The Girl in the Corner

By Lynn

I made a stupid mistake when I was 16 and now, at 21, I have a five year old daughter who we will call Sophia. I don’t regret it though, she is the light of my life. I also didn’t end up like most other teen moms, I finshed high school and now, I have a stable job and a wonderful boyfriend that treats my daughter like she was his own.

About a year ago, I was sitting in bed, surfing the internet on my laptop. It was close to midnight. My boyfriend worked nightshifts, so Sophia, who was four at the time, and I were alone in the apartment. I was just about to go to bed when I heard loud crying from my daughter’s room. I jumped up from my bed and rushed to her, but when I opened the door, Sophia was sound asleep in her bed.

I decided to ask her about it the next morning. Her response was “Maybe it was the girl in the corner. She gets a little upset sometimes”. As if that alone wasn’t creepy enough, after this conversation, Sophia became obsessed with “the girl in the corner”. She would scream if you even looked at the corner across from her bed. She had trouble sleeping, nightmares and night terrors and sometimes, she would sit in her room, facing the corner, just… staring. It got so bad, we took her to see a psychiatrist, thinking she had early onset schizophrenia.

Then, about three months ago, I got a job offer that was better than my previous job. But it was on the other side of the city, so we decided to move.
And as soon as we stepped inside the new apartment, Sophias issues vanished. No more nightmares, no more girl in the corner. I even asked her about it, but she just gave me the most confused look, as if she had no idea what I was talking about.

I don’t know what it was, but I’m glad it’s over.

Tormented by an Evil Spirit

Both my friend and I wish to remain anonymous so I have changed names for the purpose of this encounter for privacy reasons.  A little back ground is necessary so you understand how it relates to what has happened.  I am Wiccan and no stranger to the occult or spirits.  Strange things that scare most people happen around me all the time, so most “weird” things don’t frighten me.  I don’t like to tell too many people that I am Wiccan because I don’t feel it is my responsibility to defend myself from other people’s ignorance and biases.  I would rather do what I do and be left alone.  That being said, I do help people when they have problems of the spiritual kind.

October 2016, I was on Face Book and saw some sort of advertisement for a movie about children and Ouija boards.  It was getting to be Halloween time.  I did a post about it and tagged one of my friends who is also a practioner.   I was being facetious when I did it because movies like this annoy me and my friend both.  There is always some skeptic out there that thinks it’s a child’s toy and ends up getting one just to prove that it is only a game.  Then they come to find out the hard way that it can be something much darker and then they end up no longer being skeptics.  Ouija boards easily open doorways that at times are harder to close.  They open gateways on the other side and ANYTHING can come through.  If you don’t know how to safe guard yourself and if you don’t know how to close those doors, you can find yourself in serious peril.

Suzy, a woman, whom I am friends and used work with, made a comment on my post saying that I shouldn’t post things I don’t understand.  She didn’t know I was Wiccan and she didn’t know I was actually criticizing the Ouija board post.  I private messaged her and told her I actually knew a great deal about Ouija boards.  She then went on to mention that she used one when she was a teenager and stated that because of that, she had experiences to that effected her to this very day.  I asked her what she meant by that.  She was extremely reluctant to tell me because she was scared I would think her crazy.  She even told me that she told a holy man of her faith about her experiences and he questioned her troubles to be that of the mind and not the spirit.  Basically the arrogant ass was politely telling her she was insane.  After some reassurance from me, she went on to tell me about her living hell.

She told me that she used to have friends when she was younger that meddled with the Ouija board all the time. But what she didn’t realize at the time was that they were purposely summoning dark spirits. Suzy’s mom never let her leave the house after a certain time but one night she let her go out and she went to her friend’s house to hang out because her friends were having a party. They pulled out the board and started doing and saying some very strange things. One of her friends came in holding a coffer which she assumed to be red wine was offered to the group.

She saw everyone taking sips from it and since she is a huge germaphobe, she refused. What happened next to her felt like a huge nightmare and that she had been severely impacted by it to this day.  She found out later that the coffer was filled with the sacrificial blood of a cat and the only reason why she knew that was because when she was walking out of the house, she found the cat’s gutted body.  She was horrified.  Later on she confronted her friends about the cat and the drinking of the blood. She wanted understand what they were trying to do and why they didn’t tell her what was going on.

They probably didn’t tell her because knowing Suzy; she would have noped the hell out there.  When she demanded to know what they were trying to do, she didn’t really get a straight answer.  Her relationship with her best friend that hung around this group of people became strained from this experience and it got toxic.  She stopped talking to her shortly after. She would see the members of this group in the hallways at high school but Suzy never talked to them again. But the backlash from that incident didn’t end there.  She told me nothing was ever the same after that night.

