Why I never went to a night shift at the mall again…

Before I speak about this I just want to state that I am a small girl 18 years old with severe anxiety and depression so whenever a situation like what happened to me around Halloween time means I have zero survival skills.

Anyway no that you get my general things of life, let’s get to the event in question.

It was during the time of October and I usually don’t do much to draw attention at home, school, or work. When I saw work I mean I usually do the online stuff for the cheap store at the mall I go at time to time, like for example drawing some of the website’s artwork since I’m planning on being a animator. But since I turned 18 the same month means I can be able to help out physically at the actual store in the mall.

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Strange experience on Stoodley Pike

High up on the moor, on the border between Yorkshire and Lancashire, there sits an old building called the Stoodley Pike Monument (pronounced stud-lee). It’s an imposing structure, which can be seen for miles.

Essentially, it’s a big stone cube topped with an obelisk. Inside the monument is a staircase which leads up to a viewing platform on the top of the cube section, which gives you maybe an extra 40ft height to view the surrounding countryside.

It’s a place I’ve been to plenty of times, but recently I ended up hiking around that area with a friend who hadn’t seen it before. So we took a quick diversion to climb the pike and look at the monument at the top.

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toys r us

I was only 14 when this happend but as a 14 year old i look like im 16 im a guy and i do have a temper and im a boxer but me and my friend who i will call caswell were walking around in the store being the city assholes we normally are but we do stand for the rights of others but this one man who looked to be 20 was following me and caswell be being the guy to find it funny i said you might as well follow me home if your gonna follow me around but his response was not what i would of thought i would have gotten he had said that was my plan so i stopped walking and asked my friend caswell if he had heard the same thing which he did so i told the man to fuck off or get hurt which he found funny so my friend being the goofy person he is grabbed a toy and whipped it at him he missed but it was worth a try i could not help my self but bust out laughing but the guy gave his a look ill never forget so we said fuck you and we left the store but he followed behind and we kept moving but he out of n where grabbed my caswell so i punched the man is his jaw then his temple but he laughed when he let caswell go we booked it as fast as we could we went into the woods and hid in a bush he ran past us deep into the woods and we never seen him again

The Ranch, Part 2

This takes place the morning after me and my friend, Nathan, experienced the little girl laughing when we were retrieving some chairs at a ranch, in Uvalde, Texas. It’s been a while since this happened, so I don’t remember if I took my dad’s video camera at this time, and if true, I won’t know because I have nothing to play back the tapes. I do remember four moments that occurred during a walk I took; two of them should’ve been immediate red flags in hindsight now that I’m aware of other types of creatures.

It was around 0900 or 1000 when I had awoken to everybody getting up and ready for breakfast, but there was a problem, nobody had decided to bring food for the morning after we arrived. Out of about seventeen people; eleven, including the adults, went into town to get things for breakfast and dinner; leaving the rest of at the campsite. The eldest of us was a friend we called Sasquatch. He was left in charge until our advisor returned but he decided to go back to sleep. The reason I mention him will come into effect later in the story.

Once I was fully awake, I didn’t want to waste time just waiting for everyone to come back. I decided to go for a walk, alone, because the sun was out and everything would be illuminated and easy to see, or so I thought. I don’t remember telling anyone I was going for a walk or just walking off to begin. Just a short distance from the camp was a thick section of wooded area.

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My name being called by something

