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Creepy Movie Patron

When I was in my senior year of high school, I took a part-time job working at the local movie theater. It paid reasonably well, enough for me to have a bit of pocket money, and despite the management’s strange stance that high schoolers had nothing better to do in their spare time than work, I did like the job. My coworkers were nice, I got to watch bits of the latest films during my breaktime, and I always came home smelling like popcorn.

It was also my very first foray into the wild and maddening world of customer service, and as the months passed, I saw more than my fair share of rude, dense, uncooperative, and downright dickish customers. Most of them have faded into the background over time, but there was one experience I had that rattled me so badly that I still recall it now.

Crazy Person at the Movies

This event happened to me and my family a few years ago, and I decided to share it here. This is still very clear in my memory, and pops in my head here and there. This event occurred sometime in 2013, when me and my family lived in Texas in a town known as Beeville.

We lived very close to a very small movie theater. It was probably a 10 minute walk to the theater from where we lived. We used to walk there frequently. After this incident, we moved to a totally different state.

Summer Psycho at the Improv

This event happened to me last summer so I may be a little fuzzy on the details; however, I remember enough. This event occurred during either the third or fourth day of a week long field trip that the oldest age group of my camp, and our sister camp attends. Our camps are in Massachusetts and we were in California for the trip.

Now, enough background information, time for my story. My friends and I were at a theater awaiting to watch some form of improv. Side note, I normally hate improv. So anyway, we were waiting inside for our sister camp to show up. Ten minutes into waiting a loud noise lifted everyone’s head off of their recently regained phones, to the entrance doors. About four kids, me being one of them, and two councilors approached the thankfully locked doors. What we saw will be burned into my memory: a tall, slender, almost skeletal, balding, dirty man banging with his fist on the door with obviously all his strength, and he was yelling in a raspy voice “LET ME IN!!”.

Creeper at the Grocery Store

To start off I am a 35 year old woman from Florida. Being from Florida I am used to creepy people, especially creepy old men. They like to stare me up and down and occasionally try to make small talk while hitting on me. There have even been times when I was walking and they tried to pick me up thinking that I was a hooker. My point being, I am used to creepy old men and over the years I’ve learned to just ignore it.

So this happened about 2 months ago when my 15 year old daughter, Dayna and I were shopping at Save a lot. I wouldn’t normally submit the name of the store but I feel that it’s necessary to let everyone know that this isn’t a regular grocery store. You have to bring your own bags, bag up your own groceries and there are no bag boys that offer to bring your groceries to your car for you like most grocery stores do.

Terrifying Hunt

Let me just start off by saying that I am not a substance abuser, no drugs or excessive drinking for me. On the night this happened, I did not have any alcohol at all.

I can’t say if this really happened, or if I just hallucinated or dreamed it all. But here goes.

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