Soon after, strange things started to happen.  Something stuck with her that night and has stayed with her since.  She told me it didn’t matter where she was or where she went.  It would follow her. She told me that she had learned to live with it and ignored it but others around her were starting to have experiences and it was scaring them. She told me of an instance where she fell asleep with the webcam on.  She was talking to her cousin late at night one evening.  She woke up because her bed was vibrating.

She sat up and her cousin told her she heard a man’s voice coming from the lab top and the picture on her end went out. She told me that it was not possible since she was the only one home at the time.  There would be nights where she would open her eyes from sleeping and see it watching her.  When it did this, she couldn’t move.  It was a scary looking man who would soon disappear before her eyes.  She told me that one of her friends absolutely refused to come over to visit her because weird things happened when she did.  Suzy told me of another night where she went to her mom’s house.  Suzy, her mom and her nephew were heading out when all of the sudden they all heard a man with a very deep voice call her name, “SUZY!”

She looked around to see who it was.  She looked at the window and there it was.  It was there for a moment and then it disappeared.  Her mother didn’t see it but she heard it. Her mother knew something strange was in the house and it terrified everyone.  Suzy said other than her, only her nephew has ever seen it. Everyone else has only heard it and felt its presence.

Now these kinds of experiences have been going on since she was in her mid teens.  At the time of her telling me this story, she is now in her late 20’s.  I decided that I was going to help her rid herself of this spirit.  I told her that I was Wiccan and I had experience with these kinds of matters.  I told her I was going to help her get rid of this negative entity.  I had this conversation with her the evening of October 30th 2016.  After I said goodnight to Suzy, I tucked in my daughter and got ready for bed.  My husband was already asleep.  I was in bed by 8:30.  At exactly midnight, now officially Halloween, I heard the radio clock go off in the second bedroom on the other side of the house.  It was loud and I was surprised that it didn’t wake my husband or my daughter.   That bedroom is a guest room so no one sleeps there on a regular basis.

I didn’t have guests that night so there was no reason why it should have been going off.  I got up in haste and went to the other bedroom and turned on the light.  There was the alarm clock blaring loud music at exactly 12AM.  I turned off the clock and right at that moment the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I got goose bumps.  I felt a dark presence in the house.  I knew exactly what it was.  It was Suzy’s “friend,” trying to scare me.  Well, I wasn’t scared, I was pissed.  “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE AND DON’T COME BACK HERE AGAIN!”  I yelled.  Soon after, my goose bumps went away and the tingling on the back of my neck subsided so I knew it left.  I’m surprised I didn’t wake up my husband or my daughter with my outburst.  I went back to bed angry and annoyed.

I got a message the following day from Suzy telling me that the spirit had been tormenting her and that it was worst than it had ever been.  She told me that it was shaking her bed, clawing at her and at one point had thrown her up against the wall and knocked her to the floor.  I told her that I knew it would it get angry with her because she is talking to me and that I knew how to get rid of it.  I also told her about the visit.  She apologized for it but I told her not to worry, it didn’t scare me.  I immediately went out and got her a kit to do a smudging of her home and herself.  I got an abalone shell, a sage wand, kosher salt, and a smudging feather.  I also made some anointing oil.  I explained to Suzy, that she needed to do the cleansing to empower herself.  Suzy came over my house to obtain the things needed to do the cleansing that I had acquired for her.

When I saw her she told me that the entity was trying to keep her from coming to visit me.  Her car wouldn’t start easily that day. She also had problems with her computer and she also had problems receiving messages from her phone.  I asked her if she wanted me to come to her home, and told her that I would help her to do the cleansing.  Suzy is a very determined woman, and despite her haunting, a very strong one too.  She assured me that I had given her enough detailed instruction and that she didn’t need me there.  Suzy went home and I didn’t hear from her.  I texted her the next day to see how things were and she informed me that she didn’t sleep that night.  When she attempted to smudge her home, the feather burst into flames and she was unable to do the cleansing.

The evil entity burnt her smudging feather!  I didn’t think to bless the damn smudging kit!  The spirit tormented her ALL night.  She told me she was at work and was scared to go home.  She was now going on 48 hours straight without sleep!  I told her to come to my house, that she would be safe in my home and that she could sleep here.  She declined, but wanted to know what to do.  I instructed her to get another feather and to get holy water and sprinkle it on her kit and ask God to bless it.  She did that but she knew she would be too tired to perform the cleansing that night and she was still scared to go home.  She asked again what she should do.  I instructed her to take kosher salt, (which is a blessed salt) and to sprinkle it around her bed in an unbroken stream.  I instructed her to command the spirit in the name of God to leave her alone and give her peace.  She told me that she would.  The next morning I texted her and asked if she was ok.  She replied back that she was at work, and she did exactly what I told her to do with the kosher salt.  She slept peacefully the night before.

