Be Careful Standing in the Way of the Wind

Have you ever experienced on a really windy day the wind just hopelessly becoming trapped in some tunnel, tight space or inside a building.

It desperately tries to find a way out as it knocks things over, or starts banging doors and making a high pitch noise. Its quite annoying when it happens especially if you have to walk through tunnels and tight spaces to get home and you can really feel the force of the wind fighting its way out of tight corners.

The wind you can say is claustrophobic in a sense and some people do try and find something fun out of the wind trying to fight against it.

When I was younger hanging about with my friends around my house and on a really windy day I use to open the front door to trap the wind. I would just experience watching and feeling the wind knocking things over, banging doors and making the most eeriest sounds.

I regret it afterwards because the wind had made such a mess and I would have to clean it up. Another time was when one of my friends was over at my house, we were both just playing video games in the front room. The wind was so strong that day that you could hear it outside making the kind of angry sounds that strong winds usually make.

My friend sneaked off to the front door to do a prank on me and when he opened the front door, in an instant, the wind came into my house and was moving so many objects, banging doors and just aggressively trying to get out.

Then a high pitch scratching sound could be heard and me and my friend covered our ears as the sound was really irritating. It was an abnormal sound the wind was making and not the usual haunting sound but it was like a teacher scratching her nails on the board or using chalk to scratch on the board to get the classes attention.

I closed the door and called my friend an idiot but then I noticed scratch marks on some of the metallic objects.

Then in the following week I held a party in my house and as usual the weather was being crappy with the strong winds and with an additional rain to make it more worse but it didn’t put off the party mood as it was a friday.

There were quite a bit of people in my house and people were drinking and eating but my friend wanted to open the door and let the strong winds disturb us. This time he had a full professional camera his dad had bought him.

He doesn’t want to be a film maker except to mess about with it and make funny videos on youtube.

As soon as he opened the front door with his camera recording and a devious prankster smile on his face, all of the lights went out. All I could hear were screams of pain and torture and the wind was making a deafening horrifying sound which I had never heard before.

When the lights came back on there were so many injured people with thier skins deeply scratched and blood was everywhere, the scratch marks on thier bodies looked like it came from a vicious animal.

I was fine and I called the police and so many people had to go to the hospital and all that the police could say was that there was a knife wielding maniac at my party.

My friend with the camera was also fine and he had something to show me the next day which he caught on his camera in slow motion.

He had managed to record the whole thing even when the lights went out for a while and he managed to turn on the lights on his camera. What I saw was beyond anything I had ever looked at with my own eyes or even think it was possible.

When the wind got trapped in my house there was a creature which I recognised and that went by the name as the wind walker or the most common term used is the wendigo. The wendigo wasn’t attacking people but it seemed to be trapped in the fast current stream of the wind and was trying to hold on to something or get some control by holding on to some of the people at my party by using its claws.

That would explain the scratch wounds.

So be careful when standing in front of the wind when its trying to get out of a tight corner or tunnel. The wind and its inhabitants don’t like tight spaces.

The Wendigo that Lurks

This happened when I was 20, I was moving out of my parents house to move into a farm. When I got to the farm, I began setting all of my stuff down. I cleaned up the dirty farmhouse and found some stuff that belonged to the people who used to live here.

Three weeks after settling into the new place, I began hearing random noises at midnight and it kept me up. When I always heard these sounds they annoyed me so I got out my rifle and flashlight. I tried to find out what the noise is but I end up finding scratches around the farmhouse and the trash can on the ground with trash everywhere. I also though it was raccoons.

One day, at midnight I heard the noises again and I busted out my rifle and flashlight, I went around the farmhouse and found nothing, I then looked into the forest and saw some shadow running into it. I ran after it also, thinking that I would finally catch the trouble maker. When I got into the forests I found nothing. I only heard the rustling of leaves and the sounds of animals. I then heard a strange roar from nearby.

My dumb-ass self went to go check it out and I ran toward the sound. When I finally heard the sound, I hid behind a tree, pointing my rifle at the shadow, I finally realized what it was, it wasn’t an animals. Instead it was a lanky, tall beast. With a deer skull as a head and huge antlers. It had long arms and legs and claws. It was pale and had some flesh missing.

I could see it eating a dead bear. I then react by shooting the thing in it’s back, almost hitting it’s neck. It reacted by screaming and throwing skin and guts everywhere. I reloaded and took another shot and another. The beast would scream and scream. It began sniffing. I reloaded once again and shot. The bullet would miss, almost hitting in it’s head.

The beast would run to where the noise is, I reloaded as fast as I can and I would aim. I then would shoot in it’s leg, making it unable to walk normally. It would limp away, whimpering. I would sweat asking myself “What in the bloody hell was that thing?”. I then ran out the forest as fast as I could, not even bothering to mess with that thing.

The next day, I told my friend about the beast and what it looked like. My friend would say “Ever heard of the legend of the Wendigo?”, I replied with “What’s a Wendigo?”. My friend said “It’s a beast that lives in a forest that eats human flesh.”. I then gulped and said, “I gotta go.”. I went back to my home, wondering if the beast I encountered really was the so called “Wendigo.”. But ever since that day, I encountered it or something like it again.

The Mysterious Beast

When I was at least 12 years old, I used to live with my auntie,uncle and my cousin out in the country in a farm. My parents abandoned me when I was very little, so my uncle and untie took me in.

