Strange Sightings in the Forest

I don’t know how to start this because I’m still scared and jumpy, so I’ll start from the beginning. It all started two weeks ago at around three-thirty A.M. after I clocked in and got to my forest station. Keep in mind that I’m not going to tell you where this forest is or what its called, but it is almost completely surrounded by mountains. Okay back to the story, so I clocked in and got to my station and was sitting around for about two or three hours. When I got radioed about a strange animal running around one of the trails that winds through the mountains. Now before I tell you about what I saw, so to preface this I have never believed in Skin-Walkers or the Wendigo, but now I do. Now I will tell you about what I saw.

I have dealt with relocating animals in my park before, so I wasn’t scared or worried. Until I started to smell this Dirty burning  smell like if you were to cook rotting meat over an open fire. So at that point I started to get worried because I had smelled this kind of smell once before. When I found the animal I thought it was a mountain goat, but it had horns like a buck and it smelled like absolute death. I got on my radio to call in this animal and call for backup. As soon as I got a response this thing looked up and when it looked up I saw that it wasn’t an animal at all. It looked like a man with an animals skin draped over him.

It really looked like a man except for it’s eyes they were pitch black. Now I have seen animals with EHD or Epizootic Hemorrhagic disease that causes animals especially Deer’s eyes to turn black, but a human with EHD I’ve never seen that. At this point  I ask it if he’s okay all I get back is an inhuman scream. all I can compare it to is a cougars scream amplified times ten. Then it stood up on its back legs I swear to god this thing dwarfed an at least ten foot tree next to it. at this point I hear my backup arriving. I turned tail and ran to them and got on the back of my co-workers four-wheeler and just told him to go he asked me if  I relocated the animal. Then this ten foot monster of a beast came down the trail.

I got a good look at this thing as we were pulling away now this might sound stupid. If you have ever played the game Skyrim then you know what the giants look like right. That’s what it looked like, but it was caked in blood and had a goat like things hide on it’s back. Okay this thing didn’t follow us back to the stations, but now everyday I go to work I fear that it will come back. Before you say ”why don’t you quit” let me tell you that I can’t at least right now I have no money and this is the only job I could get on short notice. Okay this all happened two weeks ago and ever since then I keep getting this feeling of dread very bad.

That was the first week now this week it has gotten worse now at work I have started to see this thing’s, weird goat mask hide over the trees. Every time I see that thing that burning rotten meat smell comes back and it feels like the sun blacks out and it gets darker. Now Finally the reason I am writing this. Let me tell you that I am married and have one kid, that  I live with, okay let me slow down. Yesterday the feeling of dread followed me while I was driving home. When I got home my wife, bless her heart, saw that I was freaked out and asked me if  I was alright, I lied and said “that I was fine.”

Today when I got home I smelled that burning smell at my house. So I ran upstairs and made sure that my daughter and my wife were in the house and told them to stay inside. Then I looked out side and that thing was right at my window staring me in the eyes. Then it ran into the woods behind my house. That was two hours ago and ever since then I have heard knocking on the walls and roof from the outside. The thing that sent me over the edge was my daughter coming down the stairs and saying that the monster was talking to her and not letting her sleep. So now I’m going outside with my twelve-gauge and If you guys don’t here from me again then this thing has killed me and or my family. See you guys soon I hope.


Killer Hitchhiker

This story is about a creepy encounter with a hitch hiker I had on my way to my grandmas house.

I had just passed my drivers test and finally got my drivers license. My mum suggested I should go to my grandmas house as she wanted to congratulate me and also because I hadn’t seen her in years.

I finished work at around 6pm and  the sun had already set. I quickly packed my bags and got in the car. My grandmas house was on the coast and it would take about 3 hours getting there. About 2 hours into the journey I noticed a silhouette waving at the side of the road. I saw some dried up blood on the road and immediately stopped to check if the bystander was injured.

