The government took my daughters freedom and rights away

Were all chasing for more freedom and I mean every living being big or small is constantly looking for more escape. Humanity has come along way with the amount of freedom and rights people have these days. A couple of years ago slavery was the norm and people were divided between the colour of skin. Gender equality has come a long way as well because it wasn’t so long ago that women were restricted to being only mothers as their only destination. So many famous male and female activists who have fought for freedom for all human beings and are now being looked up as heroes.

Anything can be a prison though and it could be a job you hate or stuck in a relationship that is going nowhere and the need to be free from those types of prisons are just as hard as any yearning for escape. Something always comes to trap us and the fight to escape entrapments however big or small is the curse for being alive. People addicted to drugs used drugs to help them escape from one hellish life style only to be reliant on the drug to the point that it becomes their new prison. They traded in one prison for another. The way addicts escape addiction is through rehab and use of other medicines as their ticket to freedom.

This need to get out of things is in all of us but with so many rights protecting us and the freedom to love, travel and choose whatever takes our fancy I must ask the question as to why people are so miserable? With everything that we have and the privileges our era has given us unlike in past eras we should be one happy group of people living in the best of times. Depression is so high and suicide is so common and anyone from the past would think we are all living in the golden times of human civilization. I always use to think that maybe we are all ungrateful but then opinions always change don’t they like the seasons through out the year.

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sorry we’re closed

You know in every shops, pub and restaurant they will all have signs hanging from the doors or windows to tell people whether they are open or not. On one side it will say things like ‘sorry we’re closed…’ And on the other side it will read ‘we are open!’ And it’s just a simple door sign but recently it has affected me and my friends. I don’t go out much and I usually stick to playing video games, but I do enjoy going into abandoned buildings and other old sites time has forgotten.

I am not the type of guy that goes to parties and i tend to have a small circle of friends. Me and my three friends Jackson, Clark and jeremy wanted to go into an abandoned closed down office space. The windows were not covered in dirt and the front door had already been broken into. The four of us went inside the abandoned office space and started to run around. Then Jackson noticed something on all the windows in this abandoned office building. On every window there was now a sign which read ‘we’re closed now sorry about that…..’ And they weren’t there before so we didn’t know how they got here. I mean this was a 7-story building so how someone quickly climbed up all on all the office windows and put them all onto the windows was unusual.

Jackson tried to get out of the building and as soon as he stepped outside, Jackson collapsed onto the floor. Then the lightening bolt like lines formed out of nowhere and started stabbing Jackson all over his body and then his body combusted into flames and he was no more. The three of us now were screaming for Jackson and we didn’t dare go outside and we waited inside the abandoned office building.

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I accidentally communicated with aliens using an Ouija board

In my house we have 1 Ouija board in my dusty old attic and we tend to get it out on Halloween for decoration purposes. We have never really used it and on the occasion that we did we were all disappointed that we could never reach over and contact any spirit on the other side. I never really believed in ghosts or demons and to me the world is a simple formula of biological organisms that live and then die. Then our dead bodies rot and decays till we are nothing but dust. I have a bleak view of the world and in the end we all turn to dust and some creatures may last longer like rats and maggots, but they too will all die.

Death is such an interesting topic and I am not sure how long humans have lived on this planet but death has always been something of a question mark that even the most intelligent of humans could even begin to answer on deaths nature, philosophically speaking. Any how it was on the day I had been left to look after my house while my wife took our kids to their grandparents. I don’t tend to get the house all to myself and when I was tidying the house I saw the Ouija board in my eldest boys room and he must have gotten it out secretly and started playing with it.

I picked it up and just observing how stupid it looked I decided to give it a go myself and I used a glass cup which was going to act as my pointer on the Ouija board. I spoke out loud in the air and still in my son’s bedroom all of his toys and childish interior started to have this menacing feel to it. Then I could feel heat coming from the glass cup and it actually moved to a letter. It then moved to another letter and the word read ‘hello’

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no matter how many times I shuffle the tarot cards the negative card are always at the top

In my house we have tarot reading cards and nobody really used them in the past and they belonged to my grandmother who passed away last year. I started looking through the tarot cards and you get all sorts of pictures with meanings ranging from positive to negative. The positive tarot cards say things like financial gain, love interests on the horizon and just in general good luck. The tarot cards with the negative messages are things like death, break ups, financial ruin and just in general bad luck.

