crunched up paper house

My friend and I always used to walk through a wonderful, spacious park when we were younger. It was full of tall trees, and it was very nicely maintained. In this large park, there was an abandoned mansion – I can’t really say how long it had been there, but on that day, the front door of the mansion was wide open. The two of us decided to check out what was inside the place. As we inched through the door, the very first thing we noticed was that the mansion’s floor was littered with crumpled up pieces of paper. We looked at each other and observed that there was no furniture, nothing except for those wrinkled balls of paper. The mansion had six rooms on its main floor, and every room we entered bore more and more scrunched up pieces of paper.

We decided to open up one of the paper balls to see what was inside – our curiosity got the better of us. I picked up a single wrinkled piece, and, as my friend picked up another, I unfolded my paper, smoothing out its bends and dents. At that moment, it was almost as if a piece of a rainbow emerged before our eyes, and I was suddenly standing next to a large window in one of the upstairs rooms of the house. I was looking outside into the large park. When I looked down at the piece of paper I held, it read: ‘Look outside the large window that oversees the park in the upstairs parlour.’ I dropped the piece of paper and it fluttered gracefully to the ground. Meanwhile, I stared at my open hands in a bout of horror.

Dazed and utterly perplexed, I found my way downstairs and met up with my friend. He was in the kitchen, sitting at a round table that hadn’t been there before. Where did that come from? I wondered. My friend stared at his opened paper and re-read the words several times before he looked at me and turned the page my way. It said: ‘Go to the kitchen and sit at the round table.’ We stared at each other for a few moments, vaguely afraid, but then we began to chuckle. Within seconds, we were laughing our heads off, marvelling at our newfound game. We could hardly believe what had happened, but being young as we were, the mystery was endlessly exciting. We decided again to open another scrunched up piece of paper. As we opened up the crumpled papers on the floor, we experienced the same sudden flash of rainbow colours, but this time I ended lying down in the field behind the mansion. When I peered onto the paper in my right hand, it read, ‘Lie down in the field behind the mansion.’ I giggled uncontrollably. After a few minutes of running around the house, I found my friend collecting multiple balls of paper in his arms, eager to experience more of these strange, exciting phenomena.

We both got the gist of what was happening at this point. We had no idea as to how it was possible, but we decided to have more fun with it; the supernatural always had a way of captivating our hearts. After a few more run-throughs with these strange mini-teleportation devices, I began to feel apprehensive. I wondered if, at one point, I would be placed somewhere I didn’t want to be, or I’d be made to do something that I didn’t enjoy. We continued, though. Minute after minute, we unfolded many papers and travelled through bedrooms, closets, trees. But then, after having been on the roof of the mansion, I stood before my friend, dead on the living room floor. I didn’t scream. I couldn’t. “Murder him,” I read on my crumpled page as I felt a surge of vomit and bile rising into my throat. Nothing came out, but the sickness in my throat spread to my stomach, my head and my heart.

I didn’t know what to do. At this point, I began to scream and shout, praying to God for this to be a nightmare. I wanted it to go away; I wanted to rewind our day and be outside again, together, walking underneath the trees. All I could do was hide his body in a cupboard. I willed myself to be calm, and I hesitantly unfolded another paper in the hopes that the problem would correct itself. Once again, I saw the colours of the rainbow, and I found myself standing behind a tree several meters away from the house. I could clearly see the front door; within a few instants, I saw both myself and my friend walk through that door. I began to wonder if I had died, or if I was having an out-of-body experience. I looked at the sheet in my hand, and the only words scrawled upon it were “time will repeat itself, and a paradox will take place, and it will be allowed”
That gave me an idea. In my pocket remained the paper that made me kill my friend. Without looking at it, I crumpled it back up. Quietly, I followed my other self, who had separated from my friend as he explored the rooms of the house. As I crept behind him, he turned around very suddenly. Before he could utter a syllable, I forced the paper in front of my eyes and in a flash of rainbow colours, I was able to kill my other self. The laws of time allowed me to take over my dead self’s place in this world and also because of the fact that it was allowed to happen, as it was written on the second piece of paper that I had on me; which reversed time. It must have control over time and paradoxes, which made me now the new alive and present of my other dead self.

I hid my limp, bleeding other dead self in a cupboard in the upstairs bathroom to rot. To my great relief, I heard my friend call my name from downstairs. My friend, who managed to stay alive and well—my best friend. When I went downstairs, he greeted me excitedly, smiling childishly and being blissfully unaware of the situation. I pretended that nothing had happened. In a heartbeat, I told him that the house creeped me out and that it would be much better if we left.

