Tall Man at work

The following story is from my brother, we’ll call him Dan. He worked at Goodwill during this time. He told me one scary story of someone who may not even have been human.
It was a hot day. Dan worked in the warehouse of Goodwill. Customers would drive up and donate. One day, a small, little car with an old fashioned, ginormous box shaped TV drives up. Out of the car comes a man, a very tall Man. The man was Jason Voorhees like and was about or close to 7ft tall.
The man then said in a nightmarishly deep voice ‘do you take TVs?’ With no hesitation, I replied ‘yes.’
The man tears off the bungee cords and lifts the TV up without any trouble at all. He picked it up like from that scene in Phantasm. Then he placed it on a pallet jack and walked away.
“Would you like a receipt?” No reply and he stared at me in a very threatening manor. Soon, driving off, in that same scary inhumanly deep voice, he said “thank you.” Eventually, he quite. I hope I never meet you Mr. Tall Man

My Creepy Crush At Work

First off, I just want everyone to know that I’m a guy and, yes guys too can be victims of sexual harassment.

This took place about two or three years ago and I was probably either 25 or 26 years of age. I work in a factory that makes car parts for Nissan, Honda, Volkswagen and Toyota. The factory is split up into three departments: Plant 1, Plant 1.5, and Plant 2.

At the time I was in Plant 1.5 where everything was going good for me. I was apart of one of the best teams of workers ever.

Everyone was great except for this one person. We’ll call her Terri and let’s just say she was quite a character. When her and I met, everything was fine, we were talking and she even complimented on how I cute I was.

Later on, one of my friends began to notice that she was a little weird.

For instance, talking to herself and to inanimate objects and laughing for no reason.

At times she would even walk by me at my machine and grab my waist before walking away. Well one day on a Friday I came to work for a little overtime as always. I was on my machine working until I felt someone rubbing my shoulders as I turned around to see it was, you guessed it, Terri.

She then tells that she thinks I’m sexy and that she likes me.

Me, however, was extremely caught off guard and a little shocked to hear that, all I can say in reply is “thank you” while confused. I’ve always found it weird to be called “sexy” but it’s whatever.

Afterwards I go to my two friends Cory and Eric and tell them what just happened. Cory tells about how she is strange and talks to inanimate objects and all that.

Later on that day, as I’m back on my machine, it goes down for a little bit so my work partner goes into the machine to check it out.

As I’m at the work table, she returns and begins asking me if I have a girlfriend and I replied with no. She asks me why not and I reply with my famous answer: I just haven’t found the right girl. As this conversation is going on, out of nowhere she throws her hands up like she’s getting ready to strangle me but stops herself and says that she just wants to touch me.

Shocked yet again, all I can respond to that is a simple okay.

After that I began to become very uncomfortable around this woman. Some people began to find it funny but learned that I didn’t find it funny at all. It’s cute if someone has a crush but she was coming at me way too strong. Plus most of the time she was constantly having to ask for my name. Cory began to make me feel better as we started making jokes about the whole incident as if it was a horror movie. We talked about how I would go to my truck and there she would be saying stuff like “if I can’t have you, nobody can”. We had a good laugh about it.

Afterwards, everything was starting to look up for as the machine was running good parts and there was a lot of helping hands also.

Everything was fine until Terri returned, as she was preparing to leave, asking for my phone number. As much as I wanted to say “no” and my friends were mouthing the words “no”, I easily gave in. I don’t know why but all my life it’s been hard for me to say “no” to people.

She wrote the number on her hand of all places, plus she asked for my name yet again. After she had left, I told some of my superiors about this incident. Eventually work ended and I could finally go home and enjoy somewhat of a weekend.

I told my dad and stepfather of the incident but I instead feeling bad for me, they were proud of me, of course. Luckily I never got called by her. She probably forgot my number because God knows she couldn’t even remember my name. Sunday arrived and I was back to work while feeling a little paranoid.

As I was getting everything ready for my machine to start running here she came in tears and telling me to hug her. I reluctantly did. Her face was red and puffy for some strange reason.

