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Something in the Woods

This story takes place in Pictou county Nova Scotia Canada. This happened when i was 11, i am 15 now. This whole ordeal took place in the woods right next to the graveyard in my old neighborhood.

My friend and i were exploring like 11 years old do, when we came across what we thought were fresh deer tracks. Curious, we followed the tracks to an abrupt stop, we were on a well established animal trail and they just cut off. so me and my friend who well will call David for his privacy kept on. we walked for about 15 more minutes then came across the same track but.. almost more human, they just seemed to be growing and getting toes or toe like appendages, getting kinda of spooked but not showing it, both of pushed on.

Okanagan Lake Monster

My name is Zoe, and have lived in the Okanagan my whole life. I’ve had my share of weird experiences, from earth worms crawling up from the carpets in my old house to the unplugged vacuum turning itself on and off, but I’ll leave those stories for another day. I’ll start off my saying this story belongs to my uncle, Brad, when he was still a kid. When he first told this to me, it made me shiver, and it honestly still does. I apologize in advance for how short this may be.

My uncle had grown up in a big house with his parents and four siblings, right on the beach and with a beautiful view of the Okanagan lake. They basically grew up in the water. Every time it stormed, my uncle would get his brother and sisters and they would all head out to the lake for some swimming. This time, however, Brad decided he wanted to try out water skiing during a storm. Their mother, Nancy, decided it would be a fun thing to try and offered to drive the boat while Brad was on the skis.

Late Night Ghost Trucker


Back in 1975 in Portland Oregon, I was in 2nd grade, My mom, brother and I were on the freeway going home. Must have been around 6 pm or so, and it was dark. We were cruising along just fine nothing out of the ordinary until a semi-truck had come up behind us and started flashing his lights at us. I remember my mom just using a few curse words and mumbled under her breath to move along, we are in the slow lane damn it. But the trucker just kept right on our ass and flashing his lights at us.

Now, just to let you know, my parents had recently broken up and my dad is/was a truck driver he has since passed on as well as my mom. But, anyway, my mom got to thinking that maybe this could be my dad in town and saw us and was trying to get our attention, since this was before cell phones.

Mysterious Australian Creature

This story is set on the outskirt’s of the New South Wales of Yamba. I do require some help in identifying the possible creature, as i have tried numerous times to figure out the identity of the possible creature.Without further ado here is the tale.

I was an 8 year old on a family road trip from Brisbane to Newcastle. I was sitting on the left side of a car (which is fairly key to the story). My Ipod had recently run out of battery, so I looked out the window into overgrown farmland with dry and long grass which the nearby cattle were grazing. I suddenly  noticed they were alert and attacking a large black creature which appeared on all fours.

The Red Jacket

Hi, My name is Kai and this story took place in the backwoods of West Texas

It was about 7 years ago the most terrifying event happened to me and 30 other people. I was about 12 years old when my mom my sister my grandma and I where heading to my sistersfriends house located 12 miles outside of town deep in the heart of the woods. The only reason we where heading out that way was because that was the location for my sisters girl scouts meeting of the month.

All the family of the girls where together talking inside discussing work and sports while all the children including myself where outside playing. The only room they had to play in the backyard was about 20 yards from the edge of the forest. Me and my sister where about to go inside because darkness wa starting to swallow the sky.

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