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4 True CREEPY Diving Stories

Let’s go scuba diving and explore a ghost ship!
Even the ocean is full of real ghosts and mythical creatures!
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6 CREEPY True Babysitting Stories

Need to hire a babysitter? Think again. There are murderers out there.
Babysitting has never been so creepy! Check out these TRUE Horror Stories and Ghost Stories!
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6 REAL Mexican Ghost Stories

Mexico has the day of the dead – It’s also the LAND of the dead!
Cinco de Mayo isn’t the only time for real ghost stories, haunted houses and haunted forests!
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5 CREEPY Encounters with REAL Wendigo

The forest is haunted with Real Wendigo Creatures.
These mythical creatures are straight from Native American Folklore.
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5 TRUE European Horror Stories

There are worse things in Europe and the UK than Brexit.
Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Rome, all these places seem to be haunted!
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