Guardian Angel?

By BlameItOnHope

I’m not quite sure how to categorize this particular experience. It happened about 14 years ago and I was 6 at the time and the youngest of us. My parents, my older brother and our aunt, her husband and their two children were on vacation in a somewhat small beach town in Croatia. It was a very beautiful, nice place to be. Our hotel was close to the beach, so we went to swim most of our time there.

Despite the town’s small size, the place was something of a tourist trap, which meant that there were a lot of things for us to do. I remember being scared of these huge water slides for no reason whatsoever and finding an enormous dead bird while hiking in the local woods (which made me extremely sad for the rest of that day). Thinking back now, the vacation was filled with a lot of mixed feelings. Read more “Guardian Angel?”

Demon Panther of the Forest

By Ronald Coyote

Now I know this may sound strange but I swear I saw something out there.I live outside of Yellowstone national park so my backyard is basically a wilderness.I was out with my older cousin one day after my high school graduation party and she was walking me home.It was getting dark out but I didn’t really care I always loved the forest at night despite the animals that lived in it,it always Calmed me to here Crickets chirping,frogs croaking and Wolves howling.however that day would change my life for ever.

As we we’re walking home we kept hearing small things begin to crack like tweaks, we thought it would be either a deer or mountain lion maybe even a wolf so we’re walking home we kept hearing small things begin to crack like tweaks, we thought it would be either a deer or mountain lion maybe even a wold so kept on walking but still kept an eye out just to me safe. Read more “Demon Panther of the Forest”

The Beach Creature

By Xenomaniac

Growing up in Houston, you never really get used to the crazy Texas weather. It can be hot all year round, then suddenly there can be snow out of nowhere just for it to be hot again a few weeks later. It’s very odd, and the runoff from Hurricanes coming out of the Gulf don’t help either.

So, with all the heat, it can be nice to go for a swim every once in a while. For as long as I can remember, my family has gone down to Galveston to swim every chance they got. It’s a bit dirty in places, but nothing beats relaxing in the Ocean. I like to get in the shallow water where I can still sit but the water is up to my chest. That way, the waves rock me back and forth.  Read more “The Beach Creature”

Man in the Window

By Keo

I believe in all things paranormal, although I haven’t had too many experiences. I’ve had my things moved and show up in odd places. I’ve been in my room and hear voices coming from the hallway that sounds like a party is going on, only to open the door and find everything silent, weird voices that can’t be explained, you know just little things like that.

This experience happened about a year and a half ago. I’m a 22 year old female, living with my mom in our 2 bed 2 bathroom apartment. I need to explain the layout of the apartment so you can understand better. Read more “Man in the Window”

The Red Eyed Figure

By ArcaningFire

Hi, my name is Brandon. I love with my parents and my cat and currently 14 years old. The story that I am about to tell is actually pretty recent. It happened to me literally a year ago, and ever since I have stopped watching horror movies and going to the kitchen or anywhere in the middle of the night. I barely even go outside to play and hang out with my friends at night now because of this. Well enough about me and my life, let’s get with the story now shall we.

Me my family had just move to a new state and we needed a place to stay, so for the time being we decided to stay in a apartment complex. We ended finding one that had just been built and was leasing people, so me and my family decided to stay there for a couple of months. Read more “The Red Eyed Figure”