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Strange Man at the Mall


By Emily

It happend to me and my mom on Christmas time. I was 12 at the time and my mom 37. I went to the mall with my dad and my mom to just look around some stores, relax and eat some food. Before we got to buy food my dad said that he wants to go to the restroom so me and my mom had to wait for him right outside.

Strange Creature Stalking Me

By John

I was about 19 at the time and had heard of several “stories” of wield dogs and other weirder incidents around my town in southern NY, but I never really took any of them seriously. at the time I used to walk 10 to 15 miles at night on back roads because it was rather peaceful which on one of the nights I met my girlfriend at the time. one night I want to visit her at her house it was around eleven at night, my girlfriend told me of bear sightings out there so I decided I would take a knife with me which I knew wouldn’t do much but maybe just enough that if I was attacked by a bear would allow me to get away.

Look Out

By Kye

About 3 years ago my mother and I lives in a two-story house, at first everything was fine and dandy till three months after. My mother referred to herself as a witch. She loved to communicate with the dead, she loved to have any contact with spirit.

A Knock In The Woods

By Kiru Lupine

OK, so first off I need to give some background on myself. I am 26 year old male living in the woods of the pacific North West. My home is so rural that we have only had DSL for a few years now. My home is on a mountain and surrounded by thick forest on all sides. The mountain is covered in old logging trails, and quad paths making it easy to hike all over the mountain. In my years living out here I have been out after dark a few times but honestly it never gets any less creepy. After what happened this night, I’m never going to go out after dark if I can help it.

Beast in the Broom Sage


By Sage of the Fire

I must confess that this story did not happen to me but, it did indeed happen to my father. In fact this, like many other stories that I have heard, happened before I was born.

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