An Evil Cloud

One night after the midweek church service my parents went over to my aunt and uncle’s house. I was ten years old then. I was told to go into the kitchen and tend to the soup cooking on the stove, to stir it so that it wouldn’t burn. Soon the pastor and other elders from the church came over. They just said that they were there to pray for my uncle. I thought that he was just sick.

They all went upstairs where my uncle was. Soon I heard noises and banging, then someone yelling. It was inaudible to me downstairs in the kitchen. After a little while things calmed down. Then I heard someone walking in the hallway upstairs and down the steps.

Out of the stairway came this black cloud like a fog. It came tward me and stopped at the kitchen doorway.

I stood there too afraid to do anything or realized what it was. Then it suddenly went across the dining room and into the living room and the front door opened up. Then the black cloudy fog thing went outside.

Later I found out that the pastor was there to do an exorcism on my uncle because he was foolish not to believe that there was a real devil and had invited him to show himself to him.

My uncle got more than he bargained for.

Light in the woods

In the spring of 1994 my girlfriend and I were travailing on Weatherby Rd in Cumberland County N. J. at the southern end of the pine barrens. This road has a stretch for a few miles where there is nothing but woods and is lonely and dark at night.

It was there that I saw a red light in the woods keeping up with the speed that I was driving. When I became nervously afraid was when it began to follow behind us.

No matter how fast I went it stayed behind us.

Then it went above and in front and finally behind us. My heart was racing, my girlfriend was trying not to panic and we kept asking what it was and why it was following us. It vanished as we reached the next town.

The Man Inside the Trees

Hello! The story am about to tell you happened to me less that 30min ago. I must remind that I don’t drink nor do drugs, so I was completely aware of everything. I would like to add an image, but it’s late night and I want to write it with every detail before I forget anything.

I live near a forest, in the past, it was used to plant coffee. There are many old storage buildings some kilometers away from where I live, and even if they are still in use, they are almost abandoned. Many homeless people go around there, so they must pass nearby, or walk through the forest. There are many people who say that many drug addicts go inside the woods at night, but again, I’ve never seen anything so I just never paid much attention.

I most also add, this isn’t a dangerous zone, it’s actually a main street where police officers and workers walk every day at every hour. Still, that big forest is almost behind my house. My house is kind of big, but old. It’s a 2story house, so you can see the forest in the back, behind some apartments. Behind my house, there are some apartments, then a street, and then those woods.

So, I was returning home, and the bus stop is like 15min walk away of my home. It is right beside the forest, but nobody really cares because it’s normally safe. I have two ways of returning home. Taking a pretty long route that requires me to walk near those old storage buildings (It is a 50min walk, in the dark.), or just walking beside the forest, in the main street with lights.

I started walking as I always do, but this time I had that one weird feeling you get when someone is watching you. I listen to many scary stories while doing work, so I’ve learned to become aware of my surroundings. I kept walking, having that awkward feeling and looking behind me. There was nothing, but then I heard some leaves crack. I thought it was me, but no, there were no leaves under my shoe, not even around. I brushed it off as me being scared or just a wild animal going around there. I started walking again, and less than a minute later I heard the same noise.

I need to make this clear, even if some of you may have guessed but I will just note it. The forest has many over grown plants and trees, so it’s very difficult to look through the leaves. This forest does have a fence so trespassers can’t get it, but it has been cut out in some parts, and yeah, I was walking beside one of those parts.

Going back to my story, I started walking even faster, and again, the cracks started trying to catch up with me. At this point, I already knew someone was following me. I didn’t want to be followed home, but I wasn’t going to go back either just to take the other way . I wanted to cross the street, but there’s no sidewalk there and as the idiot I am I preferred to respect rules over my own safety. Yeah, a very smart decision to make, I know.

 I kept walking and the sounds of leaves was so loud this time, it felt just beside me. I got a cold chill down my spine, and I looked to my side (I was as far as I could from the forest, but it was just like 1 or 2 meters away). I stopped abruptly, to see if those were footsteps. They fucking were. When they heard I stoped walking, they stoped, but they sounded like two steps further than me. I looked carefully to my right.

My eyes adjusted, and I am sure I saw a man staring at me. I am a 1.70cm girl, it my country, that’s tall. The man was shorter and for his shape he seemed to be in his 40s or so. Even if I am strong, I was alone and almost in the dark, so trying to fight wasn’t really an option. I acted normal, and when I believed I was parallel to him, I started to run as fast as I could. I was praying not to fall, because he would be able to catch me if I did. My feet were itching just from the run, and my shoes were the only sound, meaning he didn’t follow me.

