School Shooter Prevention

This happened several years ago when I worked at a very small, glorified homeschool.

I was the designated Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2, and Geometry tutor so I got to spend time with just about every single one of the high school aged kids that attended. I was younger than the other teachers and could relate to the students more, so I was naturally more popular and the kids would tell me things more easily.

One day at lunch, one of the girls came up to me and told me that one of the guys was trying to touch her and making inappropriate comments.

I told my superiors, hoping they’d handle it, but they all have me the “She’s encouraging it by the way she’s dressed” spill and did nothing. So I asked the other students, especially some of the girl’s guy friends to keep watch and let me know if crap started happening again.

I needed proof if I was going to talk with the principal because the older teachers were too self righteous to even try.

The same situation happened with one or two other girls, each saying that he either tried to touch them, said gross things to them about their bodies, etc. I tried again with my superiors but they did nothing.

Everyone started avoiding this one kid though, let’s call him Darren.

He was a little off beat, like he’d just say random things in the middle of a conversation in class or he’d just stare at the wall all day long without so much as touching a pencil. Days passed and I heard that he’d threatened a teacher one day but I had no proof until he threatened me. I’d been trying to get him to focus and he got angry.

“GOD,” Darren exclaimed angrily. “I could just cut you!” The comment sent a cold jolt into my gut but I tried to shrug it off, like everyone else had been doing but I just couldn’t. The Sandy Hook shooting had happened just recently and I’d been listening to news reports about the shooter, talking about his mental illness and so much of what they said made little danger alarms sound off in the back of my head because they made me think of Darren.

The guy even brought a screwdriver to school, kept in his pocket, and no one did anything. The principal saw it and said “I can’t do anything because of a tool.” Which I understood, but I was still alarmed at the lack of action from anyone.

I went home that night and spoke to my parents about it, who’s opinions I trust deeply. My dad gave me something to think about. “If you take al this before your boss, the least you can say to yourself is that you tried, because if this kid snaps and no one is prepared, you’re going to either die for your students or you’ll have to fight for your life. You shouldn’t be even having to consider this. That alone should tell you to listen to your instincts.”

So the next day, I went to my boss and I put my job on the line. I told him about the girls who’d complained, about the threatening of teachers and about my own personal experience. He was receptive but cautious and asked me if I could bring forward students to back up what I was saying; he needed proof.

And so I did. I got the girls to come in one by one and give their statements and then I was surprised when students began quietly volunteering to give their own, particularly the two guys who sat on either side of Darren. They knew something was happening and they were just as scared as I was, it turned out. Their statements chilled me to the bone. They both said that Darren muttered to himself all day long about knives, guns, and killing things.

Then he whispered to them about ripping out their guts for everyone to see.

They’d also seen knives in his backpack on multiple occasions and they expressed to the principal that they were frightened of Darren.

My boss was livid, particularly with the teachers I worked with for not being more observant and for not telling him about the girls having trouble with Darren. He called the school that Darren had attended before ours and found out that Darren had been expelled for threatening and then attacking a teacher. Needless to say, I was pretty furious myself that my school had accepted him without a background check, eager for the money his parents would pay and not even bothering to check as to why Darren never seemed to stay in one school for very long.

My boss called Darren’s mother and she wearily ensured him that she’d be pulling Darren out of attendance. I never saw him again after that. The school I worked at has since closed for multiple reasons, but I’m a little glad because it was so irresponsible run.

Last year, when the shooting happened in Florida, I felt nausea claw at my stomach when I saw the face of shooter. The expression, the odd way his eyes seemed to not look straight at anything, he looked just like Darren.

The more I heard about him, his obsession with weapons specifically, the worse I felt. I’m not saying I stopped a shooting, because things might have not gotten that bad.

I still wrestle with that, wondering if I did the right thing, if I was overreacting.

