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Don’t Buy Stuff on Craigslist Unless You Meet at a Public Place

By Dylan J.

This story I am about to tell you is a story I will never forget. Before you go buying stuff on Craigslist, you had better meet at a public place like a coffee shop, or a convenient store, because as soon as a stranger invites you into their home, that’s the time to make a change of plans, this world is ugly, it just may happen to you.

This all starts out when I am looking for a Netbook online. My other one had broke, and I had needed a new one for school work. Being in college wasn’t easy, the assignments felt like Rocket Science, so I needed just a simple Netbook for surfing the web, and I didn’t want have to go to the library back and forth, and the wait time was forever just to get on a computer in the library. But luckily I had found a one-hundred dollar bill that I had kept away for a while.

October Warning

By Deb the Tennessee Scary Lady

You better watch your every step
when the Night knows your name
And the things with amethyst eyes
Whisper madness at your door
No light shows in that darkness
nor star dare shine the way
But the midnight wind
Whistles and sings
Of raging mindless things
That rip and tear and scream
And you better watch your every step
When the Night knows your name

Mr. Green

By Eric B.

The man who lives on Green street
Who takes evening walks
And only stares to our feet
He has an evil and sad tone
For the time he lived in his old shabby home

The Dream Eater

By The StoryBook Tree

Do you know me? Of course not, you can’t see me anymore. Too corrupted and persuaded by the world to see me now. But all the better. No parents to come rushing in to their child’s screams to interrupt my feast. What am I feasting on exactly?

Wonderful question.

Bad Amiibo

By Jacob F.

I’ve always been a huge Nintendo fan. Whenever a new Nintendo game or a new console would come out, I would always try to be the first one to always buy it. A few years passed by and now I live on my own in Chico. They had just released these Nintendo action figures called, Amibo that you would play with their new console, the WiiU.

And of course, being the big Nintendo fan I still am, I bought one of the Amibo’s when they first hit the shelves. I lived up in the mountains, and surprisingly there was a GameStop not far where I lived. It looked kind of old and dusty. Like no one went there for months.

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