I got to the apartments, and turned around. Just when I turned around, a man got out of the woods and kept staring at me. Yes, he just kept staring even after he saw I saw him. Wanna know what happened there? That bastard waved at me and walked back into the woods. I ran home and called the police. They said they were going to investigate, but what scares me the most is that I can see those woods from my room.

Cut a Creature’s Face

What I saw this night had to be, of all things, real. Before we start, you need some knowledge about my house. I have a couch in front of my window that is right next to my door. Then there is another couch beside that one against the wall. There is a coffee table in the middle of the room, and behind that is a recliner.

Now, this happened about two months ago, and it still terrifies me to think about this. I am 11 years old, and am very small and skinny. I’m not very strong or large but I can still pull my weight. My friend had rode his bike down to a very small creek in the middle of my neighborhood when, unfortunately, he got sick. And his mom came to pick him up. He left his bike and called me and asked if I could go get it. I agreed, but it was too late to go out. So, like the idiot  I am, I decided to sneak out of the house when my parents fell asleep.

I went out at about 12:00 and walked to that creek. I got his bike, no problem, until I started back to his house. As I was leaving. I heard this low growling, so I started off pealing at a normal rate until I heard t branch snap behind me. I started pedaling like a mad man and I heard a deafening shriek. It sounded like TV static and Cougar mushed together.

And next thing i know, I feel 2 bony hands on my back. I fly over the handlebars and face-plant/roll on the dirt trail. I flip over to lock gazes with this horrible creature. It had pale grayish skin and black pupils, a strange grin, and a tiny nose. An, upon closer examination, I see this thing has no teeth, just gums. I kick it in the face and pull out my Buck pocket knife out of my pocket. As it lunges with its head at my throat, I lunge but with my knife. I push its chest with my feet and grab the bike. I start pedaling back home.

I threw my friends bike down on his drive way and run around the block to my house. I washed that things blood of my hands and knife and sit down on the sofa against the wall. And about 50 minuets of staring at my hands in shock, I hear a tap on the glass. I look to see that creature, smiling at me. But across its face, from the end of its mouth, to its eye, is a cut. Its face is literally hanging off. That’s, when it stood up.This thing must have been about 12 feet tall. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a large kitchen knife. I unlocked the door and, It was gone. I haven’t seen this thing since. But, If  I could say anything to that devilish creature, it would be, ” One day you and I will meet again, and make that quick, so I can rip the rest of your face off.”

Shadows that Stare

I’m faith and I’m a 15 year old girl. I live in a small town called Pudsey in England. My story is about something a lot of people may have experienced but never realized . Last year during autumn or fall as you may know it I had an encounter that still haunts my mind to this day. It was late at night , around 3 am , I was fast asleep. I had never had problems falling asleep and being a heavy sleeper, I rarely woke up during a slumber.

During my sleep all of a sudden I felt pressure on my chest. I didn’t open my eyes straight away I was too confused. The pressure increased as if someone was sitting on my chest.  I couldn’t breathe at all at this moment. In fear I tried to move, to sit up . At first I tried to move my arms. They wouldn’t budge and it felt like there was something rapped tightly around them, so tight it was hurting so much I wanted to scream.

But I couldn’t make a sound. In fear I opened my eyes and what I saw was the most terrifying thing I’d ever seen. In front of me was a pitch black face with only big red eyes and teeth. No lips just teeth set up to resemble a grin. But that wasn’t just it . It was sat on me staring. Just staring and smiling gripping my arm unbelievable tightly. I wanted to scream or cry. This went on for around 45 seconds. And then it was gone. It just vanished right in front of my eyes. I sat up panting and choking , fighting for breath. I looked down at my arm struggling to see in the dark but what I saw was very visible even in the darkness.

Finger marks? I thought . And I was right large finger marks rapped all the way around my arm bright red and hurting. I put the light on and I was positive it had gone. I did not go back to sleep that night .

I just stared at the ceiling for hours trying to process what had happened. The next morning I told my dad. As I lived only with him. Mt mum had left when I was younger . He looked at me frightened and told me a couple of nights ago he had experienced the same thing. Exactly the same . my dad normally isn’t scared of anything . He’s a very tough man but he was terrified. I went to my room and searched up if there was a reason this had happened. I found that the not being able to breathe and the feeling of being sat on was also known as ‘sleep paralysis’ and people experience it all the time. Thinking that’s what it was I should have left it there.

But I kept on researching. And found the shadow people. The legend of the Shadow people explains what I saw. They are dark beings that watch you while you sleep and if they are interested enough they will sit on you and stare to get a better look . I knew then that’s what happened. I have not experienced the shadow people again. And I am glad. I’m still terrified to this day.