She began telling me about a bunch of problems that I really can’t remember. Then she asked for a couple quarters for a bottled water as I gladly gave her the money. Whatever it took to get her away as quickly as possible.

Later on I told my supervisor about the incident from Friday due to him being absent that night it took place. I had to write a complaint about what happened. Basically everything I just told from earlier. Afterwards, as the day went on, my supervisor came back to tell me that he attempted to confront her about the incident. He told that she went on saying that the feds had her cellphone. He also told me that she was clearly crazy.

I agreed.

Finally it all came to end when I had found out that she had been fired for going into the bathroom with a straw. All I know is that she wasn’t going in there to sip the toilet water so it had to be for drug use. I was relieved that it was all over now.

So Terri let’s not meet again. By the way, I hope you got help because God knows you needed it.

The Cat shadow

This Is a true story and similar events throughout the years have happened, I’ve always had the ability to fall asleep anywhere so keep that in mind. 

I was six years old at the time, I had fallen asleep on the couch in the living room. My father not wanting to wake me up while moving me to my room, let me sleep there for the night.

In the middle of the night a small whisper of a cold breeze woke me up. I had overcome the fear of darkness with the help of the glow of the clock coming out of the kitchen overhead very vaguely. I stared blankly up at the small ray of neon light above my eye over the top of the couch.

It flickered every few seconds. A few minutes of restless attempts to go back to sleep, I let my left hand off the couch to where I just barely grazed the carpet. I began playing with the carpet strings, pulling and playing with them and trying to doze off.  A sudden object hit my hand, I pulled my hand back, for a second. Believing to have let my mind play tricks on me I went back to playing with the carpet.

As I reached my hand down a cat like object was under my hand.  Comfortably thinking I was seeing thing I began petting the cat like figure. Looking over the side of the couch I saw the figure.

A long and black shadow my heart jumped and I pulled my hand away to roll over to protect myself from the figure. Before I could fully pull my hand and arm into safety of the couch and blankets I felt a sharp bare of teeth come down on my wrist and a set of razor sharp claws dig into my arm and drag down. I began to scream and cry for my dad just one door away from the living room. I swung my arm and the biting and pain stopped. I heard a thud against a wall. After I gripped my arm I stood up on the couch and screamed for my dad once again, as I heard him come running. He flipped on the lights and picked me up. 

After turning on all the lights in our living room and kitchen he sat me on the counter. Y wrist had two small bite marks that were beginning to Irritate and swell with two “cat- like” scratches leading from my elbow to my wrist. Red and bloody towards my elbow. My father said It was probably a cat of the neighbors that had gotten In, trying to settle me down swept over the room and told me It looked like a cat had gotten in through the garage door.

I’m 18 years old now, my left arm has a faded scar and ive moved  three different and since then, I have woken up with a cat like shadow hanging around my bedroom, or staring at me from the top of my dresser. However, since the last sleepless cat figure haunting I have gotten a cat that sleeps at the foot of my bed. Though from time to time when my cat is out and about at night, I will wake up in the middle of the night and feel a presence staring at me from the foot of my bed. 

something scared the cats

So first of all, excuse my bad english, I’m from germany and not always sure about my english writing skills, but I will try my best…

This little incident happened about two or three years ago and I totally forgot about it until today. I’m sixteen years old and I’m a complete crazy cat lady. I own three cats by the names of lilly, luna and lara.

One afternoon I came home from school.

I was basically home alone, except for my aunt and cousin, who were living downstairs. It was a normal day, I came home, ate lunch, fed the cats, things I do every day. After all of that was done, I decided to go up in the attic, were my room is and watch some TV. My attic is really small and only fits my bed and a TV, together with my quite large DVD collection. I sat down on my bed, turned the TV on and started drawing some random stuff.

One of my cats joined me and it didn’t take long for the other ones to do the same.

