7:06 – He’s Here

By SonOfUlti

What is the most frightening thing you can think of? There is actually a unanimously correct response. By going into the darkest and most horrific part of the brain could one finally understand what one certain fear causes the body to go into hyperdrive and activate the fight or flight response. Any living being is ultimately condemned to choose fear or curiosity at this one, simple piece of knowledge: the unknown. This is why people are afraid of the dark, of monsters, of heights. The thrill is unknown to them. Their body isn’t prepared to explain what lies ahead.

The logs you are about to see have recently been re-released to the public for a few weeks in hopes of finding new leads. It has yet to be explained what exactly happened to Daniel Smith. The following videos should be viewed with caution. They contain graphic and violent material. Read more “7:06 – He’s Here”

Creature From Out Of Nowhere

By Thomas P.

It was a nice afternoon, my family was going out to lunch and my siblings were fighting. I knew it was going to be a normal day like everyday until this happened. I was walking with my family to the park at 3:40 and I swear I heard a whisper right in my ear and so I just scratched my ear to stop whatever it was. I’m not a person who is very active so I just sit down with parents to read and as I was reading I see this dark and unusual creature that was moving between the words and pages, it almost looked like something from World of Warcraft but I thought I could be hallucinating and so I let my parents look at my book to make sure they could see it.

They replied,”hmm I don’t see anything.” My parents asked,”Are you doing okay.” I replied with I don’t know, as a blank look filled my face. Read more “Creature From Out Of Nowhere”

Till Next Time

By Rose

I screamed in pain as he dug the knife into my skin and back up, cutting my skin off my body. Blood dripped down my arms and he cut chunk after chunk of skin off my shoulder.

“Have you tasted skin before?” He said in a crazed voice, his eyes wide open. “It’s chewy and soft, the taste indescribable” He said tilting his head with a crazed look in his eyes as he described the texture of skin. I screamed in pain, as he cut chunks of skin off my shoulder, blood dripping down my arm and chest. My scream were cut short when he covered my mouth with his long, pale fingers. Read more “Till Next Time”

The Pumpkin Man

By Amanda

This story happened to me as a child, I was 7 years old and had a very vivid imagination. I would always come up with stories that I loved to share with anyone willing to listen. One such story was about a chicken that was running down a hill too fast and therefore started falling and fell all the way down. Of course my stories weren’t very entertaining, what with me being only 7 after all. But my family and relatives still listened and enjoyed them. Read more “The Pumpkin Man”

A Lesson in Psychosis

By ScreamQueen237

I blankly gaze at the still, naked form that’s crumpled at my feet. The puddle of blood around her head is starting to look sticky. It’s been about two hours since I’ve killed her. Her eyes are wide open, and staring straight at me. I just want her to go away.

She smells. She smells bad. The stench is thick and metallic. I like it. I slowly bend down and caress her mangled face. She was beautiful once. She’s even more beautiful now. I can’t stand looking at her any longer. Read more “A Lesson in Psychosis”