Middle school lockdown

I remember this like it had happened yesterday. To say I was a theatre nerd was putting it nicely. I was walking to my chorus class, now to get to the chorus room you have to pass the front doors, as I was walking I noticed a strange man I’d say no later than 40. I shrugged it off thinking it was just a parent.

As I got into chorus we did our warm ups which was a daily thing. We sat down and watched a documentary on the national anthem as we were singing the national anthem at the upcoming basketball game.

The door had swung open and the same man had walked in our room. Red flags were going off in my head. I knew if he was someone’s parent the office would’ve called down to inform us a student must leave.

My chorus teacher stood up to ask the man if he needed something. As she stood up the man punched her across the face. My friend ran to see if she was okay. As he did he pulled a knife. “Step away or I will cut your head off!,” the man said. My friend backed away.

The man looked at me. I will never forget that grin. His eyes were as wide as possible and he had rotting teeth. He started walking up the stairs, still looking at me. When he was 6 feet from me I stood up and threw my chair at him. Now I was a wrestler so I had some strength to me.

He made a grunt that crackled. He was knocked down for at least 10 seconds which gave all 20 of my classmates and my teacher enough time to get out. As we were running down the hall I heard a noise. Pop! Pop! Pop! He was firing gun shots. “I will kill all of you!”

As I ran past the front door they were sending the swat team in. From what I heard it took two tazer guns to go off to make him drop his gun. After they arrested him they sent him to the hospital as when I threw my chair at him it left a huge gash on his face.

Now our school has high security. The office ladies have to press a button just to make the doors unlocked. Now how’d he get in?

The next day we were told what happend. The man had just gotten through a divorce and lost both of his kids who were our age. He started buying guns and was in the works of making bombs.

Now back to the question, How’d he get in? The office ladies were helping a kid in the nurses office as our school nurse also works at an elementary school. As the man walked in he looked for something to make the door unlocked.

And he found it. His son was always a fan of chorus and singing in general. Now he had moved to a different town a week prior as his dad tried breaking in. His son was my best friend.

He was planning to kill the entire school. And luckily I had thrown the chair at him otherwise I don’t think I’d be able to tell this story.

Clown Catastrophe

This took place around the time that creepy clowns were making headlines. I live in Kentucky where the clown group was supposed to be. I am 12 years old, 5 foot 7, and am larger for my age. It all started at night when I was laying bed, chatting with my friends on ooVoo.

We were talking about the creepy clowns and how all this crap was fake. Then another friend got on and informed us that there were cops at the local Walmart about 3 min away from my house. He said that there was a clown there and he shot someone, we didn’t believe him.

The next morning I woke up to find on the news of a shooter at my local Walmart, but the creepy thing is that he was found wearing a clown costume. My mom told me not to worry and that it was all fake propaganda.

I went to school and met up with my friends to talk about what had happened, we were all had chills.

The school day went on normal until 4th period. 4th period was my favorite class because I was with Kobe and Jack. All of us were talking about the clowns, then our teacher caught us and told us to never talk about it again.

It was as if we knew something that others didn’t.

The bell rang and our teacher pulled us over saying to never speak of that again, not even to our parents. We moved on to our next classes and then it was normal.

Then I received a text from Jack. It read: Come to the bathroom we need to talk about something. So I asked my teacher if I could use the bathroom, he approved. I met Jack at the bathroom. He said he got a text from one of his close friends at another middle school about 5 min away.

The text read: We are on full lockdown, we spotted a clown out of our window.

Chills ran through our body. As soon as we were about to talk the dean came on and said we are now on full lockdown. Me and Jack sprinted to the nearest classroom. Us being 6th graders we both just thought of this time as free time to play on our phones.

But then the teacher confirmed that the other school was on lockdown. I almost peed my pants. Then we waited, we waited for what felt like an eternity.

Then there was screaming coming outside of our room.

I swore I heard a squeak from a toy. Then the doorknob jiggled but then stopped. About 15 min later we were escorted out of the school by cops fully armed. We were greeted by our worried parents. I never figured out what was outside of that door. I can only assume it was a creepy clown.

Weeks later police found an Instagram page with pictures of my school from the date of the lockdown. The page was titled jimbotheclown. The page was tracked and they found the man.

Devil Dog.

