The Dark

By ShadoLady

It’s raining.

It’s raining and dark. So dark it has a presence. Strange, though, I can see the rain. There is such wetness and so much dark, seemingly borderless. Who knew it could weigh so much? Just standing there, in its midst, in its totality. Walking, I notice there is no sound of my boots sloshing through water, mud and leaves. Nor are my boots wet, just my environment.

Even my hair is dry. Rain sound is consistant, heavy, not blinding but hindering. Advancing; noticing the saturating smell of wet. Everything looks the same in every direction but up; which is filled with dark water drops, and down; which shows me only the result of the combined forces of earth and water slowly merged and twisted. No other sensation. Read more “The Dark”

Blood Sport

By LoneRanger

There was nothing; all was still, as if frozen in time, and even the silence was powerfully empty. The woods were under a spell, even the trees were in a trance as they loomed in around us, and I dared not break it’s hold…for at that moment, I was certain that it was that terrifying, fragile spell that was all keeping me alive.

Keeping us apart.

And yet it drew us even closer. He was out there, somewhere, as aware of my presence as I was of his. I could neither see nor hear him, nor anything, but through the damp foliage and I could feel his gaze burning into me, searing my flesh and driving into me like a cold knife. It was literally always in the back of my mind, and I was frantic to move and get away…yet terrified to as well. Read more “Blood Sport”

A Friend in the Closet

By Wyatt H.

New York City, not a place for a six year old girl. So me and my beautiful daughter Alyse moved to Grover Beach in California. The house was small, old, and the yellow paint was chipping away. And it was very, very cheap. But I was soon to find out why. By 6 o’clock the house was set up and me and Alyse were tired. And by 8 Alyse was in her white night gown, her brown hair was resting on her shoulders, eyes closed. So with Alyse fast asleep I decided to watch some t.v. Read more “A Friend in the Closet”

The Dragon Man

By Royalpain1019

I was an animal freak. To put it bluntly. I loved animals. Frogs, turtles, dolphins, elephants, cats, pandas, dogs, and mice. From the smallest animal to the biggest, I loved them all. I even wanted to own my own zoo one day so I could have every kind of animal to play with and look after. They were all so different. The dogs have a strong sense of smell, and cats always land on their feet and could see in the dark, elephants could suck up water in the trunk and blow it out, tigers have sharp teeth that rip through flesh like it was sand, and mice were tiny and could fit into small spaces. Every animal had their own pros and cons, it was amazing. I really did love animals.

That was until I saw a new animal, I wasn’t even sure it was an animal, a creature, of course, that’s all I could list it under. It was tall, taller than my father, who was 6’3, the creature could have easily towered over him like it was nothing. Its skin was dark as the night sky, scales running up and down its wings like a dragon, wings so long it could have easily been mistaken for a dragon. Read more “The Dragon Man”

The Creature in the Vent

By Sunky

It all began when after we moved into our new house. It was a great place with three bedrooms, a huge kitchen, a large family room, four bathrooms, and an attic room. I claimed the attic room the instant I set foot in the new place. My new room was rather large, with a huge vent about 6 feet where my bed was going to be. That didn’t phase me, as I loved the feeling of the air conditioning on my body. When we were settled, which took about two days, our huge Persian-Himalayan cat, Maude (I swear that cat weighed 15 pounds at her lightest), claimed my room as hers as well. These details will be relevant later. Read more “The Creature in the Vent”