Dark Treats

By Lilbutterfli94

When I was 13, I had a friend Kayla who lived right in front of a local park. Every Halloween we had a tradition of going over to Kayla’s house right after school and getting dressed in our costumes. This year was a bit different because our school had let us come dressed up in our costumes.

When we got to Kayla’s house we were greeted by her mom, and we went right to Kayla’s room. Since half the work was done we decided on telling scary stories. I started out with a story about a shadow I saw in my house off and on, our friend Chelsea shared a story about some lake monster that wasn’t really scary, Mariah told a story about noises she heard around her house, and Kayla had an especially scary story. Read more “Dark Treats”


By JpMaster120

This story is in the perspective of my mother, who experienced this horrible scene. It started on a hot summer day.

My mother was going through the day like a normal one, but the dream she had last night kept coming up in all of her thoughts. The dream where the house she knew and loved, Caught on fire. Everyone in the house died, including my mother and my grandmother. Read more “Premonition”

Estancias Apartments

By June

This is a few stories I have about living in a certain apartment complex. As of writing this I am 15 years old, and since I have been listening to some of these scary stories, it reminded me of some events that have happened. Since my mom and dad were split up since I was just two years old, I went back and forth between living with them.

When I was around the age of 10 to 11 or 12, I was living in an apartment complex called Estancias. I lived there with my mom, stepdad, and 3 cats. Now, I should mention that these apartments weren’t in the best area of town, and were considered pretty ghetto. There have been a lot of messed up stuff related to sex offenders and drug abusers. Read more “Estancias Apartments”

The Hand in the Water

By IrishSlytherin

Okay this is my first time writing a scary story but this one is a true personal experience. I have written other stories like fan fictions but nothing scary so bare with me but remember what I am about to say is 100% true get me a bible I will swear on it. My name is Ashley I am from Dalkey, Ireland and this happened when I was on vacation with me uncle Aiden in Florida. I was about 5 years old and wanted to go to Disney world what child hasn’t.

We planned to stay 2 weeks and spend the last 3 days at Cocoa Beach. So we went I had a blast at Disney land and just as planned 3 days before we had to leave we changed hotels so we could be closer to the beach then the amusement parks. It was our second day at the beach and I decided to try swimming in a part of the water that looked calmer then the rest. Read more “The Hand in the Water”