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The Creature in the Vent

By Sunky

It all began when after we moved into our new house. It was a great place with three bedrooms, a huge kitchen, a large family room, four bathrooms, and an attic room. I claimed the attic room the instant I set foot in the new place. My new room was rather large, with a huge vent about 6 feet where my bed was going to be. That didn’t phase me, as I loved the feeling of the air conditioning on my body. When we were settled, which took about two days, our huge Persian-Himalayan cat, Maude (I swear that cat weighed 15 pounds at her lightest), claimed my room as hers as well. These details will be relevant later.

Paranoid Hunt

By Ryan

It was a cold summer night around eleven thirty, the thunder was rattling outside and ft or some reason I couldn’t sleep, my little brother was sleeping in the bunk above me on our bunk bed, the cheapness of the bed meant I could reel him tossing and turning in his sleep, the creak of the bed wasn’t new to me, we had been sleeping in the same room for a few years now and I was used to the odd creak.

I Lived on a Farm

By redslumber

In my early youth, I had been isolated from human interaction. Don’t get me wrong, I had my parents, my sister, and the occasional visit from a customer, wanting to either buy our land, or take up a job in strawberry picking.


WARNING: Explicit Content

By Caspar Luci

Things turned sour between my wife and I before we were married. Before our marriage was even recognized by our state, in fact. There was too much mistrust; too many incidents from our respective pasts had bubbled up to demand our attention. But we soldiered on. The gesture of our marriage, we agreed, was more important than the fraying of our bond.

My Best Friend And I Made A Video Game. We Fucked Up.

By John Contad

Sometimes, life goes wrong so hard that years later, you can see the tendrils of where it all went wrong. It’s there, clear as lake ice, the point where it all started. For me, it was the time when Aiko, my best friend, busted into my dorm room with a pile of sketchbooks in hand and the usual crazed look in his face.

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