Now I was just hanging out with all three of my cats in my small attic, when suddenly the cats started acting weird, they seemed scared and nervous and got up from my bed. Under my bed, there is a little space, about four inches. All three cats gathered in front of my bed and looked underneath it, hissing aggressively. I was scared as fuck and quickly got down from the attic, my cats following me, with terrified looks on their little furry faces.

Everybody told me that my cats were probably overreacting to nothing, being the weird creatures they are. Being a believer in the paranormal and totally scared at that time, I feared for something like that happening again. Nothing ever happened after this and I myself am starting to think my cats were just being foolish and crazy, but who knows, it might have been a spirit passing by, or sonething else…

My Cat Saved Me

This happened around a time when I was fourteen years old.

So anyway, I had just gone through the lecture of a lifetime. My parents scolded me for having an outburst, where I suddenly yelled at my stepdad. It was around 1 in the afternoon on a Sunday. I’m explaining this because the fact that I didn’t have my phone will come into play later. They sent me to my room where I was forced to stay in bed and “reflect on myself”. So I lay there crying my eyes out after they had taken everything out of my room, and after a while I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I had no idea what time it was (they had taken my alarm clock as well).

I could tell that it was night time though, because everything was incredibly dark. I felt cold and clammy. I listened for any signs of my parents being awake. But I heard nothing.

I was still half asleep when I heard what I could make out to be a light tapping on my glass window.

At first, I thought it was my cat, as he sometimes does this at night. I got down from my loft bed, preparing to open the window to let him in. In my hazy state of mind, I wasn’t really thinking about other possibilities.

I reached for the cord to draw the blinds. My vision was fading, as I had gotten up too quickly. Just as my vision was beginning to return to normal, there was another series of taps. Five of them. “Okay Koda, I’m coming,” I said to my black cat, who was no more than a year old at the time.

But as it turns out, it wasn’t him. Instead, there was a dark silhouette of a person. I couldn’t make out any distinct features. Everything was just black. My window is quite close to the ground, and I could tell that it was crouching. “What the fuck?!” I said aloud.

Whatever the hell this thing was, I didn’t want anything to do with it. I knew I could run to my parents, because they were probably already asleep, and I couldn’t call the cops because I didn’t have my phone. I began to feel light headed, and could feel myself growing colder. I started having cold sweats as I stared into the darkness at this figure. There were no streetlights in front of my house, because I live at the dead end of my neighborhood.

It reached up to knock on the window once again. A horrific thought plagued my mind. The only thing separating me from this thing was about an inch of glass. That was it. If it were to throw something, it’d be able to get in. I had absolutely no idea what to do.

I quickly pulled my blinds back down and crawled back into my bed, hoping it would just go away. The tapping continued in series of fives, and would start up about every thirty seconds. I pulled my blanket over my head, and, like a child, I surrounded myself with my stuffed animals. Yeah, I know, kinda strange. The tapping ceased. I finally felt myself beginning to relax. After laying there for what felt like an eternity, I was able to close my eyes and attempted to go back to sleep. It was at that moment when my worst fear came true.

A deafening cracking sound radiating around my bedroom. I let out a silent scream. Looking over at my window I could see little pieces of glass lying on the window sill.

I didn’t dare get out of bed. The blinds were still closed, but I could seeing them swaying back and forth. Then. The true moment of fear. I saw a long, black hand reach through them. But they didn’t part like they normally did. Instead, it seemed as if it had just melted through. Whatever this was, it sure as hell wasn’t human.

It looked withered and its fingers were unnaturally long. I saw another hand making its way into my room. Then came the worst part. It’s head. It was twisted in a way that I can’t even begin to describe.

I have to say that the most uncanny thing about it was its eyes. They looked human, but somehow didn’t. The large white spheres appeared to bulge out of the creature’s head. It crawled in on all fours, dragging its legs behind it. Everything was mangled. It made its way across my floor. At this point, I was just prepared to get the fuck out, not caring if I stepped on glass. I didn’t break eye contact with this thing.

