Red Eyed Horror

By Jben01

Hello I have had an urge to share this for a while. The following events that you will here happened up until about 2 months ago.I live in the country in middle Tennessee and I have grown up in the woods all of my life and have been walking through the ones around my home all the time.Let describe the layout of our property this will help in the end.

My house is set in small flat are that has a few trees around it behind it about 50 yds is the shop and dog pen then to the left of that is a big open field and behind our field is dence thick woods. Read more “Red Eyed Horror”

Creepy Cemetery Experience

By Susan A.

Tonight my mother and I went to visit my brother after he got off work. Well we visited him for about an hour. He was watching that tv show called A Haunting. So my mom and I decided to leave. I was wanting an ice cream cone. So my mom and I went to sonic and I got an ice cream cone and my mom got a large coke.

My mom and I decided to go visit a creepy cemetery while I ate my ice cream cone. This was about 8:30 at night and pitch dark. So we went up to the cemetery were my grandfather was buried. Read more “Creepy Cemetery Experience”

The Skinwalker that Followed Us

By Backwoodsman78

Before I go and tell this I want to make sure to all of you listening that these things are real. Including this story. Me and my friend had decided to go hunting but to a new spot.

The new spot was almost about 4 miles from my house, we were dropped off by my dad just a mile in to sortve reduce the walk and not scare off the deer. It was around 5:20a.m. When we got in and started walking but as I looking up and along the tree line I saw a tall figure standing. I assumed it was just a configuration of trees and branches that looked like thay just from where I was standing. But I did not dare say anything to my friend. Read more “The Skinwalker that Followed Us”


By Aj

I am 13 years old and I am 5’8 and can’t stop taking but I shut right up when people tell me to tell this story. And my mother doesn’t trust me to be home alone for things that i have done before. Her co-workers niece is a babysitter and doesn’t live very far from where we did. I don’t want to say any names because i’m not that kind of person so let’s call the babysitter Janice.

So before she would leave for work she would drop me off and Janice’s house. Janice has a 2 story house with 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. Read more “Babysitter”

It Tried to Kill Me

By Anakin Skywalker

I dont what to list my name but just call me anakin. So me and my friend was on our way to the camp sight.Wen we got to the sight we were at latest a few miles from a near buy city.

let me give you some information me.I was born in Michigan and I herd the legend of the dogman. of a dog like animal that would stand up on its hind legs. I am 14 and this happend on my birthday. just a few months back to the story Later that night me and my friend just decided to go out at night and we were joking about the dogman and bigfoot. Read more “It Tried to Kill Me”