I was relieved.

She told me that she had done exactly what I told her to do.  She got holy water and sprinkled it on her cleansing kit and said a prayer over it and asked God to bless it.  She then sprinkled the salt around her bed in an unbroken stream.  She then commanded the spirit to leave her alone in the name of God and slept peacefully.  She went home from work that day and performed the cleansing without incident.

A couple days later Suzy called me and told me that she got a call from her mother.  Her mother told her that she heard loud noises and banging coming from Suzy’s old room.  When Suzy’s mom went into that area of the house, Suzy’s old possessions were strewn all over the place.  It looked like a tornado had ripped through the room.  The spirit had taken refuge at her mother’s house and made its presence known with a vengeance.  But it didn’t bother her mother, it only attacked the room.  Suzy was upset and again she asked me what to do.  I instructed her to do a cleansing of her mother’s house.  She waited until her mother was gone and did the cleansing without incident.  I also instructed her to do cleansings of both her home and her mother’s on a regular basis.

Weeks went by without incident.  Then Suzy and I met up for some Thai for an early dinner a couple of weeks later.  When she came to pick me up we started talking and she told me there was another incident with the entity, but it wasn’t at her mom’s house or her home.  She was visiting a friend when her friend’s brother came running out of his room screaming.  He was yelling, “It is moving by itself!  IT IS MOVING BY ITSELF!” Suzy and her friend ran into her friend’s brother’s room and low and behold he was using a Ouija board.  Suzy and her friend watched in horror and disbelief as it spelled out, “I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU ALONE!” over and over again.  Suzy ran over to the board and said, “Leave me alone and go away!”  She flipped the board over and when the activity stopped she threw it away in the garbage.

Even though her friend’s brother was angry at her for doing that she yelled at him to NEVER use a Ouija board again.  She didn’t have any problems after that.  “OH FOR FUCKS SAKE!”  I exclaimed when she told me what happened.  We had our early dinner which was very enjoyable but I decided that Suzy needed a bit more than the occasional cleansing of a sage wand.  I obtained for her a talisman not too long after this to protect her against the evil spirit. I gave it to her when it arrived and we did a blessing.  I also obtained for her a Latin exorcism prayer which she recited.  She hasn’t had any problems with the entity since.  She recently told me she is experiencing a peace she hasn’t felt in years.

Now, I know there are those listening to this story, not believing this, or thinking me and my friend crazy and that is ok. I hope those of you listening that think that never have an incident to change that perception. If you are listening to this story and thinking, “Oh my god! This is what I am experiencing!” please get spiritual help for yourself and don’t suffer in silence. Ouija boards are never to be used by children or most adults for that matter. They are not toys and are not to be played with.





Paramedic’s Tale of Demonic possession

Let me start out by giving you a little back story to this particular situation. It was a humid summer night in June of 08′ or 09′ around 2 am, I am a paramedic in a very, very rural area. We have a population of about 22,000 and 500 square miles, the service I work for covered all 911 calls during this time. I had been a paramedic for about two years, prior to that I had been an EMT for three. The majority of the calls we received were either shortness of breath, due to 50% of the community being retired coal mine workers with some form of COPD or emphysema to coal dust and the rest being drug seeking individuals with the occasional shooting/stabbing/car accident.

That particular night I was dispatched to a call of a female patient who was hearing voices and seeing things that was not there according to her spouse. Around this time is when bath salts and all of the synthetic medications exploded and people were overdosing quite frequently.  In my mind I knew this was what was going on before I even left my station, looking back now I honestly wished it was that. When I was given the address I was kinda shocked, it wasn’t in the usual slums that we pick up overdoses. It was in a part of the county that was know to have very nice homes of working class people. Upon arriving to the persons home it reassured my thought, it was a well kept two story brick home. When I knocked on the door and announced my usually greeting “EMS (Emergency Medical Services), did someone call for an ambulance?” I was met by a 40ish year old man, I did not need to ask where the patient was. From across the room sat a female around the same age just starring at us with an empty stare. It sent chills down my both my partner and my spine. The type of stare I have never witnessed again, just empty. I introduced myself and my partner, and asked her name. Her eyes moved from my partner and looked me dead in the eyes and with a voice that should not of came from a 130lb female said “you are too late Joshua, they are already here.” I asked her who was here, she was still starring me directly in the eyes and had not blinked and said “can’t you feel us around you?”

