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Harris Street

By Vanessa

In our home on Harris street, we encountered everything, from disembodied voices, dark figures, levitating items, shaking beds, to full out physical manifestations of family members who weren’t in the home or on the opposite side of the house. Here some things that happened to my mother,but first, let me give you a little more information on my youngest sisters’ “imaginary” friends.

The Childhood Hauntings

By Lauren

My story starts when I was about four to six years old. My name is Lauren, and this story occurred at the first house I lived in, it was a one story blue house with a creepy ass shed in the back. The backyard was very large, you could fit at least three other houses in the backyard, the backyard will have a purpose later on.

Scariest Childhood Memory

By Remain_anonymous

So this all begins when I was about what I’m guessing 2-4 years old. My family had a home in Indiana. Our house was over 100 years old and everyone had a very dark vibe when in the aunt stayed in the guest room and she would always report to my mother and father strange voices and whispers at night.

Wendigo in the Woods

by WreckWrack

Every year on every summer I used to go camping with my dad. I can’t remember the name of the area because it was a long time ago. It was the 7th of August, the date we always go camping, 2001. We had arrived at our spot. It was right next to a lake. The lake was huge and my dad told stories of a monster living near the lake to prey upon unlucky campers like us. I never believed him.

Until that day.

The Taxi Driver

by Vanessa

This incident occurred in 2010 and I have never gotten into another taxi cab since. My brother’s girlfriend at the time was attending Texas Tech University and had an apartment five blocks from the school since she didn’t have a car. I was visiting her one weekend and she called us a cab for escort. We got in the car and everything was fine. The driver took us to the mall and a couple of other places before dropping us off at home.

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