I heard the blinds shuffle. “What the fuck what the fuck what the fuck?!!!” I screamed in my head. Out of nowhere, Koda came bolting in, bowed up with claws extended. He hissed as he attempted to pounce on the creature, but it was as if he had leaped at nothing but the air. It let out the most horrifying sound I have ever heard in my entire life. It sounded like a person screaming, combined with a dogs howl. That’s the only way I can describe it. And the worst part was, it’s mouth was simply a gaping black hole in its face. It opened unnaturally wide.

It just sat there, unmoving. Unblinking. Koda jumped once more, It let out the same scream, then dragged itself over to my window, pulling itself back out with its arms. Koda lunged at the blinds, driving that thing away. I could hear it’s cry as it made its way farther away from my house.

I sat there in shock.

My cat let out a final hiss and silently walked over to my bed. He stared up at me with his bright green eyes. My face stung with the beginnings of tears. He let out his reassuring meow, and padded back over to the window, where he curled up on the floor and fell asleep.

“Thank you Koda,” I whispered in a raspy voice.

If my cat hadn’t showed up right when he did, who knows where I’d be right now. I still have him, and he is the best cat I’ve had. A lot of people don’t like cats, because they think they don’t do anything but lay around and eat. But they are so much more than that. Koda was willing to put himself in harms way to protect me. And for that, I am forever grateful.


This is a story that isn’t really that creepy. It’s the closest thing to paranormal to happen to me. It may also be important to mention that my whole family, including me, are firm believers in The Christian faith.

My family lived in a more country setting in Central New York, and  we owned upwards of 20 acres of land.

At the time our neighbors were getting a divorce. So the ex-wife on the day of them moving out (also the day my family was celebrating my sister and I’s birthday) came to my family’s house ,and asked us if we would take her cat, and if we didn’t it would just become a stray. My dad not wanting a cat, but not wanting to disappoint his begging children on their birthday accepted the cat, and as the door closed and our neighbor left.

My dad promptly walked to the back door and threw the cat outside, and placed the food bowl by the door. His name was Chico, and he was a black cat with long, fair fur. Then there were his eyes. His most prominent feature. They were golden with black freckles in them.

My dad said he was to be an outside cat strictly. Eventually, and slowly the cat would wait outside the door, and jump in when we opened the door the slightest. Since my mother was home, and not my dad, my mom tolerated it as long as he didn’t piss or crap inside. He never did. Whenever he had to go out he would either brush your leg or meow by the door. So eventually my dad allowed him to come in whenever he wanted, and he became MY cat. I didn’t pick him. He chose me. I would wake up in the morning in my bunk bed (which is only accessible through a ladder) to Chico gently kneading my back with his two front paws. Somehow this is was/is the best massage I’ve ever had to this day. Given to me by my cat. Anyways my mom and I would point fingers at each of my family members as to who put the cat in the bed that was 6 feet off the ground, but nobody confessed. This started happening every day. My room was in the bottom floor. The cat was never introduced to this floor, and we had a gate that attempted to block him from going downstairs. Yet this cat managed to go into an area he had never been and climb a ladder to find an area he couldn’t previously see. Looking back on it this baffles me as to why he would do this unless me belief is true.

Chico and I bonded very quickly, and throughout the three years that I had him he demonstrated many  other feats of wisdom and patience that no regular cat would be able to demonstrate. My mom would say to him “Go get your boy” and he knew exactly where to go to find me. He knew what it meant, and how to get to me.

This cat would also allow me to carry him over my shoulders like a shepherd would to a sheep.

The front legs to one side of the head, and the body around the neck with the back legs dangling around the other side. He didn’t care he just tolerated. He also knew who deserved what. My brother wasn’t nice to him, and kicked him on occasion. Eventually he went to my brother’s room crawled under his queen sized bed, and sprayed pee in the most inconvenient place. Every time my brother kicked him was another time he would have to clean pee out from under his bed. Eventually my brother was nice to the cat, and wouldn’t kick him anymore.

The cat had trained a human. Last but not least this was a trick I learned very quickly. On a night when Chico was out late.

