Shoe Carnival of Souls

By WayWardWanderer

I work at the only Shoe Carnival store in Adrian Michigan. The store itself is just over a year old, built and finished in 2015. Everything in the building is new and should be working properly, yet bizarre things have been happening since day one.

The registers will beep as if something has been scanned, even when no one is standing behind the counter. The fire alarm has repeatedly gone off with false alarms despite being a new system. The cameras have blacked out and needed to be replaced. And the the radio that plays music over the intercom has randomly gone out, only to start playing again on its own. Read more “Shoe Carnival of Souls”

Please, Just Leave Me ALONE!

By A Broken Someone

Some people really don’t understand the gravity of my story and how it has affected me! I will be changing all the names of the people involved just for identity protection and also because we are all still under aged

My story begins in 4th grade! I live in Indiana, basically a state where nothing huge happens so it took me by surprise when this happened to me! It was about 5 years ago! I was a little 4th grader and on the first day of school we only had 1 new student who hadn’t attended the school the last year in my class we will called him Jake, Jake was basically the average kid when I saw him and when my teacher did the introductions he kinda had the same personality as me! Read more “Please, Just Leave Me ALONE!”

White Skinwalker

By Luke

As i was eleven, i was getting back home from a party and in the way, we were getting past a florest and, in the middle of the road i saw something, something big and fast, looking at me with that red glowing eyes, that was enough for me to freeze the shit out of my blood. When we got out being between that scary forest, we were in a almost clean road, almost no cars and bikes, i told my dad that i saw something strange, he said that it was my childish imagination, i accepted it as i was still thinking what the hell did i saw.

But, i gotta say that i saw something that was getting through the bushes and trees, something that was not normal, something that was bigger than 6’5 and between 7 feet tall, it seemed very light, like it didn’t eat very often. As we were getting near home i saw it again, but now more visible, it was very skinny and tall, and it was very white, but, the thing i didn’t understand is why was that thing following me? It had that red, thirsty of blood eyes! Read more “White Skinwalker”

The Mannequin

By ChinaDoll

Hello, I’m Kianna. Last year I got accepted into cosmetology at the local college in my town. I was super excited but also felt terrible about burning holes into my grandparents’ pockets. I am not a college student, but got accepted as a Junior in High School. A little background on me, I’m a bubbly and positive girl. I was always nice to everyone I met but I’m also super shy, so making friends was a bit complicated once I got there.

Class was normal the first few weeks, I worked hard in the class too. Of course so that we can practice hair, we had a mannequin. It was just a head with real human hair, and painted on eyes and makeup. It was like a doll, and I loved dolls, being as girly as I am. I was good at cutting hair on my mannequin and it was really fun to do her hair. I was a behind on hours for the class so I had to start going early or staying late. One day I came really early, some of the girls gone. I was sooo sleepy and grumpy walking in there. And Bering grumpy isn’t me unless I’m sleepy! Read more “The Mannequin”

My Old House was Haunted

By Georgina

I am a 15 year old girl from East Sussex, England and I’m a huge paranormal fan. I only recently moved here with my mother but before that I lived in a house, in a small street with my mother and brother. I had what you could say was a unique childhood.

I have always been able to see ghosts and have had a lot of spooky encounters. Whether it was being a stupid 12 year old using a ouji board on halloween, or just hearing weird noises when being home alone. But, this experience was by far the creepiest. I am sorry if this story is short but it still confuses me when I think about it. Read more “My Old House was Haunted”