I slowly rolled down my window and called ”hey do you need any help” the thing came closer, close enough so I could see it’s face. It was dry and it had huge eye bags with devilish eyes that looked right through my sole. It looked like a old man who hadn’t washed in weeks. The man replied with a deep and crackling voice ”yes”. The man walked around the car to get in. Then something caught my eye, just behind where the man was standing lay a dead body. My heart stopped and I couldn’t move a muscle. I looked over to my left and I saw the man looking through the window with a creepy smile. The man walked to the back of my car. I quickly locked the car doors. I was too horrified to move or say anything. I started the car and quickly drove off, without daring to look back. I knew that the nearest gas station was about a hour away so I decided to quickly go to my grandmas house.

My grandma messaged me asking me where I was and why I was taking so long. I told her about the creepy man that I encountered. She seemed surprised I told her to call 911. She said she was doing it, she then started to explain about a man she had let in the house, that was injured. I immediately warned her that was the man.

It had been 5 minutes without a reply. Then suddenly I got a reply she said she was hiding in the closet and told me to come to the house and help her. I told my grandma to stay in the closet until the police arrived. She told me when I get to her house to quickly go to the laundry room and grab a gun in the cupboard.

I arrived at the house it was dark and eerie. I stayed sharp knowing full well that the psycho could be anywhere. I stepped out the car and made my way to the entrance. Just then I received another text from my grandma, this time it was a picture. A chill went up my spine, I opened the picture and it was a picture of my back. The killer was sitting in my car. I forgot to take the keys out as I was in such a rush. I turned around and saw a creepy smile on the maniacs face. He sped off into the distance stealing my car and leaving my grandma dead.

Yellow Eyed Creature

Hi! You can call me Travis. This story takes place over a length of two days.

It was a late night me and someone I was friends with, you can call him Cody, we were driving around in his Dodge Cummins We were just driving around listening to music and I saw something weird so I yelled for him to stop. So he did and that’s when we saw it, it had what looked like yellow eyes and they were popping out from over by the pond that was just past the fence than ran down the side of the road. I asked him what he thought it was? He said they look like eyes of some sort.

So we grabbed the spot light and pointed the bright beam of light at it. All we saw was a dark mass with yellow eyes disappear behind a big broken tree or a bush that we couldn’t see so well.

The second night we went back to the same spot and the eyes were there again. We went through the whole routine again but it seemed to have gotten closer to the road so we put the light on it again. It was massive, it was possibly seven feet tall. It stood there for a moment looking back at us then it turned and ran off into the woods.

Third night same old routine but this time it was less than 12 feet from the road. Cody was anxious to stop and get a closer look. This time when he put that light on it it stood up and screamed like a wolf mixed with a mountain lion. It sent chills up our spines

Cody sat there and tried to be tough and rolled down his window. The creature screamed again then its shape started changing I thought I was having trouble focusing but then it became clear, it looked like a man. I yelled at Cody to roll up his window. I asked him if he was trying to get us killed. It now had a big smirk on its face and it started laughing. The scariest part is it said in a voice that sounded like mine and it said it over and over again….. ROLL YOUR WINDOW UP ARE YOU TRYING TO DIE. Once it got it almost perfect but a little raspy then I yelled GO!! Then it yelled GOOOOO and it started running toward the car so we floored it. We were speeding and it was on our tail. By the time we got into town it had disappeared into the dark and wouldn’t come out.

I suspect it was a Skin Walker due to my native background. I’m part Cherokee Indian, and where we were when this happened wase close to an old Indian war ground over in Livermore, Iowa.

The Horror in the Woods

I slowly moved and stared watching the sun rise on a quiet morning; it was just after my sophomore year in college. I decide to call up a few friends and see if they wanted to spend a week fishing up north in my uncle’s cabin.