This story is my fathers not my own. I’m from a very rural area in West Virginia , I today own this farm were this took place  . It was mid January early 70s my father was around 12 or 13 years old .

There was around 2 feet of snow on the ground . My grandmother was washing dishes around 9;30 pm as she was washing dishes something caught her eye out of the window , witch looks out towards the barn and a road that comes down from the fields and woods ,

They had one of those dusk till dawn lights on a pole at the end of this road. My Father , My Grandfather and 2 uncles were in the living room when they heard( in my fathers words )my grandmother let out the most terrifying scream he has ever heard to this day . All four of them jumped up and ran into the kitchen to see what was wrong ,

My grandmother couldn’t speak you could see the sheer terror in her face she was frozen in place with fear .

They kept asking and pleading with her to tell them what was wrong .

After a good 20 seconds she pointed towards the window. They went to the window and looked out towards that old road and under the light stood this thing on all fours like a dog but much larger and it was not a dog that’s when it turned its head and looked directly at them in the window it had five to six inch fangs long pointy ears and the worst part bright glowing red eyes.

It just stood there glaring at them. That’s when my grandfather told my Uncle to go get his Winchester 30/30 when my uncle returned with the old rifle my grandfather slid the kitchen window open chambered a round took aim and click the rifle wouldn’t fire he chambered another round and again the rifle went click ,

Never has this rifle ever failed to fire.

Then this thing let out the most haunting howl/ growl he has ever heard the kind that makes the hairs stand on end. It then turned and went back up that old road but they noticed it walked on top of the snow never sank down into it. They went outside and looked for tracks in the snow and could not find one trace of it nothing could be found.

There was a lot of livestock killed in the area that year . I have heard this same story over the years from my Grandfather and both uncles and all at different times to hear them tell this story it sends chills down your spine. We are all avid hunters and have never seen or heard anything after this night.

Also the rifle fired fine after this night and still does to this day. Please remember this whole ordeal was over in around a minute .

The old dirt road

I live near Darlington south Carolina and this story takes place a month ago.

I was driving down a dirt road with my cousin riding shotgun and we were just doing donuts in the sand pits on my grandparents land. 2 hours later we were heading to the mud pit and as we were driving we heard something screeching and I did something I would regret to this day I stopped and got out of the truck and looked around with my flashlight then I heard something behind me it sounded like a very low pitched growl, as I turned around my cousin started screaming saying “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT” as i looked at it well it smiled as it backed away I saw it in full detail, it had black eyes that looked like pits, it had white skin and cuts all over its body, sharp claws and it was seven feet tall.

As it leaped back into the bushes it said “see you soon” after that night I will never go on that dirt road again.

Stalked by a Dogman


This all happened back when I was still 22.

I was living with my dad at the time, back home in Oklahoma out in the town of Tribbey off a road, believe it or not called Slaughterville road.

I had some friends, well more precisely a friend who lived in town and another friend who lived down a long dirt road not far off. We will call them James and Randy. James being the one who lived with his grandmother in town and Randy being the one who lived a bit further out.

Well me and these guys we decided this night would be a good night to just hang at James’s place and drink beer all night and just crash on the couches later, and this would be where my story would end if I hadn’t decided I didn’t want to sleep there that night..and I wish that I had in hindsight.

It was around 2am in the morning and as I said deciding I wanted to go home to sleep, and also seeing as how the alcohol had worn off I said goodbye and hopped in my car and took off down the road. I was heading down a long dark stretch of one lane highway with nothing but dense woods on either side and few sparse houses on either side, and on my way up a long hill my car suddenly lost power. Well I had a standard so I tried every gear..nothing..then I realized..it must have been my CV joint going out. I was stranded.

I realized my predicament but had no other options now, and luckily there were no cars behind me so I did the only thing I could..I let off the brake and watchee behind me as I backed up down the hill. Spying a dirt side road I carefully backed onto it and parked on the side a few car lengths down it.

I sat there for a few minutes wondering what I should do. I had no cell phone so I couldn’t call anyone, and I had already began to feel a looming sense that staying there in the car until dawn was a bad idea. So I grabbed my case that had my game system in it and the makeshift machete I had made from a lawnmower blade from my back seat and got out, locked the doors, and started off on foot.

