WARNING: Explicit Content

By Caspar Luci

Things turned sour between my wife and I before we were married. Before our marriage was even recognized by our state, in fact. There was too much mistrust; too many incidents from our respective pasts had bubbled up to demand our attention. But we soldiered on. The gesture of our marriage, we agreed, was more important than the fraying of our bond. Read more “Cracks”

My Best Friend And I Made A Video Game. We Fucked Up.

By John Contad

Sometimes, life goes wrong so hard that years later, you can see the tendrils of where it all went wrong. It’s there, clear as lake ice, the point where it all started. For me, it was the time when Aiko, my best friend, busted into my dorm room with a pile of sketchbooks in hand and the usual crazed look in his face. Read more “My Best Friend And I Made A Video Game. We Fucked Up.”

Meeting with a Princess

By Count Damon-Aston

I used to think that Vampires were just blood sucking demons, in stories and fairy tales, but they are far, far more.
My story begins with my family, we were an influential family, in both a socialite, and underworld sense. We thought we were untouchable, we were, after all, at the pinnacle of power, respected, and feared. However, we met far more than our match in one “business venture”. Our very last. Read more “Meeting with a Princess”

The Ice Cream Man


By K.G.

This story is a recount of a traumatic childhood experience. I am now 24 years old, living with two roommates in the south. I experience frequent night terrors and occasional hallucinations. I believe I have controlled my ‘madness’, at least enough to function in society properly. I have told no one in my personal life this story. Read more “The Ice Cream Man”