I watched some of the old Godzilla movies, there not how I remember

My Names Jacob. When I was little I loved the old Godzilla films, to this day I still love them and they hold a very special place in my heart. After watching the 2014 film at a friends house I thought about getting a couple of the old Godzilla films on eBay. In the morning I headed over to my computer and booted it up. I went onto eBay and tried to find some of the films that I loved as a kid.

After what felt like hours of searching of the cite I found a deal that was almost unbelievable! 4 films being Godzilla vs Gigan, Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla, Monster Zero, and the 1954 original, for only $2.00 with free shipping! After seeing this I found that my hours of searching was worth it, or at least so I thought.

They got at my house 1 week after I had bought them. They all looked brand new, as if they had been untouched. They were all on DVD, and seance I had no DVD player I grabbed them and ran over to my laptop, which has a DVD player built into it.

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My phsyc ward experience

I have a story for you I think people might be interested in, so I am currently 19 and have been admitted to a phsyc ward in the past few months I was admitted the first time for safety reasons as I was out of control with my self harm and having auditory and visual hallucinations, I struggled a lot during my childhood being abused and many other things being bullied was a major one, but there was something not right about the first time I was put into the phsyc ward, along with the voices I was hearing I just got that horrible vibe that you would expect to get in a phsyc hospital but there was one lady let’s say her name was Sophia, Sophia was polish and didn’t understand English very well so I took it upon myself to try and learn some polish while I was there with her to try better understand why she was there, it was a quiet day in the community area in the ward me and a few other patients were sitting playing bored games and colouring in to pass time, then just when everything was quiet, Sophia came running out of her room from down the hall covered in what we thought was blood, she had brought the pool of blood from her room all the way into the community area, we all sat in fear and shock as we realised she had gotten hold of a razor blade of one of the other patients and ripped through her arms, the phsyc ward wasn’t well observed at all the staff were always busy with the more severe patients who are kept locked away and drugged to keep calm, Sophia was immediately tackled to the ground by four staff members and all of the alarms were set off, we all got rushed into the “Quiet room” where we sat and watched as she screamed as loud as she could, this made all of our bodies shake in fear, Sophia was sectioned into the high priority ward and from what I know, she will remain there for the next few years

The thing that followed me home

This happened to me a long time ago and it still haunts me just thinking about it. Me and my family use to take hikes often, just strolling along, running, and sometimes we bring our bikes on the trail.

However our routine changed one time, we were walking on the same trails except we were deeper in then we normally were. I had been going ahead further then the rest of my family.

All of the sudden I stopped dead in my tracks from what i saw, it was a lengthy pale humanoid at the end of the trail that i was about to walk on. I told my mom and she came running, both my mother and my brother told me that I was just seeing things.

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1000 Kilograms

I don’t have lots of body mass or weight and I am really skinny for a male and females wished they had my metabolism and other men make jokes about skinny stature. I weigh much less than the average male which the average weight of a male is 196 pounds. Now I live in a fancy residential estate flat and i have a good paying job so I can afford it. It has two elevators for the whole 26 floored building and they are very quick and efficient. The elevators can only allow up to 13 people which is about 1000 KG and if the weight surpasses this the elevators will simply not work and it will say on the screen something like ‘too much weight inside elevator please reduce it’

Now this last month that has just gone by I have been working late and so when I get back to the flat and use the elevators to get to the floor I live on I am on my own, my flat is on the 20th floor, I really do not like walking up the stairs all the way to the 20th floor. Now I remember getting inside the elevator and pressing the 20 button inside the elevator but all of a sudden I was surprised that the screen inside the elevator read ‘too much weight please decrease’ and this was confusing because I was the only one inside the elevator. I kept on trying to press the 20 button but nothing worked and I had to use the stairs.

It happened again a couple of days later and I worked till late and only I was using the elevator. Then when it happened again as the elevator screen was telling me that there was too much weight inside of it, I informed the night reception concierge about this. He investigated the elevator and when it was both of us inside the elevator, it suddenly started to work. He told me it might have been a glitch or something.

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There’s a junk drawer in my office. It was there when I signed up to be a game warden out in Silverthorn, Colorado, and it was there when the last person had it, and before that. Probably started filling up with files one the office opened up way back in the 40’s. Being a game warden is all I ever wanted to do, but there’s down time, just like any other job. One day I got bored and decided to go through some of the junk files, and found an audiotape, a transcript, and a report. I still don’t know what to make of it:

April 2nd 2013
Testing? Testing?

