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the monster Hunter ghost

Me and a friend of mine are big Monster Hunter fans, so when we heard about Monster Hunter generations we had to get it. so I saved up enough money to get the game and surprised my buddy with 2 copies of the game. one for me and one for him we pretty much played all night until we got to a strange level 3 quest on the quest board. it was a hunting quest of course, but this is a monster I’ve never heard of before it was called De: bUgg and it was located in area 5.

we accepted the quest and were brought to a strange looking area I’ve never seen before, it was dark and looked like a cemetery with no graves just a giant cross that read “BEWARE MR. De:bUgg” with a dead Hunter hung on the cross like Jesus Christ except he was all bone with his equipment still in tact my friend spotted De:bUgg and it looked like a human with a pair of bone swords for limbs where the arms used to be and a tail of a jaggie, we attacked it before it saw us and just before we swung our swords at it, it disappeared and stabbed me in the back. I was instant K.O.’d and so was my friend, then there was a message that displayed on the death screen it read “I know who you are Nicholas”

Ebu Gogo Echos

Right out of college, out of KU in Lawrence KS, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life.  I had a degree in field biology and not every employer is clamouring for a kid with a field biology degree.  Or at least not to pay one very much.  

A friend suggested I do a year of charity abroad – in nature which I’d love.  I selected SOS Children’s Village in Flores, Indonesia.  SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia runs family strengthening programs.

Dark Rosè: The Chase

Hi, my name is Jake. I am here because I wanted to share my experience I had with a demon or possessed doll . I have no clue of what it was.

It all started when my girlfriend brought this doll home with her one night. It had scratches, cuts, and was also missing a few pieces of hair. What struck me the most is how real it looked. The doll’s eyes was so human like it was wierd.

2 AM.

2 AM
By: The Countess of Creepy

I don’t remember falling asleep but, I know that I must have. Because I woke up feeling startled. I’m not sure if there was a reason I woke up with my heart beating out of my chest, maybe the reason is that I just realized I was sleeping.

I put down my gun so I can drink some water out of one of the nearby bottles. I get the bottle to my lips when the sound of the doorbell fills the room. Now I remember. I heard the doorbell in my sleep.

Out of Work Scarecrows

I have lived next to an abandoned farm all of my life and I am 17 now and I am looking forward to going to university to study medicine. As you should know with the way the economy has been acting out the last couple of years there have been so many closures of farms, so many farmers have gone bankrupt and have had to sell and move onto something else. The farm I lived next to had always been abandoned and a couple of months ago me and my two friends decided to venture into the abandoned farm for a bit of fun.

I remember as a child my primary school took our whole class to visit a popular farm and I enjoyed looking at the animals and seeing how it all works. As me and my two friends Barry and Steve stepped onto the abandoned farm nothing felt off or unnerving but excitement ran through our veins. We were just talking amongst ourselves as we were covered in darkness and our mobiles phones being our only source of light. You could feel the uselessness of the land and you could tell how neglected it was and how it was not needed in society anymore.

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