Bad Amiibo

By Jacob F.

I’ve always been a huge Nintendo fan. Whenever a new Nintendo game or a new console would come out, I would always try to be the first one to always buy it. A few years passed by and now I live on my own in Chico. They had just released these Nintendo action figures called, Amibo that you would play with their new console, the WiiU.

And of course, being the big Nintendo fan I still am, I bought one of the Amibo’s when they first hit the shelves. I lived up in the mountains, and surprisingly there was a GameStop not far where I lived. It looked kind of old and dusty. Like no one went there for months. Read more “Bad Amiibo”

After School Scare on All Hallow’s Eve

By Dampyre

Two boys walk home one late day. They were afterschool kids, and their parents could not pick them up. They were getting older now and ready to go home on their own as opposed to their parents picking them up, they are coming into their own, ready to venture out into the wild, ready for an adventure as it would seem. Mike and Steven barely knew each other until now.

Mike always thought there was something strange about Steven. Steven used to wear a lot of black and had scary eyes. Sometimes Steve used to wear contact lenses which made them look even more scary and fierce. Mike was a bit more of a jock and was on the track team. They were both starting to walk home and Mike was looking at what he considered to be the freak and asked him why he just does not try to act more normal? Steven turned and looked at Mike like he was the devil and Mike got ready for fight or flight. Steven just gazed at him and said your people don’t understand people like me. They saw the last rays of the sunlight hugging the horizon as they seemingly walked towards the sun as if their destiny lied beyond the horizon. Read more “After School Scare on All Hallow’s Eve”

A Weird Dream

By PinkRanger

It was the middle of the night, and i had just gotten out of my soft bed to investigate a noise that had woken me up. I checked the digital alarm clock next to my bed; 2:47 AM. As for the noise, it wasn’t a crash, clang or breaking of glass that would suggest a regular burglary…

No, it was more- strange, kind of like a long, slow slurp. Robbers were not uncommon in the poor town that I wont name for security reasons, so I always stashed my trusty shot gun under my mattress. Read more “A Weird Dream”