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Bigfoot Encounter while Hunting

Let me start off with a few disclaimers. This isn’t my story, it’s a friend of my grandfather and it’s been a few years since I was told it so the memory might be a bit hazy, and it may not be scary to most people, but I thought I would share it. Also, if there are any mistakes in this story, I apologize.

At the time of writing this, I was getting over a concussion. This story happened in upstate New York. My grandfathers friend was hunting with one other person. For privacy reasons, I won’t use any names of the people in this story.

Dead Girl Diary

I’m into exploring abandoned houses, it’s a lot of fun and I find it exciting. I got together with my Aunt a few months ago to check out some abandoned places, it was a lot of fun and I found a lot of cool things. But the one thing that stood out to me the most was an old Diary.

The minute I saw the house I knew there was something off about it but my curiosity over came my fear and I went in. The house was creepy to say the least, the cuboards where stocked and the table was set, the food still left rotting on the plates. It was the first red flag that something was off, I explored the home some more until I cam to a dull pink room obviously the room of a little girl, it was amazing the things left behind, drawings old homework even some really special toys, and her Diary. From what I collected the girls name was Elizabeth and she was 9 years old. I read the first two entries and they where a bit odd but not to bad.

My cousins bff

Hi, I’ve had my fair share of scary experiences. So has my uncle, Stacy, his story was on the trucker episode. This is something that happened about a month ago. I always loved this girl, she was my cousins bff. Her name was Vayler. Vayler is about 18. Her brother Luther is my cousins boyfriend. Luther and my cousin, Samantha, are still dating, but Vayler isn’t coming back for a long time.

It was Sams 19th Birthday, so she invited Vayler over for a sleep over. Vayler was super cool. We sat  around and played Grand theft auto 5 all day. Her and Sam went downstairs to the kitchen to get a sandwich. I could hear them laughing downstairs, When all of a sudden Vaylers phone went off. Being a snoopy 14 year old I looked at the message. It read”  Is she in the trunk yet, I have a buyer.”.

Sleeping people

I should say first that this story is completely true and was in the diary of a six year old. You can find the pictures online. Some has been changed for the sake of story telling. (Look up dang matt smith creepiest kids drawings)

Dear diary, today I made a friend her name is Beth my dad says she is not real but she is. She and I always play in the sand box she says that her dad sleeps there.

The Creakers

Before I start the story, let me describe my house. All the bedrooms are on the second floor, clustered around a single hall in a way that makes getting any kind of breeze flowing through the house impossible. Also, because of many fights between me and my brother, Chris, the floor outside our rooms creaks incredibly loudly and time someone steps on it. Sorry if this is a bit unorganized. I’m pretty terrible at structuring or explaining things.

Recently, I found a very old diary of mine at the bottom of a storage container. In it I found some interesting entries about a series of events I had almost forgotten about. Given the terrible grammar and organization of my diary, I haven’t written out the entries and instead compiled them into a timeline of the five years I was haunted by “The Creakers”.

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