The Creatures I Encounter

By cat lover

This is Anne’s story of the most hair raising things that she has encountered for six years. Anne and the foster family who adopting her live in Los Angeles California.

The first creepy thing that she encountered is when she was eight years old. Anne and her sister Cassandra who was twelve were riding their bikes through the park. They were both avid bikers. Read more “The Creatures I Encounter”

I Think One of my Drawings Came to Life

By Moracalle

So, I’ve been up to date on creepy stories, I say the slight paranoia when turning the lights off was quite worth it, worth what? That, however, I’m not sure. I just happen to really like listening to things that keep you up at night, I’m, well. fascinated in whether it’s the paranormal or some sort of vile creatures which some refuse to believe exist. Anyway, I’ve gotten recently my own to share.

You see, I love drawing, have been since I was four or five, and there was having a brother that could build computers, eventually leading me to digital drawing along with listening to, more than watching, youtube. I decided to start drawing more of a dog character I had made back in the sixth grade, his name was Sammy, he wasn’t a normal dog however, he had white fur, grey stripes on his ears, tail and legs, grey speckles on his neck, but what broke him away mostly from being normal was the fact he had button eyes and was referred to as a demonic dog. Read more “I Think One of my Drawings Came to Life”

The Werewolf of Lupesc

By Lycan of the Lord

My name is Caleb, at the time of these events I was 17. In the summer of 2016 my family and I moved to a small Village in Scotland. The village was called Lupesc. My Father had family there. He thought it good to live near family he barely had seen prior. I didn’t really care about moving. I had preferred out last home in Kansas but, what was done was done. I had wanted When we entered the Village I got a chill down my spine. I had this feeling that this place wasn’t quite right. I shrugged it off as just not being used to moving to a new home. The first day we started setting up things in our new home a few of the Neighbors came and welcomed us.Two of then introduced themselves as Scott and Hannah Lowell and gave my mother a bouquet of Flowers. Our New Neighbors’ looked normal as was expected. We continued to unpack our things and setting up our new house.

A few days after being there I met a few of the Local teens. They welcomed me to Lupesc and after a while we started talking. At a certain point the boys talked about Local Legends. They told me how some thought the town was full of Lycanthropes’. I laughed at this insane notion. I was quite open minded especially about the Supernatural but, I never really took these things serious. A few weeks passed. By this time Jack and the other boys had become good friends of mine. We would hang out and they would tell me more about the Lycans’ of Lupesc. I found the stories interesting but again, took them with a grain of salt. Read more “The Werewolf of Lupesc”

The Beasts and Ghosts

By cat lover

This story begins in 1969 when Emmanuel & Evelyn Archer moved to Colorado, to start up a horse breeding business. They couldn’t find a farm they liked, so they decided to build one of their own.

As they were building their barn, one of the workers found a pile of human bones. After these bones were inspected it was determined that they belonged to the native Americans that used to live in the area. Read more “The Beasts and Ghosts”