A few hours later, my friends Steve, Colin, and Drew arrived at my house and brought along their gear. We order some pizza before heading out when Steve asks “Nick, where is this cabin at?” “About an hour from here why you ask” Steve continued with “Well haven’t you heard what happened a few years ago”. He proceeded to tell a story where a group of high school kids went there and none of them have returned and the only thing left was some tattered clothes. “That’s some bullshit man” Drew said as he finished chugging his beer and tossed a crumpled paper plate at him. “Enough guys let’s pack up and get ready to go” I said, and then we loaded the car and once everyone was ready we headed off to the cabin.
We drove through the forest as the sun slowly began to set, giving an eerie feeling throughout the drive. Drew and Colin were asleep in the back while I drove and Steve sat staring through the passenger window when he quickly said “Nick stop the car!” I pulled over and these made the two in the back wake up and groan, when Steve climbed out of the car.

Before I could ask Steve why I should stop; I was hit with the stench of death and found quite a gruesome sight. We saw a deer, or what was left of one, with a large hole that punched through its skull. The side of the deer was torn open and the insides were chewed on and what appeared to be massive claw marks around the deer neck. “Dude what the fuck could have done this?” Drew said as he quickly turned away, resisting the urge to throw up, though Colin was already vomiting. “I don’t know but whatever it is, it could be nearby” I said. “We should keep going” the guys looked at me, looked at the carcass, and quickly loaded back into the car.

As we drove off, Drew looked back and noticed the deer carcass was gone, but didn’t say anything as we continued on. Finally, we reached the cabin and noticed that the door was open and what appeared to be scratches along the wall. “Fucking teenagers” I said as I ran my hand along the marks, which seemed too deep to be made by knives. The rest of the guys looked at the marks, and said that they couldn’t have been marks made by a bear due to the size and the spaces between them. Then Drew saw something; a series of footprints leading from the wall to the forest. “Hey guys look at this” he said pointing to the prints.

These prints were massive, much larger than any of our footprints, and had four toes. Three toes were located in the front while the fourth was pointed backwards and a faint print of what appeared to be webbing between the toes. “What kind of creature made these?” Colin asked as we followed the prints into the woods, which was when we found the deer carcass again, this time the carcass was cleaved in two and the lower half was flung far off in the other direction. “Guys I don’t like this” Steve said as we wandered into the cabin where it seemed to have a tornado tear through the place. The beds were flung down the steps; the fridge had a hole similar to the deer skull punched through, the furniture tossed about. “Well what now” Colin said as I went in and looked at the hole, which actually was just a dent. We decided to stay but keep our knives next to us and Colin brought one of his pistols with him.
It was about 10 o’clock when we finally finished setting up the cabin and we sat drinking beers. We were laughing and joking when suddenly we heard something coming from the woods.
Tap tap tap tap.
I told the guys to be quiet as the tapping continued for about three minutes. We sat there hoping it went away when Drew screamed “it’s at the fucking window!” We looked and saw a massive head pull back from the window. I ran to turn off the lights and we hid behind the couch. “What did you see” I asked Drew. “I saw something at the window. It didn’t look like any animal I ever saw” he explained as his voice trembled and eventually he went silent. We peered up and silhouetted by the moonlight a pair of massive arms tipped with massive claws hung in front of the window. The smaller part opened and closed quickly, like that of a pistol shrimp and made a loud crack. The arms quickly retracted and we heard footsteps walk away from the cabin. We didn’t get any sleep that night.
The morning after, while the guys fell asleep, I went out to look where we saw the claws. I found the same type of tracks like the ones we found yesterday and decided to follow them.

Armed with only a large knife, I followed the tracks to what appeared to be some sort of a large nest which seemed to lead off into a tunnel, covered in some thick black viscous liquid. I dared not to traverse the tunnel in case the owner was close and I ran back to the cabin. As I ran I heard a strange clicking sound and I quickly slid down into a small ditch and hid behind some rocks. I heard the clicks stop and I got chills down my back as I heard a long hiss break the silence. I looked up and saw something truly terrifying; a creature with a massively elongated head with a mouth full of wickedly sharp teeth, long praying mantis like arms that ended in the same claws we saw last night, and the massive four toed feet.