I don’t know what made me do this. Maybe i was worried and didn’t know what else to do, but I went out on our back porch and yelled at the top of my eight year old lungs to 20+ acres of forest “CHICO! Here kitty kitty kitty!”. And almost every time anywhere between 30 seconds, and seven minutes I would see a pair of golden eyes come trotting along up the steps to our back porch, and to my side was Chico. He was my cat, and I was his boy.

Eventually Chico’s eating slowed, and we found out that he had leukemia. I didn’t know what that meant I just knew he was going to die soon, and that I should be really sad. He got thinner and thinner until one day he just vanished. No sign of him ever.

This is where I have my experience. I was about eleven now, and it was about three to four months after he passed, and I was home alone doing homework for fifteen minutes while waiting for my sister in law to come and watch me.

Suddenly I felt the urge to look to my right, and I saw a small light. Somehow with dimensions. In the shape of my old cat with the brightest part of the light being its eyes (It wasn’t glowing, but it was light I don’t know how to explain it). He walked out of my parents bedroom doorway. Looked up at me, and trotted away, tightly hugging the wall as he normally did. Maybe to tell me he was okay, or maybe to check up on me.

I didn’t pursue because I was too afraid. Not afraid that he would hurt me, but I didn’t know what to do. What if he approached me? That was too much for an 11 year old boy to comprehend.

I just immediately called my sister in law, and she didn’t fully believe me over the phone,but when she saw my face she knew i wasn’t making it up.

Maybe he was a cat. More than likely I believe he was an angel sent by God to protect me in some of my childhood years. As I write this now I know a couple people are watching over me.

I can feel it. Protecting me from evils I couldn’t even comprehend. He’s up there. I know it.

Demon Dog and Shadow Cat

It happened when I was in third grade, about eight or nine years old. I don’t care what you think, if I’m insane, crazy, or just weird for making this up. But this isn’t made up, I tell you. Believe me if you want, but I’m just here to share my story.

I have no recollection of the day before these events. And the animals I’m mentioning in this story is Coach and Rocco, both still living today. Coach, a big golden retriever, is very loving, and will sleep in your bed. He is known for loving only me and my uncle (who is irrelevant in this story).

Rocco, my cat who loves the scent of chemicals and will throw up in his own food dish, didn’t really care about me at the time, but that night both animals were in my room.

I don’t remember falling asleep, or the day at all, but I do remember waking up. I was on my side staring at a thing… It was Coach.. he was asleep, I just had the feeling he was asleep.

But it also wasn’t Coach. I know my dog, and he… he doesn’t look like a demon creature. It’s eyes were red, dull, and like a fly’s. His mouth was slit open, looking like a gruesome smile. It was horrifying. I closed my eyes in fear, not wanting to move, and when I opened them some time later… it was gone.

I don’t know how, but I managed to fall asleep after that. But… it doesn’t end.

I awoke again, this time sitting up, somehow. I was staring at my feet when the shadow of a cat walked out of the shadows and into the moonlight that was streaming in from my window. I couldn’t feel it though… and it seemed to hover. I closed my eyes, opened them again and it was gone. I laid back down, and by this time I was debating whether to turn on my lava lamp on my nightstand or run down the stairs screaming like a banshee. I chose the lava lamp.

The story ends there, but I still fear there is something that may in my dog. He’s so… loving… and just… very cute.. but I still can’t shake away the feeling that he isn’t….a dog..

Hello Darkness!~ Thank you for reading this, and I watch all your videos! I think I’ve watched them all, not sure, but I’m sure to do that one day! I’m not asking for this to be featured, but I’d love to get it out somehow. Have a good day!!~

My Dog Came Home Two Months After Being Put Down

As you have figured this post is related to my families pet dog, that passed away a few months ago. I personally have not experience these incidents and can only relay the information based on the body language and tone my family had while telling me.

