The Pumpkin Man

By Amanda

This story happened to me as a child, I was 7 years old and had a very vivid imagination. I would always come up with stories that I loved to share with anyone willing to listen. One such story was about a chicken that was running down a hill too fast and therefore started falling and fell all the way down. Of course my stories weren’t very entertaining, what with me being only 7 after all. But my family and relatives still listened and enjoyed them. Read more “The Pumpkin Man”

A Lesson in Psychosis

By ScreamQueen237

I blankly gaze at the still, naked form that’s crumpled at my feet. The puddle of blood around her head is starting to look sticky. It’s been about two hours since I’ve killed her. Her eyes are wide open, and staring straight at me. I just want her to go away.

She smells. She smells bad. The stench is thick and metallic. I like it. I slowly bend down and caress her mangled face. She was beautiful once. She’s even more beautiful now. I can’t stand looking at her any longer. Read more “A Lesson in Psychosis”

80 Acres

By MmmBrainss!

I know there are thousands of people who don’t believe in God, or the devil. I wish I was telling you a God fearing story of how an angelic being appeared and changed my whole fucked up life, but this is not one of those stories. I’m not sure if God is real and if he is, I don’t know how he allowed such an evil to walk his green earth. I do believe in the devil. I have met his gaze and I don’t think I can ever shake all the hopelessness I saw in those cold black eyes. They were endless pools of black. It seemed as if the light didn’t even reflect off of them. They were empty and now that empty feeling is eating at me from the inside and I don’t know how much longer I can deny him. I can hear his breathy voice on the breeze, and it’s calling my name. Read more “80 Acres”

Better Late Than Never

By Sapphire Crimson Claw

Too many heartbreak songs were on Jai’s iPod.

I try to stay busy. I do the dishes, I mow the lawn. I try to keep myself occupied, even though I know you’re not coming home. I try to keep the house nice and neat, I make my bed, I change the sheets. I even learned how to use the washing machine. Keeping things clean doesn’t change anything. Read more “Better Late Than Never”

Mr. Thimble Thumbs

By Exquisite Corpse

Mr. Thimble fingers was always there for me as a kid. I would always play with him in the back yard of our small house. Mr. Thimble fingers got his name because he had thimbles where his fingers should be. The kind of thimble you would use to sew. He was always at my heel but no one was ever able to see him. That would always bug me. But as time grew on, I quickly forgot about poor old Mr. Thimble fingers. Years had past until one day I say him again. He was sitting on the countetop,dangling his legs like he was an impatient child. I ignored him and carried on with my day. Read more “Mr. Thimble Thumbs”