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Goatman on the Road

By 123cryptkey

Cabins are so creepy. I guess it’s my fault, though, for letting myself get creeped out by something that’s supposed to be a vacation getaway. But I can’t help but think about the dozens of stories I’ve read online about creepy experiences at cabins.

I can say for sure that I never thought I’d ever experience something myself.

Goatman Attack

By JustPlainScrewed

Back in the mid 90s, I would run tree limbs along a long, winding road in the backwoods of Kentucky in my old ford pickup. Growing up there, I heard countless stories of strange things. The stories were usually your typical “creature in the woods” sightings, but for my thirty years of living there (at the time), not once had I seen anything strange. And believe me, I drove through and worked in the woods on a daily basis. I was so sure that if I was going to see something weird, I would have already seen it.

I was dead wrong.

The Mumbling Thief


My name is Sally (NOT MY REAL NAME) back in 1986 when I was 15, my father was a state trooper in the deep south (I do not want to disclose the state because my father was a well known and well respected peace officer in his day). He was assigned to a rural outpost and was responsible for hundreds of miles of state highway covering a lot of hills and forested areas. So my mother and father decided to rent a small house (more like a wooden shack) nearby his highway patrol station, rather than live in the city, and have dad come home every other week. The house was off the main highway and at the end of an old logging road. The house was surrounded by deep dark woods on all three sides. (The nearest neighbors were miles away from us on either side. We were out in the middle of no where!) It was an old, old, one story wooden two bedroom house. Not as nice or as sturdy as a log cabin. In back of the house was a small stand alone narrow wooden structure. The Landlord said it was built as a small barn but it could be used to store the car (a sort of make shift garage). The house was not much to look at but the price was right for my dad, CHEAP!!

Was it the Goatman?

By RegularDecaf

My family used to live in an old trailer out in the woods in Southern Missouri. We never had much money, but we did the best we could. Honestly, though, I hated living out there. The place was run down before we even got it, trash in the yard that wasn’t ours (mostly) and leaky pipes that ended up rotting out a few spots in the walls of the place. It always smelled of mildew, and the nearest neighbor was about three miles down the road.

So, I guess the only good part about the place was how quiet it was.

White Face

By Jojo

This took place during a summer maybe 5 or so years ago.There was a party at a close friend and neighbors house, and all the neighborhood kids decided to play ‘man hunt’.

In the first game, I was one of the seekers. So, after time was up for the hiders, I ran to the a close friend of mine’s home. Some backstory that is important, at the time, she had recently moved into that house. Before she moved in, there was an elderly couple who both died there.

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