Is my House Haunted or is it the Piano?

Now this is just kind of short, but I have remembered this since it happened to me when I was about 5 or 6. I have told a few people about this, but not many. When I was younger I would have trouble sleeping because I had a hard time breathing until I got surgery and had my tonsils removed after this.

So one night, I had trouble falling asleep, suddenly just as I was about to fall asleep around 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning, I was startled to the sound of the piano that was downstairs. We had bought it a few years ago as kind of a filler for the parlor. It is extremely out of tune when we bought it and we still haven’t tuned it.

Anyhow I had started to wonder if my mom or dad were playing so I went in their room to see if either of them were missing from their bed. Nope, they were both still there and my dad was snoring as usual.

I had closed the door and went downstairs to see who this mysterious person was, I was on the 5th step and heard the piano continue to play. I turned my head and saw the final key on the piano press down and go up without anyone being there. Being 5 or 6 I flipped out and ran back upstairs and slammed my door shut.

A few years later I told my brother, we’ll call him Tom, and he said he had the exact same experience happen to him. Tom explained it the exact same way that I explained it.

I’m 16 now and have had no other issues like that happen again. I have tried looking through the house’s history and couldn’t find anything to explain what happened.

Chain rattling

Firstly, this story is 100% true. It is NOT made up.

It was a fairly warm night, about mid-summer and my older sister (15 at the time) had invited about 3 of her friends over. To lay out how  our garden is set out, we have our patio that reaches out about twelve feet away from our house, then about 50 feet of garden, and another 12-15 feet of garden that has been fenced off, as my father thinks it’s ugly and nothing grows there, as no light gets there due to two massive fern trees (maybe 90 or 100 feet tall each).

We have a neighbour at the end of our garden. In contrast to ours, their house is sideways, and about four people’s houses end at the side of their garden.

The neighbours that lived there had a (very loud) bull terrier, and they always had it chained up outside. They had recently moved out, after putting their house up for sale so nobody lived there at the time of the occurrence. We were unaware of this at the time.

Well, anyways, it was about 11:00 pm, and my sister, her three friends, myself and our dog, Maple, decided to go into the trampoline to play games and eat sweets, the usual sleepover things, when Maple started growling and barking at the empty space under the trees. It freaked us out a bit, but we decided it was most likely one of our cats making their way back from the neighbours garden.

About ten or so minutes pass, and Maple starts up again. We tell her to shut up and she complies. Another few minutes pass and just out of nowhere, we hear a chain rattling. It scared the shit out of all of us and we ran back to the house.

Maple was going completely bonkers at this point. We got back to the house and we’re discussing what we thought had happened. I realised it was most likely the dog that lives with the neighbours at the end of our garden. I told the others and they decided I was most likely correct. We go into the lounge and watch a movie before going up to bed.

The next morning, I see my dad in the kitchen and tell him about what had happened last night, and that it was probably the neighbours dog. He responded with a quick: “It couldn’t have been the dog, the family moved out of there about two weeks ago when it was put up for sale”. I was completely terrified at this point and now get a weird and unexplainable feeling of dread whenever I go outside when it’s dark.

At one point, about a month after the occurrence, I was in the kitchen washing my hands, (the kitchen overlooks the garden) at night, about to go up, when I just got the strongest feeling of dread, and that I was being watched from outside the windows that I have ever experienced, so much that I had to crouch down then lie down in front of the counter so I couldn’t be seen from outside.

I believe these two are linked.


Did You Hear That?

Growing up as a child to whom  lost her father to a car accident when she was only a baby, I have always been interested in the paranormal.

Because of this fact, I used to be scared of my shadow and a bit afraid of the dark.  I grew up timid and afraid of things that go bump in the night and always had unexplained things happen. As a child I had things happen to me that no child should have to endure. That is another story altogether though. I will jump ahead to my third marriage, and the house we currently live in.

When my husband and I moved into this house, my oldest daughter was 19 years old. She kept telling us that she was hearing noises, things were moving, and her radio would change stations by itself.