On my 18th birthday I had decided it would be fun to gather all of my closest friends and go on a camping trip. I had recently acquired my Eagle Scout so I felt plenty prepared for what lay ahead of me. So we packed up on a Friday and headed to a lake near Lawrence kansas to enjoy the weekend at the campsite.
It had been pretty enjoyable for the most part until Sunday afternoon before we where scheduled to leave.
That night people had gotten pretty out of hand and crazy. I had to reign everyone in and calm them down as the park ranger had told us to settle down or we would be ejected. Basically I ended up being a babysitter at my own birthday party.
Around 2 am I finally got everybody to bed, and was extremely stressed out. So I decided to take the small trail through the woods to a secretive beach we had discovered while exploring when we arrived there.
I got to the beach and layed down on the sand to gaze at the stars and listen to the water lapping against the shore. It was very tranquil and brought me extreme peace, that was until I heard my name being called from the woods. It was multiple voices calling me from what I assumed was the trail. It sounded like my friends voices so I assumed they were looking for me as I had only told one person where I was going. I was about to get up and reply when something odd struck me. Some of the voices calling me where from people who weren’t on the trip. Such as my godfathers voice and my sisters voice and a couple others.
After noticing this I stayed out but began to look around intensely trying to keep all my sides covered as I immedialty got a very bad feeling about it. Then the voices seemed to shift from the forest to around me and then out to the lake. The voices were being carried on the wind from the lake calling my name over and over. Then they stopped out of nowhere and I only heard one. It was my friends who I had had a crush on, and it was calling me and saying “come join me in the lake”. It immediately set red flags off as the same sentence kept getting repeated. Over and over. But it kept getting more distorted with each one. It was a small distortion but I could deffinently tell. It’s hard to explain what it sounded like EXACLTY because I had never heard anything like it before. Finally I stood up and casually backed into the trail. Keeping my front to the water. Then once I was behind some trees I turned and sprinted back to the camp. I made it without incident and didn’t tell any of my friends about the experiance until we had left.
It has been 6 months since the incident now and I haven’t had much happen to me since then. Me and that girl ended up dating , but every now and then I get the feeling of a presence in my room thatvonly goes away when my dog comes to sleep with me.

Something Outside My Window

(P.S, I originally submitted this story before I got an account and am now reuploading it please enjoy

My story is a short but strange one. When I was maybe 8 or 9I had never experienced anything strange or unexplainable, I never believed in ghost or ghouls or anything like that. But one night all that had been thrown out the window.

One night after me and my mom had gone on a long shopping spree. When we got home I helped unpack the groceries, and then joined my mom for a movie. At around 8:30 my mom told me it was about time to hit the hay and so I did. I sprawled out on my bed, my mom came and tucked me in. Before I knew it I was asleep.

Now is where things begin to get a tad strange. I had woken up at around 12:30 something. I opened my eyes and examined my room until came in contact with the trees outside my window. For a while I just stared at them until I noticed movement. I just stared at what looked liked a hairless demon squirrel of some sort slowly and unnaturally crawling down from the top of the tree.

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an unforgettable encounter

When I was about 9 or 10, I lived in a three story victorian era house, the attic being the 3rd story. My bedroom door was right under the entrance to the attic. From time to time we would get bats in our house, and the ones that would be stuck in chimneys after we had sealed them for the winter just happened to be only in mine. I always felt like I was being watched in the house, no matter how many family members or friends I had around. The most unnerving rooms in the house, to me, were all on the 2nd story. My bedroom, my parents bedroom, and the upstairs bathroom. The only other room on the 2nd story was the guest room, which only held exercise supplies and a blow up mattress. I remember I would sometimes sleep in the guest room because I was too afraid to go into my own room, despite ants biting me as I slept in the guest room.

So you’re probably wondering, “Why would you be so afraid of your own room?” Well, I’ll tell you why. Within the first few days of us living in the house, I woke up in the middle of the night. My hair at the time was quite long. I slowly rolled over onto my hair, only to see a huge rat napping on it. I was terrified, and slowly pulled my hair out from under it, lightly tugging its body across my pillow. I managed to roll out of my bed and immediately sprinted to my parents room across the hall. I told my dad what I saw, so he came back to take a look. Of course, there was no rat in sight. I was relieved, disappointed, and fearful all at once. Relieved the rat was gone, disappointed my dad didn’t see it, and fearful it was hiding in my room somewhere. Luckily, I never experienced that again.

