Almost Bigfoot

By MysticBlitz

Last year I had a not-so-merry Christmas, and by not-so-merry, I mean terrifying. The day was December 24th of 2015, and I was visiting family in a small town named Livonia in Michigan.

My aunt’s house was where we were staying and it backed up to a rather large forest. Me and my younger cousins were playing around outside and we were all hiding from each other, playing some random made up game. Read more “Almost Bigfoot”

Did I Just See Bigfoot?

By MadNat

This happened when I was about 18 or 19 at my parents house, I am a Caucasian female of average build. We live in the country of Canada, on an acreage that backs onto a beaver pond with a creek that runs along the edge of the property.

There is also a forest that skirts around the back of the house before jutting out towards the creek and around the beaver pond. There is a large hilly field that surrounds our property on three sides, the fourth side being a dirt road. The creek that runs through our horse pasture is lined with willow trees and that makes it difficult to see very much through them. Read more “Did I Just See Bigfoot?”

Arizona’s Beast

By BigPapa

Before I get started this is my dad’s story he encountered this thing. Ok it was the year 2000 my dad who was 21 years old his brother my uncle Cody who was 18 and my mom’s brother my uncles Dylan and Jon who were both 8 and 5 they went hunting up in Snowflake Arizona there were hunting Elk I think. So they were walking through the woods to a homemade deer stand.

Cody and my dad made a year back. So they were sitting up in the stand where they heard a noise in the distance my uncle Cody grabbed his sniper rifle and took aim at the thing then my uncle turned pale. My dad asked “what is it” Cody said “we need to go”. Then they heard a scream my dad said it sounded like a dying cat and a donkey mixed so my dad grabbed Dylan and Jon and ran to his 4×4 and started the engine. Read more “Arizona’s Beast”

Connecticut Bigfoot

By Davyd

For most of my life I’ve lived in a small town in Fairfield County, Connecticut. I wasn’t new to scary stories about ghosts, intruders, and stalkers, but what I saw was far from that. It all started in January of 2011, I was waiting at the bus stop earlier than I usually would so nobody was walking down the street.

The morning felt off but I shrugged it off as I thought it was the loneliness but that quickly turned to fear as I heard a loud scream that sounded like a lower pitched, stretched out yell of a coyote. It immediatley sent shivers down my whole body. I wish the story would end their but it didn’t. After school I would usually hang out with my friends, for anonymity I will call them Liam and Charlotte. Read more “Connecticut Bigfoot”

I’ll Never Go Camping Again

By Anonymous

I am a 13 year old female(I’m not going to mention my name), I live in Arizona and I am a Native American. I’ve never been a person to think that skinwalkers are real, until one week ago. Last week I went camping with my family, we where at Strawberry (if I remember correctly). We where going to be camping for the weekend starting Friday night after school ended, to Sunday afternoon.

We arived at about 6 o’clock and it was already dark. My mom started a small fire and we got working on putting up our tents, that was done about 30 minutes later. We had our dinner, some smores and went to bed. I woke up at 10:30 (I knew because of my wrist watch) I needed to go pee, so I got out a flashlight and went out to pee. Read more “I’ll Never Go Camping Again”