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Creature on the bridge

This story is from my Mother, she told me this a few years ago.

When I was about 12, my family and I went out camping to a place about 3 hours from our home. I do not remember the name of the place, but I do remember what it looked like. To your left, you see a stream and then thick trees. Straight ahead, you see a bridge standing about 7 meters off the ground, 500 meters away. To your right, it is more trees and then a small road we took here. This bridge was abandoned, nobody came here.

We set up our tents and began making the campfire. There was me, my parents, my 3 sisters and 3 brothers. About 4 tents in total, if I recall. The first day went okay. All that really happened was me feeling like I was being watched constantly, by something in the forest. I shrugged it off as no one would believe me.

Nightmare Farm

So, growing up in my native county, a lot of strange things happen. We are a more, rural area, then the town that we call our home. Living in Maryland, half of it is country, the other half, development. I love where I live, but at times…all the trees, noises, cracks, and bumps, they catch you off guard. This happened about 3 years ago.

It was my job on the farm to go and take care of our dogs that we have outside. You might think it is wrong having dogs sleep outside, but, we built a large barn with the help of the Amish that we use for both equipment for the farm, and a small area for the dogs to have beds and bowls. Back then, we had 3 labs, used to have 4, but we found one of them a home. These dogs are the type of dogs that are bred for hunting, even at an old age, they would follow you out, sit at your side, and go fetch anything that you flew or was shot down from the sky, so not very timid dogs. Well anyway, I digress.

The dog next door

Being attacked by any animal is terrifying. I never thought I’ll be attacked by a animal as im a animal lover.

This happened when I was five. Being five I was really Hort and weak so that meant I wouldn’t be able to protect my self from dangers. I had two dogs at the time Cookie and Jordan. Jordan isn’t aloud outside because he likes to run away. Cookie is aloud outside. We like to go on walks around the neighborhood. By the way cookie was a black pit bull mix with a labrador. She was sweet.

The Pool Side Horror


Hello I fell that I must admit that I am not the best writer nor am I good at explaining myself to others through words but most of the time I can write down my thoughts and be understood.

Now I only post this because of the recent post of “Scary life guard stories” on his YouTube channel which I’ll add a link to here now one of those stories is extremely similar to the one I am about to post and no I’m not copying it in anyway this really happened to myself and those involved.

Giant Whale Attacks and Almost Swallows Boat

Before I begin, I would like to say that I have absolutely no way to show actual proof that this story happened, so you’re just going to have to believe me.

Several years ago, my family and I were on a Whale watching tour on the Pacific Ocean. There was another family onboard, as well as a top Whale expert and a tour guide, both of whose names I’ve forgotten. We were specifically looking for Blue Whales.

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