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The Stranger who Sang to Me

By Maddie

I’ll start off by saying this is completely true and I still have no idea what happened, as well as give necessary background information. I am female, teen-aged and living in Canada. My town is nearly center on the provincial map and has pretty wacky weather. I, not driving yet, am glad to walk all over town so long as I have proper clothes needed. Like I said, background info.

It was a Friday, and I was supposed to meet up with my girlfriend and get ice cream, however when she couldn’t make it, I decided to go on with the plan anyways, getting my ice cream and sitting at the park across the street. The park was lively, even though it was almost dinner, and I sat down with my pokemon GO open, flicking pokeballs whenever and getting the three pokestops that were surrounding the benches I sat at. It wasn’t until I closed the app and looked around that I noticed a man taller and more muscular than I walking over to me.

Jack’s Back

By Skin_Writer

Alright, this isn’t my story, it’s my Stepdads. We got to talking about ghosts and ouija boards while we were on vacation, and he told me she bone chilling story involving his experience with a ouija board. This is what I can remember from what he told me. One of my stepdads buddies was going through a phase where he was obsessed with Jack the Ripper.

After hearing about the prospect of talking to spirits using a ouija, he bought one and asked his friends to come do a session with him. My Stepdad and a few other of unnamed friends went. His friend called on the Spirit of Jack the Ripper. And he actually got a response. They made sure that they weren’t jacking with each other and one of them wasn’t moving the planchete.


By airsickness

About 2 years ago, in a small town in Arizona, I was staying with my grandparents because my family and I were moving but needed a place to stay at for a few months. It was a typical stormy night with very loud and hard wind, making the mobile house shake and groan. My family was going to my cousins mission calling in Utah, however I stayed home because I was sick, feeling literally under the weather.

I was sitting in the living room watching 90’s kids cartoons and then I suddenly heard a knock on the door. That was odd considering it was 10 p.m. and my grandparents only get visits from older people which I was sure would never be up this late. Anyways I went into the kitchen and looked out the window over the sink looking onto the porch. No one was there.. I thought to myself that it was probably just the wind. I sat back down but then heard someone call my name, in my grandmas voice. I was shitting in my pants by then.

What Happens in the Basement?

By Kitty Kreeper

I was living in California at the time of this event.Before we moved in our neighbours told us someone told us someone was murdered in the bathroom.But my mom ignored it since it was a cheap house and that’s all she could afford.I was nine at the time so I didn’t pay attention to what they said since I was already picking my bedroom.

So it was about a week after we moved in and it was about 12:00 pm and I was watching a documentary on aliens. I was quite a smart and mature child and I was very independent. My mom was out shopping. So I was home alone since my mom and dad divorced a while ago. Anyway while I was watching the documentary the television suddenly turned static and started making a loud crackling noise. It did this for about 10-15 minutes. Then the screen suddenly turned black,but then I heard drawers being opened and closed violently.

I Was Afraid of the Dark

By Alithehippie

Okay before I start this there’s a few things you have to know about me. I’ve always considered myself empathetic or psychic, even my extremely conservative mother believes this saying I used to talk and stare at random places.

This all happened when I was in 4th grade so about 8 years old. I had never had an issue sleeping but for some reason I began to fear the dark and sleeping alone. This when on for a year, every night I either slept with my mother or grandmother in fear that if I was to sleep alone something unspeakable might happen to me. This phase ended around 5th grade when I finally started taking medication for my sleep anxiety. Reasonably I was told by my mother on of the creepiest things I could imagine.

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