Voice recorder works!

Bear tracks 30 yards from camp
Found wild blueberries but didn’t know blueberry bushes had thorns. No gloves. Sucks.
Boyfriend caught 3 trout. Brought garlic salt

Trout was good. No stomach issues. Yet.
Plan for tomorrow: check out ridge where gas station dude says he found geodes.

April 3rd 2013
Boyfriend remembers gas station dudes directions different. Minor fight. He’s a jerk, what else is new. Decided to each follow directions we remember
Have cell service
Boyfriend will be so mad when I’m right
Starting to rain, so brought gear.

Trying really hard to stay calm right now. I keep checking the phone again and again like it’s magically going to fix itself. My ankle hurts so fucking much! And that fucking thing I can’t deal with this shit it needs to stop raining and I need Greg to fucking find me I can’t do this I can’t do this

I think I got my freakout out of the way. I’m just going to keep talking because it keeps my attention from wandering. I was hiking around the ridge and I slipped on a rock and fell in a weird way. I heard my ankle crack and I can’t move it even if I try to. The rain was really coming down and it was starting to get cold and dark and I knew I needed to find shelter because my poncho wasn’t going to do much good. I saw a little cave about five feet above the ground and managed to haul my ass into it oh my god it fucking hurt. I sat in the cave and lit my Coleman and saw the fucking thing. It’s not a thing but it looks like it. Some dude wearing a green flannel shirt and jeans and cowboy boots died in here. He, it, whatever, is still sitting in here but the fucking smell. I guess I couldn’t smell it outside the cave because of the rain. His head was facing down and the only skin that’s left is on the back of his head, where you can see brown hair. The rest, his face, is black and looks like it melted into his chest. His arms are at his sides and they’re this purple color, and ashy. His gut is swollen, and there’s this disgusting black slime where his crotch is. I can’t fucking look at it. I have to keep looking at the wall beside it. When I fell, I landed on my phone and it’s busted but Greg will find me, I know he will.

It’s dark out. The rain is turning into ice. I’ve decided to name the dead dude Robbert. I feel bad for calling him a thing earlier. Not his fault he’s dead. I just hope I don’t end up like him. Maybe someone in the future will hurt their ankle and seek shelter here and find TWO dead men. Sounds like something out of a pirate song. It’s dark now and really cold. I brought wet weather gear but it’s doing a pretty good job of keeping me warm. I’m going to try to get some sleep.

Kept hearing random sounds. Can’t sleep. Sounds like something skittering around, probably a mouse or a bug or something. I told Robbert he better watch out or they’ll try to eat him.

I’m not as scared of him anymore. I can actually look at him now. One of his arms is positioned so that his hand looks like it was about to be slid into a pocket. I don’t remember seeing that the first time I looked at him, I was so scared. I wonder what he was doing when the cold or whatever took him.

I looked at him again and his hand doesn’t seem like it’s going near his pocket at all. It’s got to be the light. It’s still creeping me out though. Going to try to sleep again.

*skittering sound in background*
Can’t sleep, that skittering sound again plus I swear I can hear breathing. I know it’s in my head, I KNOW it is but it sucks fuck greg please just come get me.

I’m looking at Robbert’s chest now. It is not rising and falling. He is dead and cannot breathe. The sounds I’m hearing are the wind movement in the cave. It is windy, and the wind is swishing around.

I just told Robert my life story. It’s actually got me to feel sleepy, but I’m not sure if that’s because I’m finally relaxing or because my life has been so boring. Either way, goodnight for now.

Had a horrible dream. I don’t remember what is about specifically, but I kept seeing images from that Fantasia skit ‘Night on Bald Mountain’, the one where the demons come out. Some of Robert’s face must have…shifted. I don’t know the whole process of rot but what little skin was left around the sides of his face changed. He looks almost like he’s smiling now. I know I didn’t see that before, so it must be the rot. either way, I’m getting this really creepy vibe. I can’t look at him anymore.