It all started mid February when we put our 14 year old golden retriever down after he started to have nose bleeds and sever seizures. we rushed to the vets to put him down after one lasted over an hour and we knew he wouldn’t make it until morning it was around 10pm then.
It is now the end of March and early April where these encounters with our dead dog have happened.

the 1st encounter happened with my dad who was in the kitchen when he heard a bang in the living room. When he came out of the kitchen literally having to just turn the corner he saw our dog lying on the floor like he always did. he never said anything else about it, my dads never been a believer of the paranormal but this really does have him shaken up

my sister who I’ll call “Kay” to keep her privacy was in grade that curiously played those popular paranormal games which were very popular, Grade 8 at the time now in grade 10 came out of her room on the top floor and walked towards the stair case and saw our dog lying at the bottom of the stair case sleeping which was normal for him to do as well. Being half asleep she stepped over him to do her normal routine.

The last one comes from my mother. she told me today that she dreamt of him scratching at her bedroom door to be let in so he could lie down and go to bed to. she got up walked to the door and even remembers saying “come to bed max” after opening the door.

For the most part my family members are extremely happy about him coming home but I’m not to convinced right now that it really is him. I am a true believer in the paranormal and that there are things that I can not explain with my understanding of the world. As of this moment our home is under construction as we are renovating the kitchen floor and cabinets. I believe that my sister could be continuing with her paranormal curiosity, but says that she stopped after something happened and wouldn’t elaborate any further, she probably thinks I’d get mad and honestly i probably would at first.

This is by no means an April fools joke as my family has never done anything of the sort and with such a touchy subject to boot.
If anything else happens I will update the post here.

My kittens saved my life.

Last Christmas, I got two new kittens. They were cute and comforting. I loved them so much, they were nice, sweet, and just amazing. The next day, i could not wait to play with them, so i got up and went in the bathroom.

I went in the bathroom because they were so new, we could not let them stay out and explore yet.

When i got in the bathroom, they were just sitting on their beds and eating their food. I pet them for a few minutes, them played with them. Keep in mind that my bathroom has a mirror that you can see behind you when you look straight  in the middle not to the left, or right, straight in the middle.

So when i was petting my cat, he looked up at the mirror with the most terrified  look on his face. I slowly look at the mirror and i saw something that scared me for life. I saw dark figure standing behind me. I turned around and nothing was there. i looked back at my cats and they were gone. i started to freak out, i looked out the door, i looked everywhere.

But then when  i went back in, they were both still sitting there, scared and looking up at me. i hugged them, they purred.

I felt relieved, for one second. Right when i turned around the door to the bathroom locked and someone started banging on it. But as quick as it started, it all just stopped. I was so shocked, i could not move. I think if my cat did not see that, thing, then i would not be here typing this story.

I am still scared to this day, just waiting for something to just POP right out at me.



My dog?

Every time I remember this experience I get shivers. So Growing up I have always wanted a dog. After years of begging my parents, they actually finally got me a dog ; a Yorkie to be exact; junior. Now junior always has always been a very hyper dog and after years we’re very used to it by now.

So, I had been sitting on my bed, sucked in by my phone screen, unaware of my surroundings like a lot of times.

I walk out of my room and see junior laying on the living room couch, I go and try playing with him around by stealing a nearby toy of his. Junior had just laid there looking at me and not moving which I found very weird since he usually would jump around and try to grab the toy.

So I quickly brushed it off and got up thinking he must have just been very exhausted.

So I then looked for my mother throughout the house but realized she must have gone outside so I walk from the kitchen, through the living room and to my brothers room to peek outside the window facing outside, while junior was following me.

After I look out the window I felt chills run down my spine as my mouth hung open and my eyes went wide. As,… as I see my mom walking junior outside… but how could this be I thought I quickly looked behind me and all throughout the house with no sign of junior anywhere.

I was so confused and frustrated just wanting an answer… but I heard juniors collar as he was walking being me to the bedroom, I touched him , I saw him walking behind me well at least who I thought was junior.. how was he just gone.

I quickly make my way outside and ask my mother, who was now at the doorstep how long she had been walking him, she said about 15 minutes, after explaining to her what I’d just experienced she told me that it was probably just my own imagination and that I need more sleep…. but I know what I saw and I will never forget that feeling I got when I looked out that window.