At this time I had already decided I wanted the hell out of this home, all I could feel was heaviness that made me very uneasy. She had no medical history or took any medications according to her husband and was a very healthy looking individual. I refrained from asking any questions and just walked her outside as quickly as possible towards my ambulance, during this time she is muttering to herself and whipping her head from side to side as if someone were speaking into her ears. I’m not a religious person at all but this made me wonder if I was the right person to be taking care of this patient and not a priest. I loaded her into my ambulance, and began my normal assessment, she hadn’t looked at me but was just shifting her eyes left and right never looking at anything for more than two seconds. I took her vital signs, applied a cardiac monitor and told her I intended on starting an I.V. on her, she suddenly starred at me once again and smiled with a malicious grin and said “do what you please, boy.” I’ve never in my life felt so weirded out by a 130lb female, it was like looking into the eyes of evil. After starting my IV I sat behind her and began the ten minute transport to the hospital, all while I couldn’t wait to get this thing out of my ambulance. All of a sudden five minutes into transport she began chuckling in a low, deep voice that turned my blood cold. I moved back over in front of her and asked if everything was okay, I was met with the same malicious grin and silence. She wouldn’t speak, and didn’t for the remainder of thr trip. About two minutes out I called the local ER and informed them I was coming with a very unique patient.

I personally knew all the nurses and physicians from working years along side them. They laughed me off until they saw her with their own two eyes. She wouldn’t speak, just grin and stare. They placed her on the same equipment I had put her on and returned to the nurses station and I began to explain what had happened. They all got a good laugh at my expense as they could tell I was visually shaken. I just stated, “if you don’t believe in evil, she will change your mind.” At this time the monitor they placed on her that can be seen at the nursing station alarmed. Her respirations were 40 times a minute, her nurse who was a very good friend of mine walked into the doorway of her room and just gasped and placed her hand over her mouth and just froze. Curiosity got the best of me and I went over to examine myself, how I wish I would of just dropped her off to them and ran back to the station.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, she was only touching the bed with the tips of her toes and the back of her head. Her entire body was in an arch, arms laid flat beside of her and her eyes souly locked on us two. She was panting in a way that sounded like a growl, we ordered the doctor into the room and he just said “Oh my God.” He ordered her a very powerful sedative called Versed, which is what they give you right before you have surgery. 2mg is plenty enough to put a decent sized man to sleep for a while. She remained in this position for at least five minutes, it seemed a lot longer. Her eyes were dark and empty, her voice was otherworldly, my blood turned to ice. She didn’t fight at all in administering the medication, twenty seconds later she was asleep or so we thought.

The Dr ordered a full head CT and blood work, I was pulled into her room by the nurses just incase she became violent or worse. I reached for her arm to place a tourniquet to help draw lab work, as soon as I touched her skin her eyes opened. She starred at me with this same empty eyes as the nurse went to get another dose of Versed. Two more MGs and she was still starring into my soul, I broke eye contact in hopes she would go to sleep. It never happened, this amount of medication could tranquilize anyone. We drew labs without an incident, all while hoping she would test positive for something. Her lab work came back as well as her CT, all was negative. Nothing was out of the ordinary in the slightest way, she hadn’t even taken a Tylenol. While we were discussing with the Dr what would they do next the silence of this small town ER was broken by a blood curdling scream, followed by words in a deep, raspy voice that I will never forget “I am Legion.” Then silence, at this time I had enough of this and returned to the station. I called the ER back about an hour later to see if anything else had happened, she was transferred to a psychiatric unit about two hours away. I never cared the check up on her and have no desire to this day. I pass that same home from time to time and it sends chills down my spine everytime.

This has become somewhat of a legend around the hospital, no one truly believes everything that happened. For the seven people who did witness what happened that night there is no doubt something otherworldly was there. Just writing and recalling that night put chills on me, it is one night I will never forget. That was the only time I looked at pure evil and I hope it is the last. I am 29 years old now and still work as a paramedic, everytime I get a call of someone hearing voices I can’t help but think about her.

My Poor Beloved Doll

It’s been a long time since this happened so please excuse me if I forget to mention something that happened.

I’ve dealt with multiple paranormal things in my life, from a ghost of a little girl to some sort of hate feeding demon. But this story I’m about to tell was sorta close to me. I used to have a haunted Krusty doll. A little backstory, since I was little I have always loved watching The Simpson, my favorite character being Bart for his antics and his twist since of humor when it comes to watching cartoons.

