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Midnight Church Ghost

I remember this very well as I will never forget it. This event terrified me, and my best friend. It was a Tuesday on our summer break. Me and my best friend Scott, had decided to go to our church to play Xbox, in the upstairs youth room. We did this because his parents were on the strict side, and we wanted to get away from them. We set the Xbox and the projector up to play Halo reach online.

The part of the church we were in was fairly new, as it was just built, and added onto the church. We started playing around 8 o’clock, and kept playing until midnight. everything was perfectly normal, and fine, up until That time. Me and Scott heard someone walking down the hallway, and we thought it could possibly be the youth leader, since he checks up on the church sometimes, and lives right across the street.

Seeing Me Younger, Seeing Me Older at The Same Time

So, a little background. As you guys should know by my username, my real name is Marina. I have a glitch in the matrix story that I hope you will enjoy. I have experienced other stuff such as the paranormal other than this, and I may get around to sharing those sometime too. But that’s unnecessary for now. So back to what I was saying, my name is Marina, and the year of experiencing this was 2016, and I am 10 years old right now, therefore I still experienced this at this age. So, it is a major necessity for me to mention that half the story happened in 2016, and the other happened 5 years earlier so it was 2011.

So, it basically all began 5 years prior to now. When 2011 came by, I would always visit this pond, it would be in the middle of seemingly nowhere, and where I lived back then was a very remote area. So I would pretty much be the only person there, and probably the only person that knew of its existence. As for that, not even my family knew. None of my parents, nor brothers and I’m a girl, which means for me I was always quite lonely seeing as I was the only girl besides my mother. It was quite weird in hindsight that my parents wouldn’t really care if I left the double story house which is the one I lived in back in those times. I mentioned “double story house” for a reason. That’s because we were a very ‘split apart’ family if you know what I mean. If not, I mean we weren’t really ever spending time together, and the size of the home makes it more… split apart.

Something Upstairs

The church I grew up attending isn’t outwardly creepy or frightening in the least, in fact it’s actually a really nice looking building both inside and out. There is even a cherry tree just outside the doors that adds an image of innocence to the building in the spring. The sanctuary and fellowship hall were always brightly lit and neither I nor my sisters ever felt particularly uncomfortable in the downstairs sections of the church.

The upstairs section was a completely different story. That’s were the youth meetings and Sundays school lessons were held. It’s also home to the the nursery, church offices and the supply closet. It’s a narrow hallway that I always remember the being incredibly dim, even when the lights were on and whenever any of us kids were up there alone we felt watched. It was also cold all the time which really added to the creep factor.

My Dark Imaginary Friends

By GreySkySmiles

As a bit of background, I am twenty now but this story took place from the time I moved into my great-grandparents house at the age of five to just a few years ago as I have since moved out.

My mother, my twin sister, and I lived together in a simple single-story house built in the late 1800’s and, boy, does it have a history. At least one hanging in the backyard, a shooting in the front, a suicide in the basement, and two infants that suffered SIDS (spontaneous infant death syndrome) or by other means. So, saying the place has a rather colorful background is putting it delicately.

Not All is as it Seems

By arabian92knight

To start off, let me tell you that I don’t take hallucinogen drugs, nor do I smoke anything or drink anything. I consider myself a Christian, which makes talking about these experiences with some friends and my family rather difficult. In fact this story is a bit difficult to explain, and a bit long, so sorry in advance.

As for my story, now that I’m in my early 20s, I know that what I experienced in the past wasn’t due to an over active imagination. When I was little, I would have imaginary friends. Nothing weird there, every kid has an imaginary friend. But mine were different. They tended to have more details when I would explain them to my family.

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