Diving with Monsters

I am from Oklahoma and I am 14 years age. Just this summer I obtained my scuba certification for dives not going beyond 60 Ft in depth.

I got the certification in Gainesville, Fl and have done multiple fresh and salt water dives. All of them have been fun experiences, all save one. i was diving off of a reef in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

The water was very cloudy and there was a strong current. i was only with my dive partner who swore he never saw anything. As we were descending i Felt as if something was up though i convinced myself that i was just nervous. about half way through the dive i began to catch a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye every so often but by the time i turned to look it was out of sight.

From the glimpses i caught of it it look as if it had a elongated neck and four similar sized flippers or fins.

the only good look i had of it was when i got separated from my partner because of a stupid decision i made. he went around a large rock formation and i went over it.

i turned and did not see my buddy but i had gotten above some of the silt so i could se a lot clearer than before. when i looked imediently to my starboard side and saw this huge “thing” that ive only ever seen in movies.

It was sitting still and just staring at me like i had no buisness being there,and quite frankly i didn’t. From what i could make out it had teeth like a wahoo and a head like a saurapod from jurassic park or some shit.

i freaked out and shot to the surface without even thinking and lost my partner until he surface almost a minute later but by the time he got up the thing had disappeard i told everyone that i saw a large tiger shark and i paniced because who would belive that i saw freaking nessie thankfully i made it out of that encounter but i will never go diving there again thats for sure.

Amber eyes in blue depths

When I was a kid, I was already a very lonely one; I had almost no friends and was an only child for the first decade of my life until my younger brothers were born, so to make up for the lack of human interaction in my life, I was known for having a fertile imagination.

Wherever I went, whenever it was, all my family says that they remember me having more imaginary friends than any kid they could name.

They weren’t just your common made up goofy creatures or the princess still waiting for a price though; they were many Mitholigical creatures like fairies, dwarves or sometimes small dragons.

That may be one of the things that may come in handy later, as I’m not sure myself if what I saw was real or just the imagination of a kid, who was so scared that they tried to make an excuse for something seemingly completely normal. Im fifteen as I’m writing this, though to tell this story we have to go back to when I was around eight or nine.

I was living in Portugal back then, and still am to this day, with the exception that now we live in the capital and not in the outskirts of a smaller city; but that’s not important for this story right now. What’s important however, is that when I was younger, my mother and I used to go with her friends on small trips south to a beach fairly know for it’s tourism and we went there every summer without an exception until this happened.

On this particular year, it was only me, my mother and one of her friends, who dragged his nephew who was my age along. With names it’ll be easier, though for privacy reasons I’ll have to change them; let’s say that my mom’s friend is Vitor and that the boy is Afonso.

As soon as we arrived to the small makershift parking lot, me and Afonso immediately jumped out of the car, grabbing our beach toys and sprinting to the beach.

Neither of the adults was worried, since they knew we were smart kids and wouldn’t go further than the place where the water met the sand, so they took their time taking some of the crucial things from the car trunk and eventually met up with us in the beach itself.

The day was overall fun and rather relaxed.

At least until we decided to go in the water for the last time before heading to the cabin where we would be staying for the night, so while my mom was taking sunbaths, me, Victor and Afonso went for that one last swim.

About ten minutes pass normally and we are playing tag in the water. I was hiding under the surface so it would be harder for them to spot me, when suddenly a pain in my right leg made me scream underwater.

Before I knew it I was being pushed to the depths of the lake, the pain only increasing as something seemed to dug in my flesh, my arms reaching just above water to signalate that I needed help while trying to swim away from this senseless grip. It’s amazing how the human being can be so strong when it’s life depends on it.

After a while, my overall whimpy body gave up and I was dragged further in the bottom, my eyes starting to make everything darker and fuzzier.

Last thing I remember, would scare me for life: a gigantic dragon-like figure in an ill shade of green and traumatizing, glowing amber eyes was almost biting my leg off.

I was in such a state of shock, I think I must have blacked out. It wasn’t until later that I’d wake up in the warmth of my cabin’s room, my aching leg now bandaged up. I immediately screamed for my mom, who just casually walking in after hearing me call out for her. First thing I remember asking was:

“did you get the monster? ”

” what monster? ” my mom asked with a perplexed look on her face

” the monster that pushed me into the water!! ” I overwhelmedly screeched, getting a scold from my mom for it, as here shouting is seen as very offensive. Blame the fact that Iberian languages make you seem like you are screaming at someone half of the time.