I don’t exactly remember how long I had been living in the house before this next experience, but it definitely scared me enough to never be comfortable in my own room again. I was lying on my stomach, staring into my closet, where my “night light” was. (the night light was just the closet light.) I had been staring into my closet for only a few minutes, and I was still wide awake. I blinked, and instantly everything changed around me. I was paralyzed from the shoulders down, my eyes and neck being the only moving parts of my body. Everything had begun to violently shake as if there were an earthquake, and neon lights were flashing all around me. Things fell off of shelves, my mantle, etc. Glass and porcelain knick knacks shattered to pieces as they met my wooden floors. I had almost immediately began sweating so profusely my legs and back were drenched. I was panting through my nose, since I was unable to open my mouth. I just wanted it all to stop, so I slowly began to turn my head the other way. Before I could get my face out of my pillow, I suddenly feel hands pushing the back of my head, forcing me to nearly suffocate. They eventually stop, and I manage to turn my head the rest of the way, away from all the ruckus. As I did so, the palms of the hands had moved to the middle of my spine, grinding harder and harder until the pain was nearly unbearable. My scalp and face were now soaked in sweat aswell. A feeling of someone sitting on my lower back with their legs on either side of me became apparent, and I truly started to panic. I also began to hear a little girl screaming into my ear for me to wake up. When I say screaming, I don’t mean yelling. I mean damn near banshee status screaming. I eventually began using all of my strength to move my feet. After what seemed to be hours, one of my feet finally jerks. I squeeze my eyes shut, focusing all my strength on tossing whatever was on my back off. I take in a huge breath, gritting my teeth, and finally flpping my back towards the closet I had been staring at before. A freezing cold washed over me as my covers slipped off only the slightest bit and a hard THUD rang in my ears. My bed isnt completely against the wall, but in that instant, my mattress was pushed all the way against it. As soon as I had caught my breath enough to know I was awake, I threw my duvet over my face, shaking profusely. I laid in silence for a few minutes, only being able to hear my heavy breathing. The last thing I heard before passing out was a whisper of, “I hate you!” in the same little girls’ voice.

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Little gun shop or horror

I work at a big local gun store in city and because of it being popular I’m not gonna say the stores name, my name or my coworkers names. So this story may not seem that scary to some people but to me and my coworkers is was scary as hell. Now Let me give a quick backstory on me and my coworkers because this is important to the story.
There is Matt. Matt is a older person but he is kinda a person that thinks everyone is evil till proven different kinda guy but he is a kind soul and a person you’d want to have you back in a gun fight.
There’s jimmy. Jimmy is a former United States Marine who saw two tours over in the Middle East I’m not sure if it was Afghanistan or iraq all I know is he was over there.
Then There’s John and bob. Bob was our gun safe guy and John was our shift lead that was on duty that night.
Then there was me. I recently got out of the AIT and basic training for the national guard but that honestly really doesn’t matter but it will later in the story.

So the night in question we our finished closing the store and finishing our out work stuff so we could get the hell out of there. Believe it or not there’s not much to do in a gun store but anyway but with what is there it’s kinda busy. I was done with my stuff but I decided to wait for John to finish counting the drawers Down for the night and Matt to finish cleaning the bathrooms. Jimmy and bob walk in and jimmy asks John to leave and he says “yeah go ahead. I’m not gonna be long anyway” he says ok see ya guys later and walks out the door. me and bob start talking and then all of sudden the alarm goes off and bob runs outside and me and John run over to the alarm system. it’s the classroom! Now our classroom is across the lot in a different building so me and John walk really fast outside leaving Matt inside alone all buy himself but then we are stopped by jimmy and bob John says it’s the class room.

Taken a look at the classroom across the lot we see the door open but not much. johns says I’m calling the cops and then I hear I’m checking it out and next thing I see is jimmy walking to the door with his gun drawn with bob close behind Him. Knowing full well what jimmy was doing and knowing bob didn’t have a gun I decided to fallow just Incase something goes down because two is better than one. This is where Jimmys and my CQB training kicks in from the military.

