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Costco Horror Story

So this was about last month when it happened,  I am a 17 year old girl so us teenagers we do some reckless things, so back to the story.

Me and a few friends take a trip to a few of the big stores every weekend to mess around,  like home depot or target. This time it was Costco, but this costco was in the ‘bad side’ of our town, but we still decided to go because it was the only one around that was close enough.

Creeper At Costco

A while back, a friend of mine told me about a creepy experience she had at Walmart, and it brought something back to the surface that happened to me personally.

This experience took place when I was 16 years old, in 2011. I live in Southern Utah, in case you were wondering. My mother usually goes shopping every Friday, but this one Friday, she happened to be really sick, so she sent me out to Costco with a grocery list to do her shopping for her instead. Around halfway through my grocery shopping, I was in the toilet paper aisle when I noticed a man who I would say was in his mid to late fifties, if I were to take a guess at his exact age, I’d say he looked about 56 or 57 years old.

Crazy Man at Costco

I am an 18 year old female, and this story happened just a few months ago while I went to Costco with my boyfriend and his 13 year old sister.

I’m not gonna fill this story with any unnecessary bullcrap so I’ll get to the point. We were shopping for groceries and other various items when Sara, my boyfriends sister, said she needed to use the bathroom. I wasn’t sure if the store had one or not, so Tyler, my boyfriend, told her to go ask an employee. She ran off in search of an employee, leaving Tyler and I alone. At this point our grocery shopping was about half way done.

Costco Creeper

My Costco story might also be a bit of a “Let’s not meet” story, but in order to convey why it was scary, I need to provide some background.

My grandfather died when I was around two years old.  Sometime later, my grandmother remarried, to a real sleazeball.  At first, he actually seemed like a fun guy; he was rich, although in retrospect it isn’t really clear how much, he owned a lot of nice cars, a motorcycle, a speedboat, and even a small airplane, and he gave us rides on them all.  He took my grandmother on vacations all over the world.

Ghosts in the Vocational College

I had always lived in Massachusetts and the scary ghost stories that came along with it. I had only had one paranormal experience before this and will never return to the place this took place at.

Right after graduating high school I figured I would have a little fun before swinging into college that following fall, so I decided I would sign up for Jobcorp to keep my mind working and on its toes. There were only 2 campuses to choose from where I was located. One in Grafton Mass, and the other in Exeter. I had chosen the Grafton campus and within 2 days I got a call back and was accepted to be a residential student.

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