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I Don’t Believe in Ghosts

By G.

For context of the story i am a 17 year old other day i got back from a 9 day long art camp for high schoolers at a local university near me in southern Oregon USA. The dorms we were staying in were called “the Green Springs” this will be important information for later. This camp had about 80 kids, most from Oregon, some from California and a few from even further places like Arizona or PA. my roommate was from California. I had never met her before.She was tall, had red hair, glasses, and was in theater. The first night she gave me a heads up she was type 1 diabetic and would need insulin a few times a day.

I told her okay and for her to let me know if something was wrong or she needed my help. Fast forward into the week and a few other campers had mentioned having a weird feeling in the dorms we were staying in. Then one camper had stated that their dorm door was wide open after breakfast when they swore they locked it.

School Haunting

By ipogill

When I was in elementary, there was a line of oak trees at the end of the field. As a stupid, my friends in I decided to dig a hole the fourth tree in. Thus finding a large white rock in the shape a skull. Me, being the little know-it-all, decided to make a ghost story surrounding the skull. The story went something along these lines:

“Once, there was a girl who loved the fourth tree in a line of oak. One day a very important person was riding down the road right by the line of oak.

Night Guard at the Scout Camp

By Shaelyn_aw

I have been a scout since I was very little and I really enjoyed our summer camps. But this year was different. I was finally old enough to join the night guard rota. I was 11 or 12 old girl I do not remember exactly but I knew I was ready. The task was simple: member of your rota will come to wake you up when it is your time to switch with him and guard the camp for one and half hour. Then you will wake up other member who will switch with you.

It is 2am and my friend woke me up for my shift. I was super excited! I was alone sitting in the middle of the camp. The night was calm and the sky was clear. Beautiful stars were sparkling above my head and light summer breeze was playing with my hair.

2006 Demon Sighting

By Drunty

I’m not a man of true faith although I did grow up attending a Catholic church by the name of St. Andrews, the same church this occurred in. Some back story first. My great grandmother was originally a white healing witch in mexico in her younger days, she’d recount stories of demons she’d battled whilst being a healer.

I being young never really believed in the faith that my family practiced, but after the event’s of this story I have never doubt that there are higher beings and evil beings. It was June 6, 2006 as cliche as it sounds. I had been brought to St. Andrews Catholic church by my great grandmother and my grandmother as they believed this was a day when demons would rampant through all people and places.

Walmart Parking Lot Encounter

Have you ever just rolled up in some parking lot and loitered? Like, maybe you just bought some food and you wanna sit, relax and eat it before you get back on the road? Or maybe you need to text or call somebody so you go and park? Well, I had a bit of a habit a few years ago of ordering cheesy bread from Domino’s then parking at the usually empty side lot of my local walmart.

I was very much addicted to Domino’s new double cheesy bread, and this walmart stood right in front of a miles long patch of woods. At the side where I usually parked, there was rarely ever anyone there, and the scenery was just so nice. It beat eating and driving or sitting parked staring at traffic any day. So, I’d just sit in my truck and scarf down my cheesy delight, always wishing I had asked for double marinara.

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