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My friends crazy mother.

My friend always was always at my house. She told me her mom was put into a mental institution because she had horrible problems. She basically lived with us unless her dad came and let her stay with him. Well, when it was nighttime, Amber and I decided to stay up late.

We heard loud bang from the front  door, and got terrified. We ran up to my room and locked the door. The front door got kicked down and we started crying. We heard terrifying screaming. My mom was at work and my dad was in New York for work. We called 911, and then we heard creaking. The dispatcher said someone will be there.

One By One They All Fall Down (Creepypasta)

Starting year 6 was a breeze for the most part, yeah the work was a little tougher, and especially when it came to maths but it was still an easy start. Over the following weeks everyone started making plans for Halloween, when eventually the day came that I overheard some of the popular kids planning to sneak out and go to the graveyard next to the school. They noticed me looking over and thought to invite me along, I tried get out of it but they weren’t having any of it.

The whole plan was to have a sleep over at Jacobs seeing as his was the closest to the school/ graveyard, and then sneak out around midnight, during the so called witching hour, the guys had been doing some research about the paranormal and found out between midnight and 3am is the best time to contact spirits, so naturally decided this would be the best time to go have a Ouija board session in the middle of the local graveyard, I know right sounds fun. We were all on the same page Tim, Jacob, Alex, Chris, Rob, Mike and of course me but over the week leading up to Halloween more and more people got invited, some were going to join us at Jacobs, some were going to sneak out and meet us there and well the rest of the class weren’t interested or had way to strict of parents to even attempt sneaking out or staying at others.

Bleeding Cold

Let me start off by saying that I have never had anything happen in my life prior to this event that would be considered “paranormal”.

I am a single father and my five year old daughter is obsessed with the movie Frozen. I was to blame for that obsession cause I gave in and bought my daughter almost anything related to the movie. I also want to say that we live in a quiet neighborhood and my neighbor is a retired cop. This information is important later. After a few months my daughter has began to sing herself to sleep the songs from the same movie.


I was home alone at my house. my parents went to florida to visit my grandma. So i decided to download an instagram. I didn’t really know how it works. And the instagram was uploaded. So ones i sign up to instagram i got no followers. So i decided to follow 25 random person. A couple minutes ago a random person sent me a massage saying i will kill u. And i replyed back saying who is this do i know u. A couple of minutes ago. He or she. Sent me a massage saying what ur addrees. And i told him why! And i ask him are u a boy or a girl. She or he replyed back saying im a boy. And i relyed saying ok. So i ask y he want my addres and his said his gonna kill me. And i froze for a second. But i decided to block him. And i didn’t get any massages for an 1hour. But some random person followed  me he or she named kingofhell and i decided to follow back. And my phone  vibrates it says kingofhell sent u a massage. And she or he sent me a pic of my house. And i was like who is this and how do u know where i live. And i told him are u a boy a girl. And she or he told me his a boy. And he told me im the guy that text u earlyier. And he told me to open the door or he’ll   kill me. And i decided to open the door. I know its sound dumb but i dont want to die. And then is saw him with the chain saw and i told him i will call the cops and he said too late you’ll die. And i quickly close the door and i call the cops. And the cops is coming for like  5 min. and i heard a bang lucily i was on my parents room and trying to find a gun and thank god i found it and i sent him a massage saying i have a gun i will shoot the heck out of u then the cops came and i heard i gun shot  maybe the guy is dead. And i heard a voice saying hello im the cop your safe now. And the guy is not dead but he got arrested. DO NOT EVEN FOLLOW A PERSON U DO NOT KNOW AND KEEP YOUR INTAGRAM PRAVITE

Catfishing gone wrong

I lived in a pretty quiet part of town, not many cars drove by. I was in my bedroom on a call with my best friend, we’ll just call her ‘Emilia’ for privacy; we got bored pretty often so we’d make videos together. We both owned YouTube channels, where we would time-to-time upload gaming videos. Our channel wasn’t bad, but; it wasn’t that good either, we’d get a decent amount of views and just fool around for the longest time, until we were satisfied with what we had done. We trolled a lot, and cat-fished a lot, so we pretty much thought we were professionals and weren’t intimidated. We had harmless fun, and we’d tell the victim about it after and apologise. We catfished a lot of weird people, but no person could compare to this guy, especially because he was the first one to approach us on our channels.

We had just finished editing another troll video and Emilia had come around my house, my parents were out on a business trip for the weekend, So Emilia promised to stay over until my paranoia would go away. After the video was uploaded a user with no profile picture, we’ll just call him ‘the creep’. Commented on our video asking for our Skype names and if he could play with us sometime.  I was kind of self-weary because no-one had ever asked for our social media right away. And I felt like he was older than both me and Emilia by his typing. I told Emilia that it didn’t feel right so we shouldn’t do it, she told me it was fine and that she would handle all of it.

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