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Beware The Rake


by Jarvis B.

My name is Melissa, this happened to me in March of 2011. I was in my last semester of law school. I had signed up for a class that required us to work under the supervision of either a private practice Attorney or the Legal Department of a government agency. I had applied for, and had gotten accepted to, the District Attorney’s office. I totally lucked out, and was assigned to an up and coming young female Deputy D.A. named Claire.

Something Touched me at Night

When I was seven, I loved visiting my grandparents. I just couldn’t go home without at least spending a night. My parents often let me, too, as they saw it as an opportunity to be relieved of me for an evening. I assume those nights were their designated date nights.

A Monster in his Closet

Little Timmy loves to draw and color. He loves to play pretend with his friends on the playground. On the school bus, he talks and laughs with the children he has just met.

He is such a good boy.

But Timmy thinks there is a monster in his closet.

When They Come Alone

Halloween is easily my favorite time of year. I always leave my porch light on during this gracious season, but I never buy any candy. But the kids don’t know that until they run screaming down the steps, usually tripping over each other as they fight selfishly for survival.

Knock Knock

Melanie Carver was exhausted after her new, daily 45 minute run. So, as per her usual after-workout regimen, she threw her 5’3″, 150lb ass on the couch, requiring the next 45 minutes just to catch her breath.

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