To give a bit of the background after my original mentality of being afraid of the dark, in 2001, I went to the police academy and became one of the very few police officers that were female on my force.

I say that to tell you that I was no longer afraid of things that were unseen because I had seen plenty of scary things happen that I could see.  So when my oldest daughter told us these things were happening I assumed she was just being her usual dramatic self.

My husband, I ,  and my oldest daughter we’re getting ready to leave our home to go eat when my daughter stopped us before we left the front door and asked us, “Did you here that?”   I asked her, “Hear what?”

She told us it was happening again. She said that the radio had come on by itself again. I gave her a smirky look and asked her to stop being dramatic. By the look on her face though my husband  and I decided to humor her and check it out.

Now, our house has a very large staircase leading to the upstairs bedrooms, her bedroom was a very small bedroom at the end of the top of the staircase.  My husband lead the both of us up the stairs, without a flashlight, and as soon as we got to the top of the stairs the radio shut off. At this time I have to admit I was a bit spooked.

Yet, I was still explaining it away in my mind. When we entered her bedroom we stood in front of the iPod home to which she claimed was coming on and going off by itself. When my husband stood in front of  the radio, I was directly behind him and my daughter was on my left side.

As soon as he stood in front of the radio, it proceeded to blair classical music in front of our eyes!

He slung his arm to move me out of the way to race down the stairs and we were both trailing after him. After that instance I wasn’t skeptical anymore about the things she was telling me. I do believe in demons and such, due to the fact that I am a born-again Christian.

Even though I believe in demons, I have no explanation for what happened that night. None of us dabble in any kind of witchcraft or the such.

Needless to say after this instance, I prayed along with my husband through the whole home, and the radio never behaved that way again. I currently live in this home and I am not afraid of it at all!  I do still have that iPod home, but it is unplugged and beside my bed.

Apartment Horror Story

I was living in my first apartment away from my parents for the first time ever.  I was living with a friend from high school and her husband in a pretty nice apartment complex.  One night, while I was getting ready to go to the movies with my boyfriend, I noticed that my window was open, and there was some shouting coming from outside.  I didn’t think anything of it and continued getting ready, completely ignoring the shouting.  When I came out of my room, I noticed the apartment was fairly dark, so I went to find my roommates.  When I got to the living-room, I found that our patio door was open, and both my roommates were standing on the balcony.  One was on her phone while the other stared down at the courtyard and parking lot below.  He turned to me when I came out and asked what’s going on.

“There’s a few people out in the parking lot, fighting.”  I looked out and saw a small group of people standing out in the parking lot, yelling at each other.  I then looked over at my friend.

“Who is she talking to?” I asked.

“The police,” he replied.

I went back inside to go check my phone so that I could see how much longer my boyfriend was going to take.  I then heard my friend yelling something I couldn’t quiet make out through my closed door and hurried out to see what had happened.  I saw one of my roommates shut the patio door while the other sat there on the couch.

“What just happened?”  I asked.  My roommate moved away from the patio door.

“She just yelled down to those people in the parking lot that we were calling the cops.”  My heart dropped to my stomach as he continued.  “They turned and looked directly at us.  I think they’re going to come for us.  Turn off the lights and sit down.”

I hurried out of the room, turning off the lights as I went.  Finally, I reached my room and turned off my light and my TV.  Before going back to the living-room, I carefully moved back my blinds and saw the group from the parking lot enter our building.  I quickly closed the curtains and rushed back to the living room.

“They’re in the building…”  My roommate used his phone as a flashlight and started looking around.

“You know where my pocket knife is?”  I shook my head and quickly dug through my purse.

“Use mine.”

I handed him my pocket knife and took out my utility knife while my other roommate grabbed her knife.  We sat there for a moment, checking the peek hole in our door every few minutes until my boyfriend texted me, letting me know he was on his way.  My roommates immediately requested we all go to the movie, stating that they didn’t want me going downstairs by myself.  I texted my boyfriend back, and he agreed they could come along.  After a bit, he arrived, and all 3 of us told him what happened.  He said he hadn’t seen anyone, and no one followed us outside.