After that day, we never went near the mansion again. I don’t know if anyone saw or heard about anything that happened between us, but I recently heard from another friend that the house had been demolished. And I can tell you with great certainty that while this news a relief, I dreaded the probable prospect that my corpse was uncovered in the bathroom cabinet.

The Bloody Eyes

This is a fictional story meaning this is not a true story.

One day I was just minding my own business washing the dishes and doing some chores. I was home alone at that day so I could do whatever I wanted in the house. My father, mother and sister went to some other town to meet my grandparents. I really didn’t want to go there so I insisted to stay home. They agreed and went to the other town. When I completed my chores I went to my room to play video games. While I was walking to my room, I had a sudden urge to look through the keyhole of my parents’ bedroom. I looked through it and was horrified to see just dark red. I opened the door to check if something is in the other side. Nothing! I looked through the keyhole from my parents’ bedroom and there was no red. I thought it was a trick of the eye but some moments later I heard breathing which was not mine. It was right behind me! I quickly turned and the breathing stopped.

I was sure that this was paranormal and silently went outside the room closed the door and went to my room. I was walking to my room when I heard something in my sister’s room. I went there to see my sister’s dolls IN FRONT OF THE DOOR. They had red eyes with blood coming out of their eyes. I sprinted into my room and locked my door. I heard banging and scratching in my door. Out if nowhere I heard my name being called out from behind me. I screamed and looked behind me and saw I huge man with bloody eyes. My flight or fight response kicked in and I punched it and my hand just went through it’s body. It had no features in it’s face except the eyes. The eyes were as huge as apples. It said “Come with me, I will take you to a better place”. I could not make out how it could speak as it had no mouth. I screamed “Any place is better than your hellhole!” to it. I began to say “In the Jesus, I command you to leave this place”. It slowly tried to put it’s hand around my neck but couldn’t. I told it to leave many times. I heard more scratching, banging and laughter outside my door. They were not just any laughter, they were children’s laughter. Then everything stopped at once. The huge man was gone and the noises outside the door stopped. I didn’t understand anything. I was so scared that I fainted. Later I woke up to hear banging outside my door. I asked “Who is it?” and got an answer saying “It’s us!”. It was my parents’ voice. I happily opened the door crying and I saw no one. I was freaking done. I screamed “If there is any spirit here, I command you to leave. I won’t repeat a second time. If you do anything again, I will make you leave out of MY house.” I heard the front door swing open and close. I was sure that any spirit in my house left and made a sign that it left. I heard the front door open and saw my parents and my sister. I ran to them crying and hugged my mother. She asked me “What happened? Why are you crying?”. I told everything to them and they didn’t buy it. They heard me shouting so they ran from the car to the door and found out it was not locked. I was sure that I locked it when they went. They also said that they got a call from the house number. They heard laughing and breathing from the phone. I swore that I didn’t call them but they thought that I was lying.

They didn’t believe until it happened to all of us. A week later after the incidence we were sitting in the living room, watching something in the T.V. We heard laughing from behind the sofa. I looked behind to see no one. I told my parents and sister that I heard the same thing a week ago. We heard banging in the windows and the T.V switched to the channel ‘666’. We saw the same huge man in the T.V I saw last week. I told my parents that I saw the same man last week. They now believed me and my mother started to chant something. The huge man screamed in terror and disappeared. The noises stopped and my mother told me that she was praying to god and she said “Protect us God! This demon has been scaring us since last week. It would be a great relief if you protected us from this demon”. She heard a very low voice say “You will never get rid of me. I am the Devil”. Then she heard “No! You will never get ri-” and the voice stopped. After this incident nothing scary happened.

I think that God actually helped us and got rid of the demon. I hope I will never see anything like this. Thank you!


When I was about thirteen years old, my mom and dad would leave me home alone a lot. I didn’t care. I would just play call of duty in my basement, maybe eat some junk food, you know, normal teen stuff. But one day, while I was eating popcorn and playing the first black ops(man I miss that game)and filming a youtube video(I had a camera filming me while I was playing the game.) I heard a knock at the door. My mom always reminded me to never open the door for anyone. So I just ignored it.

