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Unexplained Stalker

By shadows

Ever since I can remember I’ve had weird dreams, for the first few years it involved this big old house I haven’t seen before, and there was this kid who looked simular to me but male. He had blond hair and blue eyes and was always the same age as me. We used to play games all night in that house and I just walked through the front doors when I wanted to wake up.

The last time I played in that house was when I was eight, just before I left he said, “next time lets play hide ‘n’ seek.” More often than not I would see him in my dreams and when I did even though I knew I was dreaming I couldnt move a muscle.

The Giant Sea Monster

By P.T.Sheldon

It was a lovely sunny day in June last year and me and a few friends went on holiday to america, we are from wales and we are all big headed and try to be the best.

When in America we rented a boat for 2 days for scuba diving and the first day went quite well we saw quite a few fish we have never even seen before towards the end of our first day scuba diving we heard blood curdling roar under the water we all stopped and looked at each other and signaled to get the hell out of there. We went back the following day to try and find out what made that noise, thinking it must of been a sunken ship that must of slipped down a big deep hole under the water not to far from us.

My Invisible Friend

By Radley

When I turned 7 I had just moved into a house,and for the record this house was old, really old.

Anyway when we were unboxing I heard a noise and I looked over my shoulder to see a black figure dart across a mirror. I look to where It was in the reflection and nothing was there. I don’t really think much of this because I was just a kid. But now that I look back I would have been creeped out. I keept unpacking and everything was normal until I went to bed.

Ohio River Encounter

By Jago

This story isn’t mine but was told to my class and I when I was in middle school by a local police officer. I live in Louisville, Kentucky, which is bordered by the Ohio River to the north. Our City is in no way know for giant river monsters or anything of the sort but the Ohio River is two things, deep and murky. The deepest part of the river is located in this area and can be over 100 feet deep.

The officers that spoke to our school were part of one of those “don’t do drugs” campaigns but one officer told us he was a former member of our local Underwater Search & Recovery Unit. This obviously piqued the interest of many of my classmates who proceeded to ask the man a ton of question.

Stuck in a Dream

By Mel

I have sometimes been the victim of a type of dream called a waking dream or false awakening, that is, a dream that you think you have woken up, everything seemingly normal and you go about your daily life, using the bathroom, eating or going to work only to find out that it was all a dream as you sit up in bed. Admittedly on one occasion I wet the bed because I had dreamed about walking to my bathroom but I digress.
Out of all the waking dreams that I have experienced there is one that sticks with me to this day.

Allow me to explain the layout of my apartment a bit to set the scene.
At the time this dream happened my bed lie parallel to my bedroom door which was directly across the hall from my bathroom. I always felt a little uncomfortable facing the door so I would sleep with my back to it.
While sleeping one night I woke up in my dream, looking around and thinking I was truly awake as everything seemed as it should be in my bedroom so I just fell back to sleep. However, rather than going back to sleep I woke up again in the dream. It was odd but not the first time this has happened.

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