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A submission from The Hellbound Post

Don’t Think About ‘Em

By C.J. Duke

Toshiba. HD 3-D. 62 inches wide. I must’ve been staring at the fucker for the last forty minutes. God, I’m so drunk. That hot feeling on the back of my neck turns ice cold when that twiggy little irritant Casey asks me if I need anything. How long have I been in Best Buy? Jesus.

Grimm Reaper at the Hospital

Three years ago, my mother fell ill and she was taken in at the local hospital that is around 1 mile away from our house. She had to stay one week in the hospital.

One day I had to go and bring her food and clean clothes as she was already staying there for five days. I arrived at the hospital around 6P.M. and i enter the chamber where she was staying. It was your typical Hospital room, 2 beds parallel to each-other. As I was talking with my mother about day to day problems and how I did at school that day, the time passed by  and it was already 10P.M.

Scary Lockdown- Sorta…

My life isn’t interesting.

I live in a small neighborhood with rather nice people. When something happens here it makes the news. From the years I’ve lived here I’ve only had about 3 “bad” incidents. One of those 3 things was a lock-down. Not like a practice lock-down, a real one.

So I was in elementary school and as far as I remember it was a Tuesday, sometime in December. I remember this being a few days after my birthday so I had just turned about 10 years old.  I was in another classroom for RTII, or as our school called it “power hour.” It was literally just RTII under a different name.

Cancun Creeper

One week, me and about ten of my friends took a trip down to Cancun for a spring break trip. The weather was very nice down there, but to me, it seemed too peaceful. We had rented a condominium for a night, as we wanted to tour the Southern U.S. and Mexico.

Our next destination was New Orleans and then to Blue Mountain Florida. Back to the story. The night we stayed there will haunt me forever. Our condominium was on the second floor, and as we were watching an NBA game, we heard a loud crash, and loud yelling. We thought there was a fight taking place in the condo directly below us. We just disregarded it, as the final seconds of the game were going on. There was a loud sound as a player from one of the teams hit a shot at the buzzer to win the game.

Strange Sightings in the Forest

I don’t know how to start this because I’m still scared and jumpy, so I’ll start from the beginning. It all started two weeks ago at around three-thirty A.M. after I clocked in and got to my forest station. Keep in mind that I’m not going to tell you where this forest is or what its called, but it is almost completely surrounded by mountains. Okay back to the story, so I clocked in and got to my station and was sitting around for about two or three hours. When I got radioed about a strange animal running around one of the trails that winds through the mountains. Now before I tell you about what I saw, so to preface this I have never believed in Skin-Walkers or the Wendigo, but now I do. Now I will tell you about what I saw.

I have dealt with relocating animals in my park before, so I wasn’t scared or worried. Until I started to smell this Dirty burning  smell like if you were to cook rotting meat over an open fire. So at that point I started to get worried because I had smelled this kind of smell once before. When I found the animal I thought it was a mountain goat, but it had horns like a buck and it smelled like absolute death. I got on my radio to call in this animal and call for backup. As soon as I got a response this thing looked up and when it looked up I saw that it wasn’t an animal at all. It looked like a man with an animals skin draped over him.

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