Cabin in the Woods

By SjamesN

This happened about two years ago, I was 12 at the time. It was just me and my grandpa camping alone in the woods, Once or twice a year we would go to camp and stay for about a week. This might not be written perfectly but ‘m trying to write it down as close to how I remember it. it was our second last day at camp.

I had gone out to collect some water from a well, I was walking back and looked up the hill to see a man standing, he was far away, all I could really make out was his shadow. as I looked up at him he started to move, I was used to seeing people, but they were always hunters, wearing bright orange clothing. but this man was wearing dark clothing, he left my sight as I walked away. When i got back I asked my grandpa about the man he said that I shouldn’t worry and it was probably just someone hiking through the forest. Read more “Cabin in the Woods”

It Lived in the Walls

By Sean F.

I was only 6 when I saw it. The thing in my walls. I was a very dark kid. I did have a craving of scary stuff and loved sinister horror movies. My mother called me weird, my father went missing when I was three, and my brother was a hacker on the Deep Web, crap like that. When my father died, I never knew what had happened for awhile. Anyways, let’s get back to my story… I was tucked in my bed in the little shack we lived in. My brother was probably scamming unlucky people. He was 18 at this time and there was a huge gap between our ages, I know. My mother had him when she was very young. That night, I woke up at 1:53 AM. My clock said so.

That’s when I heard it… Read more “It Lived in the Walls”

The Story of Jacob Harper Part 1


Have you ever seen a film or read a book and was like “Huh, I wonder what it is like from the villain’s perspective. What was their origin story?”. There is a reason you don’t see from that perspective you know, It is so you don’t side with the villain. They know you will attach to them and they don’t want that. But I am here to tell the story from my perspective. You see the popular kids go into the woods to party and get killed off but sometimes never ask “Why is he killing them?”. We usually have a valid reason for our anger but they don’t want you to hear that. Well, I am here to tell you. Here is the story of why I became a murderer. Read more “The Story of Jacob Harper Part 1”

A Love for the Theater Doesn’t Die

By xKawaiiPotatox

This story took place 3 years ago when I was in 6th grade. I had always loved watching my school plays so ever sense 4th grade I attended Drama Club or Theater. At this time we were preparing for the play of “The Wonderful World of Oz”. I played a small part in which I was a jidder bug.

We were all waiting in our Singing room for further instructions on what we were going to be practicing. In the room I would always hang out with either the other kids in my grade or the older kids/highschooler’s. Read more “A Love for the Theater Doesn’t Die”

The Family of Gold

By SonOfUlti

I have never been as happy as I was on my eighth birthday. My mother handed me a heavily wrapped present containing my very first gameboy and a mint Pokémon Gold edition.

Since Pokémon Gold was my first glimpse into the series, it was my all-time favourite. Anything from the second generation completely captivated me. After a few years, I became tired of my gameboy and moved up to newer consoles; eventually getting into computer gaming. I found other games that spiked my interest as the Pokémon series had done. Read more “The Family of Gold”