They belonged to my grandmother but I never saw her play with them but they were always in her cupboard. It was like the tarot cards were her pet and she was just looking after them and she did always keep an eye on her tarot cards. When I was a child she would make sure I would never touch them and I asked her many times why I shouldn’t touch them but she would never tell me. She would tell me to go away far from the tarot cards. She never gave out readings to anyone and when she died that was the first time I held my grandmother’s tarot cards. I started shuffling them and I was quite a good shuffler but I thought it was strange that after I had shuffled the tarot cards all of the negative tarot cards would always be at the top. I kept on shuffling and shuffling for ages but the negative cards would always be at the top. I then got every tarot card representing a bad message and put them all at the bottom of the deck and when I checked the first tarot card at the top I was 100% sure it would be a positive tarot card.

I am sure you can understand my confusion when I found all the negative tarot cards back at the top again when I had physically put them all at the bottom of the deck. Then I got the message that this deck of tarot cards always had the negative tarot cards at the top deck somehow and it didn’t matter how many times you shuffled them or broke them apart. It was incredibly unusual but at the same time it was highly fascinating.

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The Creature

This happened about two weeks ago and I am still terrified as I write this.

For those of you who haven’t read my story The Sound let me give you some back history really quick.

My dad has a cabin in Northern West Virginia, a couple counties over from Point Pleasant. Now my husband and I had an experience a couple years ago that scared us so badly that we have refused to go back to that place.

Well, my dad lets one of his buddies that lives in town grow Christmas trees on his property because it’s farm land but my dad doesn’t farm the land. He just uses the cabin as a getaway and for hunting.

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I was given toys which you can’t stop playing with

Remember as a child when your parents or any other adult gave you a new toy to play with. The rush of excitement was so overwhelming and you would promise to yourself that you would never stop playing with it. The first couple of weeks you are inseparable from the new toy you had been given but then over time you become bored with it and it suddenly becomes lost or stuck in one stationary place where it just drowns in dust becomes forever forgotten.

As a child I had quite a few toys which I use to play with so much enthusiasm but then after a couple of months I just got bored of them. They would end up in places like the back of my cupboard or I would simply throw them away. My mother would always tell me off for losing attachment too quickly to toys that were given to me and that I should learn to count my blessings.

I would have countless arguments with my mother and father when i walked past a toy shop or when I would see an advert on tv about the newest toys available and I would instantly want them. Both of my parents use to tell me off for being so selfish and at the same time having too much of a short attachment span.

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Worst Vacations

It was the summer vacation before 8th grade. By the way, I was a 13 year old male and my girlfriend was 12.

Her name is Morgan. We went to Connecticut to visit her family. Morgan and I were talking a walk on the beach. Her older sister, Brooke, was with us also. Brooke saw a tall, muscular man about 100 feet in front of us. Being only 5’6” and 145 pounds wasn’t that thrilling. The guy was easily 6’6” and 250 pounds.

Morgan called her dad. He got here and didn’t notice him…at first. Later that night, Morgan and I were watching “The Shawshank Redemption”.

There was a loud, deep, sudden knocking from the front door. Being the boyfriend, I answered the door.

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Mr. Death is Here

“Mr. Death is here for you daddy.” My small son said. I looked at him with tired eyes. He’s been saying that for a month now. By now I’d thought he’d be over it. “Mr. Death doesn’t like you daddy.” He said. I sighed.

“Vaughn, why does Mr. Death not like me?” I asked picking up Vaughn and setting him on my worn out knees.

“You stole mommy from him.” Vaughn said his big blue eyes met my old eyes. I hugged Vaughn close. My wife, Lauren had been married to a man she never named. He was abusive towards her and her children. Lauren divorced him and came to live with me, we soon got married and had a happy family. “Mr. Death comes to me and tells me he will take you daddy.” Vaughn said.