I hadn’t walked but about thirty feet to the end of the dirt road and turned onto the highway when I felt very uneasy already..like I was being watched by something or someone..I knew that worrying wouldn’t help my situation though so I pushed that fear of knowing something could he out there back and continued on. I decided to walk in the middle of the lane I had been previously heading down towards home. At least if anything came at me I could see it and maybe have time to react. Only three miles I thought to myself.

I had gotten a couple of blocks down the road when I felt that sensation again..did I mention that for some reason the night had become eerily silent!? Yeah..well I started glancing behind me and to the sides as well. I wasn’t gonna be caught unawares I thought to myself should anything try something. On this road there were wide drainage ditches with fairly steep sloping grassy sides that went down about five or six feet to the bottom before slopping back up into the treeline. Well a few moments later as I was nearing the top of that hill a car came over the top of it heading in the opposite lane. So I watched it pass by, and as it did the highbeam headlights illuminated the area of the road and the ditch behind me on my side of the road.. that’s when I saw it..eyeshine at first then immediately following the light passing over a large hulking creature the eyes were attached to.

an overpowering feeling of dread washed through me then as my eyes took in the sight of this thing..it all happening so fast but seeming to last for the longest time. It must have been stalking me from the beginning! It was on all fours..one arm stretched out in front, remaining motionless for a split second..it was huge! Muscular defined arms that were long and almost ape like with hand paws like a raccons ending in black claws. A head like a wolf or german shepherd only huge, with small tufts of fur at the tips of its triangular shaped ears. it was all black except for its golden amber eyes.

Then it rose to its hindlegs so quickly, and in one fluid movement leaped up into the tree line. It was so fast yet so silent..I had no words..I did catch a glimps of a bushy wolf like tail as it vanished into the dark wood though. It had the lower legs of a wolf or dog with big paws. If I could describe it in one sentence I would say the black werewolf Van Helsing changed into in the movie. Except this thing was even more muscular. It must have been eight or nine feet tall on its hind legs.

As the car was passing further down the road now I thought now was as good a time as any, and though I knew that running from a predator just kicked in their instincts to give chase I didn’t have many options. I ran. as fast as I could for several blocks down the middle of the road. When I felt like my lungs were going to burst I slowed, but I kept jogging for a time. My machete in one hand and my game system in its case still in my hands believe it or not.

I was comming up onto the next long hill at the top now, and, walking again now, catching my breath. To me left I saw a farm house down a long dirt road atop the hill. It looked like the guy who lived there had just pulled up in his truck and I guess he saw me, because he used the spotlight on his truck to shine it directly on me. I thought about going to him and asking for help, but people around that area often enough would likely shoot someone, especially if you approached holding a big machete, but I wasn’t about to drop it somewhere with that thing still out there.

So I kept moving..starting back into a fast jog..now n then looking behind me and to the sides. Just as I had gotten past the bottom of the next hill I saw the edge of headlights then a car passed by me in the opposite direction again. It was a cop and I quickly dropped my things and ran to the center of the road waving my arms trying to flag him down. And when his lights passed over the ravine behind me..there..again..the beast was lying in wait..even closer this time than the last..but this time it seemed to squint and sneer..then..just as I thought I was surely done for, it slowly but silently went back up the ravine into the treeline..as if to say “I could have had you if I wanted”. I was scared out of my mind and about to pick my machete back up when the cop down the road wheeled around. He pulled up beside me and I quickly explained my situation as calmly as I could.

as luck would have it the guy who was shining a spotlught on me had called them saying that he saw someone walking late at night and that maybe they were stranded out there or something. The officer agreed to take me home when I asked him after going to check on my car before we did. I agreed, and he patted me down as was standard proceedure apparently, then we hopped in his patrol car, went to check on mine, and he took me home.

The rest of that night I lay awake in bed..fearing the beast had followed and waiting for its next chance to finally devour me. To this day I won’t go camping or even out into the woods alone be it night or day.

Never before in my life had I been so happy to see a cop, and I’m so thankful he showed up when he did..otherwise..I might not be here to recount my encounter to you, and instead just another missing person who had car trouble on a long lonesome highway.


I hope you enjoy my recounting of my encounter Darkness. Most others I tell usually don’t believe what I saw that night, but I know that you’re not like the rest now are you?

take care.


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