the building where shadows aren’t allowed

I guess we all have that one area with a creepy building and terrifying stories attached to it. Where I live it was a building where apparently shadows are not allowed, now this confused us all because everything has a shadow and it is quite mind boggling to think of a place where shadows are not allowed. I have also heard that this building use to be the hot spot for witches and satanists who do weird rituals in there.

I have been invited by a couple of friends of mine and to be brave and venture into this strange building, something for YouTube I guess, but there have been stories of other people who have been in there and came out different. When I say different I mean possessed, insane and just never again the same, but to be honest; that just made this abandoned building even more attractive to venture into.

We would all talk about it at school and we imagined getting high And letting the drugs do its work, we even started to speak of making this abandoned building our new hang out space. Eventually it was me and 2 other of my fellow friends which all three of us had decided to go into this ghastly abandoned building.

When the day came and we prepared ourselves mentally and it was after school that all three of us met up. The day was quite and not many people were driving or walking about, it was one of those quite days and that made it even more creepier. Me, Thomas and Fred stood outside this building and just taking in its atmospheric affects into our brains. We could clearly see from standing outside looking in from the open front door, that there were injections and finished alcohol bottles all over the place. There was a street lamp just outside this building causing a shadow on us three, as we stepped in, there was a sensational strange tingly feeling through out our entire bodies and our heads felt really light. We had torch lights with us and when all three of us looked outside, we could clearly see that all three of our shadows were outside on the front door steps under the lamp posts and we all looked at each other and started laughing in amazement.

We shone the torch lights at each other and no shadow was formed at all, this experience completely dazzled all of us, none of us literally had a shadow. There was though, a golden shiny vien across our arms but all three of us swore we had never had this golden vein inside of us before. We decided to explore this building and all three of us were muttering to each other and joking about.

“this is creepy as fuck” Fred spoke

“yeah I know imagine sleeping here” Thomas replied

“I bet some have” Fred spoke again

“it’s weird we don’t have any shadows anymore being in this building” I added to the conversation

As time went by, Fred started complaining that something was following him or that he can see something moving in the side of his eyes. Me and Thomas joked around with him about it and Fred was serious about what he was saying, that a shadow like figure was following him. Me and Thomas then reassured Fred that there are no shadows in this building and we shone our torch lights at Fred and other objects which showed no shadows forming at all.

Then something moved so quickly which made all three of us blink and Fred fell to the floor. Me and Thomas quickly aiding Fred on the floor and while at the same time I had noticed something strange about Fred’s arm, his golden vien was chopped in half and then suddenly it had disappeared and then black like viens started forming around his body. Fred started shaking and then as me and Thomas tried our best carrying Fred back downstairs with all our strength near to the front open door, I noticed Fred’s shadow that was once outside the front door of this building as it wasn’t allowed to come in; had now disappeared but mine and Thomas’s shadow was still their under the street lamp. Then Fred started speaking, but it wasn’t his voice but something else.

“I have been without a body for a long time and now I have found one” Fred spoke

Me and Thomas tried speaking to Fred in this strange state but being still inside but near the front door, fred spoke explaining to us or the thing inside him started to explain more things about this building, it’s not that shadows aren’t allowed inside but birth shadows with masters or bodies are not allowed inside. Me and Thomas looked at each other and Fred had a new shadow as we can see it forming and trying its best to adapt to Fred’s body inside the building. These shadows that live in this building are lost like samurais without a master or purpose, the golden viens in our arms were the connection with our birth shadows which Fred’s golden vien had been cut with his birth shadow by this new evading shadow that had been waiting in this building for a long time, the shadow he was born with had been cut off completely.

Our shadows do more than just follow us, they are the first protection against demonic possession and many more, me and Thomas knew that we both were also sitting ducks and could end up like Fred. We both quickly drag Fred out of the building and mine and Thomas’s shadow were now connected with us, except Fred and we took him too hospital.

Fred is still being treated and we hope he will get better, I wish we never went in there.

Grizzlyhead’s History

Arlo Braelyn started growing up in a condo in Denton Texas with his mother, father, and older sister. His father, Ruban Braelyn was a major alcoholic, who would abuse Arlo physically, verbally, and mentally. This started to cause anger to fester in Arlo.