” what are you talking about? There was no monster there, you just stepped too deep in the water! ”

I don’t know what exactly happened after, but I do remember alot of arguing with my mother, after trying to convince her that it was something beyond natural that had done this to me. One thing I’m sure of though: if I simply lost my foot in the water, how come that was able to leave a tooth-like scar in my leg?..

I was attacked by an aquatic monster

I was an adventurous kid, and I loved going spending time outside when I was younger. My brother was a supporting factor, since he would join me in my fun adventurers. I had a very loving and supporting family, which led to my father taking me on various trips, and one of them was a diving trip.

I lived up in British Columbia at the time, and it was an amazing place. It was mountainous, and tree filled, which made for an amazing sight and feel.

I also loved swimming, and had been swimming many times, whether it be at my cottage, or in a public pool.

Because of this, I thought diving would be splendid, and an amazing time to discover new things, and get my own look at some spectacular underwater sights. There was only one problem, and it was that I had been afraid of large bodies of water for a long time. I have heard shark attack stories, and stories about sea creatures of massive sizes, which scared the living hell out of me.

I sucked it up though, and told myself to stop being such a baby. Besides, shark attacks in British Columbia? Huge sea monsters out for human blood? No way, that all sounded like it couldn’t happen to someone like me.

Unfortunately, I was very wrong.

My dad was an experienced diver, which is what had led him to prompting me to do this. He had taught me the basics, and we had dived a few times before, but this one experience had made me stay further away from the water, probably for the rest of my life. We had gotten ready for our next dive, and were getting out on the boat to ride to the location. When we arrived, I looked down into the water. Clear and fresh, like a sheet of glass. My dad had already dropped down into the water, and I was putting my flippers on.

“Water’s cold.” He shouted up to me. I hated cold water, it made the surroundings feel much more… sinister. Various chills ran up my spine as I splashed into the water, making for an uncomfortable first impression. We had never been to this body of water before, and every time I think about it, I can’t remember the name of this place.

I lowered myself under the water, starting my descent. Since I was still quite new, I made sure to follow my dad everywhere he went. I made sure to stay close behind him, and I had been for the time being. I stopped to take everything in. It was quite beautiful, the rocks, the fish, and the atmosphere. It was very scenic, and I had been the type of person to admire that. I took a deep breath, but with every breath I worried more. I was always that type of “what if” guy, and I was very cautious when it came to how much air was left in my tank. I turned to follow my dad, but as I turned around, my heart sank.

My dad was gone.

The water was clear, and he should have been right there. I started to panic, breathing in faster and heavier, wasting more oxygen. I thought about swimming up, and getting back on the boat, but I had only been down here for a short period of time. Besides, my dad probably was just trailing off, looking at what there was to see. I calmed down, and then decided I should do the same. I’m 15 now, I don’t always need a parent around me.

I continued my sightseeing, and came across an area that got murky. “Perhaps some fish had stirred up the area.” I thought, and I found a more rocky area. I had seen no fish around this area, which was odd because there should have been more of them. Fish love the rocks, don’t they? I finally gave in and decided to go back up, but as I was about to go, something caught my eye.

Movement, underneath some of the rocks. I watched helplessly, as a black silhouette rose from behind the rocks. It looked as if it had the neck of a snake, and although I couldn’t make out the face, I saw a jaw full of sharp, pointed teeth. The eyes were the scariest part, as they had flickered open as if it had been asleep. Black, empty sockets with tiny yellow pupils. The creature was about my size, only a little bigger. It was scaly from what I could tell, and it has noticed me.

I screamed through my suit, and I swam upwards as fast as I could. I didn’t even bother looking down. I thrashed my arms and legs, propelling myself upwards. I felt what I still feel to this day, a bump, against my legs. It had rammed something against me, and I was spiraling. This thing was powerful. I regained control, and I kept swimming. I thought I was going to faint. I heard it make a call, similar to a whale call, but a bit deeper. The sound haunts me to this day. I finally reached the surface, and my dad greeted me on the boat.

“Where have you been?” He asked.

I said nothing as I climbed up on the boat, as fast as I could.

“We have to go, now!” I shouted.

“What are you talking about?”

“Just go! Go!” I screamed. As the boat shifted away, I looked back at the area I had surfaced. A shadow under the water moved, and it was gone. I sat down, as I had been standing the whole time. We got back to the car and I explained what happened to my dad.

“Probably just a big fish.” He keeps telling me, but it defiantly wasn’t a fish. That thing has made me afraid of the water even more than I had been before, and I never want to swim for the rest of my life. Just remember, if you ever go diving, stay close to someone, and be aware of your surroundings.

It couldn’t have been a shark

This happened last summer while I was on a diving trip with other certified divers my age.

