The thing in my crawlspace

So I love in Canada, and I love one of the most citied areas. Now you should probably get some info on the way my street works. Each side of my road contains easily has 10-12 houses lined up.

My house lives on a bit of a hill and has a lot of windows, maybe few too many. Now, my house has 3 levels all having about 12 stairs to climb to get up there. My room being on the third floor makes me sometimes feel safer, my room has a crawlspace that takes up one of the corners of my room and on the other side of my door there’s a 4-5 meter hallway that leads to my parents room.

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The Wendigo that Stalks the Fields

You can just call me velvet. I encountered this when i was about 15 years old, Something i won’t forget until the day i die. It all started at a farmhouse i lived in with my grandparents,

The house was nice, two story, a huge golden wheat field surrounding it, and beyond that was a large forest. There were fenced in areas, to keep animals such as coyotes out which started at the field.

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Oklahoma Plains Wendigo

It was a normal drive home from the oil fields. That is until i saw something that I have never seen before on this road. Keep in mind that the road i was driving on is not used very often.

It was a row of dead deer lined up across the road. something told me that i need to get the hell out of here i started to turn around to get back in my truck and i saw something something inhuman standing right there by my driver side door it had a deer skull as a head my heart was pounding so fast i thought i was going to pass out it let out a scream not just any scream it sounded like a mountain lion mixed with a bear.

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Wendigo at my kitchen window

Let me start this story off, I am a 26 year old female, I live in southern Ohio, let’s get to the subject.

One night I was in the kitchen washing dishes and I heard footsteps, keep in mind there’s woods around my house.Then I looked through the kitchen window and I saw something that sickens me to this day,it was 7 feet tall, it had a deer skull, it had rotting flesh.It waved to me and fucking smiled at me and left.

I don’t know what I saw but I hoped I don’t see it again.

The Haunted House

This story is from the prospective of my aunt.My aunt still lives till this day in the house where many people have experienced their nightmares.When she first moved into the house she had a sensation that something was wrong.The first event she experienced was when she was praying one night and as soon as she finished she felt as if someone or something was choking her.At the same time a pen flew across the room. She was panicked as soon as it was over ,but she couldn’t do anything about that was the only place they had to live.

Another occasion was when my uncle stay the night.He was trying to sleep, when out of nowhere he was being wrapped around with a blanket and could hardly breathe.He stayed for one more and this time he said he was sleeping when he heard someone trying to look for something in the dark. He told whatever it was to just turn on the light, when heard nothing but silence he thought it was strang so he turned the light on, and there was nothing at all.

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Skinwalker on the dirt road

My names Haily. I live in a small town in Florida where there isn’t much do to other than ride dirt roads. It was around I wanna say Junior year of high school. me and my old friend we’ll just call her A was riding dirt roads late one night probably around 1-2 in the morning because like I said there isn’t much to do here. We were coming around a corner on this dirt road and in my headlights we can see something standing in the ditch. So without thinking I stop my car. This thing began to step onto the road. Me and A are just staring in shock as this thing began to walk across the road. It had to be at least 7 foot tall and had the legs of a goat. It had no fur at all just pale grayish white skin. It look malnourished as we could see it’s ribs. It was nearing the edge of the road before it stopped to look directly at us. And in that moment we made eye contact with it. It had the yellowest eyes you’ve ever seen. If continued walking into the woods and when it finally disappeared I sped off and we rushed home. Till this very day I can’t tell you what the face looked like. Just the stare of those Menacing eyes. It wasn’t until last year around Halloween I started watching your videos and got an idea of what i seen that night. I have a family member who has family that are Navajo descent she when to visit them and I got her to ask for me if it was a skinwalker. Before she finished my story. The man she was asking asked about the eyes and if they were yellow. Sorry my stories not as scary as other but it’s without a doubt one of the scariest moments in my life

