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Two UFO’s in the same week

My name is Niko, I was born in Portugal but live in England for 10 years now, I always traveled quite a bit because of my work and after having worked in London a few times 10 years ago I ended up staying.

I always been a very open minded person but honestly never really had much of an interest in UFO’s and things of the unknown or paranormal, but in 2010 in the same week, with different people I experienced two incredible sightings.

Flames in the sky

Hello guys, I am a 21 years old woman, Brazilian, and in this situation, my mother is the one that had the paranormal experience.

Well, talking about my mom, when she was a teenager, she lived in a country area, like a farm and forest kind of place.

Question Everything

So these are somewhat of a recollection of past events throughout my life that have made me question everything we’ve ever been taught.  All events are completely true and I will tell them through my eyes. Maybe there’s a logical explanation for some of these, some are just strange. Either way, I know what I’ve experienced and I’ll stick to what I remember. All the events are in chronological order.

2000-2002. I’m probably about 7 or 8 years old at the time, a cub scout. I joined the scouts as a way to do extra curricular activities without joining jock type sports. My memory of th cub scouts are fond. Fun and enjoyable. Enough of that, this event takes plaxe in southwest Florida, where I grew up.

Sunset Beach


The story I’m about to tell you is actually about two separate events, but given the subject matter and the fact that both took place in the same location, I usually think of them as two parts of the same story.

Anyway…I grew up in a small town on the southern Oregon coast. The beaches there are beautiful, but given the cold, wet climate, they’re usually only frequented by sight-seers and bored locals. The most popular of the local beaches is Sunset Bay State Park, or, as the locals refer to it, ‘Sunset Beach’.

Alien Plane

I had an encounter with an alien spaceship. To set the scene. I was driving down a completely dark Highway no illuminating lights on either side. I was coming from my mother’s house because I had stayed for supper and she lived in a town over. I was in a Buick LeSabre 1999 car and I was oh about 22 or 23 at the time.

And I was listening to the radio to keep my mind off of the darkness and how scary it is at night when you’re driving and you don’t have another passenger in the seat beside you to talk to. So I just focused on driving and the music. And I went and looked back in my rearview mirror at my two children sleeping in the back my daughter who is 3 and my son who was going to be one they were all out and I just had to keep driving to get home I kind of was driving a little quicker than what I should have been because I was scared of course.

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