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The Tailor’s Son

The Tailor’s Son

Matias Fernandez

Joshua Leak was reported missing on July 21, 1956. On August 30, three pieces of notebook paper were left outside the local tailor’s shop. Included with the packet were three photographs depicting a shallow grave and the decomposing corpse of a young boy. A package containing the same papers and photos appeared on the doorstep of the police department the next day.

These are what they said.

The Boy and the Beast

“Everyone knows monsters don’t exist”

The low hiss of an all too familiar voice invaded Jonathan’s ears again as he lay as still as a statue. Tears silently welled in his eyes as he made sure to keep his arms and legs as close to the middle of the bed as possible. A while before, he had made the mistake to fall asleep with his arm dangling off the side of the mattress. The sensation of his hand being crushed and broken was the most pointed incident in existence to his six year old mind. His parents had found him on the floor with a mangled wrist. Both they and the doctor told him that he had fallen out of bed.

He wanted to believe them.

Mr. Googly Eyes

Lila. Where do I even begin with her? If she’s not flashing a toothy grin with lips smeared with chocolate ice cream, she’s prancing around the backyard, lost in a four-year-old’s fantasy of princesses, witches, and fairies. Sometimes she’ll invite a friend or two over for a play date and I’ll watch them run around; her long brown hair blows calmly in the gentle breeze, and there’s nothing better than seeing my daughter beam with excitement as she embraces the wondrous thoughts that fuel her imagination.

Yes, it truly is precious to watch her grow and explore, to live a life as every child should: free from the dangers that threaten the outside world. I wish I could say that Lila’s young life has remained full of joy, welcomed in that fragile sanctuary where bliss and wonder comfort her each day. But about four months ago, she was exposed to a cruel reality that no child should ever have to face. An unnerving danger that shouldn’t exist to begin with. This is her story. Well… more like our story…

The Knocking man

Hi my names john im a 15 year old male i’m about 6,0 and well built not exactly someone you would pick a fight on, i am also not scared very easily.

Well this is my experience of the Knocking Man.

Maverick’s Revenge: The Orgin

Maverick’s Revenge Origin
I grew up in the well known area as Huston, Texas. Though growing up in a military family I moved around very often, eventually getting held back my freshman year due to all the moving. My dad on the other hand just said I never tried or never cared. Growing up it was pretty rough though it wasn’t the worse situations as someone I know has had a very rough life, but more on her later. My older brother who will remain nameless used to abuse me and no I do not mean the brothers wrestling to play around.I mean him being seventeen and me a little four year old. Eventually as a child i became depressed even trying to run away… only to be stopped by my mother that I hated.

You see I am what they refer to as a “crack baby” because my mom used the drug crack cocaine while pregnant with me. Luckily I came out with no health issues at all. I Maverick Gordon Bucky Eden defined odds that day. I was completely healthy. Until my parents divorce happened about eight years ago. I haven’t became into contact with anyone one on my mom’s side of my family. For nine goddamn years.
Eventually my family and I had to relocate to a small town in Kentucky. I moved there my freshman year I was attending attending Shelby County West High School. While attending their I was in Army Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps.Keyword WAS. I moved to Shelby County East High School halfway into my sophomore year. Over there things started to change. At first everything was going well actually i eventually made a new best friend. I met her in the Marine Corp Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps.

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