The Goat On The Hill

Just a heads-up, I’m sorry if this story is a bit jumbled up, English is my second language and I’ve had a hard time writing this since I haven’t really told anyone else about this. My name is Scarlett, and I am now 14 year’s old, and this happened when I was 10. I have never really experienced unnatural or ghost related experiences in my life, since I grew up with a religious mother and she raised me not to believe in any sort of ghost-like/paranormal stuff and that it was just a bunch of hooey, being the kid I was, I believed her, mainly because nothing strange happened throughout the year’s, until this happened. This took place about 4 year’s ago (in the 4th grade). My school was hosting a camp, and everyone had to go to it so, I ended up going to it even though I wasn’t feeling my best that day. When we arrived there by bus, it was a normal day (I live in South Africa so normal day’s are usually sunny and quite warm). I was busy chatting with my friend’s until we all had to go quiet and head on to the camp activities. Anyhow, the day was normal, we all had a lovely time doing camp activites and cooking food over a fire, me and my four friend’s (for security reasons) Penny, Jadis, Amelia and Quinn, were just hanging out with each other throughout the day, being the 10 year old’s we were, as the day began to end and the sun began to set, me and my friend’s were sent to the cabin we all shared, and everyone else began to settle down, once we slipped on our pajamas and went into bed, my friend’s managed to fall asleep but, I was wide awake, mainly because I had to use the bathroom and the bathroom were outside. In the cabins were big, wide windows that stood at the top of the cabin, almost on the roof, and there was a small kitchen, but the annoying part was that the bathrooms were outside, I remember scowling about how they should really install bathrooms in the cabins sometime. But, since I had never really been afraid of the dark, I got up, grabbed my flashlight, clicked it on and began to tiptoe to the door, the dusty floorboards of the cold cabin creaking as I did so, once I opened the wall, a cold breeze hit me, making me shudder slightly as I began to walk towards the bathrooms, which were about a fifteen minute walk from the cabins, as I proceeded to walk along the gravel path that lead to the bathrooms, I felt like there was something or someone behind me, it wasn’t that feeling of someone watching you but- it was just a very odd feeling, I stopped in my track’s, and turned around, only to face probably one of the most disturbing thing’s I have ever seen in my life. So, behind the cabin me and my friend’s were staying in was a tall hill, there were usually goats hopping about the hill during the day (goat’s the farmer’s at the camp owned) But this made me shudder, there, upon the tall hill, was a goat, hell it was larger than a goat, it was looking directly at me, it’s eye’s weren’t red or anything but, it’s head was the worst part, it’s head was turned all the way around like how an owl turns it’s head around, I felt sick to my stomach, I wanted to scream but I didn’t want to at the same time, the goat, or if I can even call it a goat, had matted white fur, and almost twisted horns, it wasn’t tall or anything, it was stubby, like a normal goat but, it just looked inhuman. I just stood there for what seemed like a good ten minutes, before realizing that I had peed myself, a warm and sudden feeling making me snap out of the staring contest I was having with this thing. I ran inside, and even though I dropped my flashlight, I didn’t care, I ran back to the cabin and slammed the door behind me, grabbed my jeans, even though I was shaking, and being the kid I was back then, I changed into them since I didn’t want to get into the bottom of my bunk bed with pee stained pants, and managed to fell asleep after a while. The next day, everything was normal, and we all went back home since we were only staying there for a day, I didn’t tell any of my friend’s about this, or my mom about this, and I hope whatever I saw isn’t still out there, and that what I saw was just a dream or just me miss-seeing a goat that was just standing on the hill. It has been almost 5 year’s since I’ve seen that thing, or told anyone about it, and I’ve finally had the courage to share it on here and share my experience.

The Haunted Bridge in Ohio

My name is Aaron and i’m a 24 year old male at the time of submitting this story. I live in Michigan and I have many friends all over the U.S. due to meeting many people due to major tournaments from a popular trading card game called yugioh. I met a group of my friends from Ohio and i quite frequently go down to Ohio to visit my friends. My main friend Sam that lives down there is the main reason why I go and he’s into ghost hunting and a lot of his family members such as his mother has developed their sixth sense to a degree where they can tell if something supernatural is around. My first trip down to Ohio was in 2016 to hang out for two weeks and it was in August, I took some PTO to visit these guys for the first time since we spent over a year talking in servers such as curse and discord playing games like league of legends. So it was time to go down and visit. My friend Sam said let’s go to the bridge of mimi and see if we can get any activity down there. The story goes, during the prohibition days and when gangs were very notorious in it’s time, that “Mi Mi” ended up having a child and she wasn’t married, and she was born into a “gangster family”. The family was upset she had the child so they took her to the bridge and the baby and threw the baby into the water and sadly the baby died. A year later Mi Mi went to the bridge and took her life because she couldn’t bare no having her child any longer. At peak hours for ghostly activities between Midnight and 3am is when the bridge is most active. So Sam was able to get a few friends and myself to go and ghost hunt this bridge. My first trip down there, we went around 1 am because it was kind of a last minute thing you know? So we get there and we park our vehicles off the bridge as to not block traffic and so that if cops came, we wouldn’t be in the way. Sam started to channel his 6th sense asking questions such as: “Mimi are you here tonight? If so please give us a sign.” This bridge isn’t very large it’s maybe 50 feet to cross the bridge and we’re surrounded by a thick wooded area. If you wanted to jump off the bridge into the river you so could, but i wouldn’t recommend it due to the water level being very low and you might break a leg if you land on the rocks and hurt yourself. We all waited after Sam had asked if she was around and there was no reply. But the bugs and all of the wildlife that was around us became eerily quite out of nowhere and a lot of us started to get spooked out. Sam proceeded to ask again: “Mimi if you’re here tonight please show us a sign of some sort.” That’s when we heard what sounded like small pebbles underneath the bridge being tossed into the water and then against the wall underneath of the bridge. We all froze and looked around at each other asking if any of us were messing with each other, everyone said that no they weren’t and we all hand checked each other and nobody had pebbles and all we had were our smartphones with our lights on so we could see around us. So we looked down at the water and where the mouth of the bridge was and we could all see underneath the bridge where broken concrete slabs were and we all decided that we should scale down about 10 feet and look under the bridge. We all climbed down and were under the bridge and it was just more broken concrete slabs and the water under the bridge was nearly non existent. So we all began to question how were we hearing the pebble sounds in the water but it came directly underneath us? Puzzled we looked at Sam and asked him if he could feel her around us still and he nodded saying she’s here, but she’s afraid to show herself. So Sam asked Mimi for another sign, we listened quietly looking around waiting to hear more pebbles but there was nothing to be heard. But that’s when we heard one of our friends gasp and say they see a white outline of a young lady wearing a white dress with brown hair out on the water, we all looked from the mouth of the tunnel out into the part of the river that turned more into a pond and there I myself saw what i assume is MiMi. On a bank of the shore just standing there, i gasped myself and then all in a moment she vanished. We all climbed out from underneath the bridge and we all proceeded to go back up on the bridge. It was quite the experience for my first time actually ghost hunting and over the last two years whenever i go back down to Ohio, we go there to ghost hunt to see if we get more paranormal activity. Surely enough we do.

