Something in the Woods

By Liam

For privacy reasons, I will not use my real name, or anyone else involved in the story. The story all started when I was ten. I was camping, with three of my friends, Dan, Ryan and Connor. All three four years older than me, but we did manage our friendship even though the large gap. So, we went up to Tioga County, Pennsylvania to celebrate Dan’s birthday. His father, who we will call Frank, drove us up to one of the campsites. We started to set up our tents, until we heard… rustling in the bushes, which were about five inches away from the campsite. At first we thought it was a coyote or something.

But, that wasn’t the case. Everyone was frozen, not trying to make any noise to startle whatever the hell it was, so I decided to grab my rifle. Which was a Remington Model 700 BDL, that my father gave me before he was deployed in Iraq. I would take about four or five bullets with me, just encase one bullet wasn’t enough….. I would slowly walk towards the bush with my rifle raised at the now, still bush. Ryan, started to to slowly mumble; “Uh… Liam!” He sounded very, very startled as he said it. Afterwards, I saw something… Read more “Something in the Woods”

Walmart Employee Creep

By Anonymous

This story happened just a few months ago at the time I’m typing this.

I had just turned fourteen, I was with my nine year old brother, Steven and my friend, Nathan who was eleven. We were all being the average kids, being incredibly annoying, running down the isles, picking up every insignificant object and asking our parents for it. Yep. That was us. Read more “Walmart Employee Creep”

Nearly Bear Chow

By Brandon

This occurred when I was living with my father at the time. We were living in Ambridge, PA and it was winter during this time I had nightmares almost every night. So one of the cats my father had two would sit on the back of the sofa bed I slept in until I fell asleep. The first time the nightmare was so bad I actually woke my dad up and when the cat jumped up on the back of the sofa bed I passed out and slept soundly. Anyway on the night of the incident the cat had taken up her usual place and I was just about ready to close my eyes.

When she jumped down and walked into the archway that lead into the next room. My dad had purchased a duplex and the way the house is laid out is. When you first enter you walk immediately into the living room. There was an archway separating the living and dining rooms and to the right were the steps to the second floor. Read more “Nearly Bear Chow”

Lifetime of Paranormal Experiences

By Brandon

This is my second time submitting this story I goofed big time the first time. So please forgive the resub. I grew up in a neighborhood that is rumored to be built upon a cemetary. As a result I have had paranormal experiences my entire childhood and still have them to this day. But due to a neurological disorder I do not remember very much before the age of thirteen.

But I do remember that I lived in different places during some of these incidents. So I will not be describing the layout of each place. It would make the story too long. But I will name the rooms each occured in. Now I will begin, the first incident I can remember happened in my childhood home. We had moved there when I was five and I lived there till sixteen when I had to change schools and move in with my dad. Anyway I had just gone to get in bed I was always up till three am in those days even at the age of thirteen. Read more “Lifetime of Paranormal Experiences”

The Scares from Unisom

By Danny R.

This story happened recently from the choice I made by getting high off of unisom which is an OTC medication.

Depending on whether or not you take twelve whole tabs makes everything difficult because hallucinations can get very realistic. Me, being myself, thought this wouldn’t be a much of a problem however i was wrong. Unlike other OTC medications unisom is hard to go through if you aren’t prepared for things to happen. Even knowing this i popped in nine out of twelve pills thinking it won’t be as bad.

I was wrong. Read more “The Scares from Unisom”