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Camping Adventure… Gone Terrible.

It was a late night when I was sleeping at my grandparent’ house in the middle of the night. I Was sleeping so peacefully until I Heard a tapping on the window.

I pulled my cover over my face and attempted to fall back asleep. After that, the tapping got more violent. I Slowly stretched my torso up to the window that was essentially squished by my bed. I Turned my head to the left, And became terrified at the sight.

Camping Horror

So me and my girlfriend were gonna go on a camping trip in a local forest near us.

We freed up our schedules just for this trip.

We had gotten all packed up and ready to go hiking in the woods for 3 days.

Camp Creeper

I’m going to start with some background info about myself. I was an 11 year old girl when this happened. I was going camping with my girl guiding troop for the weekend. I had missed my drama club and a singing audition so I hoped it would be worth the trip.

Because I was the one of the oldest of the youngest (being 11 and everyone else under 11) I was fuming when I was told we were in a tent meant for 4 but I was sharing it with 7 other people. After I set up my sleeping bag me and my best friend there decided to go to the disco our troop had. No one else just OUR troop.


This is the first and only time I will be telling this true story that happen to me. It was summer 2010 if I remember the year right I was camping with my uncle and my two friends. It was late after the fire was put out my uncle was sleeping outside the tent to make sure nothing got in.

And I’m not sure what time I woke up at but I had to pee so I did my best to not wake anyone. And I walked out of site of the tent into the woods a little.

The Reason I Quit Camping

My story takes place during June of 2010, while I was 23,I used to be attracted to the outdoors but now I can never step into a forest without being reminded of this.Me and a couple of friends went on a camping trip to Freetown state forest in Southeastern Massachusetts,at the time it looked like a good place to camp in, I see now I made a terrible decision.

When we found a spot we set up camp immediately, after everything was set up I felt like someone or something was watching us but I shrugged it off to excitement (I don’t know why but at the time it made scense at the time).

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