This thing must have been around eight or nine feet tall and I saw the legs were somewhat bent so it could have been taller. The creature didn’t seem to have a tail, but a large abdomen similar to an insect that ended in a large spine and that is when the creature turned its head and let out a sickening hiss. The creature’s skin looked like insect armor and was green and grey. It just stood there and appeared to sniff the air when it turned and went back into the tunnel.

I continued to sit there, fearing the creature would reappear when I got up and ran back to the cabin. “Guys, get up” I said as I ran in and closed the door while the guys shot up. “What, Nick what’s going on?” Drew said as he got off the couch, looking out the window. “I saw the creature and it is massive, we need to go now! The creature doesn’t look like anything on Earth.” I started to freak as Steve came over and calmed me down and he then asked to show them where the tunnel was.

After calming down, I decided to show them but the tunnel seemed to be covered with grasses and debris. We moved the debris and were hit with a strong scent of decaying flesh and as we moved the flashlight through the tunnel, we could see carcasses of deer, birds, a bear, and what looked like human remains. We gasped as we heard scratching from the tunnel as the creature climbed out of the hole. We ran through the woods as the creature chased us, crashing through the underbrush.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck” yelled Colin as the creature attempted to grab him with its massive claws, but missing and tore into his shirt. We made it to the cabin and locked the door behind us. The creature stopped and just watched us before heading back to the woods. We sat there deciding whether to stay or leave the cabin, but we chose to stay and decided to have a small campfire to help calm us down.
As the day went on, we did not hear nor see the creature and it started to feel like we were going to have some fun on this trip. That night we decided to have that campfire and cook some food over it. We started to tell stories when we heard stick cracking and brush moving behind us. We looked nervously and what happened next scared us to the bone. Steve started to scream as we turned to see massive claws grab his shoulders and hoist him up. “Shoot it!” Steve said as he looked the creature into its face. It had no eyes, just a massive mouth and a silver head dome.

From the dim glow of the fire, Steve could see the thing’s bronze colored teeth as they dripped with saliva. The mouth slowly opened to reveal a second pair of jaws and just before it struck, the creature dropped him and let out a horrifying screech of pain. Steve fell and Drew and I drug him back to the cabin while Colin fired at the creature. It stumbled back as we made a quick decision to head for the car and get our stuff tomorrow. “Colin, get in!” I yelled as he stood there, where he emptied his clip at the beast. He ran and dove into the car and we raced home. We saw the creature give chase, it stomped the fire out with one foot and leaped at us, and it closed the distance and used its claws to grab the car. I pushed the gas pedal to the floor and with a sickening metal screech, the creature tore up the back and we drove down the road.

Transparent Ship

I live in New York City. I grew up in the Borough, the Bronx.

I was meeting a friend to exchange tape cassettes that we discussed over the phone with each other when I got to the block I was supposed to meet her on, I happened to look up and i saw a huge ship shaped like a triangle. It stood completely still above one of the buildings of my housing complex.

I saw two men sitting on a stoop talking so I told them to look up, and I pointed in the direction of the ship. They looked at me like I was crazy, as if they couldn’t see anything. So I crossed the street to get a closer look. On the other side of the street I was right under it, looking up. From this point of view it was transparent. I could see right through it. I could see the clouds, but the outline was solid. I must point out that from across the street, it was completely solid.

Soon, I spotted my friend. I motioned for her to hurry to me. When she reached me, I pointed up, and said “look at that!” She said that it was an airplane, or something. I replied, “Does it look like an airplane?”…and do airplanes stand completely still in midair? “She seemed frightened, and said…”Let’s go.”

As we walked, it followed us. Flying slowly. When we reached the corner of the block, we turned onto a street leading to the building I lived in. The ship kept going forward. My mother, and my little brother experienced a ship just like it, following the taxi they were in.This is not the only strange experience I have had in my life..