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Wendigo at Mt. Baldy

This happened in September of 2017. Me and a couple of friends had been planning out a camping trip to Mt baldy national forest for a couple of days. We decided to camp about 2 miles off a trail since campgrounds were closed that day. I brought about 4 friends with me, (2 of them have the same name so we can call them morales and Anthony) the other 2 was macias and Mitchell. During our walk through the forest I began to hear something, not loud but dead silence no birds, no bugs, no wind…nothing, and after passing a creek the noises of nature suddenly came back again. I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me so I ignored it. Once we established a camping site we got a fire going and cooked up some dinner. We all smoked some weed and we were laughing and cracking jokes.

Our friend morales said ”I gotta take a shit bro” so he went off to do his business. About 2 minutes later after cracking some jokes Anthony was interrupted by what sounded like an rustling in the treeline and it was morales…he came back with his pants hanging off one leg. Panting he told us “Bro we need to get the FUCK out of here!”

My Mom’s Odd Doppleganger Story

My Mom would tell me odd stories in high school and mentioned how she had a very similar look alike she didn’t know about.

Usually it was occasional random guys saying how she was a “real party animal” but she would kindly tell them they had the wrong person because she was usually with my Dad all weekend. However, my Mom told me a story that stuck out the most. Since she didn’t know the girl, I’ll call her Mandy. Mandy was apparently harassing a teacher to the point where the teacher confronted my Mom telling her things like “Following me to my house is VERY inappropriate” and how the teacher would contact the police and such. Of course my Mom was dragged in the office and gave a serious talk about how “following teachers who gave you bad grade isn’t acceptable.”

My Doppleganger

This isn’t a very long story and I’m sure it’s not very scary, but it is completely true.

I’m a 27 year old Wiccan female that lives with my father, mother, and grandmother because of an anxiety/panic disorder that keeps me from holding a real job. A few years ago (about when the anxiety started) my family started seeing me standing around upstairs in the middle of the night. Every time this has happened, I can guarantee I have been asleep in my basement bedroom and I am not a sleepwalker nor do I drink, do drugs, or mess with anything of the sort.

Nothing too extreme has ever happened, but this doppelganger of myself has worked a computer (opening google on my father’s work laptop and searching nothing), woken my grandma up and asked her to go for a walk (extremely out of the ordinary for a shut-in individual), and told my mother to go back to bed (She has a sleep walking disorder). Whatever this thing is, it does not bother any of our four dogs or two cats in the slightest. I honestly don’t know what exactly is happening, but my family is Christian and not at all superstitious so they would have no reason to lie. If any of them try to talk to not-me, the thing simply blinks out of existence.

Moms Evil Twin

This event happened to me back in 2000,I was only seven years old at that time.

A little backstory,my family and I just moved from New York to Florida,and we moved in with my step-dads sister until we got our own place to live.My sister and I had our own bunk bed and shared the room with my step-cousin.Another thing is ever since I could remember I always woke up so early.Usually 6 or 7 am,meanwhile the rest of my family would always sleep in whenever they can until around 10 am.Since were living in someone elses house,im not allowed to do anything until everyone wakes up.That means i’d have to wait in my bed,doing absolutely nothing for a couple hours because no one woke up as early as I did.Also our bunk bed is along the same side by the door,and the position ive slept the door was right by my head.

This one morning during the summer,I woke up it must’ve been around 6 am because the room was still kinda dark,not entirely though because that room had many windows.I slept on the top bunk,so I was just staring at the ceiling,thinking of nothing in particular when i had this weird,eerie feeling suddenly.I had the urge to look around the room,though i was still laying down.I looked at the door which is always closed shut while we slept,was a couple inches open and there in the crack i saw someone standing there.

Creepy woman

This happened to my grandfather about three years ago. He was a saceriy guard museum in our town, one night he was patrolling around the front when he heard a loud voice calling his name.

He went to look to see who is was. But when he got there what he saw scared more than anything else he’s seen. It was a raggedy looking old woman with matted hair and tattered clothes, he says that when he walked closer the woman seemed to look see through.

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