It Was Him

By Dillon M.


As I sat in absolute numb horror, staring straight forward while my eyes jotted back and forth frantically. In my mind I was trying desperately to get a grip on myself, she needed me to be strong. I watched the shadows dance around mischievously beneath the hospital door, trying not to remember the events from the past few days. I kept hearing the soft whispering of an older mans voice a few doors down croaking to life amidst the chaotic hustle and bustle of doctors and nurses trying to keep her alive…

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The Bad Woman

By Carrie

I remember when I was in my teen years, I had always babysat my neighbor’s granddaughter. I had babysat her from when she was a few months old to when she was about 5 or 6. The experience I had there made me stop baby-sitting completely. We’ll call her Alyssa. Alyssa always told me everything, because I was one of her best friends. She was a weird kid though.

She had no friends and prefered to stay home and draw. I would do the same, but my mom would always make me go to school or go out with her. But as Alyssa grew up and learned to talk, she was talking to things that weren’t even there. I of course brushed it off thinking she had an imaginary friend. One day she came up to me and begged me to cut up an apple for her. Since she had little teeth, she couldn’t eat big bites so I had to cut it up in small pieces. I was almost finished and she was in the living room watching Mickey Mouse. Read more “The Bad Woman”