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The Clown

I was walking home on a Saturday night. I went to a high school party with a bunch of my friends. It was around 11:40 PM and I decided I better get home. It was at least a 2-mile walk to my house on foot. It was about 12:00 AM and I was listening to my music walking up a dirt road. The battery to my phone died, and I had at least half a mile to go. I put my headphones around my neck and started humming. This wasn’t my first time walking alone at night, so I wasn’t at all scared or nervous. That changed that night though.
As I was humming up the hill, I heard a faint giggle in the woods. At first, I thought it was just raccoons or something so I didn’t think much of it. When I got to the top of the hill, I heard another giggle. This time it was louder. Clear as day. I quickly did a 360-degree turn and I didn’t see anything. This time I started walking faster. I was getting a little anxious and kept turning around every couple of steps. There were no street lights on this road because I lived in a somewhat poor neighborhood. When I got to the bottom of the hill, I stopped cold from the sound of breathing. As I turned around I saw a figure in the darkness. He was at least 6 foot 4 with a bunch of face paint on, and balloons in his right hand. I remember the clothes on him were ripped, and dirty. Almost like they haven’t been washed in days. My heart started racing as I said, ¨Who are you!?¨ The clown did another giggle, this time it was bloodcurdling. I turned back around and sprinted back to my house. As soon as I got to the door, I turned back around. I didn’t see anything on my street. I quickly got in the house, locked the door, and went to see if my side door was locked. It was thank god. I ran up to my parent’s room and burst through the doors yelling carelessly that we need to call 911, but my parents weren’t in their bed. Then I remembered that they had to work late that night. I got even more anxious, so I ran downstairs, grabbed the house phone, and went up to my room and locked the door. I called 911 and the operator on the other end of the line said the usual. ¨911 what is your emergency?¨
¨Hello! I need help! I was on my way home from a party, and this clown appeared from the woods. I think it was chasing me, but I didn’t see it when I got back to my house! Please hurry! My address is 604 Woodbury street! Send help, please. I don’t think he’s gone!¨
¨Sir we will send somebody their right away, but stay put. And keep me on the line. I’ll talk you through on what to do.¨ She told me to hide in the closet and wait for the cops to come. When I got in the closet, I heard glass breaking from downstairs.
¨He’s here!¨ I whispered quietly through the phone. I knew she was going to give my spot away, so I hung up, and sat quietly in the darkness. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and the sound of a knife dragging on the wall. My heart was racing a million miles a minute. I closed my mouth shut and focused on taking quiet breaths. I heard my door kick open and the sound of the floor creaking. He was getting closer each step he took. When he got towards my closet, I knew it was a matter of time before he killed me, so I took a deep breath, and when he opened the door, I tackled him to the ground. Everything after that was a blur. I remember a sharp pain through my lower side and dropping to the floor screaming. I remember hearing gunshots and talking through what sounding like a walkie-talkie.
I woke up to the sun beating down on my face. I heard a beeping from a monitor, and I saw an IV in my left arm. I was in a hospital. I smiled as I got up and went into the hallway dropping to the ground trying to get a nurses attention. I never knew what happened the rest of that night, or if the clown even escaped, but I was just glad my family was OK and that I survived the attack. And I took avouch that I would never walk alone at night again, in fear of something terrible happening again.

The white Wolf creature

I live in a cabin in the mountains roughly 2 miles from the closest neighbor and 8 miles from town. It seemed that last year we had one of the worst winters I could remember in this area. This story takes place during that time. We have already had several storms come through. During the middle of the storms I started hearing this bone chilling howl. I’ve heard coyotes, bob cats and mountain lions scream out before. But that sound I heard was nothing that I’ve heard before.

This particular night the wind was howling. The snow was coming down very heavy. My dog was scratching at the door to be let out. I opened the door and let her out so she can go use the bathroom. About 5 minutes later I heard her start barking and growling at something then I heard something else start growling with a deep guttural growl. Before I had any chance to react, I heard my dog let out a painful yelp. I quickly got on my shoes and coat and went outside with my flashlight. As I walked in the general direction of the sounds I heard earlier, I could not find my dog. All I could see was blood soaked snow. As I frantically looked around, I started hearing that guttural growl again. I ran straight for the house and locked the door.

Minutes later I started hearing this thing walking on the front porch and started to scratch and beat on the front door. I ran into my bedroom for my shot gun then back to the main part of the house. I could see something moving around outside the frost covered windows. Never before have I been this afraid . After an hour all of the movement and noises stopped.

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