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The Werewolf of Lupesc

By Lycan of the Lord

My name is Caleb, at the time of these events I was 17. In the summer of 2016 my family and I moved to a small Village in Scotland. The village was called Lupesc. My Father had family there. He thought it good to live near family he barely had seen prior. I didn’t really care about moving. I had preferred out last home in Kansas but, what was done was done. I had wanted When we entered the Village I got a chill down my spine. I had this feeling that this place wasn’t quite right. I shrugged it off as just not being used to moving to a new home. The first day we started setting up things in our new home a few of the Neighbors came and welcomed us.Two of then introduced themselves as Scott and Hannah Lowell and gave my mother a bouquet of Flowers. Our New Neighbors’ looked normal as was expected. We continued to unpack our things and setting up our new house.

A few days after being there I met a few of the Local teens. They welcomed me to Lupesc and after a while we started talking. At a certain point the boys talked about Local Legends. They told me how some thought the town was full of Lycanthropes’. I laughed at this insane notion. I was quite open minded especially about the Supernatural but, I never really took these things serious. A few weeks passed. By this time Jack and the other boys had become good friends of mine. We would hang out and they would tell me more about the Lycans’ of Lupesc. I found the stories interesting but again, took them with a grain of salt.

The Beasts and Ghosts

By cat lover

This story begins in 1969 when Emmanuel & Evelyn Archer moved to Colorado, to start up a horse breeding business. They couldn’t find a farm they liked, so they decided to build one of their own.

As they were building their barn, one of the workers found a pile of human bones. After these bones were inspected it was determined that they belonged to the native Americans that used to live in the area.

This is the End

By Nox

Entry 1

I was running. Where, why, I don’t know. I had woken up somewhere with someone who seemed familiar screaming at me to run. He gave me a backpack as well.

I didn’t question it.

A few minutes after I got out of there, I heard screams of terror and pain. They sounded like his voice.

Cabin in the Woods

By SjamesN

This happened about two years ago, I was 12 at the time. It was just me and my grandpa camping alone in the woods, Once or twice a year we would go to camp and stay for about a week. This might not be written perfectly but ‘m trying to write it down as close to how I remember it. it was our second last day at camp.

I had gone out to collect some water from a well, I was walking back and looked up the hill to see a man standing, he was far away, all I could really make out was his shadow. as I looked up at him he started to move, I was used to seeing people, but they were always hunters, wearing bright orange clothing. but this man was wearing dark clothing, he left my sight as I walked away. When i got back I asked my grandpa about the man he said that I shouldn’t worry and it was probably just someone hiking through the forest.

It Lived in the Walls

By Sean F.

I was only 6 when I saw it. The thing in my walls. I was a very dark kid. I did have a craving of scary stuff and loved sinister horror movies. My mother called me weird, my father went missing when I was three, and my brother was a hacker on the Deep Web, crap like that. When my father died, I never knew what had happened for awhile. Anyways, let’s get back to my story… I was tucked in my bed in the little shack we lived in. My brother was probably scamming unlucky people. He was 18 at this time and there was a huge gap between our ages, I know. My mother had him when she was very young. That night, I woke up at 1:53 AM. My clock said so.

That’s when I heard it…

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