Some sort of Dinosaur

This story takes place in 2016, in Seattle, Washington. It was the middle of July, a few weeks before School began.

My Sister, niece, and Mother drove all the way from California to Washington State. a 13 hour drive that I slept hours through. We were going to visit my Oldest brother David, my nephew Lincoln, and Sister-in-law Elisa. When we arrived, I was tired, and wanted to sleep in bed, and after making a fort of pillows and blankets, I fell asleep.

The next day, we planned to go out on Lake Washington on a boat, and drive around. Lake Washington was a big lake, and since the 1950’s has gone a transformation to be a very clean and clear lake.

An important note, is that the fish in the lake are Trouts, Bass, Crappie, and Yellow Perch. Small fish for a big lake I guess. We were driving to the lake early in the morning, and I had brought two fishing rods, and some tackle for me and my older brother. It had to be around 6:30 AM when we got there, and it was oddly quiet on one end of the lake where it meets May Creek.

We put the boat in the water as fast as possible, and loaded it up with the things we brought.

We headed out into what could’ve been 50-70 feet of water, when we began Fishing. The water was lively, there was a tree that was sticking out of the water, and Bass, Trout, and Perch were all around it.

So far, we had 4 Fish. Three Bass, and one Perch. The water was very clear until the bottom, which was a bit clouded because of the constant moving sediment. Me and David both dropped hooked worms into the water when the fish disappeared. “Hey, where’d all the fish go?” I asked, looking around.

“Maybe you scared them off, bud”

My sister-in-law said from where she was laying down. Both me and David watched the log, hoping fish returned to it.

But nothing. In fact, we were still the only boat in the area. It was dead quiet, and I somehow didn’t freak out. Suddenly, the log moved and the water around it splashed. We thought the log was moving due to it rotting in the water, but, it wasn’t that.

I happened to look down, and saw something massive swimming around the log. Me and my brother both threw lines down in with bait, and hoped to catch the thing, which we thought was a record Bass or hell, even a Trout. The thing though….began to ram into the log, making it move.

I pulled my line up, and so did my brother.

Then, a fish swam by, it was a huge Large-mouth Bass. The black thing looked like it was pointing upwards, and we suddenly saw a huge thing come out of the water in front of everyone, and fall downwards on the Bass. Bubbles and sediment went everywhere, and we could only see and hear struggling in the cloudy waters. And then the blood well as a Fish head. We got the boat on and got the hell out of there. When we got onto shore, we noticed a log had chains wrapped around it, leading into the lake.

This is when we saw the creature again. But this time, it did something either amazing, or horrifying. The chains tightened, and we all saw the log being ripped up from the ground, and dragged into the lake. The monster was on the surface. We saw large points on the surface, with some sort of tail at the back. Then, it submerged, though the log was behind the thing, going to the deeper lake….

We never saw it again, and a news report said that 9 people saw the log floating later on….


The Monster I Had Saw In The Water

I had been driving down the road with my parent’s car who let me use it to get to high school.

Now, I’ve been using this road for years and there’s a place called Loch Ness, which is in Scotland that I, myself, currently am in Scotland. Every time I drive down the road, I get weird feelings. And, I’m not the only one who gets weird vibes, its people who also drive/walk down this road. When I was driving back from high school, I had driven to the side of the road, getting out, and locking my car, going to Loch Ness. When I got down there, my strange vibes had gotten…worse. I decided to pull out my phone, going to camera, and looked around in the water.

As I looked into the water, there were bubbles coming from underwater. I had held up my phone, zooming in with the camera, and waited. Soon, a head had come out of the water. The head looked like a certain dinosaurs head that I can’t get the name of. I quickly took a picture of it and looked at the picture and it was creepy as I looked at it. The animal had turned its head, facing me. I felt the presence of it watching me and looked up as it swam towards me. I started to panic, turning around, and quickly dashing out.

The thing that freaked me out the most was the fact that, that was the thing giving me weird vibes because as it had come out of the water, my hands had started shaking and my weird vibes had gone up to a hundred. The fact that I saw that, I didn’t know if I should tell someone or not. As I walked to the car, I made a decision not to and to keep it to myself.

To this day forward, I didn’t tell anybody and nobody knows or understands why they get those vibes. You’d think I would’ve NEVER gone to Loch Ness again or taken the road again..? Well, you’re wrong. I still visit there to this day, to try to see a better photo of the thing in the water.

My obsescost me my life

I am a lonely and weird individual, who doesn’t have many friends. I was 19 at the time of this story and am still a raging lesbian.

I was on the Internet, doing whatever one day, when I got an ad for tinder. Being the stupidly depressed girl that I was, I thought to myself “Oh well, what could go wrong?” And clicked on the ad. I was bullied for being a bit of a weird anime-art freak. I saw a girl called Angelica, who looked pretty and shared some of my interests. I clicked on the little heart symbol and started messaging eachother. I knew that if I was immediately like “Oh hey we have things in common, let’s go out!” She would get creeped out, but, to my pleasant surprise, she asked where I lived and if we could go out. I said yes and we arranged a time and place.

The next day, we went to a little café down town. We hit it off and started blabbing about whatever. I was having a great time. I found out that she had a good interest in serial killers. It wasn’t just a normal interest though, she would talk about how amazing and cool they were. I was fine with this though, as I myself had some strange quirks. After dinner we both went to my place for coffee, chatting, anime.

This went on for another five weeks, out relationship slowly moving forward, until one night Angelica invited me to a party with a few of her friends. I was slightly uncomfortable with being around people I didn’t know, so I brought a friend with me.

