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Weirdos at the Target checkout

So I was at the checkout line in Target and there was this couple in front of me. The man looked to be about in his late 20s maybe early 30s, pretty average looking except for the strange blonde hair; it was like the color of He-man’s hair.  The women however looked terrifying.  She looked much older than the man but it could’ve just been because of how rough she looked.  She barley had any teeth and what she had were yellow, her skin was really textured and saggy, she was pudgy and short with mangled brown and speckled white hair and beady eyes that looked like those of a shark that gave off the same stare, pure emptiness. She gave me an eerie feeling immediately when she looked at me.

The man had turned to look at me and told me I could go in front of them.  I said thanks and as I was swiping my card, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the couple staring at me and heard the man say to the women “remember to follow her outside” ,quietly, but I could still hear him. My entire body felt like a flushing toilet. I started feeling numb starting from the head down.  I’m sure the cashier thought I was going to be sick because of how pale I had just gotten and the expression on my face. When the cashier handed me my items i sped walked out of the store and when I got out I sprinted to my car, jumped in and peeled out of there. I kept looking behind me the entire time I was driving, terrified that I would see those two faces staring at me from a car behind me. I even had a nightmare about it.

The Joker at Target

My name is Hannah, I have so many scary stories from target but for now I’ll just tell you this one I’m a 16 year old female, I went to target around 9pm to hunt down some funko pop which are collectible items from tv shows or movies if you didn’t know that. As I entered the store and walked to the back where they keep there collectable items, there was a man wearing a ratted up tank top and cargo shorts, his hand were all black like he was working with oil and his hair was white, long and crazy. He was looking at Disney stuffed animals.

I walked up next to him a grabbed a target edition: Daryl Dixon funko pop as I put it in my cart I  realize the man wouldn’t stop staring at me and I’m the kind of person to upfront people when they make me uncomfortable so I asked “can I help you?”

Targeted at Target

This happened to me just a few days ago. I am a 23 year-old female with 2 adopted daughters: Alice, age 6 amd Lisa, age 10. One night, Lisa was having a sleepover with some friends and asked if we could go to Target to get some snacks. Target was the nearest grocery store so I decided “what the heck?” I loaded the girls in the car and drove off.

It was not very late at night but there were only a few cars in the parking lot. I assumed they belonged to the employees. We walked inside and headed towards the snack aisle. We walked through Girl’s clothing so I could look at some stuff for my daughters. That’s when I noticed an older-looking man near the girl’s underpants. I thought in my head: “What the hell?” but did not say anything out loud.

Pedophile in BigW

Ok, so I live in Australia, so as such, most of you will not have a clue of what BigW is, basically BigW is like a more expensive Target, you can buy clothes, makeup, appliances, that sort of thing. My mother trusted me to wander off by myself to look at what I wanted to at this point I had just recently turned 14, so I had a phone in the event of any emergency,

I had been looking at binders, from my peripheral I noticed slight movement from the end of the aisle, I glared at the tall, lanky, irritated eyed male standing there, staring dead at me, as soon as my eyes met his, he began walking towards me, I moved a step away, innocently thinking that he wanted to look at binders too, he stopped about a foot away from me, he just stared down at me, I was reasonably tall, standing at about 5.7, however, he towered over me, about 6.1, “Can I help you?” I inquired, he shook his head, the sides of his mouth started turning up into a large unsettling teethy grin, showing his disgusting, yellow teeth,

The Eyes Around the Tracks

This happened around 6 months ago, it was my younger brothers birthday, he had just turned 9 (I’m 19 by the way) and he wanted to spend the day at Belton park around an hour from where we live in Lincolnshire UK. Some hours had passed and me and my older brother (who is 24) decided to take a walk a little bit further into the park,

we evventually got to the forest surroundings of the park, quite a while away from our family.

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