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The Thing at my Friends House

This happened to me when I was 16 years old. I had just moved to a new area not long before this happened and I was really happy about being able to spend the weekend at my new friend Alicia’s house. She lived in a huge rebuilt old farm house and she had the top floor all to herself, except for the guest room which was where I was going to be staying. This meant that we would have lots of space to goof around without getting yelled at.

We had been hanging out for a couple of hours and were in the middle of watching a movie when I heard what sounded like a door slam from her closet. I jumped and went to go see what had made the noise I had always been rather fearless. Alicia stopped me and said that it was the attic door that was in her closet slamming because of the “mean ghost guy”, and that if I went in there he would start messing with me.

Weird things

Hello i have been very interested in your youtube channel since ive just recently had some weird experiences happen to me, however they cannot be explained. I swear to god these are true stories that have happened to my boyfriend and i over the last few months in our houses/street.

They have changed me for sure and made me believe in ghosts. So many things have happened but ill focus on the main parts. Basically my boyfriend is very sensitive to energies around him.

The Lady in Pink

This story isn’t creepy, per se, but it did happen in the middle of the day, in a brightly lit shop, right on a main road. So, it’s odd more than anything.

I work for a small business in a little suburb in Sydney, Australia. We’re pretty friendly with all our customer and I can recognise a lot of them by face, if not name.

The Manor

When I was still in seventh grade there was this old building called “The manor”.

This place was for kids with mental problems, but really anyone can be put in there. But it closed in 2012 because a worker sexually harassed a bunch of kids there. And years later my close friends at the time chose to break into the school part. Then they invited me to join them. And me not really being afraid of it I agreed. The first few times it was nothing.

Just a old school that had cells in some places and that was it. But then I found a way to get into the dorm room areas.

Night Watcher

By Irma

To give you some background information: My name is Irma and I’m 20 years old. I live in Colorado. The story I am sharing takes place in my room. It first started when I was 16 years old. I have a tall double window taking up about half of my wall. The windows are covered by long, black curtains that keep light out, plus I live on the 3rd floor of the apartment building. So, there’s no possible way that the shadow is from outside. My bed is parallel to the window. There’s about two feet space between the bed and the window. For many years now, almost every night once I go to sleep, I am awoken by a strange feeling that someone or something is watching me. The first time that I woke up and saw this dark figure standing in front of my window and towards the foot of the bed, I was freaked out. I didn’t know how to react and just pulled the covers over my head and tried to continue sleeping. To admit, I do believe in the paranormal. My guess was just not to disturb what ever it was and to ignore its presence. At first I thought it might be my imagination since I woke up early in the night (3am or so) but it started to happen ever so often. Even my cat started to look up at the figure and react with a growling meow and hiss. Again, I would ignore it and go back to sleep. I never told anyone about this strange occurrence. Then one night, I had my young cousin sleep over. After staying up late and watching some movies, I let him sleep in my bed and I fell asleep on the sofa in the living room. In the early morning, my cousin approached me and asked “who is the person in your room?” By the way, my cousin was about 9 years old at the time. I didn’t want to freak him out so I said that he probably had a bad dream and not to worry about it. Deep down though, I knew this wasn’t just something I saw. Honestly, I had never heard anything about my apartment being haunted or anything weird happening. This dark presence wasn’t intimidating or too scary to me but I always wonder who or what it is, and what’s the purpose of it waking me up in the middle of the night at 3 am. Also, when it does wake me up, sometimes my eyes open wide and I sit up and stare at it for a few seconds then kind of snap out of it and lay back down. I had moved a year later from that apartment and since then I haven’t encountered the shadow.

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