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Wendigo in the Woods

by WreckWrack

Every year on every summer I used to go camping with my dad. I can’t remember the name of the area because it was a long time ago. It was the 7th of August, the date we always go camping, 2001. We had arrived at our spot. It was right next to a lake. The lake was huge and my dad told stories of a monster living near the lake to prey upon unlucky campers like us. I never believed him.

Until that day.

The Taxi Driver

by Vanessa

This incident occurred in 2010 and I have never gotten into another taxi cab since. My brother’s girlfriend at the time was attending Texas Tech University and had an apartment five blocks from the school since she didn’t have a car. I was visiting her one weekend and she called us a cab for escort. We got in the car and everything was fine. The driver took us to the mall and a couple of other places before dropping us off at home.

It Wasn’t Dad

By Vanessa

So this happened to me when I was 6 years old. It was my first paranormal experience, and let me assure you that is was by far the most traumatic. Nothing I have experienced since has topped this encounter.

Burning Fields in my House


by Fane Star

Hello everyone. This story happened to me when I was living in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. I was 11 or 12 years old and my parents were still together. My dad moved my mom and I into a townhouse. The neighborhood was quiet, too quiet. Most of the townhouses had residents, but all you heard were the cars driving by and doors being closed. Even those noises were rare. Almost every time you went walking around the area it seemed like all the houses were staring at you and you’d never see more than one or two people walking around.

It Glided into my Parents’ Room

by Vanessa

I live in a small town south of Lubbock, Texas, in the western part of the state. Every time we moved homes, there was always something paranormal that would occur. This home, however, was something out of a horror flick.

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