So when I had found a Bart doll along with Krusty the Clown and a Marge in an antique mall that was outside of my town, my Mom had said i could pick two knowing I loved the show so much. I had picked Bart and Krusty, cause for what ever reason Marge was missing her dress. I have had these dolls for years and never noticed anything strange about them until I was 14 or 15 years old when my life started getting really hard. Having to move a lot, my parents fought and my Mom and sister treated me like shit and I had developed a really bad problem. I was so incredibly lonely and hurt I would go to my plushies for comfort.

Snuggling them or just having them near me while I played video games would make me feel better. So as my 15th or 16th birthday started getting closer my Mom asked my what I wanted so I told her I wanted a plushie on Dr. Eggman from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, cause he was my favorite.

After a month or so I had got him in the mail. Then, of course, I had added him to the collection I had on my bed. But things started getting weird after this. I would find my new plush in other places like on the floor or under my bed and even sometimes across the room. One night I just held onto my new plush, cause I was tired of having to find it ever mourning. But when I woke up I was holding onto my Krusty and my new plush was at my closet door on the other side of the room. At this point I was a lot more aware of paranormal activity with this doll.

I started leaving the doll on the other bed that was in my room, but when I’d come back it would either be fallen over, on the floor in between the beds, or back on the bed I slept on were it used to sit. Currently, I don’t have it in my possession due to moving so much I had left it in storage. The storage place sucks so I won’t be surprised its been eaten by rats now.

A Creepy Facebook Acquaintance

  Before I start I want to mention that I’m female and English isn’t my native language so I’m sorry for any grammar mistakes I might make.

Also it’s important to mention few things about my hometown. The town’s population is about 1 3oo and mostly fits in both sides of one road. There are mostly agribusiness, just one small grocery store, restaurant, bank and one small store which sells little bit everything. Because the size we also go nearby towns.

So this started at the end of may about three years ago. I was out from the second year of high school which located in a very nearby town where I still had to move. I got friend request on facebook from some guy I didn’t know. I started checking his profile. I noticed that he lived in my hometown, was four years older than me and had over 1 000 friends on that site. I was little confused because who seriously has that many friends in real life? Also I found out that I knew his sister. She graduated in year before from the high school. I had been talking with his sister and she was okay so I decided to accept the request. And I still regret that.

At the same day I got a message from him. You need to know at this point that I very rarely spoke with anyone, even with my friends, in facebook so I was surprised. He asked what I was doing and after answering with “just listening music” he send me “guess where my profile picture has been taken”. I was immediately thrown away. Which adult sends stuff like that? After I answered he sends “It’s almost like I’ve seen you before”. Believe me, I haven’t seen him before in my life. Later in that same day he sent a message again, talking about his relationships not working. I answered that I can’t relate because I haven’t been in one and he answered with okay and smiley face. At that point he has freaked me out a little so I said I had to go to the store before it closes.

I was on facebook that same night and he started messaging me again, speaking about music and suddenly just dropping one giant bomb I never expected; “you are pretty”. Alarm bells were ringing very loudly at this point. We’ve been talking just one day, freaking me out and just sending me that after he spoke his broken relationships. You may be thinking: “she probably just blocked him, right?” No, I didn’t. I still haven’t. Probably because being too nice belongs to my personality. So I answer thanks and he asked “what about me”. He was totally not my type, but my “too nice”-part started working and I answered very politely that I don’t like him. I wish it would’ve ended here.

He started messaging me often and my state of fear and paranoia grew because summer vacation started, which meant that I had to go back my hometown, also where he was living. I started telling to one of my close friends about him and what he waas saying, just in case. When I signed in facebook and saw him being online I just closed whole site. I was avoiding him as much as possible. Sometimes I was too slow and first thing he asked me was my number. He was saying how quiet his side of facebook was and how lucky he was having me talking to me. He was mentioning how nice it would be just texting and why I didn’t give him my number. At some point he had a girlfriend and one thing that disturbed me was that they were engaged after one or two months. And you guessed, it didn’t last. There were some days, up to three months, when he didn’t message me at all, which was a relief.

Whenever I met him in face to face, which was often given the size of my hometown and he also went to other towns, I went far around. There were so many times I almost ran away because my instincts were screaming me to run, but I didn’t. I was lucky he never came after me.

The very last time I heard from him was four months ago. He was telling me again how cute I was and asking if he was handsome in my opinion. In that point I was done. I told him he wasn’t so cute at all. I haven’t heard of him since. But I still fear that he’ll come back, haunting and stalking me again. Now more than that one friend knows about him.

If you’re too nice like me and it feels wrong to say badly to someone, just do it. It’s better than being tormented three years.