This was fun, since we were all teenagers who needed something to do or something to get away from during the summer. We were all staying on a catamaran in the waters surrounding the Caribbean island of Saba.

Saba is known for its great efforts to prevent pollution of both their island and the marine park surrounding it. It was our second night there, and we were all excited to hear that we could go on a night dive.

Night dives are always creepy, because you can’t see much through the dark waters, except what your flashlight is shining on.

Of course, what else would you expect? We had our dinner around nine in the evening, and began to get ready.

We put our gear together and Brought it to the back of the boat, where we would take our big strides in. Our dive master was talking to the skipper, who seemed a little unsure. Off of what we could gather from the conversation, the skipper was positive that we should be situated near a broad stretch of coral reef, however, based off of what the Dive master said, there was nothing but sand.

This stuck me as odd, in the sense that they have been doing this specific route for a long time, but I brushed it off.

Once everyone was ready, we all attached glow sticks of matching colors to our tanks, and to our dive buddy’s. For those of you who don’t scuba dive, divers use a buddy system to make sure no one gets lost, or gets into a bad situation like running low on air without assistance.

I was with a kid who I’ll call K. We got along pretty well, and both of us liked to swim a good 8 feet out from the rest of the group. It was a pretty stupid thing to do, but we figured that as long as we could see the group, we would be fine.

So of course, once we had gotten down to the sea floor, which was around 55-60 feet, we spread out.

It was abnormally cold for being in the Caribbean, even if it was night and we were deep down. K and I were a good 5 feet apart from each other, but we would routinely signal each other to make sure we were ok.

I spent the first five minutes of the dive leisurely looking around, which gave me a little perspective.

If you were to look up, you would see a small patch of light from the moon, and that was about it. Eventually, K and I started to swim closer to each other, as we had begun to lag behind, we were around 15 feet behind the group, when I noticed something drifting along the bottom.

I shone my light on it to see parts of dead sea animals. I got curious as I usually am, and swam past it a little. I honestly was hoping to see a shark or something of the sorts, but instead I found a big pit in the ground.

It was in no way natural, and it was obvious something had dug it.

My initial thought was something along the lines of “Oh it must be one of those fish that digs nests to attract a mate,” but it was way to big for that to be feasible.

It looked like a sizable shark could easily fit in it. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the worst part. The pit was filled with varying sizes of bones and other dead things. I didn’t know what to think, so I did a sharp 180 and swam back as fast as I could. I made it back to the group and we kept going.

Not five minutes later, a very weird noise rang out through the water.

It sounded similar to a whale call, but it had this lower growl under the screech. I turned to my buddy and based off of what his expression told me, he hadn’t heard it. I started to get a little freaked out, but I kept my breathing under check to make sure I didn’t lose oxygen.

Once again, I brushed it off and kept swimming. Maybe fifteen minutes later our group found a baby flounder, we all took turns looking at it, and watching it jerkily swim around.

I stayed a bit longer. K stayed a good halfway in between me and the group, to make sure I could find my way back. I don’t know what lead me to turn around towards the pit, but I did, and my flashlight cut through the darkness.

If there’s anything I regret, it was that.

In the distance, I saw what I originally mistook as a large fish. It was spiny, not to mention unnaturally pale, and it had these long limbs. It looked so unnatural, that I couldn’t take my eyes away from it.

It started to swim towards me, and thats when I realized it didn’t have a tail or any sort of appendage which could aid this thing in swimming. It wasn’t a fish. It clawed its way painfully through the water with these long thin arms, which seemed to bend the wrong way every time.

I was perplexed, and kept watching this thing. From what I could gather, it looked as if you took the bones of some large creature, and stretched waterlogged human skin over it.

It was ugly.

The thing stared at me with these horrendous silver eyes, and what I could only assume was its mouth seemed to bubble. This thing then let out a loud scream, almost the same as the one I had heard earlier. I think that was what tore my eyes away from it. I slowly started to swim backwards, before I decided “Screw it” and booked it out of there.

I made it back to the group, and we soon ascended to the surface.

I was a bit shaken up, but I calmed down out of the water. I ended up asking the Dive master about it, or at least trying.

She asked me if what I saw had big eyes that lit up when you shined a light at them.

I answered yes, thinking I was getting somewhere, but then she brushed it off as a tuna fish. I know what tuna look like, and there was no way that was a tuna. Needless to say I didn’t sleep too much that night, or all nights for the rest of the time we were in the waters near Saba.

So if you go night diving around a sandy area off the coasts of Saba, be aware of what all might be living out there, under the radar.