One night when Arlo was twelve years old, he immediately snapped and murdered not only his father, but his older sister, Dekota in cold blood. This caused Arlo to be sentenced to Huntsville Maximum security prison for the rest of his life.

While Arlo was in Prison at age seventeen, he had become driven by a curse, which cause him to lose his soul and never say a word. He even gained the ability to regenerate for a hour after being knocked out by any deadly attack.

Eight months later, Arlo soon found out that his mother, Joann was killed in a serious car accident. This situation caused Arlo become angrier than ever. So much anger festered in him so much that he wanted to take revenge on what or who caused his mother’s death.

After four more years, Arlo managed to escape prison and return back to his hometown of Denton only to resume his killing spree.

Nobody knows how he manages to never ever say one single word. Nobody knows how he manages to survive every deadly attack. Nobody knows what he escaped prison and returned to his hometown for. Nobody knows what he wanted to resume his killing spree in his hometown for.

All that people know about Arlo is this. That boy is out there. He’s dangerous and he’s not human anymore. He’s evil, pure evil.

My friends crazy mother.

My friend always was always at my house. She told me her mom was put into a mental institution because she had horrible problems. She basically lived with us unless her dad came and let her stay with him. Well, when it was nighttime, Amber and I decided to stay up late.

We heard loud bang from the front  door, and got terrified. We ran up to my room and locked the door. The front door got kicked down and we started crying. We heard terrifying screaming. My mom was at work and my dad was in New York for work. We called 911, and then we heard creaking. The dispatcher said someone will be there.

My friend went out and looked, and I should have told her no. I heard the loudest, most terrifying scream. She had a butcher knife, and I ran out with my brothers pocket knife and found the most scariest thing I’ve ever saw. My best friends body parts.

Her clothes were taken off, and her arm was decapitated. Her head was gone. Her legs were severed. Her back was carved  with the letters “Mommy’s Girl.”

One By One They All Fall Down (Creepypasta)

Starting year 6 was a breeze for the most part, yeah the work was a little tougher, and especially when it came to maths but it was still an easy start. Over the following weeks everyone started making plans for Halloween, when eventually the day came that I overheard some of the popular kids planning to sneak out and go to the graveyard next to the school. They noticed me looking over and thought to invite me along, I tried get out of it but they weren’t having any of it.

The whole plan was to have a sleep over at Jacobs seeing as his was the closest to the school/ graveyard, and then sneak out around midnight, during the so called witching hour, the guys had been doing some research about the paranormal and found out between midnight and 3am is the best time to contact spirits, so naturally decided this would be the best time to go have a Ouija board session in the middle of the local graveyard, I know right sounds fun. We were all on the same page Tim, Jacob, Alex, Chris, Rob, Mike and of course me but over the week leading up to Halloween more and more people got invited, some were going to join us at Jacobs, some were going to sneak out and meet us there and well the rest of the class weren’t interested or had way to strict of parents to even attempt sneaking out or staying at others.

Finally the night came, October 31st 1999, a time without smart phones scary right, we were all having a fun night watching horror films, eating junk food and trying out our favourite wrestling moves on each other, eventually it got late, about 11pm, Jacobs parents popped the heads in to the room saying they were off to bed and for us to not stay up to late, nice people I wonder how they’re doing; we of us all waited about an hour to make sure the parents were asleep, we all got dressed and quietly made our way out to the back, now Jacobs back garden leads onto an alley way which takes us straight to the school, annoyingly we would of just used the gate but it had been locked for god knows how long considering the amount of rust on the metal so he had to proceed with boosting one another over the fence as quietly and quickly as possible.

We all made it over without alerting the parents, no idea how as we made so much noise that every dog in the area started barking but alas we were on our merry way down the well lit alley, Chris was explaining how the Ouija board worked to the few that hadn’t had a chance to find out, this ended up freaking out the 3 or 4 kids that were already a bit shaken and wanting to back out but we were all in this now, no going back, well apparently to the 6 who had originated this whole plan. By the time we had got to the school, everyone else had already been waiting for over 10 minutes. “about time” a few of them remarked in a snarky tone, “come one we don’t have all night” said one of the bratty girls, were call her Katelyn, this probably would of went a lot smoother if not for her, let me quickly explain she’s one of those princess, I’m never wrong I get everything I want, cant handle being told no types. Anyway we all made our way to the centre of the graveyard and set up the board on a large tombstone, you know the ones that are like huge stone tables which cam in very handy for this, so we all tried to gather around the board, some pushing and shoving to get closer, mind there was like 20 of us and if you’re at all familiar with Ouija boards you should know only say about 6 people can have their hand on the planchette at a time so this was a bit hectic, we all established we’d take it in turns obviously the 6 originals going first.