He’s breathing. I’m not turning on my light, I don’t want to see him. *pauses* did the voice recorder pick up any of that? The breathing? That skittering sound, it’s him. I know it is. I have to try to make it out of here. Broken ankle or not, I have to try. Greg, I love you. I know I’ll get to see you soon.
Attached was a copy of the formal investigation. Daniel Cross, age 22, was found dead on the ground below the mouth of the cave described. His ankle was broken, but there were no other signs of trauma. After a thorough investigation of the cave, is was also determined that there was not, nor had there ever been, a decomposing body inside.

Earnie The Hit Man

Ernie the Hit Man

If you want to kill your wife, you have to hire the right hit man. You have to hire a man who is knowledgeable enough and experienced enough to do the hit right, and thuggish enough to take the focus away from you if he gets caught. I was looking for just such a man for Celine. Her life insurance had grown as fat as her ass had, in the ten years we’d been married, just like my first and second wives had. Now it was time to literally reap the benefits. Word had got around, in those certain circles, that I was looking again. That was when Ernie tracked me down, in an expensive bar on Manhattan Island.

“Hello, Sir! I’m Ernie Deluca, and I’m gonna be a hit! Man! Get it? I heard you were looking for one, Sir, so here I am.” He’d vigorously shaken my hand, smiling and completely oblivious to the fact that I was trying not to laugh at the poor sap. He was balding, had his belt hitched a little too high, showcasing a gut that was a little too big, and his shirt was half untucked. It soon became apparent that it was half untucked because he was constantly using it to clean his glasses.

“Uh…” I tried to think of something to say to what appeared to be a bumbling middle aged putz right out of a sitcom. I finally gave him the benefit of the doubt and asked what his qualifications were. Ernie happily pulled up a chair, and I ordered him a beer half afraid he’d tell me he didn’t drink.

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The night of the living pets 🐶💀

Day 1-. I was sitting at home, I was watching the news and it was going to be a rainy day tomorrow the newscaster was blabbering the same stuff he always talked about until I heard the word Herbicide.Gas.Neurotoxin and North Korea. I was shivering wondering if it was able to kill humans, I went out with my outing group when we were driving to the swimming pool I saw a Dog laying on the road foaming at the mouth and has a missing arm, The owner out the outing group stopped the car and the owner of the dog Mr Johnny ran out to get the dog but the dog ripped his arm straight off before he could pick up the beagle. It was very gory blood got onto the windshield and we heard Mr Johnny scream in agony and pain as his pet beagle began eating him bit by bit and snarling, the owner of the outing group driven out as fast as he can and dropped us off at home as quick as he could. Day 2-… “The Herbicide is spreading across the world slowly” said the newscaster “Lock your windows bolt your doors and don’t go near your pets!” said the News Caster, I got out of my sofa and saw that my dog Julie was laying down like if she was sick I went to pet her and she almost bit my hand straight off. She was foaming at the mouth and spots of her fur was turning a barf colored green and there even was vomit near her and some sort of weird fog coming out of the vents, The fog was a green,yellowish mist, When it got to Julie’s nose she howled and got straight up and chased after me, I ran into my bedroom and locked my door when I realized my guinea pigs were affected by the strange mist and they were trying to gnaw their way out of the cage and their mouths were bloodied up, I opened my window grabbed my ninja Katana from my collection and jumped out the window to only see more sick,Infected pets running around attacking people and trying to eat eachother, I was living in a nightmare nowhere was safe I saw a camp near the nearby park and there wasn’t any pets there but it had barbed electric wire I had to shout “Help the pets are attacking me” 10 times for them to open the door to the camp, A monk named Rasputin greeted me and brought me into the camp he said “Those mutated pets attacking you?” I answered “yes” we roasted marshmallows, Shot infected squirrels with shotguns for the sake of protection of eachother, We had a radio of the news and the news caster said “Aggresive herbicide is slowly spreading to America Put gas masks on your pets! and keep the non infected pets safe from any green fog cause It might just find you!” then he kept blabbering about the other world wide news. Day 3-… The Unenclosed Animal encloser, We got up to listen to the news and we learned that the aggressive herbicide is around the north korea,Asia,Japan,China,America areas. And we were in america which meant we weren’t so safe from the pets we also heard that Zoo animals have been acting strange around Seattle,Canada,Australia and Ireland.
and even a news report of a zoo animal that killed half of the entire military when it broke out of it’s enclosure, it was a 6300 pound gorilla named George and he had the exact same greenish spots on him. This was in America. And donald trump was killed by a Bald Eagle which made some people happy and terrified some people cause it had the exact same green spots on it and missing limbs. I told my freinds from camp that I am going to leave to buy some food. They let me out and gave me a shotgun the police immediatly came near me and said “Sorry but don’t kill the infected animals were dealing with them and please give us the gun” they had most of the animals in suitcase cages. And Hazmat people were walking into people’s houses and getting their infected pets I thought it was all over and all done, I was wrong. Day 4-.. the end??? I was at home playing some League of legends until I heard a thump at the backyard window, I saw a boney looking long thing near my window and saw it dissapear. Next I heard the upstairs windows shatter I looked up and I saw a whole horde of the undead pets and the fog moving behind them the were going down the stairs and the birds were trying to rip my eyeballs out but I punched them The guinea pigs and rabbits were hiding inside of the little areas that are unreachable for any normal man, The snakes hung from the ceiling waiting for me to go near them, The birds perched themselves on unreachable places so that they can peck my eyes out, And the other animals teamed up
careful the toxin might be coming to your country Be prepared. Bolt your windows and doors and get a weapon and pesticides and a gas mask cause it is coming