About 30 minutes later I completely forgot about the knock on the door. But all of the sudden, I hear the door creak open. I paused the game to listen for my mom to yell “Billy, i’m home!” Like she usually does, but this time, there was nothing. I didn’t do anything because I was a stupid teenager, and just started playing my game. About ten minutes later I heard the door open and close again. I just assumed it was my mom leaving the house for whatever reason.

I finished my game and I decided to take a quick nap. I really loved taking naps when I was young, it was a great way to just relax. About an hour into my nap, my phone woke me up. It was a text message from my mom. It read: “Hi Billy! I’ll be back home in 20 minutes!” I don’t remember much from that day, but I do remember the sheer horror. I could feel my blood go cold. Then I thought, “maybe it was her who opened and closed the door?” So I texted her back saying, “So that was you who got home and left just two hours ago?” I saw the little text bubble appear in the bottom left of the screen. Then I saw it disappear. Then I saw: “Billy hide” So I grabbed my knife in my dresser and hid in my closet. The I remembered, “didn’t the person leave the house?” And with that thought in my head, I ran out of my closet, and dialed 911 on the house phone. About ten minutes later, the police arrived.

I told them everything that happened. Then my mom showed up. The cops asked me if I could identify the person and I said no, because I didn’t see him. Oh, and I forgot to mention, nothing in the house was gone, so there was no proof someone was here. Then I thought every thing was over, because the police left and said that they were going to try to find the person. So I was editing the video of the camera that was filming me, I saw in the corner of the screen, where the staircase in my basement is, some footsteps were walking down it! I literally saw someone or something walk down my stairs. Then it stopped, once it noticed me. I got a good look at its face. It didn’t look like a person at all. Its eyes were crooked and it mouth looked like it was upside down. Its hair was like a mohawk. But the weird part was, its skin… it was black, but wavy. It’s hard to explain, it looked like it was made out of some liquid. It was truly horrifying. The thing stared at me for about 5 minutes then turned around and walked back up the stairs, without a single creak in the wood, which surprised me because the stairs were really creaky. I never showed this to the police… I know I know… stupid of me.

A couple knights later, I heard screams from my parents room and I ran in there with my knife and saw my parents, dead, hanging from the wall. Then I saw it… that… creature. It was about to jump out of my parents window. So I ran after it and rammed into it, therefore causing both of us to fall out of the window. In mid air, I started to stab it in the neck, next thing that I knew i’m laying on my front lawn. My neighbor was holding me up asking if I was alright. Then I started to scream and tug and yell “WHERE’S THAT DAMN THING!!” My neighbor was trying to calm me down asked, what thing? Then I yelled “the thing that killed my parents!!! The thing that I rammed out of the window!!!!!” My neighbor reassured me that I didn’t ram anything out the window. She saw everything happen. She saw me crash out the window and start stabbing myself. She was wrong, I…I…I just knew it! I saw the thing! Later the police arrived and saw my dead parents. They saw the knife in my hand. When they put all the pieces together… well… you know what happened. This was my first time I was allowed to type from the mental hospital… I KNOW 7 YEARS AND NOW I AM ALLOWED TO TYPE. Its stupid. No Everyone is stupid! I SAW THAT THING!! I SAW IT!!! Everyone in this stupid hospital are delusional! They should be the ones locked up in this hell hole! *sigh* The “doctors” are telling me that my time is up.  

I’ll see you soon …real soon… Weather you like it or not.

THe dangers of walking alone at night

Elias looked down at his watch with pursed lips. It was fifteen minutes past midnight. The dark blanket of night covered the sky, with tiny, white stars barely showing through. The lampposts revealed the multiple worn down houses and shops, which seem to beckon to him in an ominous manner. The wind was howling and a few unpleasant characters skittered around like rats in a sewer.

He knew better than to walk home alone. He remembered his half-brother telling him horror stories at night about people who’d stroll down dark, lonely roads and never return home. Too bad he had moved away to live with his uncle, or he would’ve been able to pick him up in his fancy, horse drawn carriage he was always boasting about. Though he had no other choice. He had no change for the horse-bus, and what was worse, his oldest friend, too occupied with a petite blonde, forgot to give him a ride home. Selfish turd.

He had just come from a House party hosted by Judith Hemsworth, the prettiest girl in little Durry and the object of his infatuation. Elias was dressed in his best suit, complete with a black top hat that was a bit big for his small head. He also wore his grandfather’s pocket watch which was attached with a silver chain. Elias liked how it glimmered and reflected in the moonlight.

