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Yellow Eyed Creature

Hi! You can call me Travis. This story takes place over a length of two days.

It was a late night me and someone I was friends with, you can call him Cody, we were driving around in his Dodge Cummins We were just driving around listening to music and I saw something weird so I yelled for him to stop. So he did and that’s when we saw it, it had what looked like yellow eyes and they were popping out from over by the pond that was just past the fence than ran down the side of the road. I asked him what he thought it was? He said they look like eyes of some sort.

So we grabbed the spot light and pointed the bright beam of light at it. All we saw was a dark mass with yellow eyes disappear behind a big broken tree or a bush that we couldn’t see so well.

The Horror in the Woods

I slowly moved and stared watching the sun rise on a quiet morning; it was just after my sophomore year in college. I decide to call up a few friends and see if they wanted to spend a week fishing up north in my uncle’s cabin.

A few hours later, my friends Steve, Colin, and Drew arrived at my house and brought along their gear. We order some pizza before heading out when Steve asks “Nick, where is this cabin at?” “About an hour from here why you ask” Steve continued with “Well haven’t you heard what happened a few years ago”. He proceeded to tell a story where a group of high school kids went there and none of them have returned and the only thing left was some tattered clothes. “That’s some bullshit man” Drew said as he finished chugging his beer and tossed a crumpled paper plate at him. “Enough guys let’s pack up and get ready to go” I said, and then we loaded the car and once everyone was ready we headed off to the cabin.
We drove through the forest as the sun slowly began to set, giving an eerie feeling throughout the drive. Drew and Colin were asleep in the back while I drove and Steve sat staring through the passenger window when he quickly said “Nick stop the car!” I pulled over and these made the two in the back wake up and groan, when Steve climbed out of the car.

Transparent Ship

I live in New York City. I grew up in the Borough, the Bronx.

I was meeting a friend to exchange tape cassettes that we discussed over the phone with each other when I got to the block I was supposed to meet her on, I happened to look up and i saw a huge ship shaped like a triangle. It stood completely still above one of the buildings of my housing complex.

I saw two men sitting on a stoop talking so I told them to look up, and I pointed in the direction of the ship. They looked at me like I was crazy, as if they couldn’t see anything. So I crossed the street to get a closer look. On the other side of the street I was right under it, looking up. From this point of view it was transparent. I could see right through it. I could see the clouds, but the outline was solid. I must point out that from across the street, it was completely solid.

SnapChat Follower

My Name is Rylee. For a while, when I was about 16, I was always on snapchat. It is normal for me to get random and strange follows from odd people but never like this.

It was June 18, 2015. I was on snapchat doing what I always do nothing abnormal for me. Like always i was scrolling through all my followers and i came across a user name that said “look outside your window.” It sent chills down my spine. It was also kinda alarming mainly because seconds later I heard knocks and rocks hitting my window.

Vampire in the Woods

Vampire in the Woods

A few years ago my friend, let’s call her Stacy, wanted to go to her dad’s vacation home. It was a nice place, there was a lot of wilderness and the house was one of those classic wood pillars holding the thing up and almost the entire front half was glass, which was great because it really gave you this nice look at the trees outside.

There were tons of neat things you could do out there. You could go rock climbing, have a nice evening stroll in the woods, her dad even had a kit for making smores. But that’s not what I’m here to tell you guys about.

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