the back of the house, near where the bedroom was located, doing bedchecks. One of the decorations on the shelf came flying off of the shelf and smashed into the floor. Happily, it was just plastic so it didn’t break. Scared, I hurried up my checks and got out of that part of the house, followed by flickering lights.

The rest of that night was uneventful. The next day, I got into work at 9pm to work a 9-9, and the girl I was relieving relayed me on the days events. She then paused and stated “I was emptying J.’s bag and turned around. I felt something bump into me then and I looked back towards J.’s wheelchair (which is very heavy and hard to push due to a broke wheel we’ve been trying to get fixed) and it was being pushed back into me. Like someone was trying to get me out of the way.” I could feel the hairs on my neck stand up from her stating that. Her excuse being that it was around the time the deceased man usually went to the bathroom before laying down for the night.

That night had lots of off feelings about it. Dread feelings that made me not want to go anywhere near that part of the house, but alas I had to. So dragging my coworker into the room with me, we looked at the bed very quickly. It had a body imprint on it. We noped right out of there. Followed by one of the shower chairs being moved as well.

Small things keep happening and I don’t know when his spirit will find peace, but I hope he does.

Working the Nightshift at a Bar

Even after Myspace and Starbucks stories, I’m back with another story for you all.

I worked at a bar when I was around 19. I’m 25 now, and I’ve moved past this experience. I usually worked the day shift, but my boss had me work the night shift a couple of times. Now, there’s been talk about the bar being haunted by evil spirits. Apparently there was an old house that was burned down in the same spot. People who come for a drink late at night are greeted by the spirits of the dead family that lived in the old house, and then are thrown around like play-things. Here are two of my creepy experiences on the nightshift.

The first one is pretty short, but Very scary. I was told to stay ’till 1 AM, and the nightshift started at 9. I decided since no one was working the nightshift but me that night, that I’d take one of the snacks they had already prepared, buy myself a drink at a local gas station nearby, and just sit and watch videos on my phone while I ate and drank. Eventually, my phone turned off, and so did the lights. I didn’t think much of it, but when I thought about it when I finished the shift, it started to seem.. odd. First of all, my phone’s battery didn’t die. I had around 74% battery left on it. Second, the generator(which is used to keep the power running in the night if anyone works the nightshift,) was working fine when I left. So I started to wonder if the stories were true.

The second story is very long, and I had other friends with me at the time. We were all asked to work the nightshift, and we obliged. I decided that we should all bring snacks and just wait out the night, just like the previous story. As I was waiting for my friends to arrive at the bar, I noticed something strange; What looked like a silhouette watching me from upstairs in the corner. At first I saw it out of the corner of my eye, and I immediately thought I was imagining things, until I saw it move. In the blink of an eye, it was immediately in front of me. I was petrified, and yelled at the top of my lungs for it to be startled and get away. Thing is, it did literally nothing. It stood there, with no eyes and a black body, it stared at me for what felt like forever. Eventually, it must’ve gotten bored because It vanished just like that. Eventually, I blacked out. Next thing I know, i’m on the floor in the bathroom and my friends are looking at me. I asked them why they didn’t arrive, and they said they’d arrived and we hung out and ate snacks. That’s when what they thought was me walked behind a corner and vanished when the shift was over. They then found me on the floor.

I still don’t know what happened to this day. Either the spirit of a dead person disguised itself as me, or something entered my body, and acted like me. I won’t know, but I hope it never comes back, because if it does, I won’t even notice.