cast member creep

I worked at Walt Disney World last year in the spring as an intern in the infamous Disney College Program. It was honestly the best and worst time of my life. I made barely any money and went into debt, but I got into the parks for free and made the most amazing friends I’ll ever have. The beginning of the college program is always the scariest, you’re alone, you’re not sure what to expect, and if you do anything wrong you could be sent home in a heartbeat. Being a CP means you’re at the bottom of the totem poll even if Disney makes it seem like it’s an honor to be a part of their family. About a week after I started I was able to go to the parks but I didn’t start at my work location yet, so I had virtually no friends. Thankfully there’s a couple facebook pages full of other CP’s who are willing to meet new people and spend all day at Magic Kingdom with. While I was at Magic Kingdom I got a notification from facebook that someone wanted to add me as friend, I checked it and it was a pretty cute guy who worked as a character attendent at Disney. Being lonely and single as hell I immediately added him but also thinking nothing of it since this was pretty common after being added to the communal facebook group. Shortly after I got a message from the guy, casual conversation came next. “Where you from?” “What’s your work location?” “Oh you like Zelda? I’m so excited for Breath of the Wild!” He honestly seemed perfectly fine, like a potentially fun friend. While I was waiting in line for the Haunted Mansion he asked if I wanted to hang out, me being cautious but also trying to make friends offered to go to one of the parks. He quickly said “I’m sick of Disney, I’d rather you come over.” What? Okay, I’m in an unfamiliar state, with no mutual friends and no one to tell where I’m going and who I’ll be with, not a smart idea. I replied with “I’d rather be somewhere public,” and he said “We can play Mario Kart and get drunk!” Uh, yeah definitely not a better idea. I sent him that goofy “shrug” emoji, ya know the one you can only make with a japanese keyboard, and he immediately blocked me. Damn, I didn’t think a joking rejection could hurt a mans ego so much. I laughed it off and got on one of the Doombuggy’s at Haunted Mansion. I’m fine being by myself, I just wanted to have every opportunity to make friends. The next day I decided to post the screenshots of our conversation to the facebook group because I thought it was pretty funny and wondered if anyone in the program had worked with him. I didn’t expect what happened next. Within thirty minutes at least five girls told horror stories about this man. How he had invited young girls from the college program over to his house, how he had threated them if they didn’t have sex. He did the exact same thing he did to me to countless other female CP’s. One girl even showed bruises from him grabbing her arm when she tried to leave after he threw himself at her. I was horrified, and felt guilty that I had taken this so lightly when other girls were physically and mentally hurt by him. One man preyed on young college girls and if he didn’t get his way he’d block them. A couple of the girls decided to report him after this came to light, including myself even though my story wasn’t anywhere close to horrifying. Unfortunately I submitted my story to an anonymous third party helpline, not an official part of Disney. The person I talked to was to put bluntly, a condescending asshole. So even when you do everything right, and report someone who could truly be a danger in the future, Disney doesn’t care. In fact, one of the girls who had also reported him saw him walking in the tunnels under magic kingdom nearly 5 months after this was made public. So if you’re meeting Cinderella or Rapunzel, you might come into contact with one of the sleaziest cast members at Disney World. That being said, if you’re wanting to try the Disney College Program, it’s honestly worth it, but I still sometimes have nightmares about working there.


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