‘Just a one more mile.’ He assured himself, ambling faster and faster to avoid any unwanted encounters. He was very aware that this part of town was known for its crime rate, though unfortunately, Elias had to pass through that particular area in order to get home.

The lamp posts that brightened the streets became dimmer as Elias passed by, failing to ease his anxiety. He attempted to stay calm, keeping his hands stuffed into his coat pockets. To take his mind off of things, he attempted to whistle a familiar tune to keep his worrying thoughts at bay.

Fortunately, there were only a few streets left. Elias smiled, relieved that he wasn’t much distance left. He continued onward, the cold air hitting his face and his boots painfully rubbing against his toes.

Suddenly, Elias froze. He thought he caught a glimpse of a dark figure behind him, watching him. After a few moments, he shrugged it off, thinking that it was probably just a stray animal.

He now started jogging, taking a look behind him every few moments. He tried turning and Taking different routes, attempted to shake the beast off his trail, but the creature persisted, getting closer, closer and closer until it was breathing heavily on the nape of his pale neck, Elias feeling its wet, warm tongue licking him.

“Come out and face me if you’re a man!” Elias yelled as he turned to look at the brute, his pale blonde fringe blowing in the wind.

The figure just stood silent and stared with wild, hungry eyes. It was more animal than man. It’s long, hairy arms hung to its sides with hands that ended with sharp, bloodied nails that resembled claws. Its large cloak successfully shrouded the rest of its features, much to Elias’s relief. When the beast grinned, it’s sharp, filed teeth seemed to gleamed and were tipped with scarlet. Its breath was so bad that it could curdle milk, almost causing Elias to puke.

It reached up and pulled down the hood which had obscured it’s face. Elias was horrified to see a hook nosed man with sallow skin seared with multiple burns, his mouth widened in a large, cartoonish smile and his eyes were bright gold and fishlike.

“Are you lost?” The creature asked in faux concern, limping its head. Elias backed away, though clenched his fist, getting ready to swing at the monstrous being at any sign of danger.

“What do you want from me?” He asked, Eyes narrowed and teeth bared. The ‘man’ simply chuckled and took out a sharp blade out of his pocket and dragged it across a wall, creating a mark.

“Blood.” It said in a hushed, sinister tone.

“What?” Elias asked, completely taken by surprise.

“Blood…blood…blood.” The monster chanted hoarsely as he got closer. Froth had formed around his chapped lips.

The man’s lips turned to a manic grin, now slitting Elias’s face with the blade, causing him to grimace slightly. The blond boy attempted to back away, only to realise that the man had a quite a strong grip on his thin arm.

“I’m going to have…so much fun with you.” The snaggle-toothed old creep said in a breathy, but scratchy voice. Smiling triumphantly, the filthy, cloaked being bought the rusted blade above his head, ready to make his next kill, when something caught his eye.

Elias was smirking. Blood trickled down the cheek which the man had sliced. He took one gloved hand and bought it to the wound, wiping off the blood, and to the man’s slight astonishment, licked it off swiftly.

“What the…” He gawked, backing away slightly.

“Aren’t you aware of the dangers of walking alone at night?” Elias said almost monotonously.

The blond grinned, revealing pearly white fangs that he had kept hidden for so long, too long. The hooded stranger just stood there, his unsettling orbs no longer showing malice, but puzzlement. Elias giggled, then finally threw his head back, cackling into the cool night air.

“Do you want me to show you a magic trick?” The boy asked once he had caught his breath.

The beast of a man stilled. No matter what he did, he stayed immobilised. Perhaps the boy was controlling him, he had found himself mesmerised in those deep pools. Or perhaps he was too scared to move.

“W-what? He asked in a shaken whisper.

Elias’s grin grew. “I’ll show you…”

The boy approached slowly, but with certainty, and opened his mouth wide, wider than any normal human. Razor sharp fangs glistened in the moonlight like ivory and drool slowly dripped off of his rose lips. The man was completely frozen and petrified not knowing whether to run or attack.

“Eli!” Yelled a female voice suddenly. Both men present quickly whipped their heads around to catch sight of a young girl in a white nightgown, her arms folded and her pretty face in a scowl.

“What the hell are you doing?” She hissed as she marched towards him. She inspected the scene to see a helpless looking middle aged man in a cloak, trembling. His face was pleading and he whimpered, hoping the girl would save him.