The farm was very small and we were very poor. One day, me and my cousin were playing hide and seek, it was my turn to seek and my cousin turn to hide, obviously. My cousin ran out far into the forest while I was counting, and once I was done I ran to where I thought I heard his footsteps were.

This was in the afternoon when we were doing this. I searched for about 2 hours as far as I can remember. It was no evening and I began to worry.

So I began screaming out my cousin’s name, “JACOB!”. There was no answer, I kept shouting till I heard footsteps behind me. I quickly turned saying “This isn’t funny, Jacob.”, I saw a shadow run by the trees when I turned.

I would shout my cousin’s name again but no answer. But then a hand would be laid on my shoulder, the hand was very big with long claws.

I felt a shiver down my spine, slowly turning my head.

My eyes widened as I saw a creature, a very tall one. It was bloody with giant antlers and a head of a deer skull. It had it’s bones showing, and some skin missing. It would breathe heavily and I did the same. I then screamed at the top of my lungs. I would push the beast and began running as fast as I could. I would cry and sweat.

I stopped, thinking I was far enough and I would pant. I would run out the forest 10 minutes later and ran to my house. I then quickly opened the door, closing it and locking it. I closed all the blinds and doors. I then turned and saw my cousin with a traumatized face, I also had a traumatized face.

My auntie and uncle quickly come down and asked us what happened.

I told her everything. They thought we were playing a prank on them and sent us to eat dinner and go to sleep. Before going to sleep I asked my cousin if he was okay and he whispered “No.”.

I opened up my computer and searched up the same descriptions the beast had, I got many results and the only thing that actually matched the descriptions was the “Wendigo.”.

I closed my computer and went back to sleep, me and my cousin both had a hard time sleeping after that experience.


I am a firefighter in Sheffield England I wont tell you which station.

I was on the night shift when we got a call to a house fire and people trapped inside we responded code 3 lights and series in the night air.

when we arrived there (I wont tell you the street name) we started work on the fire I was going inside to find the people inside with my friend about 10 minutes in to this search I heard someone behind me thinning it was a parson I turned around to help them.

when I turned around my radio started to play up and I couldn’t talk to anyone because that was my only way of help if needed I was trapped inside I saw something move fast thought the smoke and what I saw.

and what I saw was like looking at the devil him self nothing but black and red eyes it looked at me telling me to GET OUT and I KILL YOU TOO my friend walk thought it and after that it disappeared we then went up to the top floor and went to find more people.

after finding 12 people in one room I made sure they got out alive and went back up to find my friend and partner we was about to leaf when he stop still and asked for help I tried my best to help him but.

but nothing I could do could have helped him I heard laughing and looked around to find where it was coming from and I saw it again but this time it was just fire and green eyes my friend saw it and it snap his neck then fire consuming him this thing that kill my friend saw I had see this before. (this was my first call out being new)

on another call I couldn’t do anything apart from saying  what the f are you and why did you do this the demon that I will call fire devil because you didn’t help me I didn’t know what this thing was saying after getting out I told my chief firefighter she said that she was sorry for what happened to him and me and told me to take some time off.

so if any of you know this thing and have any help for me to get rid of this please tell me and thank you

An anonymous call.

An anonymous call

In the early 2000s I was straight out of college with a degree as a firefighter in New York.      I was middle class and needed a decent job to pay my rent, so I chose my college major to work at a fire station. I also had a job as a janitor at a small groceries store so I was making a lot of money compared to what my parents got and was really confident.

Several months in to the job we received a call, I was friends with Stan the operator and could hear the conversation… ” There is a fire.” The voice on the phone sounded oddly neutral compared to most callers. ” Where are you located?” Stan asked. ” 160 Oaten  lane, please help.” The voice sounded slightly more dramatic but was still strange as most callers were screaming or breathing heavily. The line went silent as soon as it was called. Stan put down the phone and tracked the location in a database on his computer, he told the directions and ordered me to drive there immediately because the line stopping instantly is not a good sign. I threw on my vest and thick red fire proof hat. In a rush I slid down the fire pole and bolted into a firetruck with my colleagues.

We sped out of the station and onto the main road, the address was to an abandoned building in queens. I expected that someone had got trapped inside and set off an old wire or knocked over flammable liquids from an old gas tank. After 4 minutes of driving we arrived at the address. Weirdly the building was very quiet and the air smelled clean. Our sirens were blaring quite furiously but I could hear shouting from inside.

Suspicious, I grabbed an axe and pried the doors open… Inside was a man with grey tape covering his mouth and his hands were bound with rope, he was surrounded by cloaked men who suddenly turned around. ” Sir, uh we were just…” A skinny man mumbled. ” Let him go.” John shouted he was six foot three and was threatening to watch. The man charged with a led pipe and swung it at me, I kicked his legs and he fell down. He and his men surrendered and we set the man free. He told us his name, Argon Garibaldi. After the incident the police drove in and said they were looking for drug dealers, that’s when I saw the phone. He had called us with a disposable phone and had been kidnapped, after that the police hauled them away and drove the man somewhere, he had called us somehow not trying to cause alarm by calling the police. That was the last time I saw him, he was Greek I think.

Last night I got a strange call from a foreign location asking me if I new him, the call was anonymous so I got nervous and said no. The person on the call was male, he sounded south eastern European. I decided to search Argon’s name after all those years. Apparently, he is an Albanian politician, that’s what gave me the creeps. I remembered the voice, he was the skinny man from when I found the Argon. That is when I called the police…