This is what my dad said to me when I talked with him about it. “The future is something we can never predict, but how could you explain to the parent of a dead child who’s life you could’ve saved that the reason you didn’t report the early warning signs was because you didn’t want to step out of line or make waves with the other teachers? You’d never be able to live with yourself.”

A Weird Humanoid

This story takes place in a small farmers town called “Rancho Grande” located in the center of Zacatecas, Mexico. I was 13 years old at the time and life where I lived was real hard to get around, you had to work every day until it was dark out and hopefully make enough to come back home with food. Before I start, I just want to say that this event changed me, in the way that I have no fear of anything like this.

I woke up desperate thinking that it had been late. I got up, I put on my work clothes, left and rode my horse to go catch up with my father and my brother thinking that they were in the cornfield.

Riding my horse in the distance, I saw something that I can’t seem to believe to this day. Little by little I got closer to that strange thing, my body began to tremble and feel cold. My horse began to neigh, refused to continue forward.

Suddenly that strange thing was closer to me, I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. What I had in front of me was a white donkey mounted by a black spectrum that appeared to be a person trying to be a scarecrow.

He or whatever this was wanted to touch me and my horse recoiled preventing me from being touched by this thing . Full of courage even though my body was sweating cold I started shouting “Who are you, why are you doing this to me? Why do you want to scare me, if I did nothing wrong?”

Without an answer that thing insisted on touching me but my horse always protected me. Suddenly, the donkey and the specter moved behind my horse and me and again my horse waved to be in front of this thing, and the next part is something that haunts me to this day and I hope that no one ever experiences the fear that I had at this point.

Against all odds the donkey began to move away from the cornfield the only thing that was misleading was that his legs were not touching the ground! I was speechless at that point and the last thing I remember is that my horse started to return to my house.

When my horse stopped, I collapsed in front of my mother and when I woke up , I was lying in my bed with my father scolding me for never coming to work but my mother told him that the horse brought me unconscious to the house and she started telling my father what had happened to me.





My aunt was living in México with her two young children. They had moved into my old childhood home. A two story house that had an outdoor open kitchen, and it was a really nice house when compared to the other houses in that small rural town.

One night, her teenage niece was staying over because she wanted to use my aunt’s computer for a school project. So, my aunt and her children slept in together in her room, and her niece was supposed to sleep in the room next to theirs when she was finished using the computer that was in my aunt’s room.

My aunt was asleep when she woke up because she heard someone going down the stairs. She thought it was her niece that was going to sneak out of the house to be with her boyfriend or some rebellious teenage thing. My aunt waited and then she heard footsteps coming back up. She decided to not bust her niece since she came back up and didn’t end up sneaking out.

A little while later, she heard the footsteps go down again. She was pissed and yelled to her niece, “Anna! Go to bed!”

She heard her niece reply in a meek voice, “Auntie, I’m right here.” My aunt turned around to see that her niece was sitting at the computer, trembling with fear. “I heard the footsteps, too.”

My aunt told told her niece to get in the bed with her and her children. They laid there together, waiting for the footsteps to approach the door or go downstairs.


Somewhere down stairs, glass broke. The sound was loud and clear. Somehow, my aunt knew that this was a paranormal experience and not someone breaking into her home. Too afraid to get up and check, my aunt and her niece stayed awake the entire night. They didn’t hear anything else for the rest of the night.

In the morning, they went down to check what was broken, but they couldn’t find broken glass anywhere. Nothing was broken.

For the next couple of months that my aunt and her children lived there, they kept hearing noises at night that they couldn’t explain.

La Siguanaba

This story isn’t mine I’ve personally never had anything like this ever happen to me this story is my Dads.

My dad used to live in Guatemala for most of his live he was poor and a rancher this will correlate to the story.

He was young about 17 or 18 my dad was in the Guatemalan army he had his fair shares of close encounters with fights and dumb things he used to do.