I went back down in October of 2017 for a Halloween party to catch up with old friends and have a good time. I made the suggestion to Sam we should go to see screaming MiMi and of course Sam agreed because he loves Halloween and he loves ghost hunting. We got a group of about 6 or 7 people to go. We went there at about 2am and we parked our car off the bridge so we weren’t in the way just in case if other vehicles came through we weren’t in the way. Much like in 2016 when I had went there Sam started asking if Mimi was there and if she could show us a sign. Much like the last time when i went there, the woods around us began to become creepily quite and then we started to hear like someone throwing pebbles under the bridge much like the year before. But Sam wasn’t satisfied with just that, he asked Mimi to do something more powerful so we knew we could feel her presence. A few moments went by and then we all began to hear what sounded like faint cries from an infant. We all stood there shocked and we all began to ask one another if we all heard the same thing. We all had horrified looks on our faces and then the sounds of the pebbles splashing in the water began more noticeable so we decided to look down at the water and we saw a white outline of a woman in a white dress with brown hair only for a brief moment. But the most shocking part is yet to come, in the middle of the night we had a bright moon that was full and lit the area very well and from a tree branch we all saw a large bird come out and start flapping it’s wings. But it was large, like a crane almost is all i can think of to describe it. But what was weird is that despite us all flashing our lights on this bird, it was just black. Like a shadow almost. I watched the bird fly away from us into the night directly at the moon. There was no branches to break my sight of view but after a few moments that shadow bird just disappeared, it didn’t change it’s course it didn’t land somewhere it was just gone from thin air.

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Dog-man street sighting

One night as I went to bed, after a long day, I started to doze off. I was awoken by a strange feeling that I should look outside. I looked out my window to the street. I couldn’t see much as it was ten or eleven o’clock, but I saw a sillouette. I couldn’t any features like hair, eyes, all I could see was the sillouette. It looked like it was a human at first, because it was tall. Then I looked harder, and saw it was bending over. It’s hands were near if not touching the ground. I thought that this was a dog then, but it was taller than any dog in my neighborhood, and if it was a dog, it would be terribly unproportionate.

I didn’t know what to think at the time, but I was still confused. I looked at my brother, who witnessed it as well, and asked him what he thought it was. He said he didn’t quite know. I went to take another look back, but it was gone. I didn’t feel scared because I was in the safety of my own house, but I was very confused.

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Werewolves outside my house

This event happened to me seven years ago and this still haunts me to this day. I was 23 years old and me and my girlfriend wanted to find a place to move at.

Me and my girlfriend are nice people me and her did not go to high school or collage because we act like fools and did not pay attention to our work but we did not care but we dropped out and me and her was happy about it because she told me she wanted to move somewhere far away and we did. Me and my girlfriend found a house it was in the country and me and her was happy because we found a nice house but the house was in front of the woods but we did not care. We put some of our stuff inside the house but the thing is we did not have a bed to sleep on so we had to sleep on the floor.

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