Elias simply chuckled. “And how are you this night, dear, sweet sister? Dressed as a ghost I see.”

The girl’s lips pursed. “Hilarious.” The girl deadpanned. “At least I’m not dressed as a pirate, and did you steal grandfather’s watch?”

The siblings shared some more banter before finally turning to the sweaty man, catching him attempting to escape. Their mocking faces grinned, their identical orbs glowing with malice.

“So…” The girl started. “Who’s going to have the first bite?”

Elias put a finger to his chin as if contemplating an answer. “Hmmm, well…sharing is caring.”

“You’re right, for once, let’s go before he gets away, he looks like a juicy one.”

The two blonde demons neared him, though all he could do was stare blankly, awaiting his long overdue death. As they lunged and sunk their shark-like teeth into him, He let out a blood curdling, anguished scream into the air, partially expecting someone, anyone, to swoop in and rescue him from this torture.

But no one did.

In the distance, Grim stared at the horrifying spectacle just a few feet before him, staying ever stoic. His emotionless onyx eyes glinted in the moonlight and he huddled into his black trench coat, concealing wings as dark as coal. He walked on, whistling a morbid tune as he went, locks of white hair escaping his hood and floating in the breeze.

“The living are as livestock …” He recited, as if it was song. He continued on his way, leading the spirits of the fallen to the afterlife whilst carrying a sack filled with the damned on his back, wailing and screaming for forgiveness inside.

But it was far too late.

Be Careful Standing in the Way of the Wind

Have you ever experienced on a really windy day the wind just hopelessly becoming trapped in some tunnel, tight space or inside a building.

It desperately tries to find a way out as it knocks things over, or starts banging doors and making a high pitch noise. Its quite annoying when it happens especially if you have to walk through tunnels and tight spaces to get home and you can really feel the force of the wind fighting its way out of tight corners.

The wind you can say is claustrophobic in a sense and some people do try and find something fun out of the wind trying to fight against it.

When I was younger hanging about with my friends around my house and on a really windy day I use to open the front door to trap the wind. I would just experience watching and feeling the wind knocking things over, banging doors and making the most eeriest sounds.

I regret it afterwards because the wind had made such a mess and I would have to clean it up. Another time was when one of my friends was over at my house, we were both just playing video games in the front room. The wind was so strong that day that you could hear it outside making the kind of angry sounds that strong winds usually make.

My friend sneaked off to the front door to do a prank on me and when he opened the front door, in an instant, the wind came into my house and was moving so many objects, banging doors and just aggressively trying to get out.

Then a high pitch scratching sound could be heard and me and my friend covered our ears as the sound was really irritating. It was an abnormal sound the wind was making and not the usual haunting sound but it was like a teacher scratching her nails on the board or using chalk to scratch on the board to get the classes attention.

I closed the door and called my friend an idiot but then I noticed scratch marks on some of the metallic objects.

Then in the following week I held a party in my house and as usual the weather was being crappy with the strong winds and with an additional rain to make it more worse but it didn’t put off the party mood as it was a friday.

There were quite a bit of people in my house and people were drinking and eating but my friend wanted to open the door and let the strong winds disturb us. This time he had a full professional camera his dad had bought him.

He doesn’t want to be a film maker except to mess about with it and make funny videos on youtube.

As soon as he opened the front door with his camera recording and a devious prankster smile on his face, all of the lights went out. All I could hear were screams of pain and torture and the wind was making a deafening horrifying sound which I had never heard before.

When the lights came back on there were so many injured people with thier skins deeply scratched and blood was everywhere, the scratch marks on thier bodies looked like it came from a vicious animal.

I was fine and I called the police and so many people had to go to the hospital and all that the police could say was that there was a knife wielding maniac at my party.

My friend with the camera was also fine and he had something to show me the next day which he caught on his camera in slow motion.

He had managed to record the whole thing even when the lights went out for a while and he managed to turn on the lights on his camera. What I saw was beyond anything I had ever looked at with my own eyes or even think it was possible.

When the wind got trapped in my house there was a creature which I recognised and that went by the name as the wind walker or the most common term used is the wendigo. The wendigo wasn’t attacking people but it seemed to be trapped in the fast current stream of the wind and was trying to hold on to something or get some control by holding on to some of the people at my party by using its claws.

That would explain the scratch wounds.

So be careful when standing in front of the wind when its trying to get out of a tight corner or tunnel. The wind and its inhabitants don’t like tight spaces.