He thought he wasn’t going to serve for any war or anything so he stayed in the army later in his service he was told they were going to Mexico for some type of violence act going on but he didn’t want to go because it was at the time he met my mom.

He was told they were leaving late at night so they could get to the border in the morning they rounded up the soldiers to load them up my dad was looking for a place to hide so when they were heading to the trucks my dad ran out of the group and jump in what he thought was a cave later he realized it was a tomb of some sort he saw that the trucks were leaving and he started looking around the cave where he saw a women with hair over her face and a night gown he realized he needed to leave and fast he jumped out of the tomb and ran home where he told his mom and my grandma told him it was La Siguanaba which is a type of shapeshifting witch and my dad didn’t believe it so he went to bed.

A couple days pass and he wakes up in the middle of the night to pee and it was the time where there was not plumbing or electricity so we went outside to pee he walked out of the house and walked around the corner of the house where there was a banana tree so he started doing his business where he realized he saw the same women he saw in the tomb next to the chicken coop which was to his right he stopped peeing and walked back towards the house and was on the porch where he realized there was a black out with piercing yellow eyes poking at him he said nothing was normal about that cat and he ran inside and tried to stop thinking of it but couldn’t.

In the morning he told my grandma what he had seen and she told him it was only going to get worse if he didn’t cleanse him self because she was following him trying to take him.

He listened he said he would go later in the week.

My dad was a rancher so he needed to wake up early to milk the cows that’s how my grandpa makes a living even to this day.

My dad was woken up by laughing outside he said it wasn’t normal laughing he said it was like a women laughing and screaming at the same time and then there was scratching on the roof which was aluminum which made a very bad noise and he said that it sounded like there was big rocks being thrown on to the roof and it’s really hard to scare my dad but he said he feared for his life and grabbed his rifle and went outside to see what was causing the noise he went around the side of the house where the banana tree was and he was walking slowly where he saw the cat by the chicken coop and fired he said when the bullet hit the cat it let out a horrifying scream of a women being burned alive and he put his hands up to his ears where he later saw that the cat was now a women and she jumped on top of the house and made the exact same noise he heard when he was inside it was her running on the roof.

He said that once he couldn’t see her he started to look around and in the morning he went to go see a women to cleanse him but she said that the Siguanaba was already attached to him and wasn’t going to leave him alone easily.

My dad asked how he was going to get rid of her and the women told him it was going to take days and when he went home later he told one of his friends and he went over to keep him company he said they were drinking and talking when they heard running on the house but it was more like if it was 2 or 3 people on the roof my dad immediately grabbed his rifle and his friend grabbed his handgun and they started looking around where they later saw 3 Siguanabas circling them in the sky my dad fired round after round trying to hit one and when his shot landed they let out a horrible scream and they later flew behind the house where my dad wasn’t able to see him and in the morning he went to see the lady and the women preformed a ritual on my dad to cleanse him he didn’t tell me how long it told him to be fully cleansed and he said he felt as if something was gone he didn’t feel scared anymore.

I don’t know if this ties into what happened but before I was born we were in his old house where his mom was dying and he went in to see her because my grandpa said he didn’t know how much longer she could hold on my dad went in to see my grandma and she was laying down looking at him he didn’t tell me what she completely said to him but she told him to take care of me and his family and he said he would and when he walked out the door she passed away shortly after.

And when he went back to the US I was shorty to be born and after I was we went to Guatemala where I had something very bad happen to my breathing and my chest had bad bruises they asked a lady who had preformed the ritual on my dad what had happened and she said something was causing this and she asked my dad if he still saw the Siguanaba he said he hasn’t since the day he was cleansed and left she said she needed to do this fast and grabbed a toad saying nothing to my parents and rubbed it on my chest which was then that my chest started to return to its normal color and I started breathing easier.

My dad said he doesn’t know what caused him to talk me to her but he thinks it’s my grandma that passed away and he said she’s been watching over him because when he gets up to go to work he says he sees her in his rear view mirror.