puerto rican chupacabra

one day this all started when i was in class in high school, everyone was talking and saying theres something deep in the woods near the old abandoned cemetery i have to pass on my way home from school and i’ve asked around and no one would speak to me about it saying they were too scared to talk.

so i decided since i was home alone and bored that i was going on a hiking trip to see if the cemetery really did have anything lurking or if it was all a joke to scare me since that’s what my friends like to do. it was getting dark so i just decided to bring a flashlight and my phone so i would know when to start heading home so my parents wouldn’t know i was out after dark.

I was now on the road walking and everything seemed fine and i enjoyed listening to the sound of the crickets and the gravel under my feet as i stepped onto the trail not to far away from home it was at least a mile away. it felt like a good while before i noticed that everything has suddenly become quiet and i felt this eerie feeling that something wasn’t quite right but i kept going regardless wanting to prove to myself there’s nothing that evil so close to home.

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I don’t know about you but I think the hardest thing about maintaining relationships with other humans are the conversations you have with them. In the end of it all whatever relationship you have with people it’s the conversations that always runs dry after a while. I mean take marriage for instance and many married couples have all told me that conversations do become harder to maintain. Living with another person for long periods of times its hard to find something to talk about because every subject has been filled. I always found it difficult to have conversations and I was always awkward with people.

I also work the night shift for a security company and on weekends you must work with another person in one building. If you have ever worked the night shift with another person then you will know how conversations quickly run dry. The constant feeling of being boring or annoying runs around inside my head and I hate doing security work with another person beside me. I prefer to work alone where I don’t have to think about another employee or co-worker. Don’t get me wrong having one more person working beside you can be helpful in emergency situations.

One weekend and on a night shift I was working with another guy from my security company. We were both working in the same residential building and the air was filled with silence. Both of us had nothing to say to each other and you could sense the annoyance we had for each other’s existence. When my co-worker then went on his hour break and it was just me in the reception a resident who lived in the residential building came up to me.

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The government took my daughters freedom and rights away

Were all chasing for more freedom and I mean every living being big or small is constantly looking for more escape. Humanity has come along way with the amount of freedom and rights people have these days. A couple of years ago slavery was the norm and people were divided between the colour of skin. Gender equality has come a long way as well because it wasn’t so long ago that women were restricted to being only mothers as their only destination. So many famous male and female activists who have fought for freedom for all human beings and are now being looked up as heroes.

Anything can be a prison though and it could be a job you hate or stuck in a relationship that is going nowhere and the need to be free from those types of prisons are just as hard as any yearning for escape. Something always comes to trap us and the fight to escape entrapments however big or small is the curse for being alive. People addicted to drugs used drugs to help them escape from one hellish life style only to be reliant on the drug to the point that it becomes their new prison. They traded in one prison for another. The way addicts escape addiction is through rehab and use of other medicines as their ticket to freedom.

This need to get out of things is in all of us but with so many rights protecting us and the freedom to love, travel and choose whatever takes our fancy I must ask the question as to why people are so miserable? With everything that we have and the privileges our era has given us unlike in past eras we should be one happy group of people living in the best of times. Depression is so high and suicide is so common and anyone from the past would think we are all living in the golden times of human civilization. I always use to think that maybe we are all ungrateful but then opinions always change don’t they like the seasons through out the year.

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