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Flooded House

By That TF2 Trolldier

A little backstory: my mom, dad, and myself live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I won’t say what my address is for obvious reasons. A giant storm had rolled in from the Gulf of Mexico (not a hurricane, but more like an overgrown tropical storm), and it had been raining since the 11th. It rained all that Friday and non Saturday. Let me say that we live behind a drainage canal, a tributary of a bayou named Lively Bayou. The water in this tributary had risen considerably on that friday, but the water was dropping that saturday.

Later, we noticed that water in the canal was rising again, but very slowly. We thought that if the canal overflowed, we would have time to load up a few things and evacuate with plenty of time to spare before our house flooded, if the water even got that high.

My Experience at Camp

By Coolin

I am a very curious person, but this was a pretty crazy experience. I went to my church’s summer camp, where we stayed in a large house. My fellow campers told me a story about how they were up at a late hour, about 2 am where they all woke up. Shortly after they woke up they saw some kind of ghost.

After that, the stereotypical freak out took place. Another time, one other fellow camper told a story about how they were walking over to a mirror. Once he got there, (to the mirror,) he heard the most demonic noise floorboards could make. This was the deepest, most bass noise you had ever heard. But continuing on with my story.

The Things by the Bayou

By JohnnyBoy

My name is Johnny. I was around eight years old when I saw the “little men”, as I call them. I should start by saying that I grew up in a small, superstitious town in central Louisiana, so any little thing that happened that couldn’t be explained right away was blamed on “supernatural forces”, but I have never had an experience as vivid and real as this.

I lived in a small, three bedroom house with my mother and sister at the time. My father lived across town, as my parents were divorced. Our house was old and creepy, but not as creepy as it’s surroundings. To the north of our house, just across the street, was a levee that separated our road from a small patch of woods and a bayou. Now I usually tried really hard at that time to stay away from that area due to the fact that a few people had died in those woods, however, one gloomy day I decided I would walk to the top of the levee and try to see deer in the woods.

Horrific Bigfoot Encounter

By Scared as hell

Well the story I’m going to tell needs a little foundation. I was fifteen the year this happened, I’m Native American and I live in northern Nevada in a rural area so I grew up near animals and the outdoors and I was a Boy Scout so I knew how to identify most of Nevada and Idaho’s wildlife.

But this story I’m going to tell just ruined the outdoors for me, every time I go camping or hunting I will think of this time every time I smell garbage or a skunk. Well when this happened I was hunting with my brother, my two uncles and my dad. We were going on a three night hunting trip. Where we were going had rivers, valleys, canyons, cliffs and forests. Where we were camping was on the edge of the woods in a valley, it was our anual camp site. In the valley was a river that cut through the middle and ran into a natural lake that held trout, bass, and white fish. When we had nothing to do we would spend our time swimming or fishing. The water was cool and clear and atracted a lot of wildlife. I once watched a mountain lion and her cub drink the water.

Ghost in my Bedroom

By cat lover

My family lived in Texas for seven years, when they decided to move up to the Pacific Northwest of Washington state, where we still live, and where my story begins.

My bedroom is on the second floor, my dad has comment that I have the nicest bedroom, in our community, and it is. Now I always sleep with my bedroom door closed, so no one would disturbed me while I slept and that included our two cats and our dog.

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