After that, my roommates demanded that I never go anywhere by myself, and, if I did for whatever reason, I had to have my knife or some pepper spray.  I keep both in my purse no matter what, and I hope I never have to use them.

It Comes at Night

This happened to me maybe a year ago

Here’s a little background about my neighborhood: My house, and others, all sit in a circle. A perfect circle where people just built on, not knowing what was ever there before. Turns out, it was a Native American burial ground. Of course they just kept building, and we’ve all seen our fair share of horror movies where building on them, are a HUGE mistake.

Sometimes my closest friend and I will walk around the neighborhood, usually at night because it’s the only time she wasn’t busy. We would talk about little things such as work, boys, books, TV shows. Anything that made us happy really, and that usually made us comfortable. We would always walk past a soccer field connected to the circle. A thick wall of trees surrounded us on all sides, but if you walked through the field, there would be a old dirt path. Michelle and I were really the only ones who would walk it, and knew where it was.

Once in a blue moon we would walk down the path at night, but we would get scared and run back due to the growing feeling of Anxiety and Danger. We couldn’t walk around the circle alone because you would constantly look behind you, because you could feel someone right behind you at all times.

One night I was home alone, my little brother over a friends house for the night, and my parents on a little vacation. So it was just me, and my giant rabbit Cali. She was like a little guard dog, and was the size of a English bulldog, so she was very intimidating for a rabbit.

She would stomp if something was wrong, and would growl, and I mean growl. She rarely did this, and it was only if my brother and I was fighting. My window blinds were open and the sun was setting. I turned on my back porch light just in case Michelle was to come over, because she would use the back door to scare me.

My rabbit was chilling in the middle of the floor, my couch was on the opposite wall of the windows, so I had a clear view. An hour or two past and it was dark, but my backyard was pretty well lit. I was just playing video games, and just relaxing like I usually do. Cali jumped up and started to thump, and I also knowing what that meant, asked her “What’s wrong?”

She stood on her back legs and looked out the window, thumping again. I thought it was Michelle and called her, she picked up right away. I asked her, kinda annoyed “Stop trying to scare me and come inside. Cali is on edge”

It was a long pause before she finally spoke “I’m still at work Hannah”. Chills ran down my spine as she said it. Cali started to grunt and growl, thumping more constantly and looking out the window. Then, as I looked back at the window, I realized something. My backdoor light was on, but the light wasn’t going through the window.

I started to panic, the darkness soon started to seep into my house, and Cali backed up a little. The light at the door got brighter and brighter, until it blew out. I started to snap photos with my flash on, but none of the photos even showed it. Except one. It was this thin figure, barely a face, but had defined cheekbones and a ridge that went down its forehead. I screamed and told it to go away, running into my room to grab a thing of sage I kept just in case of something like this every happening.

As I ran downstairs it was in my living room. It’s cold, faceless gaze right on Cali. I ran for my kitchen and turned on the stove top. It was just clicking, then, boom! The flames roared, putting the sage stick into the flames and blowing it out.

I started to say a Native American prayer my grandfather and father taught me growing up, and then out of nowhere, Cali was thrown across the room. I panicked and saw it wasn’t working, so I ran out of my house through my front door, and ran into Michelle.

I was blubbering, saying things such as “It’s in there” and “It’s trying to kill me”. We both ran inside and instantly saw nothing, Cali was laying on the floor, panting scared, her nose twitching a million miles a second. Michelle doubted me, until I showed her the picture. It’s face peering though the thick black mass that was seeping slowly into my living room.

She slept over after that, and Cali stayed by our sides. We barely slept that night, but little did I know it wouldn’t be the end. I still have no clue what or who this thing was.

Recently I’ve been scratched, pushed, and I cannot sleep in my room due to an overwhelming feeling of being watched. Michelle has had things thrown around her house and scratch marks on her walls, ceiling, also furniture. This fight isn’t over sadly, and probably won’t stop until we move, or put an end to this.