Stalked at my own House

By garysnyder

It was the middle of summer. I was about 12 years old at the time living in a 2 story house.

My story starts with my mom going on a business trip for a day leaving me home alone. I was okay with it but there was always something I was afraid of. The neighbor who lives a half a mile down the street. He was old and had a big beard and he always took interest in me. He was really creepy to he always had his lights turned off. Read more “Stalked at my own House”

The Smiling Dog

By Sparkelz4life

This story happened when I was about six years old. It was about 9:00 at night. I was sleeping in my moms bed which is on the second floor of my Grandmothers house.

I call my Grandma Yaya. My Yaya’s house had been haunted before, but I did not know this until 3 years later. Well, I was in my moms bed upstairs. I learned later that the closet up there was the source of the previous haunting. Read more “The Smiling Dog”

Shadow People

By LordKarasu

I was spending the weekend at my cousins house in the country of Washington state. Me my cousin and his friend were sporting a paintball gun and some bb guns as we often did while going around at midnight looking around the the nearby wooded area.

We were going down a trail when we saw a figure in the dark, it wasn’t human shaped exactly being far to large. There were many things wrong about this thing if you looked directly at it the thing just kind of phased out of view, picture if you look 12 at a clock you cant view it but at 1 or 11 you can out of your eyes corner. Read more “Shadow People”

The Family Ghost

By Ms. Sofia G.

My experience begins when I was seven years old. My family had just moved into my grandma’s house, 2 years after we lost my uncle in a tragic accident. I respected my grandma but she was scary, and her house always had this eerie feeling when alone. I was not allowed to have my own room, so my little brother and I slept in the loft on a couch. It was about ten at night, everyone in the house was asleep except me, as I often have trouble going to sleep. We had this lamp in the corner of the loft, so the room would never be dark.

I heard a noise down the hall, as if someone was walking on the hardwood floor. I look thinking it is probably my grandma about to nag at me, but nothing is there. So I ignore the sound and close my eyes trying to go to sleep, when I hear it again. I look and this time, I see a shadowy figure at the end of the hall in front of my grandparent’s bedroom door. I was scared, it began to move slowly towards me, I turned around and put my blanket over my face and tried to go to sleep. I awoke the next morning and everything seemed normal. Read more “The Family Ghost”

The Real Life Cujo

By Squiggles

This is a true story, and I have had a slight fear of dogs ever since.I was visting my aunt in Coolidge Arizona when this happened, and I don’t think will ever forget this story. I was out in a nearby field looking for cool rocks. The air was hot, and the suns rays were relentless. As I was scanning the dry ground for any rocks, or snakes, I spotted a piece of what seemed to be petrified wood.

As I approched to pick it up I heard a very terrifying noise, one I will never forget. It was a very low, guttural growl. Emiditly I went on alert, “A coyote…” I thought, …”bobcat, wolf, what?” But it was none. The growl continued as I slowley turned to my left to see a large black Labrador Retriever, low to the grown like it was stalking. Its eyes red and empty of all thoughts and emotions other than “kill”. Read more “The Real Life Cujo”