Foggy Waters

By mack

It was a dark and foggy day in Harborview Maine, almost too foggy for one to see. Two young teenage boys Rick and Zack(both 14) were walking about on the town docks waiting for their friend Gillan to come over on his boat. He arrived about five minutes later, he tied his boat up and hopped out. They walked up to a small local shop called C&E , they walked in and got some drinks and sandwiches. They paid for them and walked up to Zacks’ house, they watched a movie and played basketball on his hoop outside.

Soon it was time for Gillan to drive his boat back to his house on brooks island. They got down to the dock where they said their goodbyes and Gillan hopped into his boat. Rick and Zack by the shore watching their friend drive off. They walked close to the shoreline where they were suddenly whipped into the water. They were underwater when they realized that seaweed was tied around their ankles tugging them down, down they went. Read more “Foggy Waters”


By Divine Hex

It was a bright, sunny morning when Eve and her mother carted the last of the moving boxes into their new home. It was a lovely, quaint little two-bedroom with a minute kitchen and spacious backyard, plenty of space for Eve to play. When the excited little girl clamored into her new room, she gazed around in awestruck wonder at the size.

It was the bigger of the two bedrooms, with a polished hardwood floor and textured plaster mocha walls. For a 7 year old whom had previously been living in an old nursery, this was a big step up, and her mind filled with ideas of where to put everything she had…and even some things she didn’t have. Read more “Heirloom”

Don’t Buy Stuff on Craigslist Unless You Meet at a Public Place

By Dylan J.

This story I am about to tell you is a story I will never forget. Before you go buying stuff on Craigslist, you had better meet at a public place like a coffee shop, or a convenient store, because as soon as a stranger invites you into their home, that’s the time to make a change of plans, this world is ugly, it just may happen to you.

This all starts out when I am looking for a Netbook online. My other one had broke, and I had needed a new one for school work. Being in college wasn’t easy, the assignments felt like Rocket Science, so I needed just a simple Netbook for surfing the web, and I didn’t want have to go to the library back and forth, and the wait time was forever just to get on a computer in the library. But luckily I had found a one-hundred dollar bill that I had kept away for a while. Read more “Don’t Buy Stuff on Craigslist Unless You Meet at a Public Place”

October Warning

By Deb the Tennessee Scary Lady

You better watch your every step
when the Night knows your name
And the things with amethyst eyes
Whisper madness at your door
No light shows in that darkness
nor star dare shine the way
But the midnight wind
Whistles and sings
Of raging mindless things
That rip and tear and scream
And you better watch your every step
When the Night knows your name