They tried asking questions for 5 to 10 minutes with no response, they swapped over with some others and the same occurred, nothing apart from one or 2 of them pretending to move make the planchette move. My go was next so we sat around the board and asked “is there anyone there?” no response, all the other typical questions had been asked so I thought I’d ask something different “would you like us to leave you alone?” at this point the planchette felt as is was being ever so slightly moved but that’s when Katelyn pushed me out the way having enough of waiting around with nothing happening, she angrily asked stupid questions and mocked the planchette moving until most of the group had either left or started to protest her. She finally gave up and decided to leave, we all calmed ourselves down and decided we might as well pack it in seeing as nothing was happening, just as we all agreed we heard scrapping, it was the planchette on the board, it was moving, by itself. We all looked at each other trying to figure out who was trying to trick us but no one was, no strings, no magnets nothing. We watched as the heart shaped plastic made its way ever so slowly to Goodbye. Needless to say we all bolted, none of us really expected anything to happen so when it did, my god did we run, a couple of kids even cried including Tim, there were a few jokes made at his expense. We finally made it back into Jacobs’s room and started discussing what had happened, making excuses and trying to disprove what we saw, but to no luck we had no answers.

The next week we returned to school from the half term break, we all filled each other in on what we had got up to and talking about the Halloween in the graveyard, but yet no one mentioned Katelyn’s outburst, I thought to be sure that would be top gossip but no not a word, it got to registration when I noticed Katelyn wasn’t there, everyone else was but not her, I thought maybe she was to embarrassed to come in or maybe she had moved school, that would be nice I thought, so I asked the girl sitting besides me but she gave me this look of pure vacancy, she had no idea who I was talking about, so I asked a few more kids around me only to get the same response; I thought maybe they’ve all agreed to just collectively ignore her and pretend she doesn’t exist. It was odd not one person had questioned where she was but even the teacher didn’t call out her name or give any reason to why she wasn’t there. I tried not to think much of it throughout the morning but I was just so curious, I finally decided to ask the teacher at lunch when she gave me the exact none vacant expression and answer my classmates had.

The following week the whole missing Katelyn deal had left my mind, it was peaceful not having her around, I feel terrible for saying that but it’s also therapeutic. I was in for a surprise the next day as another student hadn’t shown up to class with the same little things from last time, no one knowing who she was, her name not being called out, what was off this time though was this wasn’t a girl most people dislike, maybe even hated but the girl who had vanished, everyone loved, her name was Sarah and she put a smile on everyone’s face even if you didn’t want to smile but now just like Katelyn it seems she no longer exists. This carried on for the following weeks leading up to Christmas break, every few days or even a week would past then poof, there goes another one.

The end of the year had rolled around but by this time pretty much my entire class was missing; even the entire school population looked smaller. How many people have vanished to this unknown force? Why was I the only one to remember them? Everyone else involved with that night couldn’t remember so why was I burdened with these memories of people that no longer exist? I needed to know, maybe if I went back to where this began, maybe I could talk with what ever it was we had contacted so that was it my mind was made up, that day after school I would go into the graveyard and find some answers. The day final bell rang as we grabbed our bags, I was just about to leave as the teacher called other, “I want to know why you’ve been asking about students that I’ve never met” I got a little annoyed seeing as he had met these students, many times, “I’d like you to sit down while I go fetch your parents from the teachers lounge” I was furious at this point, he seriously called my parents in and none of them had mentioned anything, I tried to walk out of the room in frustration but the door was locked, I decided to just sit down and get this over with.

Finally Mr. Johnson and my parents had returned, they questioned me for what felt like an eternity, I explained everything the night we snuck out, the girl getting angry and every time I noticed a student had gone missing. They just looked at me with such confusion, eventually after more questioning my mother broke down into tears, she couldn’t deal with the constant lies or the fact I had gone crazy, that were the only two conclusions my parents and Mr. Johnson could come up with, I protested and protested until they had enough, my father restrained me at this point my mother had calmed down from crying but was absolutely furious. We walked home with no words spoken, when we got in we had dinner, still no words when we had finished they sent me to my room, I decided not to protest as it hadn’t gotten me anywhere so far and just excepted my fate.

