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What are your Chances of Dying?

5 REAL Glitch in the Matrix Stories

4 Real Life Haunted Forests

You don’t want to be found in these Real Haunted Forests! These Real Ghost Stories will keep you out of national parks for good.

5 CREEPY Stories that will make you NEVER use a Public Restroom Again

After hearing this crazy stories from rest stops and high schools and middle schools to even McDonald’s, you won’t go back in a public restroom!

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Do You Remember “Edgar’s Garden”?

“Edgar’s Garden” was a public access TV show that aired in southern Missouri in 1996. The show’s host, Edgar Johnston, was known by his small audience as a quiet and chipper man.

In this interview, one man tells us what he remembers of the lost episodes of the lost show. But we are about to show him why his favorite show, why “Edgar’s Garden”, was cancelled.

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