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The writer

Before her corruption, Tessh was originally a human being named Robin Williams. Born in the year 1981, she grew up in the town of Point Pleasant West Virginia. She was well known and loved by her neighbors and friends.

Robin’s true best friend was Robert Anderson, a tall redhead with a love for filming wildlife. Their favorite spot to film was in the woods that outlined Robin’s backyard. There they could film without anyone disturbing them.

The Christmas Thief

Jack “Greasy Thumb” Burke always thought of Christmas as a “business opportunity” He had no family, growing up as an orphan, and the closest thing he had to one was the band of criminals he had joined at a young age, who taught him everything he knew. Most of them had either been killed by cops, murdered on the job, or in jail somewhere now. No one was ever nice to him at the orphanage, though he wasn’t exactly very nice to them either. Each year at Christmas the orphanage got the hottest toys of not just the holiday season, but the entire year, and most likely the entire year to follow. He remembered when he was a child in the 80’s and the orphanage got in a whole bunch of Transformers. He stole them all and gave to his crime family, which they sold for quite a lot of cash.

The first day he had ran away from the orphanage after being scolded and beat with a yardstick, and had a chance encounter with Leroy Galante. Galante was a businessman and he and his gang sold and/or auctioned stuff on the black market for money, and Jack had just stumbled onto one of their operations, Though Jack appeared frightened Galante was ruthless, and threatened to have Jack disposed of, even though Galante’s men tried to convince him to easy on him cause he was just a kid. Jack then stated how much expensive stuff the orphanage had, and Galante agreed to see what he could do. He snuck into the orphanage late that night and stole money that was meant for charity. Galante was pleased and took him in. He developed bonds with Thomas Rollack, who taught him shoplifting, James Accardo, who taught him burglary techniques, and John Barnes who taught him about dealing drugs and where to obtain them, as well as where to pawn things Galante wasn’t interested in, and Leroy Galante himself taught him everything about the business.

the snowman that never melts

For as long as I can remember living with my parents there has always been a snowman in my back garden, that literally never melts. Even through out the summer and the humid hot air this snowman in my garden always stays up. Our house is separate from the other houses and we don’t really get visitors coming into my house, so nobody really notices the snowman that never melts. My parents built the snowman on thier first year of being married and ever since then, the snowman has always stayed up.

In the summer the snowman looks like a sore thumb and a complete outcast within the fun and joy in the bright yellow hot sun. How it stays up through out the hot season is completely bizarre and I sometimes just stare at it as it has that effect on you. It sort of became part of the family and we just came to accept it as it is and my parents and as well as me, never tried to take it down. Even in the rain the snowman stays up strong and doesn’t melt away or die even, for twenty years, this snowman has been standing in my garden just standing still.

The Bloody Eyes

This is a fictional story meaning this is not a true story.

One day I was just minding my own business washing the dishes and doing some chores. I was home alone at that day so I could do whatever I wanted in the house. My father, mother and sister went to some other town to meet my grandparents. I really didn’t want to go there so I insisted to stay home. They agreed and went to the other town. When I completed my chores I went to my room to play video games. While I was walking to my room, I had a sudden urge to look through the keyhole of my parents’ bedroom. I looked through it and was horrified to see just dark red. I opened the door to check if something is in the other side. Nothing! I looked through the keyhole from my parents’ bedroom and there was no red. I thought it was a trick of the eye but some moments later I heard breathing which was not mine. It was right behind me! I quickly turned and the breathing stopped.

I was sure that this was paranormal and silently went outside the room closed the door and went to my room. I was walking to my room when I heard something in my sister’s room. I went there to see my sister’s dolls IN FRONT OF THE DOOR. They had red eyes with blood coming out of their eyes. I sprinted into my room and locked my door. I heard banging and scratching in my door. Out if nowhere I heard my name being called out from behind me. I screamed and looked behind me and saw I huge man with bloody eyes. My flight or fight response kicked in and I punched it and my hand just went through it’s body. It had no features in it’s face except the eyes. The eyes were as huge as apples. It said “Come with me, I will take you to a better place”. I could not make out how it could speak as it had no mouth. I screamed “Any place is better than your hellhole!” to it. I began to say “In the Jesus, I command you to leave this place”. It slowly tried to put it’s hand around my neck but couldn’t. I told it to leave many times. I heard more scratching, banging and laughter outside my door. They were not just any laughter, they were children’s laughter. Then everything stopped at once. The huge man was gone and the noises outside the door stopped. I didn’t understand anything. I was so scared that I fainted. Later I woke up to hear banging outside my door. I asked “Who is it?” and got an answer saying “It’s us!”. It was my parents’ voice. I happily opened the door crying and I saw no one. I was freaking done. I screamed “If there is any spirit here, I command you to leave. I won’t repeat a second time. If you do anything again, I will make you leave out of MY house.” I heard the front door swing open and close. I was sure that any spirit in my house left and made a sign that it left. I heard the front door open and saw my parents and my sister. I ran to them crying and hugged my mother. She asked me “What happened? Why are you crying?”. I told everything to them and they didn’t buy it. They heard me shouting so they ran from the car to the door and found out it was not locked. I was sure that I locked it when they went. They also said that they got a call from the house number. They heard laughing and breathing from the phone. I swore that I didn’t call them but they thought that I was lying.

out of work scare crows

I have lived next to an abandoned farm all of my life and I am 17 now and I am looking forward to going to university to study medicine. As you should know with the way the economy has been acting out the last couple of years there have been so many closures of farms, so many farmers have gone bankrupt and have had to sell and move onto something else. The farm I lived next to had always been abandoned and a couple of months ago me and my two friends decided to venture into the abandoned farm for a bit of fun.

I remember as a child my primary school took our whole class to visit a popular farm and I enjoyed looking at the animals and seeing how it all works. As me and my two friends Barry and Steve stepped onto the abandoned farm nothing felt off or unnerving but excitement ran through our veins. We were just talking amongst ourselves as we were covered in darkness and our mobiles phones being our only source of light. You could feel the uselessness of the land and you could tell how neglected it was and how it was not needed in society anymore.

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