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Signs of Sasquatch in Maine

This isn’t a long story and it’s one that happened to my dad when he was in his twenties. He told this story to my sister and I when we were kids and ever since we’ve enjoyed listening to creepy encounter stories and the like, especially concerning Bigfoot.

To give a setting, this story took place in central Maine on a back dirt road on the outskirts of my small hometown. It was in the middle of winter during a light snow storm. If any of you are from Maine you’ll understand that the snow does not stop people from going out and living their lives. We’re all very experience and prepared driving through bad snowy weather. My dad and a few friends of his were at another friend’s house very late. Now at the time this old dirt road didn’t have many houses on it and it certainly doesn’t have street lights or anything like that. Today there are more houses but even today you can drive miles before seeing another house so it’s quite secluded. There are lots of thick forests all throughout Maine and here was no exception. My dad and two of his friends finally left their friend’s house around 2am. Snow was freshly fallen on the road and being so late in a secluded place the snow wasn’t very disturbed by other cars. As they drove my dad noticed odd tracks in the road. They looked like human tracks. He and his friends got out of the car to examine them. They did look like human tracks but they were very large, larger than a normal man’s foot print and they were barefoot. The tracks came from one side of the road, followed the road for a little ways, then continued up and over a snowbank and into the woods on the opposite side of which they had emerged. Now no one in their right mind would be out here in a snow storm bare footed at 2 in the morning. All three of the men saw the tracks and my dad swears this to be true. Nothing else happened, it was just a bizarre occurrence that makes him believe not only does Bigfoot likely exists, they’re also close to home.


I’m not really you’re typical girl.

I have no in real life friends, I’m shy and very quiet all together. Your typical loner. So my only source of actually talking to someone is through social media. Lame right?

Anyways this incident of mine happened two years ago when I was 16. I was on this dating app called “meetme” which I was very spectacle of it since I’ve had bad experiences in the past. But I decided why not? I can make friends for once that live close or so I thought….

Scuba Diving Death

I am a 16 year old girl called lennox from Virginia who is a scuba diver. I am sorry in advance if something is poorly written i am dyslexic so i have problems with grammar and spelling. My story takes place at a small quarry that has been filled with water. I was there for my final scuba exam to become a open water diver. There were a lot of people at the quarry so my dive master got us in the water as quickly as he could. My class consisted of my friends little brother, a boy who was my age and his father.

We had one more test to complete but the boys father signaled his arm was hurting so he surfaced, and we continued. After sometime we heard a commotion from the surface so we surfaced to see what was going on to our surprise there was an ambulance and police car. We swam to land and took off our tanks and fins and approached the ambulance only to see the boys father blotted and blue and the EMT  administering CPR and then rushing him to the hospital. As this was happening i looked around and saw a person dressed in black on the other side of the quarry just in the tree line.

Phantom in the Wreck

Allow me to give you some background on what I do and the region I am from. I work as a public safety diver for the local sheriff department. I recover anything and everything that goes into the water from airplanes and buses, to stolen firearms, jewelry, and cars to bodies of both people and pets. Outside of that job, I am an avid technical wreck diver. Us technical divers go far deeper than the average scuba diver. We have intense training, dive exotic gases (helium), and we run a much higher risk of something going catastrophically wrong. We cannot surface from 200ft as death and or something more debilitating will happen once we reach it. That means we are on our down there and carry everything we need on a single dive. We accept these risks as the deeper you go, the more pristine and intact the wreck becomes. There is no other feeling than being the first person to lay eyes on ship that has not been seen since she sank, and now you become part of her story.

The Great Lakes offers the best shipwreck diving anywhere in the world. The cold fresh waters preserves shipwrecks from the late 1600s all the way to to modern times. From wooden sailing ships that still look like they can sail away on the bottom, to massive steel freighters that you can’t believe were overwhelmed and sunk by a furious lake. The Great Lakes also has the highest concentration of shipwrecks per square mile than anywhere else in the world with an estimated 10,000 wrecks. That’s more than tenfold of what the legendary Bermuda Triangle holds and at less than 12th of the size. Lake Superior is the largest of the five lakes and also holds the title for deepest, coldest, and most isolated of all the others along with the fewest divable shipwrecks. The cold black waters holds many of her secrets and dead crewman as it is too cold for natural processes to bring them back up. As you can imagine many of these wrecks still hold their crew inside the hulls on eternal watch.

Babysitting Horror

So, this was when I was babysitting in 2007. I babysat some kids a few miles away from my neighborhood. The family had a huge house, in the woods, as I remember. It was a really nice place, but all things considered, it was also very creepy. It was old and isolated.

I had to ring the doorbell about 5 times, before I finally saw a kid come up to the door. ”Mommy is already gone!” she yelled at me. ”Wow, umm.. Sorry? Your mother told me I had to be around here at 19:30 so, I’m here now, right?” The kid let me in.

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