The next morning I could her talking downstairs but it was only one side of a conversation, my father was on the phone so I decided to be nosey as young kids usually, my father was booking me a doctors appointment, great my parents actually do think I’m crazy, well its not like I can prove that any of those people exist not even their own parents remember them. We arrive at the doctors and he asks me question after question after question, he determines I’ve been having hallucinations and could possibly be schizophrenia, this did not feel good, they said they’d need to run some more tests over the following weeks. So this was my story, the story of why I’ve been locked in an asylum for 16 years, love you too Mum and Dad.

(Authors Notes: It may sound weird but both schools I went to growing up were either separated by a hedge line/fence or across the road from graveyards)

Bleeding Cold

Let me start off by saying that I have never had anything happen in my life prior to this event that would be considered “paranormal”.

I am a single father and my five year old daughter is obsessed with the movie Frozen. I was to blame for that obsession cause I gave in and bought my daughter almost anything related to the movie. I also want to say that we live in a quiet neighborhood and my neighbor is a retired cop. This information is important later. After a few months my daughter has began to sing herself to sleep the songs from the same movie.

It was fine, but one night, she began to sing her song at two o’clock in the morning.

Angry that she is up at this hour and I work in the morning, I walked over and opened the door.

The room was dark, but I could see she was still asleep. I turned on the light and checked the room and noticed all her Elsa dolls were in the center of the floor. I put it in the back of my mind because she has done stranger things before. I figured it was just a toy going off. I went to bed and nothing happened the rest of the night. The next day I asked her not to put the dolls in the floor at night and she told me she didn’t know what I was talking about. The room was clean when I checked it before she went the preschool. I was thinking she was trying to keep from getting in trouble. I took her to her school and work went as normal.

My sister gets my daughter after school because of my work and my routine is I come home and get dressed in my normal clothes and then go pick up my daughter. I heard that song playing when I past her room, and after a moment I realized it was someone singing it. No music was in the background. Once I stopped in front of the door the singing stopped, but not before the voice deepened in a almost demonic tone.

I opened the door and saw nothing. I checked every inch of that room and nothing was out of the ordinary. I was wondering if this was all my imagination. I picked up my daughter and the rest of the night seemed normal. At about two o’clock, I awoke again. This time to the sound of glass breaking and my daughter screaming.

I was able to put on my pants and rush to my daughter’s room and the light was on and I see my neighbor covered in blood, while holding my daughter in one hand and his pistol in the other. He was pointing the gun at the closet. My first protective instinct was that I going to pummel my neighbor for breaking into my house and taking my daughter, but that quickly changed when I saw what he was pointing at. She looked like Elsa from that movie.

Except she was covered in blood and black matter. Her teeth was what stood our the most. Her grin was ear to ear and her mouth was full of sharp misshapen teeth. I was in the state of shock for what felt like hours, but the sound of my neighbor firing his gun broke me from that trance. He pushed me towards the door and we sprinted outside.

I grabbed my daughter and he called the police.

I was shaken up. I was looking at the window to my daughter’s room and saw the walls had blood smears all over. The police arrived and stormed into my home. I asked my neighbor what happened and he said he saw a woman climb into my daughter’s room and he walked to the window to investigate and window was closed and locked.

He never saw her open it. He saw her looking at my daughter above her bed and broke through the window. He turned on the light and grabbed my daughter and pulled her away from the woman. That’s when he saw, that this was nothing he has ever seen before. My heart sank of the thought that my daughter was so close to something like this. I don’t even know what I saw, but my neighbor saw the same thing I did.

The police came back and told us that there was no sign of the woman, but my daughter’s room was covered in animal carcasses. To make things even more weird is that the bullets that my neighbor shot were on my daughter’s dresser. I stayed at my sister’s that night and explained the whole thing the morning. I never went back to the house. It was a rental and my sister had a lot of my daughter’s clothes at the house already.

Needless to say but my daughter has quickly got out of the Frozen phase and went back to Barbie related things. It’s been a few months now and my two year old niece has began to sing the Frozen songs at night.