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Creepy Stranger at McDonald’s

This a story of an experience I heard from my friend Breanna back when she used to live in Flagstaff, Arizona. She gave me permission to share her story. These are her words:

“It happened in 2007 when I was 16. After 10pm, I was on my way home from work. My hometown Flagstaff has dimmer lights to preserve the night sky so it gets really dark at night. On the way home, I stopped by at McDonald’s to get some dinner. For some reason the drive thru was closed so I went inside. After getting food, I started walking to my car. But then I noticed a heavy set middle aged Navajo man started walking towards me. So I started walking faster towards my car and I glanced back. I noticed that his pace had quickened as well so I kept going faster and faster until I was sprinting. I glanced back and he had also gone into a sprint. I reached my car and unlocked it in a panic. Then I quickly locked the doors, started the car, and put it in reverse. But then he started knocking at my window and gesturing me to roll it down. I was terrified. My heart was racing and I just wanted to get out of there. He started mumbling something about being disrespectful and said that he needed some help. I just shook my head no, apologized, and pulled out of the parking spot. He jumped back and flailed his arms as I quickly got the hell out of there.”

Jack in the box creeper

I was 38 when this stupid “event” took place. My name is Stacy and Me and my boyfriend, Stephen, decided that we were going to Las Vegas for his birthday. We wanted to go somewhere so we could go where the drive would be long enough to where me and him could spend some time together. I think now would be a good time to mention we love fast food and especially Jack in the box.” Hey baby you want to stop by our usual”, he said in a tired voice, I mean we were about 1 hour into our drive so I responded, ” sure honey”. we were pulling up to the parking lot to the nearest Jack in the box. ” c’mon Stephen”, I said as I looked his way. He was asleep so i decided to go in by myself. I looked around as i opened the door to the building. There was only one employee working in the whole place, which was kind of weird considering it was mid-night.

He looked to be a 50 year old man with a red scar around his eyebrow. He looked at me in a creepy and disturbing way. He said with a very deep voice,” Welcome to Jack in the box, how may I take your order”.” Umm, i’m just looking at the menu”, I said in a very shy voice. ” Oh take your time”, he said while staring at my breast area. I took one glance at him and there he was, making googly eyes at my tits. I felt unsettle, so I rushed to the bathroom.

It just got real

I live on the east coast of Australia, in a regular suburban area and have never experienced anything remotely paranormal…Until now.

I want to note that this incident has terrified me so badly that I have come to absolutely dread night time. As a married 27 year old man, this has become something I am trying to deal with because I mean, a grown man, scared of the dark? Come on. I’m a big fan of your youtube channel and listen to your videos daily. I don’t doubt many of the encounters people have had and always hated the idea of something happening to me.

Goatman at My Summer Camp

To begin my name is Nathan and I am you typical 16 year old guy. I like the occasional scary movie and getting creeped out with friends but I have never put much thought into the paranormal or “monsters” before. Not that I’m a skeptic or anything. I just hadn’t really put any thought into it as being real. It all seemed like child’s play to me until my week at summer camp last year.

It was my third summer to go to this camp and for security reasons I don’t want to say the name of the camp. My parents had been sending me and two of my friends, John and Seth, to this camp for the past two years and nothing seemed different about this year until our fourth night at camp.

The Man

This story takes place a while back, I think I was either eleven or twelve at the time. I have this one friend who I’ve known since I was learning to walk. It was more of a forced friendship rather than anything, considering our parents went to school together.

One thing you should know about Lila is that her family is practically crazy. Her father claims to have been abducted by aliens twice, her mom keeps bug out bags filled with supplies such as food and water in her closet for when the government takes over, her brother thinks he’s half cat, and still does after graduating high school! And Lila is the worst of them all, she always go on and on about the demons and ghosts she see’s around her house, and her greatest obsession is something she calls ‘The Man.’ She goes on and on about him watching her through the windows of her house, and when he manages to get inside he stands at the edge of her bed and watches her sleep, which anyone would be creeped out by, I know I was.

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