I was having a great time, dancing, drinking with Angelica. I was kinda drunk, but not completely out of my head.

After a long while, we went back to my place. I’ll leave you with only this information:

  1. She was definitely the more dominant in the relationship.
  2. She was loving and nothing was off about anything.
  3. Her teeth were sharp.

I woke up the next day, a note on my bedside table and an aching head. I read the note, which I still have to this day and it read:

“I quite enjoyed last night. We should do it again.


I chuckled, got up and took a shower. I started washing my back when my fingers hit my colllarbone. A sudden sting rang through my skin. I was more curious than worried. After my shower, I took a look at it in the mirror.

I saw a wound. A deep red bitemark, seemingly made by an animal. I thought back to the previous night. I was shocked, but nothing more. I got dressed, and dabbed a bit of disinfectant on the wound. It stung, filling the tiny craters in my shoulder. I won’t say that I did not enjoy our time together. In fact, I can say that I miss her still.

A month into this endeavour, I received a text from a man who apparently didn’t want me to be with Angelica. I’ll call him Chris. Chris said that she was dangerous. I showed my girlfriend and she told me that he was a Jelous ex.

A year later and I had been receiving texts almost every day. I always showed Angelica and she would grow angrier each time.

One night, I woke up to a shadow of a person blocking the light of the hallway. I opened my eyes and told Angelica to get back on bed with me. It was met with silence. I tried again. The reply I got was bone chilling.

“Oh, so now you want me?” She said.

I was confused as I saw tears streaming down her face.

I’m sorry. I-I have to save you. Save usThat bastard is trying to steal you from me! I-I’ll save us both. We can be together forever! . . . All it takes is death . . . ”

. . .

. . .


Those were the last words I ever heard.


She went to hell.





I went to nothingness.


I miss her.


It was at the summer of 2015. My relatives came from up north down here in San Diego, California during a Friday morning. I always loved when they come down here as we do everything we can before they leave on a Sunday night. My cousins and I always did stupid things when we hang out together.

Living in San Diego, one of the most cheapest luxuries we have is the coast, so it was reasonable for us to take our visiting relatives to the beach, like we always do. We head down to Coronado beach, set up camp, and my cousins and I couldn’t wait to get into the water. Due to privy settings, I’ll name my cousins Shawn, Jay, and my uncle, Josh.

We head running for the water, splashing around, doing whatever people do at the beach. My cousins Shawn and Jay, along with my uncle, Josh, were heading farther and farther out into the ocean. I wanted to join them and so I swam through the waves with ease… with too much ease.. We were all floating around, all calm… until the lifeguards started to announce on a speaker, “Get out of the water! You three out there, please get back to shore!”.

It was then that we realized… we were stuck in a rip current. Slowly realizing that the water was dragging us out further into the ocean, we started to swim back to shore.. or at least try to swim back to shore. If you weren’t aware, rip currents are bodies of water that get pushed back out into the ocean due to the wind current pushing the waves. We were fighting the waves harder and harder. We eventually ran out of energy and so my uncle started to scream for help. In response, Jay and I also started crying out for help, hoping the lifeguards would still be able to pull us out of the water. From this point, everything that was clear from the beach, were now a blur since we were so far out into the water. All I could hear were the screams for help and a loud ringing in my ears. All I could think of is “Is this the last day I’m gonna be alive?”. I can already picture the News announcing my name due to a death of a rip current. My legs started to give up on me, as I was paddling my hardest to stay afloat and gasp for air. The waves were so big at this point that every second there would be one hovering over us, and eventually pushing us under the water. We literally had 2 seconds to catch air, then become submerged the next. My lungs were starting to give out, as I’ve gulped down so much salt water. And there I knew… I was gonna die.

I slowly sank underwater, and just gave up trying to float… until I felt a hand grab me from above. It was a lifeguard. I finally grew a little hope in me. Fighting with the last ounces of my energy, I grabbed his float device and was eventually dragged back to shore.

To this day, we still talk about the scary experience of being dragged underwater and out in the middle of nowhere by Mother Nature. I still go out into the water when at the beach, and ironically developed a hobby for surfing as I got more experienced with the water and spotting where rip currents are. So be careful when you’re out in the water. If you feel like the sand is moving into the sea when you’re in the water, don’t go any further, as it may also start dragging your body, and swallowing you as a whole, only to be found dead 100 meters deep into the ocean..

The clown

So my name is Anthony and we just moved.I am not going to say where I moved to.So the house we moved to was normal size but their was a huge forest and I checked out my room and it was all pink.And you know why this sucks if your 8 and yes I was 8 but im 11 know.2 nights later it was Halloween and their were so many people dressed as a clown so I was a clown.

When I was done trick or treating the front door was locked so I went through the back.but I went past the forest I saw someone.

He was dressed as a clown but he was not a kid.He was an Adult yes that was weird because what would a grown man doing out in a forest dressed as a clown at 11 o’clock? He approached me and said “Hey want some free candy”?I said No freak! And ran for help.Luckily I found my dad and I told him what happend.He checked the forest and saw him and the clown waved.And looked at me and said “still want that free candy”?My dad looked at me and said he is being nice now go get the candy from him now!I shouted NO!

My dad told the clown to come here and he did.I looked at him and he looked at my dad.Then what I saw changed me I Still have nightmares about it and Still cry my eyes out. The clown took a Hatchet and stook it right through my dads head.Luckily I had a phone and ran and called the police crying barely speaking.but they cought him and I saw him in hand cuffs and he was looking at the ground.I said hey clown he looked

And I gave him the middle finger still crying.And that was the last time I saw the clown and my dad But that was not the only clown sighting I had their is 8 more.