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Werewolf in Surrey

I’m a 14 year old guy who’s about 6ft tall and am decently in shape, a couple of months ago I was out in the woods around my estate. It was about 2pm and I was walking my dog with a good friend who I’m going to call Jacob, we had strayed quite far into the woods coming up to a ditch when we had decided to take a break.

We sat down on a near by log when my dog started to act strangely, we had thought it was nothing seeing as we were far into the woods and their were wild deer  roaming around.

Who Is Following Me?

So, this is an updated version to my first encounter. In the Summer of 2016 I had my first encounter with what is known as the “Rougarou.” The rougarou is a creature that is strong, intelligent, and wolf like. From the tales I’ve heard it is far from an actual werewolf, since the rougarou will hunt you down for days, weeks, months, and maybe even years! May I also include, we moved out to the country as we bought land for some Bison.

So it came back Febuary of 2017. He was killing farmers cattle. It came down to the town after that, and started bugging everybody at night. My mom knows it was the rougarou because come sunrise it would leave after terrorizing the whole town until morning.

Camping Stalker

It was 10 years ago and i was 19 years old. my boyfriend came up with the idea to go camping in south Michigan. at the time i was excited to go. an entire week alone in the woods?

sounds like a fun and almost sexy weekend. well the first 5 days of the camping trip went very well. we went hiking and swimming in a nearby lake.

Haunted Apartment Building

So I am a 20 year old female college student and live in a large 6 story apartment building. Despite being built only two years ago, that doesn’t stop my apartment from having a creepy past..

Besides costing an arm and a leg for rent, and the occasional obnoxious drunk resident (I’ve been awoken to a shirtless dude yelling “USA” and shotgunning a beer outside my window before) I love my apartment building and have lived there the entirety of the two years since it was built. To get a better idea of my building, it has 6th floors and is about the length of a football field. It’s massive. The thing that throws people off (and always gets my friends lost) is that it just has one long hallway with separate wings leading off of it. Besides being ridiculously long and narrow, the hallway isn’t perfectly straight, it kind of curves and has weird columns that stick out at weird intervals, making it impossible to see all the way down to the end of it. At each end of the hallway is an elevator. I live on the 6th floor.

The Ones Around the Corner

I stay with my fiance a lot, every weekend and every holiday I can for the past year. Well its not weird anymore to see Hector, our residential apparition who just would walk up the hallway and disappear at his moms door.

Well after he stopped coming around we started feeling and seeing this thing regularly. We’d be sitting on our couch and out of the corner of our eyes every once in awhile we’d see a white head but it wouldn’t have facial features, just sunken places where its eyes are pop out from the corner leading to our room and the bathroom and if we looked they’d disappeared.

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