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A Weird Dream

By PinkRanger

It was the middle of the night, and i had just gotten out of my soft bed to investigate a noise that had woken me up. I checked the digital alarm clock next to my bed; 2:47 AM. As for the noise, it wasn’t a crash, clang or breaking of glass that would suggest a regular burglary…

No, it was more- strange, kind of like a long, slow slurp. Robbers were not uncommon in the poor town that I wont name for security reasons, so I always stashed my trusty shot gun under my mattress.

Journal of the End of Days

By Scott H. Rice

If you are reading this journal, then it means I’ve been killed. It’s hard to believe I’m writing this. It’s harder to believe what has happened to the world. And it’s hard to believe how this Armageddon unfolded and why. I didn’t start my journal on the first days mainly because who could have known what was about to happen? However, I took the liberty to explain the whole nightmarish event anyway.

Suffice it to say that you, Dear Reader, probably already know what has happened but I want to leave a proper record of events in case someone actually finds this journal in some distant time. I doubt that any human will be left alive by that time, but…… again I feel I have to set the record straight and provide an accurate description of events up until my death. I don’t know how I am going to die.


By Shandy G.

She was always alone except for when her husband came in from the road.  They lived in a single wide mobile home out in the sticks.  This isolation could sometimes take a toll on her but she always bucked up and dealt with it.  She loved the smell of the pine trees and she loved her garden.  She loved her husband but it was hard for her at times.   Her husband brought home the bacon with truck driving and that’s how they could afford their lifestyle. Believe it or not living mostly off the grid wasn’t all that cheap.    He was a hardworking man but also a stern man, when he was home he was often distant.  She was still alone in essence, she tried to be okay with this but she never really was okay.  She always felt like a piece of herself was missing, not from him being gone and working, it was something else, something from within her own spirit. 

She did manage to keep herself busy though, the land they owned was still wild in many areas and needed constant maintenance.  She learned how to operate the lawn equipment and with that she had all the confidence she needed to tackle any task.  When her husband was home for a week or so he helped tend the land.  They would have quiet suppers and even quieter times in the bed.  She missed intimacy but it beat the hell out of where she came from, and who she left back in the city.  Her ex often times would slap her, punch her, force himself upon her, and of course with all the physical abuse there was emotional abuse. His name was Lee, and he never treated her as an equal, rather she was a play thing to him.  So when she got the chance she ran, she ran as far as she could. She wound up stranded at a truck stop and that is where she met her husband.  She had asked for a ride and so it began there, in the cab of his eighteen wheeler. She informed him that she had nowhere to go, he happened to be heading home and soon his home became her home. 

Encounter with a Skinwalker


It started off late during the night, about 4 years ago, in the middle of summer. My friends, let’s call them Daniel and Andrew, and I were playing a game of Nerf war out in my 5 and a half acres. I was hiding in the forest that my family owned, holding my Nerf swords in my hands, my one shot pistol in my back pocket. I heard Daniel start up his automatic Nerf gun nearby me. I crouched behind my tree, leaning to try and see him. I hear him move closer, yet the movement was from behind me, while the sound of the powered Nerf gun was in front of me.

Thinking that I was cornered, I spun around to find no one. I jumped out, signaling Daniel to go silent. He stopped his gun, and slipped up to me.

The Pokemodule Killer

By Reverend soulless

I was very excited to finally download Pokemon go on my iPhone. I grew up playing the old school game boy games red and blue.

As I got off work I went on my very first Pokemon hunt in a small town just a mile away from my area. I walked down by the local shopping plaza it was already close to midnight hardly anyone was out. All I kept finding are stupid pidgeys and paras it was becoming frustrating. Fuck man!!! I just wanna catch one good fuckn Pokemon that’s all but this shitty area has only weak ones. As I walking through the parking lot I can see a pokemodule stop. It’s located across the street at this nearby housing complex.

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