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The Girl in the Blue Dress by Ryan

I worked overnights at a small gas station and convenience store in Halifax, Nova Scotia, for about seven months back in 2012. I’d worked for the new owners of the station for about 5 years at that point, helping them run their Tim Hortons stores they owned, including the one that was inside this particular gas station.

I was from a small town in Nova Scotia. A place that I never really had to worry about going out late at night, or being safe if I decided to be out walking in the early morning hours. Even though the neighborhood I lived in in the big city was known for its drugs and crime, I never really got the idea through my head that I should have felt unsafe there.

The Creeper on Xbox Live

I would just like to start off by saying that I am not scared by very many things. I always love spooky stories and creepy pastas. but there is one thing that you cannot deny is always scary, people.

One night in September I was chilling all alone in my house playing my all time favorite game Overwatch. I was playing one of my favorite characters McCree. Everything was very normal and I was having a great time like I always do when I play Overwatch. suddenly I heard a gruff noise on the voice channel. There was a seemingly nice man on the voice channel and we had a good conversation. I soon invited him to a group so that we would be put in the same game.

The Knocking on My Bedroom Door

My name Harrison and I was, and still am, 13 when this happened. I live in the south east of the UK. I’m a bit of a hardcore gamer I guess waking up at 11 a.m. and sleeping at 3 a.m.. It all started when I plugged my old Xbox 360 into my new TV. I had decided to plug it in to play some old racing games as I’m a big car fan.

I was sitting on my bed which looks straight at my TV and just to the right is my door. I know a pretty small room. I was sitting on my bed on my 360 playing a game and I heard someone knock at my door. I thought this was a bit odd as my parents were in bed, so I stood up and went to check. I opened my very stiff door and to my surprise there was no one there. I thought It might have been one of my dogs so I shut my door and went back to my Xbox. What I didn’t know was that this was going to happen for the next few days. Same knocking, same me getting up and thinking it was my dogs. After realizing this is decided I’d do anything experiment. See what time it happened and see how the knocks were the same. Three nights go by and I find that is the always at 1:37 p,m. and it’s the same two knocks. One slightly harder than the other.

The Time I Played a Heavily Edited Game.

One time I was playing this game most people knew at this time.
At the time I wasn’t much into the fandom, I just wanted to play the game.

Because I didn’t have money to buy the game, I decided to download it from the internet.
How smart of me, honestly I didn’t know why it was a good idea.

The Creep in the Park

Hi, I am a 17 year old male. I live in Ireland. This story happened to me when I was 14.

One night my friends and I decided to hang out in the park. We were 6 people in the park.

We were there for about 15 minutes when a man all dressed in black from head to toe came and sat on the bench next us. I could not see his face and there was something about this man that gave me chills. My friend said a funny joke and we all started laughing so hard and loud.

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