The Snowman’s Revenge

By PistolPete09

Sammy Snippet was a strange kid. He always smiled no matter what and always talked to himself. Lance, Eddie, Frankie, Joey and Billy and Thomas always picked on on him. He had no friends and always ate lunch alone and preferred to sit by himself.

Lance and his group of bullies always picked him for having “imaginary friends”. One day in the winter when Sammy was walking home from school Lance went a little too far. As he got out of sight from the high school away from teachers and staff Billy and Thomas shoved him into a snowbank. Eddie and Frankie bombarded him with snowballs then Lance and Frankie held him well the others piled snow on top of him turning him into a human snowman. Read more “The Snowman’s Revenge”

I Bought my Dad on Ebay

By Christopher M.

I’m only fourteen years old, but I’m very tech-savvy. I enjoy hacking computers and even building them from time to time. One of my more recent and morbid hobbies has been exploring the deep web. Before you get the wrong idea, I don’t go there for the dark stuff. Well, I do, but not the kind of stuff you’re thinking about.

I explore the deep web for the joy of finding new websites. Brand new, off-kilter, bizarre ones. I find them and catalog them for my own personal enjoyment. It feels like I’m actively discovering new parts of an ever-growing planet. Or at least the dark side of one. Read more “I Bought my Dad on Ebay”


By ullashy

I can remember something good, me and my two brothers with our children and our wives having a barbecue in my back garden and the sun was shining. Finally things were starting to become good for all of us and we all had good jobs and everything was fine. I remember seeing our children playing together and getting along, the smell of the barbecue was covering the air and life was good it was all good. I have a 16 year old daughter and my oldest brother has an 18 year old son and our younger brother has a 15 year old son, all of our wives were getting along and they were chatting away so happily.

I remember observing this and just thinking to myself how we all had made it to here and through all of the difficulties and pressure that we came through. I was so surprised that life was actually peaceful and calm; it was just yesterday we were constantly having one trouble after another and to overcome it is the best feeling in the world. Read more “Molly”

Tonsil Stones

By ullashy

It was a brilliant club to be part of and we were a bunch of 60+ year olds enjoying ourselves, we have our own club or space in a library and the times are from 8-10 Sunday to Tuesday. Mind you, there are only ten of us in this club, but we are a brilliant lot and 5 of the members are retired. It is more of a club for the old and the retired, who have worked all of their lives and we do creative things, from reading scripts, novels to even put on a little show as we have our own stage. We also do painting and drawing and for people of our age this is just perfect and it is something we all enjoy doing.

I guess this place is our little space to get away from the outside world, as you get to our age, you just feel like escaping from things and there are not many places for people of our age unless you are rich. You can say I was the leader of the group and I made sure the register was being signed and I had to plan what to do next for the next session. There were 6 men and 4 women and we all got along so well and it was amazing, to find such good people at our age. I do try and advertise our little club to other people our age, but life for some is extremely touchy and also you have to consider some people our age don’t have the best health. Read more “Tonsil Stones”


By Shadowswimmer77

The Journal of Tomas Wicker

November 3, 1910

There are a thousand ways to die in the Colombian rainforest.

I first gained this appreciation as a boy when, in a questionable bit of parental inspiration, father allowed me to accompany him to inspect our family’s South American holdings, in particular a coffee plantation located on the eastern slopes of the Andes. The expedition was considered almost routine, the chosen path well known to our guards and guides, yet even so we encountered no small number of difficulties in our travels. Read more “Tunda”