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Windego in at the window

Back in January 2015, my friends and I decided to go on a skiing trip. It was one of the coldest weekends of the winter, but we thought it would be a good idea to brave the storm and enjoy the trails. We arrived at the small lodge where we would be staying for the weekend, it was a cozy room with a fireplace and wood stove. The first night I slept well because of the long drive, however, my friend who was staying in the same room described a very different story. He had woken up in a pitch black room, he said even in the absolute darkness there was something, even darker, standing at the end of the bed. We assumed it was one of us getting up to use the bathroom, however, he did not believe us.
After a tiresome day of skiing we returned to the lodge for dinner, after dinner, we retired to the couch and watched tv. I then set off to bed. Next I remember waking up suddenly. I turned over to check the time on my watch, it was 2:30 AM. I noticed my feet were absolutely freezing even while wearing wool socks in my sleeping bag. I slowly got up to see what was causing the cold air to fill the room, when I stopped in my tracks. The door to the back of the cabin was wide open. The moon was illuminating the snow and made the woods behind the cabin somewhat visible. I looked into the forest, expecting to see one of my friends pranking me, when I noticed it. There was a hand, a long-boney fingered hang, was outstretched on a tree. It looked as whatever was behind wanted to remain unseen. I froze in fear, then the hand began to move.
A twisted- gray body slumped out from behind the tree. Yellow eyes glared at me as the creature came into full view. It looked like a person, but all wrong, the creatures bones were crooked and unnatural. The creature began moving slowly towards the open door. I was in shock and did not move, it suddenly jolted towards the door as I slammed the door shut. I then listened outside of the cabin. All I heard was the whipping wind, until I noticed another noise, a light scratching on the door. My heart almost stopped as the creature stood directly outside the door. I heard the tall creature scratch along the side of the cabin until it reached the front window. I tried not to look, when I glanced towards the window I saw the creature peering into the front window. It had to have been at least 8 feet tall, the creature started slowly tapping on the window as I crawled out of view of the window. The scratching and tapping continued for 30 minutes, and I had not mustered the courage to wake anyone up. The creature made its way back to the door, when I heard the doorknob jiggle. I slowly crawled towards my bag as the door whipped open. The creature stepped into the room and slowly walked to the edge of the bed. I had crawled under the bed and I watched its twisted feet shuffle across the floor. I reached into my bag and grabbed the only headlamp I had. I knew I had to do something before the creature decided to hurt me or my friends. I scuttled out from under the bed and turned the headlamp on strobe mode, the creature turned around and began to flee into the forest, It moved extremely fast and moved out of view in seconds. I slammed and locked the door after the creature fled. The next morning I told everyone of the encounter and we decided to keep a dresser in front of the back door. If that thing ever comes back, I hope it will run away again.

Man in black at the mall

I never found myself attractive, I have a lot of insecurities but people would always tell me they thought I was cute. Maybe I was I just felt so bad about myself for some reason. I typically would go the mall with my friends on weekends to hang out, talk, and do some shopping. When I was in Macy’s trying on a bathing suit I had my friends give me their opinions on it. The way this worked was there was this room where you could wait for the person in the dressing room to come out and show you what the had on. The only people in the room were my friends and this man dressed in all black with his hoodie on. I found it kinda creepy as I am a paranoid person, but tried to brush it off. When I would come out and show my friend the bathing suites the man would look up every time to look. I found this especially creepy because I’m a 15 year old boy and this man was probably in his 50’s. Anyways I find one that I like so we all go up to pay because my friends have also found stuff they liked and I totally forgot about the man. Around lunchtime we went to a restaurant to eat lunch. We found a table and sat down, with my two friends across from me. I was checking my phone then something caught my eye so I looked up and saw the same man from the dressing room at a table maybe 50 feet away staring me down. I quickly looked away feeling awkward and decided not to tell my friends about it. After we finished I had to go pee really bad so I got up and went to use the bathroom. While in there the same man in all black entered and came right into the urinal next to the one I was in. I tried to get really close so he wouldn’t be able to look over and see anything because I saw his eyes drifting. I found this whole situation very creepy and unsettling. Then the man said to me “your a really attractive boy, do you have a girlfriend?” I was caught very off guard, so I finished and pulled my pants up and then replied politely said that I did not have a girlfriend which was true, but I should have told him I did… The man then said “oh that is excellent. are you into men? I could make you feel really good”. I was extremely creeped out and said “sorry I have to go my mom is expecting me” so I ran towards the door but he jumped in front of me and blocked the door. He then smiled at me so wide I didn’t think a person could smile so wide. His smile revealed yellow rotting teeth. I was so terrified I felt like I was going to pass out. The man started slowly walking towards me still smiling and kept telling me how he can make me feel so good. All I wanted to do was cry, he kept getting closer and closer so I started screaming, LOUD. The then ran at me and started pulling my pants down flipping me over so I was facing the wall. I seriously thought I was about to be raped, at 15 and a boy by a man. I was screaming and trying to escape when my friend ran in and realized the situation and called my other friend over as they both pushed the man off of me. I quickly pulled my pants back on and joined them getting the man to the ground. And we all were yelling at this point. Another man heard us and came into the bathroom to help us get this man to the ground. We eventually did and the man who helped happened to be a father of boys, and he called the police. I was so embarrassed after this had happened and stopped hanging out with those friends after this. All it takes is once occurrence to ruin everything. It pains me to think there are people out there who would do this, it makes me feel extremely sick. If my friend had not heard me scream for help I probably would have been raped and injured. It’s seriously awful what happened to me and I hope it happens to none of you, so please be safe. I’m sharing my experience as a learning one, no matter how old or young you are- always take someone in the bathroom with you especially if you keep seeing the same stranger person throughout your trip.