Dreams, Reality or Both?

So let me start with this; I am a psychology student, and normally I don’t believe in paranormal stuff but I think this may have changed my mind.

A few hours ago I had a dream where I had been laying outside. I was just sitting there. Nothing odd was happening until a freaky human like..thing chased me. I don’t remember much until it felt like I woke up, but the thing was. I couldn’t move. For me this is normal, I have sleep paralysis which is when you can’t move for a few seconds after waking up.

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More Than One

This happened at an old house that I lived in with my Mam and then step farther, the different things that happened although I personally didn’t find threatening (the majority of the time) it made me believe there was more than one spirit in the house.

We lived there for around eight years, so it never bothered me, but other people it did. The first thing that happened was fairly quick to begin, I was unpacking my room, and I could hear a Jack in a box playing then something jumping out, I at first gave a rational explanation of it being the kids next door or outside and ignored it, it would happen every night at around ten. I asked the neighbours if any of them had a Jack in a box and everyone said they didn’t, I then got suspicious and went to check in the loft space, there were boxes but no Jack in a box. My Mam thought I had gone mad, but one day she heard it while ironing, and she couldn’t find it, I would ask it to be quiet and it would, which always told me something could hear me because I never shouted for it to stop. We never felt threatened by that one, we assumed it was a child, but it was happy playing with its box.

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Ghost Robber in my Room

At the time this story took place I was 12. I am a female and I stand at only 4ft and 8in, I’m easily scared knowing I can be taken down without much effort.

One night I was sitting in my living room texting my boyfriend. My nephew and sister had just left and my parents were away for the night. I was all alone and already paranoid. My house is haunted by a few spirits who are really nice unless you say something they don’t like.

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Midnight service

This story took place when about a year ago, I’m 15 now and I’m not religious at all, nor was I back then.

About a year ago on Christmas Eve my father wanted to go to the midnight Christmas service at a church near our house. My father isn’t religious either but his new wife was and he thought it would be nice to do something with the family for Christmas. The church was a few blocks from our house and it was one of those buildings that look old and kind of creepy. It had that steeple at the top which looked like a death trap for potential falling objects.

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I Saw Something Evil in my Church

By Emily

When I was a little girl my parents, my siblings and I practically lived at our church. My parents did a lot of volunteer work and since they homeschooled us, we were there every week, multiple times a week.

It wasn’t boring since the church had a huge gym and multiple classrooms for Sunday school with large dry erase boards that I loved to color on. There was also another homeschooled family who went to and lived right next to the church, so they were there just as often as we were. I always spent my time with the other homeschooled girl my age, Ally. Read more “I Saw Something Evil in my Church”