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NEVER Use a Ouija Board

By BooVenan

My Name is Bia, I’m a 17 year old Student and I’m just here to give you a huge piece of advice “PLEASE, DO NOT USE THE OUIJA BOARD – EVER!”

Attacked by a Shadow

By MalleusMD

In august 2015 I was visiting my parents. My parents and I were talking. I love reading about mythology, I study mythology when I’m not actually studying and hen I get a bit enthousiastic I can get completely carried away in discussions on this subject. On one of my mythologic-ampages I was discussing the titan Nyx, this is a titan of darkness.

Mental Institution

By Marianna

I’m a 14 year old girl who was recently admitted to a psych ward due to depression and anxiety. When I first got there, I thought that I really didn’t need to go, but as time progressed I realized that was helpful. However… the helpful came along with the few consequences. As you may know, most psych wards are not as heavily monitored as they probably should be. This was proven to me during my stay.

Dead Ex


By VicPrior

This story is kinda long and has 2 parts so be prepared.

A little bit of backstory, my boyfriend had a girlfriend who committed suicide a few months before we started dating. Also my sister died a week before the one happened. Keep in mind my memories are slightly fuzzy on these facts.

Strange Happenings at an Old Newport House

By Sadie

When I was sixteen my mother decided to rent a house in Newport, Rhode Island for a long weekend in July. Joining my mom and I on this mini vacation were my younger sister Shelly, her best friend Dee and my moms best friend Nancy. we arrived at the house at about six o’clock Friday evening and proceeded to unpack.

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